Unbelievable! Quillbee gets milked by BRO?!

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this is a story about friendship courage loyalty but most importantly milk it all started when I turned my friend Eddie into a cow oh my word that’s amazing you really are a cow that’s very cool I’m just in the F5 View and I can see like the ghost of myself you can’t see that though I imagine no no you just look like a legit cow this turned out to be quite the journey but like all great adventures it’s started with chopping wood so obviously having no hands I can’t help you do any of these things you can’t do anything really so your objective is to just keep me company oh that’s nice and every time I take damage I become permanently poisoned and as you know the only way to cure poison is with so I provide you with milk you provide me with milk but I can only pick up one at a time so I can’t like ho it okay yeah and I also have to feed you because as you said you don’t have any hands true the day is actually running out we’ll need a shelter soon oh no you need to build me a nice big barn with a big hay loft for keeping all the hay in uh ideally red cuz that’s the nicest color for barns okay what’s a good red material in Minecraft Netherrack neck oh my word it’s getting dark and I’ve not done anything I haven’t even got a a stone pickaxe what’s that sound you have a cowbell I can neither see nor hear you my friend oh is that you yeah that’s me yeah okay I deliberately hid your name tag so I I literally can’t distinguish you from other cows come join me in this cave this is our shelter for the night it’s safe and slow cozy in here yeah there we go completely impenetrable um and bright warm cheery what more do you need now you’ll get a barn I think that should be our objective actually is for me to build you proper Barn a milking parlor a nice comfortable milking parlor a parlor I think that’s what they call it isn’t it a milking parlor do they I’m not an expert on cow husbandry husbandry and yet you seem to be a cow husband do you want a milking parlor anything else your majesty I wasn’t too sure about Eddie’s milking parlor but one thing I did know was we weren’t going to beat the game by sitting in this hole I want to go and explore this ice area I was just about to say really don’t fancy our chances in the ice spikes but sure why not it’s like so obvious to me how limited I am like I can’t if I’m presented with a wall two blocks high there’s nothing I can do about it how’s your hunger I’m down two haunches es hes okay oh Eddie why have you sent us this way look let’s get out of this ice spikes it wasn’t my idea to come here you said I fancy our chances in the ice spikes I is that what I said why have you brought me to a place where there’s no food look stop being so demanding honestly there’s coal there’s coal look right here thank you oh you’re good for something after all it’s like you know how they train pigs to seek out truffles in the woods like a a coal cow just sniffing out those minerals could you sniff us out some wheat as well it’s not really a mineral as such so far this feels a bit like um do you remember the video where it took two of us to mine one block which me it’s like where normally two players can get twice as much done it’s like two players got half as much done cuz you’re getting each other’s way so far not not been a huge demand for milk no your your company is still very much appreciated I’m not just in it for the milk Eddie is that what’s that oh I’m so like inexperienced with modern Minecraft I thought what are those pink things over there but that’s one of those new Cherry things isn’t it those new fangled cherry blossoms these new fangled cherry blossoms back in my day we had Norm in my day we only had these trees and that was it you can get seeds can’t you from grass oh and you know what Eddie you’ve already Pro proven useful because normally I need a bucket to make a little farm but but you produce not only milk but buckets this is actually quite a fun perspective to play Minecraft from because often when you’re playing you’re like just going from task to task and like you’re looking for resources or you’re looking for a certain thing whereas because I can contribute nothing other than my endless supply of milk and fashioned iron I can just enjoy the scenery and I can look around must be nice not having to do any of the work when you you were making reference to the bucket Supply I thought what you were going to say was that we could irrigate the crops using milk and I thought is that a feature of the game do you remember the the milk and cookies video where there was literally milk that flowed through the game who could forget is this milk this is literally milk it is milk I don’t think many people have seen that even this is nice this is like a nice little area I’m going to build us a house were you going to add another room on the back and then decided against it I haven’t really plan this out I’m just kind of winging it this is an unbelievably small footprint for this house look at this look it’s big enough for you isn’t it what more do you want if only we had some wool I could actually make a bed lovely you put some carpet down carpet I always put carpet in like small houses in Minecraft do you think I’m made of wool what I’ll do I’ll set that game rule which means that only one of us needs to sleep because let’s be honest you’re a cow you can just sleep anywhere there we go did you have a nice night I did thank you it’s very comfortable standing in the middle of this unfinished un rooved space all right well I’m glad should we go into this cave yeah I will need some food at some point but we’ve got this wheat growing haven’t we yeah yeah we will be all right skeleton watch out oh really yeah down by the water how’s that uh you still hungry yeah all right time to activate your mineral sniffing Powers it’s very moist in here very moist oh I found my nose never fails this looks dangerous let’s go in let be ready with the milk I’m getting flashbacks to when I died in UHC Generations right now you wouldn’t be a very stealthy cow would you what cuz you put a bell on me wonder if there’s anything like oh I’m poisoned Eddie Eddie I need milk producing milk Oh I thought you were a mob then I’m taking a lot of damage and I have no food well okay I can some raw meat should we Retreat them as a zombie let’s see let take a risk Eddie I’m feeling brave together how could we fail sure enough thanks to a steady supply of milk we made it out of the cave with plenty of iron we’ve got some wheat for you are you hungry yes I am you hungry boy yes I am you’re probably a girl actually me I’m sleeping in it are you yeah you’ve made muddy hoof prints all over the white sheets I guess the next thing we need [Music] is I re I honestly I have no idea I don’t know how i’ play this game let’s go this way you’ve never failed us back among my own kind a which one’s you I legit can’t tell this is you no way I don’t know oh what’s that with me you have a son a look at him no you had another one just oh my good oh my goodness Eddie four well not all of them are mine what do you mean not all of them are yours oh this one’s walking with me aha so this is you right yeah the milk’s the giveaway so I can kill the rest of them just you now surrounded by your four little cares I’m what they have now apparently they’re going to follow us as we go aren’t they because they follow me yeah you have to set very cute you have to set a good example I love that we’ve got the I didn’t realize the the little CS would follow us nor did I on my word they really are following you it’s like a little cow train aha look yes good spot I love that you’re bringing your cow babies with you they’re just going for a swim let leave them there for a while watch out behind you oh it’s right they’re only interested in you oh no you good you need to run uh oh there’s another one oh yeah let me I need milk I need milk there was milk oh [Laughter] no look at this that’s pretty janky the ruin portal sadly wasn’t much use to us so we decided to head to the Open Sea which I hope is this way and I think we’ve heard that the Open Sea the Open Sea all right well the boats were a fun idea let’s keep them cuz we we might be crossing a small isas a what an isus bless you it’s January no it’s February now ithos was a while [Laughter] ago oh it might be the best quilby joke ever look I told you it is an isos because here we are back in in the Open Water it wasn’t ithmus ithmus once again my cow friend you were correct onwards onwards you okay not like cow friendly no no it’s not let me sorry I realized that’s it’s just standing there like watching me struggle after yet another isas we finally had a stroke of luck oh is that is that the same ruin portal or another one that has to be another one obsidian oh yeah ready I’m not ready I’m on half a heart there you go good as new thank you was that it nothing that’s all I that’s all I got man I’m still on half a heart like milking me dry like I’m giving this life life-saving milk and just receiving no nourishment of my own oh we never should have left our farm I told you we wanted to build a barn I’ll have food for you in in a day or so only only half an hour thing is if if I take any fall damage I’ll die I think then you better be careful okay let’s go look the Cat wall there’s a blaze literally right there wow there’s there’s four of them there’s a whole massive Fortress my God this is perilous this is perilous I don’t want to take on four of them uh can you use blocks to like shelter yourself and oh I need milk oh I have milk I have milk man I’d like to help but my Clumsy Hooves can do nothing what did I tell you about moral support you’re doing a great job thank you that does help actually I feel empowered to oh no oh no Eddie never should have left off it’s all right I’m coming back the server taught me be more careful this time did you program that in I did I did that was tragic oh you’re back okay I’m going in I’ll put in some epic music here I’m going to die I need milk oh I don’t have any milk Eddie milk milk’s here milk’s here milk’s here where’s here there’s no good to me there I need it here that was dramatic like the fireball flying past the entrance VI Little Death hole death hole okay here we go oh no I need milk milkk milk milk me okay this is what it’s all about man me and you the Unstoppable team Unstoppable duo we need a team we’re going we’re going the music’s happening can’t argue with the music oh I killed one and I’m dead oh no we need a team name you’re right we do yes hell for leather L for leather L for leather L for leather L for leather hell for leather it’s like a phrase but I can’t remember what it means that’s the worst team name I’ve ever heard oh there’s so many um I’m in trouble milk every time I say that I realize I already have milk milk none of them dropped a blaze rod are you kidding me there’s one up there sniping us or we could delve into the bowels of this Fortress what do you think disgusting let’s do that yeah get him get him get him with your horns how about quilby and the milk factory quilby and his leathery friend Father isus the bee and the beef get the milk what are you doing what am I doing where’s the milk it’s right there where I can’t it’s I I can’t pick it up cuz I already have a milk if you were to die a couple more times Eddie all I’m saying is it wouldn’t be the end of the world cuz you get more food a place spawner on your right there’s another one spawned oh no oh no oh dear I need milk oh no there’s another oh what I withered away did I lose my iron chest plate oh it’s all the way down there oh did you push me off I didn’t mean to can I push you still thinking about that Dynamic Jon name we could be cowb cowb so obvious it’s staring Us in the face W jeez oh this poison is just the worst oh not again oh my goodness this is this is insane you’re [Music] dead yeah I just got like squeezed I couldn’t go anywhere oh my goodness uh I’m in trouble thankfully you left so much milk behind that I should be okay at last weary and broken we emerged from the nether [Music] [Laughter] yeah I was on half a heart that was that was an ordeal all right we’re done with the nether I’m still in creative we’re done with the nether completely legitimately um didn’t didn’t use any commands to get us out of any sticky situations that’s right we don’t need commands yes are the unbeatable Duo known as quill beef all right man let’s let’s go find this um end portal shall we what where’d it go this way did it oh there’s a creeper H and um poison I can’t get up there I’m stuck I have milk I’m just in a bit of a pickle oh pathetic fallacy is what I would call this Eddie pathetic fallacy that’s right when the weather reflects your mood that’s right or should I say your mood can I have some milk [Music] please oh dear I’m in trouble no no it was a constant struggle but we were determined I needed to beat the Ender Dragon and Eddie needed a milk parlor yeah there’s a ravine right in front of us so there is I think I could jump that yeah I was wondering if I could jump it okay three two are you serious go no I can’t jump that just fell straight [Laughter] down I was why did you listen to me I don’t know I really don’t what are you going to do you were running up to jump it as well I was going to maybe place a a block or something to give us a bit of extra height there we go oh yeah perfect great solution thanks great you told you we could jump it you still with me I’m with you till The Bitter End or the very pleasant end yeah depends if you enjoy bitter flavors I suppose do you enjoy bitter flavors I just lost you you seem to be doing your best to lose me like zigzagging in the forest oh there you are I need a bell do you have any Wheat yes I do are you hungry my friend yeah I’m on three hunches here you go my friend ah delicious thank you the stronghold was close and it was once once again time to set sail Army arties you scurvy Sea Dog oh whoops I pressed the wrong button no come back I got promoted into the captain’s seat come back what are you doing you’re just teasing me there we go I am the captain now I I captain it really looks like you’re just pulling the boat along for me it looks like I’m like pushing it from the back I feel like Santa I feel like Father ithos himself father isus being pulled Along by a Reindeer there is I’ll throw a thingy shall I yeah oh no we’ve overshot we’ve overshot [Music] so funny father is us about here should we just YOLO it yeah get in my ho say oh wait oh no quick expand the hole expand the hole no I can’t you’re in the way let me out let me out put down water no remind me never to get in your hole again there was nothing I could do about your suffering I make it a bigger hole this time you can get in oh although you are in the [Laughter] way oh I’m just such a hindrance just stay in one place just that’s fine oh we’re underwater wa I need to [Music] breathe I’m going to drown I’m going to drown this isn’t good get back to the hole this is not a good strategy shall we throw another eye okay are we going to see it before it did it just go into the wall oh we hit a Ravine and I see the stronghold here we go the Long Search is Over you say that every time call me crazy but I’m going to leave a bed here because um I’m scared of dying and then being miles away there a music disc we have to make a music player also known as a jukebox a music player we have to make an MP3 player this is it oh is it yeah hey silverfish oh no oh no okay I’m getting out of there I’m going to take some milk oh can I have some milk please oh no it’s over here with the silverfish come come to safety this isn’t safety oh no I’m going to die I’m going to die I have no choice but to just run I coming down the stairs after you I can’t do anything don’t open the door do you have MEK no I don’t oh sugar oh they’re coming through he let them through not me there’s milk there there’s milk milk I can’t take it I can’t lower my shield I’m going to die I’m on half a heart there were some setbacks sure but we were close Okay we might actually complete the game Eddie let’s get hyped right game plan yeah if if you aggro any Enderman like need to run for a a pillar and create a little roof for yourself then I can give you milk in there good idea a milking parlor who things just got serious should we go on three yeah oh hang on when you say on three yeah do you mean what’s not clear about that one two three are we going oh we going oh wow W this is interesting the worst spawn I’ve ever seen we could go this way okay did I choose a suboptimal route maybe but it’s okay it’s the journey that matters well the journey has [Applause] been I I tried to look up and forgot I was placing blocks I wanted I wanted the that to be a serious Moment The Journey has been Splendid has it not oh SP they said it’s been Blended blend that me splended why would I say it’s been Blended what is do you see this see what a massive World hole right here World hole no yeah like a whole chunk that’s not loaded no theyve all loaded for me I think this looks super janky for me what happens if I walk onto it I’m a bit scared oh oh everything disappeared you’re gone everything’s gone you’re just revolving on the spot this is terrifying the Enderman it’s like I’ve gone into another dimension the Endermen are just particles let me try changing my render distance oh no run run run you’re under Fire oh I need milk I need milk need milk you need milk I need 20 CC of milk Stat or have some standing on it like what’s stat C it’s still happening I think I might need to like quit and rejoin are you you’re back in the in the cow cow just sprung to life back in the cow okay that was so weird like everything’s back to normal now one thing I’m going to do straight away cuz I know for a fact I’m going to accidentally anger these Endermen yeah create the Shelf create the milk parlor the milking parlor there we go we have safety and now it’s time oh careful wa oh I am being hit by an Enderman right now Run for the Parlor keep going it’s there in front of you I’m not going to make it I’m not going to make it oh my milk there there’s milk there I’m on half a heart you got enough milk here it’s the milking parlor you need it in reserve okay oh I’m in trouble parlor this parlor is a godsend okay one Crystal [Music] remains got it we just need to kill the punk dragon now take that oh that was my last Arrow how do you do the bed thing I’ve got no idea I can do it actually can’t I do what sleep in the bed yeah I can the bed oh you could kill the dragon imagine that yes it worked that’s how you do it did you do the bed yeah I didn’t get damaged we just need to do the same again many times over eight more times that yeah yeah that oh feel the power of the milk this is it this is it do the thing do the de no for all Moon kind yes you literally killed the Ender Dragon as a cow we did it yay yay well my cow friend it’s been an honor and a privilege it’s been a wonderful Journey your milk has been extremely nourishing and tasty and calcium rich you’re welcome shall we on 1 2 3 [Music] three [Music]

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It all started when I turned my friend Eddie into a cow…


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  • Socialist Federal Republic Of Balkan

    Socialist Federal Republic Of BalkanWelcome comrades, to the Socialist Federal Republic of Balkan MC! Step into a virtual reimagining of the historic Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where collective prosperity and solidarity reign supreme. Set in Minecraft version 1.20.1, our server offers a truly immersive survival experience infused with the spirit of socialism. In our virtual society, every player plays a vital role in the collective effort to unite the diverse Balkan nations under the banner of socialism. From Croatia to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro, Greece to Bulgaria, Romania, and beyond, all are welcome to join hands in pursuit of a common… Read More

  • Symphony Summit Vanilla 1.21 bedrock whitelist

    Welcome to our Adults Only Realm! This is vanilla survival on bedrock 1.21 with no add-ons and optional texture pack. Our community consists of players aged 21 to 59 who love to build and hang out together from all over the world. Realm has been open for 2 months. Enjoy shops, community farms, trading halls, post office, and regular events like ship making competition. Stay within 1k blocks of spawn to foster community. Receive a shulker box starter kit upon joining. Join our Discord for updates and events info. Message @beckteriaa there to join! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Crafting God Level 9000

    Well, I guess the meme really failed to craft a winning joke! Read More

  • Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, The Ultimate Show

    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Beta 1.7.3, The Ultimate Show Welcome, welcome, to the Minecraft show, Where beta 1.7.3 is ready to go. DrCoolZomboi here, with a grin and a spin, To show you the best version, let the fun begin. The blocks are all set, the mobs are in sight, Exploring the world, with all of our might. Crafting and building, with creativity in tow, In Minecraft beta 1.7.3, the possibilities grow. So hit that subscribe, join the fun, With DrCoolZomboi, the adventure’s just begun. Stay tuned for more updates, in every rhyme, Minecraft beta 1.7.3, it’s gaming time! Read More

  • Hotter than a Nether portal

    Hotter than a Nether portal “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” #minecraftlovegonebad 😂🎮 Read More

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    Ultimate Guide: AI Minecraft Thumbnails on Mobile Exploring Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Adventure Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers a unique blend of creativity and adventure. From building intricate structures to exploring vast landscapes, players are constantly engaged in a world of endless possibilities. The Power of AI in Minecraft Thumbnails With the rise of technology, creating eye-catching thumbnails for Minecraft content has become easier than ever. Platforms like Ideogram.ai offer AI-powered tools that can help creators design captivating images with ease. By incorporating the game’s logo and a theme that resonates with players, these thumbnails can attract a wider audience and… Read More

  • Building Our First Farm in Minecraft Hardcore!

    Building Our First Farm in Minecraft Hardcore! Minecraft Hardcore World Gameplay #7: Building Our First Farm In the latest episode of Minecraft Hardcore World Gameplay, the player embarks on the exciting task of creating a mob farm. This essential structure will help ensure their survival in the challenging world of Minecraft. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling adventure! Constructing the Mob Farm The player carefully selects a location for the mob farm, strategically placing it to maximize efficiency. With meticulous planning and resource management, they begin building the farm block by block. As the structure takes shape, the player demonstrates their creativity and skill… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft Modded SMP: Steam Engines vs Dragons!

    EPIC Minecraft Modded SMP: Steam Engines vs Dragons!Video Information This video, titled ‘Steam Engines, Dragons Battles, and Black Ice! (Minecraft Modded SMP: Fields of Fantasy EP. 10)’, was uploaded by Eunoia_Playz on 2024-07-14 19:00:32. It has garnered 467 views and 13 likes. The duration of the video is 00:47:42 or 2862 seconds. Once more, it’s good to see you all again. I genuinely apologize for the 15-ish minutes of straight explaining and catching up; I haven’t been able to record a proper episode for the series. Alas, DO NOT WORRY, this series isn’t going anywhere, and I have episodes that should be more consistent (for a while… Read More

  • Deadly Encounter: My Terrifying Encounter with Monsters

    Deadly Encounter: My Terrifying Encounter with MonstersVideo Information This video, titled ‘SCARY MONSTERS NE MILKE MAAR DIYA 😱’, was uploaded by MINE KRISH on 2024-02-23 08:35:04. It has garnered 2993 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:12:36 or 756 seconds. minecraft horror minecraft horror maps minecraft horror mods minecraft horror modpack minecraft horror games minecraft horror seeds minecraft horror maps 2 player minecraft horror texture pack minecraft horror shaders minecraft horror skins minecraft horror maps multiplayer minecraft horror maps 1.19 minecraft horror adventure maps minecraft horror adventure maps multiplayer minecraft horror addons minecraft horror art minecraft horror ambience mod minecraft horror apk… Read More

  • Goat Goes Crazy in Minecraft 🔥 #shizo #ytshorts

    Goat Goes Crazy in Minecraft 🔥 #shizo #ytshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts’, was uploaded by Goat PlaysZ on 2024-07-14 02:29:00. It has garnered 436 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. 🥵Minecraft #shorts #minecraft #ytshorts Hope you enjoyed the video so please like and subscribe🥰 If you enjoyed the video so please like Comment and Share ❤ —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Thanks for watching 📺 make sure enjoyed this video ————————————————————————— @technogamerz @Notgamerfleet @yesSmartyPie ————————————————————————— 👉DISCLAIMER- 💫All Bg Music Credits to Their Respective Owners 💫All Mods Credit to Their Respective Owners 💫All Video Clips Credit-Minecraft: 💥copyright Disclaimer under section… Read More

  • INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshorts

    INSANE Redstone Tricks!! #viralshortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Redstone logic #shorts #viralshorts’, was uploaded by 07_GAMING on 2024-05-28 12:02:05. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. subscribe #minecraft #viral #fast #senpaispider #thanks #nizgamer #pro #pvp #fizzy #psd1 #technogamerz #gamerfleet … Read More

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    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

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    Unearthing Minecraft's First Entity - Insane Discovery!Video Information This video, titled ‘We Discovered Minecraft’s First Entity…’, was uploaded by Darkomode on 2024-06-19 11:00:32. It has garnered 29249 views and 1124 likes. The duration of the video is 01:06:50 or 4010 seconds. We Discovered a Player Who Doesn’t Exist in Minecraft and ever since, strange things have been happening… Today we Discovered The First Entity in Minecraft w/ @RageElixirMinecraft 👍 FOLLOW ME! ► TikTok – https://tiktok.com/@darkomode ► Instagram – https://instagram.com/darkcornerstv ► Twitter – https://twitter.com/darkcornersyt 📺 MY OTHER CHANNELS ► Dark Corners (Horror) – https://youtube.com/darkcornerstv ► DarkoBlox (Roblox) – https://youtube.com/darkoblox Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free… https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji Music:… Read More


    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

  • Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!

    Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!Video Information This video, titled ‘100 Players Simulate an Island HUNGER GAMES in Minecraft…’, was uploaded by Knapp on 2024-04-26 16:00:07. It has garnered 276937 views and 6047 likes. The duration of the video is 00:58:45 or 3525 seconds. Today I Made 100 players simulate an ISLAND HUNGER GAMES, who will come out on top? only time will tell! EVENTS ►https://discord.gg/P2yXFe8EVM HOSTED BY ►https://discord.gg/phytor ————————————————————- 🐤 Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Knappidk_ 💬 My Personal Discord ► https://discord.gg/q3Qu6MxVTC 🎬 Edited by ► @KnappYT Team mates ► @zeldub @Nakasleep @dobov2 @alpgg_ @yesluc ————————————————————- Massive thank you to Wepwawet Hosting for sponsoring me and my… Read More

  • “Mind-Controlled Zombie Girl in Minecraft School!” #clickbait #animation

    "Mind-Controlled Zombie Girl in Minecraft School!" #clickbait #animationVideo Information This video, titled ‘hypnosis zombie girl| #minecraft #animation #anime #monster #school #viral #mosters #shorts’, was uploaded by Mr. Minecraft XD on 2024-05-17 03:47:56. It has garnered 18 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:31 or 31 seconds. Read More

  • DupeSte4lzs

    DupeSte4lzsDupeste4lzs is not your ordnary avrage lifesteal dupe server. what if i told you that there were insane magical bosses you compete to defete and get the prizes that lay at the end. thats not the only twist my server has, it also has custom made items and custom enchants making the server very fun and competitive. there are also payouts every season making it worth playing$$ come join now!!! IP: Dupeste4lzs.minehut.gg Read More

  • Stinky SMP Modded Java 1.20.1 Origins No Resets.

    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Timey-wimey Minecraft Madness”

    Looks like this meme can handle the pressure of time travel and still score a solid 39! Read More

  • Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob!

    Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob! Level 999 Creeper: “I’ve been training for years, I’m basically a Creeper ninja.” Level 3 Creeper: “I may be low level, but I’ve got heart…and a short fuse.” Level 999 Creeper: “Well, this is awkward. I guess I’ll just explode now.” Level 3 Creeper: “Looks like I leveled up…literally.” #minecraft #meme #memes Read More

  • Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft Exploring Minecraft Building Ideas Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers endless possibilities for creativity and construction. From simple houses to intricate castles, players can let their imagination run wild in this virtual world. One popular building idea that players often explore is creating unique beds, such as the red bed. Building a Red Bed in Minecraft To build a red bed in Minecraft, players will need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool can be dyed red using red dye, which can be obtained from red flowers like poppies. Once the materials are gathered,… Read More

  • Orange City Minecraft Tour

    Orange City Minecraft Tour Exploring the Orange Production District in Minecraft Embark on a virtual tour of the Orange Production District created in Minecraft’s creative mode! This world tour showcases the intricate details of the district, from the exterior to the interior, with the use of cross-sectional drawings. Let’s dive into the highlights of this Minecraft creation! Mini Showcase and Interior Details The tour kicks off with a mini showcase, offering a glimpse of the intricate designs within the Orange Production District. Detailed cross-sectional drawings provide a closer look at the interior architecture, highlighting the creativity and attention to detail put into each… Read More