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okay um hello everyone my name is OS am I live who knows I I you know you know what I’m live um I am playing Elden rings as you guys can see just got to change the thumbnail really quick and then Elden Rings will start Elden Rings we’re probably going to we’re going to try and finish storm real castle okay that’s the main the main goal of today you know trying I don’t know if I have a I don’t know if I have Texas s on actually I don’t know if I do but main goal is finish this Castle all right this is that’s pretty much the main goal I just want to finish it I I know there’s an Elden Elden Lord whatever it’s called Elden Elden ring there’s an Elden ring in is in the zone okay an actual Elden ring all right anyways professional professional streamer okay 100% professional streamer I have to there you go and professional streamer anyways though we’re doing this we’re doing Elden Rings okay we’re doing Elden rings and we’re trying to finish this Castle okay that’s the that’s the main thing of thisy waving okay that white horns okay hi n okay hi Nea Netta first one who’s the yeah netta’s I think always the first one it’s either you or somebody else I I forgot name winter or glitchy Noob we’re usually the first ones all right there you go okay let’s let’s get into the game now I have everything ready I changed the thumb the the thumbnail I changed everything there you go I put it on Discord also okay did I actually put it on Discord uh did I I mess up oh well if I did uh someone could fix it anyways Oh I thought my game glitched out I thought my game glitched out I don’t know why oh we’re playing Elden Rings we’re going to try and beat the Elden ring the Elden Lord or the first the first Elden Lord hold on my my YouTube is my YouTube comments is broken why is my YouTube chat Break um hello an gamer there you go so how do I jump okay I forgot how to play this is a tack the other one is my Magic Triangle okay okay okay so running is with O Okay okay so the main goal of today is to try and finish and like you know it’s pretty much to just finish did I not go here huh [Music] okay what is okay I’m going to die I died I couldn’t do nothing I couldn’t do nothing I had the wrong Magic on also I had the flame swing okay I’ve been here before though I I’ve been here there was an item there but I collected it before oh well I died um hold on I got an energy drink break cuz uh I woke up like at 9: okay um and if I can’t beat it today okay I want to at least Beat It by the next time I do play Elden Rings okay my next stream I don’t have a schedule I know I didn’t make a schedule okay but my next that’s because I am busy and I have to do things this week a lot okay um but um I might be able to stream Wednesday okay that’s why I did I might cuz this I didn’t make a schedule because I think it’s only just two days I could stream okay I don’t want to make a schedule just for like two days and uh you know pretty much today and maybe Wednesday I don’t really know if I can Wednesday um you guys want me to play games on on the you guys told me on Discord I will buy them eventually I’ll probably buy them next week um but I will get them try them out that one Bridge whatever really okay give me flame [Music] catch okay they’re not really resistant to Holy magic though like okay giveing my my my money back 2,000 I lost okay Crimson Hood okay what does the Crimson Hood do um it gives me less Poise but it gives me more figur so I get one more health and more Health okay I get more Health pretty much it’s not bad actually War buy a extra something something royalty increases Vigor such clothes were gifted to dep parted on Journeys blah blah blah rrio never once saw the guidance of Drake isn’t rodrika the one that is in the the round Table Right increases Vigor that’s not bad actually like I get more Health but I do lose defense by how much let’s see 4.2 let me see it’s not bad it’s I don’t I I get actually more defense damage negations though look at that this one’s actually better WP okay so this one’s actually better um hello sink okay so we’re going to use this one okay I know the main goal of this I know already which way to go but the thing is I didn’t I I forgot to play off camera I didn’t have enough time to play off camera okay so I didn’t um you know farm for money and stuff which I was supposed to okay that’s the thing the main the main area is this way okay but it’s you know catapults the stealth ahead there is no stealth they’re all looking at one door there’s no stealth it’s just running ahead oh it’s just running that’s the only thing I can do give me this that’s all I could do I just have to run okay up here up here up here there might be it might be safe up here maybe okay maybe it was not safe okay now if this guy comes up here what did I get a wooden great Shield okay I do have my my frenzy flame attack come over here I could see this guy he just is glitched out okay all right okay I need magic okay okay the thing is I need to clear out this entire area of people that are shooting me okay that is going to be kind of hard okay so or I could just run past him what if I use friendly flame on them okay actually let’s do catch flame okay and then I run and I heal okay I need to change my potions I have four I have five healing potions and only just three Mana when I use my magic more than my health okay that that’s you know I got to okay okay they don’t do that much they don’t do that much damage okay they don’t do they they don’t really do any damage okay okay anyways how is everyone doing in chat how’s how’s how’s everyone doing okay I know I didn’t make a schedule because I’m not sure on how many days I could stream this week okay that’s the only reason there was no schedule this week okay or else I would have made a schedule if I could have okay but no he rang the bell he he told everyone I was here what’ I get uh Exile Grieves okay oh Dodge Dodge what was that oh my okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay that did so much damage I want to do that hold on hold on hold on give me all this money smoldering butterflies okay a pike that one might be better than my spear it’s pretty much a spear right a golden Rune and a magic grease who do we are you doing okay I think I saw someone up here or I heard I heard someone also it’s chat is a is the audio is audio good I I didn’t even ask you guys Chrissy wake up a Cleo is streaming Sonic Adventure 2 oh hi by the way uh course you wake up okay Sonic Adventure 2 see okay okay hi winter and hi DJ music man I kind of also just pretty much I pretty much also kind of I just woke up uh let me drink more a more energy drink break okay a more energy drink break that I got right here it’s been a bit well it’s been a bit well a week or so but still I said at the same time wow I forgot I had my dogs these dogs they’re going to help me fight look at him he’s he’s like floating up in the air how does he do that he’s a ghost okay come here dogs we’re going to attack this ogre giant thing attack go do your job dogs he to play Sonic Adventure too Oh my he almost killed me that that that dog almost killed me I never played a Sonic game actually I you had dogs in real life no I don’t have dogs in real life no I’m going to die dang okay get him dogs get him DK you have any pets oh my God okay there suu is one of the best some levels are just a little slow okay dogs they almost died how do I open this okay um H that was a close M that was close Okay how do people die in here prophecy painting oh no they’re disappearing hearing come back I need to leave I need to leave I need to leave before they die to say give me the pictures of them dogs also the new game Sonic X Shadow Jens is labeled as lgbtq on Steam TT the what wa uh also the new Sonic X Shadow G Jens oh my okay I thought I was being attacked I was looking down at chat I heard just I heard like a a growl why are they just attacking wood um okay let’s see let’s see picture of the dog I don’t have dogs it was talking about these ones these dogs okay Jens is Generations oh oh no I haven’t I haven’t played a Sonic game ever no I think I have actually the old Sonic games like actually the old old Sonic ones but that was like a long time ago I I don’t remember nothing really about it anymore uh it was like the the the the one on Roblox like kind of like that 2D ones yeah the 2D ones the 2D ones the side ones like the ones that are just sideways type uh the C ones I’ve only really played and that was like a long time ago that’s because like I didn’t have a console back then so I think I had like a Game Boy or something could I go down there uh no that the head therefore try jumping well I have almost enough to level up if I I’m not trying to die okay that’s thing those are pretty good A Cleo if you do stream on Wednesday I most probably will come right at the end of stream or just not be able to come M ah Sonic Advance Sonic Advance was a bay I could pull this usually usually they’re locked usually these levers are locked until I unlock them oh how do I open this it does not open from this side it’s probably that shortcut that I got to go down there okay but let’s see whatever this is yeah I don’t know if I can stream Wednesday I’ll let you guys know tomorrow though um like I don’t know well I’ll let you guys know I don’t know I don’t know when but I’ll let you guys know okay if I can or can’t stream on Wednesday um so yeah okay what is this strong foe head beware it arrange the battle okay who is the strong foe also what is that magic I hear magic Sonic Adventure 2 is on Xbox along with the first one come here I need this there you go another this the first elen ring stream that Mr glitchy Noob has not come before me he’s not even here yet Sonic Origins a collection of the first game okay let’s get this about every console I’m pretty sure I might have glitched the game because I don’t know if I was supposed to unlock that thing I’ve never been here I look I just got the grace but how what you know I’m not complaining you know what I got the free shortcut but I I’m in a boss room now there’s no way there’s no way I could beat this boss right now okay let’s look around okay let’s go look around because I pretty much just skipped an entire area like you see also what did I get I got like some storm caller or something like that right something CER what okay the best Sonic game is Sonic forces C that’s the only one I’ve played in the eye there you go okay they’re they’re kind of weak to Magic the only one I know of okay so there is giant a big giant pot to people living jar okay living jar dumplings forces is pretty good but two is better cracked paw I think I could level up now actually cracked paw and another two crack PA I forgot I could do magic with these okay I could do magic I think I think I accidentally clicked send LOL the I wait what uh no hi Rowan okay by the way hone uh the best Sonic games the Sonic forces is cuz that’s the only one I played the ey hello um yeah played the eye okay any I haven’t I only played one Sonic okay I heard Sonics are good I just never really play them like I have a switch but I could probably play them on my switch can I go here I just I don’t even know why I did this your school your school is opened was this just a shortcut wait what was the point of this there is there’s nothing here there’s something there H I recommend playing them what consoles do you have I have a PS4 which I’m streaming on right now okay I might buy a PS5 eventually I got toy buy one so my streams can look better uh or just a PC um I have a you know a laptop okay I guess that doesn’t count be wored of right okay there’s nothing right I have I have a laptop a switch and um a PS4 that is all I have be where are right there’s nothing here they lied to me hey Cleo remember me hey oh yeah PC specs it’s garbage it’s like I don’t even know my PC specs it’s a laptop I got it wait it’s a laptop yeah it group ahead hold on be a right ill omened creature ahead ill oming be wary of right I see him how was he ill omened what does that even mean ill omened creature ahead really that magic didn’t hit him oh we will get a setup Tour on 300 or 500 subscribers I’m forcing you we get you a setup tour I don’t have a good set up when you going to do G um I don’t know probably next week actually cuz I can’t I could barely stream this week actually so um it’ll probably be next week okay they’re probably going to kill me so I’m just going to take them out before they can do it okay also why is he just laying down like that oh never mind I don’t care I’m forcing you oh I can’t see I have one week of school sawu is the first game with Shadow is it aren’t they making a uh a new movie have you seen the movies the the Sonic the Sonic movies I’ve actually seen the movies um and they’re like making I’ll send an air strike like the one I sent in Apex yeah that one um they’re also aren’t they doing a um what is this whoa whoa what in hyped for Sonic 3 surely what you seek is somewhere close by oh that’s Roger that’s Roger he’s the he’s the he’s the magic guy Roger I have one week not at school that’s Roger okay so Roger is has did you know there’s a Minecraft movie coming in 2025 laughing I did did I I saw that yeah they’re doing the knuckles show and the th movie the the two movies were pretty good actually I kind of likeed it be strong fo but let there be death okay Roger dead I think he’s a ghost I think he might have died strong foe where is the strong foe okay glitchy is alive bad news Okay golden Rune okay let me let me re chat okay what are you guys saying in chat uh I have one week wins Roblox probably next week as well okay Roger I think he’s alive maybe uh what are you guys saying what are you guys saying uh we will get you a setup Tour on 300 or 500 subscribers my setup I don’t even have a setup you can only play modern Sonic games if you want to play them Ty y Emoji cold face Emoji skull emoji folded hands Emoji partying face emoji red heart emoji white heart emoji folded hands emoji hushed face emoji folded hands emot skipping the rest there’s nothing left people liow glass purple yellow diamond eyes pink shape face blue wi eyes face pink tears face I know where I am I’m at the I’m at the I’m at the stone what game he plays Terraria face fuchia tongue out face fuchia tongue out face fuchsia tongue out out face fuchia tongue out okay what was I upgrading I need an intelligence so I could use the primordial magic right I think that’s what it was called pretty much like before Dragon magic I guess okay so I could go down there okay but I can’t get back up is there hold on I know in in Dark Souls there was a special item where I could just teleport back Grant the blessing free country Emoji flag United States Emoji Eagle em Emoji desert Emoji o drum Emoji oil skipping the rest why can’t I say 1111111111111111111 I guess you can you can I don’t I I’m not strong enough to kill a drag I could try actually hold on um also there was no be warry of left there is found oil hold on what was the thing I seek here there is nothing I seek here he gave me nothing like down there you die um why was rer up there telling me to go up there did I go the wrong way cuz no cuz that’s not a path Wanted Dead or Alive wanted in jail might be a path no it’s not a path H okay so there is a path it’s the United States of America not knock winter it’s the United States and he has heard you got oil oh man exactly okay I heard you got some you got some oil which isn’t in my position yeah oil oil yummy if you’re a car oil is good but if you’re not a car what what use oil time I play sawu sawu what is that Sonic adventures is that what you were talking about Sonic knock Das full version okay so we’re going to go the other direction since there was two ways I could go up here okay I know there’s a boss while I watch this adventure too yeah Sonic adventures you can only play it on switch right don’t watch while I play I’m pretty sure americ oil is oxygen one last thing there’s people down there and a bird fight a dragon B20 I will fight the dragon there is a boss though so let’s actually use my friend [Music] flame okay this guy is dead Sonic Adventure one and two aren’t on switch only Xbox One PC older PlayStations this guy’s so hard to hit a Cleo hear me out R all K and GameCube GameCube i’ I’ve never life is everything the only old console that I have is a Game Boy treat yourself now I I got good of these nuts in zone layer Zone layer I got nothing good from that like actually I got nothing good what was down here a shortcut it’s not even a shortcut cuz I could just go down there whenever Lear what did I get hold on hold on hold on what did I get what I don’t even know what I got hold on what that was not even worth it coming here at all okay you know what oh well there was another path this way also so we’re going to check it out um as well so I guess we I guess we’ll see what it is be war of right precious item yeah this one smithing Stone okay yeah smithing stones are pretty good was there another path or was it just this one I think I think it was just this one but I want to see where Roger was did you test the text to speech tutorial I sent you for PC uh I haven’t done it yet but I’m I’m it’s it sounds pretty easy to set up so I’m just going to I’ll do it when I stream on PC I think Wednesday might be a then uh Wednesday if I can stream on Wednesday no I can’t go that way if I do stream on Wednesday it will be on PC and then I will have the text to speech thing on okay uh wait look at this hold on wait surely you see what you seek is somewhere close by and he’s looking this direction and there’s okay you have a valentine laughing do I have I have my own Valentine’s okay they’re throwing rocks at me they’re throwing rocks I thought they were throwing like explosion rocks I am my own Valentine’s okay that is all I need just me and myself when is Valentine’s anyway is Thursday or Wednesday I think it’s Thursday is it Thursday or is it Wednesday anyways I am my own Valentine’s wow SK Sigma male exactly um hold on I got to go to the I got to go back down to the grace and get my items the grace um which is down here elevator look at this I could even say hi maybe I should have done this in the beginning of the stream I can make this guy say hi Okay so there is another path there but there’s still a whole other path I didn’t go toity sign mail exactly hold on I want to see one thing when can I use what do I need to use the strong I can’t use it hold on and I can’t use this one I need more intelligence for proper death spell and aspects of The Crucible I need 27 Faith okay what was I upgrading I was upgrading intelligence for this one with faith as well uh h that’s going to take so long 17 intelligence and 27 faith I have 21 in uh Faith but only 10 intelligence that intelligence has to go to that’s covered up so we can breathe in these nuts hone layer H I guess I just got to go this way this is the Trap like he’s going to like blow me up or something he was a fire oh it’s the black bird that I saw that was up there on top of the roof I never killed him oh well he he gets to stay alive okay another bird these black birds are kind of strong like actually they’re kind of strong let see I see that guy like he probably thinks he’s hidden look at him and then you just one shot him okay smithing Stone I don’t know if I need a smithing Stone actually can I use my flame magic and can I reach him from here I don’t even get how flame how is flame magic the holy magic I can’t game difficult one game third person two Ctrl interaction ip8 scale 05 gfx wish a life overing bosing crosa l the Wall-E Sonic Adventure 2 yeah exactly exactly that’s some of the options text file Forma be what is it what is it for he kicked me and it did that much damage why does he why does this kick do so much damage oh there’s one of the Elden one of the Elden things is here the tear oh the Elden seed one of the Elden seeds live and learn will be in the 3D Sonic movie woo woo there’s like a big giant over there though okay we’ll see what this is be proud oh you were a fine Warrior your only mistake was your choice of Master let the winds lift you to a higher Place glitchy will you watch the Minecraft movie Emoji skull emoji folded hands well let’s see tarnished are you you I’ll probably watch the Minecraft movie also maybe tarnished and Warrior like you here by decree of my father the Minecraft movie utterly repellent this is this grafting of godric’s ill befs a look at me I got this like cool red hood I look all weird though but oh well if you intend to challenge the Minecraft movie coming in 2025 LOL run foul with his deeds I’m certain now I’m actually going to play sawu on Team Dark apologies but I long enough as fellow tarnished we must each follow our own guidance down whatever road takes us to the throne of Elden Lord okay let’s see if I can become alen Lord okay what it say okay okay okay so she said I could summon her for the boss fight which is probably the one that’s like right there ask if going to live until 2025 laugh ask me if I’m going to live until are you going to live till 2025 clinchy Noob hopefully hopefully actually you know um yeah hopefully but who knows who knows nobody knows when they’re going to not live so also there is a giant here there’s no way I’m beating this giant here wolves could help me out are you like a veteran why would I ask you that yeah like unless you’re like in the war or or a war okay bring it on Giant no my wolves he killed his own person though oh my okay wa no look that way if you continue Calamity I won’t die no I think I’m dead get him get him get him get him okay that’s good they’re really they’re really weak to frenzy flame he took got his sword okay he has an UL sword yes when Terraria stream there you go there you go we beat the giant the Giant died I need to learn more about died he gave me nothing that thing gave me nothing okay wow that what was the point of fighting him then the sword wielding giant what was the point of fighting him ggs yes okay scam it was a scam oh this is this boss fight then neph looks or neph low probably looks Warrior okay another giant came back the giant respawns hold on um do I have everything I need to fight hold on it’s cuz I’m using this red sister is that Roger sister it probably is actually aka the lady it is pro okay let’s summon in we’re doing this boss fight okay since I need anyway 6,000 hold on actually I might be able to level when Terraria stream uh probably next week probably next week will be Terraria stream I I haven’t made a schedule because I can’t really stream this much uh this week this week I could barely stream so um that’s why I didn’t post the schedule I think I need 6,000 I think I need like 200 more monies and then I could actually level up I think I need 200 300 more monies okay so before we di to the boss let’s go and get $300 more dolls also I think it’s getting darker oh yeah I forgot there’s a day and night system in this game and there’s even nighttime bosses like you know that spawn at night uh let’s see where’s an enemy I could get that gives me $300 um H who here would give me 300 someone that 300 300 runes maybe the giant actually we could try fighting the giant again for $300 more dolls I think he gave me actually I think it gave me 500 I think it gave me five so if we use our wolves and then we the boss would XD yeah but I would die before I would be able to use them go go go okay he’s taking out his sword no not yet now he took out his sword oh I forgot I could get m I’m I’m I’m I’m manness I’m manist okay okay that would have killed me okay there oh he gives me a th000 he gives me $1,000 schedule Monday GD Tuesday Terraria Wednesday GD Thursday Terraria Friday GD let’s see hold on here’s next week’s schedule Monday uh terrar why only those two games I want to play alen rings so it’ll be more than that okay also my phone’s about to die I just noticed that no Roblox maybe a Roblox you know wa why why are you you know why are you making my schedule I I got to make my own schedule um I got to get 27 Faith but I also have to get intelligence um uh let’s go for Faith okay let’s fight the boss let’s fight the boss this flame of frenzy is super strong but if I get mad then you know the madness effect Bo winter being rude one one one one one okay there you go this is Roger think it is garbage we summoned in Roger’s sister okay also I got a new weapon hold on is the pike better it is better but I can’t use it 20 strength okay cuz I like using the spe Spears the spears are pretty good um I know there is a scythe I know there is a scythe which I do want to use how is this a fist weapon Cipher po what is this it’s like a holy weapon oh it is a holy weapon I just can’t use it what do I need Faith 30 Faith to use the cipher po unblockable blade you can’t block that weapon okay that would be kind of op um let’s see let’s see I know there is a scyth ditch I want to use um I can’t use any of these nope nope Hammer Club um yeah but I like using Spears okay this cuz look at this one’s upgraded twice also wait the short sphere is stronger than this one that’s leveled up twice I was using a weaker weapon the entire time there’s no way I was using a weaker weapon the entire time I even love level it up twice the short spear is stronger and I okay glitchy can I test your Timmy out by Timmy ooting you for one minute I guess we’re going back to this one I thought the other one was Stronger but I guess not this one is but I don’t have my holy magic equipped on this one okay so we are fighting the first elen Lord or the first Elden boss okay is it that thing NOP it’s that guy Mighty Dragon he beat a dragon I haven’t even beat a dragon yet there’s no way I can beat him I don’t care I’m still doing it Kidd strength a portal mirror deliver me unto the Greater Heights I don’t want to lose my mod admin abusey well Roger’s dad Roger’s dad exactly Roger’s dad tarnished he lowly tarnished why am I me out you for one minute I want to test it give him the lowest timeout okay like 15 seconds okay cuz who don’t want to get that the biggest time out if he wants if he wants to get a timeout I am the Lord all this okay okay golden look at all the arms he has and he has two weapons God fre why does your dad has five zero hands okay God fr the God God Rick God Rick the grafted okay I can’t read his name there you go wolves gold Lord he is the the golden Lord apparently the music is so loud okay he seems to be weak to Magic oh I’m going to get Madness yes winter can time out me for even a day this if me need this speaking look at Cleo he allowed me okay yeah you can give him a timeout if you want oh oh he chopped off his own arm okay blue wi eyes xpb LOL he fell for I the screen truest of dragons willingly amputate I think he missed his attack and hit his own me thy [Applause] strength Dragon the dragon head he took out his entire skull of the dragon and it’s alive father on all witness okay um okay and he has now Fire magic okay he’s burning everything why does your dad have a dragon hand the frost edit oh I I used the wrong attack okay I got I’m to die Fire magic does so much damage Roger why does your dad shoot out fire I died Emoji smiling face with horns emoji smiling face with horns Emoji astonished face emoji face blowing a kiss Emoji smiling face with sunglasses Emoji exploding head astonished face emoji back hand index skipping the rest why is Roger’s dad so strong ring on the boss I’m going to go upgrade my weapon I’m going to upgrade my weapon why is Roger’s dad so strong why is that actually Roger’s dad you know it’s his dad now okay uh H H yeah or what did you say hemo uh Yeezy I got to upgrade my weapon hold on let me find which way this way no can I time out you for one minute I want to test my Powers your powers I I thought you tested it out on on glitchy Noob oh wait I can’t I can’t level up my weon I died I don’t have money I don’t have I’ll took you for no matter it’s lay out your own I don’t have money um cuz look this one does more damage than the one I upgrade uped h no Ash of war the wielder oh it is weer it’s just going to be one minute okay um putting ashes of War makes them weaker okay what if I put this ash of War remove the partisan Parry okay oh then I guess I might as well use my holy weapon wa this one I guess this one is stronger because I could have holy on it as well back I’m um let’s see Ash of War can I what did he do can everyone see that I just joined oh no no WR is it no only mods yeah only mods could see that I could see it also timed out for 60 seconds allowed me to test it on him let’s see hold on um undo enchantment so I could do 137 damage but I won’t have my hly attack um Quality partisan hold on never mind uh was a minute quality do more damage standard would do better but I wouldn’t do holy damage this one fails okay actually let’s leave it okay okay let’s go back now I guess we don’t have to upgrade anything and we will go back to it was right here secluded cell and we will fight God godrick the grafted again will it minute end and oh there it is get bleed damage damage I don’t have bleed damage right now I don’t no he died would be real funny here it’s better there we go I I don’t have a I don’t have bleed I want to use Spears I like Spears so I want to use them man it’s been like a year since I joined a stream so you probably don’t remember me a year was it a year Felix Felix I I don’t really remember people I I remember some people but I don’t remember you actually okay there you go we have Roger sister where’s Roger I Want to summon in Roger Roger sister okay uh fighting Roger’s Dad wait okay oh no cut scene I remember you hips only remembers Roger I remember remembers me in the favorite okay let me get the money hold on ready it looks o only remembers an ozone layer there you go okay Dodge wa you miss it look s i I don’t have my weapon out oh wait I was like where’s my weapon did he chop off his hand you joined okay I can skip this okay water bre okay I saw this I saw this godri the grafted Fitness [Music] official his magic is so strong like I can’t how do I dodge that there’s only one way to dodge is run straight up ahead run to him and get it he has now fire tornado what is that oh I used the wrong magic I used the wrong magic now the real question is does this give us a dragon oh yeah H does it look at my health I almost died screaming like that okay you he him when he does fire attack I got him I got him I got him R Run Okay this fire magic does so much like she’s still alive neph is still alive it’s okay okay hold on go this fire magic doesn’t affect Roger’s sister it doesn’t oh there go there go there go we beat it and one day we’ll return to wait why are you walking away from me to our home bathed in [Applause] gra okay we got godrick great your first time playing this game godrick great I know elen ring and I know that it’s hard but godri being one of the first bosses is already like bullet hell so I don’t want to imog remebrance of the tarnished smile you didn’t say hi to most people did I did I time to see your Victory wink okay let’s say hi to people hi Yeezy hi uh who else growan Netta winter glitchy Noob um sink two people that fix Felix dream master okay there you go there you go I said hi do you guys there okay how much money I got 15,000 monies okay what did I get what did I get I got a remembrance and something he was easy I beat this guy in like my second try the other person was harder what the what was the other called the the guy in the beginning of the castle he was harder or I just got stronger maybe cuz I level up my person he was weak to the frenzy magic though so I do like this one yeah whatever mareto by the way you didn’t say hi to me last elen ring stream I think I yeah he didn’t give me a dragon heart yeah Dragon heart maret okay so we got hold on we got an ring and a remembrance right we have a golden seed I think I need three of them though oh we got this um God R’s great Rune the void of any fireplace benediction what does that mean I don’t really know what that means um and we got and we got I do have blood magic I just can’t use it on my spear um a cleos can you say hi to me for last stream who uh hi winter again from last stream I I’m pretty sure I said hi to you guys you guys are just using my garbage memory ring stream okay that I don’t remember things oh who’s this last Elder pathetic excuse for a lord you Craven to the Bone that’s the guy I just killed ping me about like that and after all that crafting where did that get you on me that’s one one high for that stream filthy slow that’s 11 hours it feel it feel my bloody wrath he steals your runes oh he does he does he hasn’t stolen from me yet was godri was always looking down on me he got what he bloody deserve thanks to you I tell you though can I have guy Roger’s cousin yeah Roger’s cousin can I have his crown like you’re just leaving it on his head I want the crown bro thinks he did something he didn’t do nothing I know where where was this guy the whole time’s water break yeah yeah water break okay hold on let’s buy let’s see what he has first then we’ll do water break um Bandit boots like I don’t like that I can’t like you know it should also show me it should also compare when I have the weapon on cuz like I had to buy it to actually compare if it’s better than my armor like I don’t like that um or I just have to remember okay so storm hawk feathers okay none of these are worth like what why would I buy that actually why would I buy any of these maybe this but that’s it and this no but I could just craft this and I could craft I could just get these this is this is such a scam the only thing is maybe just this one and this one and this you don’t sound nothing good what else do you have to say I can do can I yeah you can do whatever you want why is he threatening me I just killed this guy and he’s like what okay okay hold on we’re do we’re doing a water break right now hold on let me just sit down there you go water break water break everybody get to your water get your your juice the Weise exactly are you planning on using a shield as well since you have a sphere I am a profit so I am only sacred I I have a shield the wooden Shield the one in the beginning but I have I’m I’m a profit build so I just have to use this and one holy magic now do you have anything else to say that I sat down I can can i m why is he so mean to me huh why I helped him but I was nice to him get a big oh there’s a big spear I don’t have one right now I have I haven’t found one at least I’ve been here I’ve been here before a cleos again you guys are going to tell me AOS bew turn back there’s nothing here turn back praise the message and then behold something incredible cleos again a cleos okay um because you killed his cousin’s dad oh that means I am the king right this is my throne for time can I sit down sit down emoji look at that why she spam so much I don’t know why does winter spam a lot look at that this is my my Throne I am the new king of the castle I think okay liar head okay I’ve been here before because I’ve already been to um the ra lucaria did did anything else spawn now you know anything new no nothing new solo coronation ceremony still nothing new this guy’s still there um there’s nothing new nothing new at all okay so there is no point in this since I already took the back route and I’ve been in here before now CU look at this is just ra car or whatever the the the Lakes something of the lake yeah Laria Leo Leo Nar and who is this you were not there before only that one was hello there’s someone there my name is haetta okay haa I am journeying in search of the distant light if I might be so bold as to ask would you donate any shabi grapes in your possession my eyesight has been weak okay sh I think I have some I think I have like two or one to go next when I eat one of those grapes Roger’s little sister exactly this is Rogers in the back of my eyes me to my true we’re meeting like Roger’s entire like family what if Roger is the final boss than now I can feel the distant light once more you are most kind indeed May the blessing of the fingers be upon you as you wish okay what else you are most kind looks sussy bless okay now what else okay so I give her a grape and this guyy is still here would you want anything uh no you want nothing so soon I’m he sitting down everyone place your bets on if this stream is going to have the police sirens or not oh actually waiting oh she’s gone no friend ahead be wary of Sinner oh she was evil be wary of Sinner no friend ahead oh okay um I maybe shouldn’t have given her grapes what were those grapes were they bad I should have read them hold on I don’t have anym were those grapes bad like were they poisonous they did she just die I don’t have no more yeah it was right here next to this other one okay maybe I shouldn’t have done that um okay hold on actually let’s go now oh well I have 250 th message 25 th message oh yeah 250th message goes to winter what do you get what winter gets nothing Emoji exploding head emoji exploding head emoji exploding head emo exploding now going to emo face emoji face blowing a kiss Emoji ghost Emoji Mo em flag United States emoji hushed face emoj emoji money mouth face emoji money mouth face emoji hot face emoji eagle Emoji cold face emoji back hand index poining k SM Emoji hot face emoji eagle Emoji cold face what is that emoji folded hands Emoji back hand and X pointing skipping the rest Roger’s Church it is RO this is Roger’s Grandma right here what is that it’s two fingers apparently fingers Eno to the greater will look there the fingers tremble why are they all destroyed what happened sh bearing over you Rog fingers exactly root of the golden order anchor of all lands Giver of GRA where’s the like Spike of all the ike what does that mean the like Spike oh yeah everyone click on the like button has taken I forgot about that across the realm ruie foul cses Ander spread hand pink waving finger red number one stopwatch blue hand timer card red penalty wash hunts face orange biting nails what is this about what is she saying is she reading what he’s saying AIT of one subscriber this stream by currently a profit of one subscriber this stream who swe hold on Good Vibes glass purple sand orange your great is a handsome Ring Hey doesn’t tell me who who subscribed sometimes sometimes it does but sometimes it doesn’t I don’t know why it’s just YouTube YouTube is broken sometimes also YouTube Studio on the phone is garbage also like actually it’s so bad oh no I did yeah dream master subscribe to my channel thank you for subscribing it did tell me this time wow okay okay uh oh that was a demig God I killed upon end into REM you speak so slow this old lady this Roger’s Grandma speaks so slow the power of their former Masters okay I will the fingers okay okay okay uh about great ruines I don’t care I don’t care I don’t actually care oh my gosh I got listen again okay I don’t care okay there you go there you go there YouTube sucks again for legal reasons that’s a joke years old why is bro spinning cuz I can let’s see uh with the power of Rememberance menu you can draw out the power of remembrances namesake each remembrance you can provide Power oh can provide you one power once the power is claimed the remembrance will be lost okay so remembrance of the graph been sucked on by them oh they’re garbage okay so I could either buy sucks for reasons that’s not a joke ax of God rck okay I don’t even use a great Axe I can’t even use this or I could use grafted Dragon a fist weapon oh that’s what he smiling insane demon I don’t even have enough money to buy anything though so actually they’re not good can I let’s see and nothing the axe is slower than the grra probably let’s see you had actually this guy has magic right can I buy Magics from you uh urgent heal cure poison uh I got to buy some of these but I can’t really use any I don’t have any other ones R eyes harder difficulty oh he’s leaving oh the x is lower harder difficulty let’s see oh Roger we found him he’s here now he’s here I think I think that’s him we meet again after all wait why does he have like a out insane difficulty what’s wrong with him he has like a tentacle growing out of him face blue smiling easy difficulty he has like a tentacle growing on him or something what he’s a monster okay uh I about to D I killed him oh I killed your friend oh joury together for a Time by flower shape flower insane it is Roger okay I that he discovered thek of the centipede the centipede face green smiling normal difficulty he got baed by the death may be able to form an alliance if only I speak in and if they were like you all the better I actually I accidentally killed his best friend look at this hold on face orange demon I killed his entire friend since you have beaten Roger’s dad with the dragon you should kill a dragon now look at this I’m your best friend now look at that wow how I’m exactly like your best friend that I totally didn’t killed oh still need something look at that I’m your best friend where’s my friend’s discount now also is this Castle just your Castle now I think it I think this is a different one face FL is covering eyes hi didn’t we well done friend something to Mark the occasion oh right sword Roger Rapier rapire plus eight it’s a plus eight weapon that’s so strong I still can’t move my fighting days are good vibes hard difficulty storm bail Escape okay uh Roger he gave me his weapon like everyone you meet is here give me carry in and Roger sword with the eye is it a really good weapon hold on we might take off the spear if I could actually use it it looks like it’s a magic weapon though so I have to where is it at face fuchsia poop shape WF is thiso Roger Roger sing hairan where is Roger I can’t use it I need more dexterity it’s so strong actually wow um it’s drinking tea te so I need dexterity I have only 12 I need 17 but I also need faith and intelligence for Dragon magic emoon emojiman what okay so there is still you which he never says nothing okay what about you anything new receed just as PR I am known as as a I am you now belong okay you’ll be after more it’s not for Holy magic though our glass purple sand Orange demon El elbow What elbow dab rala okay R lucaria okay so we beat godrick so the next boss is Ron where’s Ron red and stand emo enraged face harder difficulty Li East by the Scarlet rot even I’ve heard survivors of r Army are still in the Wilds staving off the rock with fire and if it’s true I suspect radan is still there as well in kid though I doubt he much resembles his former self anymore okay so oh oh I didn’t mean to destroy his his chair confused face kid is over here over here is kid normal difficulty so the next boss I had to fight is in this area and then it said I have to go here to the castle fish is alive and then I have to go probably up here somewhere okay um okay what is this how do I get there H noral difficulty fire in the oh she’s here now you again Roger’s sister re we met at stor Veil I’m glad to see you here yeah fish is alive MH yep I found it in God’s drafting Browns you defeated him you should have it make good use of it I don’t intend to make a habit of Scavenging corpses Emoji Aral charm yes I wonder if you’ve met my foster father I thought we killed him stud the room entes guarding just over there if you haven’t already I advise you introduce yourself father is leader of the round table I’m sure talking to him will be worth your while okay so this is Rogers stepdad she said that she said she was adopted about neph understand you’ve been speaking to Nephi she’s my daughter I took her in when she lost the guidance of Grace though Amir ax wielding Barbarian her youthful credulity so I put her to work do not hesitate to employ her should her Services benefit you despite her looks she is more than capable in the Press of battle face Turk is drinking coffee coffee um okay Rogers has daddy issues that is Roger dad was killed by her and she was adopted by this guy so Roger is also adopted by him so Roger has two dads one that’s dead that I killed I also killed Roger’s best friend um Rogers are becoming like a tentacle monster oh okay I maybe I shouldn’t have done all that it’s about time I headed off I’ll See You Again Warrior okay it’s about I’ll See You Again Warrior all right um okay this is a lot of lore a lot of Roger Roger lore let’s go see we really friends with Roger at this point hand orange covering eyes Sean he says he says we are friends look it oh I think need something um I know I guess he doesn’t say friends I’m pretty sure he said it though okay so tur riding headphones still Diamond still Diamond okay anyone in chat do you guys know how I use this thingy hold on where is it at um anyone in chat know how how do I use grod’s great run seek the Divine Tower of limb grave which stands Beyond The Great Bridge of stormill Castle so the Divine Bridge Divine Tower um Beyond The Great Bridge so oh I just realized this takes place in Spain Great Bridge is this the Great Bridge or is this one nomadic Merchant oh is it this the Great Bridge no maybe this thing is the Great Bridge but how do I get on top of it stage event revealment H go Turk W white horns Goatman yeah this is Storm Veil Castle it says by storm Vil Lakeside Cliffs metal yellow first red women also I haven’t gone down here like I haven’t explored here yet I did take over this castle castle mourn um Merchant okay okay minor or tree I’m pretty sure it’s this I think it’s this cuz that’s that’s the only thing that looks like a tower like a it’s a circle maybe there’s a better let’s teleport and look what it looks like hold on planet orange purple ring is that hold on I think I have to go to this one stone Veil Shack and then I’ll go this way or let’s actually just go and check it out I don’t know actually we’ll see what it looks like what that Circle looks like when I’m there cmon goon Buffon Buffon a cmon what what at this like pal Palms pal from from pal worlds oh also uh did you guys see the SpongeBob the SpongeBob Super Bowl I don’t even watch sports but I only watch the Super Bowl at least a little bit of it because of SpongeBob apparently was on Super Bowl Emoji Aries demon a you know somewhere called Round Table hold yeah I was just there I was just there oh never mind that’s tables of the loost Grace I thought that was the round table hold wasn’t that the round table hold H I guess I got to go this way hold on the tower should be this direction if that’s the actual Tower it should be over here but I’m not I’m not sure okay yeah but I got to get up there how how do I how do I get up there because I was here I was attacked by that one red guy what is this oh a whole bunch of butterflies and like some weird like slug thing is that the tower I don’t know no I just realized na got the 30 th message oh I got the 300 message there to activate some kind of passive I have failed myself okay but how do I get up there I think this is definitely this definitely takes you to the tower okay this this it does but the thing is how do I get on top of the bridge cuz it does break even it’s broken here let’s try open box we from here so what we have to do is go to the tower it’s it’s from here okay so let’s actually go to the lift oh I know where to go I know where I know where to go I remembered where to go now there was that one path I didn’t go to in the tower okay so I got to find the bridge from this area also we have to fight the dragon but I want to see whatever Powers I get from doing this and then after this we will fight the dragon okay I want to get dragon magic at least and we actually did beat Storm roal Castle I didn’t think I would he was actually kind of easy even though he was like a demigod or something he was so easy CL turqu looking up Ean Ean sheon okay um learning ion why why are all these eons what do they evolve into then huh what’s their evolutions what do they evolve into okay so it was this this way I think no this way okay yeah this oh there was also that other area you should probably make a community post or something saying that there’s no schedule this week oh I should yeah there was this path I probably should yeah I put an at to everyone but I don’t know if everyone read it yeah look there’s this whole other path I didn’t go oh okay Dodge Dodge we’re running away we’re not fighting them we’re going to die oh my gosh he like oh my gosh what was that okay run run run I’m going to die what was that Dodge okay okay okay oh my I got to go this wa I’m I’m almost dead because a lot of people probably aren’t in the Discord oh yeah huh okay get up here there you go oh my okay that I what what was that attack though that attack almost made me die actually it almost made me die okay and what is that what is that is that a lion okay U we’re bringing out my wolves okay we’re bringing out the Wes I don’t think n is okay oh wait what if Netta what or Nita what if Nita is um hold on we’re sticking past that he saw we’re not fighting him what is this are they dead are they alive are they dead are they alive you know what hopefully they’re dead Okay um I don’t even know what’s happening we’re not fighting them that’s for sure maybe I feel like Nita is Roger’s teacher exactly yeah cuz he Nita Nita Nita you’re call Nita now Nita does um know all the magic spells Are wizards yeah he knows all the magic spells Roger Wanted Dead or Alive oh I forgot I got a tesman hold on cuz I have the flame one boost fire damage negation oh that one was actually kind of good I had it on raises maximum equipment load oh that one actually might be kind of good from 50 uh enhances guard counters final hit chain in the attack charge attack stamina attacks um jump attacks bow effective range your emergency probably this one would be better for now at least because now I could I think fast roll no storm Hill so I can’t I got to go sad I got to go sad face red smiling live Emergen emeron yeah why does it say it like that though I you know what oh well also people died here to a giant okay the Giants are actually kind of hard11 someone called winter here is talking weird two giants it’s 123 a. for me and I have we’re running okay we’re running past the giants three Giants out of one with the bow okay um where this is the tower though this is the tower it’s definitely the tower oh my gosh that would have instant I instant dead that there’s there’s no surviving that there’s no surviving that all right by a cleos okay yeah are Roger dad’s friends the ax wielding Giants in a group this this travel travel I don’t even care I’m not I’m running away okay uh yeah Roger dad’s front X Felding Giants and we have one bow person how do you button how are you supposed to fight these guys normally though like actually how you supposed to fight them normally water break again okay next water break I’m almost done with my water wolf wolf wait why did it say it like that it sounds like he was dying the why why did it say it like that it said it’s so weird what a liar ahead okay why is there a liar Divine Tower this is it sorcery ahead so there’s no s ahead maybe because of the dot maybe because of the dot yeah try it without a dot let’s see how it sounds like or unless they still say it weird Okay so where’s my magic at oh oh it’s an elevator oh okay why is there like a black lines and there’s some of the white ones is it correct well it says it’s so weird why this AI is broken also we’re we’re going to have an AI maybe Wednesday if I can stream or another bot uh speaking okay um and we’re going to see if it works good cuz I can’t I don’t have a bot speaking for my uh when I stream on my laptop so Perry spam when Perry spam win Perry spam what does that even mean Parry spam um I don’t know I don’t know we where we at we are at the tower the limb gra Lim limb grave Tower okay also hello uh Gabe did I say your name right hold on yeah Gabe or gab our glass purple sand orange almost there oh that that ghosting scared me I real people could become ghosts okay oh um all right now we have godric’s great Rune also these fingers are dead is it because I killed him that this thing died I think I think so I think that’s exactly what that means okay so what do we do with this now do I get special powers can I use the dragon Powers now I know I have to fight a dragon I’m going to go fight him after this actually now equip it um how do I oh right here great runes great runes okay with the great runes menu you can equip great runes that have their power restored you can use a great Rune a rune Arc to give greater benefits to your great rooms equipped uh raises all attributes that’s so op what do you mean that what raises all attributes how much how much hold on hold on hold on uh oh it said I had to use a grown Arc okay oh look at my health and stamina and my magic that’s so good what hold on can I make more of those Rune arcs can I make them can I make them I can’t make them uh I got to buy them don’t I um I got to find the merchants I got to buy more Rune arcs then um that’s the main goal okay there is a merchant here by the dragon which I want to fight right here Church of La cuz the dragon is right here so we’re going to see if we could uh buy more and then we’re going to see if we can fight the dragon okay my phone’s almost dead it’s 20% why is it like phones like the last 20 like the last 30% last hour like they last like hours but like can you now get the other holy weapon oh which one oh do you mean this one I can’t use it yet I need um I need 30 Faith oh wait it brought my faith up oh it brings all my attributes up look at my faith and my intelligence I could use different Magics hold on is it infinite or is it until I die it might be until I die hold on uh memorize spell hold on let’s take off flame of the frenzy I can’t use this one cuz I need more intelligence but I can use now aspects of The Crucible horns you guys said this one was good right let’s see it’s infinite oh wow okay it’s basically a passive oh okay as long as I use those great runes right okay so let me buy more um I can’t buy more can I let’s see what do you give me bones bones glowstone holy water um pain customers pain customers okay how do I blue holding pencil I have no ID demon I demon okay um let’s buy these might as well goodbye oh hold on let’s see what is it about blind wonderful he’s borish blunt and couldn’t find his nose with both hands but he’s a good egg I think the two of you are sure to find the best kill the a dragon now yeah I could try if the mood my people which is why but thanks to that I think okay let’s go try and how do I get more Let me let me make it daytime okay I don’t want to die to you know anyone past time until morning okay cat orange whistling face yeah we’ll try this new magic out actually instead of um actually let’s take off catch flame put on the frenzy flame I kind of like frenzy flame wait wait what why did this one unequip weird okay there you go now we have flame uh flame sling frenzy flame and aspects of the Cru ible horns new magics okay now our main goal now is to fight the what about this guy hold on we never fought this guy either oh well we can fight him next oh well you know what this is the test okay can we beat you okay you are the test so when you are level 110 rep s into 5 F3 beg sure then I I do then I can do that does so much damage might be a friend of Roger you should in it’s to BR okay I died I could beat him I could beat this guy I could beat him my wolves oh oh hold on my my chat broke again why does it randomly break you should play canito pets Li I’m not playing Cano pet I’m the one that told I’m the one that told you about Cano pet oh oh I can’t use it now oh so I need to have runes I need to have those great runes meaning I’m weak now I don’t have good magic I can help you with the bullet dude I can help you with the build dude how do I get more okay I’m not playing caning I’m not playing Kito pet doxes you actually okay it do it actually does dox you unless you play on streamer mode um how do I get more great runes because I or whatever the Run Rune Shard how do I get more of them let me take off this uh uh let’s go to this Merchant maybe one of the merchants is selling him let’s see I have to go this one you have to go to Mid game oh so I can’t even oh fight the dragon first oh yeah I got to change my magic then hold on he was breaking down the castle I guess I got to get rid of this one I can’t use it because of my thing I guess we’ll go fight the dragon let’s go fight the dragon I need to find out where to get more great runes actually I could keep on walking hold on can I simple view there you go uh fire pots okay I can’t make them maybe I can make them on maybe I can make them later summon me summon me I’m doing a solo I can’t unless it’s Roger who said that actually I can’t re chat but I’m I’m looking at this the dragon is over here somewhere um yeah Dino Dino I’m doing just solo I I don’t want to I want to I don’t want to do I don’t want to summon people in I’m just doing a solo elen Rings uh stream I lost my room oh well wait what LO why why why are you just naming Pokémons why okay what is this y stand on business oh that’s how I summoning those NPCs oh my gosh that scared Meo hman he came out of nowhere that’s not fair okay dragon fight let’s go fight the dragon which is going to be called what were you called again the dragon set here is the dragon a flying dragon you’re not even flying you lied to me where are you flying at huh oh you are flying demon face purple crying he’s using fire okay I guess he is a fire dragon that makes sense I don’t know if I can get close to him okay okay I can’t hit him with the [Music] Wolves the wolves are dead the wolves are dead his hit box is in his legs I I’m just hitting his legs oh okay oh run away run away run away run away run away okay he’s like picking up his foot okay he’s doing more Dragon okay am I dead am I dead am I dead I’m alive he’s frying magic in his legs I can’t use magic when I’m like purple sweating an hold on how do I oh yeah for real man okay I think we could win we could win against dragon guy no I can’t cancel my spell I think I’m dead run okay I couldn’t cancel it I I can’t cancel mid mid spell we could beat this guy he’s easy easiest dragon ever it’s not a dragon guy it’s a whole Dragon I’m dead I got Madness I got so lucky I got so lucky there oh my okay I got so lucky and he’s up here now he’s up here now come down here you’re not even in your your your your boss Arena anymore frames came in clutch okay he’s leaving again he he’s not even fighting me he’s I don’t okay I got to get up there now oh he’s wait what he’s gone oh he’s back he’s did did he get all his health back oh he didn’t okay he didn’t okay that’s good this little be thing dragon he’s almost dead there you go we beat it this Dragon was not that hard there you go great enemy fail a dragon heart okay a new draconic power is at the at the whatever it called there you go that Dragon wasn’t that hard okay he was kind of easy I he wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be okay now that the dragon is beat it said there was new power I could actually get get dragon magic okay get Roger’s Dragon yep Roger Roger is the font if Roger is not the final boss then like all right now we are going back to the dragon Magic Place yeah yeah if Roger is not the final boss then like you know why missed opportunities from this game if they did not uh make rer the final boss okay so I could use Dragon Fire okay which ones do you guys want me to get I can’t use Dragon yet okay Dragon mall is a bite Dragon Claw is I use my I guess I just make the hand actually let’s get dragon fire that seems way cooler like I think so I need Arcane I need one more Arcane for Dragon M dragon fire that’s what I’m thinking yeah I’m thinking dragon fire too I’m going to get dragon fire that’s like catch flame but more op okay catch flame but but more up okay yeah I don’t need catch flame then huh yeah cuz this is wow garbage garbage Fire magic not good look at this no and then now we have cold Dragon magic uh let’s see let’s see hold on catch flame there it is dragon fire okay let’s see these guys they’re dead you actually become a dragon look it okay that’s what they I use all my magic though but that’s so strong actually Wow Let’s see could I use it in the air while flying like an actual Dragon I can’t look at all this never mind it’s even better than flame it is way better like it’s it’s that’s okay I should have been I should have fought that Dragon way earlier those other boss fights would have been so easy okay but it uses so much magic it uses so much magic I have like no magic okay okay anyways uh let’s actually Golem thingy oh yeah the one over there increase use secret tier I don’t have a secret TI the weapon there four and four add charges use three golden seeds Okay um okay let’s break this thingy because these things give me golden runes the glowing ones at least okay and then now we’re going back to the church and we’re going to fight that golden horse person okay and we’re going to see if we win yeah F that fight that goldem thingy yeah okay more water break if you guys want more water um more water break okay there you go water break ended okay I think I could beat this guy with my new dragon fire ability okay I can actually summon in a dragon well summon in my wolves too okay this guy he’s pretty much just dead like there’s no way he’s surviving this if it does more than 2 five I will be surprised he does no damage he he’s he’s immune to Magic it’s not good against this guy he’s immune to Magic okay or I just missed let’s try it again let’s try it again let’s do a let’s test it out again hold on I probably just used it wrong Oh I thought I stunned him get him wolves we could beat you this guy easy my wolves I got one wolf left and he’s stunning my wolves come here over here I knew when you think about the fact that this guy is resistant against magic it is off yeah Dodge okay he got me he almost died though yeah he is he is resistant to Magic but it is actually op actually um I lost my 5,000 monies okay yeah it does more than 25% I will be surprised we need more wolves we do need more wolves I have I need money to level them up so I need more money that’s the thing in this game you need a lot of money to level up your person um okay okay wait load faster also if I get a PS5 I would be able to stream different games because they’re not really updating PS5 anymore or PS4 money off camera yeah okay so that’s what I’ll probably do actually I was searching up there’s an area over here which has um a good area to grind I think it’s actually up here somewhere okay um you know what let’s go there right now but we won’t grind but I want to at least get the guy that gave 5 money on Rogers Castle oh he no he gave me a th000 he gave me a th000 that one guy you’re right yeah hold on let’s test it out on him he gave me 1,200 or something like that that one giant guy came me so much money and if I could just like almost one shot him now let’s see actually how good it is against the Giants we won’t know actually yet until we try so let’s see let’s see you can just Farm him this guy yeah look this guy oh wait this guy I looked the wrong way he was he did a lot of damage he he gave me $1,000 maybe not that much damage okay how did you miss how how how did you miss there’s no way you didn’t how how how did he miss there’s no way he was that bad he missed a lot of things see seem to be resistant to Magic though or at least fire okay look that 1,210 I would still use frying magic for now yeah I think I think cuz friendly does more damage than him let’s test it out again we we’ll do a double a double check um cuz he gives me 1,000 monies I need s yeah I think so yeah to save Mana is it Mana or Mana this bot says Mana or mana and it’s way stronger look at how much more damage it does to him like I do get Madness but they do the same damage but dragon fire wastes more Mama pretty much they do do the exact same yeah I think the I think this one is a bit stronger than the Fire magic though wait I don’t have my weapon equipped I’m using my hand okay wait where’s my weapon at I only have a hand wait where did my weapon go I was going to go punch him there it is why wait why did my weapon disappear here okay I didn’t know he could do that there you go look at that 1,210 like if I farm this guy he gives me a lot okay let’s go explore though okay let’s go explore that’s what we’ll do then we won’t Farm him right now we’ll Farm him off camera uh what do we need more of we need more faith oh it increases my fire attack that’s what it just said oh so when I increase my faith it increases my fire so the more faith more you can do this off camera yeah no I know that I know that I know that that’s why I’m going to go explore um over here good luck on that I’m going to explore over here oh no no wrong way um let’s go here by summon water Village and we’ll explore over there to the right into the Red Zone we’ll do it off camera though but right now we’ll explore for a little bit okay yeah we could do that off camera though I’ll do it off camera because I got to kill the guy over and over and over and over and over again so I’ll do that later and I got to figure out how to get Rune arcs um so yeah let’s see let’s go this way explore this is where I killed D this is where I killed Roger’s best friend let’s see was it this way no this way he was over there Roger’s best friend but he died magically I don’t know mysteriously natural causes by I think the top games are R rlen Rings Roblox and geometry dash wait hold on yeah yeah d uh what is it I think it his name was just d a Roger’s best friend died of Terraria yeah he died of mysterious natural causes of a spear inside of him and Magic mysterious causes that’s how he died I don’t know how let’s see what did you say I think top games right now are Elden Rings Roblox and J that’s pretty much yeah that’s that’s true like right now the ones that do good on my channel guy named eclip eclipse eclipse exactly Eclipse K him yeah Eclipse I forgot about Eclipse actually I did forget about that okay yeah cuz what do Terraria J oh whoa whoa my horse he’s gone oh people died here okay oh assassin okay oh anast tarnish theater try to eat me when you’re dead exactly you can’t you you’re so resistant okay we enter hell or something I think we’re in a ow a who okay oh my gosh how do you swing that weapon so like so fast what are you and you dodg my attack okay here attack your weon look at that how is that fair okay oh oh this thing does so much damage you hurt a lot actually you’re weak to Holy magic though ow okay this person is so strong oh okay that that would have killed me why do you do jump attacks oh you’re dead what you could cancel moves how come I can’t cancel moves but you can there you go you die now a Cleo I got to go sad okay skipping some comments a sacred scorpion top games are NRL and Rings Roblox and geometry dash though I like Terraria too wa why was stabbed by a guy named the clubs why did it say it again wait what did we enter hell or something okay you definitely need armor Another War okay so I got two cookbook why did it say it twice why did the bot speak two times and wait who’s leaving let’s see I’ll say I’ll say bye uh who said that they were leaving my thing is broken whoa what uh the bot woke up who said bye I don’t even see them on chat that’s weird was it you glitchy Noob was it you that said you’re leaving let’s see I don’t even see who said it I what who Qui to big smile oh it wasn’t N I think it was Netta that said by let’s see anyways buy if you left I don’t know somebody left let’s see I don’t know what happened no I said Roger’s friend was killed by a clubs no but what the bot said yeah I don’t know play a play Kito I’m not playing Keno pet okay I’m not going to play it okay um we got a new charm which is I guess kind of good and we got the new crafting recipes okay we got a new probably holy it was a mission AR one so we got nothing good that’s not worth it at all and we got a new charm which might be better than the Arsenal charm we got this one R oh holy attack but lowers damage okay then play it big smile oh this is no it’s not good no I’ll do more holy Magic by 20 I do 20 more damage with my holy magic but I take more damage why would no why would I do that no that’s no that’s so bad I already take so much damage why would I want to take more damage let’s see was there anything else in here I don’t see nothing though huh we are in the new Terraria we’re playing Terraria now this is Terraria it looks like wow the the the underworld is that what it’s called in Teraria I don’t know it is it is now also what does this sword say Lord Godfrey at last oh wait uh At Last At the end of his Champion his campaign okay okay um his Golden Army is unvanquished and unbeknown yet finds Grace lost T and didn’t I just beat Godfrey but when you think about it if she dropped a holy magic charm then this place is about holy magic yeah give me this yeah look at that lightning grease lightning magic is also holy magic okay kid oh yeah this is where the boss he said kid is here the guy did say there is a boss at Kade why is the sky red what is the lore uh I something about the rot rot I don’t remember what though we are in Hell also the music did change gen we played genin oh yeah cuz we played genin this is what happens this is what happens when you play genin okay what is there is a castle there that’s the only Landmark I I see like that’s the only thing I could see that is important pretty much like nothing else here oh there is a there’s a Grace okay zero like the only important thing right there is whatever that castle is over there that Tower Marcel’s going to get triggered now zero you guys want me to play genin who wanted me to play genin uh winter wanted me to play genin again next week I might maybe next next week who knows Al what was that glowing thing here no no no no good luck do not do that oh it’s this thingy does it not come over here hold on I missed okay it does come over here though you know what we could just beat it the easy way thing again yeah it’s that thingy that was in R lucaria it’s the invisible thing that gives me magic hold on I’m going to wait for it I got to wait for for this okay cuz it gives me magic it gives me magic no it comes here so I just wait for it you’re not surviving there you go Ash of War flame of red Ms okay there you go that was the easiest way to get it I was not going to use my weapon oh welle right here yeah I got a new Ash of War okay look at this I could put fire Magic on if Fire magic is technically holding magic let’s see that’s not really that good no give me back my holy magic Peak uh Peak it is Peak gameplay actually um it is my holy magic or sa great spear okay so we could explore there but let’s just explore the map okay cuz I have to take over that castle okay we’re going to run past this guy um a wall okay okay which you can just jump over there is a castle here okay I do see that do you like chicken pot pies I’ve never had a chicken pot pie I don’t think so anyways let’s see there is and down there too and there’s over there let’s go over there profits all about holy magic So Fire magic being bad is normal yeah yeah that that me yeah but um what is that stom buring things down Fire magic is technically considered under holy magic well that the music or whatever the sound just glitched out okay we’re going to go explore over here there was a building over here I want to see what it is fire is Holy XD okay and we got oh oh whoa life steal Ash of War oh wait there’s a thing here Ash of War life steal fist okay um all right oh there’s something down there life as steal yeah I want I want to see what that does if I can heal myself with with that can I I can’t put it on here though It could only be certain weapons I think let’s see it’s it a fist so it’s probably a fist weapon yeah like let’s see oh I could put it on my whole I can’t put it on my holy weapon like this one n if Mana still exists it would be so op yeah actually if that was a Mana steel that would be kind of cool let’s go see what this is oh hold on more lore uh the Battle of aonia Ron and Millennia locked in stalemates and then the Scarlet Rock ballooms so all this is Scarlet rot that’s my guess oh welcome dear CER yes right this way right this way why are you saying that you make it look like a trap why do you sound like you’re going to kill me welcome value customer geez I’m hungry I’ve been hungry so long there’s food right there oh but then you can’t carry your stuff let’s see what do you have preserving b s okay um alleviate scarve and rot and build up okay okay poison darts poison Stone poison Clump aonia buttery uh there’s I don’t need none of this no I guess you’re going to starve sell better stuff and then you won’t starve huh look at all this like this looks actually kind of cool hold on let’s look at the map wow oh there’s another map thing here let’s go collect it okay right now we’re just exploring the map okay we’re going to explore for a little bit oh wait another one why was there one right next to it there was one up there there’s look at this there’s no point in this look there’s no point look how close they are that’s so why oh well I’m not going to complain about that I guess though there was no point of it though oh what is this okay there’s even like the the butterfly thingies yeah because that thing is Holy magic that thing what they’re doing with the flower oh oh hold on oh I’m getting Scarlet rot I was dying these things okay I didn’t know that there was uh Scarlet rot uh thingies there t-shirt and I can do that then I can do that then I can do that then skipping some comments it skips comments why hot pies to be fair profits all about holy magic So Fire magic being bad is normal fire is Holy XD life as steel NGL if Mana steel exists it would be so odd the bot already said this this B is kind of not smart again it already said this another guy it said that already it said it twice buying or selling buying uh cracked pot okay uh gravity Advantage W don’t know what that is I need this stor sword key and what does this give me uh rot bone rot arrow and rot bone okay um okay I don’t really need none of that so I’m not going to get it there is a building up here though I want to see what this is this is this is the reason I came over here I wanted to see what this building is okay I think the bot’s memory is bad it is why does it say it twice like I don’t even know why hopefully there’s no one to fight up here like it’ll kick me off my horse again hopefully it doesn’t oh it’s another oh what was that I’m not going to fight that it’s another Dragon Church ancient dragon Apostles you are very under for this area oh I know I am I know I just want to explore bit okay I got a new this is the dragon magic is it a new should I I mean I could have saved my heart oh no it’s the same one dragon fire a Gil’s flame this one takes two hearts F this one seems better look at it okay so there’s better Fire magic okay okay that might be good then and it costs a bit more magic though so that’s the bad thing glint Stone breath which is Magic okay magic breath rotten breath okay so I guess just this guy this Dragon just never brushed his teeth okay uh um Dragon ice breath okay um Dragon claw and dragon Mall okay so now there is more new dragon magic but I have to kill more dragons all right that is going to take a while then I have to find another Dragon that’s the thing is there any is there any dragons nearby look at this ocean huh Dragon person Dragon respond does that oh yeah no but I don’t think he does he was a boss I don’t think bosses respawn I don’t think bosses respawn um there is like a big dog there is a castle that’s a perfect view to end the stream yeah probably yeah there is a dog over there there is another Castle over there some big giant Skool this area is big though oh I forgot I got the map this area is giant there’s even this whole your wolf other area make him your wolf all right yeah that that’s true I’m probably going to end stream here actually that’s actually smart idea okay um I got a stream off I got another stream off camera I got a farm off camera okay I got a farm D are going to see how strong you were protecting this place it makes sense for you to actually be resistant to F to a [Music] dragon okay I’m so bad with delayed attacks delayed attacks always hit me like they always hit me delayed attacks I got a farm off camera though I got a farm off camera I’m done with all my water also I finished it all right now anyways let’s get my money back let’s go kill that guy cuz he killed me and then we’re going to probably end the stream all right um give me money also his armor can I get can I get this guy’s armor his armor looked it’s kind of cool wait where is he he’s not even here no more he’s just gone oh okay I found him he is scared okay yeah know he he’s no he’s dead all right he gave me nothing his armor looks kind of cool though like at least I like the hood the Hood’s pretty much the exact same as the one I have he fening magic oh yeah I forgot about that okay but anyways um we’re probably going to end the stream here we are at this dragon that is no longer alive is this was was this a real dragon or is it just a statue of a dragon it looks like a real dragon actually it looks like a real dragon so they were worshiping this dragon and then the the dragon died cuz it was Dragon communion or those people killed them probably that’s probably what happened um cuz it doesn’t look like a statue like where would the statue be like a be it makes no sense don’t forget to grind money on the castle one yeah I got to grind money I’ll probably I’ll probably search up like where’s the best area to grind and stuff at least the areas I have unlocked but I’ll probably just grind that one giant cuz he gives me $1,000 so if I kill him 10 times $10,000 I could level up one time um anyways you guys can see this cool view of water look at this of water okay you know what we’ll sit down you know hold on actually we’re going to we’re going to end the stream here cool view of water or actually is that a better view of that epic view epic EP epic view of water we’re going to we’re going to lean on nothing hold on let’s actually lean the correct way let’s see I think I have to look this way there you go we’re leaning against the water you see how unsafe this is this is like oh wait there’s something oh this is so unsafe no don’t don’t try this at home okay don’t try this at home if you ever find this area IRL don’t try this at home okay I guess you could try it at your house don’t try it next to a cliff there go you could do this pose at home just don’t try next to a cliff unless your Cliff is at a home and unless your home is next to a cliff then don’t do it at home okay anyways it’s raining um we’re going to be ending this stream here uh we beat Stone rail Castle the castle which was over there that one I think actually one of those castles we beat we’re going to do kid we have to farm there’s somebody over here we’re going to have to farm um I just saw a person okay I got I got so distracted we did a lot today we did do a lot yeah you’re getting freny flamed okay and there you go he’s he’s he’s still alive he killed me um okay you know what we’re killing this guy before I end the stream this guy he’s dead before the stream ends he’s dead okay why does why they do so much damage that come back I he I know my weapon so slow like I I was doing a heavy attack and it was it it was took forever all right he’s dying before the stream ends okay the stream’s ending as soon as this guy dies okay oh there’s this guy again and because I don’t have my money anymore so I don’t want to have to get my $33,000 again we’re using my dragon fire magic okay he’s he’s not surviving there you go he’s not alive no more there was no way he was surviving this if he survived then he he deserved to he deserved to win if he survived that okay there you go he didn’t survive there’s a penguin here why is there a penguin I have no idea why is there a penguin okay what why is there a penguin what why there is just a penguin here look at this it’s a penguin it’s a penguin look okay anyways we have a new pet okay bird it’s his friend yeah he is a friend okay uh anyways um this bird here is my new pet okay look at that he sit there look at that we’re sitting next to each other he’s my new friend birds see look at him anyways everyone thank you so much for watching my stream Elder Rings leave a like um click CLI on the Subscribe button if you’re not subscribed we have a brand new friend now he penguin oh this is a actually Rogers pet we found Rogers penguin um anyways we’re going to be maybe streaming on Wednesday I’ll let you guys know um in the Discord if you’re not already joined in the Discord and um epic view w penguin epic view penguin yeah anyways click on the like button click on the Subscribe button I’m going to end the stream here I got to farm off camera this game any see you later a Cleo and I got to do a lot of things off camera for this game at least um I’ll post it a community tab on um and also fishy too I guess yeah I got to post on community tab saying that I there’s no schedule because not everyone has Discord the penguin he’s just like staying here but anyways everyone thank you so much for watching click on the like button click on the Subscribe button I might stream geometry Das or Roblox on Wednesday maybe I’m not sure I’ll let you guys know on Discord um but anyways the penguin he’s leaving look at him okay anyways everyone click on the like button subscribe button and I’ll see you guys maybe on Wednesday or on Discord I’ll just you know I I’ll be speaking on Discord if you guys want to chat and stuff look at that wow oh okay wow penguin this penguin okay okay bye everyone I’m actually end the stream if I don’t end the stream now I’m going to be looking at this penguin for hours um or minutes at least okay bye every going I’m ining the stream now in uh three two one bye everyone have a good day and good night and good everything

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    EPIC new potion in Minecraft - game changer!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft’s OVERPOWERED new potion effect’, was uploaded by Butter Crumb on 2024-04-07 14:00:13. It has garnered 10772 views and 310 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:37 or 37 seconds. With Minecraft’s April fools update this year, we got one of the most interesting and detailed dimensions we ever could have imagined and along with new Mobs, Bosses, Structures, Biomes and Items we were also granted a new potion effect allowing players to mimic the Spider and climb walls – granted with the new grapple item and you’re basically Minecraft Spiderman music – the… Read More

  • Praklon MC – Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+

    Praklon MC - Ultimate Shader for MCPE 1.20.51+Video Information This video, titled ‘Best shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE SHADER cinematic review’, was uploaded by Praklon MC on 2024-03-05 21:55:39. It has garnered 111 views and 5 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:25 or 85 seconds. Best Shader for Minecraft pe 1.20.51+ MCPE cinematic review link in pin comment 📌 ignore:- minecraft, minecraft hunger games, minecraft survival island, minecraft mods, minecraft song, minecraft style, minecraft xbox 360, minecraft parody, minecraft herobrine, skydoesminecraft, minecraft songs, captainsparklez, minecraft yogscast, yogscast minecraft, yogscast, minecraft skydoesminecraft, sky does minecraft, gangnam style, tobuscus minecraft, minecraft trolling, pewdiepie, smosh, tobygames minecraft,… Read More

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    Welcome to Akoot & Co Discover your ultimate destination for a classic Minecraft experience at Akoot & Co. Our server offers a semi-vanilla community with quality-of-life enhancements, creating a medium-scale, chill environment for players. Features Discord Server (Discord + Minecraft integration) World Map (dynmap) Bedrock support (Geyser) Unlimited Homes No pesky land claims (Honor system + rollbacks) KeepInventory (Optional per player!) Timed Ranks/Custom Titles Text Formatting (+Gradients!) Brewery (nothing game-breaking, just a treat!) Big boy ram and big boy processor (minimal lag) Join us now at Akoot & Co to experience unlimited homes, a grief-free environment, and a seamless Discord… Read More

  • Block Buddy Network

    Block Buddy NetworkBlock Buddy Network is an Indian SMP where players can claim their land, create shops, and have fun playing.We support an economy plugin for transactions. Have all plugins which makes SMP server a great place to game. Read More

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    Block Bullies: Schoolyard foes in Minecraft In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Fangkuaixuan brings joy, with humor that entertains. Animations that are funny, with a touch of glee, Bringing happiness to all, for everyone to see. Avoiding any harm, keeping it child-friendly, Creating content that’s safe, for all to enjoy freely. With each video shared, a smile is guaranteed, For Fangkuaixuan’s channel, is where happiness breeds. So come along and join, in the Minecraft fun, With rhymes and laughter, until the day is done. Subscribe to the channel, for more joy and delight, In the world of Minecraft, where everything is bright. Read More

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