UNBELIEVABLE! I Played Rain World Ep.1 – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

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hello everybody my name is Chris sh gamer welcome to rain world this is a mod pack created by my lovely friends known as um Camila SK mg uh link her Twitch down below um when I get the chance so yeah I’ll link it down her twitch then you guys can check out out the check out her stuff um let me just grab the link so I can post it on the Instagrams I have break my mind stuck in my head and I don’t know why and now we grab the link for YouTube and post it in Discord so that way my friends can watch get this oh Charlie you beautiful man all right share copy um [Music] one boom boom break break break my mind break it to the I thought my door opened it’s just the ghost no worries uh and I think that’s it there’s no one else I can there’s nowhere else I can really post it um yep so let’s begin uh I’m not going to do anything related to um Minecraft comes alive I’m going to be honest here I’m not a big fan of it but excuse me but if we do get a wife let’s customize our children oh wait um random clothes selected clothes uh wizard I’m Asian so he has to be yellow like me okay head Select Hair where’s the Asian bull cut they don’t have it fun we’ll go with that then I wish I could hear the voice but let me get around there we’ll leave that alone genetic hair or HSV hair sure why not we’ll make them edgy cool why are the clothes not what I wanted there you go and as for traits um heterochromia and that’s it so yeah done where do I want to be well I already did um a snowy village where I was last time I could do an ancient city desert Plains desert or Plains Village desert village Savannah Village TGA Village I’m going to be honest here I’m feeling the PLS for once I’m feeling the Plaines biome but I don’t know I really like Spruce Wood I can always explore planes conquer sowy mountains muggy swamps avoiding hus and endless deserts cool where’s the village oh this is not a PLS Village oh boy whoa oh boy [Music] help I am ascending I believe I am ASC oh shish kebab okay oh I’m here nice okay everything’s loading really weirdly wait uh how am I my settings should be the same actually same as my controls Chef’s Delight oh uhoh okay okay we’re lagging a little bit I’m going to be honest here but that’s cuz everything has to load at the exact same time I hope I did not spawn in an area that is right next to a dragon that would be very unfortunate these guys are still spawning [Music] um oh wow okay okay okay okay are we good are we good okay we’re good uh give me that and give me that give me that and that a stove oh nice all right and some bacon oh I can’t really put bacon on there can I can I put bacon in here okay oh God lag why am I lagging so much it’s an egg I think it’s mostly just cuz new chunks are loading well let’s explore a little bit okay can I oh boy yeah I’m stealing your bread uh let me make sure this doesn’t overcook CU I think that is an actual thing that can happen or not um let’s see if we can find anything I know we have iron spell books which is fantastic hey Daman my character looks like he listens to Lincoln Park ancient city oh I’m sorry I didn’t have the chat pulled up if I had the chat pulled up oh my God the one time I don’t have chat pulled up and someone actually talks o give me give me oh boy okay here we go no why are there arrow is just here okay how am I going to get out all right you know what the local man steals from the whole village yeah oh hi what is that Sylvia I know a Sylvia okay you know what dirt dirt save me the dirt has saved me okay well as I was saying I know we have iron spell book so we should have right there to double Tower baby dirt all righty we have two towers and an iron knife that does 3.5 attack damn that that’s actually pretty good why is that actually pretty good I expected it to be less all right I know all the secrets give me nice nice nice nice nice nice ooh bed give me bed now I don’t have to make one chest give me okay nice so we have these now um okay they do stack thank God tools of the trade oh yoinking that damn I really am just stealing from the local Village oh oh is is that what I think it okay no it’s not that scared me I thought that was a Dragon Nest I was about to say I’m screwed it’s too early for a Dragon Nest okay it’s too early I don’t need that PTSD but um as you notice we also have silent gear so honestly fighting that Dragon eventually shouldn’t be too hard I just need good armor we also have mechanism so we have technology and certain automative purposes eventually yeah yeah I can’t wait to kill myself over a reactor [Music] again that reactor dud that reactor it’s caused me so much pain for context reactors in mechanism are not the best when it comes to certain aspects so they just give me PT s d for those of you that do mechanism that are watching you you you know what I’m talking about so the shadow wizard is going to legalize nuclear bombs yep basically sounds about right because technically if you technically we can turn a reactor into a nuclear bomb like nothing stopping us swe swag Messiah yeah okay now my question is where am I going to go what am I doing right now like I’m trying to figure that that’s the question that I have in mind like where do I start cuz I could start with botania I could start with uh with mechanism or I could do like I did in the other world which was I started with iron spell books and then I worked my way up from there oh give me give me yeah cool oh give me that too uh blood Alchemy ice dragon eggs I can’t even do that okay I saw more that’s fine beastiary very important piece of very important book it is a very very very important book that I learned of its importance because Damian yelled at me about it and then I started reading it and it actually kind of helped a little bit um cuz I thought I knew all about um ice and fire I was wrong what oh it changes fire dragons Okay well I know about ice dragons now I’m going to need to focus on food soon I don’t have something that can mine that okay I think I’m going to start with mechanism and then work my way from there um but how can I start with mechanism when I don’t even have anything huh never mind no mechanism I’m being summoned apparently so I will be I will be back all right I’m back my father was what are you doing here hi are you useful no you’re not um break break break my mind okay what to do what to do I think I’ll head North we’ll head north and see what to do then if I find a cows that would be amazing actually is there like a leather worker nearby cuz that’s really all I kind of need right now just some leather cuz if I can get who the [ __ ] who wants it ow what ow what’s a CH I have a knife real rgp imps and D demons I don’t remember that I don’t remember that ever being a thing but damn do they do damage hey Camila welcome to the Stream that’s the creator of the mod pack en joining the mod pack yeah I decided to do a single player okay I decided to do a single player play through is it bad I want to add more no no don’t add more please don’t add more okay at least until we can get the server running okay so for context the reason why I decided to to do something on this mod pack is because we made a server for it a long time ago because we wanted our friends to play along with us the server can’t handle more basically I’m running the server on my computer but Camila does everything [ __ ] because it’s her mod pack obviously and I’m being called again no e for okay I’m back sorry my mother called just to mess with me because she watches the videos sometimes so so she likes just randomly hearing her voice yell my name cuz she thinks it’s funny I don’t but oh well um okay so let me see but why okay first fine you might want to get those grapes wine is unironically broken wait I added how many mods added alcohol yes Shadow you see Illuminati AG greens with me we should add more mod pack my mom is lovely yes my mom is lovely um no please let’s not add more to the mod pack I’m begging you because if we do add more then uh we have have a server that doesn’t work anymore okay unless you want to pay for the extra sticks of ram I’ll gladly put the sticks that are in bolom you into my main computer if you’re willing to buy more RAM but I for the for the first hand am not wasting another dime on that because I’m broke I’m broke basically and I don’t I can’t use any more money can I kill B sin for leather is it going to hit me now oh my God they do damage and I’m bleeding yeah I’m dead it’s just bleeding one I’m fine if anything you’ll do it what do you mean you’ll do it oh coding oh yeah please just code everything away I’m back you I’m I’m not willing to learn JavaScript to understand all that not again after I graduated high school I never wanted to look at a p I never wanted to code again for the sheer fact that it’s wonky I know Java’s easy I just don’t want to touch it again shaders shaders are you trying to kill me are you trying to have Bartholomew come bust right next to my legs and then I um I I no longer have legs and then I’m crippled like you for context he he went through something recently what uh okay what happened my recording stopped is the stream good yeah the stream’s fine oh oh that’s that’s what happened oh okay um wow um yeah I got to fix that before my computer crashes nfts what huh ah um okay um wow okay one one second yeah I I figured there’s there was a problem um excuse me yeah I figured recording was disabled metal um oh my God okay yeah I have to delete all of these wow um okay so I may be in a predicament um I can’t wait for everything to come bust um am I good now am I good now please okay I’m good now so what happened um was my main computer I’m just like hey why did my recording on my main computer on um on things stop then I remembered oh yeah I was going to check to see if my disc was okay I look there are zero gigabytes available on my OS Drive I am surprised that my computer did not crash while live streaming I am shocked like brutally shocked because here’s the thing not only am I recording on my computer I’m recording on metal and there was only 50 gigabytes left of um on my OS Drive which is fine because it’s like it’s just a my iOS drive I have a I have a one TB hard drive for other things but a funny little thing happened which is that metal uploads itself directly into my OS drive and then it kills itself on top of the fact that I actually need to sleep real quick on top of the fact that I’m also recording through streamlabs so I did a I did a big die solo world yes come here okay yeah long story short I’m an idiot and I’m kind of considering doing a factory reset on my computer again if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to maintain one of my elen ring saves start off with silent gear I will once I find a good place to stay and I’m not going to lie this mushroom thing looks like a very nice place to stay I just have to murder everything in it first so let me see is there anything in here to murder no make a copy of mod pack and add some other additions yes please see if anything can help I don’t mind more mods I just don’t want poor baralu to suffer anymore he suffers a lot and I feel bad ah make coffee no thank thank you I’m not trying to transfer my caffeine addiction into my game again this why I have mods to enhance performance yeah we do need to have some performance enhancing mods um y that piece of coal I agree those are needed um the only thing I have to fight is this knife H yeah what could go wrong disgust what how dare I how dare I what coffee oh hey look I don’t want my look I understand that we all have a huh I I’m sorry I’m sorry oh yeah I know I I I don’t I like all I like create but here’s the thing if you have a mod pack that’s purely dedicated to create sometimes it can get a little bit boring because create is difficult to advance in the beginning so like when you’re starting off with create it’s not the best thing to advance with if you had other things plus create then it’s obviously you know good um but I’ve noticed that um just create by itself is not the best oh [Music] hey oh wow these guys oh wow okay uh hi yeah a I didn’t think they can open the door I think they it open the door oh [ __ ] me boy I thought that was going to be easy [ __ ] me oh oh oh this is this is great this is absolutely great okay oh shut up birds in case I’m stuck reading logs and codes for 9 hours again yeah how about SL what’s SL to Nerf us well don’t Nerf us I love solo leveling it’s such a good um manga or it’s actually it started off as a web tune type thing uh it’s a web comic that’s what it’s called but um but I haven’t uh I haven’t gotten the chance to watch the the anime that came out mostly because I have a feeling I’m not going to like the anime um but I heard God of high school was really really good as an anime and it was really really good as a web tune well no I heard it was really good as a web tune but I heard mixed things about it being an anime because of um I don’t know I guess people who much prefer reading it than what not I’m try to prevent you guys from overpowering the game look Sophie I’m sorry here’s the thing no matter what we do unless you’re going to do a completely vanilla mod pack we’re going to find a way to [ __ ] something up and make ourselves overpowered just had to delete silent gear but sure okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait come on don’t delete silent gear because here’s the thing if you delete silent gear then that’s just like then that’s just you know you’re [ __ ] a lot of people over with that one cuz without silent gear a lot of us actually can’t do much if you want to see good game balance you should look at Providence it’s pretty balance that’s another good one Al you still have simply swords I mean yeah but but even then silent gear is okay unless you go to the well I guess because you can make almost 30 damage weapons with silent gear and only vanilla type stuff but still even then you can argue that like the atomic disassembler is overpowered um and you can get that really easy in mechanism like it’s really not that hard to get the Atomic disassembler did I get leather at all no I didn’t oh hey leather now I just need oh [ __ ] [Music] run I don’t know you can make a lot of arguments for a lot of different things some the enemies just won’t die Tech mods are fine honestly I mean yeah but even then a lot of effort dude I’m sorry but on my first day I made like three Atomic disassemblers without any issue and that was mostly by myself the only thing I had helped from Nick was the um was which machines to use that was it but the atomic disassembler was like really easy to make for a single enemy not a boss or mini boss do found enemy takes lot damage oh what is that what mod pack is that cuz I I might have just not been paying fully attention to what’s going on I was going to say then if you’re going to remove silent gear see if we can add tinker’s construct again but that’s the thing all all of us have so many silent oh like we already have okay that’s fine I don’t care if we have mobs that are overpowered but it’s like don’t remove certain mods cuz one certain mods mods are just you want tiners yeah tiners is not as powerful as silent gear unless you’re like me and you know what you’re doing to like a perfect extent but that’s because I’ve been using Tinker construct since like 2011 2012 power scaling what do you mean wait me or Damian just a thought oh not a fact I guess yeah what is this skull smate no wonder this do [ __ ] all damn all right oh you meant Damian you’re power scaling it making sure that we’re not too overpowered damn uh how am I going to get out of this one oh [ __ ] um do I have a block Bo I’m over here I’m over here where did they go oh s go okay please don’t see if I can there we go I’m going to cheese every single one of these guys oh crap oh crap oh crap uh right let me read chat I want you all to struggle even link game yes how about what about new players stter pack so they can adjust so it’s not nearly enough yeah I know honestly um I think the mod pack the way it is now is somewhat fine because you don’t have it so like new players can be overly powerful but we have it so like late game isn’t you know ridiculous and even with a mech suit you take ridiculous damage they Clos the door on me all right wait let me there we go that’s fine give me that hey come back well like I don’t know like you can notice like I just started out and I’m somewhat struggling already so you can see like the balancing as just single player so imagine multiplayer when things scale like I’m not going to go to the nether for a while like if I the only time I’m actually going to go to the nether is if I’m just soft locked like I genuinely can’t continue without the nether because then everything gets buffed and that’s not fun well it’s fun but you know what I mean I’m just going to die a bunch okay I need [Music] spiders unless there are cobwebs anywhere no cobwebs any cobwebs uh okay um not going to be a 40 HP with monster at the bat but power of course not ridiculous damage but Bon strle for not like oh my God this too muchy much again doting yeah but then it’s like for example we’re having an issue right now where like we can’t even summon the wither anymore because if we do we can’t guarantee that we’ll kill it and then it’s just going to be really annoying yeah but it’s like there’s going to be a certain point where it’s like the Wither’s just genuinely like it’s just so much health that you can’t kill it you have Alternatives I mean what is there another way of getting nether stars that I’m not aware about the dragon gets harder too yeah exactly and then you have people who want to respawn it and then that gets even harder and harder my point is like don’t get me wrong the mod is useful the mod is good but there are some downsides to having it is worse than the weather yeah I I kind of figured it would be worse but yet again that’s the point of that one I guess yeah like at that point if you just want people to stop being op the best course of action to do is just restart the mod pack with like different set of mods and whatnot and make sure that you know things don’t get too overly powerful yeah silent gear is the only way to combat that yeah uh I have a knife but I don’t have a cutting board what do I need to make a cutting board neptunium I’m sorry what is neptunium how does one get it okay um otherwise over ridiculous yeah and in many ways the world does hate us shish kebab ah like right now all right screw it I can’t rest there monsters okay cool obsidian fish damn it I need a crafting table hey I’m over here ow all right um just set up a base get rid of the spawners otherwise I’ll have more enemies on me yeah but with what pickaxe I have no wood no pickaxe NADA um and I’m trying to farm a bit of leather [Music] run oh my God that’s open run boy run oh no no no no no no my bed oh okay is there a crafting table in here don’t know is it up here yes it is uh the Skin Walkers had an encounter okay wait set up a base oh yeah look for some you can break them with your hands the wood in the house I also hate the Skin Walkers had an encounter with them yesterday no offense but you are not tactically gift that he is he’s bu like a barbarian God damn it I I’m trying my best the [ __ ] there you go there also didn’t want to ruin you know the nice scenery of the of the base how nice it looks didn’t want to ruin that but apparently you guys don’t give a [ __ ] so I’ll get rid of the bone meal open up the blueprint oh yeah with one inventory space that’s why I’m trying to get string but there’s nowhere to get string unless I want to uncraft Wood but how the hell do I uncraft no clue because I don’t have Twilight for Forest yet no um oh screw it I’m out of here um where’s North there’s North just make a shield they they fight with axes there’s no point in me making a shield it’s just going to get like destroyed almost immediately so the M should be some string oh yeah the main structure I don’t have an invis pot so I can’t really go in there what is that batlik thing I keep seeing that everywhere and I have no clue what it is run what do you mean run oh that’s what it is what are you skeleton oh you’re a skeleton girl part of the mod that add Skin Walkers so what you’re telling me is we have a Walking Dead mod yay you just keep filling things with [Music] surprises I’m going to kill myself I’m going to kill myself because this mod pack is going to be the the death of [Music] me Nightmare creatures from Native American folklore that’s great I see cows but I don’t see spider so that’s a little unno oh wait I heard spider where is spider spider oh but you’re a cave spider ah you’re annoying you’re you’re annoying you’re you’re you’re a piece of crap okay ow owie ow who the [ __ ] you what are you interact you don’t have anything I could kill you if I want to roam around yeah let me see if I can make one put if I can make just a basic uh book oh I need chains and guess where I saw chains time to go [ __ ] back okay actually you know what before I do anything what does it take for me to make a Apprentice hogland skin which I don’t have because I’m not going to the nether yet screw iron spell books for now cuz I only have haste and heal so there’s not much I can do with that well actually the heal spell might be good um but the oh but haste is an epic level scroll and I don’t have any of that hide rine SK Walkers whisps ghosts lights fire up TI make a chest make a chest my guy I’m trying to find a place to stay first I’m just trying to walk around for now I’m trying to find string and I found two pieces of string I need two more that’s a black bear I’m not messing with that maybe if I can find cats in a village his mind watching my strategy yeah well he can go you know slap his face I found a snow biome and I don’t want that yeah I do have a bed on me once I find a back once I can make a backpack then I’ll find a place to settle down it says he wants to join your solo world and get stuff kill you over and over again well too bad this is a solo world this brain is hurting it’s hilarious good for him I I hope his brain hurts I know there’s an add-on to ji that’ll tell you if certain mobs drop certain items and stuff oh cool a Tavern in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t S that’s a DN D plot if I ever heard one suddenly your party finds themselves in a Tavern in the middle of nowhere oh it’s not a Tavern aab Bron Samson huh I’m hungry I don’t care Ana um I could just murder you nah [Music] well there’s nothing stopping me from murdering them taking their base and then just using it as a temporary base of operations but I’m not a [Music] monster I’m going to cry I’m going to cry because if no I’m fine I’m fine I don’t have to cry yet let’s see how many close calls have I had with the Dragon H no close calls sick oh if I can get back to the base I can go into a different Village area K people is mean yeah that’s why I’m not doing it you know one of the most inefficient strategist I’ve met so far look when it comes to balder’s gate I can be the smartest [ __ ] in there but when it comes to Minecraft I’m stupid because it’s a little block game that I love for some reason that we all love so just let me be stupid in my stupid little world What’s the phrase um uh n Nativity is bliss or something that’s not it he’s only got a strategy when it’s number going up yeah there you go ignorance is blissed there you go when I see a number going up that makes my brain go ww do use teli down tnder and W W Fox News is ridiculous dude well is G three I have to keep you guys alive LOL yeah but my strategies work and you can’t deny that some sacrifices needed to be made that’s fine have there been moments where hson has died yes but that’s because I’m an idiot and I forgot am I in the same place no this is a different place adolfson Adolf I’m sorry you got to die now you have to die oh I’m sorry Classen you were not supposed to be a part of this but now you are so perish okay no no no I only killed hson twice okay twice don’t get it mixed oo crossbow I don’t have any arrows but no I’ve only no in all seriousness in that in our playthrough I’ve only killed him I only killed him two times because I forgot he existed well the first time I killed him on purpose the second time that one was an accident because the first time I thought we could use a scroll of revivify on him and then the second time that was an accident and then that was it yeah cuz we only did that fight three times let me go as Vic yeah go for it he’ll probably tell me that I killed him once twice possibly three but I it wasn’t me who killed him the third time because we didn’t do that fight that much we only did it a few times but there was only one or two times where hson actually like hson himself had died only once or twice now if you’re talking about restarting the game and doing save scum that’s different we had to do that like eight times because we either got really [ __ ] initiative roles or something three he got them back because I told VI to save yeah there you go fine three I’ll admit three and then fourth time was a charm damn I really want to play Providence now what’s Providence again I know you mentioned it but you didn’t tell me what it was safe’s coming is for the week no sa’s coming is for those that don’t want to have to deal with too many consequences eight safe comes in three War hson died yeah there you go and only two of those were my fault the other one was that I I think we were all just not paying attention to hson that much go play heroic mod mode game Providence is a pretty good Minecraft mod pack really well crafted pun intended nice it’s a village finally jeez why is there just a random gravey cobwebs K me okay oh it’s an abandoned church firecracker the only computer kid oh um straddle jump I don’t want to know um um hey bet W Welcome bwe 123 to the to the stream this isn’t rain world this is Slug cat the [ __ ] what are you on my friend what are you on yay now I just need to make a chest my inventory is [ __ ] full don’t need that why is it 3D know was the name of the mod pack oh [Music] backpack acquired cool now I just need iron and I can upgrade it where to Rob where to Rob where can I Rob tonight time to [Music] steal is there an actual game yeah but hi welcome to the stream be comfy as you would like to bucket I need a bucket buckets buckets buckets buckets buckets I I haven’t looted this yet why are you crying stop crying D okay actually with the name like that I know why you’re crying um that’s a flint knife I could kill us that’s rope love it so much um Iron give me I don’t know why I did that I wanted I wanted to kill his pet pig for some reason okay so if I go wa not anything you named it R worlds I thought so oh cool I’m stuck in a pipe yard so watch this I’m severely mistaken a pipeyard that sounds kind of that sounds interesting pipeyard oh you know what link you know what link be the mod pack I’m trying only essential in joining this guy uh well one this is a single player world and two the mod pack is not fully public yet there’s still being things worked on it I’m just showcasing it because I wanted to but it’s not public yet uh we’re trying to work towards that oh there’s a game called Ring World Shadow oh okay oh maybe I’ll play that game one day sounds fun finally a blacksmith God damn it really no iron come on come on game I need iron what do you have you are a McDonald’s worker I don’t care for you um no offense to actual McDonald’s workers I worked at McDonald’s oh okay give me give me give me give me cool I just need two more pieces of gold and iron and then I’m good have a good one dude enjoy your game time how long have I been doing this oh an hour hasn’t felt like an hour honestly ooh okay this here I don’t care stop crying um nope blaze rods yes come here give me that okay that’s a heal scroll paper Arcane Ence Divine Smite I like how Iron I’ve always liked iron spell boxs uh D and D theme for ender pearl nice something is chasing me um guys what does that mean I’ll set my spawn point let me sleep what does that mean guys you feel like something is chasing you not the blood moon I I just slept through it all right I’m good that what do you mean that what is it Close Quarters well I mean I got rid of it so you might as well just spill the beans healing Circle I figure it out on my own hey that’s not nice that’s that’s not very nice of you you should you should tell me you should you should please tell me I didn’t what do you mean I didn’t get rid of it what do you mean I didn’t get rid of it it’s funny no it’s not this isn’t funny it’s scared what is it also why did it come after me is this just an event that can randomly happen or or or did I do something that just made it really unlucky n just look behind me every once in a while oh is it the nightmare [ __ ] where like I can’t like he he only has the eyes and you can’t hit him cuz if it is that sucks I hate those things the hell nightmare St ER so it is it one of those things I despise those guys you you actually can’t do anything against them like it’s just accept your fade at that point or fly away but I can’t really fly in this stage hello I’m just bad you just have skill issue what do you mean mean every time I try to hit it it doesn’t it doesn’t take damage it literally just doesn’t take damage nah I’m not going to try that plus I’m not planning on using any holy spells just mess with you I do the one time my chat is active it’s to just [ __ ] with me oh come on game give me some iron dude okay wait put that away haste heal put that away let put these away keep these settle down and get a base not until I find some iron upgrade my backpack that’s why I’m looking for the iron but I basically looted this entire ooh chains I need these right this is what I need for the iron spell book yeah Unbound iron tone kinky God damn it well nowhere to go forward I guess oh there’s here’s a nice little Tower cool ping of Life wisp ender pearl silver ring D I’ve been passing these towers I’ll make note every time I look at one to to climb it Sparky Sparky a he’s so cute and I’m sorry for what I’m about to do what there we go you kind of made me mad now I’m mad I’m really really mad I killed you killed Sparky I had to I had to guys please understand I had to kill Sparky get cancelled damn oh okay now I feel better for killing Sparky it’s a companion oh I didn’t know he could have been my friend I don’t know why that reminds you of a dragon of like a a clip from an anime um I apologize my haha funny was indeed not haha funny forgot I had this all right home and murdering damn it dark oh my God do no damage I’m doing literally [ __ ] all damage Pistons those are actually really helpful if only I had a way of using oh God not you not you not you get away get away got it we have a bed on how long until I die uh you can combine the same torches stop monsters from spawning I know I don’t have anything to make torches give me a sec okay I don’t have wood please under oh I do look sometimes the brain cell does not want to work okay and when that happens we have to understand that the brain cell does not want to work and we have to live with the fact that the brain cell does not want to work I am in a wooden sheep yeah but it’s all planks or not planks um it’s all half slabs so can I cast bless on myself now [ __ ] ooo I found gold but not iron that kind of makes me mad because there’s nothing I can do then to to I can’t use the gold for what I want to use it for hey Survivor slug cat Welcome to the stream nothing just me being an idiot you haven’t missed out on too much ow oh oh there goes that um that is not good at all I’m blind ey are all Ending game I know okay where’s the spawner there’s the spawner I got the spawner okay what what no no I call B yes what that potion came out of nowhere oh God how far is my death oh it’s actually not that far bro does not learn look brain empty brain is empty brain don’t want to work if brain don’t want to work then brain don’t want to work and if brain don’t want to work then it’s not going to work you’re going to respawn say that stuff no we have um we have tombstones hence why I have a grave key let me see if I can find an ender pearl in this Village oh never mind I don’t want to find any ender pearl oh no oh no that is so unfortunate oh that is so unfortunate where’s the grave where’s the thing for the village the the warps the huh the warp thingy that I’m trying to remember what it’s called I need to find it so that way I can come back here later and fight that um yeah yeah we got rid of The Horde oh I know that would have that that would have been so frustrating if the hord mod was on I would be frustrating and lagging I would be frustrated no I would be frustrated Sam use English for the love of God it’s your first language um yes it’s perfectly normal for me to talk to myself you don’t talk to yourself no you’re crazy I’m crazy no you’re crazy no you’re crazy no I’m crazy crazy I was crazy once then they locked me in a room a white room a room full of rats the rats may even crazy healing Circle uncommon cool now I just need an ender pearl oh crap my ghostly I got to be careful now cuz my ghostly shape just went away well that’s not fun because there’s a dragon that way and I can’t kill the dragon cuz I don’t have any weap weapons ender pearl thank God okay here we go thank you for that what okay oh I think some of my stuff fell down there oh there’s a ghost that you were talking about oh none of it did okay hey who’s trying to shoot me okay so now we’re fine right no we’re not what oh when they die they drop okay that makes more sense I was so confused as to why I was taking damage that Soul Lantern yeah I think so Divine Smite ouch okay let’s organize a bit um h so I thought I trapped myself in the room for a sec [Music] yay I’m Healed excuse me I’m out you find a skeleton only game and you don’t have a shield yep um skeletons basically have Aimbot okay I thought I could walk on the water lies turns out I could not oh no not an ice biome not an ice biome please I don’t need more chaos I swear if I get the achievement that’s it I’m done if I get the one achievement I think I’m about to get I’m done I’m just going to teleport somewhere or not actually teleport but you know what I mean uh I no no no no we have a mod called aquam maray and the mod adds a maze that spawns these stupid ass people yeah that’s found I like them they’re nice but turns out I’m I’m free from the the aquamar mod has not found me yet um so I don’t have to fight this [ __ ] um hey give me give that back give that back give that back to me oh we love lag there we go I have bread um I don’t need that I don’t need that this is just to make gravestone so I don’t need it I don’t need it uh I don’t need it I don’t need it okay oh basically we have a mod that you can just Boop put stuff in the ice like that and you have to break the ice to get it back I have an idea that way I don’t have a chance of picking that up sounds awful well it’s cool because you get to find stuff in the ice as well like you can find iron or diamonds or whatever it can be either really useful or really useless I don’t have a sword um you see I don’t have a sword because I’m too lazy to make one that’s a sea serpent down there no thank you it’s a merman farmer cool a load Stone going to do a new testing at the mod pack all right by the way don’t we have to to wait I don’t know two months before we can do an actual mod pack test or a new mod content update wasn’t that like the rule okay that’s fine see early testing I can understand but if we’re going to release a whole new content update [ __ ] me think I want to be reading logs and debugging [ __ ] for 9 hours no I don’t think I don’t think we should um okay oh boy yay I love it when chunks don’t load let me look at my map did I dodge any bullets yes I did no I didn’t I didn’t have to see this [ __ ] right right here I’m so happy I didn’t go there or there okay good I didn’t I didn’t almost encounter any dragons the new works interesting I’m creting the most complex things I can work first but then I can’t figure out how to make something move for one step for like 3 hours I’ve been there it is annoying also nice really nice actually oh damn I just got access to really powerful equipment early game okay that that was lucky that was really really lucky because that almost never happens I’m here for your iron that’s a piece of paper but dragon oh my God load don’t you love lag yep right there dragon bone sword ah son of a [ __ ] me dude never mind I thought I had access to it I don’t son of a [ __ ] guess who needs to go to the nether damn two pieces of iron two pieces of iron that’s all I’m asking for here I’m not begging for diamonds or anything and emeralds oh and a writing journal no I’m not I’m not going to the nether no no shot if I go to the nether that automatically makes the game harder like that’s a mod that we have added all right everyone say bye to the mod pack creator Oh I thought you were going to go my bad f alarm I thought you were leaving the stream so I thought so that’s why I know but I thought you were going to go so my bad just tap out to this stuff still listening oh okay never mind see I’m what they call a stupid to the point where I I’m genuinely lost and I don’t know where I just came from uh this is where come on two pieces of iron bro two pieces of iron that’s all I’m asking for here let’s go oh my God At Last At Last now I need a crafting table oh my God [Music] now I can be happy that goes there that goes there that goes there that goes [Music] there right um your commitment is just just settle down um tell him no thank you I’m fine where I am way how things [Music] are can I use that for anything how do I get in am I just dumb I am just dumb um what is that we about to reach the 2hour mark oh [ __ ] that now I’ve messed with these dungeons before no thank you oh [ __ ] huh how much health does it have I can take that on right you guys think I can take that on No like dami is like no [Music] leave oh my God okay I mean yeah no I’m not that stupid I’m no one who freaking panicked I can’t even fight a dragon a tier five actually no I can fight a tier like that tier Dragon really easily on the other one but a tier five dragon is a we no no um I think I’m going to end it here for now thank you guys so much for watching if you like little like I hope you guys enjoyed I’m going to end it off here for now maybe I’ll do some off camera work most likely just some running around if anything um don’t worry you’re not just going to randomly see me with an atomic disassembler and an entire mechanism setup um I’m probably only going to play this world when I uh when I live stream it but I don’t know exactly how that’s going to go so yeah oh thanks so yeah once again thanks you all thank you all for watching leave a like if you enjoyed at around maybe 7 or 8ish I’m going to be doing a Pixelmon live stream with Victoria so yeah stay tuned for that and then after I and then during that we’ll also just mess around with Pixelmon uh she cut a groud on actually but I did not save the footage and I’m so mad that I didn’t save the footage because that just does not look great but oh well what am I going to do about it I can’t really restart the world so yeah once again thanks for watching I’ll see you guys next time peace

This video, titled ‘Rain World Ep.1’, was uploaded by CursedShadowGamer on 2024-03-11 10:04:32. It has garnered 42 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 01:49:55 or 6595 seconds.

Playing my friends modpack and streaming it cuz why not

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  • CloudySMP

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