UNBELIEVABLE: PayMeInPancakes dominates RL Craft on Day 1!

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hello I should be live if I set everything up correct how is everyone doing this fine morning I think fire gamer is here but I am unsure who else is here we got two people hello everyone hope you’re having a fine wonderful morning at least I know I am so we are playing uh rlcraft so basically hey kiwi oh oh oh no no already so basically we’re playing um the super tough rlcraft um mod pack where basically um 30 minutes later I decided to start a bit early cuz I actually woke up on time oh creeper please Creeper Creeper no oh no please yeah oh oh no no no no no no no no no oh come on please please Little Child leave me alone oh gosh yeah so so basically if you don’t know what this um mod pack is it’s a super difficult mod pack it’s got like a few realistic things it’s not it’s a video game of course it’s not going to be realistic but you have this kind of Health System you instantly die if your head goes um like all the way down body see that on my hot bar there’s also a temperature gauge so if I get too cold for too long I will definely die uh there’s also I got to keep track of water and a few other things yeah rare withering zombie of restri it’s a baby zombie yeah I don’t I don’t know if that was rare but basically we have very small goals this um stream while I’m live for about 2 and 1/2 hours I think that’s how much time I got hello Mr villager what do you got gas TI for a sapphire dragon bones for a sapphire bro but basically we have some very small goals one of which is we are going to be trying to get as much xp as humanly possible and um so that’s from killing mobs doing other specific tasks you can actually get XP from farming also these guys got to look pretty cute oh they gave me hunger yeah but there’s a lot of different ways to get XP mostly best oops oh please oh okay guess I’m fine go mostly the best way to get it is from these villagers so selling paper Acorn don’t mind if I do also can you can you let me let me let me in one of the best ways or one of the reasons why I need XP mostly is for these skills because I am unable to use any armor except for leather armor currently ooh I’ll gladly take that yeah so I can only use leather armor and stone tools until I get enough XP to actually allow myself to get the correct items that we need oh hello don’t mind if I do yeah so here’s a perfect example I cannot it won’t let me put these on I need defense eight though I bet you I could take that oh I I can’t even use that Shield oh well I got the axe chain wol far oh I am somehow getting oh there’s lava there so that’s why I’m like dying of heat yeah so I can’t use any of this though yeah so classic blacksmith I know oh another one of you gladly take that and do you have a lesser sharpness I’ll take that Compass Don’t Mind If I Do ah now I can actually see my coordinates oh oh please please wa was that thing I don’t know what you are all right temp temporary house I’m putting all my stuff in here ow come on come on I don’t know if this is a Who good of a place to live what is what what are you guys doing Monster oh I’m actually killing them quite easily get to oh all right I I kind of deserve that oh also I can’t no sir sir sir [Music] sir no come on I I if you haven’t noticed I am going to die quite a lot during the stream uh it doesn’t matter how good I am at the game I will basically always die come on get down here no why are you here all right what’s going on up here oh they’re fighting get them how low are you you’re actually decently low getat him no you’re not allowed to kill me there we go ooh 3 XP we are going to D that directly into farming cuz I can’t even harvest wheat yet like I can’t I can’t even Harvest any crops o XP Don’t Mind If I Do made that made me alt tab it scared me cl that door behind me all right we got a frost charge Don’t Mind If I Do was that a fart what do you mean a fart my legs broken Oh my legs are broken no it was not I’m going to borrow this real quick oh I completely skipped um the normal progression that you’re supposed to do right at the beginning of you have to get Like Flint tools cuz uh you’re you can’t even punch down trees like it’s it’s not a thing you can do you have four XP oh thank you what are we so we’ll put one more skill into farming I’ll leave that alone then we’re going to do say we’re just going to dump it into defense and now we should be able to harvest wheat yay now it gives us where did I get the Apple oh hey hey chickens don’t don’t mind me oh I can’t use that oh let me pick up the stuff bam oh did I forgot to do that oh well there we go I’m collecting so many chickens where are the where are these guys coming from can I Unbreak My legs please I I am so slow o bounty board anything good Bone Fish Red Shuma where do I get a red Shuma s HR oh that’s a fish all right let’s dump these levels into there hello Mr Bo bco oh I can’t even use you yet yeah so basically we are just trying to upgrade our armor there are some few Final Bosses ooh I need magic for to wear gold armor I might dump some levels into there ow you don’t you don’t have to be rude like that game and is there any more there should be all right let’s chop down some trees I need wood yeah you should grab oh I should grab the chest very smart very smart also there’s no natural regen I don’t believe so I I can’t regen any My Hearts by eating food which absolutely oh I can’t grab you yet I already got you I got permanent slowness too until I Unbreak My legs let’s actually grab the real quick what we’re going to we’re going to do a do a special thing also you cannot craft planks you need an Axe and you got you got to chop them up uh Ro oh I completely forgot you got to you got to do the same thing whoop There we go lots of sticks very good all right we’re going to make a quick lock pick there we go that that 47 I I’ll take that actually no I want that bed got a fried egg yo I didn’t I didn’t realize that all right now all right we got to chop down a few trees but how are how are you guys doing today this fine morning for whoever showed up we got yeah kiwi en cam it and fire gamer so far feel like I could complete that don’t I just need wait fishing rod bottle enchanting Greenhouse Redstone cooked chupacabra meat yeah tired this morning yeah I’m pretty tired too to be honest oh we also got a chop down any birch trees we see I’ll explain them once I find a birch tree Timber ooh I got to go up to that Tower though first I need to like yes nymph get over here give me give me your Regen yay Pebbles oh yeah I got to pick up Pebbles first I need to regen my health and also it’s getting nighttime hopefully there’s no dragons near here famous last [Music] words I should good enough oh man I got to get bit better at my commentary but you know it’s it’s day one I’m going to be streaming a lot more it’s fine all right let’s get the good loot in here nothing I me oh don’t mind if I do some armor finally wooden sword not bad and then lots of arrows and I’ll grab that iron sword is there anything cool going on uh oh I got to go down to that building yippe oh I’m going to eat this suspicious stew and see if I get oh I can’t eat it all right I think I’m going to take over this house down here is my house well temporarily until I build my own house mostly because could a swor it had oh there it is that Mr Squid oh there we go lots and lots of good loot we got chain armor which we need defense four we’re going to just dump that all in here and do we have any Cobblestone no all right I’m going to pick up some Pebbles and let’s get ourselves pickaxe or something I don’t know chicken oh your friend died I believe that okay I guess those don’t hurt you apparently oop oop upep here let’s there we go we got some good music on your boy guys um you should the song that I’m playing right now is Beed by your boy Sam you should check him out his link is in the description I believe you guys can hear the music it should be quiet though all right how many rocks do we got five that’s plenty you can’t hear any music yeah that should help oh I need these berry bushes give me that chicken it’s like Mega quiet well it’s not supposed to be super loud I got my chest is that how I hold the chest just look at [Music] him oh let me through let me through yeah I guess I’ll turn up the music a bit cuz why not my own Mr chest no I didn’t bam yippe let’s sort you real quick grab you grab you there we go now let’s find let’s find some birch trees or actually first I’m going to craft myself you turn you into string and then I actually don’t need the string on me currently come on come on do a little bit of exploration nothing too crazy though though I just want to find some birch trees wow oh there’s another Village I got my wool chest plate on so nothing can I love still covers your eyes I’m just I’m just a I’m just a little bit legally blind you know I’m fine I’m doing fine better not be a dragon right over here that’s an arrow hello sir ancient fishing spear ancient fishing spear I did not bring any food with me who’s got food I’m stealing your food oh you you did not build your house in a good spot sir no one’s got food bro how oh I I need water give me water give me water it won’t let me drink oh and there’s some food oh more food let’s go he come on boop boop oh I hit a lag Spike there and’ll grab you and then also I do need the bushes themselves though that’s going to be quite a Wild’s way until I need these all right where do we go next let’s go over there D Mr villager he that’s a lot of zombies Die oh it’s getting Night Time come on get out of here oh that’s a special one I think I could kill it oh maybe not NOP leave me alone oh I got a blast you guys have beds right you don’t what kind of Village doesn’t have beds oh I’m starving wait I thought I picked up all the wall where’s the wool where’s the lamb sauce I need the lamb sauce where’s the lamb sauce here we [Music] go [Music] actually turn that up a bit more ah yes there’s tons of Monsters Everywhere We we’re fine I’m just going to quickly head into the forest I need Z berries wherever those are bro where or where did the berries go I’ll take [Music] that come me up oh there’s another Village over [Music] there I might as well head towards that Village and my foot all right so these dudes over here you cannot run oh thank you kiwi with that oh we wanted to put that into magic these dudes are friendly unless you run near them don’t know why oh that is not a village I don’t know what that is hopefully it’s got food I should probably head back to the oh wait squid get over here I need your [Music] soul yes thank you I could eat the ink sack you know people do that oh it’s one of these all right all right you usually have a lot of food yep it’s the one I’m thinking about all right is there any chests I can snag right [Music] away [Music] I don’t know what happened there but you know I don’t mind oh there’s lots of scary moners down here down stop good all right let’s make ourselves some new tools I don’t know if I can do that [Music] all right let’s just toss out of the chunk though uh we will actually grab [Music] you put you there bam B this seems nice and lit up so you know we should be fine not going over there that’s very rude oh we need water please sir give me some water I’ll be fine without water for a little bit you know who who needs to who needs to drink water like come on no one no one needs to drink water oh I’m too good okay [Music] nothing ah [Music] fine uh that’s not all right guys this is what we call restarting cuz I’m about to die oh come on all right um my I I slept I even grabbed the waste all right well this is what we call a tactical restart hey I guess we get to I guess we get to you know go back to what we were doing before we will probably die quite a few times if I find another Village man I thought I was doing so good where’s the gravel at give me give me the gravel oh a a Yale it’s the gravel I just need Gra there we go so Bas yeah how the um this mod pack Works basically is if you don’t set your spawn correctly like I did um you you respawn randomly just completely random so I I don’t know where I am I’m probably a couple hundred blocks away from where I died originally there there’s no hope in getting it back also there is no coordinates I I can’t I can’t use coordinates until I get a compass of some sort I don’t want to be in this Forest that is it’s a that’s a very nice door you got there oh okay give me the gra Give me the give me the stuff there we go all right give me stick perfect lint shards yeah so this is how your actually supposed to start give me the plant fibers to make string let we do string to make a flint Hatchet yippe this is what we call tactical restart you know I did that on purpose I could have sworn I set my spawn oh well that make ourselves a crafting table and then we are skipping Wood Tools I’m not I’m not doing wood tools oop po sir leave me [Music] alone sir oh okay yeah you too oh I see a thing oh that is I I cannot challenge that dungeon please please sir all right I I leave you alone what is about to get night time where did I get mining fatigue from what just happened there all right let’s go grab some grass hopefully no things spawn while I’m doing this I need quite a lot of this or actually get over here I’m sorry get over here [Music] you only gave me one white wool two a Reaper better not spawn thank you there we go we’re doing good we got two levels what are we going to spend on I spend on something probably attack oh Mr skeleton over [Music] there pickaxe I’m going to make [Music] a wahoo all right let’s make some string make a handle turn these rocks into stone and we got our sa for saber and then most things are going to onshot me anyways so I don’t really feel like there’s a point to making a wooden Shield so I’m going do big brain gamer move and we are going to make a second saber ha look at me look at me I’m so cool I’m not oh I got to I got to make a stone axe there we go now these mans that have threatened me shall do wield I know you you are not don’t look at me like that just a little creeper uh let’s make a furnace creeper creeper no creeper [Music] [Music] no ah we need a little bit [Music] more there we go Mighty find F we I feel like you could let’s go grab some [Music] coal and let’s use up this XP let’s just put it into mining I [Music] guess deicious all right while that’s smelting what we got going on around here the gravel [Music] Mountain oh okay I got a creeper head look at me my creeper [Music] [Music] head I need water all right I want to personally I can find a village in a birch Forest that would be the best thing possible yeah nope got to get away from that lava pool those spawn horrible monsters about um beyond your comprehension not really Beyond it’s just a lot of fiery monsters that’ll kill me like instantly no that’s not what I was thinking of thought it was a certain [Music] structure water melon please oh I was mining that there was a sunflower in that watermelon is that a village oh it’s a broken house don’t believe you’ve got anything in it oh no but that’s a village give me all your loot okay you don’t have any loot give me all your sticks hey it’s so calm over here hey yeah I’m just playing rlcraft just chilling it it’s calm for a little bit until you know I lose all my progress and die you know was very good very fun all right give me all those sticks that is a village yeah so how you been doing Red Sea Theory you doing good this fine day all right Mr villagers it’s time for me to pillage everything you own including this Emerald I will I will gladly take that I need a backpack oh you take string I will be I will be back for you okay that did not work as as planned but you know I’ll be back for you so much food what let’s we’re going to just loot this CH Village and just toss everything in chests right [Music] here not really I got my French final exam and I’m not that confident but you know just relaxing trying to find streams like yours hey well good luck on your final exam or Yeah final exam oh I am like burning up but good luck to you uh I’m sure you’ll do fine but uh to make you feel better I completely failed well I never took French but I I failed Spanish I was terrible at it oh give me this yo oh I need to need to cool down for a second is this creeper head like making me overheat or am I like in a desert I don’t I don’t know well hey Mr villager paper lure one all right let’s keep looting ow parasites oh a diamond skirt Don’t Mind If I Do Well I I look gorgeous I I can’t actually wear it though doesn’t actually do anything for for me very sad and I got to work on one texture for oh that sounds terrible oh that does not sound very fun at all well 4 hours straight doing one thing trust me it is e all right let’s get that magic up now now I need a few more [Music] levels all right come on can you let me there we go and I can now wear my gold armor yippe there we go getting lots of XP from all this wheat ne how are you doing any sadness any happiness around well um this is my first stream back on YouTube um for I haven’t been making too much content for quite a while so this is like I’ve been gone for like well I haven’t posted a video in like almost a year and lives like I have haven’t done a good proper live stream in quite a while but I’m I’m coming back to doing a few things here on YouTube which is you know it’s just a fun thing might not turn into anything might not you know but I just find it fun just to chill here play some games let’s grab that is there any other houses I missed but um I’m also using this as is an opportunity to completely fix my sleep schedule as I’m streaming at 8:00 a.m. so nice early morning stream though 8:00 a.m. isn’t really too early for a lot of people it’s pretty early for me cuz I’m the type of person to go to bed or not go to bed uh wake up at like 10: just like it’s not it’s not too great but other than that I’m just going to um school I’m about to graduate actually uh it’s a tech school so it’s not high school or anything like that about to graduate college and then I will finally get myself a decent job hopefully Seven Levels Don’t Mind If I Do Is dump that all into defense all right I think I might chill in this Village for a bit could use some wool let’s see two raw be all right I could do that let’s go find a cow hey but once this test is done you it’s not going to be too stressful after that cuz it’ll be done and over with so it will be quite stressful until you know you actually take that test cows [Music] get I’m sure the dragon won’t see me [Music] right got a blast oh I’m I’m I’m dead um so this stream is no longer going to be relaxing I’m going to die 20 30 times over in this night oh nope nope nope got a blast I still want this thing o oh all right we’re going to chill in this house for a little bit you know we we’re going to die quite a lot tonight no come on oh come on come on please yeah I don’t I don’t know if we’re going to we’re going to be able to do too much right now wow it’s 8:00 a.m. it’s 5:00 p.m. for me but yeah fix oh my gosh what’s happening fix sleep schedule yeah yeah I I just got to fix oh come on can you a Reaper level six that’s like three Re they can they can go through walls please please leave me alone it doesn’t matter if I stay in this house that can go through walls cannot you cannot no back back demons back back no no back stay back you cannot attack me I attack you oh my gosh please please sir Reapers there’s four of them how is there four stay back all right I hope you the best I know from total stranger is pretty nonsense but I’ll come back some days later have a nice one bud all right um yeah have a good one I’m sorry the stream’s not so much relaxing anymore good luck on your test oh please please leave me alone I’m getting spawn camped over here you don’t see me me alone leave me alone leave me alone me alone no please all right they’re almost dead they’re almost dead we got them got a blast no no let me through no no I got fear so it makes me not even want to walk in the same direction come on please no I don’t want to go in the house leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone oh they’re fighting get them oh get them oh get them they’re fighting e them wait while they’re fighting I should probably grab some stuff oh man they they’re they’re going at it where did I die oh they’re coming down there’s my weapon I need weapon where is my [Music] sword can I use a bow oh I don’t have a bow you cannot defeat me oh they’re gone yay oh there’s they just they killed all the villagers all right I guess I’m moving again let’s just grab the essentials we got a ways down here where should have had more stuff uh probably despawned all right let’s grab some baked potatoes some cooked chicken crafting table you let’s just grab all all the be Necessities you you don’t need you right now and we got to find a new Village so I am going to harvest all this wheat first due to the fact bingus what do what did I do something why are you call why are you calling me a Bing I guess how are you doing Ki though in this fine fine lovely morning I get Reaper claw no I’m just being silly tired yeah I had to I was not waking up pretty well so I had to me too oh yeah oh you you haven’t you haven’t talked in the chat yet oh and what happened to your message but okay your message just disappeared I didn’t even get to read your name oh well all right let’s [Music] find all right let’s dump this all into [Music] defense I do got to say though like I’m going to say this again like go go in my description and check out out your boy Sam he makes some awesome music and that that is currently playing right now go go give him some support all right I I need to make a pickaxe oh oh I can’t get my stuff back but I’m here well I can’t get the stuff that I had on me but I can at least grab o I wear chain pants yo is there anything in here doesn’t look like it yo I made it back I’m back oh oh okay that’s I was about to say what is that oh wait does that mean I can wear you 13 roughly the same it seems like that gold armor is slightly better all right well I’m still going to go on a journey to just find a better place to live cuz I can get back here yeah I got my armor on yeah I’m back to the original Village I’m going to head back to that other Village cuz I’ve already explored a bit over here oh I need four levels [Music] bro all right how am I going to get these levels little pig little pig oh come on stop it no no no no I said no no yeah that’s another thing about this mod pack every time you kill something as a small chance to spawn a Reaper there there we go I got my levels all right before I head out and also give me that regen I am going to quickly grab uh did I I think I left my bow and arrows in here yeah my arrows do I got my bow yes sir I can use that right oh I need agility too I can grab that that’s like super easy to get all right we’re going to come back for all this stuff later but I need to find the ideal location cuz in this mod pack I need the ideal location for getting as much xp as possible so we are going to go back here and it’s time to do some exploring all right well not in that direction that’s the ocean the ocean is very dangerous there is way too many creatures and you can’t actually swim it’s got like the old Minecraft swimming mechanics it’s like Terri crab look at him look at him ow you rude that’s rude fishing yeah I can go fishing but um there is a certain thing so normal fishing rod is uncraftable now so I have to craft this though I need an ancient fishing rod which I can’t craft to craft to fishing rod so I got to find one which is a little annoying but you know it’s fine could have sworn I had oh well sleeping a bed a little annoying but does it matter no not really all right we’ll grab some wool grab some let’s grab this crafting table and then let’s go exploring oh wait any bounties I can do nope all right there was a dragon that direction so I’m going to head this direction I believe there was a dragon that direction yes yes there is hopefully I can find just a birch Forest that’s all I want a village in a birch Forest oh did the music stop there we go what’s the Birch for so paper can be crafted by combining two birch logs and one of the best ways to get XP is trading with villagers and birch trees are less likely to kill you because every time you break a crop there’s a chance to spawn a mob that will basically instantly kill me until I get diamond armor and chopping down birch trees will still spawn that mob occasionally but a lot less often and also birch trees are easier to grow than um what’s it called sugar cane and also I need farming 12 for sugar cane that’s absolutely terrible yeah so that’s why I really want a birch forest or at least a birch tree so I can grow my own that’s mostly the reason I need a pickaxe cuz I’m going to go back into that dungeon and break those spawners cuz they can give those give me a lot of XP oh 4 XP uh what did we need for the bow we need agility to yes I can use a bow hello Mr mans [Music] oh that doesn’t seem dangerous at all not at all nurer and now I need pickaxe Perfect all right we’ll go in there in just a second I want to break those two spawners cuz it’s pretty sure you get like four levels every time you break a spawner and I’m not risking killing mobs cuz uh if a light mob spawns I am I’m dead and I’m not getting my stuff back also I need [Music] water and also I’m pretty sure the these spawners can drop loot which is nice oh chain helmet nice and a piece of redstone I can’t use Redstone I need building bro why do you got to hurt me like [Music] this a snail can I pick it up oh all right you’re dead oh 11 levels I didn’t even realize that let’s let’s boost defense a bit and then get up our attack and then dump the rest in I don’t know mining [Music] H pretty interesting little building I gladly take you though one little I I don’t think I can actually use it oh did someone die here who died here I think someone died here huh oh well oh I should probably grab one of [Music] these that’s a lot of scary noises there try to blow up your um PC with extreme shaders um um I ow oh NOP nope let me out of here let me out let me out let me out let me out got a blast get out of here get get up on out of here we have any string I [Music] do uh how do I make you oh I need [Music] all right well I guess I can’t make a bandage come on Sir get get up get get out of here why is there so many [Music] wait oh you’re [Music] talented Pro Gamer oh iron ingot those dudes actually drop good stuff all right I’m going to head back to that Village I guess I don’t really see indeed um I think well I don’t think I don’t know if my PC would break but preferably I’d like to keep my frames pretty high for the the stream can I it’s already on fan fancy smooth lighting brightness bright yeah I don’t think I can really get a higher setting than that I’m in school right now but if this is a vid I’ll watch the rest raater hey thanks thanks Damian oh you’re in school right now thanks I don’t know if you’re in like a study hole or something then but I’ll just I’ll just type that so you can see that oh I am I am dying oh no please uh let me have some more there we go hey just just C or something like that how are you doing hey minimum is here everyone’s everyone’s getting here now all right let’s get back to that Village before I die who’s doing the little party thing and the little the reaction thing I’m newe to this channel hello welcome d uh this is um this is rlcraft it’s a difficult mod um if you want me to give a I’ll give a short explanation I just got to get to my bed before I have I completely die people are spamming the party popper thing let’s get to a bed come on yeah so it’s um it’s rlcraft basically it’s a more difficult Minecraft it’s got crazy mobs crazy dungeons dragons basically everything will instantly kill you um I right now can only wear chain and gold armor I can’t even put iron armor yet um you’ve got these skills um I think I need defense 12 for iron armor I believe and I need XP to gather that but oh defense8 oh was 12 oh diamond is 16 oh I’m actually close to iron armor but basically what I’m doing right now is trying to find just a better place to live I I don’t necessarily want to live in this Village one cuz uh a black plague started and it killed all the villagers and killed me like 40 times over there was like 10 grim reapers it was it was not fun during your you’re going to see me die quite a lot during this stream it doesn’t matter if I have full enchanted diamond I will get one shot cuz there’s this thing right here if I get too much damage in the head or body I instantly die no matter what health I’m at and the worst part of that is skeletons always aim for the head so you know and most mobs always aim for the head or body so it’s not too fun so right now my goal is to find a birch tree or a birch Forest solely cuz I can turn birch logs into paper and paper I can trade with villagers and just get tons and tons of XP so right now I’m just exploring around trying to find a better place to live head shot yes and currently I can only use stone tools oh I have not looked at my quests oh man wait what’s Quest claim all pretty sure there’s a yeah classy hat hat storage ooh I like this hat let’s put that on oh that just that’s okay that doesn’t really work out too well it’s good hat tiny head po that’s that’s actually great oh nymph do I need any healing uh no I don’t yeah but basically just trying to get through this mod pack slowly but surely my end goal is to kill a malit I believe I think that’s what it’s called that’s one of the Final Bosses and I I’m trying to complete it with by the end of this month so I have never got past the Flint axe part yeah that part is a bit annoying oh I need water I should start mining sand and purifying water but um yeah I’m just trying to get as much xp as possible in any means necessary oh hello what’s going on here oh fire get out of here we don’t need no fire this just loot scattered around on the ground hello sir you Diamond horse armor ooh a saddle that’s actually really good I want to find a horse now wherever I could find one miss all right I I guess I’m not allowed to get him beat him up beat him up get him slap him in the face get him get him beat him up yeah that dude almost killed me and now he got beaten up it’s oh what might you be feel like going in the swamp is not a good idea but um how uh how is everyone doing uh it’s early morning for me right now at least I’m feeling quite tired but excited to do some more live streaming cuz uh for those of you who are new um I have not streamed in quite okay we do not go we do not go over here we we run we got to blast we got to get out of here oh but I want to see what’s in that building I’m sure it’s fine but I haven’t I haven’t streamed in quite a while nor have made YouTube videos but I am coming back full swing right now well starting today at least my first stream back in quite a while I’m a I’m a risk it that that Dragon won’t see me right cut to the part where I died to the dragon yeah Dragon won’t see me oh good evening uh let me take all of your loot you you guys had one stone ax to your name what do you guys oh wait oh well all right so you know it’s not it’s not really a lot but take the stew ow oh ow oh you did that on purpose didn’t you Mr villagers I’ll be fine oh that’s a actually why are you all blocked off some of the mods Make Me Remember the old days oh ow that’s quite rude whoop oh four levels let let’s dump oh no I want those logs all right die potato oh hello don’t mind if I do Mr zombie where’d you come from he baby zombie I need water water oh I got parasites uh oh all right okay yippee let’s go grab our stuff oh still got a little potato on my head it looks like I got hit in the head no randomly dies that that will happen quite a lot trust me yeah I’m going to be dying quite a lot during this stream and the next couple of streams what I need to do looks like a cartoon character that got hit by a wooden Mallet that is so true what I mostly need to do is is um actually I might be able to make it I might be able to make it to the Village I need to I need to sleep but um I need to get myself a flying Mount so I can actually explore properly but that requires effort and also I need cave troll leather and I don’t think I am getting that anytime soon cuz those things can and they will kill [Music] me that was some epic parkour on those lily pads boom boom bam all right let’s get back to my stuff hopefully it’s not all gone by the time I get there but what I need from this place is you see all that wool on the side of the building that’s a very valuable material cuz you can turn it into string string can be used in like so many crafting recipes and also I can turn it into XP which is the main goal my main goal is to blow up and then act like I don’t know nobody Mr Dragon please leave me [Music] alone all right I need my boots my pants spend XP yeah I gotta ah there’s my pants oh can I spend it on defense I can’t very sad let’s spend it on Magic for [Music] healing whoa what the heck oh no I didn’t mean to hit you no I didn’t I didn’t mean it I’m sorry no please wait I think I’m going to yeah I’m going wrong [Music] direction I did I didn’t mean to hit that man’s okay hopefully those things will be despawned by the time I get there emphasis on hopefully is that a rabbit oh if there that is another thing I got to look out for if I find a rabbit I’m making a rabbit farm right away the reason for that is for rabbit feet um if you get enough of them you can tame a Griffin and then you can fly oh Griffins will also like to you know kill you so it it I’ll probably die before I tame it but you know rabbits feet if I can find rabbits then that would be perfect Mr Dragon please don’t kill everyone that would be great that would be preferred everyone despawn sweet don’t give me my stuff all right what do we got in here torches unlock you later all right so we are going to chill here for a bit I am quickly going to grab some Cobblestone I’m going to make a furnace and you will see the reason why in just a second as I don’t want to spend 10,000 years here mining out all of the wool those are those are slabs okay wow thank you very much aren’t there furnaces are there no I didn’t think there was cooked mushroom can I eat that believe I can no I don’t see any oh there we go yeah Dragon you just stay there sir yes hey James plays how’s it going hope you’re having a great evening morning night or whatever you’re doing it’s a oh I was I was I thought it was a friendly dancing spider it was it was just dancing around wait what is this mod pack this would be rlcraft so basically just a extremely difficult mod pack with um Health thirst but bunch of other things let’s make those shoes but um it’s a it’s a pretty fun mod pack though I do die quite a lot cuz I can basically get one shot I I’m not I’m not leveled up enough on the I can’t all right let’s let’s get the what do I need what what is that Gathering here we go uh can you get it on the PS5 no sadly not this is a uh it’s a mod it’s not so this is modded Minecraft um I don’t know how to mod on the PS5 but I don’t believe you can cuz PS5 would be Bedrock Edition I believe supposed to One V one my classmates who’s don’t know how to play Minecraft today and he’s is not online oh he he chickened out oh oh he he left you I need a chest he chickened out he left you behind oh how how dare your friend do that yeah but basically I don’t think you can get this mod pack on PS5 but I may be wrong I believe it’s a Java only mod pack which on Java this mod pack is completely free your channel looks pretty cool hey thanks I’m just coming back from a big long um break on YouTube but I am coming back full swing going to go now good luck man all right I hope I see you again another time but have a have a great night JC do you remember me if it’s the same JC I’m thinking about you were one of my first 100 subscribers I’m guessing you uh got a new uh YouTube uh new YouTube account again I hope you do good all right I’ll see you around James I believe uh yeah if I’m correct that’s the same JC yep same guy different account I knew it I knew it oh give me that wool but how how you been doing it’s been quite a while to be honest just grabbing all this wool and then I think I’ll head back to that other Village trade all of this string or as much as I can at least oh I should probably first let’s pick up all this I need to make some sticks the villagers when you start shearing their house I’m sorry I need this wool I do need it though like I actually do cuz look at look at this look at this one stack of wool is that much string it’s four string for a wool it’s it’s a little too good these poor villagers are about to have nothing speaking of villagers do any of you buy string perhaps you know I’d like to sell um oops give me that I’d like to sell some of my Wares uh does no one no one no one buy string absolutely no one you sir do you buy string no you don’t all right no one here buys string that’s so sad all right I’m going to keep taking their taking their house there we go all right I think there was an upstairs ah yes don’t mind if I do actually is there even an upstairs upstairs ooh secret secret tunnel perhaps oh okay maybe not I I already have like three full sets of iron armor so I’m just going to quickly toss you in there yeah I don’t really need you but um yeah JC how you how you been doing what do you what have you been up to I tried Lego fortnite last night you can’t sleep through a night oh get him beat him up beat him up beat him up getat him ooh slime balls I actually really needed that oh give me that XP eight levels from that one dude I should be able to wear iron armor now tried Lego fortnite last night can’t sleep through the night like in Minecraft really uh I I have no context on that is there like a night day system I thought is isn’t Lego fortnite just um just like a regular fortnite but in Lego go or is it like an actual what what am I saying an actual like completely completely separate game I I still need this wool is there any iron that I can snag leg go a Minecraft ripoff oh really huh there any iron nearby sometimes it’s like little mountains whoa Mr mans nope [Applause] leave me alone I might die still I believe I got everything oh come on really really man you don’t you don’t have to do me like that [Applause] do not have to you don’t you don’t got to be like that that is incredibly rude actually I don’t think I need since I can wear iron armor now I’m going to just just smelt you down and then make another shear and get the last bit of this wool it’s a separate game okay there we go it’s not like that armor is going to help me anyways from being protected by anything as you know everything basically one shots me I don’t know why everything basically one- shots me wonder what the dragon’s doing oh yeah getting those getting the wool in F5 mostly so I can see if I didn’t pick up any wool come here let me grab that there we go okay maybe F5 isn’t too good of an option where did that all right actually no I’m not going I’m not going to ask where the dragon went I’m just happy it’s not here that thing will evaporate me and then delete all my items right a little bit more wool left to grab and then we’re all good wise words what were these wise words the dragon will have evaporate me and then delete all my items it’s very true though oh oh I dropped some wool down there I’ll grab it in just a second grab that all right once we trade some string to these villagers and we should start being able to get enough armor so I can actually get a flying Mount which means I’m going to have to go caving and find some trolls cuz I need their leather and tusks I believe if that’s what it is also I need to find a place that I want to live like a specific location and I definitely think I’m going to make a house next stream definitely make a house next stream let’s grab [Music] you let’s grab we need that saddle to actually make the correct saddle that I need for the flying Mount let’s grab this wool can I use you yet magic too yes sir all right and there’s some X all right let’s get out of [Music] here and then I think once I get iron armor I might attempt to get some troll leather but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it this stream at least oh oh I know what I want to make I got slime balls I’m going to I’m going to make a very very fun item which will help me getting around the map Mr Pig hardcour parkour this is no no Hardcore Parkour very sad let me let me through hopefully you know I don’t round this corner and there’s just a giant monster waiting to kill me yippee get over your cow I need your leather give me your leather thank you all I forgot there’s a dragon over there a butterfly it’s so cute okay now I feel bad full on the ground yeah I did grab that I believe though I do have plenty of wool that I’m not going to be able to trade at all so I’ll be fine arey you seem friendly you Mr mins are not friendly yeah out here actually want that me what did I throw out play all right imagine if a Reaper spawned well then I wouldn’t be having too much of a fun time all right I know I got some levels but I’m saving them real quick all righty cuz I want to go to the other Village and do some trading at least um do I have all right I got five leather back pack how do I make backpack I need one gold ingot am I going to get that’s where I’m going to get gold inot all right let’s grab ourselves a gold ingot and then what else do we need wool leather perfect there we go we got our leather we got our wool then we just need a crafting table Boop poop [Music] beep all right cows where are you at cows I will find you there is no escaping me that’s sheep I don’t want sheep I want cows I need the cows right I believe there was some cows back in the forest oh hello nymph please come back I need your your healing thank you all right where’s these cows at oh oh actually don’t mind if I do get over here oh come on come [Music] on like [Music] me [Music] please [Music] please now come on on [Music] please sir I need oh come on come come on come on yay all right how fast are you you are the slowest Horse no you you are leather I’m sorry please can can you can you love me i’ prefer it if you did Mr horse [Music] is come on there we go you are also an extremely how come all these horses are terrible I need your leather anyways I’m sorry all right you you serve better be a fast horse please not be the slowest horse ever there we go oh you’re you’re actually decently fast all right fix [Music] this Mr horse you shall chill there for a minute all right let’s grab can’t use you yet but I need you for a certain certain where’s my crafting [Music] table boom all right we’ll go make some string we put slime ball in the middle boom boom boom boom boom [Music] bam Le Ah that’s how you make it now we grab one of you one of you and then you I need farming four to use a lead bro why you got to do this to [Music] me you’re going you’re going to get tied to that fence now I got a grappling [Music] hook wait how do I how do I use [Music] this don’t actually know how to use grappling hook I don’t know it seems useful all righty what else were we going to do we’re going to go head to the other Village so I need a bit of XP good thing there’s lots of wheat here and I might as well Harvest all the wheat while I’m here do I do I want to replant actually I’m going to take all these seeds and once I find a place of my own I’ll replant a giant Wheat Field cuz I I’m definitely not wanting to live here let me let me up all right well never mind all right let’s let’s upgrade our so we’re on to iron defense let’s hey personal account how’s it going oop yes the most appropriate thing to say right now no but how how are you doing welcome to the [Music] stream all right I’m going to go move to a new area once I make that backpack all righty 10 levels let’s spend that real quick uh I don’t really need to do any mining right now I’m getting plenty of stuff so I’ll just dump it into magic and then save those levels for a Teleport all right all right so we need what were we going to make yes yes I know I know what I’m going to make whoop bam boom bam backpack there we [Music] go I just toss all right what do we want to take we take those apples will take you we take you definitely take you emeralds you wheat what else we got more wheat um what else we got here seeds bread bread you take you I might be able to just take most of this you take you you I [Music] think I think I can take most of this let’s go oh I actually need those [Music] bones there we [Music] go oh and then Mr horse you’re coming with me oh I want to sleep first Mr horse all right I guess I can’t take Mr horse with me got encumbered is my backpack too or something all righty it is time to terrorize all the villagers with ungodly amount of string but first let’s put on our iron armor let’s go hey all right can I what can I I can’t use you yet all right so we’re going to grab you oh also emeralds yes all good let’s get crap tons of XP as long as you know all the villagers aren’t dead or something that is very rude sir where did all the villagers go did they also die got a [Music] blast where did all the there was so many villagers here where did they go on all right these dudes are dead come on ow what just oh my weapon just died whoop [Music] ah let’s just Sprint go got to go they don’t see me right they don’t yeah they don’t see me ha I need a new weapon attack a I need attack eight bro where did all these villagers [Music] go are they literally are they actually all [Music] dead [Music] oh oh my gosh that that scared me get him beat him up beat him up get him out of here oh he didn’t actually do that much damage to me I don’t know why I just charged into there probably shouldn’t have you know just you know it be for reasons can I can I find a torch please thank you thank you very [Music] [Music] much there we go see I’m f fine I’m fine I only took took a few blows to the head can I can I drink water please oh I got parasites [Music] really right now I get parasites that that’s just the best can you can you please I need healing give me healing yeah par parasites are um whenever you drink water that’s unpurified you get parasites and it’ll just constantly attack [Music] you and these dudes here get me regener whenever I’m near them so they are quite [Music] useful ouch right should be good there we [Music] go so I guess all the villagers here died apparently [Music] ooh recall potion Wormhole potion Don’t Mind If I Do gladly I take that I’ll take what else am I taking take you bucket yes sir all right well all the villagers in this Village are also dead so you know let’s toss all of my stuff in some chests uh let take some recall potions grab some food and oh grappling hook grab some arrows might as well take a stack of wool take you take all [Music] you I need to find myself a place to [Music] live all right and then let’s make ourselves a new [Music] sword oh uh heavy locational and do we have another chest [Music] plate do we have another chest plate o yes sir Master but what do you give me. five luck location and armor toughs that’s actually pretty dang [Music] good all right what else are we going to take with us let’s take these actually we’ll just no we got our backpack we’ll be fine can I put this in the backpack oh all right uh let’s grab some you what weapons can I use right [Music] now I need tack eight all right one more so I’ll just spring along this iron [Music] sword all right I do not know how to use a scrapping hook oh that’s how you use it interesting [Music] d Meep full iron armor not too bad not too bad o I’m going to have to end the stream soon cuz I have to go to to go school yeah to school wait what is it oh Thursday [Music] bro come on let me up all right we’re not going in there there might yeah there’s probably going to be a dragon that I’m going to stumble across soon that was a good stream though waiting for pancake to die of hypothermia I’m fine most likely yeah I’m fine see you know just eat some food be fine how many how many people are you got any lock picks uh yeah I’m going to I’m going to I’ll I’ll grab those that stuff in just a second I’m just going to head to a relatively safe area so I don’t freeze to death three people it’s not bad they shouldn’t be freezing down here also I don’t think I believe it was safe over here oh speaking of lockpicks oh parasites could you not attack my head please yeah I’m going to have to go in like 15 minutes or so but oh well parasites I told you not to tack my head it’s literally the one place I told you not to do it all right so middle you you oh you ah I actually got really close there oh furnace let’s let’s just do a little bit of smelting just to keep me warm nice and warm all right all right you ready for this totally remember it was middle okay I didn’t I didn’t remember all right let’s let’s make a ton of lock picks and we’ll grab the stuff that’s in here wish there was like a balance thing I need more than that there we go spending all my sticks on lock picks all right it was middle oh middle this one that one no all right middle this one that one middle this one that one that one and then this one all right middle wait okay what I I was not paying attention I can do it I can unlock it I have any iron ingots got gold how do you make gold old lock you all right so it’s middle what oh middle U that one this okay middle all right I I I don’t I I’m not very good at this I I I I do believe I give up all right hopefully by the time I have to go we can find a village or at least the waystone so run into a dragon there’s a village but not the good kind of Village H kind of wonder if they do got anything though keep forgetting that I got to get a longer music playlist fire can’t have you though cuz it will kill [Music] me let me El move parasites NE [Music] take that [Music] saddle yo Mr Polar Bear could you save me from these parasites that are currently murdering me please please no oh yeah wait what do you guys is there only two villagers level I know what I must do on there is all right well I can’t give up now all right thank you thank you Game [Music] good [Music] there we go oh hello you’re not a trap are [Music] you [Music] is that a no that’s not I I’m not I don’t want to jinx myself but I am super surprised I have not run into any uh ice dragons I am so going to run into one now that I said that 100% but like come on bunnies ooh ah but you’re no where can I pick you up buunny hey can I like yes got zip on there what is the bunny doing hey guys hey guys you got anything for oh huh what did I do what did Viller come back come back [Music] please I didn’t know I could put a bunny on a [Applause] [Music] villager here villager I need to I need to you know um could you hold this for me for a second thank [Music] you villager can can I have that bunny back come back come no get get get there we go I don’t actually need this bunny I’ll grab one once I actually find a place where I want to live oh birch trees oh but we need we only need a non ice village well I’ll chop one down grab its stuff to plant more birch [Music] trees you can I have my okay well I’ll chop down more please give me give me what I want oh there it is yes I know I need to be farming eight but you know I’ll get there eventually [Music] am I lagging oh little bit of lag there oh that must means I just loaded in a big structure I feel like for my first stream back a lot of people been coming by saying hi no one’s really stuck around too much but you know that’s just live streaming hey Hunter what’s going on am I okay well you just left me how how are you doing how’s your school been going chickens CR I chicken oh you’re stuck are you oh no you’re not stuck anymore frantic yeah I bet I have any do apples give me water it might [Music] huh this Forest would be great to have a village in but of course let me up all right I guess I’m going down I I fire gamer I have no idea what that means way no you don’t come on don’t say that [Music] h no you’re you’re fine every everyone everyone has feelings like that trust me you’re you’ll you’ll get through it just got to keep on going forward and just like do do whatever you enjoy sorry for the r no you’re good good dude like what what do you what makes you happy like do you like playing games do you say certain thing cuz I feel like you should go out and find something fun to do and if nothing’s feeling fun right now well then just you know hang out here just relax box fruits is that is that that Roo thing I think I’ve heard of that yes it’s Roblox I heard it was pretty good I never actually ended up playing it Roblox game [Music] yeah where’s my backpack BR I didn’t really have anything in there anyways will you end up playing it um I I’m not really too much of a big fan of Roblox I might check it out I don’t know if I’d make a video or live stream it got a blast o got to run there that’s a dragon yeah speaking of what I was saying before how come I haven’t ran into a dragon yet there’s one right over there I didn’t see it but I sure did hear it me through me through oh no leave me alone I didn’t even I didn’t even have time to react I ran away from one dragon and then immediately fell into another oh we rip all that stuff oh hey Mr [Applause] mans oh well I I what did I have on me iron armor I can get that stuff back Dragon yeah dragons will oneshot you 100% all right well I don’t have enough XP to get back so I guess guess we’re taking this horse on a ride let’s let’s hug the shore over here cuz there’s a dragon right over [Music] there man expect I’m going you got for this mod you got to expect to lose all your stuff multiple times over yeah it kind of did all right um I think I got 10 minutes till I got to go so might just go see if I can find something battle tower oh come on horse horse parkour all right so we’re going to end the stream here oh no we’re fine we’re fine uh I do got to go soon [Music] though aha you sir can’t get me now okay he can get me please leave me alone oh no no EG that’s a okay well yeah no I’m dead please no no no no no no aha who can’t gets me now is it every Monday so I’m going to be streaming tomorrow same time so I’m going to be trying to stream at least every other day but uh I’m going to stream tomorrow most likely you won’t die just run uh well I can’t really go that way dig down no I don’t I don’t have any stuff on me anyways and my legs are broken I’m one shot from dying anyway so I’m I’m dead either way because if I dig down I’ll just just die and I I don’t have any stuff on me so I’m just gonna head I’m going to die real quick so I can get back to that Village Mr slime poke me and then I’m going to collect some XP for next stream off of some wheat cuz I need four levels to get back to the other Village I should really set my I actually no I did set my spawn point there huh uh that’s actually not true for this mod pack there is many mobs that can um go through walls and blocks actually a majority of them can for some reason and also I didn’t have any torches so there’s this one mob if you if you don’t like let’s say you go into a cave without a torch um a what there’s a type of mob that will spawn cuz it’s too dark so you can’t actually dig down and hide in a hole cuz you’ll just die that way if you don’t have a torch so I I can’t really hide to be honest all right think that’s enough to get back to the next Village yeah what do you think about Mr waffle uh Mr waffle [Applause] is leave me alone H I’ll safe Mr waffle um I there’s multiple waffle YouTubers Tower to Heaven uh a lot of them can also fly but um also if you go up too high there are monsters that will spawn too it’s it’s this mod pack is literally just just to kill you Mr waffle um well me personally waffles are way worse than pancakes but I’d have to Mr waffle is a person I I haven’t met him yet so got no opinion so far whoop all right need a little bit more attack oh well [Music] well there we go all right I think I’m all ready for um speedrun a nether portal I ain’t going in the nether if you think the Overworld is dangerous the nether is literally I I cannot go to the nether until I have full Enchanted no I I’d rather take my chance is with the mobs then go to the nether I I do got to go to the nether eventually that is true but I need a lot of gear like fully enchanted diamond armor a few potion Rings fire resistance of course but like I do got to go to the nether but I got to get prepared I’m not going there in iron armor I will die two steps outside the portal I don’t think I could actually go right oh well no I need 10 yeah I I can’t go actually right now all right well anyways I have to head out to school so I will be ending the stream here Truth or Dare all right one more Truth or Dare um dare let’s do a dare built Farms get materials yeah that’s the plan um what I’ve been doing is trying to find a better village with villagers that are actually alive so I can trade with those villagers and get good gear but uh I have not had too much luck yeah I will go to the nether eventually but definitely not think of some bald guy [Music] okay yeah I get more materials in here that’s that’s the plan the only bald guy I can think of right now would be fit wait is it fit MC the the oldest Minecraft server I I just think of fit MC welcome to 2b2 T the oldest Minecraft server all right well I’m going to head out uh I will see you guys later probably tomorrow morning at the about the same exact time um maybe if I feel like streaming again tonight but most likely tomorrow morning oh you’re oh you’re from the Discord yeah you you joined but you haven’t joined any of my streams yet yeah so I’m going to head out um I wish I could have streamed longer but I can’t but I feel like what how long did I stream two 3 hours is pretty good say it’s pretty good all right see you guys later bye-bye well bye-bye yes bye-bye I I I love I love this end stream thing who made this for me again was that JJ it’s or no no it wasn’t JJ oh well all right see you guys

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welcome to RL craft in real life craft you need to mine blocks and kick buts this is a mod in Minecraft I hope to see ya there

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    Cubed Drinks: Minecraft's Summer Sips In the world of Minecraft, where creativity reigns, Fangkuaixuan brings joy and no pains. With animations that are funny and bright, He crafts a world that’s a pure delight. From potato mash to lychee arms, His videos bring on the charms. With every rhyme and every line, He brings a smile that’s truly divine. So follow along, subscribe with glee, To Fangkuaixuan’s channel, where fun runs free. In the land of Minecraft, where dreams take flight, He’s the creator who shines so bright. Read More

  • Crafted Rejects: Minecraft’s Suggestions Deflect

    Crafted Rejects: Minecraft's Suggestions Deflect In this video, I coded with all my might, Suggestions rejected by Mojang, out of sight. Creating a mod with features new, Join my discord server, the link is true. On Twitter and Instagram, I share my game, Bringing Minecraft mods, never the same. All my links in one place, easy to find, Intro music by Holfix, a melody so kind. So come along, join the fun, In the world of Minecraft, we’ve only just begun. Coding and crafting, a creative spree, With rejected suggestions, come and see. Read More

  • Borderlands: Minecraft’s Hidden Terrain Encore

    Borderlands: Minecraft's Hidden Terrain Encore In the world of Minecraft, secrets abound, Borderlands, Striped Sea, new terrains to be found. Teleport to 8388608, a hidden border wall, Or to 12550820, where adventures call. But can 1 million guardians take down the Ender Dragon in a flash? Mengxuandada’s here to share, with a playful dash. With Minecraft facts and knowledge cold, Let’s dive into the game, bold and bold. Read More

  • Moon Mining Madness: Minecraft’s Lunar Adventure

    Moon Mining Madness: Minecraft's Lunar Adventure Ram’s journey to the moon, a tale so grand, A cinematic adventure, across the land. With beats and rhymes, the story we tell, Of India’s mission, Chandrayaan 5, oh so swell. The news reporter, with rhymes so tight, Crafting Minecraft updates, shining bright. In every line, the truth takes flight, In every verse, the story ignites. Ram’s mission to the moon, a historic feat, With ISRO’s pride, the journey complete. From Earth to space, a daring leap, In every rhyme, the story we keep. So leap into the verse, with beats that sing, In every line, let the truth… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Fail

    Ultimate Minecraft Fail The Wild Update: Exploring Minecraft’s Bad Ending Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, recently introduced an exciting new update known as “The Wild Update.” Among the many features and events included in this update, one particular aspect has caught the attention of players – the Bad Ending. Unveiling the Bad Ending In the world of Minecraft, players are accustomed to embarking on epic adventures, building magnificent structures, and overcoming challenges. However, the Bad Ending introduces a new twist to the game’s narrative. Players must navigate through a series of obstacles and make crucial decisions that will ultimately lead… Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: Burning Down the House

    Minecraft Meme: Burning Down the House “Why did the creeper go to therapy? Because it had too much TNT-sion!” Read More

  • Fleecade: Spooky Minecraft on PS1

    Fleecade: Spooky Minecraft on PS1 Minecraft PS 1 Edition: A Spooky Adventure Step into the eerie world of Minecraft PS 1 edition, where the familiar blocky landscapes take on a whole new level of spookiness. From haunted forests to mysterious caves, this version of the game is sure to send shivers down your spine. Exploring Haunted Forests As players venture into the dense forests of Minecraft PS 1, they will encounter eerie creatures lurking in the shadows. From ghostly wolves to sinister witches, the forest is filled with dangers that will keep you on edge. Uncovering Mysterious Caves Delve deep into the dark caves… Read More

  • Ultimate Modern House Build Guide

    Ultimate Modern House Build Guide Minecraft: Building a Modern House Tutorial In the vast world of Minecraft, creativity knows no bounds. In this tutorial, IrieGenie showcases how to build a stunning modern house with intricate interior design. Let’s dive into the details of this architectural masterpiece! Exterior Design The video kicks off with a focus on the exterior of the modern house. From the sleek lines to the contemporary aesthetic, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a visually appealing structure that stands out in the Minecraft landscape. Interior Decoration As we move inside the house, the attention to detail is truly impressive. The… Read More

  • Deadly Minecraft Adventures with Mr Ratrox!

    Deadly Minecraft Adventures with Mr Ratrox!Video Information This video, titled ‘[LIVE/PC] On joue à Minecraft et c’est hazardeux !’, was uploaded by Mr Ratrox on 2024-05-09 15:27:38. It has garnered 10450 views and 33 likes. The duration of the video is 06:34:35 or 23675 seconds. Donate: https://streamlabs.com/vfxthetruesqueal Chaîne Gaming: @MrRatrox2 Twitch: https://twitch.tv/mrratrox Contact pro: ou FrenchieALT sur Discord. Discord: https://discord.gg/AZPMSHEcqX Tiktok: @mrratrox Patreon: https://patreon.com/mrratrox Read More

  • Krish’s Insane Minecraft Horror Map

    Krish's Insane Minecraft Horror MapVideo Information This video, titled ‘HORROR MAP IN MINECRAFT 😱’, was uploaded by MINE KRISH on 2024-02-23 14:02:00. It has garnered 765 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:26 or 146 seconds. minecraft horror minecraft horror maps minecraft horror mods minecraft horror modpack minecraft horror games minecraft horror seeds minecraft horror maps 2 player minecraft horror texture pack minecraft horror shaders minecraft horror skins minecraft horror maps multiplayer minecraft horror maps 1.19 minecraft horror adventure maps minecraft horror adventure maps multiplayer minecraft horror addons minecraft horror art minecraft horror ambience mod minecraft horror apk minecraft analog… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Gamer Battles SHIZO Sheep - Subscribe!Video Information This video, titled ‘#minecraft #subscribe #like #sheep is minecraft’, was uploaded by Gaming. RAVP bhai on 2024-04-29 06:37:11. It has garnered 5461 views and 313 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:19 or 19 seconds. Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Pe Survival EP-1: House & Iron Armor

    EPIC Minecraft Pe Survival EP-1: House & Iron ArmorVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Pe Survival series EP-1 in Hindi|I made survival house & iron armour #minecraftpe’, was uploaded by Yuvraj gaming on 2024-06-11 07:40:57. It has garnered 12 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:09:34 or 574 seconds. I request you e HIT LIKE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON Like aim 100 likes Thanks for watching BYE BYE ______________________________________________ minecraft minecraft survival minecraft survival series minecraft 100 days minecraft hardcore minecraft hindi minecraft survival series in hindi minecraft in hindi minecraft pe 100 days in minecraft minecraft gameplay 100 days minecraft pocket edition minecraft 1.19 hindi… Read More

  • Insane NEW Endercator Boss Mod in Minecraft Dungeons!

    Insane NEW Endercator Boss Mod in Minecraft Dungeons!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Dungeons tower boss mod my twelfth tower play but on adventure’, was uploaded by Endercator on 2024-01-14 21:37:01. It has garnered 289 views and 10 likes. The duration of the video is 00:46:22 or 2782 seconds. If you would like to play this mod, here is the link: https://www.nexusmods.com/minecraftdungeons/mods/159 Read More

  • Intense Minecraft Parasites Gameplay – Under Pressure

    Intense Minecraft Parasites Gameplay - Under PressureVideo Information This video, titled ‘Ciah Plays Minecraft Parasites – S2 E3: Already Under Pressure’, was uploaded by ciah on 2024-04-11 01:37:25. It has garnered 174 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 01:28:11 or 5291 seconds. In this episode we apparently begin speedrunning phases as we work on our farm and later scramble to piece together a base. Mods / Resource Packs / Shader Pack: https://pastebin.com/xYW17SsC Read More

  • INSANE: Bart Simpson’s Minecraft bedtime tale

    INSANE: Bart Simpson's Minecraft bedtime taleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Bart Simpson tells you a Minecraft bedtime story’, was uploaded by Melou on 2024-04-13 07:14:28. It has garnered 491 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Catch me live on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/melou Check out my socials & join the discord: https://melou.tv ——— ‣ ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Melou and I’m a Minecraft streamer mostly focused on Hardcore Minecraft. Feel free to stop by in chat and say hi! #minecraft #minecraftshorts Read More

  • “Insane Luxury Mansion in Minecraft!” #minecraft

    "Insane Luxury Mansion in Minecraft!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Luxury Mansion Minecraft #minecraft’, was uploaded by OneCRAFT on 2024-04-22 07:38:11. It has garnered 506 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:57 or 57 seconds. Luxury Mansion Minecraft #minecraft Read More

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    "Minecraft Insanity: World Made of Leaves! 😱🍃" #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Vortex Virtos on 2024-03-26 13:48:46. It has garnered 11533 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:56 or 56 seconds. #chapatihindustanigamer Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts #andreobee #imbixu #noobvsprovshacker #minecraftbut #minecrafthindi #funny noob vs pro vs hacker noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft diamond mining noob vs pro… Read More

  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More

  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: play.astralpixelmon.com Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at https://download.curseforge.com/ or download the mod… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft”

    Minecraft Memes - "Unleashing the Legendary Eight-Handled Sword in Minecraft"Looks like someone really went all out with their Minecraft summoning skills just to apologize for their Jujutsu Kaisen brainrot. Gotta respect that dedication! Read More

  • Diamond Juggernauts: Speedrunner’s Hunt

    Diamond Juggernauts: Speedrunner's Hunt In the world of Minecraft, the speedrunner runs free, Chased by hunters, a thrilling spree. Diamond juggernauts, a force to be reckoned, In this epic battle, who will be beckoned? The speedrunner’s skills, swift and sly, Dodging traps, reaching for the sky. The hunters, relentless in their pursuit, But the speedrunner’s wit, they cannot refute. With each twist and turn, the story unfolds, In the world of Minecraft, where legends are told. So join us now, in this epic fight, As the speedrunner races into the night. Read More

  • Everyone’s Secret Obsession in Minecraft!🔥

    Everyone's Secret Obsession in Minecraft!🔥 Remember spending hours trying to build the perfect house in Minecraft, only to accidentally set it on fire with a misplaced torch? Good times. #minecraftstruggles 😂🔥🏠 Read More

  • Crafting a Portal for Finley the Sea Serpent in Minecraft

    Crafting a Portal for Finley the Sea Serpent in Minecraft Minecraft: Creating the Finley The Sea Serpent Portal Embark on a thrilling Minecraft adventure with UzeMing as he delves into the creation of the Finley The Sea Serpent portal from the Indigo Park game. This mythical creature, known for its dragon-like appearance, is a beloved character in the game. Materials Needed To construct this portal, UzeMing gathers obsidian, flint, steel, yellow wall, and green wall. These materials will form the basis of the portal’s structure, creating a mystical gateway to the world of Finley. Building the Portal With meticulous precision, UzeMing assembles the materials to craft a 4×5 portal…. Read More

  • Bedwars Shenanigans

    Bedwars Shenanigans Minecraft Bedwars Adventure with BlueLedYT and WeebRed Software and Equipment Used: For this epic Minecraft Bedwars adventure, the team utilized: Recording: OBS Studio Editing: Capcut They also had the following hardware: Keyboard: Random Logitech keyboard Mouse: Bloody A60 Mic: Portal 7.1 HG28 (headphones mic) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 RAM: 16GB Resource Pack: The team played with the Bombies 180k resource pack by Tory, adding a unique visual flair to their gameplay. Subscribe to BlueLedYT and WeebRed: If you enjoyed the gameplay, make sure to subscribe to their channels: BlueLedYT WeebRed Highlights from the… Read More

  • Knapp’s Epic 100 Day Cobblemon Challenge!

    Knapp's Epic 100 Day Cobblemon Challenge!Video Information this is camon Island the place that brings the magic of Pokémon into the world of Minecraft and for the next 100 days I’ll be trying to survive in this magical world will I become the very best or will I be eliminated in my path to Victory well I was about to find out as I spawned in and had to choose my starter Pokémon I think we’re going to choose a gen one Pokémon and we are going to go for we’re going to go for we’re going to go for Bulbasaur there we go and… Read More

  • Crazy Minecraft Secrets Revealed

    Crazy Minecraft Secrets RevealedVideo Information from a way to get End Portal frames to a secret Cape given to only one player here are 225 super secret Minecraft things you probably didn’t know most people think that when breaking melons in Minecraft you should use an axe but this is actually not true well yes it is true that axes are the best tool for breaking a pumpkin when it comes to Breaking melons you should actually use a sword instead I suppose it is the closest thing to a chopping knife in Minecraft SW SW Ender noises are really creepy but don’t… Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Blue Axolotl Mod! Realistic R16 Textures

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    EPIC Minecraft Tower Build! Rate 1-10!! 🤩 #minecraft #gameplayVideo Information [Music] hello it’s nice to meet you can you tell me where I am I don’t know how I got here but I I think I’m starting to understand I don’t belong among the angels and babbe that’s just fine with me the things I did up there were high school but now I’m going for my degree hey sorry but you just got in my way I promise honey I can feel your pain and maybe I enjoy it just a little bit that me haven’t been the same since I expired doesn’t mean that I plan… Read More

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    Ultimate Minecraft Room Customization! Click to Decide!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: You Choose What Goes in This Room’, was uploaded by Sh4dowSK on 2024-04-19 19:18:11. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. give me ideas on what i should put in this room and i will most likely use it SUBSCRIBE HERE: … Read More

  • Mikey vs JJ: EPIC Gold Factory Build Challenge! 🐢🔥

    Mikey vs JJ: EPIC Gold Factory Build Challenge! 🐢🔥Video Information in this video Mikey and I will build two gold farms and let’s see who will build the best of us today I will definitely build a better JJ than you I have a couple of ideas we’ll find out about it in the video today enjoy watching subscribe like it let’s get started today we will build our gold Farms today I’m going to build a very beautiful and cool gold Farm we will evaluate our farms for beauty efficiency and compactness we will also show you how we build them and maybe it will be useful… Read More

  • “Insane Minecraft Speedrun Challenge: LingLingYaoMing’s Descent into Madness” #minecraft #speedrun

    "Insane Minecraft Speedrun Challenge: LingLingYaoMing's Descent into Madness" #minecraft #speedrunVideo Information losing my sanity trying to Speed Run Minecraft please die please die please [Music] die oh great great here we [Music] go good God a This video, titled ‘Losing my sanity trying to speedrun Minecraft #minecraft #speedrun’, was uploaded by LingLingYaoMing on 2024-05-30 17:50:28. It has garnered 10119 views and 197 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. Please help me. Full video uploaded on my channel! Read More

  • DEADlox is ALIVE!? INSANE EASY String + Emerald Farm 1.20+ 🔥 #viral

    DEADlox is ALIVE!? INSANE EASY String + Emerald Farm 1.20+ 🔥 #viralVideo Information This video, titled ‘EASY Automatic String + Emerald Farm in Minecraft 1.20+#viralvideo’, was uploaded by FAKE DEADlox on 2024-05-26 15:45:48. It has garnered 20 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:03:06 or 186 seconds. How to Make Working Super Easy Automatic Infinite String + Emerald Farm in Minecraft 1.20+ How to make the easy automatic unlimited string + emerald farm in minecraft? In this video, I’ll guide you how you can make a minecraft raid farm where you can get unlimited string and emeralds. So grab your pickaxe and let’s get building! #Minecraft #MinecraftFarm… Read More

  • Mind-Blowing Minecraft Masterpiece in 1.25 Mins! 🔥

    Mind-Blowing Minecraft Masterpiece in 1.25 Mins! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft beautiful video is 1, 25 #short’, was uploaded by Rajput_boy0968 on 2024-01-08 13:01:43. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More

  • AGGs CreateCraft

    AGGs CreateCraftPublic Create server Hosted on highend hardware Forge 1.20.1-47.2.0 Create version 1.20.1-0.5.1.e play.agamersgrind.com:27004 Read More

  • Pandamium’s Snapshot Server – Vanilla SMP – Snapshots 1.21 – LGBTQ+ Friendly – Discord

    Welcome to Pandamium’s Snapshot Server! Pandamium’s snapshot server is an experimental, vanilla, SMP server that updates to every new snapshot with all experiments enabled. Play with brand new features and learn more about the game with friends! Snapshot Features: Experiment with new crafters, Trial Chambers, the breeze, vaults, and more! Enjoy 20 new paintings, 3 new music discs, and other exciting content Experience a diamond-based trading economy and multiple towns to join Join our community for watch parties and discussions about upcoming features Server Information: IP: snapshot.pandamium.eu Version: 1.21 (Latest Snapshot: 1.21.1) Discord: Join our Discord Website: Visit our website… Read More