Unleash Chaos: Zman’s Epic Minecraft Adventure!

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we’re [Music] live yes we are live we are indeed live all right this thing is just being stupid here but we are live any who what’s going on everybody hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday evening it’s JY and today we are playing some aged Minecraft mod pack as I I forget where I was going with that but by request I should say that’s what I was trying to say some people were wanting to see me go ahead and play this mod packs once again so why not go ahead and jump right into it once more uh music might be a little too loud I might need to turn that down just a tiny bit turn that down just a tiny bit there we go any who hello everybody let’s go ahead and we’re not wasting any more time we’re going to get back into it uh a YouTube live that’s what we’re nameing the world survival BL blah uh World type we’re going to go with better X and you know what we’ll put in our own see excuse me our own little seed there and um what what am I thinking is I don’t we’re not going to worry about that game rules everything we’re not changing much of that so without further Ado let’s hop into it what kind of world are we going to get ourselves into today is the main question before you start your journey we want you to know that you can access all C books to the inventory one of your first tasks are getting food and fresh water another one is to pick up stones and Flinch from the ground cra after crafting Rock put sticks from leaves and Flint on it and hit it a few times with another rock have fun playing and feel free to share your builds we’re not going to do that I’m too much of an introvert anyo we are here and our a brand new world uh looks like we have plenty of rocks and stones and of the sort here on the ground we’re immediately just going to go right for the Flint and stuff like that because we can probably because we should because we need these materials we very much need these materials so any more rocks that I can see at this point I don’t think so oh here’s a couple more wrap those bad boys up oh got a couple more over here now uh this mod pack is very different in the fact that it’s a lot more grindy the normal Minecraft which is probably why I haven’t really touched this in a hot minute it’s cuz I really haven’t had the time to sit down and grind away at playing this mod pack or anything like that so we are going to go ahead immediately get started on a crafting Rock we just need more those bada bing bada boom uh um now I know that we can get sticks from tree so we’re going to go ahead and start breaking down some of these trees to get some sticks break these leaves bu please give me more sticks I I need more than one stick please oh there’s a stick thank you thank goodness all right so oh that’s not what I wanted to do what we need to do is right off the bat we’re just going to go ahead and make ourselves a flint axe beat it with the stick bada bing bada boom so um what I wanted to do was take a look at this so there’s the entry index so this is for everything that we need ores runic tables temperature Body temp all that good stuff first things strip some logs you’ll get bark which is used to light a campfire uh campfires are used to boil stuff if you reach smithing level four you can use the furnace which helps you a lot which can help us get water bottles and that kind of thing um looks like there’s still some stuff under construction uh probably because they aren’t exactly done just yet but getting started uh we start off with some of this stuff but basic tools we kind of went through all this already we make the oh that’s right we can make wood Shields and stuff like that um Stone shears I actually did not know we could do that but I mean it doesn’t take much to make cobblestone stuff so we can do that for sure uh what does the I forget what the prospector picks exactly for I think it’s for helping us you know Finding hor and stuff like that uh some skills and whatnot uh this is how we uh level up our character uh think of it at trying to think of the the way how we it says that we can gain levels the same way as vanilla XP but the only way I’ve been able to experience getting any levels was from killing mobs smelting ores and that kind of thing I have not really been able to do um we can do jobs which give us XP and coins when we level up on these things and then parties it’s if we had friends but we don’t have any friends unfortunately so let’s go ahead make ourselves a flint swad I don’t have enough sticks but it looks a bit but it’s oh there’s a ship wet a cart over I didn’t even notice that till just now wow okay cool all right so what we can do is go ahead what are we doing I literally have an axe for this exact reason um but it would probably be important to get some bark so we can actually ladder campfire once we place it so yeah um I don’t feel like chopping down that big tree so let’s just strip this tree down now one of the mod packs in this is that we can just start breaking from the bottom and slowly but surely we break the entire tree which is nice we don’t have to go block by block but to each their own some people like it some people don’t uh any more sticks I mean we can make sticks that’s not a huge deal at this point I just know we’re going to need quite a bit of stuff here especially Flint stuffff because that’s really what we start out with and the Flint stuff goes through we go through Flint tools like it’s nothing but I do want to check out this shipwreck let’s see what’s we got some potatoes some bamboo and coal all right that’s not bad not bad all right right right right right okay so we got some wheat here could make some stew at some point uh looks like we do have some copper now raw copper nuggets we can smelt those down into ingots or we combine them look at this little w hello guy but one of the first things we’re going to be working towards is getting to the Wood Tools wood tools will at least last us a little longer but not the best obviously but it’s better than nothing honest it’s better than these Flint tools if I am being honest okay so we got some raw iron nuggets going on over here so these little Mounds here are essentially how we will be getting our ores early game until we upgrade our mining but speaking of that we need to take a look at this cuz we do have two points to use and I’m thinking right off the bat we’re going to put it into our health and Mining now as you can see we went up by a half a heart which is going to be a lot more important than some might think we also have cow here I’m sorry kind of we really need food so it’s important we got that and unfortunately we aren’t able to just quickly breed cows or anything like that so it’s going to be a process so now that we’ve gone ahead and done that what I want to do is oh there’s something up here what is this oh my God what happened to your eyes ah we got you we got a we got huh you can’t see me so you can get blue all right we’re going to throw these into our purse Jesus kind of scared me there guy all right you’re you’re dead you’re down the count oh we got a crossb unfortunately we can’t use it though because the game hates us yeah that’s how I’m putting it the game hates us no not really it’s just the progression system that the game has just kind of have to live with it but I will gladly take these hay BS cuz we will definitely all right we got our first level up guys that’s pretty cool so let’s go ahead and go to skills and what I’m thinking is we upgrade mining so now that we’re level two we can actually make wood tools or at least a wood pickaxe um we have to kind of pla Chunk we have to upgrade our other skills in order to unlock other basic tools and stuff like that so yeah we’ll do that our inventory is very full which is fine everything’s fine we really don’t need the crafting Rock anymore um I guess oh that’s nice rare wooden pickaxe so OB as you guys saw we do have some different tiers of tools that we are able to obtain so like we got a rare pickaxe there I doubt we’re going to get anything more than a common yeah so the commons have more negative effects while the uh higher tier stuff has much better effects obviously how big oh oh hold on a second can we see down there I I don’t see [ __ ] honestly okay so doing things we be doing things all right uh I guess first things first we can try to go ahead and find ourselves a proper place to call home or real Forest bed what the hell is this what is this looks like some spruce trees but they’re not actually spruce trees they look like they look like regular oak trees am I wrong [Applause] yeah these are literally just do BLS it’s and aelia oh very interesting um I guess what we can do is I’ve learned that killing like fish and stuff like that is probably one of the easiest ways to go about getting XP at least it should be yeah I mean we’re at 13 out of 20 right now I need a weapon probably need to make a couple swords here swads uncommon epic ooh Epic that’s pretty good I would say guess what we [Music] can make some Stone shears Platinum chunk I can’t really do much with that right now I don’t think originally I thought you could get XP from killing squids and stuff like that but maybe not I know for a fact I was getting it from fish at least this was one of the fastest ways I knew of getting XP cuz for whatever reason smelting would not give me XP whenever I tried in the past but we do have a level up so I do want to check that out uh I’m thinking we’ll go put it into our strength so that we could get to Wood swords that that’s kind of my vision right now give me a fishies plus this is also just a good source of food for us a river is really good source so I will go back for the fishies give me the fish oh what can I drop guess I don’t need the golden nuggets right now those are kind of not important cuz I can’t really do anything with them but you know what I’m thinking this might not be a bad area for us to kind of set up a home right along a river there’s some obviously some decent resources of we have consistent food supply uh right off the bat yeah I’m thinking we’ll call this place home so we’ll get that a cooking oh XP snag those up get some fish cooking and in the meantime we’ll go ahead and start chopping down some of these trees and that’s good stuff I will go back for my crafting Edge though look fishy fishies yay another level up excellent crafting over here don’t think I’m going to be needing Flint too much longer hopefully not too much longer but let’s go ahead have some coal pieces uh we need four of those leave that behind for now come back for it at some point I notic things don’t despawn nearly as fast as they should sometimes so let’s kind of hit or miss on whether they just spawn quickly or not all right campfire I think I got really close to setting myself on fire there but we’re not going to talk about that what we will do is make ourselves a set of chest to store stuff cuz inventory get full really fast um maybe we can get lucky and find uh sheep go ahead and eat that might as well use up our Flint pickaxe while we can all right let’s take a look oh first off jobs du so I’m thinking what we should do for jobs Warrior is definitely one this is one we’ll have to we’ll have to wait till the cool down wears off so that we can select another job but the meantime sheep are there any sheep oh and skills right duh level two to that so now we can make now we can make wood swords oh great it’s raining an uncommon okay not terrible uh let’s take a look around just see if we can’t find I hear some chickens oh hello cave excellent spot for getting some XP and that kind of stuff because lots of mobs are going to spawn down there yeah yeah yeah yeah or it’s a bird wait that’s right there’s birds if I had seeds we could actually tame them but we don’t unfortunately I’m kind of just running through the dark at this time hoping I’ll find a sheep or something that I can Shear to make a bed so think I’ve even okay all right now this is where the real fun starts cuz mobs will start peering out of the ground to fight us that kind of stuff we need to be a little bit mindful of that looks like there’s a couple spiders in the back over here trying to think of What biomes sheep would spaw in though that’s the real question uhoh uhoh oh I pissed off the all I pissed off an Enderman great which way did I die off this way so we got to go this way yay fun first death everybody well that was a creeper we’re just going to kind of run past everything and just say [ __ ] you to everything else oh wait I have my stuff why do I still have my stuff oh you know what I think it’s like a grace period kind of thing it’s like the first time you die you don’t lose your stuff uh y’all thought you could sneak up on me nuh-uh oh spider ah ah all right you did oh we leveled up that’s wait all right so what do we want to honestly defense might not be the worst idea here yeah F cuz at level two we should be able to make wood armor I know sounds weird but trust me hey ouch that by the way that yep that let to do I get it I did get it nice all right so what was it raw venison okay which way oh hold on a second what is this thing oh that is a dungeon I need I think I need diamonds or okay so I see now well kind of well for oh wait there’s a village so I need to go back this way this is the way we need to go yeah there’s our campfire we are pretty close to home oh boy sword [Music] sword there we go got another level up I think we’re going to go ahead put that into defense oh we can make leather armor with that shoot leather is like get it it’s like I’ve tried killing cows before and like just don’t get it the cows oh yeah cauldron but you need stamas for that I don’t have stamas so we’re just kind of at it right now we can’t really get any oh let’s go ahead and throw all this stuff in there try to conserve our wood pickaxe here cuz it’s pretty nice not going to lie it’s a really nice pickaxe don’t want it to go to waste I thought I will have to make a couple Flint axes though common uncommon it’s fine we really don’t need them for more than just chopping down these trees anyways so I’m not going to be too but hurt about it oh ouch knew I thought I saw a spider eyes okay we’re fine how much string do I actually have cuz I might be if I kill one spiders I should be able to seven I need 12 I need 12 if I want to do that it’s fine though it’s fine everything be all right for now well let’s just keep chopping down these trees cuz we’re going to need these resources for building up our base what kind of sucks though is that even though we have like a wood pickaxe we’re not able to actually mine the like stone for Cobblestone and that kind of thing until we’re like What level eight mining I want to say it’s level eight and bye-bye to axe think it’s slowly but surely starting to get to daytime though so that’s good F D good for us cuz it’s really dark the scary we oh no oh you know what I what’s is it I think it’s yeah farming we need to get Farming up so that we can actually use wood axes hey hey there’s a few things down here we can Slaughter can’t get a bunch of food in the process yeah all right level up then the farming oh we got a drown boy ah thought you could stand a chance against me no no no sir oh I’m drowning that’s fine that is fine I guess all right level two farming excellent now we can actually make wood pickaxes actually have a variety of wood here that we can use for building both Commons it’s fine though we will survive I think with farming I can use wood shovels too right I think maybe we’ll start down here since it’s exposed good night for y’all hello replay red welcome in how you doing I know I’ve seen you in chat before I know for a fact I [Applause] have it’s it’s it’s a good night overall for so far how is your night or morning or afternoon whatever time it may be for you how are you doing rep playay was play Mario Kart before lost because I Thunder oh that sucks that really sucks I’m sorry thunder lightning thunder the lightning bolt always sucks when you don’t expect it when it’s least expected I for the time being I’m actually going to leave these blaves here because they are a good source of ouch water or hydration for us once we eventually run out of apples we do have quite a bit of velus stuff going on here we also have a ton of fish we should be cooking up yeah we got a good chunk of materials going on here so want to say what it’s level five we can make stone tools for mining for crafting station level three trying to think about The Crafting what is the cuz I think the crafting station is definitely different from a regular workbench but I can’t remember exactly how different uh crafting table crafting station so I don’t know what the crafting station is for the best camping food in my opinion is campfire bread I personally have never made campfire bread before though I feel like that would be good though but I’m thinking what we should do is get our health skill up to level three cuz I’m thinking the crafting station has a little more like attributes to it that where we can upgrade our tools to some degree I think can’t remember exactly though oh I’m going to drown I need to pay more attention to that huh just a wee bit more attention all right we got level two we got extra full heart now from where we started that’s awesome but oh I’m going to drown Don’t Drown oh my sword broke looks like we’re going to have to make another one which is fine that’s fine ow ow ow ow ouch harded just these don’t even break that’s weird else I can’t pick a Lee so that’s even weirder oh no oh right wood wood wood we got uncommon common uncommon not even going to bother checking the attributes because I already know Commons absolutely suck okay we did hit Level our next level though which is nice so level three we have an extra heart now so what can we do to this crafting station oh I swear if it’s I think it’s literally just oh the crafting station actually allows you okay I see now can actually hold recipes instead of regular crafting station where it doesn’t hold it I see now let’s take a look at the points oh wait that that stuff that’s like more advanced what is this me ask yourself what does nrm not related to the mods just [Music] some oh that’s L just random information I’m sorry Dragon [Music] Saddles you’re telling me that there’s dragons I’ve not seen any dragons yet we come across any dragons that would be really cool actually oh just imagine if we were able to get a dragon sick uh it’s about 7 and a half minutes until we can level up again um we can make bone armor at level two agility level two we can use crossbows and wood armor oh maybe that’s what I was thinking of um trade we can go to villagers that actually might not be a terrible idea now that I think about it let’s just get one more level up and I’m thinking we there is a village not too far we saw it on the mini map or the world map that there is a village we could totally just go there and start doing some trading and stuff like that cuz we do have some like gold or silver like what’s in first 77 copper and three silver so maybe not a ton of trading but still some trading nonetheless and if we can get some XP from Trading up accident too so I’ve not had a chance to really check that out so trade there we go all right where is this Village it is to the what Northwest of us here let’s go see just let’s just see what they have to offer we’re just going to visit take a quick Wander over and see what they from us oh would you look at the look at that there’s a sheep there I just hear the Sheep get back here I can’t then literally what is the point of stone shears early stage I think what m oh this is that that’s way too advanced for me I’m not going to mess with that see hold on a second guys oh okay never mind sorry about that got distracted okay it is across this room here across the river all right where we are here Village this is indeed a village don’t mind me just stealing your [Applause] hay it’s fine though all right so you’re a guard oh cow hide can’t do much with that guards once again can’t I don’t think I can do much with guards don’t think I can trade them think I need to find actual defense 15 defense 15 what’s here oh that’s a lot of emeralds and Cake might as well take the cake quite a few things here what is this oh oh I think this is special enchants oh bind spells right right hey what are you literally had nothing in here for me wow what what a waste scam scam scam me find that I see how it is O BS oh D or dick hey I I am child oh there’s there’s a holy everybody’s just animate craft BN what L one F tank I get flax seed cocoa beans so you’re probably not one to kind of trade with cartographer what can I get from you skeleton dungeon a small dungeon o oh I need a map for that though I do need a map hold that thought I might be able to steal one from you guys sh darn it nope all right not in there that could have been so bad so many carrots and stuff holy crap oh a saddle if only I could actually I can I can at least wear it oh hey look leather take thatl this cartographer’s house this is what I was looking for yes here we go you what I’ll take the clock I don’t think I can actually use that can I no I can’t well one of these days I will be able to so I’m going to take it all right small dungeon I have no idea what that would entail well now my my curiosity has been peaked cryptographers leather worker ooh oo I will take that a leather flask will be really good for me uh uhoh [Applause] this dungeon is not too far drop that I think yeah we’re in spring right now so there’s some crops that just don’t really grow right now um have a lot of bread I won eat this cuz I am starting to get a little low we will sleep through the night as well yeah how’s chat doing how’s everybody doing tonight all right what about this small dungeon so this looks like it goes Northwest Northwest from here yeah home is in the opposite direction yeah I think we’re going to run home first get ourselves maybe somewhat prep for this dungeon thing also just going to come here we need food so I will we can get tons of fish I’m not worried about fish I some sugar cane you know what might not be the worst idea to take some of that let’s check the map where do I need to go I need to go directly across okay that’s fine we can do that TR to run out of water I think what is that hey hey level up let’s go there’s a couple cows over here oh this is our cave that we have not even went yeah bamboo pump oh I don’t think we can even do that yet okay oh probably should be paying a little more attention to where I’m going hold more all right here we are is it possible to make stone armor through mods I don’t believe so I have not entirely checked if that’s something that we can do what I will do is ding bat we are going to upgrade one of our skills which one do we want to upgrade [Music] um a of the jungle temples oh the jungle temple what Alchemy a sand sword you know it probably helps to actually like take a look at this Stu each SK Pointes 4 you know probably putting that into smithing might not be the worst idea also desert temples tend to have better items yeah that generally the case but finding a oh wait that’s right I can’t put it in the gravel damn it Uno do start growing some sugarcane why don’t we oh we got so lucky with that I’m already so full of stuff uh got a good chunk of food honestly I think it’s just a matter of making sure we have the tools and weapons let’s make another set of chests all un common that’s not too bad now I’m going go to bed now good night thanks for stop stopping in replay greatly appreciate seeing you in chat have yourself a wonderful rest of your night well I am going to go suffer right first not the skeleton we won’t take the skeleton we’ll take the small so we got to go Northwest Northwest Northwest oh all right grav River what do you got for us not much am I getting smaller I need to Reg my stamina that’s why I couldn’t run like I was definitely getting smaller there ouch sorry bush I honestly see taking a look at these Maps I never really know which direction I should be going oh but these are also not super far away from each other what if we going to go this way still heading south yes I am I can’t tell if I’m getting any bigger or smaller heading east right now doubt I’m going in the right direction very very much doubt it but it’s fine so this is a large body of water oh there’s another Camp thing up that way feel like Maps should always Point North I don’t think this one does honestly we are kind of heading in the direction of where we originally started which I not really explored much of that way but I’m trying to keep a close eye to see if we get any bigger or smaller on the map there’s little sheep oh hold on making progress guys we’re actually like moving across the map now right all right so this way this is the way we need to go should probably try not to eat or run too much I think we got bigger right get that off the screen so people watch o apples I will gladly take some apples thank you very much tree you’re too kind all right so really all we need to do is go straight North from here oh no please tell me we don’t have to go across a freaking ocean uh don’t think so but it’s definitely that way still got some wood yes we do we got plenty of Swords couple pickaxes we can always make more still got the wood for that should be fine need to regain my stamas what a penguin hello little guy forgot you guys were in this mod pack honestly we are going a long ways from home but it’s fine honestly I don’t know if like are there like sharks and stuff don’t think so but there’s 100% a ruined uh Temple thing under down there but we need to stay focused oh oh we start actually exploring the map I see I see I see okay so we just need to follow this Shoreline and we’ll find it might be on the ground now I think about it but hey still something still something to explore that could be really cool hold on a second is it under the river I think it might be under the river oh my God that would [Music] suck yeah I think I think it’s like right down there all right well if that’s the case we’re just going to go ahead and start digging down might as well yeah I can’t M Stone to level five shoot oh five jeez there goes that oh that’s my a it’s it’s a pretty durable pickaxe but it just does not have speed a slight reduction in speed oh uh it’s going to get really dark for you guys I apologize uh hindsight not 2020 there should be like a cave system that would Le us to the dungeon right in my head that I think that’s how that would work or maybe not man I really should have made some torches cuz it’s really dark it’s kind of scary think of all this Stone that’s going to waste too because I can’t freaking pick it up that sucks wait off I’m also running out of rare uncommon common bye pickaxe I really don’t know if I’m going going in Direction I’m just pretty much hoping and praying at this point very very interesting trying to just listen just about any sign that we’re getting closer to the dungeon like right here I’m like either directly below or on top of it don’t really have many building blocks so hopefully it’s not too much further up or down oh there goes that you know what let’s get salt the not bad uh not that does this have anything no not that one production no um there nothing much in regards to like Dungeons huh literally the only thing oh hold on gilded armor no I think I’m just wasting time here let fig out where the heck this damn dungeon is it sounds like there there’s like water running into an open area maybe I could access it from the surface I don’t know though it’s the problem I just don’t know definitely think that was one sheep definitely was a sheep all right if I could find one more oh wait that was terrifying holy [ __ ] I literally just felt my heart jump out of my chest what the heck this might be the dungeon we were looking for though sheep a couple chickens that’s not what I need I need sheep ow hey pcker hey level up okay what do we want to level up I think we’re going to level up our health for the lack of armor that we have having more Health would probably be beneficial cuz these guys kind of hurt [Music] um you know what I’m sure I can find one more string down in that dungeon we’re just going to go in and then I can make a bed and stuff and we can sleep down there sounds like a deal sounds like a deal in the way we go oh are we very much ill prepared for this absolutely hex is this surf listen hex we’re not going to talk about that okay oh shoot this is definitely not the thir time story from scratch I swear definitely is ouch but hex welcome back welcome to the Now official playthrough of the H mod pack this is going to be where oh what the hell are you why are you hurt good Lord why does everything want to kill me all right white sheet the heck bad yeah we’ll go ahead and sleep how you doing hex oh wait can I not open this because it’s oh man that sucks there probably was some decent stuff in there huh right what’s the dealio behind all this oh furnaces can’t use them though good next time let’s hope we change the one into a two promise you we will those are cave spiders yeah we’re not going to mess with those those guys are nasty where are you I heard you I mean to be fair we are in a m shaft so it’s kind of expect wait is this just a m Shaft or if this just isn’t the dungeon that we were trying to get to what is this giant Cobblestone wall thought it was a dungeon maybe not I’m actually heading in the opposite direction well this is interesting all right let’s head back down this right oh so there’s a a way out any goodies that aren’t locked behind my our chests oh cool we got another skill um [Music] um let’s put towards mining thanks for the free XP guys really appreciate it how smart these guys is there wrun nothing down here though nothing down here man I think this honestly is just like a m shaft that’s been redone there’s not much El to it or anything like that oh look some iron wish I could mine it but I can’t oh that’s a drop that’s a way to the surface looks like there is way up though kind of doesn’t look like it goes anywhere though this one does oh look coal that’d be nice if I can mine it but guess what I can’t that kind of hurt actually probably should watch out and not do that pay attention a little more yeah I think this is really just a m shaft so I’m not going to waste time we’re going to go back up and let’s hope that we can actually you know find that dungeon IDE think get SEC let’s go got regeneration going on that’s excellent all right so that’s the wrong map all right so according to this the dungeon should be like right here I think it’s very obvious that can’t get to it so what we should do probably see if we can’t make St shovel excellent just go ahead and break all this oh that’s course dirt still got some building blocks but not a ton man I really wish I need to see if I can look this up okay I’m not really seeing anything about dungeons on their website or Not website but the uh Wiki thing M hicker oh man I all right here’s what we’ll do we’re going to go over to the skeleton one and see if we can’t well first off we’re going to try to do some leveling up along the way I’m drowning I’m drowning I’m drowning stop there we go where we all right four mining oh there’s a drown there hello how goes it kind just well at least according to the body thermometer thing I’m a do hicker hoping with the skeleton one it’s like it’s just a skeleton spawner then honestly we can know what to expect from the uh other small dungeon thing I just don’t know cuz we couldn’t find it a way to the other one unless it was like deep underground I obviously don’t have the resources for that well I’m going to drown nope I’m fine just took a little bit of Health that’s fine all right level five mining guys we we can now get stone pickaxes and we can actually mine up Stone right that’s how that works yes excellent so now we can also actually get building blocks I was like hold on a second I know that for a fact there was one more saon where’ you go you’re all the way down there now hey who knew fishing with swords would be one of the best ways to level up this coack look like right on top it so let’s go ahead and make ourselves Cobblestone pickaxes rather have these common those are both Commons actually that kind of sucks oh well it is what it is we’ll survive all right I’m just going to now that we actually are able to get building blocks out of we get get cobblestone from mining I’m not too concerned about digging straight down or anything like that so we can just build right back up I’m just need to pay attention to our subtitles though hope we get some sort of indicator soon about where the hell this dungeon is it’s like we’re we’re right on top of it I saw it just going to quickly check okay oh skeleton rattling a ll spinning might as well use this pickaxe up since we already have it it’s like all right to the left of us oh there’s something some sort of cave system by the looks of it respawn Point set all right now I feel nothing Who’s down here who’s making all that rockus so there’s some sort of cave system going on over here level two zombies hello that be giving me lots of XP then skills one point to spend um what do we get tray backpack use um honestly I think I have to go strength here just so we can start getting to the stone sword tools and stuff ouch oh god oh boy that’s not good need to heal okay right I think we can actually get some yes torches finally Hallelujah now you guys can actually see isn’t that amazing I know for a fact we can get some other Nifty Things out of these pots and stuff oh no interesting once again didn’t lose any of our stuff I know for a fact game the game rule for ke inventory is off we are going to get a lot of XP from fighting these guys which will be ni a oh we can move faster so it’s only when I’m actually holding it do I actually move faster what is this fox seeds don’t those more torches I’ll take Ash no we don’t need Ash how many points do we have got almost level five which is nice it’s another one of those things what are you [Music] sword broke tragic oo some more pots what do we got Ash don’t need Ash don’t need seriously all Ash I don’t even know what you even use ash for oh skeleton skull oh a bundle oh is it full already yeah it’s already full it’s whatever oh I need to be very careful about where I’m looking I almost looked right at that Enderman oh bones I guess I’ll take the bones Enderman would really hurt try to avoid him uh uh ouch ouch [Music] [Music] oh that goes even further down I just from a witch woo man that’s a lot of fighting going on right now okay some more torches I will gladly accept those I almost have two points to gain on off this um let’s do that I’m like really close to another point so let’s keep exploring it’s another one of those things honestly those things are just annoying what’s Deo here and there’s some diamonds down there would be nice if I can mine those up oh there’s a [Music] SP ah my sword broke oh this is not good I am wait no I can make I can make stone swords now don’t waste my wood like that H what I want to put it in I think I want to put it into smithing so then we can start actually using our furnaces so we do have a couple levels we need to go for that honestly I think we should be for the most part fine might also not be the worst idea to put it our skills into farming love how you weren’t even out of the ground yet all right um ooh that really hurt oh my armor is actually about to break [ __ ] did not think about that o all right well defense one gem so yeah I literally have to be like holding this stuff but it also says when Linked In Like do I put that in like I put this can’t put anywhere it’s like I physically have to hold that and I think that’s kind of stupid just a we bit stupid I think we still got to go downwards to find the skeleton spawner or skeleton dungeon says skeleton dungeon so I I’m not entirely sure if it’s a dung like a normal Minecraft dungeon or if it’s like oh [ __ ] we’re getting deeps slate now this is going to take a while I I would hope that the Cartographer wouldn’t lead me astray either like you would think that would be helpful but if it’s not going to be helpful then like hey guys I think I found it that was almost a horrible horrible mistake how the the [ __ ] am I supposed to get down there oh you know what I think I have’t guys I have a Brain Blast Idea Idea time let’s go back up to here and you remember that hu like huge drop off I’m pretty sure there was some water or something like that and we can utilize okay another skill that into smithing where was it I it was over here up there goes my helmet tragic what it happens was it this way yeah holy [ __ ] this is a cool ass cave I’m not going to lie just going to toss that for now um be the best way to go about getting around this huh let’s just hope that sneaks up behind us while we’re doing this that would kind of suck okay okay it’s dungeon time baby now this is dungeon oh you kind of hurt ouch oh oh ah ah [ __ ] you do a lot of [ __ ] damage I’m hoping I can at least find some sort of armor ow mother we have to go all the way back up that way I don’t think we’re ready for that dungeon if you want me to be frank I don’t think we’re ready for that but now that we just remembered I am ready for one thing and that’s mining for a second job so now we have Warrior and Miner as our so that will be our passive income for us trading with villagers I need to go this way we’re just going to go back home so I really don’t think we’re ready for that that is level four mobs I haven’t even experienced level four mobs yet aside from just now not going to lie guys those they kind of hurt ow did this [ __ ] just F fight back are you fighting back plus we our inventory is also very very very full that um let’s grab our speed gem so we can go zoom in hey look we’re back home excellent so I’m just going to go ahead and clear this area out so we can actually start working on the base sounds like a great idea to and what kind of base are we going to go for honestly I’m not entirely sure I was thinking of like a small Outpost like what we could do is like a uh like a watchtower almost I think that would be kind of cool to do but let’s just see what we got here oh we can’t we’re not going to get anything out of that never mind I don’t know why but I thought I could mind that nope not happening so I think what we need to do is is go do a little more resource Gathering so we’re going to make some more piics lot these are kind of junk but not much we can do about that where is my speed Gem and the hole or our mine I’m going to call it our mine is right over here so I think first things first have to establish a safe route down into the mine and along the way we we will go ahead and gather up some cobblestone [Music] it would be nice if we could mine up some of this granite and other stuff that we could use in our block pallet for our base but unfortunately we can’t we don’t have to high enough mining one honestly I’m just kind of you know what we can focus on that another time we just need Cobblestone that’s what we need and I also didn’t bring any food with me I really don’t think think things through sometimes it’s kind of tragic honestly hey Mr bear how about you stay over there and you leave me alone deal sounds like a deal to me sounds like a great deal just going to speed right by him so it sounds like some zombies are burning up in sunlight oh it’s these guys oh this goes right to deep slate that’s fantastic oh wow hello I think one thing I should probably focus on is saving the rotten flesh cuz as you guys did see we can make uh leather out of rotten flesh ouch kind of hurt I’m not going to lie F oh some more bones okay Ash I really have zero use for ash I don’t think there even is a use for ash we do have a level up so we should probably yeah we’ll put it into smithing so now we can actually use a furnace can actually use a furnace for doing things now holy crap guys the only problem is we still need to level up to level six mining so we can mine up coal and I think if we actually want to find a proper hole or anything like that we need to find we need to make a [Music] prospector grab that I just need to find a good spot to just start mining what about up here is fine we’ll just start mining up here start clearing out some of this space PE emeralds yay more torches that’s actually pry nice he oh wait I just realized if we we can make charcoal I think we should be able to make charcole now just realizing that that I’m sitting here thinking while I’m digging all this up like I’m not going to have enough coal to like smelt the stone and stuff that I want to smell I’m like wait a minute I could just make charcoal we’re going to have to test that the when we get back up I want to get roughly like six stacks of Cobble so where we at right now 1 two three almost four and a half ooh some gold nuggets okay okay we got some friends wo why you’all trying to sneak up on me like that that’s very rude very rude I think it’s we’ll just ignore it for now well ignore until it comes to us I guess ah hey level up okay um we’ll put it into farming cuz we can start working our way towards getting Stone axes and stuff like that would be kind of nice we’ll use this stone for our this little bit more that I’m grabbing we’ll use this for making furnaces and other stone tools while we’re building our house yeah sounds like a solid plan to me all right let’s head back up I say wasn’t there like a bear or something around here where’ that bear go no idea where it went that’s only light our spawn point before I forget all right let’s go to sleep now oh we sorry my back my I need to stretch guys oh yeah that’s the stuff okay Let’s test the theory of can we use we make charcoal looks like we can okay that’s good to know that is very good to know all right so we have a lot of carrots so I’m thinking yeah just going to make huh we can only make two that’s nice but saturation is excellent on those all right so Castle or Outpost thing what I was thinking was let’s see one two [Music] three let’s do all right so that’s a decent size circle and [Music] then probably off to the side here we can do five just a just a little little extension off of this just so we can give it a little more depth and that kind of thing oh you know what where’s my spruce wait that 56 out of 68 hold on a second I don’t know if I’m actually getting what I need out of if I’m actually I don’t know if I’m actually getting like actual XP out of it or not yeah I really don’t think I get XP from smelting stuff and it’s kind of annoying honestly because I get normal XP but I don’t get skills XP so I don’t know if that’s like a function thing I need to take a look into I might have to actually join the Discord and be like hey should be getting XP and stuff like that but I’m not or what’s the clarification as to why I’m not getting XP that kind of thing so here’s what I wanted to do I wanted to one two three two [Music] three oh I found the bear I don’t know if he’s going to come after me or not it’s kind of terrifying not knowing anyhoo let’s see what do I want to do for the tree I don’t have all that much dark oak so I’m going to have to use up my Oak here oh right the wood back um much mot FL do I have I got a decent bit I think I need bone meal don’t I yeah I think I need bone meal in order to do that [ __ ] never mind never mind then want to at least have my starter base like halfway decent so [Music] I can make bare noises too you know I don’t that’s right I’m going to have to do that going to have to do that so throw those in like that don’t really need the torch to my off hand at this in time so do want to take these Corners out though cuz that’s where I want to use the uh boost that yeah yeah yeah yeah for all right and for here I’m actually going to do that CU I have an idea that I’m going to do with the roofs doors and trap doors wait I used up all my spruce [ __ ] hold on how much oh I have won’t grow this season so not even if I use bone meal hold on a second I need to okay so even so when I use bone meal it’s fine that that was my main concern there I’m like wait if it won’t grow the season like can I still use bone meal good to know that I could still use it though there is some Spruce here too I could probably use up first before trying to grow my own stuff wasting my bone meal wait my bone meal I have bone meal du feel like such an idiot now [Applause] I think this might be dark oak yeah this is definitely dark oak this ain’t Spruce this should definitely yeah this is Spruce cool AEL day all right so here’s what we’re going to do is make a few [Music] stairs make a set of doors and some Spruce trap doors then also scrip these down guess not okay well all right run inside here all right so this little area here is going to be our storage so we can go ahead and fill this in do I have any dirt actually okay might take these out use those as supports I know it looks uneven looks weird I know just ignore it just let me cook all right doors look a little wonky but like I said it’s kind of whatever all right so from here this will be our main like Gathering space so let me go ahead make some even more storage oh the bear finally moved across the river okay we can move that oh he’s coming back oh no he’s just going after the S another the fishies yeah you’re just going after the fishies you’re not coming after me so what we could do here is I’m thinking staircase instead of just a simple ladder up and down I want to do like a staircase and for I I’m also thinking just leaving the grass here maybe throwing in some more coarse dirt to make it like it looks like it’s more walked on used up kind of thing so stairs uh so this will go to the next floor which we’ll have Oak I want Spruce to just mostly be decorative that’s what I’m thinking it’s what I got cooking in my head right now all right so hold on a second everybody oh man I was actually thinking of doing like a really cool effect it’s not going to work out so we’ll just go ahead and chop this tree down I was thinking of like having the poles or like the things that we hang our stuff off of that was actually kind of cool I’m not going to lie just watch the bear eat the fish h i saw the red eyes and I got scared oh I was like I’m not ready for this epic would an aent that’s kind of cool all right so I guess what we can do then is go in here throw that up there just kind of line the wall here with that where’s the other one did I not grab it oh no it’s right here ow that’s fire fire is hot guys so now we can actually start producing some leather excellent stuff I just want to point out the bear should not be running on the water especially since it’s literally a freaking Lake and we’re I’m thinking for now we’re not going to make it super big and we’re probably only going to utilize like maybe two floors of this space Maybe let’s go one two three four five two three four five see me and stink I do not stink Soul spawn you stink also hi buddy did did you did you pull the ulog that you wanted I noticed that you were doing your thing your your Pack openings or whatever [Laughter] no did you get any of the alrai so I feel like that would be even a an even bigger punch to the gut like you just spent all that money in hopes of getting at least maybe one of the drowsy just to end up with none that would kind of suck none of the big three that rip oh I am like thirsty I’m like kind of dying at first hold on a second yeah oh but you know what wait did I ever actually have that bamboo I did how much iron do I have I don’t have that much IR I have like what a nugget I have four nuggets okay four nuggets um oh hold on a second I actually think I just messed up oh well my as well finish smelting those what I want to do actually is make a bamboo pump this thing right here so we just need two bamboo liver bucket which we need I don’t even know if I’ll be able to craft it I actually don’t think I’ll be able to craft it I would probably have to oh do could I even run to the Village to see if they have buckets that might be my best course of action honestly yeah I think I’m I’m going to need shoot all right well nothing not much I can really do about that now um let’s light this place up a bit don’t want mobs spawning on us oh I do want to do is grow some of these big spruce trees big old spruce trees uh I just need for that’s a pretty decent sized tree right there oh hold on a second oh this thing’s going to take forever D this thing going to take forever yeah but I never actually tried chopping down one of the big trees with in this mod pack so seeing how it slowly like disintegrates is actually kind of really cool uh that fish de or that squid really tried to just jump up on land there I’ll ease your your pain and suffering give me all of my wood and sticks and stuff should have more BS somewhere oh yeah we got plenty I think after this big tree we should be good excellent all these goodies it’s wonderful it’s absolutely wonderful mean I guess while I’m in here might as well do a little bit of fishing myself Mr bear over there can’t have all the fun I just hope he doesn’t get AG at me for killing the fish that kind kind of suck oh I’m drowning fun fact guys I am the drowning we did get a level up so I want to go ahead and throw that onto farming I mean I pretty much have everything I need for the bamboo pump I just don’t have the iron bucket which kind of sucks so I’m thinking where am I at right now five silver 27 copper coins let’s head over to the Village or even up here see what they have to I know I’m getting sidetracked from building the place but we will get this finished before the end of the night hopefully honestly thinking of running up oh ouch honestly thinking I’m running up towards the the encampment first checking those chests there potentially could have a bucket I no idea not a clue not a not the slightest clue oh my eye itches all right guys what do we have over here for us ouch that kind of hurt actually miss oh uh oh uhoh that’s not good Mr ow oh jeez this is an interesting little predicament we got going on here you just hit your friend idiots actually that’s smart ouch that was that made my but cheeks pucker a little bit cuz I wasn’t sure how that was going to go o some more coins and stuff too so it’s actually a good thing we stopped over this way first drowned boys coming after us oh this guy’s got they got a villager trap up oh name tag apples some gold can’t be place while yo that’s actually cool as frick I can’t use platinum chunks I do want to sa everybody I do what I don’t have I’m not able to get you back to Mainland yet I will come back for you one of these days buddy I promise I say that now but I’m probably going to forget about him by next stream that that’s just my gut instinct right now so I’m going to forget all about him and then I’m going to feel even worse once I do remember about him I’m not going to lie this speed gem is a godsend so fast you would think that I don’t know I don’t know what I’m saying oh Library copper blocks in this holy crap they actually used copper part of the building that’s actually kind of impressive anyways nothing I think I would have to use an iron this is either going to work perfectly or I’m going to get myself killed quiver oh I’m not able to buy a claim God that’s just honestly seems like a really stupid thing for me to do to try and beat down the iron golem oh man what is this house not much of use honestly damn it yeah I don’t think it’s going to work paint kit that’s a bummer I’m actually kind of surprised he didn’t do nearly as much damage as he was going to he he didn’t so you told me I almost got myself killed for absolutely freaking nothing that sucks well this did not go nearly as planned well it’s time to head back to base and let’s get our home finished up we’re at least get it constructed so next time we can actually decorate it a little bit more that kind of thing yeah can you show what texture packs you have on um resource packs they come with the a majority of these come with the mod pack themselves um really the only thing that’s like excuse me the only thing that’s like really different was like the more mob variants like all this stuff that comes with the uh mod pack but for like for like shaders and stuff like that uh options video settings extras Shader packs I use complimentary Unbound as my Shader pack when I play but everything else comes with the mod pack here we do have some animals here which would be kind of good to uh you know craap to eventually Slaughter [Music] no that sucks man what’s my it’s almost on five damn fly Buzz around in my face like that honestly I I want to try to level up so I can get to level five farming so I can start using Stone axes that would be a most idea all right level up throw that onto farming excellent um [Music] yeah I messed that up but it’s fine we have a ton of spruce here so I’m really just going to uh use that to cook up the most of my charcoal here really enjoyed yesterday’s story with the skinwalkers listen I I enjoy talking about that kind of stuff way too much uh a little little fun fact about me I literally fall asleep to like scary stories about that kind of stuff like happening two people like obviously some of them are just like redit stories and blah blah mother [ __ ] fly piss me off I just know it I was going to piss me off all my fish is cooked or most so now I’m actually curious like oh I can’t like stack them on top of each other no I can only place them like on the ground like that that kind of is dumb I was hoping like you could place them [Music] get them I don’t know if I got them would be cool if you could like place them in the same block radius but it is what it is honestly uh it is getting dark though so let’s go to sleep good night Roth I didn’t realize you were here honestly but thanks for popping in saying hi kind of L for a bit but okay okay that makes sense yeah I was about to say it’s it’s 11: p.m. it’s way past your bedtime my guy should definitely try to get some sleep all of these suck but at the same time it is with this how is this looking still needs a little more time by the looks of it it’s [ __ ] though all right next stairs going in same exact way as these ones did Skin Walkers are badass yes yes they are indeed I’m going to need some more slabs slabs that’s the word I was looking for probably a little too much but oh well know what we’re just going to do this no I just want to point out to everybody like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing I just kind of play some block and hoping that things will look nice that’s ultimately like my goal when it comes to building this kind of stuff got an itch that for might need to get a little more Oak just a little more though oh a second I want to do here I think I know what I want to do I’m definitely going to need a little more Oak for the roof style that I’m wanting to go with here place that there that there that there and just one right in the middle just to be safe this I just realiz is not the middle freaking plain in all honesty on the outside but we can always do a little more next time as well I’m just more so focused on getting the main structure fin oh we have we should have plenty get this roof finished should key word there grab that bark maybe not actually oh it’s going to be really close walk maybe not I think we can actually get this done damn flies back guys I do want to make a lantern if I can hang it from this spot up here well aside from that we are hold on we’re done fun let’s take let’s just take a wander around outside here like I said the outside’s looking kind of plain for the most part um we take a further step back maybe maybe I’m thinking that Center Tower could be raised up just a little more by like maybe a couple blocks cuz right now it all looks scrunched down I think that’s something we could fix next stream along with doing some more exterior decorations and stuff like that but I mean for now I say we we did a pretty solid start this was a pretty solid start for us tonight yeah definitely all start next stream we’ll go ahead and get this prettied up add some windows and that kind of thing uh adjust the roof up there as well um but with that being said I think this we’ve been going for over 3 hours now so I think this is a good stopping point anyways so for everybody that has stuck around through the entire stream thank you guys so much and if you’re watching this in VOD form and still watching leave a like letting me know that you enjoyed this content um check out all the links down in the description below for all of my social medias my community Discord is down there if you want to talk some aged Minecraft with me I highly suggest you go ahead and join the Discord um I I will aim to do at least one stream of aged a week for right now because we do I primarily want to focus on Project zomo right now seeing as that’s kind of my bread and butter um this is also just kind of an experiment so if this does really well um it’ll let me know that you guys want to see more if it doesn’t then maybe I’ll do a couple more streams of this and then we’ll see what happens but anyways thank you guys so much for watching see you guys tomorrow night for project Zone point byebye

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Hello and welcome back to the channel!

In today’s stream, back by popular demand, we’re embarking on a NEW-ish adventure as we take on the Aged Minecraft Modpack! I love Minecraft, I love this modpack, so I think it’s time we get a proper playthrough for you guys!

What kind of adventures will we go on? What amazing biomes, creatures, or structures will we come across? Watch to find out!

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    Insane Live Minecraft Stream - Crazy Donut SMP Action | 3600 subs!Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE | Minecraft | Donut SMP | Cill Stream | 3600 subs?’, was uploaded by CoolBry Bry on 2024-05-05 14:18:09. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Server: DonutSMP.Net Port: 19132 Hi and welcome to my channel! My side of the internet offers a growing community and … Read More


    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with JJ MAIZEN & MikeyVideo Information ah morning already Mikey it’s time to wake up come on good morning remember Mikey today the day that mama is going out and leaving us alone all day is that so oh we’ll watch over the house Mama M absolutely no Mischief we would never we’ll be good kids and watch the house bye-bye [Music] [Music] let’s go back inside H okay we’re home alone today so I’m starting to get kind of hungry how about we get something from the kitchen okay mama bought a cake the other day let’s look around for it JJ cake… Read More

  • CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #Gaming

    CHAOS Anarchy Server Review!! #Minecraft #GamingVideo Information [음악] [음악] l [음악] [음악] C [음악] [음악] [음악] k h [음악] [음악] [음악] k k [음악] p [음악] [음악] [음악] k l [음악] This video, titled ‘RTS ANARCHY- Console/Java Server Review!!!! #gaming #java #minecraft #factions (Xbox,Ps5-Java)’, was uploaded by RTS productions on 2024-07-12 15:09:19. It has garnered 50 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:04:37 or 277 seconds. We are back to bring you a Review Video about A Server we have been working on for the past year! We a small community already active they yearn for new players to challenge them!… Read More

  • Platinumari’s EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!

    Platinumari's EPIC 2023 New Years Minecraft Fireworks!Video Information This video, titled ‘New Year: 2023 Minecraft Fireworks Display’, was uploaded by Platinumari on 2023-12-30 08:00:23. It has garnered 35 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:07:13 or 433 seconds. Have a good year everyone, from our crew! Credits: Hope to Return by Verbovets | https://lesfm.net/ Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Fly Away When The Fog Settled Down by Spheriá | https://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Evening Improvisation (with Ethera) by Spheriá | https://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/ Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0… Read More

  • HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft – Sneaking in with RaHul!

    HACKERS ONLY Server in Minecraft - Sneaking in with RaHul!Video Information तो ये हूं मैं और आज मैं यहां पे जॉइन करने वाला हूं एक हैकर्स ओनली सर्वर लेकिन यार तुम लोग सोच रहे होंगे कि मैं ऐसा क्यों कर रहा हूं क्योंकि मुझे यहां पे बदला लेना है अपने दो दोस्तों से डैश और से क्योंकि हम लोग जहां पे खेलते थे इन लोग ने वहां पे मेरे पेट को मार के भाग गए और इन लोग ने जॉइन कर लिया ये वाला सर्वर और इस वाले सर्वर में मुझे यहां पे सामना करना पड़ेगा बहुत सारे हैकर्स का जो कि मुझे कभी भी आसमान में फेंक सकते… Read More

  • Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!

    Insane New Minecraft Cryptids in Gartic Phone Challenge!Video Information boo messing with you I’m already messing with you oh sorry to give you a fright oh no I like how on Discord it cut off so I only heard yeah which I mean that probably scared me more tried to give you a little spook welcome boa hello welcome Duncan hello welcome Dy hey guys welcome ran hello hello and there was another member of our team but I seem to have forgotten him hello my goodness he was he was he was gotten by a Cryptid today’s theme is uh creepy Cryptids like mysterious Monsters Legends… Read More


    INSANE PROGRESS! MINECOLONIES 1.20 GAMEPLAY DAY 2Video Information cómo andan amigos todo bien Bienvenidos a mycon oficial día dos es una escalera hacia donde vive el chavón no Ah no tiene un piso arriba decorativo acá tiene más decoraciones y la entrada Parece que son estas dos esta la entrada parece Ah al lado de la escalera Qué dice vas a tener que picar una banda de diorita no voy a poner un esclavo que ha una mina y yo voy a jugar el cont Warning mientras el chavón pica ese va a ser el trato no Padilla A ver quiero dejar unos bloques bastante a… Read More

  • Wudo – INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!

    Wudo - INSANE NOOB vs PRO THEME PARK Challenge!Video Information mutant zombies destroyed this playground and now these kids have nowhere to play if we don’t build something fast they’re going to burn in this fire Woodle what if we build a theme park guys the kids will love my roller coaster but it’s made of dirt monco and it’s super tiny come on axie let’s build a real roller coaster so we can save these kids it’s going to be so much better than what builds in his newbie theme park no way I’m going to start building mine right now all right axie the first part… Read More

  • “EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥” #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg

    "EPIC Showdown: Herobrine VS Entity 303 + Crazy Bado Badi Song 🤯🔥" #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmgVideo Information This video, titled ‘Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song 🤣🤣 #shorts #minecraft #nkgamingmg’, was uploaded by NK GAMING MG on 2024-05-23 07:26:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Herobrine VS Entity 303 And Bado badi song #NKGaming #nkgamingamg #minecraft #shorts 🖐️.. tag ignore. Read More

  • ☕ Java Survival – Semi-Vanilla – SMP – 1.20.4

    Java Survival SMP Server Java Survival is a multiplayer server that offers a pure vanilla Minecraft experience with a community of players. Moderators and admins play alongside everyone else without using commands for personal gain. No RTP! Unique custom plugins for survival gameplay without common plugins like Essentials or GriefPrevention. Server Details: Address: mc.javasurvival.com Discord: https://discord.gg/JcsnFKNkQa Community Values: Provide a long-lasting survival Minecraft experience. Community-driven server where players have a voice. Server Rules: No offensive language. Avoid controversial topics. No hacking, cheating, or exploits. Respect other players’ property and space. Be respectful, kind, and avoid advertising. Read More

  • Lilwilly Junior High School

    Lilwilly Junior High SchoolTHIS IS NORMAL MINECRAFT SMP, JUST WITH SOME PLUGINS!VERSION: 1.21**RULES**- No Griefing in Spawn- No Killing In Spawn- No Stealing In Spawn- ONLY STEALING IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE OF SPAWN*( Spawn Is basically the peace land ) ***PLUGINS**- Found it- Tpa- BetterHomes- Custom Enchants- Custom Food- SuperHarvestJOIN MY DISCORD TO GET WHITELISTED. { https://discord.gg/X5GwFSVK } is the discord link. Hope to see you in the server! Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀

    Minecraft Memes - Minecraft movie shenanigans 💀Looks like the real blockbuster here is the behind-the-scenes bloopers reel! Read More

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    Crafting Joy: Minecraft's Happy Planet Adventure In the world of Minecraft, Happy Planet shines bright, With animations funny, bringing joy and delight. Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a child-friendly sight, Bringing laughter and happiness, each day and each night. From classrooms to songs, all crafted with care, Each video a gem, beyond compare. Avoiding pirated content, this channel is rare, So subscribe and enjoy, without a single care. With rhymes and emojis, the news is told, In Minecraft’s world, where adventures unfold. From funny animations to stories bold, Fangkuaixuan’s channel, a treasure to hold. So leap into the verse, with rhymes that ignite, Crafting Minecraft news, each update… Read More

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    Finding that 🔥 Wi-Fi boosted armor in Minecraft When you’re more concerned about your Wi-Fi signal strength in Minecraft than actually fighting off creepers and zombies. Priorities, am I right? #minecraftproblems #firstworldminecraftissues Read More

  • Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation

    Dreamy Miners: Minecraft Animation The Quest for Miners in Minecraft Imagine delving deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft, eagerly searching for valuable diamonds in the dark recesses of a cave. Now, picture stumbling upon a humorous twist – instead of diamonds, you find yourself on a quest for miners! This unexpected turn of events adds a delightful element of surprise to your virtual adventure. Exploring the Depths As you navigate through the intricate tunnels and caverns of Minecraft, the thrill of discovery propels you forward. The dimly lit passageways hold the promise of hidden treasures, whether they be precious ores or unexpected… Read More

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    100 Days in Elden Ring Minecraft Hardcore I Survived 100 Days in Elden Ring in Minecraft Hardcore Surviving the Elden Ring Modpack Imagine facing off against Elden Ring bosses like Malenia Blade of Miquella and Starscourse Radahn in Minecraft. The challenge is real as you strive to collect all Great Runes and become the Elden Lord. Upgrading weapons and building a base to withstand player invasions adds to the excitement. Challenges and Adventures The journey begins with a precarious encounter with an Elden Ring boss in a village. Crafting weapons like an iron spear and shield becomes essential for survival. Exploring dungeons, battling zombies, and acquiring… Read More

  • OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!

    OMG! EPIC Minecraft pt5 Livestream with Team Bottom Boys!Video Information off stream mining but somehow we found mire God it’s crazy right crazy let me post this in the the chat yeah I’m right now no one’s even in here yet yeah because you know like they don’t love us yeah I know here we go we are live we are hi Esther what’s up CPA SU jpa even though it’s Eclipse I just I always say it’s eclipser because there was a j even though the J was silent okay all right well oh [ __ ] we’re doing good I think are you doing good weasel… Read More

  • Terrifying Curse Unleashed in Minecraft

    Terrifying Curse Unleashed in MinecraftVideo Information oke yang jelas di video kali ini kita diteror dengan banyak sekali hal aneh ini sih hal aneh dan cukup menyeramkan sih kalau menurut gua ya tadi itu ada tulisan die Dan juga ada penampakannya guys ya dia itu menampakkan diri lagi dan di sini sekarang kita gak tahu kenapa gini ini gak tahu kenapa gini guys ini pusing tahu bikin pusing guys Wah gini gila sih Ya udah deh jadi kayaknya ini kita nunggu malam hari kali ya nunggu malam Soalnya kalau malam enggak bakalan gini sih feeling gua atau ini sebenarnya malam hari guys ia sih… Read More

  • “CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!” #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruths

    "CRAFT MAN 252 EXPOSED: SHOCKING Minecraft SECRETS!" #minecraftsecrets #shockingtruthsVideo Information cosas que no sabías de [Música] Minecraft puedes pasar el cristal con un enterp de esta manera puedes Apagar las fogatas con una [Música] pala puedes crear un cuarto Secreto con carteles y un cuadro [Música] This video, titled ‘Cosas Que No Sabias De Minecraft #cosasquenosabias #fyp #minecraft’, was uploaded by CRAFT MAN 252 on 2024-06-14 01:51:24. It has garnered 615 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. #minecraftescape #minecraftfacts #minecraftfunny #minecraftfnaf #minecraftfarms #minecraftfunnymoments #minecraftforever #minecraftforfree #minecraftfree #minecraftfurniture #minecraftfr #minecraftgrandkingdom #minecraftgameplay #minecraftguide #minecraftgunmod #minecraftgaming #minecraftglitch #minecraftgame #minecraftgratis #minecraftgunsmod #minecraftgunsaddon #minecrafthacks #minecrafthouse… Read More

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    Unbeatable Minecraft Junction Traps - Can You Escape?Video Information somewhere in the universe somewhere someone’s got it worse wish that made it easier wish [Music] I feel the hurt the world smallest violence really needs an audience I’ll blow up into smiies and spew my tiny Symphony all up have to cut me off we down a city street while trying to put my mind it is like finishing the [Music] smelling this feels like a necessity so this could be the maybe just better me now with [Music] This video, titled ‘Can You Outsmart These Minecraft Traps?’, was uploaded by Minecraft Junction on 2024-06-22 20:21:59. It… Read More

  • EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PRO

    EPIC Water Park Build Challenge: NOOB vs PROVideo Information guys today we’re going to be having a noob verse Pro Build Challenge in Minecraft and guess what we’re going to be building is it going to be unicorn tacos no no no unicorns ice truck no tacos and no ice cream truck it’s going to be a water slide I love water slides Daddy the reason you don’t like water slides cuz every time you go on them you break them it was two times okay I got stuck in the tube uh you just Scar the water slides cuz they remind you of showers which you… Read More

  • Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkish

    Yaso finds SECRET MOUNTAIN HOUSE?! 🔥🏠🔥 #MinecraftTurkishVideo Information Ar gadar Selamlar Bugün sizlerle birlikte Minecraft’ta başlayacağız Minecraft’ı çok bilmiyorum ama başlayacağız Bonus sandık aldım Bu arada kendime bir çık daha kolay olmasını istiyorum çünkü zorlanmak o kadar çok istemiyorum onun için Bonus sandık aldım daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanala abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın meşaleyi ikinci elimize alalım ilerleyelim daha fazla Minecraft videosu için kanalıma abone olup videoya like atmayı unutmayın Aa karpuz var karpuz alabilirim bak karpuzları alabiliriz Karpuzlar işimize yarayabilir Bence güzel bir yer bulalım buraya bir ev falan yapalım size şahane bir ev yapacağım izleyin bir ses duydum ana papağan var… Read More

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    🔥FNAF Gold Music Animation! Watch Now🔥Video Information [Music] [Music] he time for the main attraction the story must be told time for a chain reaction it never gets own some BO get satisfaction breaking the M some BO are just distractions some are just G I’m not the bad guy I’m just a bit surprising it’s not worth losing sleep it’s not worth analyzing there was a time not so long ago at all I was just like you can you hear my call now I’m popping in over here over there I’ll be checking in but you never be aware in the beginning I… Read More

  • Renaicraft

    RenaicraftOur server is about smp you can pvp there you can make money there and get the strongest and richest player. We have many fetueres. renaicraft.eu Read More

  • Hermit Ruins 1.21 whitelist 16+

    Hermit Ruins Community Welcome to Hermit Ruins, a thriving community welcoming new members. Join our vanilla server with friendly, mature individuals from around the world. Our server is freshly started with 5-10 players online at a time. Here are some key features: Friendly People: Kind, welcoming, and mature members create a relaxed environment for everyone. Vanilla Plus: Handpicked datapacks add quality of life changes without game-breaking plugins. Mature Community: Whitelisted for safety, minimum age requirement of 16. Redstone Ready: Running on 1.21 Fabric for optimal redstone contraptions. Easy Connectivity: 24/7 server with no mods required for joining. Fun: Community projects,… Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - When a new item drops in Minecraft... 🌶️Minecraft players be like, “Finally, another useless item to hoard in my virtual inventory!” Read More

  • Crafting a Minecraft Farming Storm || Survival Series #7

    Crafting a Minecraft Farming Storm || Survival Series #7 In Minecraft, we craft a farm so grand, With crops and animals, all at our command. Potatoes galore, in stacks so high, Breeding animals, under the sky. The narrator’s voice, sharp and clear, Describing the scene, without any fear. The audience engaged, with every rhyme, In this Minecraft world, where we spend our time. Gaming is our passion, our virtual escape, In this digital world, we shape and reshape. Survival skills tested, in every quest, In Minecraft, we journey, putting ourselves to the test. So join us now, in this adventure grand, As we explore and survive, in this… Read More

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    Minecraft Villager Oi Oi Oi meme 🔥🔥🔥 #minecraft #memes When you accidentally hit a Minecraft villager and they start chasing you with their “Oi Oi Oi” battle cry, you know you’re in for a wild ride! #minecraft #memes Read More