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hello welcome to episode 284 we are going to be doing some more seats this time we’re going to use two interaction entities so we’ve got more control over where they actually sit and we’re going to make ourselves some building tools so we can um place them really easily um when your map is running I mean it looks like there’s a lot but when your map is running these are the only command blocks that will be turned on all of these other ones are for building so if we do some examples if I got f3b on here we go so we can sit on the fence and we’re sitting on top of it there we go nice and easy uh can I can I do it like this we can sit on the campfire and we’re at the right height we consider the stairs and we’re on the right height facing the wrong direction but we can fix that later we’ve got a fix for that or if we want we can sit on the double fence and we’re at the right height that’s the advantage of using two interactions okay now building tools I’ve made myself some little eggs so if I want to make this seat normally I would have to put the two fences down then I’d have to make one interaction with all the tags and I’d have to make the other interaction with all the tags if I’m only doing one it’s probably quicker to to do that but what if I wanted Lots well I’ve made myself a little seat I’ll have one there I’ll have one there I’ll have one there and I’ll have one there actually no I don’t like that one I’ll remove it oh I can’t I’m going to sit on it instead and I can’t can’t punch it cuz the interaction entity is in the way that’s okay I’ll use my little remove tool get rid of the interactions get rid of it and we’ll get rid of that one but I don’t like the direction this one’s facing that’s fine as well we could just use our little uh yellow egg and change the way it’s looking well that’s a bit low that’s all right I’ll just stick a block there and then do it on top now I’m going to be looking that way so we’ve got some tools to make it super quick and simple to go around placing these now for the example I’ve you made the double fence tool but you can use the example and change it to do tools for all of them that’s what that’s what these controllers are doing and we’ll go through them in a minute okay let’s get on and uh remove those boxes and make it now oh I’ll tell you first though this one is requested by Arctic Panda Pro and we are in version 1.9.4 okay let’s get on and make it okay the first thing we’ll start by doing is just building a few examples um so let’s build them over here we’ll have a fence example and for that we’ll want two command blocks uh let’s do that one first before we move on to anything else okay so we’ll just label it fence and we’ll po a button on top let’s get the coordinates of the fence fill tap tap tap copy right we want two interaction entities so we will summon an interaction at the coordinates I just copied and tags I’m going to give it two tags First tag is just going to be my seat and the second tag will be my seat uh click because we’ll click on this one done press the the button okay wonderful have we got one F3 and B we can see we’ve got one okay let’s do another command a remove command for testing so we can remove stuff kill any entity tag equals my seat done okay we’ve got that one now we’ll place the second in fact let’s just copy that whole command shift home copy all that and we’ll paste in there but we want this one to be a little bit smaller so let’s do width 0.2 and height 0.2 and where do I want to put it 56 56.7 I think okay now we’ve got two interaction entities we can’t see them well we can see one we can’t see the other one we can see his little line there coming out so he’s inside the fence post if we remove it get rid of the fence post there he is that’s the one we’re going to the big one is the one we’re clicking on little one is the one where we’re going to be sitting so let’s put a let’s put that back let’s put that in there and let’s do the controller this is going to be the controller for sitting okay we are going to execute as any entity type equals interaction tag equals my seat click on target so this is only going to work if it’s got a Target run tag at s the person who clicked on it add sit down done so we click on it we get given a tag now we can use that tag execute at any entity uh tag equals my seat click limit equals 1 NBT equals and the MBT we just want to check that it’s got an interaction interaction so it does have an interaction as all players whose tag equals sit down limit equals one probably don’t need that but I’m putting in first of all we’re going to run teleport the player to the seat that’s going to make them face the same direction so teleport player any entity it’s red at the moment because it needs to be limited so we’ll do tag equals my seat click oh sorry tag equals my seat Target so we’ve got to change to make now limit equals 1 sort equals nearest right now this one we’re saying teleport it to the Target so done let’s remove these ones we’ve got and let’s change this from my seat click so this second one this is the little tiny one let’s change that to a Target done okay so the big one one is the one we click on the little one is the target let’s bring them back we’re going to teleport to it so we’re going to be here facing the same direction now let’s make us ride it in fact what we’ll do is we’ll go in here and we’ll go all the way to the beginning execute my seat click yes limit one yes has an interaction yes at any player with sit down down run I will go all the way up to the run and copy that so this time now we’ve already teleported there so this time we’re going to ride it ride player Mount any entity tag equals my seat Target limit equals 1 sort equals nearest okay that’s an easy fix we’ve misspelled the word limit done okay so we’ve given ourselves a tag we’ve teleported the tag player to the thing we’ve uh now made the Tag player ride it now we better remove that tag tag all players remove sit down done and we’ll remove the interaction as well execute as any entity tag equals my seat click run data remove entity at s interaction so that will Target so we will run that every entity and remove its inter Direction so that is probably working already there we go I’m sitting on it I’m facing the same direction okay so now there might be some things you want to change you might want it to face a different direction so we could we could stand somewhere so let’s stand here and we could run execute as any entity tag equals my seat Target limit equals 1 sort equals nearest at that entity run TP that entity to where it is already but facing entity nearest player me bang oh he’s turned around oh he’s facing a bit low I I think let’s put down a block and stand on that and run that command again now he’s facing up there okay so if we sit on it this time we’re looking the other way great so we can change the ways looking pretty easily or just so you know we can also do a data merge data merge entity any entity tag uh equals my seat Target limit equals one sort equals nearest and what data do we want to merge well let’s change his rotation rotation you got a lot more control here you can type in exactly what you want so let’s say I don’t know let say 270f that’s his left and right looking and let’s say minus 45 for his up and down done there we go so he’s looking 270 minus 45 he’s looking up there okay we could change that pretty simply we could change it to 0 180 now he’s looking straight across over there okay so we can change his Direction and we’ve got it so it’s sitting let’s just do a couple of more examples let’s do campfire so let’s put that down and let’s put it out because I don’t want to be burning my bum and I’m going to copy this one control middle Mouse and control middle mouse let’s put them down we’ll call this one campfire obviously let’s get the cordinates of the campfire fill tab tab tab too many tabs tab overload let’s change these coordinates so last time we went up by what did we go up by 7even didn’t we let’s have a look yeah last time we’ve gone up by 7 well the campfires a lot lower so we’re going to want a smaller number maybe 3. 2 um let’s try 0 2 first done press the button there they are let’s try it we’re looking over there that’s fine let’s have a look in F5 oh yeah that looks all right okay there we go he’s sitting on the campfire he’s at the right height nice okay we could also do we could also do stairs where we got one there one there one there and we’ll just do the same thing again literally we’re just going to copy that copy that and we just want to uh change the height really so let’s get the coordinates here F tab tab tab put those coordinates in and let’s go here and put the coordinates in here what do we need for a stair well stair is a bit fatter than it’s a bit fatter than a than a campfire so maybe three there’s our little clickable one let’s try it F5 okay yeah that looks good okay there’s another one but you’re not limited to you can move the things around you don’t have to have them so close together for instance we could we could be stuck no there we go let’s do one more example we could have double fence post and we could sit right on the top of that thing so double fence and this will be the same we’ll just keep this one down the bottom now for one fence we went up 7 so I guess for two fences we’re just going to add an extra block to that so we’ll go up 1.7 so we’ll paste in the same coordinates and add 1.7 now we should be able to click on that boink and we’re sitting at the top of the fence perfect ah but there’s a little bit of a problem here what if I click on this bit nothing happens okay let’s uh remove those obviously if you’re making a map and you press that remove button you’re going to lose all the ones you’ve already set up so do keep that in mind you’re probably going to want to remove the closest not all of them let’s make that clickable one taller so we can click on the whole post so I think we could just go here to my click and we’ll just edit its height and make its height two I think that will probably there we go now we can click anywhere on the post or left or right and there we are we’re sitting on the post cool that’s the wrong button one of course you can make this a little bit thinner as well this button’s quite far away now maybe you don’t want that to be so wide so we can just do is width .2 is about the width of that post I think so let’s make it a bit bigger than the post let’s do 0.3 there we go now now we’re clicking past the post and we actually have to click on the post to sit on it that’s a bit better why you want to sit on a post I don’t know but that’s up to you okay so pretty simple U but if you’ve got a lot of those to place it’s going to be a bit tedious so let’s make a system where we can place them really easily okay so let’s do which one should we do let’s do the double fence as an example okay let me just copy that block copy that one CU they’re empty let’s watch we call this one this would be controller for the placement so when you’re actually playing the map the only controller you’re going to have running is this one that’s all you need running all of these blocks are just us setting it up and same for this one you turn it on when you build the map and when you finish building you turn it off and it never goes on again right now we’re going to need a spawn egg so let’s give ourselves the spawn egg first before we make the controller um give give a placement egg that’s what we’ll call it placement egg okay uh we’ll give nearest player um I don’t know we’re going to have a we’re going to have a place and we’re going to have a remove let’s have let’s have a green egg what’s green slime let’s have a green egg slime spawn egg and let’s give it some information display uh in display we will have name am I remembering this right so you have two apost you have two apostrophes then you have the coded brackets and in there you have the text text um what should we we just call this double fence so when it’s in your in your hot bar you know you’re placing the right one we’ll need an entity tag entity tag What entity is this going to spawn it’s going to spawn ID uh it’s going to spawn ID Minecraft marker and what tags is that marker going to have that marker is going to have the tag uh we’ll just say double fence okay so when we whack down that egg we should spawn a marker with the tag double fence let’s do it okay so there should be a marker there if I TP at P to any entity limit equals 1 tag equals double fence great okay it’s definitely there now let’s kill it kill any entity tag equals double fence right we know it’s there now we want to execute something at that so we will execute at any entity and these commands don’t have to be perfectly optimized or anything because as I say you’re only going to be doing these while building the map these are all going to be turned off when you’re actually running the map tag equals double fence so it will find the marker we’ll align to the blocks XY Z run summon an interaction um at those coordinates but because we’ve aligned to the corner let’s move ourselves to the middle of the block yeah and we’re going to use the same information we used before so we’re going to give it some tags and the two tags we gave it were my seat and my seat click I believe y um and it’s the double fence we’re doing so we probably want to change its height as well height we’ll set it to two and what did we set it width to 0.3 okay that seems all right done and I’m going to copy that block actually let’s copy it paste it in and let’s go for chain always active and let’s make some changes so execute at the Double fence yes align yeah summon interaction yep here we go we want to summon this interaction a bit higher and we remember it was 1.7 higher that’s what we did last time wasn’t it 1.7 and it will be my seat Target and I think we had a little tiny width and a little tiny height okay so it’s going to find where we placed that marker and it’s currently it’s going to be spamming those things let’s make it even easier for us as well let’s let me just copy this this beginning bit here execute at tag let’s just copy that copy let’s execute a tag double fence run set block at those coordinates o done control middle mouse copy that block and do exactly the same but we’ll just lift it up one done and we don’t want it constantly spamming so we better kill any entity tag equals double fence that will get rid of our marker done let’s give it a try who knows well this should be our egg so well let’s put a seat here there we go we’ve got a seat does it work let’s clear up some of this space there we go yeah I can sit on it that’s no problem okay and I thinking well I’m building a big Stadium I want to sit here I want one here I want one here I want one here this is much quicker now so we’ve made ourselves a little egg to uh speed the process up and when I think oh actually I wouldn’t mind deleting that one I’ll just break those fence posts oh of course the interaction entities in the way um so now I have to remove the interaction entities let’s let’s make egg to make it easy to do that as well let’s get ourselves another egg we’ll put another controller this will be where our next controller goes and let’s just do a uh control middle mouse copy that egg so this will be that’s a controller for placing we want a controller for removing and this will be give um remove egg so let’s let’s change some of the information in here most of it is probably going to stay the same well I don’t want the Slime let’s make it a different color let’s do a red one uh chicken or Strider strider’s red then we know when we look at our hot bar we’ve got our green for placement red for remove that’s pretty nice and easy um so we could remove as well and we just want a different tag well we’re not doing a double fence we’ll just use remove for the tag to remove okay I think it’s going to be a much easier controller we don’t have to remove the fence posts because we could use this remove for all the other types as well so we’ll just remove the two closest interaction entities yeah so we could just execute at any entity tag equals remove run kill any entity um let’s say let’s say tag equals my seat since they’ve got those tags we’ll use them just in case there’s something else nearby you might have item frames or something nearby and then we’ll do sort equals nearest and we’ll limit it to two Okay and we don’t want that marker sitting around forever so on the end we will put kill any entity tag equals remove done let me clear my inventory let’s turn that on okay so we got a remove egg and we’ve got a place egg so now we can just throw the egg down near there and then we’ve uh we’re getting rid of those two entities straight away nice and easy so I didn’t like any of those seats they’re all in the wrong place I what I really wanted is I wanted them here like like this okay well maybe you change your mind you think no no no no let’s get rid of all those ah see now they were so close we had a bit of a problem let’s do that can we actually get it to work when they’re this close this system’s not really designed for them to be that close yeah I would say Chuck it on that side get rid of that side Chuck it on that side get rid of that side Okay so we’ve got two of our little controllers what other thing did we want to do maybe change its direction we could yeah we could probably should we do it on camera uh you know what I feel about doing things on camera uh yeah let’s have a go um a controller that will change its direction okay so this will be our controller uh controller Direction and we’ll need another egg give direction egg okay let’s go to button and I suppose all we need to really change um well we don’t want the same color make sure we have a different color let’s go for something orangey yellow so that’s got to be a blaze doesn’t it and we’ll change its name no point making it harder for ourselves Direction and we’ll change its tag Direction done let’s give ourselves one of them cool now we’ve got three eggs we got traffic lights actually okay our controller so we did the command before here here we go where we’re making it face the nearest entity so we want to do that but we want to execute it at our egg okay execute at any entity tag equals direction as any entity tag equals my seat Target limit equals 1 sort equals nearest at that entity run teleport that entity to where it currently is but we want it facing an entity What entity do we want it facing we want it facing an entity whose tag equals Direction uh limit equals 1 and sort equals nearest now that kind of made sense in my head let’s have a look execute at the marker that we throw on the floor with the egg as the the seats Target then we’re going to teleport the seat Target to where it is currently that’s this bit here but we’re going to make the seat Target face an entity and we’re going to make it face the marker we’ve just thrown down yeah okay that should work and then we’ll copy this pop it on the end and we’ll kill the direction marker okay cross your fingers for this one right okay I want me double seat oh oh green there we go green double seat it’s face fa in that way I don’t want it to face that way I want it to face I don’t know over here I want it to face here nice now it’s facing down there have I click on that though we yeah yeah okay that’s cool and if you wanted to change its height there’s nothing to stop you putting a block there and doing that I’ve got to stay that’s that’s easier than uh typing the command if you want it a bit higher you can put a slab there we go okay having that little egg is much easier and quicker than typing the command and again if you did want it to be ex exactly precise for something you can use your data merge where you’ve got complete control over the rotation so I think most times you just want to run if you want lots of seats you’re just going to be running around going I’ll have a seat here I’ll have a seat there I’ll have a seat there uh you can face that way you can face you can face up here it’s it’s much quicker we’ve made ourselves a little building tool with some eggs okay I think I’ve probably kept you long enough to be honest so uh let’s get rid of those hit boxes that’s it that’s how we’ve made ourselves some little building tools to build some little seats we can sit on see you next time take care bye-bye

This video, titled ‘284: Better chairs and custom tools to place them easily. [Minecraft Map Making]’, was uploaded by Infernal Device on 2024-04-12 08:45:45. It has garnered 433 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 00:30:14 or 1814 seconds.

Ep284: Using interaction entities to make chairs we have more control over and making custom spawn egg tools so we can place and remove them quickly.

Version: 1.19.4

Requested by: ArcticPandaPro

Commands, builds and ideas for people making their own Minecraft maps.

Check out my collabs on Coppit’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CoppitJ

Join the CoppitCraft server that I play on and the Discord where I hang out. Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/amU84KykEu

The following commands are prefixed with three letters which represent the settings of the command block. E.g IUN: = Impulse Unconditional Needs_Redstone. These prefixes need to be removed if copying the commands.

Since angled brackets are not allowed in YouTube descriptions you will have to replace “greater than” with the appropriate angled bracket. Ascii code: 62

Commands used:

Give markers: IUN: give @p slime_spawn_egg{display:{Name:'{“text”:”Double Fence Seat”}’}, EntityTag:{id:”minecraft:marker”, Tags:[“doubleFence”]}} IUN: give @p strider_spawn_egg{display:{Name:'{“text”:”Remove”}’}, EntityTag:{id:”minecraft:marker”, Tags:[“remove”]}} IUN: give @p blaze_spawn_egg{display:{Name:'{“text”:”Direction”}’}, EntityTag:{id:”minecraft:marker”, Tags:[“direction”]}}

Set direction: CHAT: execute as @e[tag=mySeatTarget, limit=1, sort=nearest] at @s run tp @s ~ ~ ~ facing entity @p CHAT: data merge entity @e[tag=mySeatTarget, limit=1, sort=nearest] {Rotation:[180f,-45f]}

Fence Post: IUN: summon interaction x y z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatClick”]} CUA: summon interaction x y+0.7 z -9984 {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatTarget”]width:0.2, height:0.2}

Campfire: IUN: summon interaction x y z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatClick”]} CUA: summon interaction x y+0.2 z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatTarget”]width:0.2, height:0.2}

Stairs: IUN: summon interaction x y z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatClick”]width:1.01, height:1.01} CUA: summon interaction x y+0.3 z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatTarget”]width:0.2, height:0.2}

Double Fence Post: IUN: summon interaction x y z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatClick”]height:2} CUA: summon interaction x y+1.7 z {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatTarget”]width:0.2, height:0.2}

Controller Sitting: RUA: execute as @e[type=interaction, tag=mySeatClick] on target run tag @s add sitDown CCA: execute at @e[tag=mySeatClick,limit=1,nbt={interaction:{}}] as @a[tag=sitDown, limit=1] run tp @s @e[tag=mySeatTarget, limit=1, sort=nearest] CCA: execute at @e[tag=mySeatClick,limit=1,nbt={interaction:{}}] as @a[tag=sitDown, limit=1] run ride @s mount @e[tag=mySeatTarget, limit=1, sort=nearest] CUA: tag @a remove sitDown CUA: execute as @e[tag=mySeatClick] run data remove entity @s interaction

Controller Placement: RUA: execute at @e[tag=doubleFence] align xyz run summon interaction ~0.5 ~ ~0.5 {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatClick”]height:2} CUA: execute at @e[tag=doubleFence] align xyz run summon interaction ~0.5 ~1.7 ~0.5 {Tags:[“mySeat”, “mySeatTarget”]width:0.2, height:0.2} CUA: execute at @e[tag=doubleFence] run setblock ~ ~ ~ oak_fence CUA: execute at @e[tag=doubleFence] run setblock ~ ~1 ~ oak_fence CUA: kill @e[tag=doubleFence]

Controller Remove: RUA: execute at @e[tag=remove] run kill @e[tag=mySeat, sort=nearest, limit=2] CUA: kill @e[tag=remove]

Controller Direction: RUA: execute at @e[tag=direction] as @e[tag=mySeatTarget, limit=1, sort=nearest] at @s run tp @s ~ ~ ~ facing entity @e[tag=direction, limit=1, sort=nearest] CUA: kill @e[tag=direction]

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    Unreal Minecraft server with insane roleplay! ⭐Video Information This video, titled ‘⭐NOVO SERVIDOR DE MINECRAFT ROLEPLAY (MINERP)’, was uploaded by AfonsoSK on 2024-05-04 17:30:05. It has garnered 166 views and 12 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:09 or 549 seconds. ⚡️MineRP – Modern Roleplay Server! 🔵Server Information: ▸IP: minerp.enxada.host ▸Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sVDxPz6HkM 🏆 So that was the video, thanks for watching, and see you next time! ♥ ⛔➜ Extra tags | (Ignore, it’s not important). minecraft survival server, minecraft survival server 1.20, pirate minecraft survival server, pirate minecraft survival server 1.19, minecraft survival server 1.8, minecraft survival server 1.19.2, minecraft survival server android, minecraft survival… Read More

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    Welcome to our Adults Only Realm! This is vanilla survival on bedrock 1.21 with no add-ons and optional texture pack. Our community consists of players aged 21 to 59 who love to build and hang out together from all over the world. Realm has been open for 2 months. Enjoy shops, community farms, trading halls, post office, and regular events like ship making competition. Stay within 1k blocks of spawn to foster community. Receive a shulker box starter kit upon joining. Join our Discord for updates and events info. Message @beckteriaa there to join! Read More

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