Uncover the Secrets of Infinity Realm in Minecraft

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And take some the prison mhm got bucket of milk out I’m I’m break through the top and kill the first one we’re going to get min petig any second now I’m pretty sure they have a chance of droing Tri what’s up big dude so drink the milk

Now uh no only when you want to I only have one oh this going to take so long wait a minute here all right I don’t how many are here I just got it again me too that’s okay we got in oh he did half my health that’s one

Hit wait where’s the sponge did you get it oh yeah I got it oh I’m drowning oh wait you forgot to drink it well it’s cuz I had one already active I have two more left no you drank the milk and you forgot to drink it again no before that when I

Have to ruin I drink one my God hey my I ain’t dying no you why is there an echo where did you go what I’m down here I’m killing all of them I have mining fatigue still waiting for so I can’t really Break Stuff right

Now I hear an echo too I think I’m going to mute smik head talking yeah so I think I’m just going to mute him if he doesn’t fix it fix it quiet okay this is where the gold is I’m louder than he is like my my voicey do

You need to drink another thing of milk I have one but I don’t how many have uh I don’t have any that I but you have the better pickaxe so that’s why I gave one you I don’t know if there’s another one guess we’ll find out y you’re so green damn

It we can barely hear you I mean how long mining fatigue is only I only have 3 minutes left I can wait it out oh that’s we just got to find it before then how blocks you have any uh I got a stack of Netherrack can I have it or at least

Half uh I don’t know what you need what silly little laugh I’m going to clear the water so I can break the stuff faster silly there you go we need to find the other big dude yeah I know how do I find them just break I can’t

Even break stuff I mean I can spend 5 minutes to when to break this I guess usually at one of the corners to the place break little dude’s head open I can’t do anything to it am I going to have to break any blocks so I’m

Not going to be able to get to it maybe I don’t know I just broke one gold block out of okay I’m lost thing is a maze no actually I’m going to break this gold block and I’m going to go find that the rest of the I’m going to kill them

Okay oh I found one cat just K whose cat just died what it’s not mine cuz my’s running around there he’s the only one there unless someone’s wearing a mob head oh I found the big one all right oh he does a lot of damage yeah don’t die oh

Okay I killed them all right good sponge that might have been the last one I’m not sure find out he’s lasering me through the walls oh yeah I I have no idea where anything is so just dig through walls till you find it I can’t dig through walls yeah I know

Not for another minute water breathing potion so oh I got three more I think I got another two minutes I just got it again okay so there another one somewhere oh I think I never mind yeah I can’t break block why is M fatigue a thing I don’t

Know why are why why is mining thing it’s it’s the worst effect I know I hate it I hate them to and I hate it so much yeah I hate them too I’m trying to mine a block I how long take find out you might have to your mining fatigue might run out

First where did we break in through the top yeah I just one in a big circle um I don’t know how to get there I guess oh I found the big fish oh a bur oh I was just about to break in stupid drown hit me oh yeah I

Found him yeah that’s where I was breaking in at okay that might be the last one me go check the bat which down the way that you are yeah I mean we got floating sear grass just just chill got like three 40 one here I have a minute left he didn’t eat

Them like I told him to okay well what what we’ll find out once yours runs out if you get it again I still have her swords and my pickax and inventory whoops I need to figure out how to get the middle again do we need prismarine or anything

For like anything I don’t know what it’s used for really unless we’re making a turn off huh my on for some reason unless we’re making shoot them up unless we’re making a thing with the heart of the sea and [ __ ] do we need heart of the

Um no unless you want to look for builds or something okay so I shouldn’t I don’t got to grab it 20 seconds how slow is it can you not break it at all no I mean you could could start now do really HT anything I break it all the time two

One it’s glitchy you only break it it just turns invisible and stuff what pop Go’s face okay I can break it all I don’t have it again so I think we killed him oh we’re good oh this feels nice all right time to go break through

Everything here to find it yeah cuz I can’t break anything find that SP I don’t know how I got that H we no you’ll get it shouldn’t you break out first that was the armor trim I just picked up one my little taxi he’s going to bring me to spawn I want it

You’re a little T oh SI with a spa I Ked know that’s how that’s how what he did after he killed the cats he got on a boat and left left make a gas he was freaking out about it I would be two this is the first

Thing I saw from him I think we went in the circle a little bit almost can you look it up oh no it’s just random spawns oh are we could just like demolish the whole thing well tell him to load faster do you ever think oh I jumped

Out jumped out of what oh my water I got to go Kap some tropical fish oh do you want one oh I don’t I think I might be good time this is the entrance to the place I got to go say hi to some people cuz I love

Consequences I’m going to give you another one just in case come here cuz I got two I still got one more so I’m good oh yeah I do have lra what mhm I got the dragon egg you killed the Dragon since when since last night I thought we weren’t

Going to the end not until I ked the dragon everyone dang okay yeah then I got paranoid and I didn’t want someone to kill it before me true always could have just reset though because someone already why wouldn’t have known yeah true I was to get prismarine actually changes colors kind of

There’s a little effect to it DRS so where would it be in like a side room it it could be anywhere in the middle of it somewhere I don’t know man I’m looking knock back is so bad it is I don’t use it I put it on my sword so I had to

Reenchant my whole sword yeah I was playing with you when you did that ooh Fork guy give me your fork a didn’t get the fork well now we know they’ve been to the end before I guess I can go the end stuff and get myself an elytra too oo

Yeah we should go we should both go there yeah sometime not right now CU we’re in here K us oh the chunks aren’t loading for me either Break Stuff now you guys probably going too fast wait so in the middle it could be anywhere in here the chunks

Actually guaranteed for it to have one should we figure that out first Dr is it guaranteed for a spongeb to spawn in Monument [ __ ] Alexa what the that doesn’t answer my question that’s a sponge not item Alexa where do sponges spawn in Ocean Monuments Alexa stop nothing did you say in Minecraft

Why I find whose loot is this oh that’s mine where to find sponges and O monuments in Minecraft in the poop oh there’s a bunch of snow outside could be kind snow I had to go out the shovel stuff to get up at 9:00

Or 8:00 tomorrow to do it too so why I’m staying up late I mean looks like I’m I know um Alexa is it guaranteed for a sponge spawn in oan Monument in Minecraft she turned off she didn’t like me Alexa is it possible I turn off what I told you to turn

Off okay you smoking again smoking that no no not this time I could should I no yeah no cuz I I can smell oh no you can’t what what I hear a child outside my door they love con oh yeah that’s me unless I’m tripping oh died by a zombie like they always

Do someone’s watching my stream cool they’re going to three people watching mine for some reason there’s nothing here there’s no Spong wait actually yeah I one from last night got 202 views this is where we came up from am I going to the right spot do you want these

Lanterns not really right now that’d be cool they could be cool for a fish tank like Just for future I got to make a room for my did you want want me to grab some I have that’s definitely not stolen from anybody did you want me to grab some if

You want I’m about to run off ocean Monument breathing what that’s what I was about to say well see you’re a little special Spong room you kidding me no I’m about to get on my phone and look for one nice I mean I have a sponge but it’s

Looking for got one too wait should I have two oh I do have two I’m using my shovel for fortune on the lanterns it’s not even taking durability what oh I don’t have silk touch where are you I got a Sil touch uh up in the

Room I’ll give you my touch wait is it just four wait how do you make butter ball I think you need a mixture of stuff A wait pris Marine lights my goofy pickaxe where the fishing minutes left to be in here uh do you not have another Potion No but you you it’ll be fine you just want to get the L cuz I can’t find a Spong room I don’t think it’s in here

This time it’s usually locked way behind a room that you can’t access otherwise I hav check those yet actually this way I would usually dig through a certain thing I’m not seeing certain things oh I don’t think that’s the best thing to break them with I think it

Is cuz either that or it’s just cuz I’m underwater that oh it doesn’t have efficiency either yeah no is underwater little kid I know I ched him after I tied a 200 lb weight to his lag yeah I’m the one that put the chains on for that

Didn’t recognize me I was I’m not um where is what I doing in my room I see that on the map I haven’t exped my m at all I know you’re in there buddy did you get the um wait tide armor trim yeah you know you need prismarine for that right

More I have one of those I still I me I found it oh I also have the spider armor trim found that too I got now I got some of the ingredients to make a blue shulker box what do you think do you want to you want to stop at

That big giant mountain and look see if cities below it sure all right I’m Mar not here you were to help me find ancient city Sith I wouldn’t mind but no you don’t have to do that icraft Marine I mean I’m not I mean if

You find it what is the name of the block which block a sea lantern oh it’s a sea lantern I’m dumb oh I’m driving and I 54 levels so Big W kills him mad oh yeah you need some prismarine shards too Ew switch got switch spawn around here a lot because Guardians like to kill them one fishy I think I’m done loing it okay I guess that’s cool never you feel like you’re done I still have we can go I got one for you I want more fishies um I got six yeah

Six who’s this tromboner kid oh well there you go thank you okay forgot I had it for a second need that’s to make more of the trims all right I don’t know what brick it was the prismarine bricks did you want to grab a couple more before

Just so you can have them n i mean you have you have water beans so you can go ahead and do that you want well just it’s if you want more of that trim I don’t care I mean I kind of want to make more just in case

Do me your pickaxe is quicker I’ll give you water breathing um well I just give you my pickaxe I guess yeah I’m going thr it right here up here that’s a big lie me I say so I mean yeah we already know he does I’m not going to even say

We some character he’s using respons should I just grab like a stack or I don’t know actually cuz I don’t remember what the other things were but you only need one of these I don’t know I have a I mean I want something too so at most

You would need is what eight I feel like half of these are just disappearing are they going to the surface yeah oh yeah they’re going to the surface yeah okay I got 11 all I’m pulling up a screenshot on my phone there’s two more over here so 13

And I gave you what three oh 3,000 5,000 block away is that dolphin attacking you or around you I can’t tell a allll i if we feed it a fish then it will bring us to treasure I forgot about that oh yeah except it doesn’t really work as good as

It’s supposed to yeah they’re kind of stupid sometimes stupid lot I don’t I don’t know how many you wanted me to grab I’m going for around half a stack but most of is floating to the top so I might get a little more I have 38 in my inventory so I’m

Just oh you got 38 oh let me grab a little bit more I’ll make it a stack said 38 I have 41 now oh 41 okay well I got a couple more for you just so you can get a whole stack well um there you go and here’s your

Pickaxe no nice try mine’s never right I don’t want your pickax you only have enchantments on it I know I I said I don’t want it no stop it game give me all right where you going to go look on me Mountain it’s this way Shield takes up so much a Nega 3,

7,100 I’m kind of hungry oh wait 3,000 I got to go this way holy crap we went like we went at least 5,000 blocks away I think we went closer to 8,000 oh well first quarter we went 5,000 second quarter we went like 3,000 uhhuh oh yeah I gu a $10

Bill oh give it to me no it’s going give it to me so I can buy drugs 10-year-old Bill stuck to the bottom of a boat oh yeah I’m brushing the water maybe you should brush your hair it looks like I haven’t brushed it in a

While how did you know what my hair looks like the camera’s in your room there’s no way you can put a camera in this room honestly I’m not even joking there’s nowhere wait I can see we do have a a he left he died he got shot Sith come pick me up little

Man come get me this look like a ruin I want to look at you don’t come get me I’m going to come get you I’m going to eat you I have water breathing I have water breathing and a potion I can give you oh well this is there’s a

Potion didn’t take somebody to prison I don’t know where it went I threw it in there oh I don’t see it oh I see it it’s fling back up to the water it’s another gold nugget I don’t want a gold nugget oh ex you so

Green oh there a baby axe Auto Fall it that’s cool it’s an axe I don’t want that where the fishy oh I’m drowning I got to go to Nether for what dry my sponges out oh oh house payments to them if you don’t make your house

Payments you know what I’m going to do I’m going to you to do with that n crocodile what I’m sitting in the boat a um anything else more suspicious stuff this hand going grab and twist really hard this hand bring it around and twist really hard this

Hand twist really hard one more time Bring It Around ohst it was really really hard until oh look at that was is that one we already looted no no I see the gold did you get that breathing potion oh yeah I drink it tasted like water yummy another Golden Apple got a

Hoe just in case wait oops drifting in a boat got the gold need the air coming up got two gold blocks all right 4,000 blocks to go for the first qu f a long journey if we find an oani on the way back I’m going to be so mad Nick are you gay or autistic nether yeah but you’re one of the other neither I tell me which one I’ll give you four pieces of obsidian and two gold blocks oh wow Gold Blocks I need those I eight Gold Blocks 56 gold ingots yeah I’m just going to feed to a villager

Anyways or feed to a piglin so I can get myself some more try and obsidian to make my prison cell I was making cuz yeah you either get more crying obsidian or get more emeralds those are both good things started crying he got put an obsidian yeah you did get put an

Obsidian that’s true obsidian and crying obsidian room oh hit I think he meant [ __ ] yeah are you kidding me what look in front of us to the left oh look another one or is that the same one yeah no there’s another one dire I I

Don’t bre iin going in there as much as I want sponges I’m not dealing with the big dude what are you getting sponges for just to have them just to have them yeah I wanted them because I was going in rivers to like get the sand and I was

Like this would be a lot easier if I sponges you mean the rivers right next to the house what the rivers that are like Lally at the house those ones I don’t think so the only ones that you’re allowed get the water mixed mixed up to

Mest with is the one with next to Pizzeria cuz that’s all going to be grass eventually oh no I think it was farther out I don’t Timmy join my stream little Timmy’s back all right say you better hold on hold on tight on that I’m going

To fell out the boat when he was AFK yeah was getting high in the bathroom what is that why I heard what is that GI my headset was out here oh let’s go loot it it’s a geod oops I hit a dolphin it’s going to eat me kill you

Friends why is amethyst take so long to break do you need a torch it’s kind of dark in here throwing hay makers nope okay I broke them all all the on there’s nothing else you can get with silk touch sh you can’t youst blocks into Crystal so I only have

Four so uh it’s not enough to make the thing that grows them is it no you can’t even make the thing that grows them there’s no way of getting that oh even get so tou I just Tred to see if they update it again that’s dumb so you got to find a

New geode every time oh they grow but so you can keep the same one yeah you the same one but if there’s not one close you oh that’s dumb I thought you could grow them probably one by us just that we don’t know where it is yet I mean h

There’s her nap I know I’m joking I’m joking I wouldn’t say that with the owner in here I mean there is a certain app that I know with x-ray that’s what you’re talking about and there was this guy who last logged off at our place if he wants to

Come out of retirement to play just just to tell me if there’s name of this follow us but no he going to do that does he all right we got about a couple thousand more blocks SM leave SMY yeah he did a while ago yeah no he didn’t I thought he did I

Could have swore it said he left where is he not he did leave Oh I thought you were talking about the party no he’s somewhere here wait let me see something he’s destroying your house no I think he’s looking for us actually oh is that another GE no

It’s another ocean Monument oh no right down here oh oh oh I thought you talking about in front of us I think sm’s looking for us oh did you want the crystals from here yeah I like Crystal that oh it was exposed like the side was open oh cool I’m going back up

Yeah for a while oh I thought you were going to say respiration you don’t do you no why did you kill it that was no fish me now all these big giant blue fish are trying to kill me now big giant blue fish yep yeah they they were making a

Swim faster and I hit one and killed it ooh I want a pet dolphin but I don’t think I can get one I think they’ll die I mean you just need to put in water yeah they also need to get air too put in fish tank with the lid

Without cover they jump out they’re not going to jump out what if they will cuz that’s something they do jump out and kill themselves make it really tall it’s a pretty suicide aren’t you as well actually I have an idea I could just trap them in there we

Should get one of those sometime a what a time it’s so laggy for me how can you control it I just had to drift on the ice real quick guess what should I place an obsidian block I don’t care I mean I kind of need it but I mean oh I lagged out

No you didn’t I’m not in the boat yeah I lagged out of the boat I think that’s what happened last time too why is there an echo uh I don’t know is it him I don’t hear it wait hello it was him hello oh hello hello yeah he’s staying muted for now I

I don’t know why it’s echoing but might been too loud I don’t know I think it’s your voice why is there no game audio is my thing loud I can turn it down no I think I just have you turned up I think wait let me

See my music was only on 30 I’m going to put it up on 45 you have your mic on loud that’s why you little turd ball to go find a coral wreath oh it is a little high it wasn’t even all the way up oh dang that went down really low is

This good that that’s not quite good put up a little bit this that’s good this is round where I had it last time oh it’s something louder all right there’s a Ru right here so I’m going to go down I think it’s like right around

Here what I saw a ruin loading in I don’t know where it is though I lost it want so B she mixed together because if I’m in the right biome which I am I can find you don’t have looting do you uh no Fort guy I want to find a

Sniffer man give me fork damn it no fork okay that’s what sound snier makes they don’t make that sound they make uh did you want to grab a stack of no Ione gotb weed well I’m going to then going to hit you with my

Boat you my so no don’t it’s my my head that’s Sith Sith what what’s Sith doing what I don’t know how did you get here he’s in middle of an ocean yes he just popped up right next to us freaking care I know he’s sing extremely

Fast what are you doing he have Jesus on no why you drop this stuff I need this oh he’s going underneath the ground now but he’s disappeared he’s not by us anymore Sith who’s in my house he just dipped he’s not even by us he’s somewhere else now he’s like he’s

Probably back over there at the house where he was think he is he just teleported all the way over there yeah I just watched this do here on my map that was fun yep anyways uh do you know how to set up a AFK kelp thing

Or should I try do I know how to make one do you want to or you want me to I can get to it eventually who’s in my face so what do you think do we want to go see if there’s a agent city underneath the ground or are we not going

To oh well actually my inventory is completely full we’re not going go do that oh yeah we’ll probably I can go back there eventually but I got some stuff I can drop I throw a smack on smack back in the house so okay told him to go when he ran away

Censored what was that one did it send yeah what was it KKK oh yeah that S I tried did I get the boat no there’s a l cave right here oh nice but we also have one by our house I found so I don’t know where you oh I got

Bones and there’s a there’s a dog I’m going join um okay I don’t know if you’re already in this here I can put the link to join I’m a goob on you what where’d you go I ran and not place I don’t know if I can get the link

For the realm cuz I don’t think I have permission to view links let me see think it’s copy my post there yeah dog coming C text yeah you’re not going to have a dog for the whole time just so you know what do you mean if you cross

Into the ocean it’s not going to teleport to you actually I think I have it in my description but let’s see I mean I could get in a boat with me but we’ have to take separate boats yeah I could make another boat why are you wearing an emo skin are

You emo I’m not the hair is covering one of what is your profile picture my guy that looks like you have certain something no no I don’t like profile picture what is it I’m not even going to say I don’t want to say a profile picture on what on

Comments in my YouTube I clicked on went to his channel I see profile picture like oh looks like he likes kids doesn’t it what not quite not not that far men no it looks like a special activity [ __ ] no what special activity I took fall damage in water that’s cool love when that

Happens you want to take the boat do you want to have a dog oh I right in front of your head he tried to decapitate you what a drown you didn’t see that big old FK go past your head no where’s my dog is it dead already no

It’s teleport to a certain to to a certain it came so whoever this guy whoever took this guy’s picture on my YouTube channel who anyways um there’s another dog here I got one B oh nice my dog is ready to mate wait actually do you have more

Bones yeah here give me it I want it I’m laging no here’s the thing though if I tame this dog then we breed us 50 chance on who it will be so we can keep it going off that gu where are you though what

Uh yeah I’ll do that I don’t know oh I see your name tag now let me see if I can get one bone mine only took no I think mine took three 11 it worked there’s also a baby dog somewhere around here I don’t know it went yeah oh GRE

There’s one right here you team that one give me some bones I want team the other one so go up two wait what other one this one over here oh there’s another one you missed one of the bones I’ll pick it back up I think I I’m going

To make our I’m going to make our dogs mate why our oh mine doesn’t want a mate anymore there we go who’s it going to be who is it it’s mine I whoever tries to sit it down first or if it’s random I really don’t understand I think it’s

Random I don’t know I’m killing a big black man all yeah I’m we going to have to take the long way back so somebody decided get Mike 118 did you want the ball come get your obsidian I can carry the ball too I’m not going back over

There another black gu well I’m dropping the ball oh that’s scary I know my heart damage to me heart and a half wait a minute the skeleton guys don’t attack the I’m finally free from that cage what cage who mike8 wonder who that is I think I know

Who it is cuz somebody was chating the cage for a while did he drop a ball yeah I have I had I’ll put you back in it what sad he going to put the guy back in the cage oh oh nice I one shot um spiders with my axe oh one shot

Crap I do that with my sword too ow stupid skeleton where you go what me oh I’m fighting stuff I don’t know I don’t even know when you left me I’m just I’m still running forwards oh right I do one shot creepers ah creeper can you hack in this round

No who’s asking that Mike why would someone ask that Big Mike DN exactly don’t question mark me I just told you you death I meant that’s mean uh you thing creature I don’t know what I got to go that way you see where the ice spikes are from there um I don’t

Know just look out to the water do you see ice that’s where I’m going to n it’s like the dark water oh wait hang I see a iglo at the forest what found iglo I spot my eye it it blend in all I found a lava okay oh well this

Actually still a couple thousand blocks away could NE travel if you know the cords I do actually you you yeah you still have the obsidian uh yeah I have the obsidian but I also have a lava eight I see more I got a lava pool near me oh well I’m

Not I’m not even sure where you are I’m iglo right now about to Lo it so hopefully Lo it okay okay I was running AC like next to the water that’s I found it oh it has a basement I see the basement from here what was that oh [ __ ] my dog’s in the

Way get out killed by Phantom I’m I’m not that good at making them like this but here we go wait where’s my [Laughter] dog H this villager I guess I should let him fre to around the basement zombie they get die oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] um Nick I found lava pit don’t

Die I don’t have my water can you kick someone I want to join um that’s not how it works huh why’ you leave because I was in a lava pad I didn’t want to die then get out don’t you have an end Pearl or something it was somewhere in my

Inventory I’ll tell you where the cords were if you want to try and get rid of the lava help me out if I trying to get rid of lava might just put you underneath the obsidian well it depends on don’t you want some obsidian anyways mine some

Obsidian I don’t feel like mining it you want biome where sniff but no you could fill it if you have some like sand or something I don’t want to be in this biome sniffs but there see there’s gravel near it use gravel to I’m looking for there grav near where it was like

Like right by the lava pit if I tell you the quartz can you please drain it I kind have an idea where you are since this is the island you are never mind I don’t have an idea this place bigger than I thought okay you ready for the

2212 okay so go this way and then let me know when you want the last cord I don’t know how higher low you are but the middle cord was 63 I don’t think I’ll matter as long as I see making Auto actually that will help actually yeah cuz I didn’t know if

There were any mountains here uh oh do I see some light I see some light the last cord is 6930 well you see I see a lava pool and I’m pretty sure I see some abandoned wolves by it yeah yeah there’s some XP there’s a baby wolf around it you know

Which lot wait which one did you follow there’s three different spots uh it’s the big one by the obsidian I started the portal there’s obsidian right next to there yeah what was your y level you shoot let me see I’m still watching the video [ __ ] why did it reset

Okay okay so now when do I fall in right right here here is a coral reef I know I found so many I was 59 or 58 oh Ste like a block or two down how deep is this jeez I think it’s only three deep which is why

A little bit gra be hard or uh transport the lava because if we’re going to use it there was by the water right by the water I saw it in the video clip okay it was touching the water oh wait there other lava pool so there will still be

Lava just let me know when it’s safe to join doesn’t matter yeah I my dogs down so you don’t jump in the lava like someone well they I I don’t they know better than to jump in there oh Z look zero people online never mind

10 I want to join before an 11th person coms in and I can’t join I don’t think you’ll be able to join actually huh I don’t think you’ll be able to join anyways actually I think it’s like how I think it’s like no because it was saying

It was full and now it’s saying there’s 10 it’s not saying it’s full anymore at 10 that okay I tried joining when there was 10 people I want mozzarella sticks okay what you want me to do about it I don’t know why you watching help me find a coral reef you

Freak help me find the one I found at least I don’t remember where it was overthrow the G do it Sith you just watch My Stream and see the progress I’m making oh yeah good where’s my phone either I think you can click find you on Playstation too uh

Good but I want to be ready oh SP almost knocked me in oh I don’t know exactly what your cords wor so I’m just going to guess that this are is a safe spot of how much there is where no zombie almost knocked me in

Oh so what’s your plan for like what are you doing right now I’m mining up all the obsidian I place place stand everywhere oh okay well I didn’t know you’re doing obsidian sand hit me so it fell in I also don’t know how far back the delay is I’ll Place some sand right

Now yeah I can also tell by the voices I’m just going to mute I found lava and a pearl oh clutch right there oh water bucket out how was a heart yeah that’s what I should have done mhm I don’t know where you jumped in at though that’s a

Problem I think it’s right around where you first putting sand in you still the up on your screen or no I can pull them back up sure I have the area F okay give me a second should find a coral reef then bring me to it little

Man um video clip here we go excuse me here my brother Listen to Call of Duty music okay so- 2215 and 225 that’s right here yep uh 59 uhhuh 6929 over to me and help me find a coral re that way TP to me in this area yeah if you just cover

Around it probably put water in the bottom but it’s full right now what if someone’s internet just somehow got very bad and it caused them to you know just leave the game a little bunny it doesn’t really matter right now so H it’s basically ready it looks like

Oh no it’s not you lost your water I I had three water buckets on me before I’m good I have an extra behind Sith come to my court I lost my water all you got to do is break a hole in that one area those cords right there your water more

Lava I’m just watching your stream so it’s a bit delayed mhm you I guess you did have to go almost to the bottom it would probably be good now we could try it but it’s full if you’re about to oh um I don’t know who this robber guy

Is he’s join he joined but tribone I don’t know who this robber guy is um but let’s say if I don’t know man oh no I’m there oh you’re in where are you I don’t see you it showed I was on the bottom go back onto the options and I was there

Yeah you’re there but I don’t see oh you’re good what the hell what it’s it’s being weird you’re good am I in something am I water let me get rid the water oh I’m just jumping on your screen okay let it render well there you go you got a view

Yeah um yeah let make over there okay let me get my full steel wait I need to set my dogs back up I need them to come with me I don’t know where mine are they should be alive one come in with you it’s ready

Whenever I know the to get back so it’ll be good and plus I have a map to get back so aren’t our puppies just or dogs just going to oh do you have an end Pearl yeah my dog you have one I know yeah I got one where are we going

Okay my dogs didn’t come with me but you’re good that’s fine um okay 600600 I big black guy 600600 okay that’s this way oh I might need some blocks I don’t I’m going just get the wood you only need to get 16 and you’ll get buildr lava it doesn’t

Burn fire though it won’t it does it doesn’t nether W doesn’t she’s racist knew that was no not you no I don’t remember it so there’s noof I guess I’ll have to go digging for a clip I am I don’t think I’m racist you think I am yeah no I know you

Are I don’t think I feel like people up are like not as racist I don’t know because everybody RAC in the north no because I had a bunch of from up nor but obviously I can’t speak for everyone because you know there’s always those people like I feel like the little old southern

Ladies they’re so sweet like they have my heart like Miss freaking miss cook shout out to her there’s Miss Cook and then there’s like my grandparents which just what like what if you brought me to your house what would they it be like crazy it be like be asking like wild

Questions does not have a filter like it’s just not was that a coral re no the of oh how was your sleep your yeah wake up around like or maybe you were close um oh yeah okay I don’t know I think it’s watch your tone Boy watch your mouth boy don’t talking

To me like that pull toak York no you’re not yes I am I’m lit 5 fo the doctor like you’re noticeably like not noticeably but like you can see that you’re Shor than me and I’m 5′ one and A4 there’s no way you’re a quarter is a quarter Sam a

Quarter everyone says it’s crazy I really don’t think it’s crazy yes it is Samy because you’re a quarter that doesn’t even count like you’re probably going to R it up to freaking 5 what I’m not being I’m C just say you’re one imagine people like imagine like

Those people you know like like like those people like go up to people like oh how tall are you to like guys like oh I’m so I’m like 51 or something like I’m 6’2 and they’re like 59 or something that’s going to be you and I’m going to be going to be1 say

That you’re going to be 51 girl they’re not I’m meas second you look freaking look how far she’s going how far she’s going this far she’s going to be wrong okay I have gotten oh no is it just in your room hello I have my own personal tools sorry that I amuc in

You productive what would you know about being what would you know about being productive what did you do to slap shovel the sidewalk I think this is good cuz this is saying I’m 11 and you’re going to be small you’re going to be itty bitty but iay oh I

Do name it’s named for some reason but you can have it um no she can read it out when I give it to her who says doesn’t belong to I think it does it’s in my inventory so I think it belongs to me isn’t that how it

Work well you can meet me at the bridge I’m like th000 blocks away I got the spider on Shar okay guys I don’t know what theck to do next um so 10 11 12 13 14 okay have 14 I so what do I make the inside does

Anybody have like spr please I’m begging for screws like I’m tweaking out girl it’s literally clippable I can’t oh no I dropped my sword like what do you me oh my i a i a dream it was so weird talking to Sammy and Jade no I’m not

Here yeah I don’t know who you are it’s that’s crazy doesn’t know you Strang I’m sorry really rude me oh baby dolphin this person keep fting andar is it on Peaceful I don’t know is it I don’t know it is what do you mean you don’t

Know aren you the one put it on people I don’t know am I come here fishy sacrifice time oh my gosh Minecraft saying that I can’t play multiplayer because my account Is look at all these fish they’re all getting eaten my pH turned up dude no wait no someone to kick somebody out please please please why bro please I can’t I can’t somebody accidentally laugh y accidentally get somebody out please Please let somebody out who like nevered to the chat thank you whoever sacrific themselves to like let me in thank You to come here get yeah we okay mon Yeah I know behind that are behind that I’m going to make it bigger you can talk to J he’s busy she can’t see picture Jul what’s going on I’m destroy your thank you julan I don’t [Applause] want what the he I do stone I feed you right here can you close the door please dead yeah I got I got dony with Okay so why not quiet it’s who’s streaming what need to find Spruce well maybe find one well you know I am trying actually try harder tree just try a little harder I don’t like this conversation what you’re a freaking nature for that one um you’re freaking freak man freaking

Freak yeah you’re freaky Dicky freakyy freak freaky decky crazy po K me what is what what’s wrong what’s wrong with me G or no I’m not y haven’t seen that side of me what the heck why is there freaking donkey in here I want to be Jade we’re the VC hello hello

Hello why making babies who never mind I told the freaking donkey and the horse having babies because it has hearts and I was like what’s going on but oh yeah they can breed are you serious they make like some weird mutation thing I forgot what it’s called on Minecraft or real life on

Minecraft you’re kidding I don’t know I forgot what it’s called breed them can’t I don’t want to I don’t want to breed that my horse with that thing that thing is crazy yeah she is I thought a was a donkey no a mu is a donkey and a

Baby um but you know like in real life donkeys can’t breed or something like that because like they don’t have like the males but the females can is what let me look this upos don’t yeah about biology AAL has 63 chromosomes intermediate between the 64 of the horse

And then and then the 62 of the joy mules are usually infertile for this reason pregnancy is rare but can occasionally natur as meals produced Offspring made with a or a donkey um oh than you did not understand of but you B my God there’s a cute pretty

Horse girl no J I want to have I want to have babies with small I feel we make a powerful horse if you Have make make the most powerful if if we had happen like you know how like when cats like you know how like when you have cats like one of them is either like it’s like for example like if Whitey and your cat like like like one of them is going to be

White be one of those yeah that’s what I’m assuming I’ve never seen it happen but we can always try sounds like I’m talking to myself but I’m not I know there was somebody that I did ask in a chat and I asked like oh have you seen any spru trees they said yes

They said yes and I was like oh my why is it so lit up here it’s so scary that’s what I’m trying to do that’s like oh have y seen any trees I seen of oh you little liar where I’m literally not lying I’m literally not lying yeah you

Are D this is literally sand land I’m going to grab some sand while I’m at it is freaking sand land is myoken cuz you suck please IIT love you Girl by that’s where the spruce is go get it you’re you’re kidding no it’s not you’re idiot how the heck is it

Negative you little wi you little wire nope thank you you guess you’ll never know until you go there huh is fre Man what was I just on iust manney one day youga so theot it’s 2,780 like I don’t know L this I I I’m get some I’m here already and I have you stay right there don’t move man are very real okay no no I you know I’ll you Budd

What I me the gun in your head the gun in my Hand whereing oh my God fre N I win I win you won’t be winning whenever I freaking have a gun my hand man that don’t play with me the S C4 under your house are going to go crazy boy boy Watch your tone boy is your birthday July 7th it’s your birthday my birthday is July 7th too actually that’s kind of crazy is it really like serious or yeah that’s crazy crazy why are you laughing Sam me I’m not it’s just that’s kind of crazy cuz like mine is July 9th so bro

Are you serious I yeah cuz you celebrated over the summer and you invited us to chase Kory yep yeah and you ordered a pasta from there creepy and I ordered Pasta Too I forget and then the bread was so good like you were tearing it up never been toing Cheesecake Factory well it’s

Over don’t have one I I really likees did you get cheesecake they don’t have no you said it was over you’re like no it’s just like that’s such a staple thing in my mind not really I know we just got one but like in bigger Oh no I got food poisoning

Yeah oh was a creeper I thought the Axel were supposed to fight for Me not yeah and then Franklin I don’t go to Nashville nashille I go to Leon Jul Murphy’s that’s where that’s where the closest Water Burger is oo I didn’t ask you know I miss I out so badia what do you mean shut about California I was in there in there E I was born there San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge yeah yeah

I I just miss in and out because it was so freaking good like that oh my God I had my Fe freaking did you just what I said I try to block out most of the things you say watch yeah remember turul on the and my

Mom didn’t want to go on the other we landed in there’s a whole bunch of turbulence show what do you mean by that K what did I say Y what did I this isn’t Discord chat stop on God I’m like beat the [ __ ] out of you me

Yes why why would violence that’s not apprpriate we communicate and we talk it out man why do you want to result like that’s me that’s the point what do you mean it gets stuff reol resolved quicker doesn’t it wait who’s talking is this no it’s Jesus okay Jesus is crazy not I’m definitely

Him you’re not you’re right Gojo instead I can’t believe you wanted to your hair white like we bu no I would never she never knows what she’s talking about and plus your hair it dries like the way your hair is it’s like really it’s like fluffy and it just wouldn’t

Look good I’m probably right the picture looky it’s fluffy it is it is Fluffy none of these freaks are blue make them blue I wish I’m going to have like 50x lles here soon oh my God I again can I eat raw tropical ooh Salmonella poisoning yummy yeah you’re going to

Get you’re going to get yourself killed because I mean I can always accuse you that I’m not I’m actually turning back the time I didn’t on my birthday it is July 8 I think so yeah I think it’s the I think I’m pretty sure it’s the I for some reason I don’t believe

You why don’t you I think you might be full of [ __ ] um I’m mad I’m fine s don’t stress guess I’m going through It oh my God KY my neck isn’t even pink my whole back is purple good you free the freak blow your what Freer that’s kind of czy what did you say what you ohe I lost my that’s puffer fish uhoh you have of them I don’t want yeah all the were different girl

There girl oh wa I theat no on my stream oh on your I forgot people Vie your sorry I mean what kind of you have huh oh wait he is in the Discord call never mind he’s the not not the Pikachu the other one I have no idea I can’t see I’m on

Mobile I can see and I’m on mobile wait where did Jade go oh again well just don’t hit it I don’t know what else to say I’m sorry I it’s not good to beat your animals I you the realm always being full is crazy I’m literally going to kill myself why is my

Account Do that again you’re make interest him that’s the point I’m gatekeeping what do you mean you’re gatekeeping man like he’s my character he’s my character um I just did dude you you know what’s crazy like he likes the same characters as I do and I don’t like that that sucks I liked

Them first so dude I oh there’s a bunch there’s a bunch of ju Ka in hold on we’re going to go toi what it’s crazy do you watch do or sub who me yeah I watch sub wow yeah I watch both whichever one comes out first man it’s always sub

Though what do you mean I I just said that oh I sorry why what is That they’re not breeding bad Axel none of you are blue you’re all ugly what’s wrong with the ugly ones I don’t like them they’re going to have to like get killed are you kidding me I don’t have a KN I Dr okay well I’m need eggs need the FEA okay let me put something here give

Me one of the ugly ones are the ugly ones the brown ones I’ll murder you um not helping did I get moved hello huh oh my God I get scared like I get scared like it get quiet I think like the chat likees like quiet oh my God come me blowing his

Back so I’m going to give my horse has heal where’s the Dude you’re having a freaking fi day with the soundboard boy come on I got to there we go bro shut up someone else is doing it too I hear it I needed it you’re not Funny I already M the like how do you m s you don’t just no you don’t no he’s he’s trying to he’s trying to like torture me at this point this is kind of disgusting me this is for You no you’re I clean my ear know what no not that one hey Sith are you watching my stream you want to go give me some tropical fish cuz I don’t want to go get it myself what other ones do we have okay somebody has Spruce scam love this forever

Did they break Spruce saplings though that’s the thing oh thank you thank you thank you girl these fish are going at it what do you mean yeah having fun time oh I wasn’t expecting that one Sith you should just like sit here and keep breeding them for me because that’s really

Helpful wasn’t for you oh oh well never mind cuz that’s the type that’s what you are would what are you talking about she is the rudest person ever oh okay you’re full of [ __ ] to God like you I’m literally him like e e girl just go

Imagine no I’m not that weird I swear to God really don’t believe I promise you I’m not that weird I’m actually normal in personal right now because what’s the fun in being normal I touched snow earlier does that count you didn’t answer the question I

Like a no it doesn’t count yes it does it’s outside shut up I just want I need to like I need like SC yeah and then the Drone strike’s going to hit 10 ah 7 seconds later so doesn’t matter is the queen of drone strikes you can’t even I have

Connections what do you mean I have connection I have more connection than you um I know a few terrorist groups calm down you’re buddy you have no freaking connection buddy the only connection you have is freaking is your freaking McDonald te that’s it I think you got the wrong person you’re

Are you are you serious I think you’re special I’m special young yeah you’re a special grade not from Ka either yeah one of the kinds oh that’s not a good thing in this case oh we have a jokester on our hand you’re and you are is that one blue no he’s ugly nobody

Likes him Sith go do work oh thank you oh a bully well I’m don’t say it a man I don’t want to get beat up Bud well now I’m afraid tell him to please not beat me Up is he going to like jump me jump is crazy be quiet enough you know what I had enough of this do think I’m terrified yeah you’re terrified you should be terrified shivering right now oh oh didn’t he say he was going to jump me I mean I said going to you I

Think you’re less intimidating than he is so I don’t know why but one my scared of me like I don’t understand why though I think they’re Lying I don’t know get all the ax to you guys don’t know no yeah I gotta leave my server man all right I’m leaving I laugh actually got a blue wait what hold on did you hear what he said again J he said that moderator it’s what call

A take that moderator yeah you little Discord mod but I’m not a moderator I’m the owner so it’s a difference no cuz I don’t moderate anything I didn’t even make the rules in my Discord I’m not a bully I bully everyone I’m I’m a real Menace that was so sarcastic calm

Down like really bro I’m tired well I’m tired sick and tired your [ __ ] what all right you’re definitely delusional don’t say that word me I hate that word wow iul and help isn’t every other sentence help help help I can tell cute I love that word I do not I text like a normal person because IEM ran through does that mean oh ran throughs like passed around I’m ran through now that is that is a new one I can’t lie imagine not being on the Minecraft realm right now moft is being now sick and tired I’m

Sick and tired of This guess this is what wow Finished look it up yeah already it up well look it up again you have to click like allow right and submit to save it and every single time I click submit it just like resets the page like it doesn’t do anything I think it’s like time to unlink the

Microsoft account link it back ever think of that unlink your Microsoft account yeah oh my God hold on okay I’m on Windows computer it’s just automatically like in there it’s not I can’t link it and unlink it yes you can you’re stupid no I can’t whoa I don’t know what to tell

You you’re G to have to show me my name is Mohammad and I work at Texas okay buddy you’re not funny you’re not funny you’re not funny either I’m funnier than you let’s see about that we’ll have fny off you lose you oh it’s over um that’s a man oh no

Well you ready to Y atge know here hold on I’m GNA help her with her thing you can have these buckets be quiet girl if you get a blue one let me know so I can kidnap it I poop my pants is that what he just said How what did you do girl I have five out of eight strikes this dud no hey no it is not cheating this person um it doesn’t it doesn’t say what it’s for G show me you’re taking too long I do not have the seeds but I will come back

Tell me when you’re at the bridge by the way so I oh there’s a Button my old room no old no your old not really yeah what are you going to do subit you’re going have to make a new account what you’re have to make a new account but I won’t have my stuff on it it doesn’t matter you have x-ray that’s

Unreal I didn’t even know this was a thing Sith can you help you’re not helping I want you to breed the tropical fish ohed noted anymore no to do it anymore I don’t have PL I’m kind of broke I am thank you so much oh my God you

Areally wait C did you get an email on why you were suspended I can’t get emails I don’t have I don’t have much I’m sorry all I have that like Google said I can’t get emails anymore because I don’t have space so that’s crazy I’m going to give you like I’m

Going to give you some oh my oh I did get an email what is that um the Xbox safety team has found that recent Behavior by the Xbox profile based on your email address violated one or more terms of the community standards for Xbox or Microsoft Services agreement

That’s it and then there’s like other it’s yapping but it’s like it doesn’t say exactly so stupid won’t submit the appeal what do you think I’m going to do no the fish keep jumping off the bucket it’s going to be your turn Sammy we’ll get this gun TR I don’t TR you know what oh my God I love this person with all my freaking heart they get oh my God not I that keep be quiet the buly is gone I am shut up be quiet turn that down see this is what you got to do you

Just got to pay people to do stuff for you that’s crazy netherite Ingot it’s a good crade oh I don’t want to feed fish to the babies that help helping me I don’t know they’re weird for doing that though aing themy I’m breeding them uh 107 I there’s a blue already I don’t

Think another help you nope I’m freaking doy man don’t play with me you wish what do you mean you wish you could girl you already know I don’t know y I sent her my address Yeah um oh wait I don’t have water buckets you got to fill it up for me so many feel so bad Sith L ofad Sith help how are they dying czy I wish I had going over there not good not good oh not good I have five out of

Eight you’re going freaking call Bill Gates man bro Bill Gates is not going to be on the case Sith give me my bucket to leave oh I can’t even oh my God on Microsoft for freaking Minecraft it’s so embarrassing that’s embarrassing I have to make a new account Samy just appeal to

It I did it was like oh keep an eye out for response the next few days when you you get your yep you should and say like you spent so much money and time account Ian no they really don’t like they like go away yeah the whole Microsoft is

Laughing right now yeah g in freaking million billion dollar mansion and it’s even alive dead I don’t think he’s dead you know what’s crazy I literally just did a presentation on Microsoft the week before we left school I should know this crazy d why is that crazy I don’t know yet

Damn I wish I would have kept your stuff now wish would have kept that Sher box of your stuff do I even I died I reset it I know people live like Miles and Miles Away Los Los up have your pickaxe and sword they’re in uh under Chest I don’t want to feed the babies the babies don’t deserve to eat exactly that’s crazy see some big boy okay guys what’s the password to my second account two love the you know not it’s not I love Minecraft ax modles so much that think I want to blow my brains out

Because of them yeah I want you to youro well that’s not nice not I would never say that about you really Y no I’m telling the truth you telling the truth is crazy oh that’s a puffer fish up how do I reset my PIN number like confir or something like

That yeah it’s tell me I have St what oh no lo my old account you got to clear your like history I think I don’t know how to do that don’t know how to clear your history don’t kill the babies you can breed more of them anyway SE going to be here all

Night it’s not even night anymore all morning all morning how was it one that’s crazy one what 1:00 1:26 you know I first started trying to get into Minecraft like an hour ago ah one of the babies got out die breeding time my favorite oh Pu no killed the fish believe we back toool on the czy that’s so stupid kind of I mean I don’t mind like oh I place it down who look forward to I guess all I need to go find’s Lally like my mom doesn’t check my phone so why would I go

On I literally no I don’t know why I on private don’t know us to we I know you are um no not the baby there has to be like over a 100 ax lles here it’s lagging so bad wait how many do we have one one two three four five one two three

Four okay I’m watching it what am I looking at the helper bro I keep messing up that’s all right you could like help me breed these Axel a Sith instead of doing that you know do something productive like you would know about doing productive stuff what are you doing

Up my last being up like that’s crazy SCH sleeply cool you’re in school still yeah I didn’t that why did you think I was like in college or something well you’re the same age as me I thought no I’m actually shut up yeah I am I’m I Graduate no Get my up your stream’s like going to have to get me your dead how do I turn the stream off oh my gosh when I jump in here so lagy that’s not that was a pupp here Sith you want my buckets here go go get a bunch of

Fish yes go do it do something why you making people runand for you because one did you get a blue one you get a blue one lying he said Seth you got one bucket get multiple you can fly imagine my pickax need to be repaired it’s like broken get over here fish this

Fish Jing me out finally how do you repair a weapon use like the materials made out of like you want to repair like a diamond pickax diamonds or stuff like that or if you have mending you could just like get XP and it’ll like m oh thanks do that

I you can use what call it you yeah you can use the duplicate of the item but what you still use what call it the materials made out of though because when I I did that before my IR sword and F here Seth take the buckets right here just take them all

I guess I’ll go get some fish to I don’t really feel like playing on a laptop who would pay for the realm is like wild think of every oh the more of them are we need more people to help us get oh my God it’s going to be dead in two seconds

Anyway nope it’s going to sit inside of my Ender Chest good is he it’s either that or he gets murdered by someone so you pick why is this hitting the uh what call it the Axel regenerating s you’re like I don’t know other dude you need buckets cuz I have an extra stack So I was thinking we should kill some we still need to keep from dude came into my stream speaking German I don’t understand maybe learn German you don’t know germanish yep yep y yep yep yep yep yep yep yep no I actually speak uh English German and Spanish no you

Don’t you don’t know that be German M you that’s you that’s me you’re calling me Hitler that’s crazy you’re you’re up there no one didn’t that was hel that was help no that was her that was her everyone saw the picture sure I was literally framed like here

I’ll put the bucket to the Sher for you you got something to share okay what you not very nice I’m so nice no you’re mean you’re yelling yelling yeah you you raised your voice that’s soan I would never yell you poie bear as soon as I get the blue Axel

Lottle I’m letting all these axles free so they’re going to go like eat everything they are going to ruin the ecosystem who is killing the axelos he’s playing dead now where he go oh he’s not helpful oh helper you can help are you on my stream no no he’s he left anyways oh

Well can I get netherite inot you know what you know him he’s not going to because I will I’ll give you a back when I get a blue ax lot how about that off oh all right oh there goes one less slave that’s you heard

Me you heard me bu well that’s on you buddy why youing did you mock me just like two seconds ago the switch up is crazy man oh you actually so I was maybe lagging up a little bit where’ the other guy go I don’t want to murder him though oh there he

Is we are like ruining the ecosystem some of fish right now this coral reef is going to be in shambles yeah does that’s what the white man does it’s what you people do why is my stomach hurt well tell it not to hurt take some I don’t know I don’t have

Ad I don’t know which one is what do you think to normally no proin but um normally well well well oh an ax Auto got loose get wipes nasty doy booty broken did you like make a new account yet no I had another account and I’m

Trying to log in with that account but it’s not working just make a new one oh my God the account is not the issue I have an account no more offishal spawn you just got to give it a second maybe like we should kill shut up my God okay that’s a little too

Many no IGN it I don’t know uh are fish spawning at one we might have to move I hope you move 6 that was his room not killing them all I don’t have any on me you’re have to like kidnap a bunch no don’t a actually just the col on the floor

Wait where’s here Seth huh get bucket bucket wait can you put it in a bucket is that a floating shipwreck like I think we just need to clear out the farm and then we’ll start spawning again for off oh yeah look dolphins are spawning nowc ESC oh yeah there’s fish falling now

Look okay guys I’m going to make a new Microsoft account woohoo cuz like the other one it kept talking about a pin but like I looked on website and no anywhere does it say anything about a Pever oo scary yeah no you should be SC I’m terrified right now I can’t someone help me bucket fill the get up with water first thank you quicker go computer huh no like whenever you do anything to make sure you’re actually you it asks you for the PIN to get like that you

Sign into the computer with for some reason I just was not connecting the dots that’s so embarrassing like 20 minutes have gone by 20 minutes have just gone by 20 terrible minutes listening to you wow all right remember that water bucket get yeah do you ever stop making

People what I what did I do that time you mocking Kimmy how no no no they’re escaping dude I’m asking these person just to leave them in a bucket and he just put them on the ground I don’t know how to put them on a bucket yeah okay oh my go the

Nah I’d Win they up no more don’t no more Sith you’re like not helping me I’m literally getting SP Wild Flower trash is this why there’s no fish the full thing was like the email is Wildflower trash can oh no I forgot to put my things in there oh no whatever will you

Do helper you can come help me get a blue ax lot the trunks are just like not loading in I’m back get let’s go let’s go is like my I got murdered wait your no I finally logged into second account okay well I didn’t know that you had to do that so cold

How do you swim in lava what how do you end up swimming in lava um well um long story I move the lava found me mhm so where are you uh places put my cords in chat I forgot to put TP that’s so silly uh can’t help but feel that you’re

Not there I’m there somewhere you’re not oh the cords were different replace switch around the first and last one what do you mean the first and last there’s only two yeah yeah know I got you stupid I I swear I’m frazzled you’re B thank you hope it’s the way I stop talking yeah

I should have made B oh I forgot the old codes still in the chat whoops Oopsy Daisy id id Does anybody have like a diamond axe I won’t have it for 14 days ohh slay big creeper brh oh what’s wrong with hash slay that was not very slay of you Kimmy you’re killing me how I’m breaking it too fast what is your skin Oh a girl from demon Layer oh you know what’s crazy I thought it was Demon Slayer I am so aware of things guys Samy thank you Going aart right now than okay look you’re kind of drowning a little bit so oh that one is gone bre quiete bleeding H what shut up they’re getting kidnapped die com for No you’re like not helping you’re like not helping no I am what do you want me to do breed the fish not breed the fish breed the a Lle I spent too long toilet SK oh I think I got to make it bigger that’s what she said oh where are the buckets in one of the Shuler boxes well I thought they were still over There yeah no thanks for all the buckets though here three here what [ __ ] it I dropped them dropped oh buckets no you like turn Pig step off you’re such a goofball like oh my God you know you say you’re normal in real life and you’re normal yeah okay soal you’re a freak for

Need to Help you’re so funny I didn’t even do it at first why can I why can I not pick the fish up I feel like I’m drowning chter well did you ever think about not drowning faster um no you’re so right though I’m always right I mean don’t have to lie I’m not

Lying I never lie you are Mo freak there Right you’re neither of those things I’m both you’re really not don’t call me boy before I come over there so real for that beat you I will beat the [ __ ] out of you oh are you going to take that you are not scary try me what are you going to do eating [ __ ]

Up you even want to be a boy no boy sounds like racist just and I’m so offended by that like I’m crying I’m crying over the racism bro the racism would even be towards you he you right she has a Glock you don’t know what boy mean

I’m so scared of the Glock you know what’s more like terrifying in the Glock you don’t understand how it’s racist I mean not to me but like if it were used in a way it could be racist why are you thinking about things like that aren’t you racist shut up I’m

Literally you you keep saying that but there’s no evidence no because like slave masters used to call people boy you not know that who are you yapping to who are you yapping to not you so hush Sor I’m kidding come on never speak again I’m literally going to drown because SCH is popping

Up Cowboys what where did Cowboys come from um the wild west no no really I’m just trying to be Helpful it’s breeding time I’ve literally already said a lot of them why are we Cowboys were black and I think you got like your history mixed up I’m not going to lie back in the no just stop just quit back in the day right now you’re just

Yapping I love how we’re getting this in like 50 Fragments my gosh Jade did uh this bishop teach that yes my no his black great grandfather was enslaved that is incredibly unfortunate there’s a glow squid in like the middle of the ocean but it’s not dark so how did it SP once you get me a blue ax lot I’ll

Give you your stuff back I don’t think either of those things are going to happen you want your stuff back it better happen well I mean not even you have been able it’s got to happen so there’s been so many what huh theist think I just [ __ ] my

Pants what I think I just [ __ ] my pant kidding no but I farted and like I don’t know if I pooped I think that diarrhea that diarrhea might still be kicking I’m pretty sure you would know I wouldn’t know that’s a thing Sith you should like come over here and breed ax lles

Too eat it Jade you go girl he in that history up black or not yeah breed Teddy Roosevelt loved Cowboy I yap yap yap yap yap love Cowboy how you know Abraham Lincoln had slaves yeah no you didn’t shut up everybody back in yeah it’s just like kind of ironic

That he Freedom technically And yeah well there was white slav there was like slaves of every race back then oh there was white slaves you didn’t know that cuz like God your fat fat fat fat fat fat you’re such a nice person I know well the sooner I get a blue ax lle the

Better you’re not going to get one M stop until I get one so well you’re going to be looking for a long time well you’re going to be looking for a long time it don’t even sound like that I think I think it was spot

On well you don’t really get to have an opinion if it’s your own voice that you’re doing so jealous jealous of what jealous the fact that you don’t know what people sound like not really I know what you sound like no yeah I do who is this guy no way no

Way I’m entertaining it hush keep telling yourself that keep telling yourself that oh that doesn’t even sound like the other voices oh are you offended yeah crying right now you’re fine so sad every night no you’re not bullied I would never bully you you you

Are can you hear my tears can I hear your tears ears for that for what is this chat I don’t know they’re random no ST she’s she’s asking that after I asked her if her history teacher had taught her history so who do you think it is G I’m God yeah really yeah

Yes yeah it’s me J no it isn’t good job I you’re L this is an a conversation so you need to see your way out of it um no that terrible you yeah well didn’t ask your opinion yeah you’re not fat you’re gigantic you’re so right Oh what the [ __ ] was that is that a soundboard right there now it’s big enough Sith can you like help you’re not doing a whole lot the [ __ ] oh bye oh what was that what the [ __ ] was that what who are you talking too I just heard a

Noise Sith can you like help so this can go by faster cuz you’re really not helping eating time breed breed oh that’s crazy what did you see what can said in the chat I don’t know do I what what did you say I I said you would be lucky if you

Couldn’t lucky if I couldn’t Want be lucky if I didn’t have one why would I be lucky Why would I be lucky what do you mean why what she said was weird oh no I’m breeding the ax off bottle see that’s how I feel after that dude Sith hurry up Chop Chop come on slaves work faster I sit here and watch from my

Post oh you’re not going to help no that’s too much work for me really really why are you making me sound all growley today I put in a lot of work did you yeah I was going to town getting those fish really really yes really very very sounds like

My tall classmate what does that even mean cuz like the sooner I get my Axel the sooner like this ends and I shut up about it so wish you just should up period well that’s not nice what what is wrong with my voice I’m depressed I’m I’m in

Imitating good good for you pal buddy okay okay what did I do to you what didn’t you do to me I wish this was a Discord chat no no say it no no I you will say it there’s nothing to say Mhm is there a skin of her hold on my God is there I don’t know but if there is I’m going to buy it oh depressed eir skin that’s so you how did you know okay I don’t think the blue Exel actually exist well I had one though well not like

Legitimately doesn’t exist I’m saying it doesn’t like naturally it does exist I don’t think so I think everybody is lying yeah everyone is lying yeah mhm they’ve all organized it all bet for do that oh I found it the blue one no the skin I wanted I bought the skin

Pack your credit card has been charged imagine having a cred card what was that where the yeah couldn’t be re not having money like Rie you don’t have money no she she has paper money but like she doesn’t have any way to not more than me spend your money on only Fan That soundboard got muted real quick that is a stupid way to spend your money just don’t be broke I guess you should um someone just told me to meet them at cords or they’re going to hunt you until the day they die who you me like what did I

Do I don’t know they told me to beat them at cords or they’re going to hunt you I don’t want to be a part of your shady deals aoy you want to help get a blue ax Lotto for me not for you for me if you get it it’s for me just saying

Don’t know if you had to specify that okay here you what bucket come here why is there so many fish dying what why is there so many fish dying I’m not going to those cords please don’t let them hunt me down what are they going to

Do I don’t know I literally do not own a weapon don’t worry I’ll protect you pokey Bear thank you use a command block I don’t have a command blocky I did that on the other one not this this one you silly goose I meant I spawn I got the other one by breeding on the other one so oh here’s the

Bucket if you get help me get a boo Axel Auto I’ll pay you diamonds in a piece of netherite how come you’re paying people stuff like extra but I just get stuff that I already own fine fine you can get a piece of netherite too I guess okay I

Need netherite oh they’re coming here I guess for me don’t worry protect you I’m going to protect you right up on my post ah anything there it’s like the world’s worst play C I’m drowning and you’re not doing because the Axel are trying to help help murder me there’s a

Problem making me lag out blue creeper are you going to help cuz I’ll ask the other person to help just ask everyone to help anyway he took my Emerald or my bucket and then d I made you homeless so you’re threatening someone how would I make you homeless how’ you make someone homeless

Um all right some of these ax lles got to go there got a little less now hello game Slayer so because you died that’s my fault what special perms do you want I don’t get it because she has to be quiet or she’s going to get jumped by the Ops so yeah yes

Jumped why are you not helping me get a blue axle Auto Sith that’s the big question all right well I’ll be back um if that dude shows up don’t kill him have a way to if you got a blue ax L just let me know on this I’m going going go take

[ __ ] there’s no way of course you do for for for is f St St yeah what is St is is is that’s for for for for this for f for for for it’s for for for for is this for for for for that for for for oh for for for

So like Sith can you like come over and do something useful because you ain’t doing anything else why is nobody talking yeah you little antisocial you Yap enough for everyone so well maybe I don’t like talking to myself you seem to do it a whole lot for

Someone who doesn’t like it no I don’t I try to talk to you but this person is like desperate me too whoops a fre clip sth get over here if I put you on visitor there how about that you’re confused confused about what here we go

How why does this dude want to speak to me you’re just popular huh girl just go to the nether you’re scared another it’s on Peaceful there’s nothing to be scared about like if you die in there at this point that’s just like sad it would be a shame if it were to

Like suddenly get Switched Off peaceful when you’re in there oh hard mode is sounding pretty nice right now you know I would sure love to help but I don’t have buckets oh I have a couple I can spare ooh okay sassy ass you talk home place where I can Sith go get ax

Ladles or go get fish H oh means it’s connected for real like okay you use my portal and then the portal it leads out of is the same one that goes back to his base it’s not bad it’s just like you’re going to be leaving out of his

House I mean you have to see it which is not great but what this person want from you they want me I didn’t even make the Redstone door yeah I just D the dirt like I there’s a button just press the button it’s hard it’s like hidden it’s not

Hard well I don’t know what to tell yeah I’m slow I mean yeah you’re slow go quicker I guess you just be like Oh no you’re not slow it’s just a bit tricky sometimes oh yeah that’s what I meant oh yeah no for sure I know just that nice I am

What do you want to like me me to only be nice to you huh you want me to like only be nice to you and mean to everyone else I mean like ideally K are we good over there ew ew ew I’m getting 10 frames a second this is not oh my

God what is going on is that it no it’s not going to be it cuz it’s not real I thought that was it for oh my God this taking forever with two flying people no for real like doing far too much ooh it’s not blue what color was that one

Praying to God for a blue lot crazy gotta do what you got to do where is this little [ __ ] nonexistent he’s going to be existent so like we didn’t have to breed them with tropical fish it’ be so easier what do you mean what do you mean what do I

Mean you’re having to get fish either way way though yeah at least would have to be with the bucket for for for how they die you see the this or the whisper me yeah I’m not operator on this account yeah you are really you really are you’re really

Delusional I am not I did not see though let me ooh St who’s the one by my base right now what someone’s going to your base um Kimmy is that you going into the nether thank you yeah know for sure oh y okay all my important stuff isn’t an Ender Chest

Anyway yeah it really is an Ender Chest yeah well you know I was meaning my end chest but you know apparently yours too it is well there’s wild AEL out here no they got they escaped kill them okay how am I going to kill them where they

At I don’t remember I I swam away there’s one you’re dead you’re dead stop killing the fish fat ass my God there’s so many dead fish now ax L yeah die I want a baby you can die too well he’s just dead now oo glow squid okay you can continue breeding them for

Ow ow you’re an ow you’re an ow your face is an owl for wish I wish I had an Ender Chest here so I could get some uh iron also get I don’t see a blue ax lottle down there look at all of them oh my

God the silap touch pick is also in my Ender Chest so what oh no m is that Sil touch right y oh Ooh got an iron sword now mhm it’s Enchanted too oh does it have a name m it might five letters maybe uhoh there’s no fish falling again what’ you dobly scare away your feet into water I think there’s too many a a ow oh get in the water get in the

Water oh so crazy one of them had bubbles what was that see I don’t think we needed that but oh now there’s fish spawning though y look at all these fishies no what what’s the problem you wow that’s just rud she found a way to die on Peaceful oh teleport me

Sith my god do all these people do is Yap I mean oh wow that was ni nice what are they going to say to that one teleport me sck E I fed one of the ugly babies so mean call the babies ugly what you going to do about it you

Know I’m going to use Gora and beat you with a bucket over over again o scary sure you can play the real code of the PIN so is that Oh I thought that was it man how long are you going to be doing this I get

It no but like for real yes like if it takes you 5 days you’re going to yep and there’s no hope at the end of theth day nope you are hacker you are hacker stop being hacker he’s literally Tock and you got to pick one you’re literally hacker stop imagine hacking you

Hack it’s not hacking it’s modding but same thing yeah no this is what the cool kids you the freaks still maybe he gets it yep yep yep yep yep y yep ooh piss fish kidnapped kidnapped one more come here you areer n oh what a noob he’s not even typing it right yeah

The Realms on Bedrock that’s type in the right code you are Hacker no stop it I hate hackers cannot stand them yeah that’s the code I don’t know what the problem is you no I think it might be you what I ever done what haven’t you done

I am an angel I would never do anything bad ever so oh that’s a lie I never lie breed breed is huh Can you can you stoping who you no great oh there’s slightly less fish falling again I think oh no maybe not oh a fine amount we are good you’re not I’m

Not yeah no I’m the best oh the strongest no we’re not we’re not doing that again the strongest I’m stronger I’m smarter I’m better get in the bucket yeah oh my gosh Kimmy’s taking a PE break I’m so glad she told everyone that I think I would have died without

It I was on death doorstep you know that just saved my life oh no I have to release my bodily fluids in one of the blue emojis that’s not e oh she said a lot worse don’t worry no my my digital footprint is Crystal here your digital footprint is awful like hold on

No uhuh M yeah you’re right let me find a bad one that’s like that’s normal at this point O he’s a good one no no it’s not it’s not good No oh here’s another good one I mean you don’t need to be looking for these um where’s my you’re fine where’s the best one I don’t think there is a this one no there is is no where’s the good one the really good one what are you talking about it’s not this one

But I thought you already went P well I think she got roped in to the uh conversation oh I do I just I don’t get why you can’t take the phone with you he is it charging yeah cleaning up for a bathroom break is crazy muting no she left bye-bye no more

Oh no that’s crazy what’s the point did you not believe me before you looked yeah wow glad to see where I stand oh quit d oh I’m drowning oh well you’re drowning oh no give me why are you peeing in the dark maybe don’t pee in the dark I

Mean don’t like have to aim or anything oh don’t need light but like what are those Shadow monsters coming like Yeah what about them I’m like in between I have a nightlight in the bathroom Shadow monsters are going to come like blow her back out then what shadow monsters are going to yeah that’s what they do No not yet I don’t want to though not you know I don’t know they catch you off guard like those Miami aliens those things they’re going to come blow my back out I think you Shadow no I don’t you were searching out excuse me fish that’s what I thought you better get in that bucket no year Place actually doing now I’ve been doing work I do all the work I’m stronger I’m smarter I’m better look at all these [ __ ] fiends ew I grew one up you should have died at Birth I keep growing the ugly [ __ ] up just stop breed thank you advice oh I placed one down he’s done and I grew another one up that one I got here we

Go this is a struggle how can use a struggle talking to you is a struggle clearly Not get in the bucket little man you are getting sacrificed oh my God look at all of them okay smart ass oh I got enough fish all right sacrifice time no I want to kill the kids not the adults oh they’re all in the corner perfect oh my God tired emojis huh

Me oh the blue Emoji Discord server also has an emojis this girl has me giggling no then she doesn’t know who who KY like she’s like oh this girl hasn’t giggling and I was like and then she Shrugged that’s helpful uh-oh fishies aren’t spawning again Look oh there’s so many in you want to help is there fishy spawning again oh we’re going to kill a few more no I’m killing so many of the adults maybe be better your umot back it is on what the adults are getting in the

Way oh it is on I meant it’s off I don’t have Aimbot you just say a zen zen for Minecraft is crazy spawn die he’s getting his back blown out the dolphin okay he is by what I don’t know but he is he tell you himself

Yeah he came he came up to me and said he was in his back blown out I’m so glad that he felt comfortable not to share that with you I know oh my God make me start crying crying like laughing crying oh I’m just so funny this is entertaining Minecraft

Gameplay how many VI do you have right now huh oh four do you have yeah I had a lot more yesterday but yesterday was way more entertaining was yesterday oh what I do yesterday bunch of netherite mining killing killing yeah murder I murdered someone oh Kimmy the sound your house is going

To be making at like 10:00 in this morning he said Kaboom so I said that’s the sound her house going to make at 10:00 this morning um I don’t know but the seven pipe bombs under your house might know oh I know he is me and Kimmy isn’t he I’m not me

Stop I am so I am so sorry that I have brought all this stress upon you by inviting you if I knew he was going to be like this I would not that is shut up yeah you would have oh my ass those pipe bombs are going to blow your back out

Like going to blow your back up well she her house is blowing up with her so oh they’re going to blow her back out I don’t feel good in a while I need to apologize for what maybe the what I was I was reading that what did you just say maybe though

Something I like wasn’t paying attention what we’re asking that’s not fair it’s really not like how are you so fast you know some of us are actually working in Minecraft over here so I think I know what is she said but I don’t know you’re not experienced you just

Picked the worst moment to do it who the [ __ ] no you’re not Kim me you’re not good at deleting stuff I have so many screenshots you oh now she’s getting mean no you don’t you got none this isn’t you stop stop this isn’t you no for real poisoning you if is

Toxic personality I’m not toxic just a toxic you’re fake I’m not fake you’re this Minecraft realm and you’re like wanting people to play on it then what you do you put to work I don’t I put in all the work really how I not put it on the Y I got all my

Stuff I’m saying you’re putting people to work like with the fish well yeah because you’re my slave reac what what you going to do Kimmy it is what it is what’s the problem here oh I just went back into the water without do you want to be a slave

Too I can put you to work you can come over here and breed the a lles too we got one two three four got five people over here right now they’re all going to work you better get on and get over here are you watching a YouTube video just watching

Something m you’re texting oh you’re not watching something it’s crazy you thought kill yourself oh I’m sorry that that’s not me I don’t know this isn’t you I was his bad vibes okay yeah just blame all your problems on me I I’ve been doing that sick you’re

Sick you’re sick in the head you’re sick I don’t yeah you’re just sick oh there’s a loose a a loose loose or blue not flying loose in the ocean kill it killing fish kill him what the bucket eat him I God the Dolphin’s getting his backbone out again let me get a little

Back yummy yummy is that Sith it’s not Sith oh I hit enough times yay oh my God you cannot TP other people when are they going to learn never for w my on my charger there you go bro what ah no shut up I am just speaking my TR no you’re

Not this is a live free zone you’re lying right now steing my fish oh it’s not my fault it is your fault you’re the one zipping around Tak on zipping around who’s flying I aming very gly swimming my ass oh his boy back out I look at who it

Is I five people watching this must be entertaining rounding up fish for what 5 hours no way it’s been around there we love Minecraft so so very much I know so much especially when it makes you look for fake fish it’s not fake fake news you’re fake

News I’m not fake news I’m real news about that I don’t know about that well then you don’t know the truth I don’t know what to tell you I don’t rul can you hit me no I would never do such a thing how dare you accuse me I’m so sorry for not trusting

Me uhoh oh Enchanted sword I know such a crazy thing to have I know so goofy your skin is so ugly it was the first free one I can find that was a SK toilet it’s got to be like a normal skin you can find

A noral I’m Steve now I don’t know what you want E I don’t have anything this account you can find a free skin the free skins I’m finding are not good actually I can I can do whatever skin this is embarrassing do whatever skin yeah cuz I can upload a skin oh my

Gosh the faite ew face is you I don’t want to hear it no it isn’t would you know because girls are that’s crazy she say gir pop we need to let go of the cigaro it’s giving cool kid Vibes Honestly oh that is not you every single time you come across a Tik Tok with a vape in it you complain it’s literally not you like if you don’t stop your back’s getting blown Out you better stop or else he’s going to blow your back out not me no not me no no no no that’s what is no no not me so seven Iranian drones oh that’s crazy all right little children you know what time it is death time I question the people I choose

To associate myself with no you don’t oh you wouldn’t know what to do without me she left a you in the med oo ooh I’m hurt I’m broken after that just free just freeing there’s a few last nowmy why is your like that like what it’s kind of

Different why is the camera so blurry iPhone 14 pro Max and for what there’s no way and it takes that bad of camera quality Yik what do you mean there’s a bubble over your camera who what do you me who give me oh wait she’s talking oh yeah she going to ignore

Everyone no I was looking in the media channel yeah well we were done with the media Channel well how was I supposed to know nobody told me so maybe you should keep up with what’s going on in your any server um no oh what’s wrong with that you need a new screen

Projector you always have issues with your protector or your camera protector what are you doing why are you taking pictures on Snapchat just like automatically weirdo there’s a whole camera app for take pictures the way God intended flashl you can turn it off it’s optional you really can turn it

Off that sounds like a you problem ow that was so original I know everything I use original I love Minecraft that is such a generic playlist what why did oh okay Kimmy you’re actually kind of right I just tried to take a picture normally and I was literally blinded

Like my skin is my skin is tin shade failor you’re just that white I’m not that like you might just be pal no yeah paper is like my first cousin okay places glocky okay isn’t this exciting what oh come on it’s yeah it’s me I’m like right now it’s Cold Kimmy called you a [ __ ] I can’t he Kimmy little [ __ ] okay you’re doneit crazy cuz it’s literally true that was so [ __ ] uncal KY is [Laughter] typing I’m kidding she didn’t say that really so now you got to apologize you apologize you’re the one that was gaslighting me good

Gaslighting now that what you said was uncalled for now what you said was on call War I that my feelings too not hurt your feeling apologize to both of us no you should apologize to her you should get some back shots from me okay okay all right B over real quick

You are not a Min that’s you and Nick no what are you talking about that’s us right now no that’s you and Nick oh I’m going to hand over stick your my B that’s you right nowu I swear I’ll kick you I swear I’ll K you oh no I didn’t get to save

It oh no oh no man no way it’s the penguin from from Eng of Madagascar holy [ __ ] what the hell Place do be Lo for the USA oh my God that dis de I would never ever lie always ever kill a black man what kill a black man would you a person how hey that’s not my fault that’s his fault I didn’t choose that word yeah words don’t mean

Anything no they don’t they do are you [ __ ] I don’t are you [ __ ] are you [ __ ] I think you have like dementia I pick up dementia [ __ ] you you’re [ __ ] I saw that are you [ __ ] you have mild s autism what the are you [ __ ] you that’s all you

There’s no way are you [ __ ] Riu yeah I knew it I knew it I [ __ ] knew it that’s me in real life bet yes I am a smoker I Smokey that is a lie I do not smoke smoking is bad I would I would rather sniff the smell of gasoline in a

Cup than just smoke what the [ __ ] I I saw that no you didn’t anything no I saw that no oh didn’t get it I did no you didn’t want a betat there’s no way I got it it’s Zoro he’s so silly crazy so silly I would know jail time isep you’re a [ __ ]

Creature sted his to why don’t you like stuff your head and of a mailbox why don’t you take your advice your Venom the [ __ ] is wrong yummy okay I don’t know about that either I don’t know about that about the yummy part exactly [ __ ] freak freaky whatever she said earlier

Freaky decky yeah freaky decky he is a sub what what okay yeah what see even he doesn’t agree with us and he is a freak of nature consider the F literally insane there’s no way the following please please consider the like your back’s going to get blown out it’s

Over you know when you say that and then don’t say anything else it sounds like you’re going to be back out it’s supposed to sound mysterious you’re not mysterious you know what’s mysterious what the Drone Strike it’s not really mysterious it is It the Axel a is faster than me I can’t kill it faster than you oh my God I was literally chasing it for like 2 minutes going to rip your arms off you’re a weirdo the [ __ ] look the game czy what did I click it made me join

Another server an axel was snipping my that is such a sin I need you to kill yourself said no that’s what that’s what someone said in the game tell me who T I’m going to tell him to kill blue creeper 350 all right when I get on tomorrow that’s the first thing

I’m typing kill yourself they join kill yourself k got to kill yourself yeah exactly tell her that’s my honest reaction except for the part of being black I’m glad you specified that part I wouldn’t have lived without that one I’m not a black man I a Mexican but I love

Racist you’re slave now sis you’re slave to got to break the chain got to break the chain got to break the chain is crazy you got to break the chain TI to like a break truck [ __ ] ever ends wait this a shift Fu safe [ __ ] never ends God damn the [ __ ] it Doesn’t that’s a SpongBob B horn What if feel F Said where do you come up with i i BL right in SpongeBob’s he up oh you should have heard what he had to say about the boys [ __ ] oh yeah he was telling me that you had some interesting comments about the boys what’s that about the boys when darl Dixon comes in [ __ ]

Homelander the ass this is truly a Walking Dead finger long Amber what the [ __ ] that’s not me that’s kimy yeah that’s K Jesus Christ nice Kimmy are you taking that Kimmy you have long fingers what the hell you slender slend slend you’re slender you’re Slender Man You’re Slender

Man the angle there are some dips in your finger that just be there oh look it’s the Slender Man kill yourself oh my God but yeah I was talking about the boys that show is pretty good I must say exactly all right now it’s starting to lag cuz of the Axel

The doing I just realized are you stuck in the in the garage are you trapped do you have to get you out don’t worry sis we’ll break you out of there we know you’re in ri’s garage being kid being slave all I wish the best for you

Sis oh no oh no here comes Ryu just bursting through the door screaming and [ __ ] sis you [ __ ] [ __ ] you need to get back to work get back to work I said get back to work blood Ry start sucking me off I think I missed a couple episod that’s

What I’m saying is there a new season I don’t know about yeah the uh the new adult version wasn’t it like always somewhat adult version I don’t know I mean it just wasn’t a crappy kids cartoon please no they’re going to have to wait because I’m busy

You’re going to be busy for a while seven people watching me collect fish this is content seven people is crazy guys stop watching it’s not worth it this is why you get whipped you say that like it’s a bad thing you’re right ew that’s a salmon unque we don’t like that

Kind I don’t like that kind they’re they’re bad the salmon or what they’re talking about in chat salmon okay eat eat yeah do you remember town oh lazy didn’t like the dude die yeah yeah um the Robbie Rotten on Lazy Town you know when he think the Weir

Number one song in the uh the alternate introduction it’s going like all right I’m going to teach you guys how to dock and the uh whatam call it the little clones are like yeah and then Robbie Ron’s like all right [ __ ] when I tell you to dock get ready to dock

Now no don’t do me do him [ __ ] one what and then the the Clones of Robbie who is this gay having gay uh sex there there’s a McDonald’s worker over here oh my god look what the [ __ ] yeah yeah look look it’s a Robie Ryan he’s sniffing the feet of the McDonald’s

Worker going oh this is amazing I want more what’ you do you’re holding the fish fish he know what that means fish oh yeah then the the boys right the look there’s a McDonald’s worker over here it’s your kind what is intro name floran age3 next Story look look at his skin

Oh it’s actually a McDonald’s worker I thought you were just being delusional wait wait what are is he actually being serious yeah someone has a dog skin hold on hold on let me mute myself echo as much maybe stay that way that was mean no no I’m nice I’m nice I’m very

Nice wait where did you get wood from I need wood I need need torches uhoh I don’t think there’s fish spawning again oh no I lied um can I get the buy one going for a dollar holy [ __ ] it’s an actual McDonald’s over here you weren’t lying and Amber you should uh your

Wrist oh yeah well you know I was kind of thinking about it so you know whatever it’s for the bit as a boy I killed tried to kidnap me ever since I have been a fighter and back then I told myself if anyone tries to take my freed

I will take theirs without a second do and then that’s how it all began I created The Syndicate so I could finally try freom people oh oh I was badly obsessed with AAR and I literally thought you were reading something from Attack on Titan oh my God I oh my God

En think I found it one yeah that’s found the one piece penis okaying up down [ __ ] please please kill him you’re going to kill me you’re going to kill me no don’t kill I’m silly entertaining he’s silly the autism is going to reach you before you can even kill

Me just a little bit of a SL do n ohy n what the hell is that what the hell n the [ __ ] are you talking about is your finger KY I looked at the picture right now that is your fingers slender fingers slender come save us I was lying about it being her

Finger no I just saw in the video when I clicked on it is funny I Chicago Reaper what I hope I hope he’s coming for you the repo Reaper Chicago Reaper does he make videos anymore I don’t know what the Chicago G Reaper no no yeah sorry chag gri Reaper I know

Your Des is very tragic but who the [ __ ] is the Chicago Grim Reaper dude know who is the Chicago Grim Reaper just words no his like brain stops working like Midway through what he’s saying I the day server belongs to Turkish turkey Turkish yeah I get right turkey turkey [ __ ]

Hammy back of the day baby that’s not fish oh yeah that is fish fish no way is that Patrick starfish’s [ __ ] holy [ __ ] we found the one piece Nick look I mean rih look the one pece start bouncing up down on it the one bro yeah know for sure def oh

Blood that’s what I’m saying that c to uh jump in oh no I need to go IEP that is a wonderful idea hey I got one one more uh one more thing uh what was I going to say uh oh right the the boys they’re making

Another season I know and um and uh in this new season they’re going to add a omn man and a peacemaker the next season isn’t that Mortal Kombat yeah that’s why they doing the that collab because they’re end them in a in Mortal Kombat so they’re going to

Cuz they have them they’re going to have to add in uh in uh the boys M MH so basically in the new season homelander is like getting his ass beat by omn man and as soon as like man’s about to finish him off Peacemaker comes in he’s

Like let me finish let me finish let me finish but Peacemaker says it’s peac making time and then he like pulls his pants down and like 9 in [ __ ] flops out off glasses in front of H’s face like oh my God FU by what the [ __ ] and they’re doing like 19 like

Dirty close like oh oh boy who talk about pain right there oh God you go to bed now please it isn’t no oh no he left I would have left too honestly I was thinking about it after you said that when he Po in for a I don’t oh these

Fish why can’t they just like get into the bucket by themselves lazy you’re lazy no not I’m working my butt off over here getting me fish okay well I mean it’s aown how much is it wow that’s rude I have a brown Axel Auto the pink on are the best those are

Like the they’re ugly no they’re not they just kind of look like you I’m not ugly you know it’s so much harder to make you know what they look like see you can’t lie to yourself anymore call kill all the little babies they aren’t the little color that I need them to

Be so they die McDonald’s worker kind of like never responded I don’t think he likes you why would anyone not like me insane shut up get back to work fishy fish we oh piss fish is that your favorite yeah I like that fish any particular Reas is it a crime like a

Fish dude wake up I am up I’m not mean good night you don’t going to say that if you’re the one doing it I’m in your server right now oh which one are you no shut up true up no I’m not even oh I’m too busy getting fish

Oh oh he got sacrificed oh wow these people are obsessed netherite for one sub is crazy like actually insane it’s going to feel so good when I get the [ __ ] blue axle Auto you’re not going to get it so get it yeah I well shut up

Why is there salmon over here in the ocean why are you being so Judy cuz they’re not supposed to spawn in the ocean they can’t live in salt water oh oh my God it’s starting to lag special what I said oh my God it’s starting to lag imagine not lagging 247

Anyway get better internet I guess it’s not the internet internet gra clear where I live used to be the fastest internet in the world no blah blah blah I think you’re making stuff up no I’m not one second let me Google it oh my God the lag okay you guys got to die

Now oh when they said in the world they in America yep 20 things I was right no you weren’t yeah I was yeah always no you’re not how you know cuz I just do there we go little population control when did it get to e53 that’s what I’m saying yeah it was like

3:34 last time I looked so long just getting fish for something that doesn’t exist slay it ex I mean like you can definitely like tell yourself that like for sure but you laugh I did I’m going to start huh CU like kind of cannot keep up this during school time true give me

This did she even say anything she was leaving oh she did in I think is not leaving right now hour huh ohow yum oh Okay this is far too many times to PE no huh no didn’t ask for wow okay okay sh crazy probably probably a demon WTF y’ some freaky Deys okay you don’t get to say anything after I’ve seen that Twitter account okay you would doesn’t compare to that it does what yeah it does does compare no this is okay when HP this out aess okay I’m noticing the charger no the charger okay you don’t get to be you

Don’t get to like act confused any anymore when I say you’re mean after the this I didn’t do anything you were you were like s that wasn’t me that who was that I don’t know it wasn’t me there are three people in this call and one of them has been

Muted think you’re hearing stuff so there’s not really a whole lot of options yeah there is there’s plenty there a variety or AEL crazy the way you’re not I was going to delete it at first then I realized it was already too slow so I’m just going to have to live with

It a lot of things you do oh for a lot of things I do yeah like what like I can’t think of them right now but like come to me later I bet in a private ch creeping on his back oh my God F I wish I could unread every single bit of

That why would you read it to begin with oh my God the adolfs are helping what no I haven’t you are just too slow no you’re just you’re just doing things at the wrong time no hi toally she’s so confused oh did she not see the thing no she didn’t she has no

Clue doesn’t have a clue in the world oh so I’m I just get blamed for everything now I this [ __ ] is just isn’t fair actually I probably should get some Coral fing wait like the coral died oh wait hold on I got silk touch oh my God I can get all the

Coral doesn’t break if you don’t have S it dies like literally just dies well it should be dying in my inventory then cuz there’s no water in my inventory if we’re being like that Minecraft my Axel a is have so much Coral got a bunch of coral blocks for him even though they don’t live in oceans oh I broke all the wrong pickaxe KY is texting me the Strang what she asked what you said and then she s me like this I don’t even know like this reaction image of this lady crying but

Then she like took it away like immediately distra like makeup screaming down her face oh she wait I could have did it so much more closer than in my house so much more closer is insane like a th000 blocks closer than where I was why didn’t you cuz I didn’t realize

That’s where it was now I’m going to see if my house is broken cuz when I get off I want to get off there so when I get on I can see what’s broken I don’t have to continue breeding them tomorrow oh my God I’m still

Here I love this skin this is so worth the money oh my Goshy oh she’s back who is it huh who’s my skin I didn’t ask what it was I don’t care yeah you do now I got to tell you no it’s anime I mean I don’t are you going to tell me yeah I’m trying to find the edit I made on her

The edit you made on her is crazy that’s no I swear as soon as I start like finishing edits I’m going to be unstoppable you’re going to have to be stopped no I’m going to be like Tik tok’s best spot editor oh the 12 second

One 12 seconds is not a lot not that one not that one not that one not that one not that one that was an accidental screenshot I took okay no do you like just ever screenshot your home screen by accident and stuff like screenshot those random [ __ ] yeah that’s what happens to me

Especially on my watch cuz like the buttons are so easy to press you’re just like screenshots on my phone screen I don’t have an Apple Watch so loser no motion I could easily buy one right now just a proove a point but I’m not kind like you

Can’t you’re like trying to prove a point it’s not working I’m not proving a point was proved by the fact that you don’t have an Apple Watch oh kimy has an Apple Watch ate that edit up yeah sure I don’t know yeah the edit was so good the transition was so

Good okay well I have one of Gojo but I don’t have that kind of one so Kim do you make it you tried you should no the world does not need to see that with only one transition girl do you have the video saved I from 2021 it just going be

Bad okay gir pop you say that as if I know what that means like I have one Gojo edit hold on I could make one I think I might come me not one of those no you don’t want that in your search history oh where’s the one Gojo edit I

Made oh what was that no because now I lost it look at what you did I didn’t do that I didn’t do anything to you oh no I found it you’ve done enough to me really yeah meow is crazy pulling the hair is crazy I saw that oh you should kill

Yourself like leave the world right now like please please do please I’m praying to God right now key I completely forgot about the edit for yeah I like my um snippet of an edit more did you send something then deleted no no Noz what it

Say I you I didn’t oh you were replying to something okay no no would never never a light motion give me it’s not even on Beat Just Like give it up no it’s not like I’m like the the second half is actually it might be I have no idea

Like is that a normal song or did you do something to it gra the audio what is this oh that’s another Demon Slayer one you need to like get your never mind no no oh my God my chicken chest it’s full oh [ __ ] is crazy did you say DED said [ __ ] is crazy

Oh say no you thinking over there um oh no balls take them oh so you need to get your back blowing out ASAP okay when no no no no nope not her I’m just telling you what it’s not her it’s me she’s too she’s not nice never mind I can’t even say that um no oh that’s sad does it fit in the mini Donuts can you not even do normal ones that’s

Crazy no because now I’m going to have to make a Gojo wed it can you Ste no hell no they make one for me wait KY style for you KY Style what do you mean like like Gojo edit normal EDS can’t believe it wait what did this say Oh I thought soldier boy was dead I was about to be very very upset boy soier boy was dead it’s getting reset so wouldn’t it matter not like you made any progress other people have

Though oh look it’s your stuff it’s it’s like Kimmy and no one else cuz everyone else is on the stupid fish thing why is my stream just like randomly getting viewers now how many five watching right now for some reason even though I’m not doing anything at 5 in the morning these are

Insomnia ax how does one make a blast furnace what oh that’s how you make a blast furnace do I have stone yes I do people here being horn dogs me that’s including you yeah like you’re not youram yes yes you your dream was a long time ago well honestly that’s something I would

Still be thinking about too like that’s insane you did had a dream okay thank you did hat okay your grammar is like great de gar yeah pop is not going to pass come too I need to find more dreams just like in general no what do you mean you can’t even say say

It no balls yeah no balls do you really think J’s going to like study the chat from this morning like that well just delete it afterwards going to censor it I loving the Ked dring tea right now it’s interesting would you rather the conversations that are happening right now or um smack

Head the one in Char is C this guy is harboring a fugitive in my house he’s hiding him who he’s hiding some random dude in my house who’s hiding someone a oy all right now let’s read her Um no I want I was going to read it now mad [ __ ] K me oh oh she screenshoted it the popping up all right all right you can delete it what do you what’s your opinion it’s interesting really okay it’s crazy what I didn’t see say whatever you at

Point I was just so shocked I just didn’t even think of screenshotting it a oh the angel Emoji no that is not you this is me no it’s not Never forget never forget his cre that’s not even bad as I don’t even think it’s deleted though I did did you delete it I didn’t delete it I didn’t you you literally did I deleted that oh the initial the the the the the oh my

God the text that was in the picture I had to it I guess stop stop Jer Squirtle yay weird in the Pokemon thing I have a squirtle on my bed so good for you it’s like a squish thing squish thing I don’t know what they’re called a squish yeah it’s one of those

Is I have a peach peach like the fruit yeah that is so generic and gay I thought it was like Princess Peach for Mario or something but no way catching a c oh the P oh well ew that’s the wrong one you bust that’s crazy can’t Oh ch for for believe me chilling no for oh what the [ __ ] e that’s crazy shut up shut up shut up shut up I’ll get smag head back on to call you more names no way no threatening some s head is crazy oh my God call him on call him on

I knew you were going to say that like before you even said it I predicted it all right that one’s crazy wait what was it said he wants him to chain her up and breed her oh oh I got the notification for that one she Del it that’s crazy you can see

Myara you can see my curse techque I don’t know why you have those angel emojis no the things you do the things you would say and do are not holy is not you’re really isn’t hi Soldier oh my gosh it’s that thing you were saying yeah five people watching me stand still

In my house it’s crazy you’re just that good I don’t know apparently bye good night no she’s gone she left she’s gone good you’re not going to text for good night I did well maybe you should just be patient I guess do I hear somebody in my house okay good night good

Night well I’m going to bed too so watch my house I guess I’m oning stream goodbye guys be live sometime tomorrow

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