Unbelievable Nether Adventure – Ep. 4

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for all right welcome back everybody we are back with some more monumental experience I need to make myself a Lobby screen or a starting screen where I’m talking and yet you could still see the game and I I haven’t done it yet I’m just too [ __ ] fat and lazy um I keep saying I want to do that but I don’t but anyway how how’s everybody doing um we are going to try and get a little bit of create done today uh it kind of depends on what we have to make first like it it that’s how you know it depends on all that stuff so um but yeah you guys saw all this yesterday you saw that um that’s a bad a bad mob unfortunately it’s a bad mob uh you guys saw the town yesterday we we this is where we left off and of course that that um what you call it Temple that that I believe those are one of those creeper temples yeah so there’s a a house back there and a tower and then of course the guy hanging that hangs overnight um and then this thing over here we which we might go check out real quick I just want to see what it is um and then there’s this but I also noticed a couple other things I didn’t see last time which was that right there I have no clue what that is but that’s something and then if we just pan over here right there there’s a portal so and there’s a sign and I’m guessing that sign just takes you to that Village that’s back over here I’m guessing but I could be wrong so yeah um so we’re going to explore a little bit first and then we’re going to go and start making stuff obviously remember we’re going to be on the Run frequently because we have the ring on and they don’t like pass neutral mobs do not like me oh oh hello hello hello oh not you why is this not hitting you what [Music] the yeah yeah thank you we got some gold stuff that’s the gold standard of life okay there’s that now we got to go look at that too okay come on ready ready uh when I do mine colonies that’s going to be in here oh he forgot he took out mine colon he had to take out mine colonies because it’s um it messes up so mine colon is not in here we won’t be doing that uh basically what what happens with it when I say messes up it oh these are real rabbits these are not not the fake I wish I had something to catch them with what is this wait a minute is that a oh this is a Pillager place I’ve got something chasing me so yeah I got to run this is a Pillager castle like an actual castle castle I I don’t know if I’m going to be able to um hold on wait is that another Village over there oh okay so maybe maybe it didn’t just point to that Village that is another we oh my goodness oh come on don’t kill me don’t kill me I’m a good boy I’ve just got on here no I haven’t even killed anything yet today okay now now the cows are going to get [Music] it now the cows are going to get it I’m sorry but you’re you’re going to get it your friend won’t leave me alone you’re you’re you’re paying the price there we go okay we we are in big trouble because I have no food at the moment and we need to we need to heal up a little bit so that we can run [Music] um okay there we go there that’s it because we’re going to have to run through this town I don’t know where the um thing is there’s chickens there okay I know there’s going to be a I don’t have a shield either so a here it is okay I tried to climb and I can’t climb I forgot hi there okay I think I’m good um village slash villager Castle go go go go go go go go okay I want to go back this way hold on wasn’t done yet I want to go see the other thing what the other thing was let’s see if we can run back to the tower is there a tower here by the way usually there’s a tower nearby um no there’s not okay I mean there’s that Tower but that’s that’s part of the village this is really pretty oh and then there’s a sky c a sky village right there too and another portal my goodness there’s a lot of crap around here and there’s another H one of those houses they okay look little Gat keep going near by eyeballs um this is why I don’t explore cuz I love exploring it’s one of my favorite things to do see I saw this right here I didn’t know what this was oh it’s something for forbidden arinis all right I’m going to head back to the tower I’m going to jump up there and then jump off again and fly I have to see if I have food while there too so I hope everybody’s doing well today I’ve got the bot was working when I started it like I actually tested it it was working so we’ll see today when everything’s supposed to go off how it works and all that good stuff Oh I thought I was going to live where did I get what wait a minute where’ I get the shield from this Shield has life mining on it by the way but where did I get it from I didn’t have a shield to begin with yeah it’s it’s taking my life right now to heal me which is fine I’m okay with it but where the heck did I get it from that’s why I’m getting hurt right now so I’ll have to put it away in a minute because it’ll take too much of my life look Mom no hands okay should we go I think we should go let’s go not even think about it let’s just go if you press your your side buttons you kind of fly sideways and should could do like loop-de-loops and stuff there’s a camp or something right there oh that’s going to hurt when it actually catches up I don’t know what this place is and I’m scared I think we should break into it Oho hello hello is there anybody here there’s somebody here oh look at that a cake oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh hi hey nobody said you’d go that way okay so it’s one of those um can’t see anything there we go okay so that’s not one that um we’re ready for yet okay um I don’t see any place else where am I now follow except for to the left was that West yeah that way cuz they usually have meat and I need meat for one of my quests I think hopefully I went the right way I’m going land on top of a tree what is what oh it’s a meteor I was like what is that adalon reprised what there’s trees now there wasn’t trees before I don’t think oh no is that Carlton Swift did you see the way it was running I think that’s Carlton Swift okay so where oh it caught in and CAU that got that house a little bit here okay yeah I still need to go kep the Swift I told you I thought it was Carlton Swift I am not going down there there’s no way hi there you can’t get up here right yeah I’m going to try to go the the top of here now see if I was to build here now I’d build up up above the trees I started a build like that at one point okay where am I at I need to go back down that way a little bit down south I kind of have to go at whatever angle the trees go too right over there all right he wants I know he does was he was he was looking at me and he was like hey come here sexy boy I’m like are you looking in the mirror cuz that ain’t me oh you scared [Music] me I just want up in here yeah yeah it scared me quite a bit let me get in your attic here I’m going in your back door cuz I know that sounds bad but that’s not how I meant it so it’s okay long as I didn’t mean it that way that’s all that matters oh I sto have stuff from last time oh I didn’t even know that I yeah see we oh well we need raw meat that’s the bad thing this is all I mean it’s good that we get this but he has he has gas issues okay so they’re all there we got well hi Nicholas how are you by the way I appreciate you asking when I’m going to stream and stuff I I do appreciate that just so you know it’s nice to know that that somebody wants me to stream so thank you sometimes that’s all the motivation I need to get my button gear and do what I got to do okay I need to get to that house over there now oh this one’s this side now all right yep I got the Centennial [Music] trophy all right let’s do this there we go I need to make some more torches before this thing breaks any better bows or anything I’m doing pretty good thank you um little sore well really sore but I’m here and that’s what matters okay so we got a sore ooh what mending and looting two um we need to upgrade how can we can we upgrade this to Diamond just really easily or do we have to go through something else oh lenium so how do we get to Diamond now we have to go through that too okay hold [Music] on no uhhuh so how do we get a diamond one now Elvin trade are you kidding me you’re making me go through oh you little I mean it’s this is getting closer to an expert pack like this is yeah I like it a you bastard modern knows I say everything in fun I I don’t mean like any mean thing at all so it used to be you could just take a golden sword and then upgrade it with with one diamond in the smithing table but I see that someone has changed that need to do batania ingame yep yep yeah this is becoming now that I I’m looking at it’s becoming more more of an expert pack which is fine by me I’m I’m good with it what was that what was that we’re going to go back inside we should have Phantom spawning oh that’s that guy hi there you yeah okay so life mending that doesn’t have it no see cuz I keep losing life let’s see that has life steel which means I should be getting life but everything else there should be nothing else with life meing life mending on it and this I just got I didn’t have a shield before remember I lost my shield it broke and I was mad oh there we go I don’t know if I can make that jump we’re going to try it’s so pretty out here when it rain once you change the the settings on the um on the shaders oh it’s so pretty out here the puddles everywhere that’s what these are that’s it’s called puddles and it just makes everything kind of wet and shiny looking oh that wasn’t that wasn’t a leaf [Music] um oh hi there that’s a harpy a can you not jump up here oh these things are dangerous at least they used to be I don’t know bye okay you’re good now wait is this the way I was going that I came from I think that’s the way I came from I think so y man look how I would have loved to have a dark or Force this big before when I used to build loved it now now I yeah okay so let’s see if we take this apart did I get any oh oh yeah yeah yeah there we go top Lanes okay oops it would help if I could spell uh maybe an accessory what what’s an accessory sorry I missed it completely oh maybe ex oh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay yeah now I know what you’re talking about see it wouldn’t be that it shouldn’t be that cuz the ring doesn’t do that ring makes it hard enough trust me this I don’t know I don’t know what this does and every time I hold shift it doesn’t do it won’t show me so I don’t know what that does but let’s go put everything away shall we oh I don’t have them on me okay well the the trees are going to go here cuz I need to grow those uh everything else can go wherever the next one is okay see how easy it is to put stuff away cuz of this little mod right here whatever does this quick stacking stuff oh it’s so easy wait a minute I want I want that don’t I um I’m put that right there for now along with that and that I put some stuff away I think I wanted but that’s okay I can get it back out if I need it Hey listen did it work uh yeah it did work look at that time to take a drink all right time to hydrate so I think I know the trick but I’m not positive on it okay um put that there actually you know what I going do put that there too um the trick is you have to start mix it up first before you start anything else before you start OBS or whatever so yeah I think that’s the trick I think H mushroom stew huh there we go can we do anything with this cake uses we could make a cake server heart container but we can make tons of those once we’re ready for it all right how we doing oo loot bag what’s in the loot bag we got a blue gill roasted under beans like underwear just not as good for you um I don’t know what this Ruby is for let me see here uses it has no uses no I don’t know it’s probably something that I don’t know all right so we’re going to eat these under beans all right um what else do we need oh let’s take that thing back out I was going to make another one of these wasn’t I that’s what I was in the process of doing what I wanted to do was take this out real quick put one of these in and get a couple going um okay so what I need for the iron one is grass and dirt and I have both the dirt would be here grass yeah wait is that grass oh that’s grass my bad okay and then I need five right but oh no three plus string oh I need a string well that’s easy peasy um nope wrong one wait what oh did I what H who it what’s it one two three wait how did I push the wrong button or something why why did all the stuff go we put away I don’t know I I don’t know what I’m doing right now apparently oh wait I already made it okay I’m smoking something that’s fine yeah that’s right I know I was trying to make that’s right I was trying to make this don’t mind me all right who wants to see me get my ass kicked by a um Iron Golem raise your hand all right nobody raise your hand okay cool well I’m not going going then just kidding I’m going hold on me me me yeah I figured you would of anybody I figured you would um hold on I got to get torches ready together so I can refill this thing there we go Stick of Truth with some coal chunks and Bam two torches look at it look at it fill up Tada it’s going to need more but that’s okay yep still need a little bit more you know what that be noise is you know what that b noise is I I was looking the other day I know what that b noise is it’s um it’s a reason I can’t go outside right now we might have to go upstairs to look at it hold on I know exactly what it is now I know what it is maybe upstairs upstairs all right let’s see here she was out this side nope she was out this side BR where are you maybe she left okay cool I need to harvest the crops again [Music] so uh do you remember deer that Tower we built long long time ago of the crops I realized it was it was made to do the Villager farming but it was like in an octagon shape type thing I think that’s what I’m going to do this time and I’m gonna stack them on top of each other and so I can put create things to go around and do everything so that they’re all in one ouch [ __ ] sorry about that that was probably loud I hit my hand on the thing my mic that’s the thing um yeah but that’s probably what I’m going to do okay ready ready we’re going to have to run when we get here wait which one do I let’s go this one oh okay well there we go go here and I’ll fly down I want to check that out but I’m not ready I’m not prepared for that you are not prepared all right let’s see I got to find the Golem Mr Golem hello where are you at I’m going land on top of McDonald’s Mr Gollum where all don’t you even come after me where’s the Golem at oh make me kill you I’ll do it that’s modern modern you made it impossible to get stuff julo you’re out of here another julo huh what Legion you’re safe you’re a nitwit I mean [Laughter] um don’t tell Legion I said that um okay let’s go we’re we’re going to go ooh Harvest Moon yes I will go harvest in a minute I got to look for oh that’s no that’s a no no um where’s the Golem Golem where’s a Golem when you need one they’re usually right here in the middle especially cuz I’ve only been here a little bit come on I might have to come back cuz I don’t see him anywhere what’s up cows oh horsey watch out horsey there’s arrows flying I’ll take all that why not Harvest it it’s Harvest Moon o hello that one was almost my butt I felt it hello villager I’m not going to be able to run here shortly you have all kinds of oh I’m going to come here to get my oh I missed I don’t think I can jump up there can I ory can you jump up there for me oh where where is it oh oh there he is Hi how are you death may imped yourest I think I may have missed him I don’t think I captured him yet it’s just a thought though I don’t know for sure hi there ah I got him I’m out nope you don’t see me quick go home aha Tada okay so now we need pipes you suck okay um pipe there we [Music] go y there we go everything will go in there I need to upgrade that so you know that’s fine uh oh that’s out of here what is that Rice grein yeah how am I going to get a dog cuz I don’t think they’ll tame when they don’t like you I want I want to know an answer right now be back need here okay enjoy family is always [Music] awesome okay maybe not always but you know what I mean roasted nut I need my nuts back thank you all right so oh that was a death wasn’t it how many deaths do I have 71 I don’t think that’s all hold on I got to set that on there give me a second here uh act set oh death it’s death set 71 there we go okay it should be said you know what I didn’t do I don’t think I got a I did a I didn’t do a um witch CAU for this a little GIF did I fatality no I didn’t I should create one that would be a good one to have one for as many times as I die in this pack anyway all right so what do we need to do uh what is our first step okay first of all wait a minute I need to find arrows so I know I have arrows cuz I keep getting put away there they are hi there yeah um then I need to what do you how do you fix is it string is that what you use to fix a bow I know it’s not wood right can’t be wood let’s try string we’re going to get iron for everything else I need to repair oh I don’t have any oh I have no levels never mind well scratch that then I need the Anvil pet wait what oh yeah I got to harvest my crops crap Ola hey you come here how naha you suck why you hitting yourself quit hitting yourself quit hating yourself you guys remember that from the ‘ 80s yeah I’m dating myself it’s fine what did slime just spawn or what don’t be raiding me you stupid I’m over here no I don’t want to play with you right now you why are you hitting yourself for not very smart is it yeah that’s what I thought go away okay um tomatoes and carrots all kinds of good stuffs your fatality it should be a Minecraft skin with classic X’s for eyes and maybe a tongue out that’d be kind of cool I like that I’d have to find a gift of that I can put any gift I want so that’d be kind of cool oops I didn’t put that up there hold on let me go no mob drops yeah like I said I’m going to have to find a way that I can run the command on my own on my touch portal right now there is not a way that I know of this is supposed to be hold on let me let me take this out all this is supposed to be in here these are all stuffs down there be another mom drops one and like these calendars right here I want the calendars to be out like hanging up and so you could see them why didn’t they make that a thing oh I didn’t put a sword in there oh no the sword’s gone no oh we have two swords we just got and they’re not really that great a sword so that’s why we’re not getting um any more loot bags okay I need to repair this stuff but I don’t I I have a little bit of have iron Essence and I could use it that’s what it’s I’m making it for I think it’s like this right yeah that’s not bad I mean that’s not a lot of iron but let’s see here what’s the worst one this was the worst one that’s four already I repaired all that I want to see if it’s string it repair everywhere else you might have to I might have to make another bow which will be fine I’m okay with that but it’s got to be stringer wood that’s all it’s made with nope and I’m pretty positive it’s not wood so I’ll just have to make another regular bow and uh great combine the two okay [Music] so um sorry what now oh cuz I clicked on the bottom oh well that scared the crap out of me you can clip stuff on YouTube uh below the video I believe sorry I just saw that comment um I’m trying to remember where it was somebody said they did it and I don’t remember how they did it but yeah there’s supposed to be a little setting like an icon or something where you can clip something I wonder if it’s not on lives I wonder if it’s just on afterwards you’ll have to mark it if it’s not like if it’s not a li if it’s not a live thing you can do then okay so now it’s doing those good deal you couldn’t see it okay yeah I don’t think I have it up let me see I don’t remember where it’s at um definely not that [Music] [Music] um yeah I don’t see it either so maybe maybe maybe check like go to another video that’s already Lo that’s already published or whatever and see if it’ll okay we have we have a couple poppies now so we’re good um okay so I want to put something else in there for now let’s see what else can I put in there what else do I need I need everything but what else do I need popcorn’s not eaten yet what I haven’t eaten popcorn yet how about onions let’s get lots of onions we have plenty of wheat for now well I’m going leave those in there so that way I can re redo them if I want okay now then I’m going to put this away oh I have more those have already been eat okay that’s already been eaten that’s already so this is just backup food basically this is all backup food and where did my ladders go I thought I had hold hold on I think I put him away I was going to say good sir why you’re out there doing your zombie thing but you’re not dying and it’s daylight what the I don’t honestly know where they are so there they are there we go just in case I need them for anything you never know oh there’s more here too that’s fine oh should I put my looter thing out maybe how about if I put it right there that’s so cool I thought when you right clicked on it it made this sound like you’re opening a chest I don’t I thought I don’t know I guess I’m wrong [Music] I so want these to like spawn the ghost but they don’t so it’s just playing with them for no reason um yeah we won’t be using those for quite for a lot of things I didn’t realize it used that much um what you call it all right so let’s see what do we have to make here uh where where where does create begin oh yeah we didn’t do our rewards like I said I was going to last time where does create begin let’s see here do we have a create thing Minecraft tools yeah we don’t we’re not going to have the diamond one for a while oops time to get take a drink again God I feel like I was just doing it welcome to create hold W down see yeah to save a schematic in your world oo I didn’t know they did that but that’s cool all right so we yeah we need a blaze burner that’s one of the things we’re going to need more andesite of course but then that means we’re going to have to go find a blaze and capture it which is going to be fun um what’s an item Vault like shipping crates these replicate item they replicate like shipping crates they replicate item vaults can hold enormous num number of items per block by default each item Vault block has a storage space of 20 Stacks items cannot be added or removed by player but by components such as shoots and funnels okay so we need goggles that’s easy enough we need 32 an aite alloy [Music] you okay so we’ve got it we got to get some more zinc and stuff um let me see here what do I have we found lots of zinc uh it’s not going to be that hard to do uh why is paper in here there’s nothing over here okay so what about here no wonder if the guy’s down in the mines let me see here hold on lava pit yep he’s down here somewhere I just wanted stuff out here thank you I don’t think I can trade with you can I didn’t I do that last time oh I didn’t look at that what did you really deny me go away I don’t want to talk to you anymore yep he was mean she was mean sorry what did I get venom 2 very nice all right so I’m going to have to do a hammer I guess um to do more plates of everything why don’t I take everything out of here um first of all okay okay caramel popcorn haven’t eaten yet I’ll go ahead and eat that now see I’m finding more stuff in here Maple cookie haven’t eaten that yet okay hav’t eaten AAR or nachos another statue stat there’s you can never have enough statues let’s see where do I want this one how about down here I haven’t gotten any of the things yet get life orbs um those boots boots are made for walking okay that’s Steel Rod okay these two can go down here there we go all right uh so that should be empty now those shouldn’t be do I have I do have a hammer left I’m going to have to do let’s go get the rest of the zinc we’re going to need two stacks of everything cuz this give us 32 oh we’re going to need more than that aren’t we yeah here we go I was trying to think I thought I had more we’re going to have to go down and mine some iron aren’t we I don’t think we have a lot of iron left where is it here you can take that and then what’s in here okay you’re you’re still good we’ll open those in a little bit here let’s try to stay someone on task somewhat whoops okay see that’s not bad that’s not bad uh what do we need for iron we just need andesite oh we oh that’s all we need okay it’s it’s the blocks to make the um make another Hammer that’s what we need okay now an aite is down here oh there’s another Hammer there too and was there more plates no iron plates okay how many of these can we make now I have the zinc plates don’t I oh crap I put them away that it I like make a 16 okay well we’re going to need um two more stacks of uh what is this called zinc okay to the mines I still didn’t ask mon if he got the Mind Dimension fixed in the latest patch he did I need more food I mean I have food if I need it but get the nachos can you give me a free heart no everything I have I’ve eaten pretty sure anyway oh I have not had sushi yet raw mutton I haven’t eaten yet raw rabbit I haven’t eaten yet a potato are you serious okay oh and that whatever that was calamari roll okay we’re going to go down in the lava area because wait I got to move that up cuz there’s a lot of ores down here oh you know what I didn’t hold on can I make a create drill I could I need to wait till I get the full 32 but let me put Mark that and then I need a hand crank or whatever it’s called there you go you know this is really expensive okay um which way do I want to go I want to go down okay there’s Redstone let’s gra go ahead and grab that I didn’t start my dripstone lava thing either yet last time did [Music] I aw one minute I have full health and the next second I’m dead like instantly okay whoops that’s water I’m going to need tons of redstone at some point so I was wondering if there was something up here cuz it all right there’s iron that’s good I don’t have like the easy mire iron so like if I had that I’d be like nah I don’t need iron oh there’s something up here hello I was going to say that’s the pickaxe uh that’s osmium I see you creepy I was looking around to see if I could see anything but wish I had like a grappling hook that I could just like throw over that way and but I don’t think this this pack has grappling hooks I think a lot of packs have left that out now they trying to light it up right now light it up light it up light it up oh God what is that oh God what is that I don’t really have a place to run so I’m going to have to turn and fight at some point oh killed them to demise is a temporary inconvenience for a demig such as you I’m a demig God a that’s kind of cool I like that okay now I should be okay for a second I’m going have a drink okay I’m good hi there you look happy hey you have iron in your hands I need that wo where there is no Barrow in the dusk there can be no glory in this accomplishment [Music] oh no not silver wait does silverfish still drop um loot bags remember this used to be the best way to get uh loot bags doesn’t look like it [Music] maybe if I had looting on me you’re already partially hurt you suck I never like silverfish hard to hit hey how did you get behind me all right what I get skeleton spawning nice there’s another one over here oh whoops oh [Music] hello why do I hear a water one behind oh hello Ser I heard a water one behind me one’s a cave spider we definitely don’t want them spawning okay that’s just a regular Spider going to go put these by the lava so that way if they do spawn they’re at least um okay so let me Mark this [Music] um oops that’s not what I want spider a spider spoter silverfish spawner okay off save that way if I want to come back to him I can durans oh God and I’m trying to get back but not a defeat a set back but not a defeat oh I missed it Hey listen time take a drink oh [ __ ] nope not yet oops oh hello where are you at okay you’re right there oh [ __ ] little baby [Music] one what somebody El shooting at me okay I think we’re good key word is thinkk that’s something I shouldn’t do very often it always gets me in trouble all right drink cuz I didn’t do it when it said so so I didn’t check over here did I that’s gold nice uh do I need to fill up my my backpack hold on oh I did get loot bags from something those yep all right there we go I’m going eat the raw rabbit only cuz I have to see uni ooh I got a diamond pickaxe it has nothing on it but I got one nothing wow those are shitty ones so gave me one good one and then I’ll crap okay so ooh hello did you literally just spawn in right there what is that a frenzy Knight what the hell I’ve never seen one of these before Undead unleash you little bastard hey stop blocking my freaking B is but a temporary inconvenience what do we got now 76 I I keep forgetting run the death command so let’s see exclamation death set 26 okay there we go fatality yeah I don’t know where he came from but I will take this and this all right we ready paper nothing food I mean food’s always good stone pickaxe really Stone there we go y okay we were looking for something an ore oh you kidding me who’s going to die first it looks like you congratulations you win the prize oh not you again they’re coming from all around oh that is a Pillager spawner that is a no no bueno oh goodness go run run run oh damn oh damn um you are Immortal I didn’t make it return and give the beautiful creature a demonstration of this fact okay well to see what that is silver okay no all right while I’m here actually going to run it this time death plus there we go cuz I can uh what is this fatality uranium I think yeah I say that was thing I didn’t just jump I’m going to have to go back home and make some more torches pretty soon cuz we are not doing doing so well I mean the redstone’s great but we’re not finding everything else we need iron and zinc it’s because everything comes in like big big um when you find one like normally you find some a lot like there’s osmium so it’s not that they doesn’t have it in here it’s just you got to find where they’re at okay no that’s oh oh you you you you wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I might have I don’t have it with me are you are you going to change you will you do iron and gold and copper okay you stay right there you stay right there don’t you go anywhere I mean it there’s gold there’s [Music] copper there’s iron um I don’t have any more gold though damn gold copper iron there we go yep that’s about it okay oh I be back okay anything else oh I would love to do some of these especially efficiency and Unbreaking yes please um nothing else coal no need Co that bad okay bye uh [Music] no oh damn it oh crap zombie is it oh now I’m on fire you little bastard well now I’m just going to come up here and fight you cuz I’m going to die anyway I burn eternally unless I find water quick little guy put me out your SpongeBob after all he’s not going to put me Oblivion rejects you re meity while you still can okay there was one there wait which way am I supposed to I don’t know where I’m going problem is I can’t get near that um spawner I want to take it home and that’s free emeralds that inferium be great but no okay I think what we need to do is go home got to find that spawner again go home open the door so I can run it outside or lead I need to make some more torches anyway do I know where that spawner was assuming it was down here somewhere [Music] over when it’s through here hi there hi there okay yeah it’s right there all right we’re going to try this and go home and put everything away that we have why is it got to be dark every time I do this it’s got to be dark the donkeys are following each other or mules wait what what am I missing oh hold up okay where my pickaxe axe there was this what am I missing I’m missing stuff I don’t know lost it okay let’s see here cake in there rabbit to I’ll eat I need food anyway so what we might have to do is go down the ladder and just get the the um oh wait the hold on copper or can go over here go rabbit stew and I need to repair my stuff again do I have I don’t have enough XP I don’t get to keep my XP see see oops what did I do oh okay well since I did that by accident uh well I’ll do death that’ll do this next one that’ll count for the next one where am I losing villagers by the way one two three I need put all their beds in one area let me see this bed real quick bed is a I don’t give a crap get out of the freaking bed oops there come on come over here you can go sleep over there I swear I’m missing some villagers didn’t I kidnap more than that I don’t know all right let’s see what’s in these two loot bags real quick we got cloth white a pink sleeping bag spawner agitator a tin can and a universal sensor highly flexible device which can monitor a wide selection of block entity and World conditions and a redstone signal as needed all right there we go oh and a fish which I have not eaten yet so we’re going to put this up I know my shovel my shovel is right there I did have that down here too but I I feel like I’m missing something else I don’t know um torches that’s what I was going to make I was like like what am I doing you guys need your own little house that’s all I’m saying I need to make you your own house you’re not traing around in here I think I can do this and just switch it to Sticks yeah that was that’s a lot of sticks there we go I’m going to go a and put the sticks in there because I’m going to need them later for other things have four extra yay okay so and I empty my backpack right yes it’s empty what about in here we got nine look at that how’s your swords doing you’re doing all right okay let’s find out what we got out of these loot bags uh a dulia petite flow and clay uh elevator and chicken tacos fried onions cooked mutton and environmental computer from our utilities are tools um Ender nectar and letter bunting oh it’s for the fairy lights oo I forgot fairy lights is in here uh perch aquatic stairs from blue skies and a claya petite rupes is not included all righty then um pressurized spawner a vacuum pump and a totem undying uh let’s see pressure uh Jasper stairs my light stairs and smog vent uh H hdp sheet a raw venison Shanks and a a drad doll oh I want to put it out a banana waffle a Brisk Bloom and yellow hibiscus can we put this out somewhere let me see here oh my goodness if that’s not Grim War of GAA right there that’s that’s the win just that right there that that pays for it all that is so cute all right let me put everything else away oh I got two of them I got a maid doll too hold on wait wait wait if I put it here I don’t know what was up with that flash but that was weird um yeah it’s becoming daytime okay anyway uh now I’m going to put everything away hopefully here we go okay this this this this this I don’t think I think that’s it oh and the Ender thing and I’ve already eaten that and I’ve already eaten that’s it okay when you make your pack I want that mod in just for those I know right yep yeah we’re going to have all the stuffies in um there’s other there’s another mod that just does stuffy dolls and stuff like that but these are so cute those are so cute like yeah Minute to Win It um so let me put this extra food in here just so it’s out of the way more stuff I haven’t eaten all right and that’s the torch launcher is full these are about to break I really don’t want them to break but I don’t want to waste iron on them either though like I don’t I have enough to repair one but not all of them let’s see what the worst one is I think it’s my helmet again oh I don’t even have enough to repair that well time to waste some iron all right put that in there do four that’ll be good enough fix it all there we go oh what about oh I forgot about the these listen I’m probably better do three see that didn’t even fix that that like wow that nope seriously I need to I guess I just need to make another bow or find well actually I have other bows forgot they’re all over here well some of them are I take that back some of them are over there okay this one has I don’t know what would happen if I combin two that have special stats on them never done that before nothing you gain whatever’s on this one so we don’t want to do that one just grab one of the other bows just in case we want to take the stats off or something like that that see that one’s just empty that one has nothing excuse you cost two there we go all right cool all right uh let’s go mining but we’re going to go oh I was going to go open the door hold on now those take time oh my goodness that’s what’s missing the arrows see I don’t understand why the the spawners are spawning they have torches on them and it’s daylight yeah yeah this is going to hurt but I’m going to drop you down here I’m going to die here in a second but I got one done going try to get the other one done too only because you have fallen so what happens now me and you back down oh went in the water oh hi hi there oh now you’re going to fight each other aren’t you see why are they ignoring the light that’s not cool want try this one oh that hurt why didn’t I I I didn’t take damage on that one oo hi there oh he’s going to hurt oh he’s going to hurt you have eternity to keeping yeah do what it takes he just wanted to welome me yeah well you know bye I tapped him on the head you suck you can’t get over here uh-huh you suck okay so now we can get that other one o I got a loot bag too all right so now they’re not so close to the house which is nice uh I got a life aggregator a purple Dum and a a cocoon of Caprice Caprice Caprice oh I didn’t do that side whoops not any of that will go oh my torch launchers are back up here got more arrows oo chicken nugget oh I already ate it damn it chicken nugget yes I say chicken nuggies problems I didn’t think so okay all right let’s go back down oh you know what it’s going to take me back to oh no I’m going have to do back like three times I died oh don’t die again only because you have fallen does not yet mean you back down I’m going back down I’m going back down I said don’t die again because we have to wait for the stupid timer to go off I know there’s a command to change it but uh or well I don’t know if there is actually oh now I’m down here again okay I don’t think he can go very far hold on forgot we did the rice hold on oh I got to chop it that’s not I want to do no no no no thank you okay there we go all right we ready we’re going to have to do this quick come on go go go go oh no no no no no no I got away I’m still hurting for some reason come on go go go you can do this jump off all right come on you’re almost there sper add it to the ction bye actually I might turn this into a mob farm that’d be kind of cool cuz it was already there you know and then it the little teleport thing at the top could be my how I get to it what was that it was a little doll one hi there you’re so little where’s your mommy at oops I I broke my own thing okay that was a little nerve-wracking not going to lie okay these need to go where’s The Cutting Board oh do I not have a cutting board out I thought I stole one didn’t I I do not have a cutting board out yet I need to do one so I can make more rice I think I already did this didn’t I yeah that good good old green dye okay now then like what I was doing uh I need to eat this halit first and then I have whoops wrong button uh then I have cooked mutton peed I don’t want to ride you I was just eating these are so cute sorry getting distracted um when do I not okay oh yeah we’re going to go mining but we’re going to go down here and look look at my pieces of armor already they’re already freaking half broken and I spent six uh iron ingots on each one fix ridiculous I tell you uh it’s over here yeah it’s over here okay it was a big opening where it was okay here [Music] um look looking for not silver looking for zinc this was the level it was at so I might as well just mine here and call it a day um I don’t mean to call it a day like end it but you know what I mean okay so let’s just start here we’re going to uh change this so you hold the the till a key down hold shift and then scroll with your mouse wheel I’m going to do a large tunnel so I can just break through and see what all here just remember to change it back when you want to do like when I’m going to mine all that I have to change it back to shapeless so oh that was the thing yeah join our Discord but it didn’t freaking put the chat message in there stupid how are they going to join the Discord if you don’t tell them what the at the thing is so let me see why it’s not hold on I I have to check something real quick because I checked this this morning and everything was working fine so why why is the Discord message not going not not commands I mean there’s it is a command but there’s also an event or a timer sorry not an event Discord um chat message I wonder if I have to put the chat message like priority let’s try again sorry you’re going to hear the sound again sorry okay no that did not work still didn’t put the chat message I wonder if it does each one oh I wonder if it does them independently of each other so like I have three under the same one but they don’t work together in other words well no because it does the overlay in that let me save this again I’m going to run it again sorry it did not do it I don’t know I I don’t know how to fix that it wasn’t until I put that’s no was until I put the sound in the overlay that it stop the command stopped working but I haven’t changed the command I wonder if there’s like an and or type thing a conditional I just have to look real quick because I can’t test while I’m offline unfortunately and operator and chat message try this see okay let me let me save this oh causing missing value okay what’s the value nope I so no that’s not it yeah I don’t know I don’t know why it’s not working but doing that see it does everything else except for the chat message chat message was on top I just moved it down in the middle I mean down to the B botom as far as priority wise to see if that would fix it okay I’m going to test one more time see it did it do it does the overlay but it doesn’t do and the sound of course that’s what you heard was the sound and the sound is sound is first then the chat message is what it’s supposed to do and then do that but it’s not working so it’s fine it’s fine okay anyway um yeah go back to this I’ll worry about it later problem is I can’t test it while oh damn it can’t test it while I’m offline it’s not like twitch that’s appetite actually appetite we will need that too um thank you also need this copper and then we can go ahead and do back to large tunnel is that lead no have to go and fix my pickaxe pretty soon all right uh let’s see here no I don’t want that there we go spider oh I want this coal though then iron too oh I’m out of food oh I was like why why am I not mining never mind don’t mind me how about a waffle banana waffle a raw venison shink that didn’t give me much did it perch okay I’m going have to go with the tasty stuff now stuff I didn’t mean to make cuz you know all right o those aren’t worth anything anymore though not yet it’s more ingame oh [ __ ] oh I’m in one of those cobweb thing oh okay well I can’t mine that yet so give me a sec oh there’s the zinc too we got to come back okay so we’re just going to go home from here oh don’t you from [Music] here okay where is I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and do this I need some more of this so do that we’ll go cook it and then we’ll go over here pickax thank you that back I’m put it in here because I need it for the for all the things it’s a lot of cobblestone there we go okay I don’t have enough to buy anything no I don’t have enough to buy skill point I always lose my XP so I just been throwing them into skill points might as well right they they need to be repaired well no I just make new ones it’s fine I got some more loot bundles I’ll open those real quick one two three all right so I got a h another one I can eat uh aand Drake recover two hearts lose four hunger Gara will of tag a cherry stairs a spoils bag tier three what is a spoils bag what a tier three spoils back look at that so we got some fish uh salmon a lengthy Force pickaxe of the scholar I don’t know what that does but it’s got 28% experience gain I want to try it now I’m interested um Iron bow from Iron bows teacup Pig pot zombie heart and elot elot uh not yet eaten okay so we have some more food to to put in our backpack here uh we’ll go and throw those back in that um what was the other thing oh one of those we’re going to put them away so one of those and then we that okay all right so let’s go see if we can put stuff away okay we’re going to put those two there wonder if the iron bows any better let’s see here 33% chance to inflict um well obviously probably not right now but it doesn’t say how much oh durability 7 yeah so it is better but I can’t put the the things on it so all right the reason I’m going to use it for experience I’m going to mine the co the coal with it um I don’t think does iron give you experience oh well we’ll find out oh I forgot to change it see this is why you this is why you change it well then um well at least I have stuff to fill it back in with well I mean I fill back in but you know what I mean here we go wait how much oh I got 51 very nice okay so where are you at are you above me or below me I cannot tell I what is that a spider nest that’s that’s lava okay so I think they’re above me is not great L Hey listen time take a drink okay fine I still don’t see them maybe they’re well they can’t be below me cuz they’d be right there if they were all right hold on we’re going to investigate okay this might be deadly but we’re going to do it anyway y this is going to be deadly oh gosh oh no it’s not okay come on if they keep climbing above me but they’re not going to always they’re going to they’re going to end up coming through this hole why can I not hit them usually I can hit them I’m GNA eat this gooey beef stew look at that and the goo and the bread cuz it’s lucky bread I I’m not going to live if I go in here I mean I know for a fact I’m not going to live there we go that should curb him a little bit maybe I don’t know mother hubard [ __ ] it oo oh come on very very quiet trying not to get eaten stupid cobweb I got stuck on it wait is there another dungeon right here with this one I think there is oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh way okay I think I’m okay at the moment oh damn there’s a lot of crap in here um and put that in there and we got experience Bo ooh part of the earth nice all right let’s get some food in us get my backpack out my trusty backpack with all kinds of food Foods why does this not look dark light enough oh would you look at that that’s a Skelly spawner okay hold on does that mean the skeletons and spiders are in there together cuz that’s going to be a big um hell no okay this is stupid but I’m going to do it anyway wait what okay so as long as I don’t break the um I don’t need this spawner you know I have skeleton one already not even going to mark it plus I have eggs skeleton eggs oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh I don’t have any more um what you call you suck I win okay oh son of a [ __ ] curse of Sorrow I’m sorry what what does that curse do do I want to know um H you one glyph boing traveling cloak forceful axe spectral bite oh I like that one make sure before you put them on this time that you have everything out of there okay um clearly this is the way to go I’m going to break that oh okay all right uh do we want that chest sure okay I’m good now I’m going to leave all those the leaves there because then that’ll just if not it’ll open up a whole another can of who whoop ass on me oh I know where I’m at okay cuz I threw a a thing over here not knowing that this was here uh I do have let me eat this real quick surprised that didn’t give me an extra I do have shears so let me get some of the not with the freaking thing my sword’s almost dead don’t you be using my sword cobwebs who doesn’t need cobwebs I don’t but who doesn’t need cobwebs wait a minute let me uh put some Tor here does this go down further it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and it’s kind of scary I mean I’m not I’m not scared of spiders in games but in real life yeah well it depends on the size I guess too oh you bastard you poison me okay so let me take this and put this up here grab these egg sandwiches I’m going to need to heal again we got to go home and repair our sword so but at least we got this cleared um I don’t think I’m going to need a cave spider spawner so I’m going to break it I just don’t see any reason for needing it oh it gives me Spirit orbs okay so if I break the spawners it gives me orbs but if I keep them I get XP and loots and stuffs oh I need another egg sandwich hold on oh what I wouldn’t give for a good egg sandwich right now come on learn how to type would you of course I’m talking to myself all right we got oh that I can fix reserving three chance to not consume am oh yeah the guns I forgot about those and another tedar toome see these are easy you just learn them turn them into paper learn them turn them into paper now I’m going to take iron and go repair it that way because I have XP at the moment um what am I doing I don’t know there we go that way I don’t have to use so much iron and then that no and then we’re going to learn some more we’re going to buy some skill points so I don’t lose about five look at that okay we’re working our way over here right yeah one two 3 4 five confirm so I’ve got um 5% damage if you have at least 15 hunger Points Plus 20% damage if you have at least 15 hunger points uh one blocking one blocking and then we’re going to move our way up here oh no here for no here yeah so we’re going to get another four blocking and then we’re going to start getting experience per minute so um all this is experience per minute it just it’s not a lot but it actually does work pretty well so and then I think it’s uh yeah that one 1.5 experience and then we want to get to this one next I think amplification I’m kind of going all over the place uh armor melee oh and I want to work my way up here too the fishing one that’s Max health for all those and then these are plus 20% experience from fishing and you know what I’m going to go fishing after that like why not all right okay so uh we got the uh what’s it called oh yeah I need to put all this away uh first of all the zinc we need to take that break that down so we can start cooking it there’s one hammer did I did I lose the other Hammer I did hold on let me go grab three three 1 two three cuz we’re going to need it get you can’t combine the two that’s fine okay now then take that take that and that there we go oh oops the hammer back in there it’s going to get us somewhere anym though [Music] um we need two stacks for the last one we don’t quite have two stacks yet so we’re going to still have to go mining some more another egg sandwich I think I’ve eaten everything I have like that’s so now um remember what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to start the the create Quest today that’s why we’re mining in the first place but uh we need 32 and andesite alloy we have 16 at the moment right here and so we need some more plates to make it uh let’s do that oh yeah I want to do the dripstone thing tooo I got to figure out where I’m going to do that at probably just in cave somewhere um we’re also need to make cauldrons though a lot of them I don’t know what the cauldron recipe is what’s The Cauldron recipe cauldron is it cheap it is not cheap it is very very expensive so I’m going to have to steal some from the leather workers in in The Villages so we’re going to need like 20 of them maybe 32 of them I don’t know we’ll do 32 of them um yeah that’s very expensive though compressed iron now why that one’s expensive I have no clue you know what do I have any I do have a little bit left give me some iron I’m going to go try to repair this is a [Music] pain here we go I need to un breaking three on all of them that way I don’t have to repair them as often I still need food the only negative thing about having so many hearts oh speaking of Hearts um where did these go are they over here they are okay they’re right up here here orbs take these to the little uh goddess statues right here and you can get a heart containers here we go or stamina the stamina vessel what that’s for is that’s for the the little leaves and stuff so yeah oh I need to plant those too cuz I need a good source of berries yes are gone what I miss everything I died I don’t know how many times I’m up to 81 deaths which mean which reminds me I need to reset that uh death set 81 I found a spider dungeon you know one of the um spider encampments that are surrounded by um like string uh cobwebs and and and and uh yeah I died a lot and so uh I’m in the process of still trying to start creating everything but lots of death that’s what you missed a lot of it all right uh I opened a couple loot bags cuz I had them your swords are almost broken we’ll open a couple more real quick cuz I have them uh here I’m just going to open them all all right so I got a dosam meter a Mana splitter some tentacles which I have not eaten I will take those pineapple I have not eaten painting machine cup Len uh glitter wrap I have not eaten fried onions medone functional flatter flour tiny potato dis disabled install Quark oddies to enable a uh another one of those random magic projectile a heavy hook and a minnow and a mover controller so quite a best stuff there we go wait what why is it durability what I’m so confused why is a durability on a minnow 50 what ises that used for you can make a puffer fish with it okay that’s kind of cool um what what do you do beat stuff with it like I don’t understand why why is there literally why is there durability on a fish so yes that’s what you missed and it is my break time cuz it’s going to come up here any second now it should be anyway um so I’m going to take a break I’m going to get up stretch go to the restroom do all the fun stuffs uh I’m going to go up to the top Tower I can’t do it all at once so um I’m G to sleep the day away yeah it won’t let me won’t even let me sleep during the day but that’s okay so I’m going to yeah I’m going to take a break here and I shall return um yeah have fun H Hey listen Notice Me s e e e e for e e e e e e e for e e e e e e e e [Music] I e e e e for e all righty I am back and I want to test something real quick I tried something to see if I could do real quick um um so I apologize but the sound’s going to go off one more time for Discord I’m going to try it I I changed the the timer a little bit and I want to see if it works so here we go let’s see I did that but it still didn’t do the chat message okay I don’t know I I took off the I I made it do the run the chat message instead pardon me and it did it but it didn’t do thank you very much again the only reason I’m doing it is because that’s only thing I do right now is okay uh I can only do it while I’m live so but if I can get it fixed then I’ll know what to do for the rest of them so the chat command has just a chat message unlock in Hey listen no I I turned it down so that it only needs uh one chat line so but see I can play the chat message and it should work game sound was loud yeah I need to turn that down too oh see it’s not working the chat message itself is not working H all right yeah I’m going to have to figure that out U let me go back to the timer and turn that down I was going to turn that down too and I forgot while I was in there the sound you just turn the volume down on it all right so let’s try that save that’s a lot lower that’s like half of what it was hopefully that’s lower for you guys too it’s still a little bit bit loud for me but that’s half of what it was okay that’s the sound on there yeah okay what do I have oh tentacles that’s right I haven’t eaten tentacles yet all right let’s go down here the all my stuff should be processed which is kind of what I wanted I do have lunch too so I have to like kind of go and do that as well but okay we’re almost there we need a little bit more right let me take a bite real quick let’s continue to go down here and we’re going to continue mining we have been finding stuff so that’s a good thing uh let’s start uh let’s see here what if we start a couple over like 1 two three we’ll start like right here oh no that’s not large tunnel uh that’s Zink right there that’s that’s what I need um let’s do this the proper way and that’s 10 I’ll take that too and iron that works all right so let me put something down here I continue oh block of raw tin nice that didn’t this gives me XP though right no I guess not I was trying to find something I know for sure I don’t know does inferium give you XP cuz remember this is supposed to this pickaxe supposed to give you extra XP when you mine so oh the coal there’s more zinc right there sweet all right let me do a little bit more I know I have plenty right now oh good gosh let me see here all 10 roll I have two stack never mind I have plenty I’ve got plenty so how’s everybody’s um afternoon morning evening whatever how’s it going for you is everybody doing good I’m going to break this hammer and there you go it’s broken we need two more I need three more one two three oops there we go because I’m going to be making so many here we go we’re all zinc oh look at that I need another one let’s go cook all that up I’ll eat a little bit more again oh no no not the 10 damn it not the move out the way there we go zinc zinc first then 10 I didn’t even mean to do the Zen the the Zen the 10 okay oops oh did you clip oh I need the the ORS goes over here I was wasn’t thinking sorry okay The Minnow yeah I was going to I was trying to see what the minnow did but tentacles were going to eat that first oh oh I have blindness probably would have blindness EA and tentacles just guessing I like the pineapple next you’re going to send it to Legion on Discord actually what you know what you should do is go put it in um I don’t know if they have one but if they have like a video thing oh I was going to turn off my camera um if they have like video sharing thing in um modern’s Discord that create creativity Unbound yeah wait who’s up here upstairs what the how did you get up here how are you guys keep getting up here I have everything blocked so you can’t possibly get up here that’s why I’m losing villagers how are they how are you getting up there seriously I want to know I’ve got everything there’s no ladder here there used to be a ladder right here there’s no ladder here oh there is one here did not know there was one there okay no no more escaping all right um I also need iron again well wait a minute what do I okay how do I have to make a a stone needle Practice Sword is the wood okay got it got it got it got it I’ll make two okay now we need stone stone I thought we had some Stone left we do not um well we got Cobblestone let’s go smelt it let’s go smelt away um can I not cook my backpack thank you oh I do have some okay so then you’re supposed to be able to take this put it in there like [Music] two then I think I have to do something else before I can make it into iron oh no it just iron okay good so update I was able to get Force sword to spawn in the mining Dimension but still can’t get all the ores to I don’t know who to ask for help as some devs don’t like me you know what people don’t like you tell them the [ __ ] I mean um that’s good though you got that one to do it is there any chance it would work where if you do they like okay you know on the mining um the mechanism I think it is mining thing that you put out the machine that’s like three block by three blocks or two blocks by two blocks something like that wide you know how you can put in there that you want it to do it’s like Forge do or or Forge or something like that do star is there something you can do like that wonder if that’s a [Music] thing okay let’s put these in here all right there you go one for you one for you now give me some more freaking loot bags huh see again the chat command didn’t run I don’t know I don’t get it man issue or way all the ORS team coded their mod okay all the mods do they have does all the mods have the mining Dimension and does it spawn all because maybe that would have an answer and a site look what I finally did 32 an aite alloy it’s taking this last stream in this stream but I got it damn it a shaft of course you’re going to give me the shaft no I’m just kidding what’ I get man manipulation I’m guessing it’s this neuro anti Tropic neuros synthesizer o a toolbox you know what that means don’t you I need to go get another villager I’m GNA try that real quick hold on nothing in my hand okay um oh hey hey this one has that same bug that’s nice oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] no hi I don’t want to kill you gollem cuz what if I need you for another iron farm come [Music] on just leave me be please I just need to steal one of your villagers I promise I won’t bring them back I mean I’ll bring them back that’s what I meant to say I forgot to empty out my inventory my backpack I’m not going to be able to get out of here um will you come back here are you going to come back here oh hello okay ready oh good you’re busy with them come here Bob he’s an engineer oh I didn’t bring his table with me I I needed to pick up one that didn’t have yeah look at look you got to sleep over here okay let’s try this again there’s one right there ah no cuz you’re going to take another job damn you I have to break his his thing [Music] afterwards yes cuz if we get that working the mining Dimension that would be awesome that would be fan freaking tastic I got to I got to sneeze hold on nope I don’t I’m good I’m good boss alarm put the pants in here okay oh the skirt sorry I put the skirt in there wait is there another chest piece yeah and that one C another has to be another helmet somewhere and [Music] Boots G there are there you go I got armor I can bounce on a bed I can okay sorry they’re trying to sleep I should I should respect that or should I I need to put this one out tooo I’m going to go get some more villagers but not yet not be get a red grouper haven’t eaten that yet I need this uh loot bundles I should probably open real quick oh do I need to eat I need to eat now so there we go maybe bug all right we got the depth meter we got the rare Apple we’ve got a flamarang um whatever that a Brisk Bo Bloom blood of kavar I don’t know what that’s for me okay uh jungle stairs uh maze I have not eaten this yet you know me I’m trying to eat everything I can gooey bread m okay so put that and that there and there’s none over this over here no okay uh we’re going to start do this one yeah there over there and in there that has another shovel in there experience boost too very nice or is that the one I already knew about that might that might be the one I already knew about black is that a black Banner with question mark on it it is yeah I don’t know why I made why you made it either look at me okay so I did I did this thing right here yep okay there we go all right I need some more food um let’s just eat rabbit stew for now put me up put the bowl away okay let me have another bite real quick almost finished with my well not almost finished I finished probably need about a half a stack of that okay I’m going to put those in there for now I see Tinkers in the title is going to touch a mod he hates to yes at some point I’m hoping today I don’t know did that you yeah now the Gilded one’s not working for some reason hold on I got to check something real quick My Touch portal is not working as intended [Music] that’s cuz I changed the name of it and gilded didn’t change it in there good thing I checked before [Music] tomorrow nope still not working wait yeah it is okay it’s working never mind I lied it is working I got it fixed okay do I have any more in in my backpack to eat I mean I have these but I meant like anything else to okay um what else what’s next next on the list the water [Music] wheel that all it is for a water wheel okay I have to make three of them I mean okay listen not going to make that hard ready for work so I’ll keep you updated if I figure out the money stuff that’d be awesome thank you so much and remember this starting this week I’ll I’ll be doing the pack on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday mornings so I will be doing it quite a bit more so if you do figure it out let me know cuz I would like to replace my mining world my mining [Music] Dimension there we go Quest completed um by the way if you guys want to you can read this stuff I believe this is from uh Dex I think he um modern said Dex wrote it all works for me right now version you currently have has force or working in the dim okay all right uh yeah I didn’t reset my mining Dimension yet so uh would I haven’t seen of course any I went to go mining there for some um what I’m looking for right now um crap I can’t think what it’s called zinc and realized that it wasn’t working so I want by the way I wonder if whatever mod um you use to make the the ores the or veins bigger I wonder if you can make that work in the miny dimmension too cuz that that would be as cool as well I mean since it’s just as dangerous as being in the Overworld cuz man mobs there spawn like crazy anyway yep have a good day at work we’ll see you later uh the Water Wheel is a source of rotational power it generates rotational force and when water flows over it due to the fact that the materials are required to craft are easily accessible in early game the water wheel serves as the earliest generator that can be made total stress capacity can be increased by adding more Wheels to the squins uh when water flows over the water wheel it can it will begin to rotate this rotational power can be conveyed to other components uh from the water wheel shaft uh as long as the water flows around the wheel in mostly One Direction the water wheel will generate rotational Force the more sides of the water of the wheel that water covers the faster the wheel will rotate and the more the stress capacity uh it will provide and the more stress capacity it will provide only flowing water of source blocks with bubble columns bubble columns count towards the power generation to maximize the output from the water wheel have the water flowing in the right direction as much around the wheel as possible all right um the windmill oh damn you want me to make 32 of those is that what it say yeah that’s what it say so I’m going to need 16 for that all right um what else steam engine upper plates and a barrel that’s that’s it for the tank and I need four of those and then crank okay how does this work h whoops that’s not what I meant to do let me go back and watch that again those are all fluid tanks okay so you have to put them around this okay I’ve never used this one before an ours all right oh that one goes faster if you use a okay holy cow all right we yeah four engines oh oh damn eight engines okay so if you put these with blaze cakes the special Blaze cake things yeah we’ll have to wait for responses from everybody on that cuz that was funny didn’t think about it when I was saying it but yeah okay so what else is there I shouldst there a short too I could we’re going to need Cog Wheels here all right so for the large ones we need o wait is it cheaper to yeah it’s cheaper to do this so let’s do that um plate oh Hammer a freaking everything’s a Hammer Hammer this Hammer that hammer this Hammer that wait a minute do I have so many villagers there’s an iron golem here now oh no oh no oh no no no no no no no no no no no oh [ __ ] nope I now have so many villagers there’s an iron golem here you bastard okay um oh oh damn it it’s logs and I just changed it into right it’s called hammer time okay uh let’s see here yeah I’ll just do all those that’s fine do 16 of these we will use them so I’m not worried about that all right what’s next how many do we have so far we have six in there oh your swords your swords are still good okay okay the next thing I was going to make was I was going to make one of these can I make that I’m missing this I need lay layered andesite I’m sorry what now you know I don’t have one of those out yet a stone cutter compressed Stone of course it is why would it be anything different um Cobblestone where was all that Cobblestone up here you’re it the temporary inconvenience for a Dem such as you oh I can’t go down that way [Music] you have 300 health are you kidding me well I hope I didn’t have too many levels when he killed me he dropped a pop and that sweet okay so where was my stuff at that was it down below okay there we go back to back to what I was doing uh what do I need to do to to make this oh he’s dying he’s dying did I get some iron from him I didn’t did I so they’re going to respawn one every time that’s fan freaking fastic that’s just great okay wait oh layered an oh it’s andesite that I need oh you numpty I’m guessing this is layer layered and site am I right nope that’s compressed the what is layered oh yeah still that’s why I need the the um that’s why I need the compressed Stone oh how many do I need three okay but the problem with this is I got to put it up here somewhere CU it’ll hurt all right layered oh forgot to put Stone up now I have permanent residents living with us okay I don’t need that anymore how many do I need six I just have to put it in there don’t I and look for it layered 1 2 3 4 5 six okay I got that one done right oh iron for some reason I thought I had iron on me I didn’t all right let’s see if it works in this pack not that we can use it right away but we’re going to try it anyway damn it I don’t think there’s a fix for this is there it works nope got to be the right way hold on I got to I’m got to eat some of my yogurt before it goes warm and everything now remember in order to use this we have to have one of those in order to use that as an Ingot we have to do it in here and you’re going to need purifying soap and luminescence and Argent which Argent energy is easy to get I need to go to the nether at some point like soon cuz why not I don’t know who would waste it on goo but maybe I guess gobber bee and an ancient bee will make another goer bee so and then after that see right now you can only make glass with it very sturdy glass block drops um drops the block when broken gives off light uh you can also make the goober Fu a better option for vanilla coal or charcoal staff of the Harvest okay we can make this though well I don’t know hold on no we have to have the gopper rod nope so never mind unless we get one uh but see once you get this then you still need to make the uh netherite shovel so you got to have netherite then you can upgrade to that and then or netherite tool whatever and then you can upgrade to Oh I thought you could upgrade after that maybe not it should be the where then you can upgrade to wait so how do you what what’s the other gobber then gobber how do you make these oh so you get to pick no see see now you should be it should be the other way around it should be netherite first then Gober then nether Gober and I’m assuming last but not least the end Gober yeah that should be fixed that that actually should be fixed cuz nobody’s going to basically nobody’s going to use regular Gober they’re just going to skip right to ingber if they can which with this trick you could just go to the end real quick and mine some backup started there we go let me take another bite now I’m curious does force work no it does not although it looked like it was going to I’m still grabbing some what if I find two Gober rods then I can make a harvest thing I just want to see if it was possible I again pretty sure it was Nicholas told me the other day that this you could do this so and when I was playing Lunas there’s more here I won’t get any more right now but at least it works Platinum I need Platinum to do whatever all right well at least it works so I’m going to put this in my backpack backpack so if I want to use it later I can but I got five and again I wish I could do it for the Harvest thing but it won’t work so I’m just going to put it in there okay so what I was thinking about doing was using this one and the other one for um what you call it okay I don’t need that anymore or that for now I will need them but not I don’t know why the rock iron was that oh I probably need these too glasses gold plate and I mean gold um glass gold plate and a string do I have sand I do I’m going to cook it all I have to go to a ocean anyway because um I didn’t check to see if there was enough coal in there oh yeah there’s plenty oh there still okay um I need to go to Ocean anyway cuz I need to get kelp uh so I can one grow it and two so I can do it dry for the um no that’s not delivery that’s just a low price offer on something I want apparently um anyway but the for this mechan dried kelp so we just have to put the kelp the tongue kelp so any kelp I guess polar kelp all right so we need to find an ocean uh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh I thought it said it wasn’t oh it is it did say it’s done what are these pipes with cozy wooden bit of reinforcement I might be able to make those now yeah I need some iron nuggets first there we go okay food let’s eat some more bacon sandwiches Hey listen time to drink that beautiful water all right take a big Swig and then I’ll take another bite too while I’m at it all right what else we got in on this checklist here this is what we need to make worry about next I think how many and alloy do I have left I think I want to go grab two but I need to go to an ocean first and then we will go we might have to go to the nether it might be time uh we have but one Diamond ax pickaxe so we could go to the nether if we needed to um iron bars iron plate I have iron plates already and I can make iron bars so I’m not too worried about that well I think I yeah I can make iron bars okay we make three let’s just do three screw it okay uh everything in there and then we’re also going to use this one okay but we’re going to put those away for a minute because we got to go to an ocean so let me see if there’s an ocean close by if not what I’m going to do is just do a RTP any type of ocean warm would be best when did I put on caps I don’t know um hi there poopy I don’t know what it’s doing it just froze on me I’m G leave it alone for a second well I’m able to finish my yogurt would you like a pretzel take a pretzel there you go did my whole computer just freeze up anybody still hear me oh there we go it’s it’s not frozen anymore all right that was weird it just like froze up on me and I couldn’t do anything uh is there yeah I was going to say warm motion is there one nearby I’m going to say no there’s not one nearby not found okay all right let’s see I’m pretty much just eating my pretzels so I’m standing now let’s hope I don’t die right away what am I in a birch Forest is that a village am I really outside of a village it sure does look like it and there are things right there if I go down Southeast just a little bit I’m letting it still load in a little bit cuz you know I might need it those um [Music] [Music] that’s awesome that I found another Village wait is that an ocean right there too no way I can’t tell if there’s Cel in there I don’t I don’t see any you know what I didn’t bring a boat you numpty all right let’s see here oh yeah that’s right I can’t do it with that hold on I need one more almost forgot that it was like that okay I wonder if this is a River or a boat I mean a river or an ocean uh looks like it could be just a there wait there’s another Village Northeast we’re going to make a run for it damn it okay hold on Ocean yep 995 distance that way so we’re going to be coming back here in a minute just keep running oh what is that pretty building just keep running running running oh boy run oh let’s not do that now shall we [Music] okay that’s not I thought that was an AR oh hello I thought that was an ARS tower for a second there that’s not an ARS tower all kinds of pretty buildings out here I love when the mod makers make such nice buildings you know they don’t just phone it in and make a little house or something you know they make it pretty they make it decorative it’s so very nice I got to find this um oh there’s a bee thing here hello villager I need a I need a place I can hide from your your captains your captains of the guard oh there it is found it never mind never mind oh damn oh damn they’re coming they shot their own person villager down villager down oh there’s not nope I got to go back the other way they are a horrible shot but I’m running out of stamina and energy [Music] I didn’t click on that oh okay um I need to get the stuff out quickly and then um eat and go give my boat give me my boat pardon me pardon me I need that thank you I got to go got to go I’ll take these two [ __ ] I can make it I can make it nope I can’t make it I can make it [Music] okay hold [Music] on bye suckers all right we’re good okay so there there’s all kinds of stuff around here yeah there’s another house up here I have no clue what the house that is let’s go find out what is this house what’s up Cal okay that sounded like a bad guy oh this is um this is that one okay I I’ll come back to it later heart there we go I think I gave myself a you too many pretzels so I’m not going to eat them all in favor of the sugar cookies it’s the stuff I’m allowed to have versus the stuff I’m not supposed to have but I can have it still so Mystic Grove um let me see if there’s a can I put a um Way Stone out here I wish they had one already but oh no quick put one out go home I want some of the saplings from here okay agreed about what you talking about the sugar cookies all right I want to make sure we were on the same page yeah okay all right all right I just want to make sure probably should put the sapl well I have another one let see I have another one over here yeah right there I can put the seeds in all right I need to whoops get some other food here actually you know what I need to do I need to make a cutting board from is that those are planks okay so you know those planks I just put away yeah he’s upstairs I’m trapped in my own house and it’s my own damn fault okay the first thing I want to cut up is the the um where go the rice stuff so I can go plant some more not right now but I’m going to oh there’s a knife got that then I want to cut up some yeah some of that all right now if I throw these on the [Music] grill here we go oh [ __ ] beef patty I have not eaten that yet either who’s up there oh God I think he’s right above me death may imped your Conquest but only brok will can hold it I think he was okay wait a minute why am I going down to seriously why am I going up two and down two oh is it cuz my thing’s okay sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry uh did I get all of them I ate one I don’t think I got all of them here we go okay cuz didn’t I have a quest on the first one yes the hunt I need three beef oh it’s only three I thought it was like 16 there’s beef there’s mutton I don’t think I have the pork chops yet or whatever they’re called the raw pork yep I don’t think I have the raw pork yet I think that’s what we’re waiting on is the raw pork all right by the way how’s this doing over here we have lots of onions I’m going to take the onion out for now and I’m going to put something else in I just have it going while we’re doing you know other stuff so that way it’ll keep um keep growing things how about tomatoes be oh beetroot that’s a see though uh we’ll do beetroot all right here we go he’s tracking me I can hear him you guys can’t sleep cuz it’s a Blood Moon hey Bob why don’t you do I want you to do Bob Bob listen here Bob hi there all right there we go we should be good now all right Hey listen he’s gone for a little bit drink time yeah all right so let me look at farmer’s market I mean Farmer’s light okay oh is there a quest to start farmer I didn’t even look oh yeah I have to complete the oven one first under cooking for Blockheads what was the oven one oh black oh you know what while I’m over there I can get the the glass to do that yeah oh I have I have three but not that’s not enough oh yes it is pardon me sorry that came out of nowhere oh it has to be on top we might be able to get this done real quick all of them are burning um let’s not go up there just in case okay where’s the cooking oven here we go okay oh did it again how many times do you think I’ll do that before I learn my lesson iron a lot yeah yeah oven is done where’s the sink oh the sink’s there all right um now we can start cooking I mean um not cooking for Blockheads another cake all right um farmer light welcome I need to make a stove okay so I’m going I’m going to need brick or clay or something like that I’m going to set these in here we’ll open all these at the end or towards the end not even at the end but okay real quick though I do have to save and log back into the world which may take a minute because that sound the blood moon is still going so it’s a known bug but it’s it’s the mod not the mod pack cuz it was happening on another mod pack I was playing too I think it was actually age of eight that it was happening in um I think it was age of eight all right that is loading currently there we go okay all right let’s go put my plate in the sink over there too I have a little kitchenette those of you who don’t know it’s basically because this was like um when we bought the house this was like a mother-in-law’s area so it’s got a bedroom with a Murphy bed and um they already had a mount for a huge TV down here so um we uh we just bought a TV and put it up on the mountain and then um it’s kind of like a living room slash kitchen area and and where my desk is my two desks are used to be like their living room little Cove and then they had a little um not a little but they had a uh pool table I don’t know how they played the pool table CU looking at it now I was like oh that’s pretty cool it fits but the the pool cues would probably hit the wall quite a bit CU it’s it was pretty tight fit I mean to me it was anyway I think it was a pool table yeah bilard pretty sure but it’s a nice little house I like it it was okay that’s what I thought no more sound okay oh [ __ ] oh I thought I got down before he saw me there can be no glory in this accomplishment of course there’s more ready it’s a husk oo half a heart made it though I did make it just barely it’s not the kind of iron golem Farm I wanted saying okay we got to go back oh no it’s going to kill me again oo that was close Okay I go to wait a second the problem is I I do have food I’m wasting all my food food I haven’t eat this waffle yet it’s cuz it doesn’t look like a waffle there we go that’s better damn it there this loss and learn from it okay I’m going to have to kill him cuz come on hi there cuz every time I hit back for the next like four times it’s going to he’s going to kill me again and then I’m going have to get back four more times and all right there we go slash back well discord’s working but guess what you can’t run the command wait can you try running the command hun exclamation Discord there we go I’m back I made it oh I could have gone that’s right I could have got a Mr well no I don’t have any XP right now so I mean that’s close hun but I think it’s Discord not disc I’m just saying I love you thank you okay I don’t see anything down here I just want to see if the command would work cuz I took the sound out of it wait is that a hold on oh command it well I don’t I didn’t see the on the overlay thing but the overlay thing still there oh the water bubbles it’s magma I need magma he your magma look how pretty that is though that’s the Mystic Grove up there is that a pirate ship or is that a villager ship o o that is a pirate ship okay hold on this is a this is a slime Island so [Music] it’s cuz I was in the boat yeah yeah I need Tinkers some point so might as well what the hell hello everybody oh I sliced you I’m getting slime lots and lots of slime lots of slime you a PIR I didn’t even get close to the ship how am I a pirate look look how far away from the ship I am okay so how many how many um did I get saplings I did I got saplings so I just need the dirt uh let me grab some more saplings real quick I don’t need the logs but I do need some dirt so let me um wait did I get dirt already I got slime dirt but let you jump higher can I eat kelp I can’t help okay I can’t can I eat seaweed no I can’t eat seaweed either all right okay what do we have to eat um is there anything else here I need right now while I’m here I don’t believe so there is it looks like that Netherrack that is Netherrack we’re going to go down there and see what I do with my boat Where’s My Boat oh yeah it’s under here I forgot oh no it’s in the boat the Slime have confiscated my boat apparently I was carrying something illegal in it okay I don’t need that anymore what the [Music] hell I’m out of here man you you just take your explosion and [Music] go I’m telling they are on me wait what what is over here wait wait whoa whoa whoa whoa what is what is in here like there was something something shiny he you stay right there boat I’ll come back for you oh the glowing Grotto well that’s not much of a glowing Grotto it’s just those gloworm silk okay I’m out of here that was worthless wait do I have enough for um NOP I [Music] don’t oh oh oh oh okay okay all right something underwat is trying to kill me you can’t come above water can you so looks like we’re at a stalemate oh okay oh you’re from grimor oh so the water’s no longer safe anymore I thought they were all land animals or land mobs they’re not go go go go go go no go go go go go aha I’ve gotten away excuse me Ducks I don’t know if I need that or not but I figured it’s right here might as well grab it there it is oh [ __ ] oh what is he oh he G me like weight or something oh my helmet’s gone all that time trying to make sure I save my helmet and it’s gone just like that experience boost three again wow okay obviously what is that over there the jagged Peaks region I don’t know if I want to go over there all right I’m good here I’m done I got what I needed um um you’re in my you’re in my house fool but not a defeat only because you have fallen does not yet mean you back it down I haven’t backed down come here no come closer I want to hit you hi here what if I do this don’t worry I got you I don’t got you I dropped the listen I don’t want to take a drink oh yeah well then how come you spawn down there you’re not supposed to spawn down there you know what I could do I guess he might be able to get me from there but it’s really the only option I have at the moment yep got back but not a defeat you are Immortal return and give that beautiful creature a demonstration of this fact you what the hell and learn from it I’m not learning nothing except for how to die okay so I got to go get that real quick I can’t believe he spawned down here okay well that was fun if he’s going to start spawning down I mean I’m going to need to move my um villagers to I’m going to have to relocate them all right well for now I’ll leave as is at 14 all right uh what was I I don’t even remember I’m so yeah cook kelp that’s right I got plant some too let’s put that up there and that up there there we go the rest of it well um I need to take these out okay these two I need to repair well I can’t I can repair them with iron but I can’t repair them in the thing okay I’ll have to find some more armor now ones I’m not already using um gives me more speed oh no that gives me that’s supposed to give me good luck it’s not working so well now is it okay this I can repair I mean I can put over here and turn into pled Greaves then I can repair them that should be all I need to repair them there we go all right Mr helmet where are you where where’s my helmet that I want oh thank you he’s spawning upstairs I’m going to have to move my villagers and if I move them to a two high thing oh shees scared the crap out of me if I move him to a two high thing then when he spawns he’ll die each time oh sad that’s just so sad is this one sucket still no package we’re waiting on a package and it’s supp it should I thought it was going to be here this morning oh what do those have on them nothing okay these have nothing on them yeah I know I have more helmets and stuff I don’t want to take the stuff off the armor stands cuz that was on there to begin with so indubitably oh there was some kelp I had some already whoopsies I didn’t think I gotten some oh you know what I need a brick and there was Clay probably in the water there not that I really wanted to stay for it but I could have I don’t know maybe I’ve been knocked on my head too many times we don’t have any helmets okay by the way I need to take those cuz keep forgetting that I don’t have it and I try to draw my bow and guess what happens not a damn thing yeah I guess not okay well for now it’s fine I I’ll just leave it as is I did check these right wait is that no that’s go somewh that’s not a helmet okay yeah there’s I don’t think there’s any more helmets which is fine I guess those are better than what I have on as far as the enchants that has life leech but we already have life Leach oh no we don’t I thought we did shows you what I know okay well that’s fine um okay so I’ll just leave it without a helmet for now okay so we got that cooking let’s uh it’s over here all your swords doing you’re going to need new swords soon new swords soon dried K all right let’s go ahead and do this there we go we got the me mechanism belts done I’m trying to get everything ready so that that way when we are ready to go to it like I try I want to try to get some of it set up today but in case we can’t next time I can just be like let’s set this up and we still need to go to the blaze oh raets okay an aite tunnels okay do I have any more an aite H oh I have one sorry not going to happen don’t have that one a Cho and a funnel I can do the funnels I don’t think I could I can’t I yeah I could do the cho too all right let’s do the funnel and a shoot Bam Bam and wait where’ the plates go I did I use all oh over here I was like did I use all the plates okay so I think was this for the TOs no that was not it okay oh how many do I need for the I need 12 there we go and then for these I have to go grab some more dried kelp which is also something I need to eat two oh it only gives me two damn it that means I need one more all right well at least I have that right there’s the Cho I’m going to take one of these cuz I need to eat it eat that first cool beans oh I feel like I got to stretch but I 10 more minutes and then it’ll take a break 10 minutes then I got to stretch and use the restroom and walk around a little bit even though I mean even though I’m standing I just you know I tend to stand here and not not move way I’m supposed to I press the wrong button all right um yeah that I need bricks I I don’t want to go out anywhere yet okay campfire how how hard is a campfire to make peace CI PLS oh is it logs I think it’s logs isn’t it I want make like four stoves so yeah that’s logs those are planks too those are logs to go get the um good old sticks hi there wait what when did I put was that my first episode that I put those there cuz I don’t remember putting those there it’s fine oh okay I started organizing stuff over here too that’s um all right well there we go unless they’re stealing it uh what am I looking for coal co co where did the coal go I have four cauldrons there’s some I do believe he’s following me around okay so all I need is a brick and I I have the iron so we’ll put campfires in there it is just Brecken iron yeah okay Iron’s already in there and I’ll put everything else back there we go see he’s following me around you hear his footsteps he right above me oh yeah what oh you took oh you took that as a tra no wait that’s the one I’ve been de what no not you where where’s is it you you took Hunter oh I was wanting to take this oh that’s to modify toilet never mind I don’t wait maybe hold on let me break this take this job right here I’m pretty sure that’s a job nope I’d rather you be a hunter here a you’re already fixated on fisherman why do they like that so much I mean that’s not bad I guess you know what I have to oh I can’t forgot I don’t have any more freaking XP okay so I need brick um I have no way outside the house that’s not going to help because those are down below uh uh let’s see here okay so let’s see if I do temporarily I don’t think I can build can I build um anything from three B I don’t think I can I don’t think I have enough like a town hall I remember what the town hall is coil of lanterns that’s going to be expensive how about a jail I’m just kidding there’s advanced modern and there’s Advanced what the difference is Machinery Tower I don’t think there’s anything I could do by the way that did I mark them already there is a painting I guess that you can travel to the nether with forgot about those another gate um I don’t know what it would be called dimensional paintings there it is so see I don’t even need very much I just need that and that uh do I have any obsidian it does not appear to be so so I would like to go to the nether i’ put it right here um I do have this it would probably teleport me there once but then I wouldn’t have it anymore well I don’t I only need it once I mean then I can go get I don’t think I’ve seen any obsidian that I’ve looted or um anything like that again I know where to get [Music] [Music] some and if I only need eight to make the painting might as well right can you not get my way thank you let’s see if I canair this one has soul soul called on it all right I’m going to try it I’m going to hit back and see if I can go back to that nether portal I think I want to close that back up there we go yep I died again here and then I think I died over there doesn’t take too long oh I died over here too I wonder if I’m even going to be able to make it back to the port the nether portal was so it only holds so many backs and then it deletes them I think it’s 10 so maybe there we go Hey listen Notice Me sh y now it’s time for a break of course and I’m gonna grab this uh another rack while I’m here and going to grab the coal nether Inc okay how did it know that’s what I wanted I get this one oh and then there’s gold up there look at that beautiful sky see a’t that pretty Village up there those Villages are usually not worth it so I don’t worry about those too much but I do want to still go up there all right so we have we do have 13 I don’t know if I have a painting already if not I can make one when I get back what see if we can put everything away real quick oh did I put away wait a minute so I do have obsidian somewhere cuz it just got put away there it is okay there’s that there we go all right so I will keep this in here just in case I need it I don’t think I will need it for anything but we might go to the nether when we get back so I can get these Blaze burners going that ought to be fun lots of More Death incoming uh real quick before I go there is 90 deaths let me update the counter um there we go all right and I shall return in just a moment um yeah I’m going to take a break sorry push the wrong button it’ll be about 15 minutes or so so I’ll be right back a he m h m h h h h h h h h m m h h h h m for for for for for for for for Hey listen for for all righty then I am back got to fix the camera again CU I forgot put it down when I started oh you know what I forgot though oh well I get it l it’s not a big deal right now okay um so painting I need to make a painting he’s still upstairs so we’re good um so a stick and some red or some wool what is that oh yeah that’s the okay so I want eight and some wool uh wool is going to be in the mob drops or I’ll just use this [Music] that first sorry I forgot to make a wool first all right are we ready for this let’s see here how big is this painting hold on oh hello we have an opening right here okay so I’ll put that there I meant to put it there then there we go let me f fill that in too hold on let just OT terra cotta [Music] yep that looks good all right now am I ready for the nether of course not oh the Harvest Moon [Music] oh no I want it centered oh it can’t Center because it’s not okay look at that look it’s a portal all right More Death incoming oh let me fix my pickaxe first I’m going to need it so how about the sword too and I have arrows so we’re good there all right well here goes nothing whoops oh no wait my sandwiches my wait my sand wait don’t take me yet my sandwiches where’d they go um uh-oh I accidentally pressed wrong there they there okay so how do I get in there I thought he said to right click on it no what the hell um I think it’s outside now which means I have to go upstairs to the thing oh [Music] man [Music] oh I see it there we go okay so let me try putting it down in the mines hold on let me you guys stay here I’m going to try going down here I’m going go all the way to the bottom that was scary okay okay how how do I get through it do I have to make the Overworld one too wonder if that’s why I have to like click on it with the Overworld one okay all right so let’s try this one logs and a painting again okay that’s not that bad um I was looking to see if I had any wool anywhere I thought I did but um not quite sure okay there’s the painting he has following me everywhere the Iron Golem upstairs you probably need the swords let me place your sword there we go and then logs eight logs that was easy I don’t know if I took a drink the last time so it just says dimensional paintings okay so let me see if there’s anything else I need to make oh that time I just went up to it I tried that before though when I was upstairs it wouldn’t do anything how rude time for death that also means the world gets harder too expert oh look I start off safe s far in the air Sharp s of burnt Rock and flesh this place is a h indeed um okay so let’s see here Port not that I need it but just in case wait a minute ah we want to go straight South which is that way where I just put the freaking portal thing okay can I put this here sure can crystalline Chasm it’s a lot of silver all right how far are we going holy smokes what is the uh we’re going to go that way we can start at the top this looks like it’s a huge thing um is it West it’s West isn’t it B with directions I am directionally challenged and I understand this looks awesome I know right I’ll need lead at some point O soul Stone yep yep I’m going to I’m going to grab a whole bunch on the way back or at some other time I mean since it’s right on my path well I might be able to get blaze pretty easy [Music] now speaking of which there stuff exploding um let’s see here how far am I I’m still oh wow holy cow is it like the hole underneath or what obviously these are a lot easier to get if you need Blaze if you can find the underground paths and stuff what do you want sure here I don’t need this right now so there you go and you want carrots I don’t have any carrots on me but I have tons back at home um yeah you’ll give me five if I but I can use a Crusher or something like that too yeah that would be nice would it all right thank you you may go now goodbye and I should be underground so I should be underneath all the lava that’s why the um abandoned M shafts are going up he’s just staring at me that’s kind of creepy you turn around and just see this character staring at you like that I think he’s following me keeps stay in the same distance now he’s gone oh this is zinc we’re going to need that too um where are we at oh we’re getting there we’re getting there just keep chugging along see I’m getting more even more Soul Stone so that block is so dark it’s hard to see oh good Soul Sand um let’s see here what do I want to do oh I didn’t realize I didn’t put all that stuff away oh well let me get my shovel out in trouble for now put there oh that’s why Soul Sand belly and the nether wastes okay so here nope not quite here here uh probably one more oh maybe here yeah what is that charstone okay so is it below us maybe oh no it’s we still got little ways to go now oh it’s got to be above us that’s Bedrock boy I really didn’t na it didn’t I look what I [Music] found I’m probably want to take these by the way here Blaze already oh quartz all right so I don’t need that anymore also don’t need the shovel anymore put the shovel away let’s put this down here for [Music] now Hey listen all right I will take I would take a drink okay so looking at this look at all of them I’m going to die I don’t have the ring of power [Music] yet okay I’ve got three of them oh I forgot that they’re oh man they’re going to the piglins are going to attack me too leather armor can protect against freezing damage what does that have to do with me reject you many years of such frity while you still can oh oh yeah I don’t have to worry about that cuz I’m going back I’m might need to move my spawn down below cuz well stuff and things um wish I had soak touch right [Music] now I got one oh [ __ ] I’m have to be very careful cuz I I start on fire and that’s it I’m done [Music] for oh [ __ ] oh boy the hell was that what the hell was [Music] that that’s a doom monster oh no oh not so wasn’t paying attention behind me you are mortal return and get give that beautiful creature a demonstration of this fact am I Immortal oh [Music] shoot okay who is that and where is he at hello are you up there anybody home nobody okay hold on let me I’m going to Vain mine this soulan huh here um I don’t know where he’s at oh freak okay is he back here somewhere okay I got to go home real quick and repair because you know all right uh let me put these in here there we go blaze powder yep yep yep yep yep yep yep we’ve got some blaze rods too cuz I think this makes Blaze yeah it makes six for every eight so that’s good that’s good okay put those in there we have 17 of them to open that’s going to be fun oh oops going and empty this out because I forgot last time there’s those okay all right we ready to go back oh iron iron iron hold on we got to about the fixing the pickaxe um actually it’ be cheaper probably if I do this oh no it broke my freaking Anvil that’s what I get can’t make another one right now I don’t have compressed [Music] iron okay go see if we can find where this monster is I’m going to take these with me don’t need that don’t need Cobalt I do need to eat though and I also need to find where some chest s oh I just m back around to where I oh my goodness okay so I’m telling you he’s got to be above us somewhere okay that’s not the way unless he’s in the lava and well okay it looks like we’re going to have problems going anyway [Music] there’s two spawners right in a row I’m moving in the shadows [Music] [Music] okay and unfortunately those won’t stop spawn them from spawning because of the fire the fire keeps them they can fire spawn in through far fire too so damn it I I was trying not to catch on fire what the heck is that yeah that I need to have oh ancient debris I need to have some water back like where I do SL home that I can go into is but a temporary inconvenience for a go such as you I thought he saw me for a minute I was like wait a minute I’m supposed to be a ghost for a little bit longer um this is my home right I’m going to make sure it is okay and then I just got to bring the bed with me next time I come down somehow NE gobber ore o okay so I’ve got the nether eye that’s good got another Skillet does that do more Dam which does more damage this does life steal though so um attack they both do the same amount of damage but this one has more range this one does right here but that’s okay I’ll use this seriously where are you back I’m being very careful seriously I start on fire that’s it I’m done damn it I tried to DOD it and I missed now I’m going to go fight you I was mining H Oblivion rejects you make years of such a frity v you still again okay respawn point there we go now I’ll spawn down here oh look hello anybody around all right let me go ahead and move this for a second I can use the lava against against you this’s this stuff right here want some of this come after me oo oh [ __ ] don’t you run after me like that oh thank you yes this stuff is what I I want okay what is that into the fire what wait what did I get oh I got actual Blaze Rod look at that I got a blaze rod [Music] whoop okay so here I can come up if I want to oh my goodness oh you bastard uhoh uh uhoh uhoh come on heal heal heal heal oh what are you looking at nope oh I just healed come on that was rude oh so I moved my bed down here and so you you decide to take it over what’s your name Rick damn it rick come on nice okay we going go back down underneath and keep going see it’s something up there wa I thought I picked all these up okay well that won’t work all right so where do I go from here let me let me look at the map I just had to get someplace safer Hey listen oh I don’t see the wayers there we go time to have a delicious drink huh okay so which way do I need to go it looks like I kind of came out of here already I need to go back down and then wait saying I need to go this way does this go to a different one I mean to a different oh wait a minut can’t be that way it’s got to be up minute so it’s that way okay it can’t be this far up oops that scared me just a little see I’m here again this is where wait a minute oh oh wait a minute I have a whole bunch of levels hold on wait wait wait I got five to do okay where are we going um this way yeah all right so we got two plus .1 and some more max health okay I knew I’d find it eventually I like that these are here the shroom lights we should decorate with those more often that’s for my protection Fire doesn’t need to be out it’s just for my protection [Music] oh [Music] hi and then the BT deltas there’s some more ancient debris okay never know when I might need these I keep hearing noises but I haven’t found anything yet that’s that’s um going to Mize me really bad okay wait how did I not get that one down here what does this not go anywhere well no that’s the same one okay that’s quartz or we need that all right let’s go up here little bit nerve-wracking cuz anytime I catch on fire it’s just death I think there’s lava right above here okay so let’s just do one how about that we have so much more to look at that so much more to explore this is the biggest one on the map too right now there’s other ones but this is the biggest one there’s a ghast above us see if I put out all the fires I I’ve been down that way so I can be like okay I’ve already been that way that’s a diamond one oh there’s a chest yay uh I don’t have room right now so let’s go ahead and clear it I need some more of the Argent energy uh does that still have have cuz that used to have a really good sword I don’t know if you can make it with this or if you have to use it for wait so how do you get the sword now in in this mod is it this oh well that sucks it’s not easy anymore yeah you have to find netherite scrap other wood bucket shock wve fire protection stop crawling to me okay I don’t see anything else can we use oh speaking of which um I haven’t done any of my things pro spell where I want the XP one there we go cost one point knowledge of death five cannot upgrade fine about the treasure Seeker so next one I’ll do that one that way we actually keep some of our experience which would be nice knowledge raises the soul okay next place y might have been done that way what is that that’s crying obsidian wow he there’s some more zinc we should probably get that NOP okay I am going to get my diamond pickaxe out to get that okay two blocks will be Min for that and then we can mine the obsidian only one block okay I don’t have ficiency on it yet so it’s going to take a little while just a bit oh mining two blocks yeah we want that then so we have two two new things to eat now there we [Music] go I’m going to grab some of this too for some reason I thought there was something behind me I don’t know why it just felt like it felt like something was watching me pardon me I figured it’s right here why not nothing else all right cool okay I mind all this out and right here is a way back up okay what about the um there’s ancient debris on one of those I thought oh hi there so I probably would have been back here he where did I come from I say somebody doesn’t like that I’m nearby so it must have been down lower not there so far nothing now I wonder can I get the Cobalt with why did that place I was doing scroll into it can I get the Cobalt with it we’re going to find out here in a second aren’t we yep we can get get it with that too is there anything useful with Cobalt anymore Cobalt Ingot uses what is this nice an inventory to initialize okay so whatever that is but go ahead and get the other one one too but if you notice I’m taking hunger while I’m doing this a lot of it too it’s not just a little the crank is yeah oops Hey listen that’s part of the crank is just taking the there it is oops I mine it faster with diamond but I want to at least try it okay so let me take this out there’s only one yep definitely faster with diamond I saw a couple of these I was like well you know what fine the other one was on the wall somewhere I don’t remember where but and it doesn’t really m i mean I’m not like upset or anything oh here oh I can mine it with that anyway okay thought it used to be you couldn’t mine Cobalt without having the one below it oh I didn’t go this way did I oh here’s one [ __ ] oh I’m out of arrows oh crap hold on I’m making sure I’m actually out of arrows yes I believe I am I don’t see them anywhere oh crap crap crap crap o what is that silver that’s a silver ore there we go all right that’s uranium oh God I might have to fight him I don’t have a choice I knew it I knew I wasn’t going to be able to dodge properly I’m just going to keep going now screw it here come here what are you going do set me on fire too late buddy okay I’m going to die right here I’m going to die peacefully oh you see 22 more arrows in pack okay I I’ll get them uh I’m looking not looking no more I didn’t want to look anyway please tell me it’s still upstair yeah it’s still upstairs okay wait what which which moon is it this one sounds like the Harvest Moon is it later later gator I think it might be there we go okay going back now I was able to get out har I’m going to move the villagers I just don’t know where yet it’s too dangerous to have them there all right let me look at my pack 22 look for the number 22 oh there’s a those arrows might work I don’t know if those work or not we’ll find out here in a minute nope they’re not working okay let me get this real quick ooh we got the digging Claws from my hands all right there’s those and the midnight robe that one lets me run uh faster in the dark is that body where’s the body at that’s the head that’s the back oh hi you stupid you’re not very nice I don’t like you I’m leaving now see I’m going to keep moving on now I really do need to make that water thing right back at the at the house cuz that way I won’t die all the time a damn it a but not a defeat H I’ll probably do that when I get done I’m going to roam around this a little bit more and then I’ll come back and start making some more things yeah this is these augment arrows won’t work for some oh cuz it’s for AR noo that’s right oh come on I even took my allergy medicine this morning it’s still like uh-uh you’re going to have allergies live with it okay I’m going to go oh there’s probably another one in it nope I’m not going to eat cuz what’s the purpose [Music] theise is but a temporary inconvenience for a demic such as you temporary inconvenience but I Dem God such as you like is he up there where where’s he at that he’s growling at me like that oh I didn’t mean to do that okay another quartz or we need that that I will do thank you oh shoot that’s not what I oh good gosh okay so the hand crank’s a little bit too power wait can you you can mine with the hand CR wait you can mine Netherrack with a hand crank I’m I’m sorry what no I did not know that things you learn who needs a freaking pickaxe when you go to the nether just take a hand crank with you seriously okay hold on wait let me okay it won’t do anything else besides that but look and I’m collecting all 52 64 49 what this this is oh oh oh oh I just ruined my sword I accidentally went off of okay that’s just too op I I’ve never I’m never taking a whenever I’m looking for ancient debris now I’m just going to use a hand crank I’m just going to use hand crank look at that oh yeah I can mine as much as I want as long as I’m using hand crank again you can’t do it with other ores and stuff but it it’s fine um okay hold on I got some iron on me I need to repair my sword cuz I accidentally used it to mine and that was not good yeah ra to to okay there is a slot for the back let me look and see what’s on it right now see that’s the body I saw the back at one point maybe it was up top head head um necklace wait that that’s the back wait where’s the backpack one then you can’t have both you used to be able to have both okay so what the command hold on wait um there was a command to do it um what is that called bobles No F F2 is it it bobles what what is that called um curios right uh is it curios the freak is that there was a command to add one unless it’s only in 120 I mean I’ll have my backpack back there but I was going to try and add a second one and the backpack won’t go on the body right yeah I want one of the I want to put that on too this is just wait can I oh no I couldn’t mine that oh yeah I did right there h now I couldn’t get the charge Stone so but’s see it says I can’t get the Soul Stone either but look okay I’m going to do one selenium I didn’t get S oh yes I did I got um okay well I know what to Mine with in the in the nether now I’m going to try that in 120 and see if it who gosh okay he’s gone that is awesome seriously okay what about Blackstone there’s no way I got [Music] Blackstone oh whoops oh I forgot I’m not shapeless anymore oh I’m I’m out of room hold on oh I didn’t D oh that’s right I haven’t been home enough to dump yet okay I don’t want to do it zinc because well here I can do one I might have found an exploit but I don’t think can be anything done okay so let’s try silver nope Silver’s not going to go through there’s no way silver is going to work silver block see this one says it’s not going to work and it’s taking too long but it’s with the crank we have there’s plenty of silver so I don’t care if I lose it I lose it I don’t care if I lose all of it this one’s not going to work there’s no way nope didn’t work so silver does not work but the other one does that’s good to know I’m have to make some more backup sandwiches okay so if I go yeah osum won’t work either so anything that’s it mines too slowly it’s not going to work wait a minute you what do you want how many do you want you want four to give me five uh do I have four I have three okay so I’m a little short all right there we go there’s one now won’t get that but I can use my diamond diamond sword for that so I mean diamond pickaxe um let’s go ahead and throw that away real quick where is my diamond pickaxe um did I put the stuff in here I did I put the crank in there so I’m put that back away um whoops that in there and take those two out okay what about my diamond pickaxe or did I oh it’s right there it’s right in my inventory oh wait wait wait wait wait there we go there’s two here so that would give me five and I can go turn it into the guy for the two but I don’t have a Crusher yet so right F5 yes where’s he at what’s up dude here SpongeBob get rid of some of these I want some of them cuz I’m going to cook them down and make Nether Bricks but I don’t know how many he gives so how many do you give okay there you go now give me these thank you you are awesome okay so this is good to know this is good to know um hand crank in the nether if you want to just mind and I’m not doing anything special with it I just um it does still take your food quite fast but why not right you don’t have to use a durability of a pickaxe and the durability of this never goes away you can do Blackstone with it you can do nether Netherrack with it okay so we’re we’re back up so let me buy some more skill points I got [Music] two confirm I and that’s the smartest route to go is the is the XP okay this one’s going to be a little dangerous no I didn’t open him up okay it will go through selenium too or Soul Stone whatever this called see and you get it back you actually get it so that is wicked the things you learn all right let’s go home I got to put all this stuff [Music] away all right go over here first go ahead put that in there that in there what if I don’t want a drink all right Co beans we got more ancient debris I don’t know where I’m going to put all this [Music] stuff I me see that’s going there but I have more a lot more a lot oh good we have 24 to open we’re going to do that next uh where is the yes we’re going to start putting something in there cuz we need that in there too manab boost and Thorns is the 3% warning wording yeah no I’m not use this a shipment has arrived so apparently there’s there’s a shipment here now efficiency one and Fortune 2 why can’t I just upgrade that to a diamond huh okay I need the rice too honestly the Cabbage let me see if how how this is doing over here I got lots of the beetroot let’s go ahead and do that uh let’s do cabbage next go grab it okay okay let me eat some of this I gain another heart another goo there we go um okay what was I going to keep down here oh the rice yeah that’s right okay now try put everything away nothing okay what about in here I really need to make the table what what do I need for the table glow oh we haven’t gotten glowstone yet that’s nothing too o red wool that’s gold that’s fine I already got that so I just need the glowstone H if I have some glowstone dust or uh Essence I can just go ahead and do that okay so I’m done with that let me see where did I put the ancient debris cuz I forgot I think it’s in here or the other one oh not the debris the um scraps yep because I believe like I said if you use this to turn that into that oh but you still need netherite in order to get the netherite you have to do Elvin trade well at least it’s only one instead of a freaking block I if it was a block I’d be like no that’s it I’m done I’m out all right so there’s more rice we do need to go out and plant that but I need to move the vill where am I going to move the villagers I probably have to worry about that next time I’ll probably have to worry about that next we have a lot to open here um we’re going to need some more chests or something [Music] too what is what is this toolbox you do I don’t know I’m going to come over here and I’m going to grab a couple more barrels because we’re going to need some I can’t upgrade them at the moment to where I can make them iron yet working on it there we go so with 25 bags we’re going to need them uh let’s go and those are almost gone too so I’ll have to clear those out and then we’re going to make some iron too get that out of there all right let’s see a what a dark star from mon Monsters plus durability 14 attack damage holy cow if too bad if this stuff wasn’t on there cuz that’d be a a really op sword it’s awesome I going to keep it though let’s keep it here so I can use it empty map and a purple sleeping bag uh we got algae which we have not eaten yet uh so let me put the rice in here too so I can replant that um so when we can we’ll eat that and then we also got a slime girl egg I believe that’s so we can put it into a spawner uh a pedal Apothecary a regular one a force bow and a caged heart reduces Dam reduces damage that exceeds a fourth of the max health uh beet fries another Apothecary and dyed white fairy I need to put some fairy lights out uh let’s go put this food away real quick I’m trying to keep the food separate oh actually sorry I haven’t eaten it yet so put it in here okay end boox what wait a minute what is it right click to open I got some endstone all right that’s cool now that won’t be in your guys is because that was from grimore AGA that’s an in box but I do have an emerald [Music] asso oh he’s just on fire a doughnut hole uh what is that a Dandy lifing generating flower s Pony what’s the doughnut hole is it this the flower okay a cook squid a Wisteria post I don’t know if the cook squid can go over here there we go all right a dark oak post another beet fries and a perch oh NOP Nei one of them beet fries already have in my backpack so there we go um blue chew jelly a lilac and a birch post a [Music] bundle uh a great and enemy fil violent Bloom oh um well I believe that’s what we used to C to oh to get a v what what is it used for a wilted Idol increases all damage dealt oo a Twilight Thorn that does 10 attack damage blossoming mind increases experience for mod oo okay that one that’s that’s the one I want to do that that’s it fertilizes uh fertilizes what where you slain grounded mobs oh gosh petal cream yet eaten and a and a that I think out of all those when around your neck minus 50% Max health or that one I’m going to do this one so soon as I get some amethyst shards we’re going to do that uh end Watcher and a frostbite Spear and a enchanted golden apple not yet eaten which I don’t want to eat let me see if I can put any of this stuff away there we go okay let’s keep going o a dune platter nice let’s go ahead and put that in here we have not eaten that yet experience Fountain from cogn what hold on oh it’s got It’s got a little glitch there okay what does it do cuz I don’t think I yeah wait one point left did I not use my point okay well there we go now I did I wonder if you have to put it on top of like a block or something um a tank you know okay oh and the other one is blue corundum pink hibiscus uh mutant skeleton arms okay and enriched iron grabit Your Hide oh there’s the other glider wing we need and corn dough not eaten yet we’ll put that in there I don’t know why we want to eat dough but okay another Creeper Girl egg oh that’s a Creeper Girl the other one slime girl pancake uh daffodil functional flour Cooks assistant a precision dispeller and a vacuum trap prepared meal a boomerang and a rabbit stew I think I have some of that stuff over here okay so let me put the pancake in here along with the prepared stew I think that’s it right this is a vacuum trap that’s like the Ghostbuster strap right uh petrunia a transfer Gadget and a wind Vin uh teleport probe cloth and a cry obsidian a veiled stew an end goo gooey apple and a DED light star okay uh Pink elevator a wit light and a loom oh I get to call a fortune favor again I that’s uh what you call it I get to call it’s one of the mobs that you could fight another totem of undying okay so let me see anything here okay let’s go back to this all that go in there and then we’ll start with these okay what I get after school tride must be this c kumus and a configurator and a crafting formula and then a soul Cannon Indigo Corum and Jasper stairs I I don’t think there’s going to be anything so there we go now they don’t have anym but we can take all this okay there we go and we’ll go ahead and make blocks of iron that way it’s already un blocked I put that back in there so that way it’s there all right now we need to accept our Quest too so let’s do we got that one done we got the empty and and the blaze Runners which is good the belts we got done we even went to go find the stuff and we got lucky with a couple Villages this pack definitely has lots of villages in it I like that I like when they have Villages it’s fun to go there and okay so I already did that one uh so Prosperity shards okay I don’t see any more here okay basic agriculture oh gosh we have tons here looks like we’re going to have to open some more loot bags I’m I’m sure you guys are all upset here uh you know what the these are all these okay I’m just going to go through real quick and then see so just the cake here what is this I didn’t do that one a waffle didn’t I make a waffle already I thought I made a waffle I I have all that stuff well not all of it most of it okay treasure artifacts what did I find oh yeah the Panic necklace and the cross necklace the digging claws the space dis what what does that do [Music] oh I need to make this research table all right uh we got those up there and Minecraft tools oh yeah we need we just need two more of the gold and we can start working on the diamonds as well iron furnaces a smoker and that yeah we’ll have to do that mechanism phase one we got raw [Music] osmium okay so I think that’s it uh let’s go ahead and accept them all wait till this goes away there you go collect all rewards close uh we were [Music] on create so I have 60 to open my goodness all right we ready here we go we’re going to have 60 let’s see here uh banana waffle charge pad and fluid power point Randa a chocolate waffle which we have not eaten yet let me put that in there and a controller from xnet a fried potery fried a friend Pottery Shard sorry dwarf spruce Spruce post got another goddess statue another fish we haven’t eaten yet cyane corn do I think that was that’s the one that’s in there right yeah uh corn do a heart of diamond and that what is the heart of diamond Ed for nothing I press you on it nothing happened uh cauldron Scoot and tangleberry petite arms up Pottery Shard whatever that is another cauldron which is good we need that batania Brewery ooh Target okay a pump another kikus and Knuckles let’s see hold on I’m going put it my hands guessing it make me stronger okay one more in gooey Apple pennant Bunting and mover let’s see if I can put any of this stuff away okay there’s that that that anything else is a snow go okay are we even going to have I’m probably going to have to put some more would you get out of the way please oh whoops it did open uh Shale cooked venison shakes frozen ham a fluid fluidizer controller and calendar uh we’ve got something else we can put of food we’re going to have our next um part here pretty soon blow squid suspicious stew and enriched iron okay glow wood I haven’t eaten yet uh Sky music disc a men Dora pot let’s see what this is what it’s looking at you like it it’s it blinks wonder what you do with it oh this mod just keeps getting cooler and cooler see I haven’t had a lot of lot of dealings with the mod so and a composter black lotus uh enrich diamond and Spruce post another vacuum trap a spoils bag tier 2 Force okay what’s in the spoils bag then all right we got some pie creeper Essence spider Essence and some Force gems oh it’s my iron Essence didn’t see that a metal Club 7 attack Dam nice so it’s got its own weapon system too uh died white icicle lights um a caged heart and a metal [Music] Club Longbow or tortilla who doesn’t like a good tortilla all right uh Sentry turret and yellow what does it say yellow Portuguese pavement stairs let’s go over here there some suspicious stew I think that was it oh lens clip apparently I missed that one all right 40 more to go uh Inu high high aidus and a vacuum trap pigment extractor and garden gnome I want to guard a gnome that’s cute they have some good decoration stuff and cut tentacles a reactor active Force Energy power tap and a mover a bobber and a hearty salad infused aloy died white spider light and solar wafer another glider wing and Chicken Roll um and EXO Blaze uh we’ve got some good botania stuff here a will of trog um and requester another maid doll that’s awesome I’ll put something underneath there in a little bit um and a green elevator life aggregator uh whoops he friend Potter Shard gray sleeping bag and time for a break you’re going to have to wait um green cornum small mouth bass and red snad that was actual snad some good stuff man all right Al apparently got two alga at some point yeah we’re going to need some more EMB barrels here okay keep going honey apple honey glaz walnut and withered brain is there anything else to do with that no you you have to eat it okay well that’s going to be absolutely yummy withered brain huh uh Acorn gooey cider and glowing bread is that glowing bread for something else though no I guess not um Acorn I’ve already had gooy cider wait didn’t I did I put some food up in here I did yeah the food doesn’t go in there CU it goes over with the other stuff that way if I’m looking for something to eat and I need need something regardless if it’s something I’ve eaten already in gooey Apple I I think I should put that in my backpack okay uh warp index to bind a storage Lector and press and hold oh okay um enriched gold and a tower Shield white Portuguese pavement and withered rib and a cauldron I I like the cauldrons thank you Emerald lasso good flux Point ooh that’s a good one Purple Hibiscus uh bug guts light hook and glowing life stairs TNT creamed corn and a slime Girl doll all right we’re going to put that up in here and then we’re going to put the Slime Girl doll out this one looks is going to look cute I bet uh um about up here no how about how about how about on Stope aw she’s cute okay um a spectris a conduit and um teleport probe a Dusky melet orange sleeping bag and batwing a force bow cornbread and a Heroes Medallion stor experience for you nice I don’t know if it’s over here or not no I think that’s it right yeah for food wise all right what’s next leech fiery beans and who knows what that is I’ll just throw that away uh what a glista for wings from Minecraft what is that used for oh it’s for is it for a dog oh you can make it using the angel ring [Music] too oh you can also use it for grace of Creator all right well that’s a good one to have okay then that’s actually a pretty good one to have white light Buttercup and raw duck haven’t eaten raw duck see I have all these Foods I haven’t eaten that’s going to give me more Hearts uh overw World painting drone and requester uh blue delphinium Cherrywood stars and GPS area tool carrot Sentry turret and fluid shifter Emerald bow nice Line near accelerator and blue Portuguese pavement stairs cooked duck a Canon cauldron we got the raw and the cooked another dryad doll isotropic fruit Center Fusion cloth damn there’s a lot to go through we still got 10 more all right uh sleeping bag price Pottery Shard and a raw horizonal spin tuned tuned oops okay let’s put some of this stuff away the stuff I can anyway okay nine more Mana flux a tiny potato and Cake flux field sorry bread a decorated pot and penet Bunting golden carrot a nutritional liquifier and GPS tool liquify then drink uh a duck noodles Garden another garden gnome and yellow elevator there we go oh nice a chemical oxidizer and a program controller and another heart of a diamond gooey pie dosam meter and Fortune what’s my fortune does it say Enderman in the UCB okay can I turn that into paper or something no okay we’ll just get rid of it then uh lilac Birch stairs and spawner extractor that spawner extractor is cool extract spawner cores from from vanilla spawners be prepared for a fight cool uh blazing agitator fodder and an air cannon and a dried white heart heart light and grilled corn and cut copper something there we go okay let’s uh put everything away I need to put one of these away too too there we go fantastic so I should have I should have all the quests done here right what is up with this oh go cuz I found something else didn’t I what did I find oh the heroes going die inquery it’s in there too so you get some more okay snow cap oven and orange elevator yellow sleeping bag and a raw chariz Moi an iron shield yeah another yellow elevator there we go put this way over here and a snow cap oven is that one that the the villagers will do wait where did the there was a floating one somewhere where was that at here I swear I put a floating uh doll down I was like oh I’ll put something here later oh there it is No Cap up in recipes oh okay all righty well that was good we got some good stuff today we got some good stuff done too we got a lot of create things created um we will plan on doing more next time like actually setting up machines and stuff we just got the basics done today uh we still need anite funn yeah I need to make some more um what call it uh an aite alloy now the best way to make it is probably [Music] through well oh yeah it’s through Tinkers in order to make the seared brick you have to make the grout in order to make the grout you have to have this so this is probably what we’ll set up next time I want to bookmark that uh remember it will be on Tuesday Morning Tuesday Thursdays and Saturdays now will be Monumental starting this coming week um so we’ll have a lot to do but look at look at how much we can make I mean it’s it’s good we can make quite a bit cuz we can make eight grout per and then we’ll have to use that to um make the um seared bricks and then that to make the all the different pieces to the stupid Tinkers thing so we should be back with that um on Tuesday I hope you guys enjoyed I think I’m out of here for now instead of taking a break I’ll just go ahead and end here and I appreciate everybody being here and viewing hopefully you liked it sorry we had so so many loot bags to open I probably should open them a little at time instead but um yeah I’m going to I’m going to put some more swords in there before I log off too so but I uh for now I hope you guys had a good time I’ll see you next time as always love you all game on and geek out h

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    "Mind-Controlled Zombie Girl in Minecraft School!" #clickbait #animationVideo Information This video, titled ‘hypnosis zombie girl| #minecraft #animation #anime #monster #school #viral #mosters #shorts’, was uploaded by Mr. Minecraft XD on 2024-05-17 03:47:56. It has garnered 18 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:31 or 31 seconds. Read More

  • DupeSte4lzs

    DupeSte4lzsDupeste4lzs is not your ordnary avrage lifesteal dupe server. what if i told you that there were insane magical bosses you compete to defete and get the prizes that lay at the end. thats not the only twist my server has, it also has custom made items and custom enchants making the server very fun and competitive. there are also payouts every season making it worth playing$$ come join now!!! IP: Dupeste4lzs.minehut.gg Read More

  • Stinky SMP Modded Java 1.20.1 Origins No Resets.

    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Timey-wimey Minecraft Madness”

    Looks like this meme can handle the pressure of time travel and still score a solid 39! Read More

  • Mine Stan’s Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody

    Mine Stan's Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody Dear Steve, I’m just a Creeper, misunderstood, Watching you build, wishing I could. Longing for a chance to be more than a blast, To show you my heart, not just shadows that pass. I see you mine, craft, and build with such grace, While I lurk in the dark, with a frown on my face. But deep down inside, I’m a fan of your art, Hoping one day, you’ll see me as smart. I write you these letters, pouring out my soul, Hoping you’ll notice, and make me whole. I want to be more than just a monster in… Read More

  • Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob!

    Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob! Level 999 Creeper: “I’ve been training for years, I’m basically a Creeper ninja.” Level 3 Creeper: “I may be low level, but I’ve got heart…and a short fuse.” Level 999 Creeper: “Well, this is awkward. I guess I’ll just explode now.” Level 3 Creeper: “Looks like I leveled up…literally.” #minecraft #meme #memes Read More

  • Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft Exploring Minecraft Building Ideas Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers endless possibilities for creativity and construction. From simple houses to intricate castles, players can let their imagination run wild in this virtual world. One popular building idea that players often explore is creating unique beds, such as the red bed. Building a Red Bed in Minecraft To build a red bed in Minecraft, players will need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool can be dyed red using red dye, which can be obtained from red flowers like poppies. Once the materials are gathered,… Read More

  • Orange City Minecraft Tour

    Orange City Minecraft Tour Exploring the Orange Production District in Minecraft Embark on a virtual tour of the Orange Production District created in Minecraft’s creative mode! This world tour showcases the intricate details of the district, from the exterior to the interior, with the use of cross-sectional drawings. Let’s dive into the highlights of this Minecraft creation! Mini Showcase and Interior Details The tour kicks off with a mini showcase, offering a glimpse of the intricate designs within the Orange Production District. Detailed cross-sectional drawings provide a closer look at the interior architecture, highlighting the creativity and attention to detail put into each… Read More

  • INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft – Shuckle Shack

    INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft - Shuckle ShackVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 1,000 Days in Survival Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]’, was uploaded by Shuckle Shack on 2024-06-04 13:19:11. It has garnered 13195 views and 562 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:29 or 8309 seconds. I Survived 1000 Days in Minecraft 1.20! [FULL MINECRAFT MOVIE] If you haven’t, check out another of one my videos here: https://youtu.be/Dbdn6BSaSYQ?si=qTP1OtHCWKeHLGZS This Minecraft series was inspired by people like GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100, Fwhip, Grian, MogSwamp, and more. In this let’s play series I spent hundreds of hours building a massive castle with a villager trading hall, a medieval town with… Read More

  • From Human to Caine’s Sister in Minecraft!

    From Human to Caine's Sister in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘From HUMAN to CAINE’s SISTER in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by PrincessHana on 2024-01-28 23:00:26. It has garnered 1087285 views and 12246 likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:01 or 1261 seconds. 🌼 Subscribe to the channel my daisies!! 🌼 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Dx5CzIpfctGNYsn2rVwXw?sub_confirmation=1 What’s up my doki doki daisies!? I’m Princess Hana and welcome to my video! Today, PrincessHana finds Caine’s magic cane, and accidentally turns herself into his sister! As she transforms, she becomes more and more like a girl Caine. Will she ever turn back to normal? Watch until the end to find out! ADC… Read More

  • “Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥” #minecraftmods

    "Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥" #minecraftmodsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Realistic MC RTX 4090 😍😍🤤 #minecraft #minecraftmods’, was uploaded by Nabi Gaming on 2024-04-19 19:24:26. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. MINECRAFT WITH ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS Minecraft REAListic Graphics Minecraft REAL LIFE Extreme Graphics Minecraft in hardcore Incredible Minecraft Graphics Ultra REALISTIC MINECRAFT How to Build a Snowy Cottage How to Build a Starter House Minecraft Minecraft Blacksmith house Minecraft Snowy Cabin MINECRAFT WINTER CABIN MINECRAFT WINTER HOUSE Realistic MC RTX 4090 Minecraft best shaders Minecraft Shader Comparison Minecraft Ray Tracing Minecraft REAL… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Hacks You Have to See!Video Information This video, titled ‘”Unbelievable Minecraft Hacks You Need to Try!”Mughal Gamerz’, was uploaded by Mughal Gamerz on 2024-07-15 07:48:04. It has garnered 84 views and 22 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. #MughalGamerz #MughalGamerzYoutube #MughalGamerzYTChannel Here’s a suggested description for a Minecraft Shorts video designed to go viral on YouTube: — 🔥 Welcome to my Minecraft Shorts! 🔥 In this video, we dive into [brief summary of content, e.g., epic builds, crazy hacks, or insane moments]! Watch as I [specific highlight, e.g., create a massive castle in under a minute, showcase unbelievable redstone… Read More

  • Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20

    Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20Video Information This video, titled ‘I BUILD MOST EFFICIENT GOLD FARM IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT 1.20’, was uploaded by CherryON on 2024-01-12 11:36:43. It has garnered 10189 views and 238 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. #cherryongaming #minecraft #minecraft100days #minecraftshorts #minecrafthardmode #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes \ FIND ME ON // 📧BUSINESS QUERIES MAIL : [email protected] 🟣INSTAGRAM ► @aa.k.a.s.hh https://www.instagram.com/aa.k.a.s.hh 🟣DISCORD ► @CherryON Gaming https://discord.gg/dSuuqpNnF9 …………………………………………………. \ EPIC VIDEOS LINKS // ENDER DRAGON ► https://youtu.be/lcXYUIWlIPw?si=y3yq61tbCex7eENX WARDEN ► https://youtu.be/sNWyRAfTQCQ?si=QFTRbe6xVLFt9kbl PARK THEMED BASE ► https://youtu.be/dVVgf0UpXPg?si=eNAF6CBX2FK03x4n (Unique Design!) HARDCORE STARTING ► https://youtu.be/uHQPipz6UbY?si=GCM_g2ygt1NJ6gvR (FULL of Fun) Iron Farm ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZ-fc4e27E (Unique Design!) ……………………………………………………. Read More

  • Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!

    Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!Video Information This video, titled ‘Beefing with my minecraft egg but she can talk ew’, was uploaded by Doge cliff vods on 2024-06-11 06:21:20. It has garnered 5710 views and 286 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:36 or 8316 seconds. Follow Tubbo on: TWITTER – https://twitter.com/TubboLive INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/tubbolive/ DISCORD – https://discord.com/invite/tubbo TWITCH – https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE! INSANE Minecraft Kingdoms Episode 1 ft. thijsSVGVideo Information This video, titled ‘Kingdoms Minecraft #1 (ft.thijsSVG)’, was uploaded by DynoGG25 on 2024-03-16 16:02:13. It has garnered 49 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 05:01:48 or 18108 seconds. Read More

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    Insane Reaction: First Time Playing Hardcore Minecraft! 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘PLAYING HARDCORE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – Minecraft Live 🔴shorts stream’, was uploaded by Chazyyyboi on 2024-06-07 20:54:22. It has garnered 1272 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 02:00:13 or 7213 seconds. Watch the Longform stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8nnFkCWNo8 ⭐Become a channel member to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/c/Chazyyyboi/join 💲All donors get a mob in the Realm! Mob prices: https://bit.ly/mobprices 🙏Special thanks to @imbadatvideogames9770 and @MrSamisue27 ==================================================================================================== 🔴This stream has an estimated length of 2 hours 🙂 🎚️Music used (credit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3DUf4Emog ==================================================================================================== Like my videos? Feel free to support me and… Read More

  • INSANE XD HUMOR: Spongebob Terror Shorts

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  • mcfox

    mcfox狐狸伺服 | mcfox.xyz | 1.20.x | 友善生存 伺服器IP: Java: mcfox.xyz(1.20.x) PE: mcfox.xyz Port: 19132 (最新版) Open the Minecraft launcher, next click the “Play” button, then select “Multiplayer” from the main menu. Click the “Add Server” button to open the server information form then copy & paste the IP Address mcfox.xyz in the “Server Address” box then press click on “Done” button. Once the connection to the server is verified by Mojang session servers and is available, the connection icon will turn green and you can click on the “Join Server” button to play on 狐狸伺服|mcfox.xyz. mcfox.xyz Read More

  • DysonSphere Modded

    The Dyson Sphere Modpack Created by SphereMC Enjoy a blend of mods including Create & Addons, Mekanism, Gregtech+Space Addon, new building materials, decor, Valkyrien Skies, Eureka ships, and airships! Server Whitelist-only server with a fantastic community and engaging modded experience using our blend of mods. Simple and quick whitelist process! Updated modpack ⭐ What Sets This Modpack Apart? Introducing The Dyson Sphere modpack. Built on Minecraft 1.20.1, inspired by ‘All the Mods 9’, trimmed for gameplay and performance optimization. Ideal for adventurers and tech enthusiasts with modded biomes, magic, technology like Create and its addons, Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies…. Read More

  • Mystic_Isles

    Mystic_IslesWelcome to Mystic Isles! We are currently only a Factions server, we WILL be adding more game modes in the future. ACTIVE: FactionsComing Soon: SkyblockComing Soon: SurvivalComing Soon: PrisonVersions: 1.10-1.21 Read More