Uncovering Minecraft’s Scariest Seed

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Are scary Minecraft seeds actually real my friend sent me a seed that was supposed to be the most terrifying out of them all thinking it’s just a joke I decided to load up a world using the seed he gave me but little did I know this world held a terrifying secret

Waiting to be uncovered guys I invited you here because I have no idea what this seed does I just put in he will find you okay I’m sorry what what did you say the seed was he will find you in all caps oh you’re actually right I told

You not to Bro literally before the video started I said don’t do Donnie Donnie let’s just start by getting some wood from this cursed looking tree I’m just going to ignore the fact that they disappeared bro what just happened yeah I don’t know but you

Know I read up on this seed like if you want to know the law basically it’s like you know this guy he used it and then he like disappeared in real life we’re on that seed yeah and there’s like you know Herobrine apparently he can do damage to you in real life you

Know is that why the popup popped up before I even loaded Minecraft um who knows bro who knows maybe it’s not even that bad maybe this is just normal generation you know I don’t see anything else that’s OD about this world liar what why are we playing

This you know why I actually don’t know why interesting I’m going to make you a poopy pickaxe wait redstone torch yeah there’s a red St red it popped off the thing right here it’s on it’s on a lot of trees bro there’s there’s another one

Over there is that not and then over bro look at that structure over there where there what structure where I’m looking I don’t see a structure what what do you mean right there bro it’s a pyramid oh the sand yes okay do you want to go

Check it out that does not look normal yeah sure let’s make a boat wait no no no we’re playing the seed he will bro if someone someone went missing why are we going to do things that could make you go missing it’s daytime we’re good chill relax take a deep

Breath are we sure all right is this normal I have no idea by the way it just looks like kind of out of place no this is definitely not normal you have a shovel I’ll make one wait what is this is there going to be some treasure

Inside or maybe we shouldn’t be doing this bro there’s nothing keep going double check hold on okay all the way down this is like one of the Minecraft laws you’re not supposed to break hello I oh okay I don’t think there’s anything down there ler don’t please don’t die please I’m

Going going I’m sorry bro I have to do this there’s a lot of s oh my God come back up come back up come back up don’t don’t really yeah that was me that was me that was me relax come come come bro I don’t like this I don’t like this we

Spawn in and immediately there’s no leaves on the trees what does that mean you know that’s a great question but I don’t have the answer to it because no one who like played the seed like made it out alive what yeah you heard me all right get back in the

Boat get back in the boat we got to explore bro okay get in get in get in get in get in we need get some tool actual tools we need actual tools wait Linux Linux we need to find find I swear I saw something on the corner of my ey I

Swear bro I swear I don’t want to look back I don’t want to look back just keep going bro just keep going right it was right over there bro okay give me the boat give me the boat why is the boat there it’s gone it’s gone I I I don’t

See it because of the fog bro bro there was someone standing there bro we need to go find Donnie one he’s missing two we need tools you’re actually worried about Donnie bro at this point like whatever he does like it doesn’t even fase me anymore bro he didn’t leave the

Game he didn’t leave the game bro look Donny B’s never oh oh my God bro you stopped talking I thought you disappeared too oh my what he never left do you see Donny BB’s left the game oh no no no no no no no l no no no no no he

Was just standing there bro he was just he’s still standing there there’s two black sheep on top of each other dude chill chill chill wait there’s two black sheep on top of each other up there too wait no way oh yeah I see it is it

Looking at me bro Donnie look like a cross what is that and it’s about to turn nighttime already bro what are we doing we need to get we need to get more tools bro what am I doing I don’t even have a pickaxe yet here he is here no we

Need we need to get him we need to get him bro he’s probably he will find you does does it mean maybe Donnie but wait that doesn’t make any sense because I made the world is Donnie able to look into the future I don’t get it I don’t

Get it I don’t get it I don’t get it okay okay okay listen listen listen relax relax we need to find coal ASAP or actually wait no no no we we can make coal out of this right we just need to go INS What what what what happened what

Happened whater there was a there was a there was a player oh I I I saw some uh thingy there uh what you call it like some some particles bro relax chill chill it’s fine just get wood and follow me bro we need to get into a cave right

Now let’s go in here let’s go in here they always say like you know like cave bases are the best go go go go go I’ll make torches right now I’ll make torches right now don’t worry don’t worry let’s cook this there we go hopefully that’s

Enough oh my God look at the sun going down bro looks beautiful I feel this moment do you feel it feel what moment like like a you realize we may die here right don’t worry about it bro I’m here wait I’ll make a torch boom we both we

Both have pickaxes now I need a torch boom here you go here you go here’s a torch okay thank you thank you going to put in my I don’t like this I don’t like this I don’t like this we need a door or something do you see anything suspicious

Though oh oh oh no that’s just wait what is that I zoomed in really far bro like right over there look look zoom in exactly where I’m looking and there is something white bro or is that a birge tree am I going crazy wait I see it I

Don’t know what that is why is that salmon swimming above water I don’t know and it’s just stuck there in place no what was that what was that I see particles get in get where the particles Lo it off BL it off bro there was something there bro it just took it just

Died here here I have a door I have a door oh my God I need more stuff what is that what is that name tag entity fake player fake player what no no no I’m not doing this I’m not doing this I’m not doing this what is it

What is it it just said entity fake player bro I don’t get this I don’t get this I don’t get get this I don’t get this world we we need to go find iron bro come on let’s go down okay yeah yeah yeah make a mine make a mine that’s a

Smart idea okay we need hello where look out the door it’s me it’s me I’m stepping around I’m just making sure like no one’s outside oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God get out get out get out get out

Get out no no no no no no no no why is it just there why is it just there I don’t know I don’t know block it off block it off block it off I did I did I did okay okay let’s go let’s go bro

Go go go go go we need an iron we need we need like some armor or something soon we need to like right I saw Don I I saw his name tag did you see it too you saw it too right no it was right there bro what do you

Mean or am I going crazy is this is this I was just yelling Donnie a minute that wasn’t that before what was it what is it what is it bro I just broke this block and there’s already two blocks broken that’s not possible in normal Minecraft generation is it Don I mean I

Saw name tag but I didn’t hear any blocks break okay let’s just keep going doesn’t matter bro what at this point doesn’t matter I don’t think it’s actually Donnie I think Don somewhere else oh my God okay okay okay okay okay it’s a cave

It’s a cave but why is it so Square what oh the the echo this is not normal bro this is not even a spawner room it’s just empty what do you mean bro this is oh oh get me out of here get me out of here

Get me out of here what oh oh no no Linux Linux Linux ly don’t block me off you idiot what are you doing I didn’t know there’s something there bro there’s something there build there’s something there bro and it didn’t look normal I don’t know that what was that I don’t

Know okay okay we go somewhere else we go somewhere else we go somewhere else we need wait wait wait wait no no relax relax let’s just dig this way bro I I want to find armor right now I can’t even speak anymore bro I just want to find armor bro please

Linux Linux are you sure yo can you hear me where did you go wait why are you going here where did the thing go what thing remember the hole why it was right here where was like here but this no but it’s gone no

Way no no no no no no wait wait wait check over there check over there wait this is all like wait where did I I duck down right over here bro it was it was literally right here we buil up so we’d see our own blocks we’d see our own blocks that we

Placed what is going on what is actually going on nah Noah no no no no no everybody just saw me go and look down there I literally just started there’s something behind you there’s something behind you no no no who was that I just saw particles I don’t want to do this

Anymore bro I keep seeing things and I can’t see them bro F we got this we got this we got this we got this we got this we’re fine we just need to find a cave the deeper we go the e e e Echo your e Echo your gets

Wait what it’s here what what what is here no no no no what is that what did you just pick up archetype zero spawn egg huh show archetype zero spawn egg do we want to spawn it in here uh I don’t think that’s a good idea

It dropped something bro we got a spawn egg and we’re just not going to do anything with with it okay okay wait wait we’re going to spawn in down here Donnie Donnie is supposed to be the one that says don’t do it us together come on yeah you you’re not wrong about that

Should I just spawn and then we jump in oh did you see that in the chat bring to you archetype zero bring me to you what does that mean wait wait wait wait bring me to you I’m holding it should I spawn in May bro we should be like over

Here oh yeah yeah smart smart smart Okay I’m going to place it down yeah you ready no place it place on that okay okay wait wait wait wait let wait wait I have an idea let’s just block this off and we only break this and then it’s

Gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone no no no no I’m not I’m not I’m not spawning this I want to burn it right now bro I don’t want to have anything to do with this but you just okay you know

What I’m spawning in bro whatever bro I’m spawning in okay fine fine fine okay fine the intrusive thought okay we should find a cave first bro I’m going just to SP it right there because even even even if it’s dangerous it’s just going to suffocate ah okay okay get

Your blocks ready though all right I’m going to place down in three wait I placed it I placed it I placed it what is it oh what is that what is that I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I’m I’m I’m

Going to look oh my God Linux what is that no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no it’s breaking blocks we got to move we got to move it’s breaking Block No No it’s it’s not breaking anything relax relax it’s fine it’s fine

Why there why was there a chug broken I’m going to look again it’s gone it’s here move like we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go we gotta bro we don’t bro where’s my pickaxe where did my pickaxe go bro what was that I nearly

Died so much xp so much xp where’ it go where’ it go where’d it go hello now get out of here we we got to keep moving we got to keep moving yeah let’s go back to the surface I think you think so you don’t want to get iron no no do you

Extra torch what is that why what where are you bro he’s Fully Alive yeah but bro why is he always like this can you can you drop me a torch please wait I can make one I think yeah of course here you go yeah I think we should go back to

The surface and maybe try find like a cave system because bro I I don’t want to do this anymore I don’t want to stumble up like wait what did he say where you spawned what he said he said that’s where he’s at oh I forgot my question to

Him the seed is already driving me insane but then again they did mention that they said the seed causes memory loss why would it do that I don’t know are you serious yeah hello what Donny oh bro no no no no no no no no no that’s a Herobrine Shrine that’s a Herobrine

Shrine bro no it’s not it is I swear I I’ve watched enough it’s not Herobrine videos yeah it is yeah it is why is it there since when it was hero brown in this world bro yo chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill how do you

Do it how do you do it you need a flint and steel I don’t want to do it bro I really don’t want to do it that’s that’s just a whole another level bro we need food we need food to start okay okay let’s get some salmon I’ll grab right wait

Linux where are all the mobs like I don’t see a single mob wait wasn’t there sheep up there yeah there was but bro I don’t see like fish I don’t even see fish do you see fish oh yeah oh there there some huge huge hug huge go get

Them go get them oh I heard cows yo oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no they were not there before bro nah no no no but you know what I’ll take it bro whatever what is

Going on I’ll take it I’ll take it I’ll kill him oh wait going what if something bad happens if we killed them ah whatever it’s too late now we’re already on the world we got to survive bro you’re right more where look let’s go oh wait did they have weird eyes yo there

Is too many are you kidding me I’m going to make a flint and steel so we can light that you actually want to light that I do okay then let’s get gra I’m I’m down with whatever you’re down with to be honest I really don’t think that’s a

Herobrine Shrine I think it is it is I’ve seen it before bro so you’re telling me that that archetype or whatever right the archetypes on this world and Herobrine I guess so there’s I don’t know bro where’s the gravel there’re supposed to be gravel oh here we go I’m

Getting the gravel Linux oh I already had gravel in my inventory I swear I’m losing my mind bro I keep forgetting I have things in my inventory bro I I went out to look for gravel even though I already had two you have gravel yeah I already had gravel I don’t know from

When but oh what Linux Linux Linux Linux bro bro what are you doing stop doing that to me listen I keep thinking that you disappear what are you to you look I look look look break the like chill chill no no no no not you not you chill chill chill I’m not doing

It I’m not doing it I’m not doing it I’m not doing it I’m doing I’m not doing chill chill chill chill chill chill hands off keyboard my hands off the keyboard my hands are off the keyboard chill lier no no no no no no no I’m actually about to I’m about to just

Leave please take the food take the food take the food take the listen break this gravel and see what happens I got like 5,000 flint and steel from it did it happen to you too what you you got them right I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10 flint and steel me too wait bro it wants us to light it but if we do that’s certain death I’m telling you okay let’s get the food first and then we’ll think about it okay it’s daytime so maybe you know it won’t be that bad we don’t even have iron bro we

Have nothing we spawn if it okay I don’t believe you to start right I don’t think he’s actually going to spawn in of course but yeah what why don’t you believe me huh cuz it’s vanilla Minecraft stuff all right fine we can do it now we can do it

Now are you telling me bro okay you know what yeah no no l you know what I’ll stand all the way over here have fun have fun I do not think it will spawn this is vanilla Minecraft stuff okay all right this redstone torch vanilla Minecraft gold vanilla Minecraft Netherrack vanilla Minecraft steel

Vanilla Minecraft no no no no no no I told you I told you I told you I told you Linx Linx no man no no no I have to put it out I have to put it out I have to put it out I have to put it out put

Out the shrine put out the shrine Linux no no the Sun is setting I’m all alone no no what do I do what do I do what do I do okay you know what I’m just going to take all the furnaces with me bro lyx bro what happened Donny’s there

Don’s there donn’s there where where where there on the tree he he’s gone what just what happened to you bro just tell me you’re right you’re were right about so okay so it was Herobrine yeah and he grabbed me yeah and then pulled me up top of the mountain and then he

Just disappeared he just disappeared okay well we are definitely not lighting that up again my friend um okay so we need to go get iron before we die yeah we need to find like a Cave System though so um you know how to find caves

Uh dig dig straight down that is not a good idea my friend why not I don’t know that’s what they say you have wood on you I have yeah I have a lot of wood I have one B log we can go in here oh what is that I don’t know I don’t

Know is it still there is it still there is it still there is it still there what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that what is that that wait what is that I don’t know oh it’s one one of those it’s one of those

Yeah angels from Doctor Who I think if you look away it moves towards you okay so just keep looking at it and don’t look away I’m looking at it come come we need we need to get irons we need you going here just keep going oh oh it’s

Gone I just it’s gone what does that mean what does that mean what does that mean what does that mean what does that mean okay okay okay let’s move let’s oh wow great cave 10 out of 10 10 out of 10 and it’s night time now um we can dig

Straight down if you really want you really want oh my God oh my God bro okay is that a Cave System wait there a Cave System down here oh is there okay wait wa wait come back I have an idea I have an idea we need uh uh more wood though

Did we bring herobrine into the world or what does that mean man it’s all your fault okay just just yeah said Thank you in the chat we’re dead we’re dead we’re dead all because of you bro all because you just have to go and light it up he go take two of

These a gift has been left for the Summoner a gift for you lier what oh my God oh my God oh my God I saw him I saw the back I saw the back of it it gave you a gift though what did you get did

You get anything no no no no no no no no no no no no no where it leave it maybe at the gr we got to go back we got to go back we got to go back oh my God oh my God is that a gift that is not a gift

That’s not a gift but where’s the shrine gone that’s not a gift liger shrine’s gone no no no there has to be a chest or something around here bro shrine’s gone liger there has to be a chest lier does Herobrine leave a good gift bro you summoned him

Okay oh oh no no no no no no no no it was something glitching it was something glitching let’s go back let’s go back to the water thing I just want to get into a cave right now I feel like the cave is the safest place to be right now down

There come here yeah yeah yeah yeah cool cool cool right go W oh oh I near died that was close oh oh my God oh my God I nearly died where that where that it was a creeper oh I don’t know I don’t know dive down dive down dive down dive

Down deeper deeper deeper deeper oh here here here get into the door get the door chill where is it get in get in you here oh no no no bro we’re good okay it’s there bro it’s there I see it it’s just it’s floating around I don’t know

If my blood pressure can take this man I don’t even know what blood pressure is but I know mine’s High what is that okay fire over there uh is’s that squid where that squid just disappeared oh my God what was that sound the squid did you just hear that sound no it was

Like a we need to explore a bit more oh oh what is that in front of me what is that what is that what is that CL it off go goer tiger swim swim swim up swim up swim up go go go oh my God oh my God oh there’s

Another thing over there bro get back down get back down get back down bro bro go go this way just this way come this way come this way broo bro bro bro bro bro what was that I have no idea I have no idea running in the water

Bro I tried like blocking it off somehow but man I’m glad I have you in these situations bro I will probably just die on my own to be honest we need to find we good we need to just find a cave entrance man who was that Donnie what yeah Donnie Donnie is

That you Donnie hello I think it’s Donnie Donnie what’s behind him what what is that behind him I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t think it’s him don’t I don’t think it’s him back away oh no no no no get out get out

Get out get out go go we also need to find beds bro a village will be huge oh there’s another one of those pyramid things okay come pyramid oh okay let’s just keep moving oh I think hug huge huge huge huge I need eat food oh L there’s like three zombies behind you

Bro y big cave down here go go go I’ll follow you I’ll follow you okay wait is this the same system we were in before over here over here over here placing a door placing a door oh huge we can break it nice can you hear

Me fine yeah yeah I can hear you I can hear you let’s get that too nice nice ready to keep moving yeah let’s break it let’s keep moving over here what is that oh it’s back it’s back it’s back it’s back go over here over here over here follow me follow me

Follow me go go go go go go please please please lager bro I’m I’m about to run out of air I’m about to run out of air okay placing a door here placing a door here I’m get in get in get in get eat up eat up bro what is that thing

Do I need to I don’t know do we need to block this off I hear it again I hear it again I hear it again um okay break the door let’s keep going I bro we just need to keep moving Linux the door I thought

It was behind you for a second okay oh my God Donny’s here bro he’s under the water just dodge him keep going down keep going down all the way down bro not D bro all the way down all the way down place out door hello oh okay where did my torch go

My torch is gone okay maybe we just like dig straight that way yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay let’s go get in here Herobrine bless you what he just said bless you get in get in get in how do you get rid of this oh you are

So smart bro you just saved us you know that okay should we just go what was that what I just saw a name behind you you’re lying you’re lying you’re lying I swear I swear I don’t know what I don’t know whose name I don’t know if it was

Donny’s I don’t know what it was but there was a name hello hello what was that what no that was me I think I hope I know I’m just joking no no what do you want how do we even speak to this guy bro you kidding me hello do you have a

You have a crafting table Yeah place it place it what was that what was that what was that ran past he just ran past he just ran past I need I need another pickaxe thank you I’ll keep digging there’s water dripping down here bro if we could find a Cave System

That would be so huge yo can you not maybe ask Herobrine to like lead you to a Cave System why is he back of course he just ran through me bro you run how how would you what what what what Herobrine Herobrine I said leave me to a

Cave System he appeared you’re lying I didn’t even look how I was closing my eyes swear I swear I swear lier liger I swear okay which direction did he point to then he didn’t point he was just looking at us he was right here he was looking this way he was standing right

Here yes all right move back Linux Linux no no no no no no no no no no Linux you was standing right here hello Linux hello oh my God it’s a spawner room it’s a flipping spawner room Donnie chill Donnie chill Donnie chill Donnie chill chill

Chill what do I even do here where is Linux give me Linux back please who’s opening those chests bro I got to get that spawner somehow oh I near he died come to me where are you who’s banging these doors oh I see a name tag Linux l

L Linux oh my God there’s water everywhere here what happened get in I think he was here I think he took me here I think he took me here come here come here come here there’s a mine bro I found a spawner room you want to go to

That I oh my God the mine does look nice too but I do want to go to the spaw room bro I saw Donnie there please let’s just quickly go then we can come back this is huge though all right follow me follow me follow me wait Linux my XP just got

Set to 666 how what do you mean it’s at 666 what speed that’s good though no no that’s a bad that’s like a bad number that’s really bad okay but I have enough XP to what you mean your speed is fast no my XP my XP your XP yes did I say

Speed I don’t know I maybe I just Mard you okay listen I I’ll kill these mobs stay back back up back up back up back up oh okay you know what maybe maybe we don’t go to the spawner room you know maybe maybe we just go maybe oh I just I just

Lagged a bit I don’t know about you I didn’t I’m I’m chilling wait you have iron right I have four give it to me give it to me give it to me okay I’m going to put the raw iron in here and then I’ll make ourselves a shield bro

That’s what we need oh you’re a genius thank you okay so you want me to lead the way yeah us what was that sound why is that bat burning why is that bat burning why did it just commit keep moving we need to keep moving we need

More iron we need wood wait okay if you want to find wood we have to find like a m shaft okay but this is a huge system so like our chances are pretty good to be honest oh more iron let’s go where where are the mobs the bats are here but I haven’t

Seen like any skeletons where are the creepers and zombies There’s No creepers or zombies in here oh wait there was zombies in the spawner room though in a cave how do we even hear that let’s get all the zombies okay keep moving keep

Moving oh my God oh my God oh my God why is it intensifying why is it intensifying oh no no no no just walk past him just walk past him bro just walk past him just walk past him follow me follow me follow me follow me I see dirt I see

Dirt oh my what happen I saw so much lightning bro what is happening I saw Don here I saw happening up top bro happening on the top I saw Donnie right here bro he was creep wait I can block it why is there a Tor stay back stay

Back stay back stay back stay back I’m good I’m good oo okay let me mind this iron nice huge oh that’s a huge vein so much wait so we figured out the Herobrine kind of resp what oh it’s one of those angels again why is it gold

What do you mean it’s gold has gold on it I don’t see gold oh is he gold Len L has another one without a head stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop the more you hit it the more spawn chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill oh it’s

Moving okay keep looking at him cuz I’m going to die there’s diamonds right there by the way okay get get the diamonds I’ll keep looking at them I don’t have iron I don’t have iron for diamonds you can’t it uh wait wait uh two sticks do do you have the crafting

Table place it down place it down but keep looking at them keep looking at them okay okay okay okay I’m going I’m to look at the crafting table keep looking at them boom oh wait no what am I doing I have to smelt this first I

Have seven oh nice 14 huge okay there’s more there’s more there’s oh why is it flickering oh there’s way more here now there’s way more Linux we got to go to your corner go to your corner go to your corner all right stay in the corner bro

Because they can’t spawn behind us okay okay we just need three iron and then I have two sticks enough to make one there’s more on the left there’s more on the left iron sorry there’s one on the left bro it’s out of our sight okay we

We may need to we need we may need to ditch the diamond bro hold on hold on hold on hold on no no no I’m not ditching it I’m not ditching it oh Linux keep looking I have to look both left and right I have to look left and right hold on

Get in here get in here get in here okay okay okay okay okay I’m in I’m in all right okay hold on hold on I’m I’m going to block us off oh like bro okay we’re good we’re good we’re good woo what who just broke what are you doing it’s

Trying to get us it’s trying to get us through the wall bro okay wait wait step back step back I’m going to break one block and we look at them why did it break all of them just look just keep looking keep looking Don’t Look Away Li’s I’m going to keep

Mining I’m going to keep mining you keep looking okay don’t leave me I won’t I won’t I won’t you crazy I will never leave you bro there so you’re my brother bro hold on hold on chill I’m going to make a big enough uh room back here oh I

Killed one there’s coming there’s get back get back run R run get back nice nice nice nice nice how do we get out of this we’re in a pickle bro we’re in a real pickle call your friend Herobrine oh hello hello what just happened what just happened what just happened hello

Where am I where did lyrics go no no no no no no no no no no no no no LX where am I what did you bro what just happened oh I can’t see like there you are bro all the blocks broke and then we just we

Just got teleported oh are you kidding me Linux why is the water red and why is it Donnie there’s where’s the lightning even coming from chill guy red bro no no no no no no no no just move just move just move get out of here get out of here bro he’s

Still there get out of here he’s doing that he’s a maniac call your friend Herobrine please last time you said that I Disappeared he’s following he’s following D’s following following watch right behind you okay just keep moving I don’t like being in blood I don’t like

Being in blood you have a torch oh getting faster he’s getting faster I don’t like this what is this just go just go just go just go okay just don’t look back don’t look back don’t look back disappear okay okay is he disappeared yes he is we’re going to

Survive bro we’re going to survive it’s it’s you and me versus the world bro never forget that bro guys yo yeah hey is it Donnie hey wait it’s Donnie bro guys yeah hey guys that’s not Donnie get away from it get away from it lier get away from it run run it’s

Taking sound Clips it’s taking sound clip so that’s Ai No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no that is no AI bro chill out what is this why is the forest on fire all the iron is down in

The cave I’m going to burn him I’m going to burn him go back to wherever you came from go back guys there’s nothing down there there’s nothing down it’s not working it’s not working it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine no no no no no no no no no oh

There’s a chest here what is this oh ruin portal uh uh wait I’ll give him the golden helmet of curs of binding oh my God guys I can explain no no no no what what can you explain what guys get down what I’m going down like I don’t care

Guys no no no no oh yes oh go she scar me please just call your friend Herobrine bro please what what do you want me to do just say hey Herobrine could you take us back to the cave he’s not going to just take us back to the

Cave bro you’re right I’m sorry I was wait we didn’t get wood we didn’t get wood here you you you keep mining down I’m going to grab wood real quick okay you want to leave me alone stay just try to find the edge of the cave okay and

Then I’ll grab wood and I’ll be right back okay I I’ll be here with Donnie then oh Donnie’s gone do I have a torch oh my God thank God I have a torch yo come back quick yeah I can’t even hear him oh my God okay now that I’m alone this just

Became like 20 times scarier bro yo I really hope Linux doesn’t just like break down and then just fall to his death that would be actually very sad my pickaxe broke oh I have an iron one where’s Linux wait what why is he with Donnie oh I see him Linux Linux I saw

Like Donnie Linux is that linux’s head what am I seeing Linux I can’t hear him he’s too far oh hello what Linux oh bro I got teleport oh my God Linux no no no no no no no no we’re stuck in an infinite Loop and I’m about to die bro I have no

Food Linux I have no food and I’m about to Linux I’m up here I got what what do I even do here bro oh my God Linux Linux oh my God that n killed me lier Linux I keep getting teleported I’m on Two and a Half Parts here here take

That take that take that I’m two and a half take this take this take this that’s all my food that’s all my food oh should I no I’m not going to eat this bro that’s yours I I could never bro no no eat the eat this so you can get full

Health and then just hold it hold on to it oh thanks let’s go but bro why do we keep like getting teleported up there don’t break that oh how did I survive how did I survive how did I survive how did I survive how did I survive how did I

Survive how my Tor is gone how I got resistance I can’t see anything I can’t see anything there’s iron iron right here oh I don’t have a torch either what where did I go wait I have flint and steel though nice nice you’re genius

Here take this iron I have a ton of oh well at least we got a lot of torches how here BR herrine you know what let’s just get the iron bro uh yeah yeah I think the golden apples what is that noise uh you heard that too right uh I hear noises lger

Hello uh hello what is that noise I think it’s coming from over here Loud come with Me next why is it getting louder I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know keep going down it’s getting closer liger hello it’s getting closer no it isn’t no it isn’t no it isn’t I’m just going to I’m just going to block him off just going to

Block him off I don’t like this seed I don’t like it I don’t like it I don’t like it I don’t like it too but you know what it is what it is bro where’s Donnie where where’s Donnie I think it’s taking sound Clips no it’s taking sound

Clips from Donnie bro it’s not Donnie there’s no way we need to find the actual Donnie did dony ever actually join the server yes I invited him okay good oh wait scare me for a second it did say he will find you what was that

What is that what is that sound what is that noise it’s someone eating like an apple you hear you hear that right yes yes block it off let’s go it’s it’s still coming closer even though it’s wait blocked I think we’re close to a cave does this mean that we’re close to

A cave right here I don’t know what that means oh yes yes it does it’s like hey be careful be careful okay what what where where where where in there yo we got to move we got to move we got to move we got to move bro what is that

What is that what is that what is that what is that that actually freaked me out bro freak me out oh my God that went into my ear bro that that went deep into my ear hello bro just dodge the lava just keep moving bro just keep moving oh

My God that was the most disgusting sound I’ve ever heard in my life oh no no no no no no no what is that sound what is that sound oh why is the creeper just exploding no no no oh my God everything blood water blood water LX L

Keep moving keep moving keep moving wait we need go goldberries goldberries goldberries huge huge huge huge huge L yeah we can we can we can Donnie’s here Donnie’s here where where where where no just run just run just run just go just go please pleas please I’m sweating I’m

Actually sweating I’m actually sweating I’m actuallywe why is he just walking around mcraft gets um maybe we go down here hello L all of these there’s B Onie watch out watch out watch out watch out watch out watch out oh I’m about to die I’m about to die I’m about to die I’m

About to die guys I can’t hit it leave leave it’s about to kill me it’s about oh my God oh my God I’m on half a heart oh my God give me food right now please Linux Linux Linux why is he leaving me here with Donnie Donnie listen I I know there’s

Still a bit of human in you please just give me food please I know I know you’re still in there buddy I know I know I know I know it’s hard bro you need to fight against the demons bro he will not find you I’m here with you my friend I

Love you I love you just please give me did you oh thank you so much oh my God thank you so much why are you looking down no no no no no I’m sorry I’m sorry oh stop stop stop stop stop why did lyrics Just abandon me bro worst friend

Ever bro I’m never playing with him again who does this he literally just left me alone oh tiger bro you I didn’t do that I didn’t do that I’m not t I’m not t ran away from me here I went to go get your food oh oh oh wow that’s actually pretty

Smart listen I know you’re teleporting around but Donnie gave me food he he’s he’s normal Donnie’s normal are we sure I think so you just got to talk to him like really nice look what what what wood no way you found wood M diamonds huge

Bro oh please be more than one oh it’s only one are you kidding me it’s okay it’s okay Bruh Bruh Bruh br br wait this isn’t a mft oh it is why does it look so weird though I don’t know there stuff in it look please tell me there’s a side

There too what look what’s inside name tag I can get a uran yuran 4 here oh food I don’t really care about the food that much what was that thing in the water that we saw right I haven’t seen him in a long time what was that

How is he swimming I have no idea bro oh Redstone we’ll take that we can make traps what two diamonds oh nice now we got three diamond pick here you can make a diamond pickax should I actually make one what’s the point should we should we

Not make a sword or an axe I think axe does more damage maybe full y look at that oh my God I thought you saw something behind me oh no no no you scared me there for a second all right should we go up here yeah we can go

Wherever you want bro we just need to find iron ain’t no one got anything on us now bro it’s over anything down there blood water this is the weirdest Corridor I’ve ever seen in my life oh diamond diamond diamond diamond where hey oh nice four two that’s it only two

That’s not bad though you make a diamond sword you make a diam that would be huge make a diamond sword oh here here all right thank you oh my God bro what’s up with the blood water as well bro bro there’s nothing that can get in between

Us bro we got this yeah we got this bro let’s move okay hello hello hello anything there anyone quiet it hasn’t been quiet falling down oh my God bro so hard to like swim up into it ly oh Donnie’s there I see Donnie over here Linux Donnie don’t Donnie don’t do not

Do it Donnie do not do it do not do it don’t be near it don’t be near it just don’t be near it doesn’t matter if it’s worked or not no no no no no no no no bro chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill chill yo we’re

Friends no l come over here right now we’re friends we’re friends what what what about L where did he go you don’t have food no no no no no no you bro both of you just came out of nowhere it it isn’t just him Linux you disappear and come back randomly too no

I just walked up there I’m back okay we’re all going to what was that chill quit I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know what’s going on but we’re all going to stand here we’re all just going to look at each other I saw the

Thing I saw the thing I saw the thing what thing where did he just disappear that was the thing that was in the water I just teleported and it started screaming it started screaming at me I’m on four Hearts right now I’m Hearts herob Bri Herobrine what does it have to do with

Herobrine her bro he’s a maybe you’re right maybe he actually is on our side he TPS or bro I don’t know I don’t know anymore man okay I’m just using uh okay I guess I guess that’s just normal yeah okay so if you ask Herobrine he gives

You food so maybe you should ask him like if he could make this seed normal again try it out make this seed normal again okay okay and now how do we know if it worked where’s the confirmation or does it just happened so bad bro that B

That bat came from around that corner and that scared the absolute crap out of me dude I thought it was about to be like herob Brian sprit full sprinting imagine that no no no chill chill do we keep moving or no did we go

Up or what do you say oh what was that no Linx

This video, titled ‘Investigating Minecraft’s SCARIEST Seed’, was uploaded by Liger on 2024-01-26 12:41:43.
It has garnered 262626 views and 6527 likes. The duration of the video is 00:45:04 or 2704 seconds.

⭐️ Investigating Minecraft’s SCARIEST Seed w/ @DoniBobes & @Lynix
🎤 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6ZZdVFFewK

Today we will be investigating and surviving the scariest / scary Minecraft seed in Minecraft… This is testing scary Minecraft myths & seeds. Can we survive? Watch until the end to find out!


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    Insane Minecraft Competition - Definitely Not Legal!Video Information Welcome to my new kind of original Minecraft series based off the hit TV show Survivor but also like not really I trapped 18 little worms in my game show and Episode by episode they have to compete in challenges baking bread and making their beds watching their friends Leave and whatnot one by one it’s only one person remains with the grand prize of1 100 whole doll dues here’s the hoping you stick around and remember we’re ready okay welcome all of you wait hold on did I even start recording yes yipp welcome all of you… Read More

  • EPIC 2023 Minecraft Gameplay – Episode 1

    EPIC 2023 Minecraft Gameplay - Episode 1Video Information Hey guys so how do we get the pickaxe wait for it wait for It we can’t find Anything I wanted to turn off the background music man do it how to do it Minecraft has a background music are you listening to it yes I think you can turn it off hey guys uh man you are your video again went out Well okay I won’t touch your video now hey guys so we are playing Minecraft uh me we are playing Minecraft today so I know I know I know we have left the train it… Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE: DEMON EDITING WHILE STUDYING 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘WHEN I FOCUS ON STUDY || LAPATA SMP EDIT 🥵😈’, was uploaded by DEMON EditZ on 2024-01-30 08:47:00. It has garnered 2040 views and 46 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:18 or 18 seconds. WHEN I FOCUS ON STUDY || LAPATA SMP EDIT 🥵😈 @SenpaiSpider VS #loyalsmp || loyal smp EDIT minecraft smplifesteal smpyoutube shortsdigital circus shortsshorts loudShortsloyal smp applicationloyal smp new videosenpaispider loyal smpLoyal smplapata smpniz gamer new videoNiz gamersenpaispider pvpsenpaispider editsenpaispider pvp godSenpaispiderpsd1Lapata smp edit application for loyal smployal smp membersdarkweb gamer texture packDarkweb gamersenpaispider new videoparrot lifesteal smplifesteal smp applicationsLifesteal… Read More

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    Epic Minecraft Race to Find 1000 Teeth! Did We Fail?!Video Information Roboboh saja l halo [Tepuk tangan] ha [Musik] meluncur [Musik] Wow alah malah bucin dia bodoh lah [Musik] asnya This video, titled ‘ANIMASI LOMBA MENCARI RATUSAM GIGI DI MINECRAFT! MALAH ZONK’, was uploaded by Lubak Injin on 2024-01-08 23:31:46. It has garnered 1573 views and 59 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:48 or 48 seconds. Hello gaes ini adalah ANIMASI bapak lubak jangan lupa like dan share thnkyuuu -follow dulu ya kawan , linknya ini : www.tiktok.com/@azuyasurya01 atau cari aja yg fotonya aku bawa gold playbutton !! – Join discord Azuya Surya untuk maen bareng ya… Read More

  • Nation Game 4.20 – Realms/Vanilla

    Welcome to the Bedrock Realms Series! Join us tomorrow as we launch the newest realm, where players take on the role of countries in an earth themed map. Check out our community discord for more information: Join our Discord Read More

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