Unbelievable: Skyblock with Earth People!

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Okay I think I live I really really think I am not alive I am live I think am I am I live I I don’t know I don’t know don’t know I think get I yes I am live this cool okay I’m going to play sky BL but

Every time I die I get nothing yes I know what I’m doing totally just downloaded this and decided yes I’m going to play this now look it’s twitch oh my my gosh Sky Block Sky Block there’s multiple Islands on this one it’s not the classtic silly buly

Tiger your chest is transparent I know I made it transparent I feel like you can hardly see it can you hardly you can hardly see it unless I’m like doing that wait a minute I can do this I just make it normal we keep it normal should I keep it

Normal should just keep it normal or should I um I don’t know I can do this I do this one this one that’s not that’s not that bad okay it’s the exact same I guess I’ll just keep it normal it’s a bit too transparent you can hardly see give me the SE

Pickle I need this Sky Block advancement Sky Block shut up give me if I fall then I die if I fall iro then I die Ira I’m actually not going to I’m going to do the weird way I’m going this way and see if it works I feel like it’s going

To if I break it I think it might might go boom place that there dirt is important dirt I might make this a multiplayer world but you guys are just going to troll I might make this a server a little server for stream cuz I get bored I get bored

Sometimes please give me sapling please please please or should I use the wood on I would I would never just going to steal the lava jump off that’s what most Gamers would do please please please please okay please give me a sapling uhoh give me a sapling I think I’m [ __ ] here

No that was one please please please please please I don’t think I’m getting a sapling chat oh I only got one that [ __ ] sucks I’m going expand this and then I’m going to um do something yes give me uhoh oh oh think I made it wrong let me just not

Risk it if I did that oh no we’re good oh we good okay we’re good we’re good we’re good give me this I’m going to place a crafting table here this is new [ __ ] give me oh [ __ ] please please bro this is the weirdest [ __ ] Cobblestone Farm ever I’ve never I used

To make cobblestone Farms but didn’t I’m going to put it put like a a slab like that so I can just continue so I can just go like this please bro please oh [ __ ] oh there goes my pickaxe just make a new one guys make just make a new one I

Know where my bucket go uh oh uh oh where did my bucket go oh looks like I got a reset bro I died with my bucket now it’s gone it’s gone forever I’m resetting right I’m resetting delete byebye I have to download a new one cheese trigger new

One those dude one for me is that a single player I need Sky Block but no Hypixel is that a server or single player I can make it a server I can make it a Server I got to download it again because I don’t care about Fitness I’m already a beast actually I’ll make it a server why not I I have nothing to do in this world yes I want to download a virus make it a server I could join yeah I’ll make it public I

Don’t care about wh less at this point please oh please uh if you make it a feather I I’mma Be a Minion from Hypixel I’m making it a feather server feathers I love feathers please H where is it Minecraft saves check that in Sky

Block and I go to feather let me let me go to fether real quick feather launch faster you okay bro feather takes longer to launch than m craft itself please all right servers create a server I’m going to make it vanilla and I want it to be this one 1.20.1 how many

Slots 10 and I’ll put like eight gigs for I really really hate my life I just [ __ ] I’m muted on stream the entire time I hate living Alo we’re in adventure mode you can’t wait open the chest oh wait oh it’s kind of good that you’re in adventure

Mode cuz then you guys kind of just [ __ ] with okay SL game mode survival at Old players you guys are all in survival you guys can ruin my life please don’t G please please please okay I feel like Jude is trolling now you know game mode survival you got mine good name is

VC Jude server Jude server V see hi he dude are you in survival or you look look I’m gonna I’m out blocks yeah we can’t do anything we just like Reds yeah SL gam good good SL gamer survival nothing happened me we can’t do anything no no punching works but

Nothing else works okay I have to go on the console console is crazy oh okay slash okay game mod uh she’s playing fornite no no I think it is pretty sure I game mode says because Adventure Mode it doesn’t even like give you the option to break

Like interact that could be just like the like what’s it called the world maybe maybe it only person who made it like do stuff who I know anyone in the server like judee’s server that isn’t austral okay cool any imperfections at all is there any I don’t think so you

Can’t mine like you can’t hit anything no I mean we can hit you but we can’t open I can just I can just fly right now I can just do that SL game mode look it’s God all what if I put spect survival sh I can’t do

Anything no cuz you know you know how in advention mode like it doesn’t even show that you’re breaking a block it’s just like yeah I L put you in survival like 20 times I’m not in adventure mode it’s just like I think it’s like it says that

I can break blocks and then I break the block and then it just reappears like like it’s like breaking right now and then when I actually hit a block console says mismatch uhoh chest you can’t steal my stuff now uhoh how come I can break blocks I broke your

Chest because you’re in survival road cuz you’re the server operator you’re server I’m server op oh wait these are spawn chunks that’s probably why oh yeah turn Spa protection off how do you get rid of spa protection set it to go to the config instead to one block come to be zero oh

Man config where I’ll find the I don’t know there should just be a file oh wait yeah yeah the over there World okay the block that I’m standing on is the like is the is this is going to be the block that we can’t break if

It’s radius one I say Cal but no I it be z z which is over there somewhere about there yeah sort of in the void ah I found z z world is that because we’re in spawn chunks how you get rid of Spawn chunks how do you get rid of Spawn CHS

No no yeah it’s just spawn radi no it’s not spawn R it’s spawn protection it’s spawn protection game that’s what it’s called no it’s not a game room it’s not it’s not spawn radius it’s not spawn the actual server oh no it’s just like every server is there is there a file

Thing is there a file thing yes like one where it has all the files from the server yes you have to go to the config file you have to go to the config file scr down then how the hell is the server running what is no conf file open folders as libraries logs

World what servers there is no config file what about server properties could I joined server properties you can join bugging cats server there no server properties and then it’s not a server how does it work I don’t know man I don’t just that’s like the only thing

That’s in the server for what’s in the server for the server for is librar logs versions World Ben IPS B players o what’s the IP um Sky Block on my gosh feather MC do G I think how we play the game sp shs Let me just

Search up guys I’m going to search up a tutorial stop bullying each other like fortnite’s curse I love sashy man I one to get rid of SP protection I want of the 5 years ago sh hey don’t hit me it’s racist this is an epic tutorial [ __ ] Wick I could hit him

Off hey and thank you for Choosing I love it how oh wait this is just from creep just a breaking blood except the save projection it’s all using a server host I don’t I’m not using a server host I’m using feather man I have to S something out something out of my server I want to make the

Render distance bigger so you can like actually see stuff I can see stuff what are you talking about no I mean like player play it takes forever for wondering I’m wondering Traer just spawned don’t pun them off don’t punch no don’t R he’s RIT mango don’t use I don’t use a server

Host bro fire Coral Kel Birch saplings Bru sapling they have other types of wood but how to get emeralds oh that’s how we get emeralds I know how to get emeralds but he’s GNA despawned by then so yeah us bro I don’t use I don’t use a server

H so I don’t know what to do every single server is just killing the Llama the LA’s still alive there a right now oh my gosh Purble hting it’s it’s going to tell me the server host changing the size of Spawn protection I just want it to be disabled please oh

Please please oh please 1 Point yeah 1 20.1 yeah I guess I I’m going just fidget with game roll on disable raids names I’ve got I’ve got two Trader llas underneath the boys how I fix it how I fix it wait can you ride them hang on I’m

Going to see if I can hop on one of them oh yeah we’re at z0 say spawn protection the only way to get rid of the over here yeah but there’s like a chunk like the chunk LA’s poking this entire trunk H you just can’t mine if you don’t have

Operator I ain’t giving you guys operator I know who knows what you guys would do operator yeah this chunk right here I could just like mine out of the chunk and then you can do stuff I can just like build out of the chunk yeah let wait until names builds

Away just build a where you heaed he already despawned you took too long I we despawned okay you guys can just Bing chill here can you break can you break blocks here can you break blocks here wa can what you just log on to my server I want to test the entity

Distance uh hang on Al thank you for the smithing templ toe but it’s just I just returned one to your mail no I cannot what I here why do you just sa SP protection there NOP not here either okay um hang on Australia is Jude server wait so if I’m over

Here echoing mute m m m every single how of disable Sports protection it’s just on it’s on a h go out go outside your house oh my God okay I can’t see you but oh you have to use use it you need to use it I think you have to use you need to use a command block command blocks are disabled on the server I have to restart the server power off okay I think I’m good

Properties I need to see how far the distance is is wait so how far away can I go from you without it it’s definitely further like you can go like a bit away you joined that was joshia I have’t muted I need to jump off a cliff right P

STS um jump off a cliff that Joshy said whoa whoa whoa better yes thing is Joshy has told you to jump off a cliff I don’t care I me to VC uh we’re in VC in that server how do you justable longer in De oh it’s just how to set spawn

Protection without like not the you get rid of it this so this sucks all right I’m putting it up to 32 chunks who that’s why I like the server it’s currently on like five chunks bro okay I’m just restart I’m reloading bad work how do you fix it

The simple SP protection I just want to I just want spawn protection man nobody asked for spawn protection he no one asked for spawn protection I’m so devastated for Direction so devastated at it server custom right tell us when to join back vanilla look this paper all right I’m gonna see if

Worked please please please get SP protection I don’t want this [ __ ] on my SP protection sucks yes the only way to disable Spa protection if you use a [ __ ] host or nobody want to tell me I’m gonna have to restart like just like turn it off and then turn it back

On and then it might um turn off and turn back on Epic don’t show me tutorial I literally even put it on one okay bro says4 Sky Block edit Server to Sigma World NE no way tips is streaming oh wait config yeah I found it tips is streaming I think he’s going to jump tips config yeah I comes up when you’re using feather tooot I wanted to start okay I think I got the server running uh be my test subject uh

Daniel Tre leaves IP I’m trying to start the Server all right what’s IP the IP is Sky Block oh my gosh the feather the G the server crashed because I already made it a vanilla server uh paper 1.9 which one this one 20 slots Sky Block no more thought do someone wrong except the hey what you doing much I’m put in

Chat what you doing so IP put new one Sky Block no more L somebody in real life he’s getting kicked out of school Shut Up SC TR you should join the server the sky Ser right now you’re gay oh it’s up again nice it’s up I think I fixed it

Tell me if you can open this chest tell me the wayte tell me the W cannot connect to server it just it just finished bro it just loaded up it’s called Sky Block no more I changed the IP oh okay hang on it’s in the chat Daniel doing like no more FEA

Feather oh [ __ ] hey hey stop stealing stop stealing stop stealing we’re testing something we’re testing we’re testing we’re testing we’re testing we’re testing can you open the chest can you open the chest can you open it let me can you open yeah I can open we fixed it we fixed the SPO protection

Yay yay did you steal anything okay guys we we going to play Sky Block please don’t hit me off can we’re going to play Sky Block and we’re going to grind the [ __ ] out of this game my gosh Sky Block oh my gosh oh my gosh we’re going

To oh if I place the lava there it break move very what no how do you okay oh I think I did it wrong give me dirt I didn’t get any why it yourself lazy that’s the Water Source I think we [ __ ] it up okay where’s the lava I have where do

You want me to place it what do you think we just burn I we we did it we just burn some some well all we all the all the dirt we need is just like we only need uh we only need four pretty much that give me we can’t

Get any more of that kids in Africa are dead where the kids in Africa you killed us share the wood okay red man make a pickaxe make pickaxe interesting stuff in this chest we don’t save our wood save our wood save our wood save our wood put all in the chest

Put the that in the chest I I make a pickaxe BR please hey give me this yeah Mi slabs Mi slabs twitch is actually smart he’s not OB Beast let’s go let’s go he probably is obese but who cares um hey kill yourself names I didn’t say anything man I’m watching

No you are not anybody want to use my old pickaxe I’m playing Sky Block [ __ ] you yeah [ __ ] you Joshy get out of here before I make a private VC you know I’m making a private VC oh never mind announcements I the is bigger now nice I lost the wood pickax

You how’d you die okay we make like a little waterfall just in case we fully can catch ourselves yeah you know okay let’s let’s make a private Co which really than you this is the gang we are playing Sky Block cuz we get bored what should we

Use for okay yo what up guys join the world what a did you fall there’s like water you can catch yourself it’s Minecraft so I I may be dead there’s water there’s this there’s water you can catch yourself on oh no except 700 ping I’m on like 700 ping so I can’t do

Anything good wait can I break blocks now yes I’m in Africa player collisions got me like pushed me off we don’t get a sapling we must we got one we got one we got one get the dirt get the dirt we have get the dirt

Must get the dirt get the desert get the dirt get the dirt and put it in the chest oh [ __ ] oh don’t mind the there around the lava get the desert I survived you survived W oh wait that’s the last L that’s the last layer we get that leader

We get that leader okay let’s go up block move TR move you okay okay we’re good we’re good what the hell happened to this we I go away for like five oh no he survived okay wait give us the sapling give us the sapling tree thank you yes Place tree down we preserving

The dirt we’re preserving we need to pull the dirt in the chest how we going to we need to preserve the dead so we can grow cheese # team re or something bail me out me move bundle you no just move just move bundle cat move you idiot

Move he landed in the water but the water is clutch I want get out okay he can’t get out don’t block off the water don’t block off the water okay uh this is the multiplay sky experience just this is the multiplayer we are Minecraft that is anyone gonna like fill in this

Gap with stone pun guys guys you idiot oh my good okay I’ll stop shaming I’ll stop sham kiding uh bro get some more get some bro you going to use the generator or not use the I’m punching you over here each no who’s getting El at I don’t know who’s

Getting El at I’m getting slabs Jude bro I just had to go into okay I can get slabs okay yeah pick up already okay where we where we going to build we can make where are we going to build you like pretty poor this way we

Build this way no let’s go we have more room we have more room capitalism we have more Room guys we need to up the efficiency somehow how is both Q dude and leaves already fallen off we need to get more Cobblestone somehow how are we going to get more cobone I’m jumping off fight the fun activity see we grab I’m going to fall into the

Void and die upgrade this place a little bit I don’t want to die oh God damn Actually death is a bit quicker oh no names are words just died Names why is everyone falling into the VA because people don’t have stop I we need to wait for this tree wait for a tree tree tree tree tree tree wait for the tree wait for the tree I need to grow I’m at 600 dude yeah he’s yeah this

Guy’s South African man got [ __ ] pck anyways he stole my pickax just hey you’re Australian get out of here he used to be he used to be Australian okay I’m moved I moved okay people are changing genders noway that’s unacceptable they are changing races that’s even worse push twitch off

AFK okay my bad why on the tree look look at look at him on his grind I’m just I’m just get another pickaxe for the investment standing I’m standing in the here is there any way we can get like a two player uh like a oh like a multiplayer cobblestone generator with

The one wallet lava sauce yes there is one love and one you will always find a way I can probably do that we have one yeah but you can’t [ __ ] it up because then we have to all restart Hey where’s the other wait let’s get more blocks build over here we need

To get more blocks guys come on we can we can build I have an idea I have an idea I have an idea you going to try gra the rest of the dirt pitching what’s no no no no no look look look look look I’m looking oh what is he making we build

Like a thing for the lava to flow through look look the lava flows through this and then we also and then like guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys I I have a genius I I have a mastermind plan of the century guys I just need some more Cobblestone protection our

Parents bro you’re not genius penus how do we get more stop stealing my Cobble stop don’t hit them Yo do not hit B wait wait wait I think I know I think I know I we can put the we can put the lava above and then like uh if you’re angry

Put the and then put like the okay for example we put the lava here and then we put the water s like we put the water over here and then we get like free to mine Cobblestone it’s genius I think oh no we can put we can put we can

Put blocks like here and then we can put the lava we can put a lava flowing here and wood here so just yeah I have an idea who took the lava oh BND no who took the lava who took the lava oh no wa I think Jude’s doing

Something who has the LA I want to build like building something I wait that will flow like surely surely look and then we can place the water up there and then in the middle in the middle there’ll be just Cobblestone you can continue mining the ones in the middle right once we get

A mob farm we can get more water up we just need blocks we just need a way to get more Cobblestone out of what we have yeah we need more slavery we need turn this into a h High pixel Sky Bundy cat no there’s no water for Bund uhoh he just jumped off

At least he wins into wait you can La genius wait that’s genius we can use the chest and we can put the lava we can put the lava above and like a little ring right like a little ring with the lava above so we just guys this is so genius

I know what you’re Ying about so you can have the lava bucket what happens if I just go oh wait that just turns into obsidian what about this don’t you dare see okay give me give me some Cobblestone give me some Cobblestone I need I’ll just take this we this thing we

Okay my brain okay let me let me let me use my brain real quick okay brain fart wow I can access this chest can I access move the chest is used for the farm man okay the chest is where all of our stuff is just be just leave it there just

Leave it there all of my stuff is in that chest oh at least temporarily break the block I don’t even have a pickaxe I need more I need more I need my stuff okay we go like hey maybe you should put a slab on top

Of the chest so I can so I can put my Dirt away cuz thatt is very valuable and you can just go like wait let me get up I have nine dead in my inventory why does no one here have pick names ah this just perfect what

What it’s working but not working guys fire I’m someone carry it for me someone carry it for me someone carry it for me what have you done what am I done half a heart guys guys take my pickaxe I’m on half a heart oh no oh I got the

Stuff it almost burned it almost burned okay that’s don’t punch me don’t punch me half a h I’m okay okay okay we redesign give me your blocks I need blocks anybody got blocks like I’m not giving you I’m not need the de okay thank you uh where’s the crafting

Table I it’s in my inventory probably place it down bro thank you can somebody replace the thing on top of the chest with a SL move bundle cat move somebody replace with a slab guys SL on yes wrong way not like that the top block yes yes thank you

Okay let me let me let me do let me cook okay let me cook guys let him cook let me cook right now all right who wants the bucket okay no just put it just put it put it in the chest put it in the chest put it in the

Chest just put it in the chest bucket in the chest yes bucket in the chest bucket is in the chest why do names actually do a smart for once I need one more slab one more slab I need one slab oh I can just use this

Okay where give me the lava someone give me the lava someone give me the lava it’s in the chest go go get go get it from the chest oh there’s blocks in there I need let me get on there to somehow name just cooking yes engineer at work yes oh

[ __ ] wait I have hold on we have give pickax give me my pickaxe we need it’s triple it’s literally a triple mine what I got the achievement cobblestone generator think it work I’m picking up some they go under man got the quadruple Miner do anybody go a pickaxe I need a

Pickaxe give me something give me a pickax like give me a pickaxe please no blocks all they’re just going up and burning you go you go down see uh oh this is not the smart this is not the smart do we just should we do it the opposite direction so it

So yeah I like it when the blocks go up F uh I have around 20 blocks and only received five of them you receive one in five Cobblestone blocks in this Farm yeah this Farm sucks it’s a little I was not cooking wait we can I have a pickaxe I don’t have one

I need I need to be use for slavery I don’t have a pickaxe hell’s a pickaxe I one I don’t think what’s a pickax I don’t think I was cooking man what’s a pickaxe uh I don’t know oh I got two you have just go in and take a

Little bit of you can just either go in and take a little bit of lava yep I love when I access this chest um I think we’re not who has the bucket can not punch me Jude is bucket Jude Jude give me give me the

Bucket we just do a one person B why do we need to have like five people mining we we need a better we need a better design we need slaves we need a better design okay I’m going to make a better slaves cuz cuz cuz the books go up but

If we just put the lava down right that’s just going to make the lava just like not work no it work you just need to think I think slide got this dick how are we meant to get anything above iron me just put there blocks in the void there’s blocks in the

Void oh almost the void there’s a zombie in the water all the way down there there is a zombie Oro my pickax is about to break and that tree has no grin I okay that back up there’s my pick oh we don’t have

Uh if you give me three I can make a new pick if you give me three I can make a new pick we free here here one two three my God you guys are I’m stuck okay we’re going to use okay move move bug bug cat bug and cats tree

Leaves is getting killed we’re going to put the water there and we’re going to put the lava like far out here like the lava source like here what’s good okay and we’re going to go like this what the [ __ ] is this I don’t know anymore just a death said it’s not that hop

No I got to put a one Cobblestone slab in the chest a oh water Where’s My Water I wonder what’s in this hole here no I wonder know what’s down this hole you know what we could just do you know what we could just do names what we

Could just kind of like break these blocks and then fill this up and do the water on the other side wait on the water on the what I know like You’ place the lava here so and fill a block here so we’ go down down here and fill these three up then you

Would go to the to to the water I’ll give you the bucket you you you do it Cobblestone all the way down there I might actually break everything my my brain don’t I need some building block I need some building block guys come on you’re already placing the sugar can and stuff like

Jeez you guys are going FX I’m just brainstorming some ideas oh I have an idea I think watch you guys just dinking right now we’re thinking we’re dinking oh I don’t expect this to work but you do not need to put obsidian in the chest you you could get obsidian so

What if you like place the lava here and then place the water here would that work you have the bucket bro are you oh uh this is good would this work oh [ __ ] uh that’s not how physics Works might have to place some blocks no redo it redo Ito it where you

Wanted to be in the first place take the water bro take the water I told you wanted it if you do the same pattern as the other one place it in this there’s look like I have the bucket I I I need you picked up the block

Move you have to put it in the middle you have to put the wood SCE in the middle dumb what happens if I put the water swords in the middle you place it on there no uh which is why no wait no place it place it place it place it in the middle

Place it in the middle I have an idea it’s like I just uh that’s not stop the water the lava’s placed down oh wait no no no I have an idea I have an idea stop stop stop just boom Oh I’m stuck I’m stuck are you

Stupid I’m dead what are you doing I was stuck the items all fell cuz I’m stuck we just lost a lot of materials we don’t can we like you have the buckets what okay just give me the bucket give me the bucket well I’m

Saying is if I just get like a block so like this dirt block here yeah I place it in this corner I place a block here that’s very valuable very valuable he’s using it for a sec bro it’s temper take that wood temper yeah uh boom would that work yo

Would work would that work how is it a cobblestone form you want you m the middle oh what if you mind in the middle oh actually just oh he’s smart we have a free person generator I am just better I am just better and we can put slabs on

Here so you don’t walk into the lav on accident don’t break the chest okay moving it moving it use just better is better name just spawning inside of it oh you’re just better okay we can just go like this if dud go like that go like

That and now you just dig down you just dig there you’ll be fine why does bundle cat have a name skin cuz why not I literally got tried cooking which is actually just smart oh my maybe let this TCH get back to work we could actually make this

Possible we could we could actually make this a a four person generator we I’m I’m the fth should I make it a four person make it a four person make it a four okay so that would require stupid stuff okay okay so I’m going to have to take back the the lava

Temporarily cuz it’s very annoying to use we’re going to break these two blocks move oh okay wait it’s it’s not going to work right now okay let’s see let’s see how okay let’s watch this man do it let’s watch let’s watch this man let him cook

Now let him cook right now how to cook how to become Walter White dude and then I just kind of like what the let him cook right now now wait be right back CH can still hear me I back chat no I’ve acknowledged it

Oh oh wait I need to why is the name messed up cooking with this one80 ping I met a thousand a m that’s not that bad that’s a ratio that’s not that bad we okay so now if you break this block is it just going to not going to

Work oh that’s so stupid we can put this in the middle though right technically we just what what do you mean what if we do the same thing you did with with the water to Lava I’m sure it’s a problem with the lava though no take it take it

Take take the take the do the same thing on both sides lava’s just slower that’s CH just let it drain now play what the [ __ ] now place it uh oh go now I’ll just move move bundle cat I’ll just like I did how it get free MAX

Oh the tree the tree the tree the tree the tree Tre tree must acquire sapling not use this do not use this as a building block okay this is for making tools has to give some wood to me so grab the saplings give me some wood going to grab

The saplings make sure they don’t drop into the wood the wood where’s the a saing sapling did you get a sapling i s I swear I swear sapling I got a sapling oh I got a we got a sapling you we expand the tree farm do

Not use the wood do not change do not the wood guys guys I have an idea I have an idea we make a dedicated tree area wait wait yeah we do that we do that yeah this we’ll build it over here oh wait I figured out how to cook I

Cook oh I did not cook I actually did not cook I lagged try not to make try not to make the platform like full block when you place it because then mobs can spawn or you just get shot by skeletons okay so this needs to be a four layer

Twitch is just focusing on the on the grind right now he’s on the he’s on the farming guys everyone put that stone in the chest I ran out of hunger okay okay so it looks like it’s a three max all right then we just have to do three max three people

Unless unless smart man oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] that hurt that hurt that that hurt that hurt oh the bundle cut what is he dud is working on the tree making a tree area I am not cooking right now what is this uh what skin should I have I have

An emo police officer and then I have my will this work I try and cook like this I’m an Emo police officer there’s no way that this one works though oh [ __ ] the lava just like doesn’t to there what if I just do this all right I’ve made an area which put

The block right here put the block right here and then it’s just the exact same as before no I didn’t mean by that like no take the lava SCE not the lav I said place a block bro take the Lev SS put it back over herey you should put in the yeah place

It yeah place it I turned on easy place mode oh my gosh place it there there wait there then let it yeah let it let it do its yeah does it his AFK it just fully blocked it it’s reaching over but it needs to be

A a three block or something what if we just extend this like put the lava SCE like over here so it can just like drain what if you put the lava like more what if you just put the lava in the middle no then it would just turn to

Obsidian no I mean if you do that it just becomes like the normal Farm but this just doesn’t work this it’s a Max of free I guess yeah so you can’t do anything okay we have three people on the Cobblestone farm and then we get all the blocks and we make

Stuff right I keep getting P wait this part’s working now it is not working place a block there wait wait oh wait the Sky Block name is messed up by the way on stream okay guys I just had a genius idea yeah I just had a genius idea guys stop mining’s stream

Name it says Sky Block but me yeah that’s the point it is not but you you guys but the people of so I have a really stupid idea happy I was just going to do but me because me is me okay so I have a really stupid idea but it might actually

Work so right what another name that’s true yeah we are trying to make something with the people he’s trying to make GL we could we can make like a that is going to get rid of the Water Source I’m ready to take this back yep

Yep I might want to get rid of the lav Water Source uh it doesn’t matter about them you’re the main sh for real I’m the character I think I should move it back here so it doesn’t do that maybe okay jud’s focus on trees and food cuz he he

Made this um tree leaves you can be a minor um what you don’t want to be are you are are you dream looks like a are you dream dream is the yo like the like the pest control guy he’s the pest control got Pest Control okay how so this is not going to

Work I love that’s cool it’s are really good no you need to make the holes then you can do okay wait wa idea right so if I do this oh [ __ ] there’s a pickax congratulations there’s another pickax there’s a pickaxe in the chest up I don’t care going wait for those trees

Any they only gr during day I’m proba just I got I got it I I got it I got it I got it I got it I got it I placed a bottle of water I I think I actually just cooked guys he cooking at least those miners aren’t miners

You we do it guys oh wait Place slabs Place slabs so you don’t get I cooked I cooked I cooked I cooked he’s cooking he’s cooking we have four people just water I’m water I’m water I am water yes go I can extend it even more I can

Actually extend it even more this is good this is good this is good this is good mine no trust so so so if you make it like a one block make it so some water like at most two players I’m going to break these blocks cuz I don’t I want water to drop

Down cuz then if someone Falls they can just cast themselves yeah okay so I have an idea if I extended I can make it three player cuz normally you do it like one block I have 40 cobblestone on me I’m going to put that in the chest can can I have some

Cobblestone thanks okay so I’m okay like a miner real quick can you temporarily stop mining like a miner okay I’m still mining I’m going to fix some stuff tree leaves holy [ __ ] uh I should probably place the water back just like all the way down here I’ll

Place the water back just down here so you guys can actually bat going to get back he’s been AFK for ages okay we’re just grabbing the rest of oh wait he’s just AFK some slabs y can I get some slabs like St slabs me and cuz we’re kind of stuck here one

Second kind of stuck here we’re trying to fix the thing please slabs oh wait y think if this Vine grows down enough then we can have like a platform I thought you just died no the dirt oh yeah the what’s going he’s a mad lad he’s creeper oh my gosh I four

Hearts creeper did you get the sound good yeah you got the that oh what is bug cat though I guess we have a little downstairs area or you call him bug cat is he bugging it’s not bugging it’s bundle B cat it’s just Bud F cat lug cat oh give me

That okay we need like a safety what guys I just cooked y someone give me Cobblestone slabs let me you fck cat who took I put 40 cobblestone in here who the [ __ ] stole them all someone stole them I I’m I’m extending a cobone I need some bro I need something to get

With the dirt just wait just wait just wait just wait I feel I should be on Tree juty on what tree JY you got to watch the trees yeah I’m a tree oh why is there just a big ass hole there um because we’re trying to get all the oh

My God yeah we me and J need trying to fix it but you said no give the later I’m sorry I was I need to give me this wait place a slab here give me a sec man one slab here I’m saving bugging cat’s life right now bu cat life right

Now was levitating bro was levita the rest there’s like two more more dirt get up get up come up come up just come up hey this works just come up through the water the water the water come through the water bro oh you just okay just leave by NE namez can you

Place a slab here namez where Nas like right right here okay so now stop what we can do is just one two and then one per wait what happened why is there like so many blocks here who placed this all stop who placed all this all these

Blocks bro these are just free blocks who placed them all stop doing it here hold on wait what happened so there’s so many blocks here who pillared up in a [ __ ] Cobblestone there’s so much Cobblestone here I’m trying to clean up the place is where are you nams I’m I’m below I’m

At the water like I’m oh wait you’re at the water yeah there a GI it’s a oh okay let me just go back up so we didn’t actually spend anything all right I’m going to make like a mob a little mob spawner we can go to the nether if

We can go to the ne uh what’s a wait NE is like Easy Wood yeah we need yeah the nether the only bad thing about the nether is the gas we have to make everything out of uh what’s it called out of uh planks because first

I cooked I cooked I cooked I cooked tree leaves okay so how we need to mine is we need to go to the nether tree leaves tree leaves is this guy deed stup meant to be three players so yeah one person takes one block but it

Has to be like even you know it just Chucks it up I want to put can we place blocks under this uh yeah why not this point I mean tree leaves what’s technically right if there’s only one person you can just keep doing this yeah it’s like an

Efficient way to do it if you are the only person doing it move trul bro what are you doing all what’s it cool we need to go to the nether because why why did you do that why did you do that it just messed up everything why did you do that why

Did you do that oh my God why did you do that who just placed the water there then it needs to be what the [ __ ] nobody changed it nobody changed it why did someone patch this up is it not five block one two three you’re

Going to make it a five block five block right yeah this was five block okay oh my God he is cooking oh [ __ ] I thought you were dead I thought you were dead cat is just that’s living you just living you live in large on the trees

You live in large perfect just let him be just let I’m I’m g go de for I put my stuff in the chest okay give me my stuff oh you fixed it okay guys I generated a lot of cobblestone for the for the gang I have generated 35 Cobblestone for the

Gang SP C okay okay how many wait what the okay what blocks what out at least the miners aren’t miners as crazy okay what blocks the zombie magma what else tell me Netherrack Netherrack what else do they spawn on wood I think they spawn on

Wood maybe they do they do I think Joshi TV is playing genjin impact because we have to oh my God and zombie pigment a zombie spawn on Cobblestone yeah most in in the they can spawn in most in the nether was feel most blocks other then nether W

Block oh wait we can just okay we need we’re going to make this Farm out of uh uh Cobblestone and wood or Cobblestone because it’ll be better cuz uh if we can get if we can get uh a gold Farm running like a little gold Farm we can get rotten flesh gold

And with the gold we can trade with piglins for a whole bunch of uh items yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m going to make a portal where should we make this portal I’m just making a sugar don’t we need Flint to no we can just use the

Lava use the lava dude where where we building this portal cuz we can only build what about like a right here what about just like right here right there okay M out the floor imagine you miss place it okay place place it SL There oh let’s get the lava let’s light this [ __ ] what’s a burnable block Wood Wood wa use okay we need to put we need to we need to put it we need to place the lava under this oh oh yeah wait my by the way we need iron so that we

Can um Iron is easy yeah I know how to get iron dude I played sky before you s 20 is a bit different because you have to go to Nether you get the gold make a mff farm right you get a zombie you get you get a zombie villagers yeah and you

Kill the zombies I mean IR yeah and and you get iron from the villagers so that’s we need another dude it’s raining isn’t going to catch on fire it’s raining a dig does it catch on fire when it’s raining do [ __ ] catch on fire when it’s raining if we place blocks

Above it if we place blocks above it this is what I’m about to do yeah okay now we wait hey chat what’s going going on how’s your is like young Shen kill yourself I think Young sh guys I’m terrible at math I am not young he

Doesn’t even he doesn’t even do B he does science I know why bro I know why bro said young children does math I’ve never watched that before you’re gay kill yourself okay I’m just okay now we wait this is the only way to get villagers and iron and Diamond TOS yeah chop I think there’s there’s also other Islands on here but you don’t see them because of the server render distance yeah you have to get a bunch of blocks and then bridge out names like show them on the stream just there there’s there’s one over there one over there one over there one

Bro it spawned the if keep placing it just who put out the fire there was a fire here there’s a fire here did it wouldn’t light yeah there’s a chance there’s like a chance that it lights on here so it doesn’t spawn here remove these blocks wait why don’t we just remove

These blocks so it can’t spawn there be useful so it can spread oh oh oh oh it happen okay wait get the lava get the lava get the lava get the lava get the lava don’t go in don’t go in don’t go in oh is it also Sky Block yeah it’s

Also Sky Block oh be careful be careful be careful we spawn on a ro portal be careful wait we have Netherrack wait I see I see a fortress in the distance there’s a fortress in the distance look at look over there TR there’s a fortress there’s a fortress be careful there’s

Nothing there nothing there’s nothing W I can’t see anything look at over there look at over there there’s a there’s a fortress there’s a fortress Sky Block oh I see it I see it I see it okay do we go over there or do we go to the should we

We make we okay let’s go let’s go make a let’s make a mob form first okay cuz then we can get a whole bunch of I I think we should why don’t we just go to one of the islands first no cuz that how are we supposed to kill a blaze with

Nothing somebody stuck me up I’m blocked no no no no no no like you give me a bunch of blocks and then I just out what’s the point killing the blazes we don’t get anything out of it no not the nether Island you [ __ ] they like over Island the actual islands around us

Those islands one in that direction One in that dire no no no they have trees I know one of them has one them has no one of them has no there’s a birch dark oak mushroom and then one other one mushroom that’s food bro yeah but there’s no mushrooms on

There oh oh I I guess we can make this uh well let’s make a let’s make a mod Farm let’s save our blocks for a mod Farm Sand oh wait what are we going to use sand for you sure can I guess but you use dirt wait there’ll be other water

Sources right what wouldn’t there be like other water sources es yeah right okay okay okay should I Bri to the island in this direction okay e I’ll to the North Island first I already got a [ __ ] ton of blocks I have a stack of slabs all also okay we go

Bridge the island and also uh make it no no no no Bridge it BR it Bridge it so it’s to up slab so mobs don’t spawn because then we just have to deal with them make it an up slab yeah yeah okay good yeah I accidentally jumped I

Accidentally jumped I was trying to go into Jude you should turn on to snake so you don’t die man see what you see tell me what you see guys okay okay me I see the spruce Island oh oh it has pumpkin it has pumpkin uh and Sweet Berry pumpkin

And sweet berries sweet I found the jungle I I I see the Jungle jungle that was the last one it has a bunch of wood it has a bunch of wood yo okay let’s go to Jungle first let’s go to Jungle can someone go get me a axe axe yeah okay so

I’m going oh I see jungle there’s melons there’s melons uh yo I’m going to jump off I need death reset man nothing loaded nothing’s loading past there that’s need turn up your render distance dude I just went on the Jud set I was like what the hell happened all right um

Okay let me get like a pickaxe and some blocks let M some blocks I’m Gonna Keep bridging to this one will you guys do the J dude this is so fun chat if you want to join I have no blocks I literally don’t have I’m getting blocks for

You all right I got some blocks I got some blocks I don’t have enough you also have an axe I don’t have an axe bro this you get an axe I don’t know why cuz TR this go get an axxe go get like Stone axe yeah hey I have

Blocks transaction I’m going go get your axe if Tru isn’t getting you on go go go we got is not going to make it got this [ __ ] okay we can uh what’s it called should we we can build uh H cuz there is another for

But this is based on the seed so if we place like a uh some we could whose microphone is going like oh someone just typed in chat like Russian and I can’t tell what that is it’s probably probably saying a racial story in a different language

Translate to English I don’t know how I got here but I like it you like it damn we just transl that’s what they’re saying in Russian I’m death resetting wait hold on I got to search up some Russian to English all ran out out of hunger all right uh do you need

An axe you said switch I’ve got an axe I got I got two are you are you the one who wanted an a oh yeah I’m going to switch I already got ax I guess we can bre we can all chop down the tree there’s more dirt by the

Way okay yeah know okay go get it here here here I have an axe I need blocks I have two axes on me bro we to get blocks this is very epic M farm would be really helpful okay we go to that we go to the jungle

Tree we go to the jungle tree and we can make a mob farm if we make a mob farm we can just get a whole bunch of [ __ ] me and truers are grabbing books for twitch you guys just had to type some expert Russian in chat I’m at the base I just

Came back okay nearly at the Bruce we’re just grinding blocks for uh twitch cuz the jungle has a [ __ ] ton of wood it’s guaranteed like a stack a stack and more on the like the like a it’s like guaranteed over 32 logs depending how big that is yeah it’s guaranteed over a

Stack of 32 logs dude I just came back from breakfast yeah and what we’re playing the Sky Block world oh sorry South America I remember hold hold on wait I I just got to calculate South Africa oh what what does it say okay there’s at least 48 you don’t

Understand this was a joke good luck I have to go to college good luck go go translate uh bro has to go to college I’m not even old enough to go to college everybody here is not old enough to go to college except for Jude he’s probably like 56 years old

Iall even though I’ve seen his face this guy is like an old old man I can’t tell if this guy is actually R he said ha I know you don’t understand this I why did he say Google translate at the bottom oh he said Russian again yeah he’s in Russi okay this guy’s

Rushing he has a good oh I see the Mushroom Island I see the Mushroom Island I went in a different I’m not the only Russian here just focus on one they don’t know that I’m the person that I just want to get down which direction know which

One’s they don’t know I’m vadir Putin T are you are you at the jungle I’m like 20 blocks away and I just accidentally looked at an Enderman guys I’m [ __ ] drop all your stuff and drop off I appear to be spy on I see the end what what’s that achievement for the N

Word no it’s just getting Cobblestone wait no oh wait no no no that’s getting a stack but there’s an enem in here top oh wait there’s 12 Islands there’s 12 Islands look at the achievements tab oh there’s a creeper is that guy on me on um on the achievements tab it says

Explore wait we can just kill him we can just kill him cuz we’re on up slabs he can’t TP on up slabs just kill him just kill him good close just himie on there a zombie kill it fake cave okay make sure okay make sure the

Saplings don’t fall off I’m I’m going to build a platform I’m going to build a platform so I’m building I’m building a platform so saplings don’t drop this is this is base this is pretty cool this is a really cool map I’m grabbing the melon yeah okay you do that I’ll grab all

This y this is actually cool okay I’m going back to base you you just dropped in the wood okay try not to die I’m going back to base I got um melons by the way we can make melon seeds Okay my Hunger is not going to

Make it dude dude please come to me I do not have wait where the [ __ ] are you I’m near the I’m not going to the thing stilling I got cocoa beans yeah you place oh wait I see an amethyst Shar I see an amethyst Shar dude what wait

What come to the edge of the spruce Bridge come to the edge of the spruce bridge I see an amethyst here that better be dead over there bndy cat’s back let’s go all right can I just grab okay definely I’ve been taking my sneakers off okay you’re back the new islands

There’s more Islands dude what is this yeah yeah go to the very end it’s no there’s like yeah the nether also has like multiple Islands too it’s like Sky Block but there’s like more islands and more things to explore it’s pretty cool see the ameth

Year no I see it I see it oh yeah structur spawn structur spawn on this by the way structures like if you found an ancient city the ancient city would spawn mft a mft yeah it would spawn it’s againsts the seed uh I think eventually if you bridge far enough you’re gonna

Find um actual land no it gets rid of every single other Block it’s not like a map it’s like a it’s kind of like a DA Packy adro 527 says hi hi I can tell the custom achievement hey guys I’ve got 54 jungle logs oh nice okay put it in a chest we

Can use it for for the what’s it called for the also plant the saplings by the way do you get any saplings oh wait no I didn’t please get the we can get big trees cuz then we can get the big trees cuz the Big Trees

Would be so op what is a skeleton wait I want to kill the skeleton cuz if we can kill the skeleton then we can get bones bones bones bones yeah then grow the tree and me get trees instant oh I got a I got an arrow I didn’t get

Any I got I got I got I got I just got three saplings all right that’s good that’s good it’s good just plant separate so you get more saplings okay I’m going to work on the mob farm uh okay we need like three stacks of

Blocks to make the mob farm by the way and like a lot of trap doors so I’m going just grind that real quick I’m going to put all the wood towards uh trap doors we’re so close to the spruce we’re so close yeah we’re pretty close

I got enough I got enough I got enough nice okay I’m going to put all guys can someone come help grab the dirt here the dirt yeah wait we’re just I might CRA just get food to be honest we have we have like a stack of logs bro we can get

Food tools yeah we can look Go full tools but oh no I want to put the wood I want to put the wood to the what’s it called mob farm because then the mob farm would be very very helpful cuz we can get tools from the M farm right guys

Make sure you crou when you someone a zombie over there yeah just mine blocks uh Daniel bug creeper oh man get the creeper where oh I’m just I’m I’m not going to go for you go kill him you go kill him on the bridge cuz you built the bridge you

Built the bridge wrong Jude you built the bridge wrong I’m out of Fung I’m out of Fung I’m out of hunga jump why you oh I just [ __ ] up yeah yeah we killed him give me your [ __ ] yeah okay yeah flesh oh no what land in the

Water what water there’s no water there no water yeah there is [ __ ] down of water look down oh yeah oh [ __ ] that [ __ ] I water okay I’m going to make a double chest will be an War investment this is a wor nobody take my tools nobody take nobody take my tools

Don’t take his his tools are actually kind of good I can hear you okay your tools are good my bad that was yeah t expand it so you can make a all the jungle logs I want to put it towards the mob farm for the what’s it called for the trap

Doors yeah cocoa beans did we get any bones from that uh if we get more trees if you get more trees then it’ll be more I made melon seeds okay okay okay okay okay we need we need like free stacks of uh what’s it called Cobblestone don’t turn into SLS for the my

Farm it’ll be very efficient because this is just void it’s just void it’s just void H oh we peaked at six viewers that’s actually pretty cool well I’m going to go to sleep for the rest of the stream oh thank you it’s like afternoon for me but okay view 10 p.m. for me

You just don’t sleep everybody here is Australian except for twitch oh yeah I’m Australian hey guys guys guys look what I’ve discovered oh okay if we wait someone we need to try to get bones we need to put we need make this let’s go dude built these giant pillars if we

Make this m Farm then getting getting wood would be more efficient than uh mining cobblestone for BL blocks [ __ ] why is this guy trying to kill me eventually like it kind of ramps up the woods you know yeah W wood is proud of my uh Cobblestone yeah I’m very

Proud let him cook now bro let him cook I actually cooked with that though all right we’re just bu I made it to Spruce made it to Spruce is there anything like good pumpkin sweet berries and Spruce Wood all right next what’s the next one I swear there’s more there’s one more in

This direction I think this is dark o dark that’s are pretty big we could actually just get the world seed off this off this world and go into a survival world look for the stru this is a villagers I gotu take one I’ll take one this is how it works I got two

Sings you got two saplings nice wait we can make big we can make the big spruce trees the big spruce trees are better than the jungle ones yeah the good thing about jungle you can like plant cooker beans which is I don’t know what you can make cookies I guess cookies yeah well

That’s so useful did anybody get wheat seeds from the starter thing we we didn’t get any wheat seeds Okay we’re kind of [ __ ] until we can just make bone meal we can just get A we D we can get infinite blocks we can get infinite blocks I just we don’t have grass we don’t have grass no no no no no guys guys guys guys does the snow do snow melt um do snow melt uh by the sun yeah yeah oh there the sun actually melt snow

That’s annoying because I have enough to make two snow blocks and I have a pumpkin which means we could get um a Snowman and and get the and make like infinite infinite blocks that’s smart do it do it do it just do it just do it

Just do it we need she We need oh we need iron oh [ __ ] all right I guess we have to wait until we make this Farm help us mine books don’t take the snow blocks or the don’t take the snow blocks no don’t oh oh I think we have enough Cobblestone I

Think we have enough Cobblestone to make it I actually don’t think that’s enough no that’s enough that’s 100% enough we have more Beres okay wait is which island has a grass block because we we can’t get grass blocks cuz we just broke them all here the one does but it would Spruce

One okay just don’t just don’t break any blocks at the spruce don’t break any dirt at the bru like no don’t break any grass blocks cuz we need those grass blocks Ian I yeah we have to do all the way over there though we yeah we have to

Plant we need to do sheep and animals over there now because we don’t have CRA blocks here unless unless we just make a long line of dirt oh [ __ ] that we just need we get an end to pick up the dirt I’m making a sweet F

Underground so we don’t so we have food uh I just ran out all right just ran out of food let me just jump off the edge real quick yeah yeah I’m pretty low and hungry too yeah just put your tools in like the chest and grab it back yeah that’s why I

Did that’s why all I’m going to start building this where should I build this I build like h I’ll take two stacks and I’ll help where should I where should where should I build it where should I put it where should where should I build

It guys maybe at the at the like oh a jungle maybe the jungle one a jungle I’ll put it in like in the middle of the road or something cuz I don’t want to take take so far to get there so I might be an idiot right

Um okay I’m just put start building it here oh my God I’m just start building here you make you make and you make a I’m making a little guys we can make a composter dude dude we have a Sweet Berry thumb and that’s like really fast

And we can make a composter with a sweet meal but no you can get it from the mob farm though you can get it from the mob farm though you can get b it’s more fish I’m going to make I’m making a compost okay man it’s going to be useful

For two seconds because we’re going to build this yeah I know but who cares you know it would be cool cares yeah and also we have a composter like we like composters I just got so scared accidentally uh dropped one down the SL I’m making yeah and and I accidentally

Uh um through one of my um items bucket it’s right if you drop the bucket we’ll eventually create a new one going for the F the bucket who has the bucket put the bucket in the chest what if you die it’s in the chest it’s in in the chest is in the oh

It is letop see I’m blood hold let me do something oh the the Trier the the the jungle trigger oh oh oh my God oh my God it is massive you guys know how to break one of these down right yeah yes we know how to use these staircase method Yay good

Boy play work he’s our slave me and B are just building this uh up Farm I’m just trying to do something real making like a guard rail so people don’t fall off I know what I do yeah we have so much wood there so much wood we have so much wood yeah yeah we have so much wood and the tiger as well we have the tiger

Trees whatever they Spruce yeah Spruce spruce trees and the jungle W trees dud double trees if we get a certain type of spruce we can get tons of saplings there’s we there’s also another Island by the way there’s a giant spr more profitable than Jungle oh it’s offc

Centered really it’s off center what oh wait it is uh oh it’s uh we have to make this a two wide bridge then we have to make this a two wide Bridge that’s the thing if you want it to be doesn’t really matter if the even it really matters it doesn’t really

Matter yeah the bridge won’t be even but the farm will be even uh okay the Farm’s even but the bridge isn’t who cares uh my brain is melting wait let me let me build a little killing platform F Okay have to all right the to part is going to start breaking how you going to my brain is my brain bro my pickaxe BR mine with the slabs wait just give me your pickaxe for a Sec thanks my brain is melting cuz I don’t want to my brain is just melting oh my my axe BR dude I I haven’t even mined the entire thing yet and I have a stack and a half of Vlogs oh TR if you’re making a god rail let’s go yeah w w Tre

Leaves that said to me yet Oh okay now we can just build up like I think we build up uh uh y we’re growing sweet berries wait can you give me like a normal block do you have like a normal block uh Dude oh yeah thanks okay okay that’s like a block and a half we need to bu this one up and bring this one up we have to bring this one up because cuz we’re on slabs and the slabs make it so wst form here which

Is a good thing but like we have we have to look up when doing the farm what is this nice and what’s this strange platform should I put handrails on my mother yes yay it’s just a it’s just like a thingy hey wait give me give me the

Slide you picked up oh I did thanks all right all right we got this we got this okay I’m going to get up here somehow let’s Place some we need slabs we need more wood man wait TR give me your slabs you’re not important give me give me what give me your slabs

You’re not important thanks all right I’m Place book here okay and we can get up in here wait how many books do we go up cuz I just don’t uh 24 23 I just gave you I swear I swear I swear it was wa let me just search it up real

Quick just give me a sec just give me a sec just give me a sec all right I’m just pulling up so how you do the m without the water Do we have an infinite water source names uh no B meal if we get bones then we can how because you can okay I’ll just explain it later just get bones or like bone meal all right let’s trust what this man says oh it’s 22 blocks up so this is like one

Block one two three you have to reset four 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 133 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 and you know how I get back down I Chuck my [ __ ] right there so I can pick it up later and I jump off then I go

Back we need ladders dude ladders are going to be helpful if we can get back up and down all right y yeah you continue building it up wait not wait guys there’s a bad we might not be able to make another big we might not be able to make another big

Jungle tree the massive tree only dropped three saplings damn get more saplings I’m getting I mean there’s still some more no there’s still some leaves come on come on have hope pleas this a gamble pretty much all right I got ladders uh wait we can’t

[ __ ] sleep so we have to me and D just build this in the dark I guess we’re just going to get [ __ ] by mobs right building the ladders to go up and down it’s only 22 blocks it’s 22 blocks bro how far oh wait know you’re going up

To the where my block was okay Goods I have blocks all right do you have anything on you a I saw a skeleton just down CU when you die it just splatters everywhere just throw it down and just kill yourself in a good way don’t don’t kill yourself in the F

Because then you’re just W you just go to H yeah and just come back all right oh wait the last one is a mangrove the last one is mangrove it’s Mangrove I thought it was talking yeah I see mangrove the wor don’t have any o guess we get mud bricks I mean there’s

More there’s more but um there’s 12 there’s 12 violence you real I have to go eight out oh my gosh okay eight out every direction let me get this Ladd up by the way this ladders Daniel lad who’s that who is that uh bu cat me

Boy oh that’s actually my real life name damn damn so I’m going to build this out of full block CU I don’t trust slabs to to for mod spawning I don’t I just don’t trust them because every time I break cobone I’m so laggy my bad CH I was just yelling at a

Child dude I’m so laggy that the took all the cobblestone I have oh oh no I I know who did that oh no you bro you wasted all of it TR oh my wasted all of it on slabs Oh my he can catch him good think I extended that

TR liter wasted all [ __ ] cobblestone on guard RA are you autistic he is autistic now we have to grind back six R dude I can’t mine the Cobblestone cuz it just it it appears back and I get glitched back man it’s okay then just don’t mind the Cobblestone cuz you’re on

Hying just just being CH took all the tools I put in that chest cuz [ __ ] Tre Lees decided hm let me just spend it all on [ __ ] slabs [ __ ] you [ __ ] [ __ ] this Daniel’s sick and tired he’s like I’m sick and tired of this the average sibling experience sick

Inside of your exist Stang bang side character be like okay does anybody have Cobblestone that can donate for the for the mob farm so we can get more water and I’m like a miner right now I’m also mining TR you should be mining right now Daniel can’t because he

Has a disability right I can mine okay mine I’m trying to spider over move you could probably oh my god oh crap I CAU mine oh actually I can mine what the hell stop breaking with the middle block bro oh my God who keeps breaking the side block okay I’ll stop

Mining just m chilling well I break this book never mind the hell okay I’ll test if I can do the other one uh you have do you have any Cobblestone you mind ating Jude to the to the farm do you any you me you mind donating mind donating mind donating

Donate twitch do you have any Cobblestone you mind donating to the C to the mob farm I’m currently mining like for a reason give me your give me your Cobblestone right now all yeah I was on it yeah here he was talking to his father I’m not on shifting by the way guys

There’s guard rails but it’s been all [ __ ] Stone on guard rails oh wow everyone’s on T right now what’s happening one sec I don’t know name you leaked the T IP free I have some things to donate to you you [ __ ] okay oh there’s some sillies over there oh there some SES do the transaction down here’s up there why is everybody on TI why is everybody on tiol oh creep I don’t know don’t know nothing’s happening what happened down their

Names there’s some siles over here there’s some sillies over here okay I got one strength over there if we can get we we can fish we need trap doors so these guys could walk down the okay I’m going one two three I didn’t even die to

The spider I fell off four five 6 7 eight currently farming like a farmer two three four five six 7 8 okay three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight uh we got this um is is is is anything happening on

T just people I’m not sure it’s just active today I guess yeah it’s probably it’s probably because uh sepy announced if you’re going to be active on the server that’s probably why some people logged on oh blush was just killed by aspect live just killed by bonetta it’s Commander was slain by

Aspect live actually I think they just did a wave of adding more people to the white list because I I’ve never seen blush Commando and a couple others on the white list they should add me to the white list you don’t play this you don’t even

Know multiple times it sounds bit like a PVP server and I’m really yeah I’m not getting invol that Boo I like peace yeah you can try get peace on anak Ser but they just say no and then get bullied okay we’re on okay we’re just being chilling oh Small for is going be the most efficient mob farm because this is the only place that mobs can spawn on this entire server I mean I’ve seen a couple yeah on the bridge because someone idiot decided make the bridge wrong okay I need like way more C oh skeleton please drop me bones

Please please cuz we can get fishing Man Bones baby fishing infinite water source infinite water source okay so you going to explain how the infinite water source works now yes uh give me a bucket please and one dirt give me the bucket oh to like mud or something yo I need to

Take this water for a second actually no I can just use I can just do it under it right yeah I need one dirt I need one dirt grab one dirt dude here go one dirt I’m going to place it there oh byebye now I need that

Bucket boom I did it two left come on dude you should know better I don’t know what’s happening on T bro is T what’s happened with T man dud every single member of the server that’s online just chased after Xander put it up and they were just killing Xander in

Like a 5 one alander alander yeah no way I’m getting on that oh Xander they’re just killing Xander that’s all yeah they just like ganged up on Xander in like a 51 sucks for him man Ben spawn killed me for like six 60 times yesterday

Why I don’t know no there was no there was no reason it’s probably you it’s probably because you killed you yesterday probably because you killed him yesterday no he was like no you’re just you’re just annoying and I was like why and he was like you rubbed my base and I

Was like I literally didn’t and then he was just like well who cares I’m going to keep doing it isn’t that against the rules I don’t know because I died to him like 20 did you spawn kill you when you were naked I mean I I I had be like in my

Yeah but he’s not leted to kill you for no reason dead yeah cuz I I def also we can go fishing now he has a he has a pub base he has like his base is public like you’re allowed to go there and then I

Went there to check it out and then he just killed me in like 60 times there’s no trapping and he and he trapped and he trapped the war to his base to trap bro what the [ __ ] why is it called an anarchy server if there’s

Rules it’s a SMP also by the way uh we can fish now hell yes let’s go fishing where the [ __ ] are you where’s twitch is Twitch AFK I think twitch is AFK you should make like a pawn right here Pond look a pond look at this Pond I’m grabbing I’m grabbing all this

I’m grabbing all this uh stone I have two stacks of stone I I I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it but yeah oh you probably won’t be able to yeah I I go finish the I like one of the like how do we get more

Water um it’s called bone meal if you bone meal water it will make like seaweed or or sea grass yeah you’ll make sea grass oh yeah and that can make things on nice I’ve only seen it done like cauldrons and you have to make a m which without water or

Something you can just use yeah we just need bones for that so yeah I don’t know why people just get cold DRS it’s kind of stupid yeah but most people just don’t start off with buckets I mind that place it this is PE uh p PE uh uh content right

Now uh fun what are you doing surviving from what is switch doing standing what is this silly what’s down here I I I’m on the half a heart that’s the point that is the ex that’s Lally the exact point stuck on my gosh why’ you go down

There just stay there for a bit cuz I wanted to know what that kill your can someone come kill me at the mob farm uh okay fine I think okay I don’t think I can finish the score Tre Tre tree yeah we know y there’s a guy in the M

Tree where is Jude M what is Jude doing just he just left left is a bit you keep punching me I hate oh another tree another tree another tree they spawned inside of each other they’re having SE yo y what you doing my no [ __ ] swearing man you said swear shut

Up oh no it’s down here ah I’ve died there’s nothing down there a why is there no berries ow don’t hit me I have a lot of Co stuff they don’t help me help me mine Cobblestone it’s just artistic I will help you mine Cobblestone I have emerged fishy fishy

Oh man I need to get a new pickaxe man why does why does twitch keep dying what is he doing right now oh I pickax bre block next to me it’s very rude okay made a new pickaxe just mining cobblestone just mining away this is this is Sky Block guys

Just this is so enjoyable I love this why would you do that why would you mind the next to me come stop mining the block next to me Twitch is on usp.org I think he’s bored I am not on us pvp. org I am on the server okay then my feather is

Having a seizure everything has a seizure it says that you were on Sky Block OMG but on feather it says that you’re on o prestige seure okay I’m just mining cobblestone away just like AFK I have my phone having seure seure seure seizure can you hear me on stream by the

Way Tre are seizure okay for stream Elemental okay I’m going I’m going to put some cler Clans no you’re not Buddy FL of Clans so epic it’s just Cobblestone mining simulator this would this is um y yo we had enough Spruce sou legs to make aan coal miner we have enough Spruce saplings to make a giant spruce tree and another regular we have lots of spruce and Spruce always have like tons

Of leaf so we’re good H oops s Peak server end plac I don’t give a [ __ ] man you also got an apple sorry app sneak peek okay I oh we got some we get gold then we can get a golden apple we’re trying to get a

Golden apple dude we need apples so if you can plant like a lot of uh what’s it called Oak saplings that’ be great cuz you w’t get enough wood but we need those apples two Oak saplings so sad oh you don’t need to do that you literally

Place a block right here to get on all right oh bud why’ you why’d you do it over here dude you just wasted a whole bunch of cobblestone oh good whatever man I make my farm let’s go I could probably turn my render up actually no you can’t uh oh you can yeah

You can yeah cuz it’s a void world so you just get good FPS also also there’s also what’s it called uh Max chunks chunks I’m at four chunks and it’s only I’m I’m still getting like 72 FPS so that’s pretty good you can always just

Get more if you’re just in still a few mods one 12 the max is 48 now 32 L Dev make it go higher make all my okay should we continue the farm in like Spruce logs no uh on I guess we oh tree let’s go what what why no cuz it doesn’t burn

Because there’s no like fire mobs here yeah but we’ve already got a ton of um Cobblestone it will look ugly if we just changed halfway through who cares oh whatever me dude me okay hold on I’m just going to do the reload chunks glitch what’s the reload junks glitch

It’s it’s like a it all mines for you you like you’re mining you’re mining cobblestone you do don’t there there I can M oh wait that one yeah fre2 while you’re holding down like a block of your mouse and it just order mes for you that’s what I’m doing right now on

Stream My Stream has died because I need cobblestone he this is this is what we’re doing we’re just biting uh if we try to make the mob farm during the Daytime uh during night time that’s going to be annoying as [ __ ] we just keep mining all night just mine is the best thing Possible my pickaxe Breck where did my 52 sticks go Bro oh my bad 48 on him what the [ __ ] bro my I ate some n a free I’m just AFK till I get all the things I need Sky BL world with the boys figured out how to do the reload chunk thing Bund has a lot of ping yeah he’s

In suff for and the Ser hosted in Australia who oops I’m sorry just for Block tree trees are really there trees bro plant more we need more oak trees dude we need apples we don’t have any more saplings Oak saplings what see okay then we just

Use the mob farm to get the apples then yeah no no no no that’s silly don’t be a silly boy yo what just expand yeah whatever more spray saplin I have too much spr sapling too much SP sapling I’m making I’m making the go farm out of wood at

This point cuz there’s lots of wood but gas are just going to spawn and blow this F [ __ ] [ __ ] up so uh I don’t know what to do man who cares oh he just swerved off the edge I have like a stack I’m go this [ __ ] in the middle of the

Night just going to get bombarded with yeah mobs two bones I can grow the trees now so I can get apples oh a your stuff’s still there you can go grab your stuff and then fly off gotten killed by a mob so far because how rare mobs are

Well that was oh there’s a lot of mobs oh there’s a lot of mobs oh you guys finished the farm no there’s like no we’re trying to build the roof but there’s so many mobs that we can’t build the roof there’s so many skeletons you killed them no no no no

Uhoh uh-oh uhoh whatever the Cobblestone is blast resistance so okay never mind okay that is not blast resistant I am looking around in camera funny mode his stuff is still there please why you don’t Ste my stuff I got I got your stuff give me my axe give me the axe

Give me the axe drop it just drop it just drop it just drop it thany I did I got all my stuff back help us with the m Place everything back I placed everything back I placed everything back back and it’s about to be blown Up why is there so many spiders I’m actually dead I’m actually dead I’m on two hearts I’m on one heart all right wait a [ __ ] okay get the Cobblestone yo stop you build one part of the roof you can basically build the entire part okay them M I killed all of

Them look like one spider I killed all of them I’m good at the game okay we continue build can I have my Cobblestone back I two stacks oh yeah two stacks thanks all right we build the roof now and then we’re B actually no no

No we don’t do don’t do the roof don’t do the roof we still need to place the trap doors here in the water U I’m going to go de reset be back oh there mobs what the [ __ ] you hit me off and I know it you

Died to the zombie you hit me off give me my ship backo give me my ship a stupid idea bundle cat it’s it’s all the way down there he my [ __ ] back oh there’s a creeper oh [ __ ] it’s on me oh [ __ ] what was that up the block it teleported up the

Block okay let me get let me get the trap doors in water this is going to be annoying to put the water down I’m putting the trap doors first I’m going to stay up here so mobs don’t spawn I’m getting I’m getting trap doors I’m just going to make them

All out of jungle logs more de no you need trap doors dumb ass how do you get more de anyone now nope I have a stack I have a stack of jungle law a St a stack of jungle trap doors guys I’m allowed to use item

Dupers for this yeah a TW all right let’s D the dirt how I don’t know just standard item Jer I don’t know how to no don’t item D just just like do normal DS like Str D don’t do item D all what are you doing wait where’s my

Cobblestone I’m just going to do that so we can get up which Cobblestone no take this just take a stack don’t do the don’t do the roof dude we need we still need to do the trap doors and the water Cobblestone again I do not have Cobblestone okay where are

You take that oh up he picky the up the Cobblestone even fake k for killing a animal we just Tran spider all right we need we need uh what’s it called water someone get Water get water you have to place trap doors here though that’s where the thing is no the water pushes them down I guess I think somebody forgot about the sugarcane down here no no don’t don’t don’t is it fully Gro cuz I haven’t been there someone get water someone get the

Water bot someone get the water bucket we meant to like oh wait water bucket get the water bucket man where did we get an infinite water source and someone broke the gateway to the ladders just take the trap door and just go down oh my God can you mine this open please tree

Leaves drop it drop it just give it to me just give it to me just give it to plus we need to go another round back just F the Oh no I got it I got it someone get someone get a so I need go get water again I need

Get you don’t have a bucket I need to get the water again you don’t have the bucket though I shut the [ __ ] up okay um loud equals funny yes in my mind at least loud equals funny guys funny shut up no no you’re in the wrong I’m making the infinite water

Source I’m doing it I’m doing it we get MC and lock them up in a jail cell that’s our infinite grief oh no no don’t let them On so we we just need to do the roof and we’re done so just Done just yeah [ __ ] it flash is going on a hell day trip tomorrow yeah we just did the roof that’s also this will be very efficient because this is a void world so yeah yeah make mob anywhere practically yeah sorry we might have enough to finish this no not where Twi you left

Somewhere oh we might have to put no no we we need slab okay we need okay we need to do this and then we have to put slabs on the top so mobs don’t spawn on the top of this yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah uh TR gr slabs

Three leaves grind slabs how many slabs do you want lots uh we want four Stacks I’ve got two stacks and 20 that should be plenty okay come come up to us you’re probably exact you just want to do the roof right that’s all you need roof yeah no yeah already Good all right I just ran out Cobblestone wait how how much Cobblestone do you have none 13 10 only has a few all right give the give me the slabs come On not there right behind you bro oh that’s how it just drop the why why did you place a slab bro SL drop it drop it drop it prick why do you have so many slimy ass oh oh yo oh I I see you tree has grown okay grind uh just

Grind us some Cobblestone we’re almost finish with the form yeah yeah who left probably oh TCH is TCH what’s what’s happening on t t no V man they’re just bullying this one guy on everybody on the server just like decided to hate this one guy and they’re just killing him over and over

Again D placing slabs if we had torches wait we can just make torches by the way oh wait charcoal whatever get the berries no also your two stacks was not enough bro really three more Stacks bats get more and I’m working the trees just getting Cobblestone for the I’m just going to

Use instead I’m just going to proof the what’s it called with just charcoal it’s just like torches all so just just get blocks enough for uh for the roof I need cob St to make the furnace furnaces are like the most use like most this is the worst one of the worst

Things in SC in sky but they’re only good for Maks okay also have burn meal uh burn can now spray sapling D okay I don’t know where torch is I don’t know where D is probably oh I’ll I’ll I’ll check out CH actually Jude is on tal he’s already

Left isn’t he Jud jud’s on tal shoot his no way oh we got two apples yeah yeah I said put all my stuff in there jump off have you guys finished the roof no we need blocks for the roof I can finish up with with wood I don’t really give a

[ __ ] at this point no you don’t want all right we’re finishing Co man again I didn’t get any more saplings than two which is barely enough which is the bare minimum proofing I’m proofing the I’m proofing the top with uh with Twitches done I’m just get some cestone I’m just

Grinding okay giant first tree spawned nice we got two apples we get make this Farm we can get a whole bunch of wood we’re going to make this out of wood cuz that’s the F it’s easiest to get blocks out of so we’re going to make this we’re

Going to make this Farm out of wood and yeah wood we could H so any know we can uh make a cuz I want to make like a m like a magma Farm how do you switch the mag switching a small end video I was like I’m inspired to do Sky Block

Now so uh yeah I don’t what to do a lot of videos on Sky I don’t know what to I don’t know what to how to make a magma Farm mag Farm you need powder stn we still need villagers so we just get villagers one I’m pretty sure we’re

Going to get enough to replenish the tree or maybe even two or three a gold farm that we should use for for Sky Block yeah oh we don’t have l lava we have one lava source H yeah we could like Mo somehow move the piglins into the

Middle we could do like a normal Farm like we have in the over world but we oh we can just anger the piglins one of us could be at like the top and then at like we could make like the same machine as like the one in the over

World actually yeah actually no cuz then they just went spawn we could probably just make a normal Farm but just replace it with a like wood Instead well close oh we can finish the rift yeah I have like a stack of obsidian obsidan Cobblestone yeah finishing this today Bo I almost proof You finish it I’m just yeah I’m just preing the top of the farm all right uh in the meantime I’m going to break the ladders and everything oh what the what just opened hold on what okay we’re getting tons of apples I don’t know why those saplings but apples we got three

Apples oh I have just for the realistically Apple shouldn’t be Jing what happened app shouldn’t be the void with like I didn’t I didn’t lose much all right how did you fall in the void I thought you dropped inside the thing yeah I dropped inside the thing and

Tried to dig down to get to the bottom and then there’s like void though so I so I just died okay what what see that H did you spawn spawn proof the top all right dubs so it’s finished yeah it’s finished you us need to get down from

The bottom to let’s go it’s finished did you fix it yeah you fixed it just make swords now you can just wait here oh there’s a witch there’s a witch keep the witch keep the witch witch we got got a witch we got a witch somehow keep the witch keep the witch

Keep the witch keep the witch if you see a zombie villager do not kill up the witch and the Villager two of the most important things witch and the Villager the witch the Witch is so hard to get the witch can spray the weakness yeah the witch will spray the weakness

Onto the Villager and we feed him buddy food and then he goes into a human man getting the witch is getting killed I’m going to have to kill the other things okay just try to like block it off too efficient though it’s too and oh my God he’s right cuz we’re

In the void bro it’s too efficient though let me get some let me get some St I’m coming com coming that it’s too efficient uhoh it’s too efficient uh oh wait we got this we got oh have a music disc music disc music disc music disc can the

Skeletons oh zombie there’s a one hit except the witch cuz she can just drink potions and yeah okay I blocked it off I blocked it off just yeah that’s a yeah that’s what a witch does man anybody got slabs anybody got slabs I need slab you sto it

Bro me I got three okay loock it off so uh I need witch okay let me get this witch out for us yeah let me okay I’m just break this right back step back okay we need boats we need boats probably okay be careful be careful be careful let me put this in a boat go kill the

Hey yes get out of here before they knock you off in the edge oh my gosh I told you I was doing something right now I was trying to clear it out oh my goodness you had so much stuff I didn’t have much you a music disc bunder cat

Bund cat I like inventory full of stuff who cares who cares most F the music did oh my god get it’s going to be so easy to get one B TR it is not that deep man this [ __ ] I bro that guy knocked me off we need to

Build a platform there just grab grab grab blocks that Bund cat stuff I don’t care you’re not helping us I don’t care dude TR should not even over your bro yeah you’re just watching us we’re making sacrifices yeah else to do oh my gosh there a creeper berries no berries

Berries oh my gosh that’s fun go this [ __ ] oh my gosh no it’s a witch I hate witches so much it’s the worst F of Sky Block bro if the do of witches you going to make a oh pass me some SLS pass me some SLS pass me some

Slabs S one person need to always load those chunks I forgot no you don’t that’s not bad this is not bad right this [ __ ] bro I’m actually going to touch you bro [ __ ] we need to build a roof for them by the way cuz otherwise they’ll just burn someone TR build a

Roof TR bu the roof TR BR me you don’t have blocks better a roof with the witch and Viller I’m just going to I’m just going to bridge I’m just going to put like a I’m going to get like 10 block okay okay okay we got this we got we got

This [ __ ] you can’t reach me you [ __ ] oh you can reach me you [ __ ] what the what the oh my go I want to go get some slabs look this music is very fitting oh let me turn my sound off the music My Stream is on bro it’s chaotic bro

BR I might have to get two boats uh I think I know how to do this all right I need a separate bird for the witch these [ __ ] bro I already craft one oh I’m in I’m in he doesn’t he doesn’t he does bro villager get the

[ __ ] out oh my gosh you’re just you’re actually so annoying you just watched me die pick up my [ __ ] at least come on do you pick up my stuff did you pick up my why’d you let them in the boat bro I want them out not in the boat bro I need

That’s why I want a separate boat otherwise you need a b more Bo did you get the boat did you get a boat boat make a platform make a little platform or something this [ __ ] bro please just get in the boat yes okay go move move move I’m

Going to tr I’m going to cuz the cuz the witcon Chuck potions at me I’m in the boat yeah yes I okay build pop you’re safe you’re safe don’t kill those what are you doing bro I’m not in the let me get the let me

Get the I’m trying to get the the zombie villager the B oh [ __ ] yes please don’t sh Chuck inent hamage I’m not okay good okay make a roof make a roof for the Villager and the do you make a roof for the Villager he’s going

To burn he’s going to burn he’s going to burn I hate you so much bro please make a ro I know make a roof for the Villager make a roof make a roof these Burns is is [ __ ] gay bro I need to keep I need to keep the I

Need to keep the wi destructed I’m going to keep him distracted okay so he doesn’t for persons at you all did you make a roof okay we’re good we’re good we’re good BR focus on me bro twitch why is Twitch back I don’t know why is he focus on you

Bro what where’d you go what the [ __ ] we’re doing villagers right now you’re safe going don’t I on one heart what do you mean I’m safe I have poison yeah cuz the how you’re safe in our hands that’s a witch might want to move might roof might want

To it doesn’t burn it doesn’t burn it does not oh zombie does oh we need to get gold so we just we just that guy is not AG on us okay uh anybody go blocks or like slabs I have 61 BL on me I have I have 20 I have 26 wood all

Right I’m just going to build this way and hope he doesn’t [ __ ] touch me bro someone gets slabs someone gets slabs I have lots of slabs would you like SL get slabs help us here you go here is some slabs place them oh my place them over there place them over

There where I’m looking are you on 700 ping cuz I’m like literally he’s in South Africa boosting I’m boosting I’m boosting him I’m boosting oh go just go further South Africa you guys have you have oh my God many who cares okay this is good enough okay right here that’s good

Enough okay we can use the farm now without except for this [ __ ] yo I wanted that do you have two Stone no you picked up everything this is very messy but we need this for the villagers he gave poison for 41 seconds then don’t goow near him you dumbass

Stupid oh who opened up the mob farm again yeah we got iron all cuz we’re finished it this [ __ ] bro need a villager there’s iron there I need it please give me iron no I mean why did we need the vill and zombie villager we don’t have so we can c a

Team for iron we don’t have an apple we can we already two we have two we literally have two apples golden app gold we can get the gold from the nether somebody Pig y why there a thing called sweeping Edge oh my gosh bro why did you crouch twitch

Why I crouched at the back you crouched you let you crouch I want you crouch at the back it it wasn’t able to hit me creeper shouldn’t have been able to hit me when I was at the back [ __ ] hit you Al I was crouching because I needed to get through slabs

Yeah and it sawar you and blew up someone fix the farm someone fix the far me from miles away oh my god did the creeper did the zombie villager blow like die course he died he died yep okay we can get I need to fix the F we need to fix the

Farm we can always get another one man I give life I give life how did that hit me repair the farm you’re the only person that has blocks put slimes there put blocks oh my God it is I picked up blocks I picked up blocks put blocks here put blocks here uh those

Are SL put slabs some put slabs you have slabs Mi slabs you have wood make slabs you know what [ __ ] this guy who took out my sword okay there go okay this guy’s just isolated now where somebody that had the bucket never mind okay we’re good

Now I wonder what okay we’re good now let’s just leave it here we’re good now let’s make a roof because um we’re just going to [ __ ] keep Dy every single debar bro who placed the block here oh the zombie villager is gone why did you put yeah I know someone killed it no

Way someone killed it creep the creeper BW it up yeah creeper blew it up now the creeper blew up the blocks above it and he just burned I’m just going to make a [ __ ] ton of oh tree tree I don’t care man no way someone keep wait someone keep the

Witch distracted someone keep the witch distracted all right it’ll be me all just sit in the boat me yeah they going in the boat bro oh wait never mind you’re fine no kid you’re fine it’s AG gr it’s AG GR [ __ ] [ __ ] on me bro bro

Oh oh and never mind it’s not aggro on me anymore oh if it’s the damage and I almost died another witch does it look like I need a witch Yes why we know like up a slab Man Canada nice country I a potato Canada is a nice country a frozen health for I’ll make like a big roof if we get a villager y another tree cool almost as if we have a tree farm a big tree

But why cuz I think we planted it God damn it oh my goodness I never know we planted this sh guys this is crazy I’m going to fix the mob farm saplings to replenish I’m just using wooden tools so we blame twitch for that incident right no no we blame

You what yeah yeah all tree leaves bro Tre it was all tree leaves well he was crouching near the thing you were crouching yeah yeah yeah oh I’ll play you for that bro okay I’m fixing the farm so when you C so you can’t just like Crouch and [ __ ] die small tree

Let’s just got 15 levels and like two how [ __ ] did he shoot how [ __ ] this K shoot me bro what what kind of weird noise you make why you making the weird noise why you make the weird noises come on man uh I’m going expand this

Area oh shoot twitch you can you can go over here and you’ll be fine f F just come over here you be fine still on me so this is going to aim directly at you just go no back there back there why you doing that it’s yeah it’s literally this is a cannon of persons yeah just yeah just just put it over

There it would’t hit but yeah just leave the butat now see it won’t hit me oh [ __ ] shut up shut up shut up it’s not close to farm why are you going closer get over your names no bro just put it back man I’m going to drive this into the void

Don’t why is there so many creepers hey watch this okay wait can I show you a trick what your trick look at me names nothing do it I just he just took the switch with him my my one my M tell me when you want the witch back I want the witch

Back I said I wanted the witch bag I said I wanted the witch bag uh okay we have like all the bones in the world so we just have infinite Wood we can also we can also get a string here so uh so infinite beds so we can skip the night finally don’t know why but oh wait we don’t even need to make the gold Farm because the room portal that we start off with has two two gold

Gold blocks so we just need to get an iron pickaxe from just get iron from the zombies why is nobody talking you guys are like fat mean I’m Lally oh my bad I told you how duct tape over mouth do you want to see my cat yes yes

No my cat dude your camera not work what do you mean my camera is literally working on my screen on our screen is not working screen this removes the camera feature they did not no I ain’t capping boy you’re capping you’re so so

CA I think I got a photo I can send to GC Instead me see cat I like cat I Like cat that cat looks like it’s not from Australia is it South Africa no he is yeah he is dumb ass we got my cat from we we got my cat in Australia that is crazy and it’s not look Australian you me that doesn’t look Australian how can a cat look Australian

Dude I don’t think it look Australian I don’t think it looks Australian racist piece of [ __ ] what are you talking about what joking are you joking oh my gosh you’re joking about people because because the race of a cat it’s not really joking man it’s kind RAC

RAC yeah I’m done for that AA he’ll definitely reply of the same answer cuz the so that kind has no local Australian Australian I mean he’s literally born in Australia so you still have Cooper he doesn’t have the right skin no I don’t have we don’t still have Cooper why what happened to

Him oh couldn’t move them over we couldn’t uh get did you have to put him down no we gave him else to we gave him to like a a friend of friend oh okay I don’t want Cooper I don’t want cooper cooper tries to bite my balls every time I come

Over I’m a friend of a friend give me your cat no no the cat is a cat not the right C cat why is Okay better days hey guys welcome back to another video cheese F I just need iron F will ride I need free Iron and we can make the these

Villagers where did the oh wait switch went AFK back the [ __ ] witch [ __ ] don’t bring it over here you prick oh my God oh my gosh I’m going hit it towards the mob so they diebe Clos that’s going to hit the roof n it’s going to hit the roof not not not

Going to hit the roof it’s going to hit the roof it’s not hitting it’s going to hit the roof it’s going to hit the roof man it’s going to hit the roof it’s it’s going to hit the roof no it’s not look at what is behind me me no Cares know What take for my water to boil Yeah he names okay I’m just going to wait here people’s IRL name what’s name’s IRL name guys you’re bad at saying them their Realms and usually they’re boring but this time I found something disgusting what theing cman is obese stop it I know I’m actually going to shoot him I roll

Of course in Game of course I’m going to shoot IRL I’m going to shoot him his name is actually Artisan Kitchen tool his name is named soldering iron his name is soldering iron it’s actually a it’s it’s a it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s coming out

It’s coming out it’s coming up what oh twitch crazy for this no noty take some potions come over here no oh bunny cat you no some in health potions they killed Bundy cat Bund you Bundy cat bundles bundle cat bundles Bandy cat I just broke the vine oh my go

No my laptop goes forart I’m going to watch YouTube music cuz it just finished my Cat got at Matt the resistance will take your resistance take okay all we’re waiting is for a zombie villager two zombie villagers and uh iron we need free Iron to make an iron Pickaxe what’s tree leaf doing tree leaf is Dead hey maybe don’t aim in all Direction with that it’s got a Gun it’s got a gun now you can actually used the witch as a gun which well like uh uh like coming out of his fat forehead hey go bit further ahead then you can kill the enemies for us yeah already done that it go further ahead it’s funny Why did the creep just go off No going to K myself I’m tired myself I’m going to go kill some Jud just AFK and the Xander live Channel I what he’s Doing there by DM me Oh backpack Backpack Yep Villager stomie villager save them just save him for now I don’t want to gr anyone give me zombie villager ow yo the witch is I’m shooting every now and then it shoots weakness what yeah it’s a witch dude can you not twitch it’s actually annoying Damn I get a boat get a boat get a boat he’s got zombie we have a zombie villager man think we have a zombie villager no we don’t have zombie villager Villager go boom boom Viller goom the Villager has no Villager where the hell is bun cat I don’t know man making nood his lapop no I’m noodles bro just stands on the boat that’s how that’s how you know he’s buil different you can sort of cook I cooking them in a microwave with with a Pot good [ __ ] on normal you shouldn’t do it any out of the Way you better be doing TR I’m trying to move the zombie villager that probably good I’ll be on in a second I’m just you know you don’t have to be in that boat nah he likes having a loaded weapon with him I think he likes being AFK it

Gives him great comfort why did you stand there you can you don’t have to be in the boat you can do other stuff no one cares oh okay Villers we have one you don’t have to be in the boat you don’t have to be in the butat you can stay there I

Think he just likes going AFK man okay ah he loves having a loaded weapon you’re a loaded weapon Canadian okay I’m back nice oh they killed me man the big Tree I think it’s a big tree cuz we made it to be big tree I don’t think so man why you punching them I’m just I’m waiting for them to build up man yeah oh yeah I’m going to go I’m going to go oh we don’t talk about that on this fortnite

Channel this is a fortnite Nick a 30 friendly yo I told you about to say the right there bro I swear you’re about to say a bad word a fortnite y not saying that word not around the children why you Cobblestone n these children I don’t mind

Huh The Children Here shut up shut up TR you f okay why why are you grinding Cobblestone cuz I felt like it I know gives me something to do I don’t Know chose Pretzels what’s some YouTube or somethingone on my phone I don’t know what else oh my gosh Like Terraria Terraria just the grindin of this oh Terraria at least it’s fun grinding this isn’t fun this is just something waiting a lot of waiting a whole lot of waiting we’re about to do something yep H there’s more islands that we can explore though I think you

Can bu Terraria and this actually that’s the thing Terraria Sky Block exists and it’s pain it’s even more waiting you’re waiting like a day an entire in-game day for a tree to grow I know what these mobs are see if they got good three trees to grow until you can

Actually do something so you’re just sitting there doing nothing for 3 days it sucks what uh we just got to wait for we just need to wait for the iron to drop and uh yeah there’s more Islands we can explore if you want to go explore them four apples

Nice I’m going go I’m going to the dark R Forest I don’t care the dark Oak Island oh it’s my grave I’ve got is there anything at the mag grave I know baby I know there’s a though there’s a j like over there oh yeah we can make a

Spy glass uh spy glass things what’s the Point yummy Lava I’m gonna go I’m full took my a give me back my axe oh it is yours sorry sorry there you Go you put it in the chest I’m going to take you I’m going to put it Back I’m for me I’m going insane hope definitely I Know lyrics I can’t make it up in my head um Um I don’t even know what he said it’s so loud that the [ __ ] up okay in British you’re so loud that I can’t even hear your voice I can’t even hear your Voice shut the [ __ ] up shut the [ __ ] up kill yourself stop the ASMR I’m going to say racial slur what cut off if you see a zombie villager that means we’re being chilling but we had two iron at the start and then it blew up so we just

Wait oh come on really yeah yeah we had two iron and then it blew up so now we just wait I’m getting blamed for this instead of twitch still right yes yeah you made us lose two iron I think twitch joined after we lost the iron so okay we’re waiting for we’re waiting

For a zombie villager well we have to get free Iron need get free free Iron from a a zombie we need two zombie villagers ttch yeah so we can breath them twitch is just doing his own thing I asked him you don’t have to be in the witch boat

Because we moved it so far away falling down the undertale song on note Blocks chilling Oh yo yo yo no I have those blocks in here I’ll just stand Back now we just need iron oh this T you know what this one’s a I’m just going to kill this go D oh my gosh this fre Bro H what should they go what this silly for I think this chest should be in important so nature tree wood dirt Stone sand gravel this guy is mentally all me this guy zombie villager well if you said me You’ be correct get in the boat bro

Oh he just died to Suffocation oh [ __ ] uh let’s get another one guys bro who cares he wasn’t that important oh I this we got another music this I told you it’s kind of easy to get them uh it’s Ward so it’s all right Ward kind of suck though okay we’re just Waiting I’m just going to wait for them to Bunch up yeah me too oh byebye twitch What the hell choose pretzels where we get cocoa beans from uh the jungles jungle jungle the Jungle Island B streaming for 3 hours and not eating for 3 hours that sounds like a Mr Food the entire day and it’s 12 a.m. what the [ __ ] imagine eating food I woke up at 8:

In the morning today all dude that is kind of late I wake up at 11: what I wake up at like early eight is early what dude I wake up at like S I want to sleep at like 10 or 9 I up [ __ ] 11

My bro my brain just goes I want to sleep more i wantest s I woke up at like 6 and I at like at the latest bro what are you guys doing uh drink to much alcohol you’re actually going to get no guys I’m the ra drinking guys get him

Off the platform Mr R mom said I was allowed to why are you bringing it over here dumb what are you doing bro what are you doing true leaves what are you doing TR leaves what are you doing being a game I don’t like TR Le he’s OB be what who

Did what she took my family hostage oh what the f no n the creeper just bu up instantly don’t tell me I’m going to blame for this again I it was tr’s fault he was justra me what [ __ ] you I was detracting him actually that’s what makesense [ __ ] you burp I was too

Detracted what the [ __ ] is detracted no you said opposite of attracted detracted bro it’s detracted let’s use it in the sentence Tre is detractive no attractive you’re detracted I have nine I have like 10 I have 10 bows I got a dip you’re got a D I’ll be

Back later okay I’ll be back later let me leave call Disc wants you to stay here forever yeah man come on you can’t leave you can’t leave you can’t escape shut the [ __ ] up I have 16 I have eight saplings of spruce Discord let me disconnected that’s how they make that money

Man come on you know we got you can’t leave you can’t leave I love So Def it’s just me sure there it was five people before so I don’t know I might end stream and probably do this later or tomorrow of hungry if you you can you you can keep

This I’ll leave up the server up if you want TR if you want to gr it you should grind you should grind out iron ingots at the at the at the at the mob farm CU When you kill zombie there’s a low chance a very very low chance for a

Uh iron drop to spawn you can get iron from villager you should grind the that okay I’m going dip shot bye-bye thank you for coming your stream

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