Unleashing Chaos: Crossplay Server on Minecraft! (Road to 600) Live!

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e e yo Skitty yo did you just change your profile pick or what what the [ __ ] you like another profile Ving in switch what’s up numo uh what’s up skdy or Angel um what’s up white wolf how you doing dude yo where you been white wolf in a minute hi I want attention oh bro well I don’t know if you’re going to get it here everyone’s going to be do doing their thing Steph but how’s it going Steph her uh heard you wanted to get rid of someone um I’m not going to say exactly what you I was told you you wanted to do but I heard you wanted to get rid of a specific someone that’s what I heard yeah what’s up everyone hope you guys are doing good um welcome welcome to the stream that’s what you’ll get what what are you talking about you know yeah she gave me a b oh my God it could be worse though it could be way worse but what I heard that’s why oh Lord duck yes duck but yeah hope you guys are all doing good man all right um why does this keep moving brother there you go hopefully it stays because [ __ ] Falls or something I’m going be so pissed uh did stuff at night to why why would you do stuff why do you even ask me if you’re just going to do it anyway what did you I’m me sure it was so people couldn’t join that’s besides the point if anything that makes it works only plugins you didn’t add anything to the server like like building anything if it’s only plugins that’s fine but if you build some stuff okay that’s fine perfect fine cuz otherwise it would be messed up because if anything makes it worse that you Whit list it because then that just makes it like exclusive to you but me and my sister trying to play a game together however the game was called Pony town and it’s literally a game where you make a character out of a in role play that sounds so Random how was that though white wolf testing the plugins okay all right that’s fine numo I hope you didn’t do it there man because I will call you out on it and I’ll let everyone know so they can hate you but yeah welcome everyone welcome welcome welcome I’m about to start the server up right now so uh if you guys haven’t joined yet click uh look at the instructions in the description by the way for those of you who are on console and you’re trying to join the server I put instructions for that as well I found a way to do it so it’s really easy just go through step by step like I did in uh the description and you should be fine all right if you have any issues though let me know let me know totally fine all right um I’m starting the server up right now guys okay let’s do it man server is currently starting up currently starting up man appreciate everyone in chat man hope you guys are all doing good uh I added a grave plugin what do you mean a gray plugin what okay first of all what did you add bro cuz I don’t want you to add stuff that like oh Lord ah Lord I’m like worried cuz I don’t know what kind of stuff you probably added ah never let me sleep again what why yo exotic what happened bro what happened also I I’m okay with the trade plugin that was like the one thing we agreed on so I don’t know what else you added but oh God do I even want to know bro like honestly do I even want to know what else what is the the graveyard what is that grave plugin after you die your stuff is like a chest but why why would you why no no one we never agreed on that we if anything they talked about that last time where it’s like basically having the thing where you just keep your inventory in a way that doesn’t that’s like that takes away the we need to discuss these things n before you do it because otherwise it’s not yeah all right guys I think the server is up now so you guys should be able to join up um yeah the server is open so you guys are uh good to go server’s up guys server’s up oh Lord there is a new plug-in available oh let’s do this sure everyone in chat I’m join all right for sure man oh giving B2 zombies Vibe what do you mean wait what what is giving you those vibs yeah I made sure it’s easy to remove okay I was testing okay but like I’m just saying it just like you don’t just put stuff like that in I mean we all got to you already know like it’s not even just up to me it’s up to everyone else I like to get everyone’s input so it’s like it’s different what the [ __ ] is this apologies for my for removal please take up complaint with hope you want huh when was this here this was not here bro bro all right whatever I don’t remember that was there but okay apprciate everyone in chat man thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoy if you guys do want to join up and you’re new uh just look at the instructions in the description you should be able to join okay appreciate all yall the well either yeah I don’t remember there being a well you probably did that yesterday when I was bu with this I’m not sure yeah angel I wish you could too man I’m trying to help you there there’s like no way I can like you know give it to you or something like I don’t know dude cuz like just so you can play it on your phone is fine uh you can you can what you can what huh so confused oh Lord yeah today was a long day brother that’s why I was also doing I’m actually surprised I’m even awake right now honestly I had to get some caffeine in me but that was like earlier but surprisingly I’m still running ravage uh play on the server oh you’re telling him that he could play on server no yeah it’s cuz he doesn’t have Angel doesn’t have Minecraft that’s that’s what he’s talking about he doesn’t have um Minecraft and I’m trying to give it to him but there’s like no way for me to do that apparently he’s like saying um like his way of doing it isn’t working does this thing even work oh it does work okay it works now I can give it to him how can you give it to cuz okay first of all Angel do you have a computer because I don’t I can’t remember if you do I feel like you don’t but if you do let us know but it’s cuz on the phone and he had they have um they have a iPhone too so no PC see yeah yeah so he doesn’t have a PC or anything so I don’t know one vanam what’s up bro how you doing how’s your day going man all right guys oh damn is bagette here yet I don’t know if bagette here he was helping me out with this what do you guys think about this we were working on this last night we’re still trying to figure out exactly how we’re going to do this but yeah how do you what do you guys think about this it’s pretty dope right I think it’s pretty dope I think it looks sick uh D Dam who’s this sexy streamer yo buddy what’s up man how you doing how’s your day going I was literally asking about you I was literally like where’s baguette we need a baguette yeah we need you man I need a I I don’t know okay so the only issue I was having yesterday I okay so I got this sorted but you see okay so it could do the same thing like this one we could do the same thing like oh from that side to here and then so on and so on but I feel like if we do that it’s kind of it’s going to be kind of lame like it’s just going to be the same thing over and like I feel like it needs like a kind of a switch up I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know maybe maybe we should just do something cuz you know how this is like the small side right here and then this side is like really long maybe we should just do something different I’m not completely sure but yeah uh my F Mexican yo that’s crazy brother not dude it it got so bad that I had to approve if that message should go on the chat that’s how bad that message yo L Auto mod yeah I’m sorry well hey man I prefer to just get cuz I like if it was just a regular person telling me that out of nowhere like you know I know like I haven’t seen you in the Stream at all all I probably would be like what the [ __ ] but yeah I know I know who you are I got so triggered at windcraft lag what what do you mean what do you mean brother uh you can’t side load on iPhone it looks like a McDonald what this looks like McDonald all right buddy how does this look this looks nothing like McDonald the The Arches are totally different bro what are you talking about bro that is so different from what the [ __ ] oh I guess if you take out those middle piece and then you put those two okay I guess I can see that but other than that come on that’s not what it is y’all are crazy also like a church hi I’m sorry I’m little you’re all good so don’t don’t be sorry appreciate you how you doing though uh you said it’s a why does everyone say looks like a CH it’s going to be badass all right this is Waffle Brotherhood HQ brother uh shape like a am on top yeah but just just stop it all right stop it what’s up one vanam how you doing man H I’m back what’s up mug welcome back man uh let me join call oh yeah I’m not even in VC yet my bad I was trying to set this Lev up first my bad uh how do you not see it it’s a CH I know I can see what you’re talking about but oh [ __ ] my bad I did not mean to hit you like oh [ __ ] I’mma Die My Hero hey Wendy speaking about Wendy’s I just had that what the [ __ ] does Wendy’s have to do with this now what the [ __ ] uh give me a bit let me go all right for sure Danny you do your thing man do I call you Danny or bagette I don’t know well we we we’ll resolve that later it’s all good but appreciate everyone in the chat man thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoy um but yeah about sorry let me let me do Discord real quick let me make sure um I don’t know if anyone’s already in call okay um okay so this is what we’re going to do uh if you want to join the voice uh The Voice Channel um go to vc1 and the Discord server and I’ll move you guys over to the Minecraft Channel okay the Minecraft VC so just go to vc1 and I I’ll move you guys over I’ll give you guys a minute cuz I know some you guys are probably going to do it right now okay there’s there’s mug there you go mug I don’t know if anyone else is going to be joining too you guys won’t have to talk by the way uh obviously you could just listen it’s totally up to you just so that there’s no latency between me talking in like streaming you know yeah so yeah totally up to you guys thanks man got you man all right oh whoa whoa I didn’t mean to click that all right all right uh don’t mess with the baby zombie yes Mo no no no J might give them the roll Minecraft is there a roll now cuz I swear before there wasn’t a roll though I mean I had had to make this like out of nowhere because um we were in a windcraft thing and yeah well let me see uh See oh there is one okay there you go all right yeah okay so there’s rolls now gotcha if anyone wants to be in the Minecraft voice Channel then uh let me know okay I’ll give you guys a roll now what the [ __ ] brother uh I guess I got two gold anyone want to trade something for it I mean I don’t know what I would want to trade for that plus I don’t really I don’t think anyone has any use for gold to be honest but yeah apprciate everyone watching man uh damn I want some Wendy’s what would you get bro I got the the double baconator that [ __ ] is so good uh up to you mate well I prefer whatever you would preer like I just want to be kind to you man but appreciate you for giving me the option yeah I definitely need help with this um see now I don’t know what to I prefer baguette but again I don’t mind either I’ll call you baguette I’ll call you I don’t know I guess it gives me I don’t know I don’t know it’s it’s totally up to you bro it’s totally up to you I don’t I don’t care uh I’m doing good sorry did you answer my question earlier I’m so sorry um I’m at school today so I might be a bit absent oh it’s all good don’t worry sorry if I missed yeah I missed your thing um but yeah you’re all good so but don’t even worry about it uh but I’m doing good you’re doing good um pretty tiring day honestly surprised I’m awake right now cuz um I barely got any sleep to be honest but uh I’m doing good how about you she’s been having nightmares for the past month straight so so yeah all right honestly no dreams at all or anything or at least I can’t remember but no nightmares for sure so uh take that out take that out numo you said it last stream I said what last stream uh I get no sleep Yo No Sleep Gang I like it I like it that is going to be our uh like uh I don’t know actually no I’m just going to not do that maybe I should make that like a membership whenever I’m able to do memberships for you for YouTube Just Call one like No Sleep Gang I don’t know what I would do for that like I don’t know what kind of membership that would be like we got to we got to have like tears guys we got to have tears like like the very last tier of like the best like membership you can have which I don’t I don’t know if I’m ever going to do that cuz I feel like it just feels wrong to like charge for membership but I don’t know if you guys would even want to have that but if I did I would have a waffle Brotherhood at the top you know I want home I’m sorry I know how you’re feeling I’m sorry I wish I wish you were just like me and you just be at home playing Minecraft you know but you take care and you said be right back be right back for sure I got no sleep as well why not though oh yeah how you doing no numo you said you were sick I don’t know you’re doing better hopefully oh gold was currency true that is true that is true it’s just I don’t really see okay so since gold hasn’t been exactly that valuable um like in Minecraft in general besides like trading with Pigman and all that we’re going to use use it to trade with each other as well so if you guys want I mean I don’t know I feel like it’s kind of too late to force that in newo cuz um we’re already too far in the game kind of but I feel like um I don’t know I feel like we could do more I don’t know like at least now we got a general idea of how it would be on a server so that next time if we do make a new server which I think we should not I’m not saying like right now but I’m just saying we should definitely continue to do this like as an ongoing thing but like um I feel like we should add more plugins to make like the experience better and like kind of do what like I said about you having one ender chest and one um Sher box so that way it’s like a storage for you and the Sher box is just so that you have another page kind of like how in wincraft you have pages of storage or unless there’s like a plugin for that too but I don’t know that’s just my thought uh I’m better that’s good that’s good but still sucks you didn’t get sleep man but hope you had nightmares uh Suka what’s up how you doing are you going to join up how’s it going anyone have spare gold or Redstone damn I don’t even got either of those to be honest I I have not gone mining guys I want to apologize cuz I don’t know if some of you guys are find it boring that I’m just building this I know you guys are probably just enjoying being in the server overall but me myself have not done Jack [ __ ] besides build this [ __ ] HQ yo what’s up man damn damn what this dude looking it’s like a Chad brother look at them look at them who let him cook dude uh yo TBO if you need me to help you start off I got you bro I got I can give you some iron tools brother um gold [Music] I know I know ax is Lenin but I didn’t want to type out Lenin I was kind of little lazy uh but yeah uh bro read my message please sorry uh special J M cheese whoever eats it turns into J what the [ __ ] what are you talking about brother jog cheese all that’s so funny Chad Steve yo what’s the SMP like wait what is SMP what does that stand for my my bad I don’t know if he’s asking like the server I I’m confused chaotic say the chaotic come on don’t give us a bad rep we we’re not well uh honestly I feel like it’s died down a little bit but oh wait yo yo you don’t know what SMP stands for I forgot it’s been a minute since I’ve heard that to be honest with you you remember no I don’t don’t survival multiplayer server oh wait what survival multiplayer server so techn yeah our server isg oh okay oh you joined up it’s about Dam time is anyone in voice channel one any chance not right okay I’m going give this dude by the m is a business huh he businessman he’s a businessman what do you why do you say that you’re a big because he told me in school okay yeah yo big guy what’s up yo the building the railway oh I had like five gold I don’t know if you want it I’m not really using it every single piece matters bro where you away from me running away from oh [ __ ] my bad there you go uh where’s the where’s the chat man where he he’s probably expl he doesn’t know the rules yet he’s probably over here to be honest you were invited okay all right all right see I’m following your rules even though this should be freedom but yeah uh where is he there think oh is that him yo I’m just calling Chad man W server bro appreciate it yo here here you go man to get you let’s get you started I got you I don’t know if you plan to sticking around but yeah um I just wanted to make sure you get get start don’t don’t don’t start hitting him with the got you man got you don’t start hitting him with like the oh who you going to join and this and that all right let let him be I’m hitting him with the do the M if anything if anything respectfully I feel like T boy is going to join the waffle Brotherhood just because he he he know me all right respectfully but he wants to join you guys that’s totally cool he probably doesn’t even know what we’re talking about I am neither I am a middle ground Middle Ground he’s a middle ground brother I’m a j j i got test gotta make sure this works with oh do you just put did you just uh oh you just click it oh yo that’s sick yeah no that’s dope give me something he spider something yo click the [ __ ] of redstone and gold you gotta wait for it okay all right good doing business give me my fungus here just take it I need my fungus here’s your SL I don’t I don’t really care for that you can plant them here if anything cuz I feel like you guys need a little bit more oh [ __ ] you’re a lot of oh you need some I got you I could I could give you some I got dude I got like stack I think I got a stack at my place I got you I got I got no oh how about I trade you for some food cuz I’m [ __ ] like low right now I think I gave away too much food I have yeah yeah I have food we have a lot of bread okay okay I’ll take I’ll take some bread for for a stack of uh saplings I think I do but yeah thank you T boy I appreciate you by the way if you’re confused what we were talking about right now uh the or drops are wild in this this W no yeah but um in case you wondering what we’re talking about I don’t know if you’re still in the chat but um we’re there’s basically a what do we call them again like Nations I guess Clans yeah Nations I guess Clans yeah there’s Clan you can call it whatever you want let’s go yeah yeah CL plans uh oh yeah oh here you go oh you know what let’s do a trade how do you do it how do you do it SL trade and then my name okay all right yo gotcha gotcha all right I’ll take some food for that for that yo w w trade W trade yo all right let’s go thank you thank you good doing business but yeah uh T boy in case you were wondering I don’t know if you’re listening but if you are um basically there’s Clans and stuff there’s only two two it’s the waffle Brotherhood and then there’s the Stoners which is that area you’re at right now this right here is the waffle remember the other plugin I gave you I I did uh I’m just going to I’m just running it for you right now uh but uh there’s like a set home now set home oh like where you spawn or no no no no no uh yeah technically yeah but uh you can do this now wait what the [ __ ] if you said your home you can do SL home and teleport to your home oh really um you know I wouldn’t take this server to be as serious but I think that’s pretty cool that’s not bad but I think it’s cool I just don’t know how everyone else is going to feel about it you know what I mean so if you guys do not like it we will we will be free to take it off how do you feel about it big guy I feel like absolute W cuz I’m not going to use it as an actual SL I’m going to use it as teleporting yeah I know right use it to [ __ ] is it just set home and then what uh set home just set home no because it gives me another option and then it just says set home and then it says home again like uh just do set home just set home I know this but oh there you go okay got you got you got it okay now do home SL home just home ah dope that’s pretty dope I like that that’s pretty dope uh you said J you do for bro honestly I haven’t done fort in a minute um but if y’all if y’all if Lenny wants to carry me again um I’ll be down to do it sometime soon but yeah I just don’t got people to play with I mean I got my cousin but we haven’t played in a minute to be honest I might ask him if you guys want Fort I’ll do Fort I just didn’t know if you guys even enjoy that to be honest with you cheese bro read my message read my message I’m so sorry oh wait did I read it already yeah yeah I did said about that thing I’m going make a video on this for real yo go ahead bro I appreciate you do your thing do your thing you’re more than welcome to oh is this guy I just realized who this guy is but yeah no pressure no pressure yeah that’s him exactly sorry I haven’t been joining your server either bro um as you see I’ve just been busy with uh my channel and you know trying to make sure everyone else is you know good so yeah I’m G start doing a string uh a string oh ah [ __ ] I don’t think I do dude honestly you hardly ever see any spiders here CU we just sleep every time it’s night so yeah just go sleep for a little bit you want to do that I just don’t want to do that only because of the [ __ ] creepers but other than that yeah yeah true just don’t sleep for one night I’m not going to delete it it’s a very good I like that I do have yeah I don’t got no [ __ ] string dude I got nothing I have Str oh my bed my bed how you doing oh I didn’t even he yo mug Chang his skin again y actually I actually like this one I’m not going to lie this one’s I think this one’s a lot better than the other one respectfully the other one was really good but this one I like a little bit better to be honest I need to see his new it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool I like it I think we have enough wool I think we can he’s asking uh One V is asking if we can have multiple homes bagot nope no just just one okay there just one I guess that’s not that’s not bad cuz it would be open a little bit we just have multiple because you can literally just teleport to him yeah yeah I do not want to add SL I just added SL home bagette uh you can get to cook honestly baguette you know what I’m going to do I’m going to just start getting Mug’s new skin is better yeah 100% yeah uh mug I don’t know if you want a job I don’t know if you want to help me get some uh oak logs but uh be I was going to say guys any of you guys American and want to free game pass free game and also I’m you’re not American I said Jon no you said me yeah you said me yeah which rev viws wanted it go give me my I don’t I’m I’m good I’m good like yeah I’m good I don’t think but Len I think invited you yeah I’ll take it Y game pass what’s a Game Pass I forgot what a game pass you okay make a new Microsoft account and use that cuz you get free Minecraft for Game Pass what was I trying to do if you make a new put that get free Minecraft temporarily temporarily Game Pass let you get Minecraft for free for sure do that after I’m done with the server not a Time based thing I just want to know I got that I got that code for 4 Cents by the way um but yeah bet what I was saying is um if anything I’ll just go get uh oak logs and you can just like be here and do your thing dude I’ll let you cook and I’ll just go get the resources mug I don’t know if you’re doing if I don’t know if you want a job but um if you want to help me out do that just get uh I just paid mug for his duties oh really oh then that’s totally fine go ahead do your thing do your thing yeah I we got let’s go he gave me five stacks of wood planks we needed that five Stacks oh brother I needed that it’s all good come to my castle I want to show you something yo I’m coming right uh M what’s up M what is M if you guys want to join the voice Channel join the Discord if you haven’t already and just go to vc1 that’s a bit too much information yeah I was thinking a I was thinking um actually I don’t know I was thinking about making like a the way I was going to say it was going to sound like [ __ ] bro man I don’t have it [ __ ] what yo I didn’t hear a damn thing I’m sorry I couldn’t you brother’s deaf brother I am DEA brother sorry brother don’t hurt me brother yo okay nice but yeah I was gonna say I’d be down to like for whoever follows or subscribe actually that’s not really fair that’s why I don’t really want to do it what or you know oh you know what this is what I should do for whoever joins This Server I will make a wall Godly you scared the [ __ ] for every person that joins the server I’m going make a wall and put like a wall of signs and like put each person’s name on it you know what I mean yeah yo like just to like as a like you know why 100% this is so annoy if you’re in a server um I feel like it’s not that I don’t want it’s just I feel like it’d be it make more sense if people would be in the voice call if they are um if they are in the server but if anything H so okay that’s what I say if you’re not in the server but you do want to be in the voice Channel that’s fine just as long as you’re muted cuz um there’s going to be stuff going on in the thing but you can be in the voice Channel if you want to um just let me know as long as you just don’t talk respectfully only only because yeah everyone’s going to be talking and you know more people talking and just trying to have conversation it’s like you know another story how you join uh it’s in the Discord server so just go to vc1 and I’ll add you and I I’ll give you the roll how you mute uh on the phone it should be just a little microphone or you should take I think you click on your own profile and it gives you the option to mute or something I can’t remember exact oh my God the um the hey yo there’s a trade now yeah I just wanted wincraft yeah hey yo what’s going on back here I’m back what’s going on back here brother yeah just go to my castle and then go down the mines what you guys think about that though should I definitely uh do a wall and like uh yo the Great Wall of see this is why I didn’t want to say that this is [ __ ] this is always going to take it out of context and just [ __ ] say some random [ __ ] I Lally I don’t know I have no nothing else to do I literally I literally just came back and you just talked about a wall so that’s the only thing that came I said what do you guys like like you know me putting the wall of signs and like what wall like a wall and then put signs of people who joined a server to like you know you know that’s not a bad idea it can be in the HQ yeah that’s what I’m saying yeah well we’ll have an HQ like we’ll just uh we’ll put it on the top floor I think the main cuz the top floor is going to be like the main like meeting room I’m going to try to put like a big giant like table and like that’s where we have our you know discussions I guess you can say this feels like one piece okay whatever or you could say it like Destiny 2 where it’s like you know well not actually Destiny one it was Destiny one my bad if you know you know that’s all I can say uh which one are you in oh just go to vc1 and I I’ll move you into this one bro bro just give them the roll you no I know I know but I’m just saying just so I know who wants to join the thing so that that’s the way I know who wants to go where the M remember I showed you I’m try to find that hole heyo like right next to my CLE you trying to find that hole side though what side he’s trying to find that hoe guys on the left side it’s on the left side of the castle which way is left again I found it are you you [ __ ] serious I did not just hear that just which one is left again uh I think I won’t be able to play with y’all for one month from now what mud I think I won’t be able to play sorry man wait what is that though dude remember tests we we both oh so it’s the same case same same thing are you saying like starting now or cuz I probably are you all the way down yet or no I’m I’m still going down I see your name tag but yeah uh tboy if you’re if you’re here you’re more than welcome to just free roam you don’t got to make a decision but if you want to be a part of the waffle Brotherhood or the stoner Clan you can do it that’s Stoner Clan this is the waffle Brotherhood brother you you mean the cult right oh yeah the the crafting table cult yeah listen listen listen that’s V uh uh wait what leg I’m no longer a part of the cult bro you went too far with it by making it a ritual it’s not a ritual it’s a ceremony uh no no uh angel you’re able to join it now I gave you the I gave you the roll so you can click on the uh Minecraft VC now just go to the Minecraft uh Channel you should be able to join it now dude is this the way what what no this this is my deep slate mine that’s how myep oh my God uh what is your planing brother I went through five Diamond Pickaxes bro what are you doing I’m this just wanted to know why I let you cook but my ninja not high enough for me to see the entire no no uh I don’t think we’re going to be doing that on this floor this this area is going to be like free H actually hold on hold up hold up leave leave it leave it leave it there you can leave it you can leave it yo Skitty uh you have an iPhone right you don’t need to talk just tell her in J Mo stream chat I think okay so this is my plan begot I think I want to have a really long table I think we should have like across here so like this area will be like where the table’s at I know it looks a little weird with the floor we’ll probably put like Mings or something lers oh you’re leaving oh yeah you left already all right man it’s all good take care though appreciate you dude do your thing do your thing I got to do something take care T boy appreciate you for joining I’m not near you that’s that’s the only thing that’s matters thank you be one gu be away from me what have you got against me it’s not a c what have you got against me everything but yeah do you understand what I mean yeah I know I’m I collected some so basically there’s going to be a long table here across and this is like where I want us to have our meetings and then um after that we can just uh I don’t even know I need so much [ __ ] Redstone and gold bro Lon where are you apparently Neo doesn’t like me anymore I’m in the mines no [ __ ] what’s what’s your username uh Exel Harlem off and find you no please no no no no where the H anyone want to show you where the mines are oh my god oh I’m in my Castle’s mines I built my own separate Castle oh is it that one on the on the Snow Hill [ __ ] I got to go I gotta leave right now I’m on my way with you no I’m on my way I was not with him no that’s that’s fake that’s fake news what do you mean f ultimate join playing the strongest Battlegrounds in Roblox how’s that going you winning you can’t find me bet no you don’t want to bet okay I see oh [ __ ] I’m going show them where the mines are I no I’m not I’m not I’m not going close the slate thingy does anyone know the best way to make a table Yeah make a table go to go to oh my God in Minecraft brother can you hear me yeah let’s do drugs in yeah we can hear you pretty loud but guys remember the in Minecraft joke no let’s kill everyone in this entire call in M [ __ ] okay in Minecraft of course you want to give me your coordinates uh no no going up to my going you wer there okay I mean I was in my mind underneath the castle holy [ __ ] I just I almost died bro I see finally I’m out’s uh bring the villagers um yeah did you what do you have on I can trade I see the spiral staircase so did anyone seriously answer my question though gold y gold gold is currency now so yeah but but I need it to build the railway hello come on follow me I only have stone tools I did not do anything not allowed to trade what do you mean why bullying numo that was my whole goal on the server until numo hated me yeah that’s what happened what be friends now ultimate did you change your skin I’m using b rock version because I have problem with my internet on my PC oh okay gotta got my ping is so bad on the server RP brother I’ll one Clon what’s up I feel like you’re taking me into a Sex Dungeon not going to lie no that’s crazy I’m bring in sexy B oh God no oh Lord please stop I’m sorry jbo for get you banned on Twitch oh God sounds too too like brother please stop oh we we’re going oh we’re going even deeper okay hey yo like that what do you mean brother I see I see you are I see you are making the dungeons what yes currently hey making the dungeon what the [ __ ] is going on what was I trying to do again when did you guys get shun oh yeah he got sh not us yeah he’s goated like that he’s just good at the game Oh wrong wrong button wrong thing no iron there’s some iron y thank you finish mto’s house get my boy geared up you know what I’m saying so you got any spare wood while you’re down here I need to make a new or uh I have no idea um ultimate they’re asking if you bring the villagers bring the villagers what yeah what are you doing to the villagers from from the village if you bring them over here but what are you doing to the villagers we’re goingon to take them to the dungeon I’m just kidding what what what our dungeon you mean our dungeon that’s the yeah you mean our is our uh it is called communism don’t worry about it they’re asking if you bring the villagers yet ultimate huh they’re asking if you bring the villagers over here yet um from the village that is mut job right uh is yeah it was M job yeah well I don’t know oh he’s yeah he’s asking in the chat though I don’t know why he’s he’s he’s the one asking so I have no idea my lag is so bad I have 400 ping guys that’s it oh [Music] brother only reason I’m able to play because this is a US server I don’t even think it’s a US sub I’m pretty sure this is just a run in Europe yeah this is no it’s okay it’s okay guys when I get paid next I’m going to be paying for a a server it’s all good yeah I’m going to buy I’m going to pay for Pebble H for you guys did the is a Sub sub server exist uh no I’m just going to pay for a whole new server really yes bro you know my my Anarchy server runs on like runs in America right and I already get like 200 ping I get like 600 I said I would give him four diamonds if he does the job oh that’s what he’s saying um for a reason I’ve i’ I’ve just become a slave to L now what I’m taking sex D kind of uh ultimate he’s M said he’ll give you four diamonds if you do the job like get the villagers over here oh the thing is my Bedrock control suck man I rather use when using my PC don’t wor bro I pay my workers bro come here diamond yeah there you go my mood he’s saying um yeah well are you saying you you can’t do it right now because of of that how the [ __ ] do you cre quick craft in Bedrock bro what platform of Bedrock are you on cuz if you’re on mobile just plug a keyboard and mouse in I’m using the phone right now yeah just just get a wireless keyboard and mouse and you control it that way wireless keyboard and mouse brother I have a wirel gaming keyboard what do you want about it it runs with Bluetooth razor is the best for Bluetooth why are you flexing here first of all what do you mean I’m flagging I mean my you’re flexing not flagging what the hell do you me my mouse is my mouse is uh Wireless too but my keyboard isn’t oh my God my lag I can I can see my break indicators just lagging back yeah I don’t know my mood I don’t think he’s going to do it right now CU of um it’s a bit difficult cuz he’s so uh check my disc you found a mo today I mean I’ve seen I see Ms all the time but you’re all good don’t worry about it don’t worry about2 this bar you do you know what Baron is yeah you I had it before I gave you Anarchy CL remember yeah I was supposed to have class today but I pissed off my professor he kicked me out what what did you do what the [ __ ] I just say your class is boring get the [ __ ] out of here are you an Asian teacher bro bro oh that yep that explains it damn that’s crazy who is it numo is this your house no this is I’m making a house for Club that’s what I’m gonna say no because I live in the heart of the second got my straight away you say you love mods we hate mods over here I hate mods to Village of strip club guys is and portal public info I’m I I’m sorry j i i i don’t have very good filters you’re not good it’s just don’t say anything you don’t think would you know be allowed on stream cuz um there lot of things that I say that a lot of I’m trying my best cuz I have I have like you know like goofed around with my like friends and stuff and like um I did get a copyright strike on YouTube and I couldn’t stream for like a week so godamn yeah so let’s not do that again yeah it suck isn’t that my favorite part of YouTube is when I put music in the in the uh thing that is made by like my brother and then it flags for uh it flags with copyright really I mean it shouldn’t unless unless your brother’s lying to you no no he literally makes music it’s just YouTube’s copyright system is busted yeah I think so too cuz um I think I played like something for likea two seconds and it it copyrighted it but um yeah whatever that’s pretty broken bro you just put your crafting table next to mine honestly people complain about YouTubes and their guidelines in a lot cuz um sometimes they’ll flag [ __ ] that doesn’t even make sense and they won’t even like explain why they’ve given a striker thing like that that [ __ ] that I got a strike for they didn’t like specify what it was for like yeah that’s bu [ __ ] I went against it and they literally just they still went on with it but to be honest it was cuz actually I feel like I know what it was but I’m not like completely sure cuz I feel like it’s still stupid but okay do you guys have a stone cutter like close by because if I I need oh yeah yeah yeah go by all the way back to stairs and I don’t want to do that num’s gonna cause the heat death of the universe bro that’s crazy ants you’re ants you’re scared of ants you said horse flies Okay those are probably different but ants I mean I guess it depends on what kind of uh Silva I guess wait what uh yeah Sila is saying like what insects um he’s afraid of but ins insects heyo bro not INX like what the [ __ ] in sex toally to be honest I would made that joke first okay I might ants I like black ants also do not SE insect on R oh you said okay fire ants okay yeah exactly yeah those are those are different than just like regular ants fire ants which one is fire an is it the red ones like in the I yeah I think so to I think those are the ones um maybe maybe uh Sila can give us a lesson real quick yeah uh black ants are chill black ants are chill like hella chill yeah they’re like everywhere though yeah that’s why they chill you know have you seen those videos where people just be putting their [ __ ] foot in like those like uh what the [ __ ] they yeah like like what the [ __ ] like that [ __ ] what okay all right you’re weird because okay listen no no you’re weird there’s no explaining there’s no explaining you’re weird I can explain I can’t explain oh I don’t know what to do with this house anymore bro what the [ __ ] did I do make too many stairs no the [ __ ] do I do now how do I uncraft stuff you want a lesson about ants about red no the fire ants the fire ants yeah yeah cuz we they don’t know or we well we don’t know that much about them I just know for sure to stay the [ __ ] away from them cuz I know that they can be um anyone want to give me job yeah I’ll give you job for how much money though that’s the question for how much money how much do I’ll give you I’ll give you three diamonds s is that is that a good price is that a good price he doesn’t doesn’t even know what I’m going to tell him to do I’m going tell him go to the end and get me a Electra no thatd be [ __ ] up for three diamonds like [ __ ] that someone named numo home I call it num’s Hood what the [ __ ] what what what angel said it’s called Neo num’s hood num’s hood is crazy let me check chat one second num’s Hood it’s actually pretty Fire’s Hood all right I gotta go I gotta do some [ __ ] man [ __ ] is baguette still here baguette oh he’s still doing some work make on today’s news no I’m not doing that [ __ ] anymore on today’s news two guys died from Lego evaporation Lego evaporation that was your that was your joke no stop lying the hell was it why the [ __ ] you lying why you always lying yo what’s up you Mo you free yeah no not really oh I just want someone to help me move the villager oh yeah I I’ll be there in a little bit one second I’m just m already plac actually attempting it already captur the Villager near the portal I just need to push him out or the port lower a fuckling [ __ ] [ __ ] sh I’ll be there in right after okay a God damn it man a sh sh tripping F that’s oh yo stop that stop that now just tripping fam like what the [ __ ] that is weird no that’s just normal that’s normal for every you do not talk like that yeah I do not yeah that’s true I got you begot there you go I’m going get more food right now anyway so you’re all good I’m going Harvest some and then I’ll I want a Cy bar you want to be a sussy baka no I want to be what the you sussy Baka oh no no no no no way you just n that’s crazy brother is this okay ah I [ __ ] up [ __ ] up hold up let me I’m not done yet I [ __ ] that up I [ __ ] it up what is this uh very I really want to I wish I we could uncraft stuff so badly because I’m messing up so much yo never mind that was perfect yo never mind I need one more but never mind that’s is pretty good not yo mug your house is finished let me fix this uh oh I’m so sorry One V I didn’t even answer your question I got like sidetracked bro but um I think yeah the end portal is public info yeah you right yes and okay cool cool cool BS what is this roller coaster thingy over here I I don’t know that just appeared one day and I never questioned it to be honest appear one day it just spawned in no that was like yesterday I don’t know when the [ __ ] they oh you can take anything from Birch House by the way oh I can thank you not you not you I’m talking about wow Freedom e that’s crazy yeah freedom for laziness that’s crazy no it’s cool it’s cool man it’s cool don’t worry about it I see how it is no more no more sweet deals for you buddy do you mean I what the why is there two sters okay La do just put two Striders in the damn Birch House perfect y stay there don’t move too cold too bad what the [ __ ] is it called is it it’s called a blast furnace right yeah why the [ __ ] am I searching it up and it’s not coming up you don’t have the smooth Stone smooth Stone I think yeah but like I’m not even putting it like to like what I can craft it’s like everything I guess oh that’s so stupid but it does require right you are ad me right you can just unlock all recipe SL recipe Grand J star you unlock all recipe recipe give take huh I don’t know let me do it should I do should I do it it says give give I’ll do it to everyone because that’s more fair to give yeah thank you oh okay done all right cool cool wait so what what does that mean now like we can sarch up whatever you want now yes yo J I have yo come come downstairs I I gotta show you something not jump down okay you said calm down all right it’s fire though no yeah yeah it is it is hold on give me one second just give me let me get something for my Ender chip real quick uhuh uhuh all right no you’re not invited no no I don’t have to go in there I can just oh Lord uh you need smooth so yeah oh yeah okay so I don’t know where it is um where is the end portal guys I have no idea uh ultimate it’s it’s right the is right beside your house I I I put it in your sign right beside my house turn yo this is so cool hold on let me check uh hold up stronghold Direction uh I guess it’s right here uh one B uh so if you come to like where my house is at in the Sheep it’s right here you got to cord this right uh we got potatoes but we don’t got that if you can donate some that’d be great yeah should get a fence back here fence door back here apprciate everyone in the chat man thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoy you guys do make sure to leave a like subscribe if you’re new bad decisions hello man how you doing if you want to join up uh instructions are in the description dude what happened M you want you want a task or [ __ ] SV what the man Reaper what the [ __ ] numo what are you doing I’m testing out a plugin nah what is that food oh I don’t I don’t have food but let me get some wheat and I’ll make some food right now okay I’m dead I got to I’m so dead you’re dead I forgot I forgot I’m sorry I’m sorry right [ __ ] potato where are you though oh oh oh are you see what happened to me in the chat no I cannot see you the cave I thought I’m going to die a [ __ ] never mind don’t we’re going to cook it for you all right where the [ __ ] oh I saw him okay I’m at the spawn why can’t I fly what the [ __ ] I’m I’m reconnecting you are not allowed [Music] to damn I don’t got that much to be honest but it’s totally fine you can take that we should build another Highway through the stronghold by the way Guys these berries by the uh my house are free to take they they’re not just for me just in case you guys are wondering yo mug don’t die but yeah you good uh okay thank you got you bro no problem no problem God damn the ship pen is kind of small for them Y where are you you don’t say so uh I’m in my house why okay come come is that okay you don’t give me your location you just say come and that’s it I’m I mean I’m coming okay hey yo not like that okay oh yeah wait do you have to give something and able to take yeah what do what do you want a spider I just want to use this how about how about this I don’t know if you guys have that yet yeah we don’t have we do actually we do have that oh okay uh let me see let me see what I can give you okay how about how about another stack of these yo M you want job M can you hear me m mug mug thank you thank you huh oh my God you’re stupid you’re so stupid I hate this dude guys we got [ __ ] scammed he gave us potatoes looks like we’re eating toes for dinner guys I don’t know what to tell you don’t complain be grateful so wait how do you is it still just um smell the uh Cobblestone and able to get a Stone oh no you smooth Stone right [ __ ] God damn it how do you get smooth Stone again anyone what you want Mark you SM it job I think SM SM Stone you smell Stone everyone in chat man um new mode brought the brought the potatoes from creative he’s a bad boy I literally have a mom your your own your own your own teammate is calling you out man my who is it he just said he just said that just says that I don’t know man you calling your your teamy the liar yeah D fny just just just saying guys I don’t know if you guys want to be in a you know in a clan that that’s not worthy of trusting each other you know it’s not trustworthy trust each other because we realize when we lie you just say you didn’t yeah I didn’t we know when we lie and stuff so you all lie wow I don’t know if I could I don’t know if I would be willing to be in a I would want to be in a CL like that um I’m retiring damn my mood he’s reti bro you said that yesterday and you [ __ ] still you was like nuh he’s like n I’m not I’m not I’m I’m taking it back I have a bell by the way my if if you’re wondering this might have might change your mind so you you got to smelll Stone and able to get smooth Stone yeah yes what kind of [ __ ] is that yo laziness what’s up uh do you do we have melon I don’t think we do I don’t think anyone’s found a jungle yet that’s uh that’s one of the objectives okay hungry [ __ ] I have not eaten at all today I’m don’t no no no I’mma do a thing where it’s like uh you put Jim can you check if this table okay I got you uh just use our cobblestone generator cuz you’re invited oh appreciate it mud M invites you yeah thank you thank you thank you appreciate that I I didn’t even I totally forgot you guys had that to be honest but yeah the [ __ ] that oh that’s your guys’s ster thing [ __ ] is [ __ ] creepy what the Strider sh a two I’mma take this stack wait what the stacks what the [ __ ] I’m taking it was one stack and then it was like a stack and a half I spawn a water at the The Who whoever whoever dungeons oh [ __ ] I spawn the Wen wait what yeah accidentally spawn the I spawn the dungeon at the I spawn the water at the dungeon where the oh my God the cler [ __ ] God you go down can see the water brother uh but yeah appreciate it appreciate it appreciate it thank you appreciate everyone watching man I hope you guys enjoy you like subscribe if you’re new follow if you’re on Twitch if you guys want to join up uh instructions are in the description or at least for YouTube but if you need help on Twitch let me know I got you um all right let’s see this table h it’s not that bad not that bad I actually like it actually I like it it’s not bad pretty good I feel like the only thing is I was only using this this thing on top uh just as a temporary cuz I don’t got any other color wool but um we got to like debate I’ll pass what do you mean oh why did you sleep I had a very good a you mean your pass I had a really good screenshot shot no damn you could have screenshot you could still do it oh wait no you can’t no not anymore the the sun is but I think it’s good backet the only thing is like I said I was only using the white wool um because that’s all we have right now but later on we should try to put like a different color I just don’t know what yet um what do you think is a good one I know you think like brown wol or some [ __ ] I don’t know orange I don’t know I want it to go with with like the I don’t know I don’t know one of these days I want to do like a a waffle logo too I got to see how to do that I got to like switch up some [ __ ] for that I don’t know if you think you’d be good at that all right what was I do dude I was doing so many things oh yeah yeah yeah I remember now I got to make an arena y m are you going to help us make an arena or what yeah no ye or n yay or nay you mean yay or n or Y what w r y I mean w RN W and L are are you are you okay F I’m having a stroke God bro I can tell you just speaking gibberish yeah all right I don’t know what else I don’t know what we’re going to do with this to be honest um am I leaving the server yeah you did just left yeah I have a funny thing I have a funny I have a funny I have a funny get it you want to be funny so bad I get it yeah I have a funny have a funny you have a funny what the [ __ ] does that even me why am I do okay never mind okay and that laziness you good I think you just been running around with that thing this entire time I’ve noticed looks kind of weird I know then t wait yo why does that look familiar yo DanTDM why have I seen where have I seen a name before Minecraft Youtuber oh yeah that’s right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah is the real him oh my God be forever grateful uh there’s a [ __ ] Enderman tweaking around here I just heard [Applause] him H okay uh just you say make my wool carpet gray on the T on the table huh you said make my wool carpet gray on the table I told you I can’t join for a month like does that start right now or I thought you meant like um soon I that’s why I was asking I didn’t know if you meant like right now right now but damn that’s all good man why you say gray you think gray I don’t know what color would be best um to be honest I got to ask I don’t think uh I don’t think be get hurt me I’m not sure you think uh started from yesterday night oh okay okay it’s all good then don’t worry about it hope all goes well man m is a completely different person H my bed color is gray and it looks good well I understand that but like I don’t know if it’ll look good for a table you know what I mean like that’s what I’m like having trouble debating on like I just don’t know and the other thing is too maybe we should change the the type of like material I don’t know we we’ll get to that another time I make a McDonald’s I I got to add time I got you uh give me one second guys yo I bet you guys don’t have the uh the the third brackets on all right got you I already had I added the time guys we’re good all right I gotta do something I forgot to do itday ah said that to me what the [ __ ] what uh hey yo laziness you good you just seem bored Brother come on man you were cooking up with that house over there you can always build something else up you man mine color code letting you cook man do your thing in Bad Business I’m level three okay that bad business was that the one we couldn’t play I can’t remember refresh my mind oh brother no oh no we just escaping no never mind I’m trying to get his attention brother beet beet this dude’s so locked in he can’t he’s not looking at my message get a this dude’s locked in there’s no stopping him he’s cooked he’s locked in JMA what what pickaxe do you have uh iron pickaxe why I have I have diamond pickaxe it’s just in my Ender Chest why oh can you let me I want to mine okay numo me you lagged out didn’t hear D said but Fon exist there come on be nice to me where you at right now where you at right now um are you going to come out like I’m coming back okay uh wait wait do you have to be right next to them to trade numo yeah close to them and also they have to do c ah sure damn damn brother who just joined oh that was Nemo weirdo uh Jim you to build a Stairway Stairway to Heaven I think I got enough projects on my head brother respectfully and I mean I probably probably eventually I think someone was already trying to do that before but I guess not anymore Stairway to Heaven brother can you slash home from the nether that’s true can you do that I don’t know I think you can I’ve never been to the nether before so let’s try it out no let good not going to do that right now uh it’s a little low you think that’ be fine or I just need few blocks oh okay well if you need another one just let me know uh uh in your voice CH your mic is so quiet I mean you can raise it everyone’s able to raise uh like everyone’s mic volume for me uh it’s at z Oh but yeah you can still hear me yeah you can do SL from the ne yeah you can okay interesting that’s pretty cool wellit that’s pretty helpful then cuz in case you get lost I guess yeah I’m going to the nether now thank you guys was doomed to fall is crazy brother uh yo the nether looks so cool with shaders oh my God I hav not been experiencing this this entire time oh [ __ ] dude I typed something B get but I don’t think he’s paying attention cuz everyone’s typing at the same time um where you at I’m at the nether oh help us where are you follow the tunnel at the left let me go home and okay I I lost myself I’ll be back I I’ll be here right now right now now right [Music] now all right stop stop Peter Peter wait what is that [ __ ] called the [ __ ] like statue thing that you put your armor on what is it called again which tunnel which tunnel which tunnel which tunnel all right ignore my question whatever y left left left should be here you guys huh left all right hold an arm stand is a tunnel here what the hold a what stand armor stand oh thank you thank you thank you thank you kindly thank you appreciate it damn you need spoon stone for that [ __ ] too how uh can you give me some food no I cannot spring oh my God how long have you been working on this oh no who the [ __ ] took all the stone in this [ __ ] you go there I thought the the port Dum not that portal can you do you have bow nah who the [ __ ] took the stone B I don’t have bow what good Lu then good moving this V hey wait seriously who took the stone that was in the F oh for the love of [ __ ] God yeah I have a crafting table as well B oh my you have a Bo now sh [ __ ] can anyone hear me can anyone hear me hello the gas Alo my m’s on okay cool I got Stone [ __ ] it’s with me so baguette has it how do you how do you click it I I need the stone brother how do does it not work now oh my god it works like at the last second bro brother I don’t know my thing doing it but I try to type the server address it won’t let me type the symbol um what oh not not that s are you at yeah are you at Bedrock Edition uh yeah Shadow if you’re on wait what why would it it matters because of the IP the IP yeah I mean I think he’s on Console he’s probably on Console but I added the instructions on how to join on Console in the chat in the description yeah it’s the same thing well well on console is different yeah you got to download an app for that yeah and and you didn’t explain the the obvious one that a lot of people struggle with where are you you ultimate where the hell did you go talking about brother oh I’m I’m still at the tunnel I’m trying to find a villager right now what is missing I I I can’t find anything yeah what do you mean Shadow uh like what do you mean it won’t let you type like when you click it it doesn’t work or and are you trying to do it off the console thing or I know I see youo let me no Shadow I want to help you man boom boom CH ding dong ding dong there okay listen there is a chip in my country called Dong Dong okay Shadow continue this video is sponsored by R Shadow Legend all right Shadow what are you what are you trying to join off of are you trying to Jo join off of like your console cuz if you if you are I put uh the information on how to do that I put like the console edition in uh the description so annoying you have to download an app on your phone for that bro bro he’s talking about an IP not working and you’re talking about how you have to download an app yeah because oh my God what do you not get he’s on Console he’s join you can’t do that on Console you can oh my God probably he’s joining on Console there’s a specific way you have to do it I’m telling him okay you say you’re doing that okay so on the IP you said that you try to put that it won’t work I mean it should work cuz Okay so I know I know I know continue continue you know that one thingy okay let me share my screen real quick can you show them why don’t you just type it in because I don’t know how to explain it that’s the problem let me open up bition all right all right we’re going to have you real quick shout out wait one second everyone else leave me alone please laziness for the love of God stop please laziness good job I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s pissing off J uh I know much appreciate it got you got you all right uh are you sharing your screen or not wait wait Minecraft is [Music] load okay now really quickly make it so it loads Faster by going into task manager and doing so right now uh Shadow give me a minute for those of you who are watching as well uh give us a minute we’re trying to help Shadow be able to join okay so please give us some time all right I’m going to share my screen right about now what is it where the [ __ ] is this share my screen button okay load faster faster please I swear I have to act more profession I can’t possible why can’t it load what are you [Music] doing okay what the freak is it oh because dude what the [ __ ] are you doing listen if when I click the share my screen it’s just loading loading yeah okay finally yeah I did have sit in there okay okay watch stream you want me to put it on the yeah yeah all right there you go this you have server and then yes just name your server and then you know the in here there’s uhhuh this thing yeah so here you’re I think you’re talking about this symbol right here this coln so instead of uh putting this colon this okay let me just do that real quick M Mark and then instead of putting that colon and then writing the numbers you’re going to remove that colon and the rest of the numbers you’re going to put it right on the port and then click save okay then yes that’s what you got to do cuz when I did on the phone it didn’t ask me to do that so I don’t know I don’t know why okay that’s what you got to do like that that’s the okay all right well you can try that so you could have just said that then you could have just said after the co the coal and you just don’t put anything could have just said that I’m bad at English sh up it’s fine I’m just I’m just saying for future reference I guess yeah future reference we going to do that all right well there you go Shadow you got it okay that’s why you got it though you got it you’re good uh if you’re doing it on the phone like how it says in the in the thing um like for the console edition like how I put it in the description uh you have to watch an ad really quick and then let it load and then it should pop up on your console right after okay uh leave the app open let it load into the server on your console and then once it’s done and you join in you can close the app on your phone okay um just just making sure I didn’t even know that because I swear on the thing it should have let like I I did it for my brother and and it let me do that so I don’t know yeah it did probably for for PS5 it got fixed or something but for PC it doesn’t work and also EXO L what are you doing yeah okay he’s with vul let’s be real here he’s 100% brother are they in a voice Channel together or some [ __ ] yeah that’s what he said that’s what they said bro bro if they’re cheating bro come on yeah they’re playing on 1.8 what does that mean oh I’m assuming that’s a shadow I think that’s Shadow that’s a version of Minecraft of what they’re playing on 1.18 uh uh 18. 8.9 that means they’re probably hacking bro I did it good job shadow I’m glad you could join us man welcome to the server um I gota okay you’re going to give him tools cuz I was going to do it yeah yeah all right all right uh go to numo he’ll give you some tools man I’ll be there right now get in villager are you serious well you need you need to destroy a book oh so DB [ __ ] is going on bro I just witnessed this dude get kicked in front of my ass [ __ ] we we need to use the first B we see by the way okay let me check that out let me clear I don’t know what the [ __ ] going on anymore I already clear away at the left the the first see I’m just saying y there yeah I mean come on I’m going to kill this the [ __ ] are they looking at me for they’re probably waiting till I leave or some [ __ ] the [ __ ] is going on uh me I don’t know what to do with the sides too yeah it’s a bit confusing huh like it’s like difficult yeah Nemo is awesome such chat how the hell do you why why are you calling me a monkey the [ __ ] Pinocchio what’s up man how was your birthday hope it went well man welcome welcome welcome okay I I I’m Zoro I I lost the entire already I’m going to go I’m going to try try to do something ah Lord wait I just realized something you have the boat just letting you know these are going to be Windows you know that right I’m coming I’m coming Y no no no he’s going to no my water about you start or something there yeah yeah there perfect here’s two actually I I need one of these to touch if I need stop growley jeez hey shut up stop [ __ ] grow okay you guys should take it from here I’m I’m just going to give the new guys some tools and armor oh gas yeah I was thinking of making the roof like a d a um what I kind of wanted to do was like the reason why I the kind of the reason why I wanted to do these uh do the like this like that because so that way um when we do the roof it’s kind of like a pointy like sticking out kind of roof you know what I mean like a like old fashion what the [ __ ] is going on yes finally but yeah like like the not like sticking out a lot but just like a little bit and then just like kind of connect to the back you you know what I mean like that’s my idea it’s just I don’t know exactly how I’m going to do it with the sides that’s that’s basically it you know what we could do for the sides we’ll probably just put like I don’t know we could put like you can put like a little window here like just put this wall like kind of high you have it now and then just don’t even put like big old windows here just uh just connect it like like I don’t think the sides are necessary to put like big old windows you know what I mean maybe like little circle Windows here here here here you know what I mean not like like it doesn’t have to be like arched kind of thing I don’t think unless you think you can think of something I don’t know but I don’t know if that makes sense to you but yeah um you I don’t know you could do something with that what’s up yo Shadow Dude Looks Like a Shadow literally what’s up man how you doing oh wait did you give them tools yet I’m coming back to the over world oh [ __ ] hold up hold up up B ban the [ __ ] guy right now bonic B bonic right now done thank you [ __ ] Jesus bro that guy is not coming back in this [ __ ] I don’t care how was he how was he able to Jo [ __ ] you doing I am so hungry holy [ __ ] in real life and Minecraft hey my mood from phone yo this is my mood apparently on the phone yeah that yeah I know yo is this never mind shadow shadow where you at hash y a this had a 100 do have water yeah that guy did some [ __ ] up [ __ ] last time we’re not we’re if you guys see that name don’t even bother bro how the [ __ ] was he able to join though I banned him the Callin [ __ ] up [ __ ] hello can you tell him I’m not a villain please I’m trying to give him tools he’s not following me thank you fin yeah thank you okay come bro why is the head why is the flying why is V flying never mind he’s not a bro what the [ __ ] bro all right hold up oh [ __ ] uh we got those uh BL things in the sky oh [ __ ] newo did you get the boat or something No I gave you the boat no I I Dro when I break it at the nether portal it drop yeah I I I’m not in the Nether Portal anymore I’m I’m doing something know night night [Music] [ __ ] oh Lord appreciate everyone in the chat man hope you guys enjoyed what the holy [ __ ] I misspell three times the [ __ ] is going on here what i is that you what I got to eat my first meal of the day same uh you’re all good dude you’re all good do your thing let me give you the wood and let you cook I’m not yeah I don’t know if I’m very good at that anymore man um maybe I can come up with something on the side I don’t know if you mind it’s up up to you I don’t know if you had an idea but maybe I can try to come up with something for the side um I just don’t know exactly yet you know what I mean but uh I can think of something what the [ __ ] is going on all right uh yeah appreciate everyone in chat man thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys enjoyed if you guys want to join up let us know well you guys are remember walk to now go ahead me all right for sure man appreciate you where you at are you on top I did not happen uh did you help did you give him the stuff or yeah I did I did okay cool cool cool cool brother you cannot convince me that the waffle house does not look like a cad we’re working on it man give us a give us time give us time let us cook all right we’re not doing so good yet we’re like on the process of trying to you know figure out question bagette um these parts right here if it’s a window I don’t know exactly what you wanted to do with that like I don’t know is there a reason like a vision you had for putting these here or cuz I kind of wanted to have like the entire thing will be a window you know what I mean um but I don’t know I don’t know it’s up to you I don’t know exactly what you want to do with that uh everything appreciate you man thank you thank you thank you yeah I’ll see what I can do with the Villager someone says need help with the villager oh the other one uh uh I just thought the design looks cool okay okay I just it’s cuz in my head oh God damn it why did in my head I just thought about putting the the whole thing it’s like a window but um yeah if you have an idea for that you can go right ahead the only thing is we dude he keeps joining numo what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is going on IP I have to IP B because he’s Chang did you do IP I’m not I have to manually Tye it do you know what it is orup wait I can’t IP B what the [ __ ] wait B IP why can’t I IP B [ __ ] kicking him out cuz he was already going to do some [ __ ] how does he do that I don’t know D make another rep command block that automatically every time oh this dude keeps [ __ ] joining man it’s so annoying it’s like dude if you want to be here so bad then you should have never done some [ __ ] like that okay yeah we’re going to need a lot of glass for that too though um uh Vette for sure we’re going to need more he what do you need again for your [ __ ] Blast Furnace iron and then the furnaces okay easy okay okay two villagers at the stoner land farm yo let’s go thank you we will pay you handsomely let me just pay it for my mood this time BL appreciate it Maddie thank you man I appreciate you for telling me that ultimate where you at I got to pay you st I’m coming oh Lord nightmare fuel you say that’s what you what the hell nightmare fuel it’s insane brother all right um let me see kill thank you the [ __ ] this guy this guy is uh mud right on phone oh might have to fix the trading system oh s ow I have to give you back your pickaxe oh I mean you can keep it if you want that’s toally fine okay thank you you’re welcome got to go ah la man appreciate you all right that’s not enough but whatever uh I also needed these [Music] for that not you did what the fudge the how should I do this exactly who join who just game uh what did tonic do uh Shadow he pretty much uh well see you see this here you see that there you see all this [ __ ] here and that he burned it all down pretty much and um yeah he’s not allowed back in here he just he [ __ ] up that’s all that’s all I can say he [ __ ] up you what I I die I drop my diamond oh no where did you die at the at the nether no big deal uh perfect I can actually test out my uh grave for uh makes sense yeah I mean I think he was doing good too Shadow but yeah he just kept [ __ ] yeah he just he [ __ ] up [Music] I’m going to the tunnel um I got go on right now okay ultimate can I get diamonds I don’t have enough for me BR I have enough I only have four Diamond which is given by NE yeah I have some diamonds um but it kind I have not as much diamonds that I would like but I have how much do you have 16 oh then okay I I got pretty good amount but honestly this is all given to me so so I don’t mind giving it away cuz I didn’t really do anything I also help with the Villagers yeah nice but but that’s Al job ultimate hired you not not me I H M hired ultimate and he’s part of the St finally so so what and do do you pay M what do you pay M if he uh needs a job and I hired yeah I do I paid him for the five stacks of wood that he gave me there a penis right here did the [ __ ] huh I already recover every every things and I’m at my base now was it in a grave yo can you not do that anymore the [ __ ] ultimate how how did it look like was it was it like a tombstone or was it like wow is that not not allowed on here what the [ __ ] that sucks just the stuff just Splat on the ground oh [ __ ] it didn’t work are you serious a lot okay I got to you telling about the the thing you put in the plugin yeah I have to fix gr plugin as well as the what other plugin was it what was it oh yeah D the one other [ __ ] trade reest hey what do you want I I’m just looking around oh I you were over here for something yeah I’m just looking around stop snooping buddy which one is in my room I D on this one uh no that one’s mine this is mine the [ __ ] the raway is fully functional y’all if y’all [Music] want now you you guys can get to my house fast and easy well you have to make it to the ston land right made it to the stone I ain’t doing all that brother that’s why I can you make dungeon safer I built this I I know where is the I know where is the spawn Warden thingy at I know where it is finish your job I’m already out of materials brother I G I gave you like three stacks of yeah that’s that’s not enough brother I also need a [ __ ] ton of gold and Redstone the Redstone isn’t a problem but the gold is what is the rail you’ll see you’ll see me going back and forth on it I’m hungry I’m gonna go now very hungry dying okay I’ll just show J once I get looped back around uh oh God what’s up mug how you doing yo J Mo where are you I’m in the HQ get I want to show you the railway come come over here brother it works it’s functional yeah that goes all the way across yeah not bad make I’m leaving this one out but if anyone ever takes more tell them to uh put the mine carts back in this chest oh I got you I got you mug mug this is for J Mo no no no no no get out oh oh not again okay Jesus why why is this so [ __ ] loud I don’t remember being this loud hey it’s pretty cool me and mug are coming so don’t come back yet nice so what do you do when you’re on the other side oh yeah for sure for sure yeah what do you do when you’re on the other side I’ll show you God [Laughter] oh God it’s stuck oh [ __ ] [ __ ] this is meant for only one person at a time yeah I can see that oh Lord uh num are you still here uh he went to eat but it’ll be back I’m guessing I’m coming back so no one get on the railway please the spawn is so chaotic man you [ __ ] God damn why did you have to hit me well anyways basically it stops right here and then you get in and you push W key and then all right I’m going go back too I’m just wait mugs in my chest mugs in my [ __ ] chest get the [ __ ] out of my chest mug don’t be taking anything man back oh Lord not it’s not stopping you have to push the W key brother yeah but it doesn’t stop because of the [ __ ] thing all right I’m just running I’m walking it’s because there’s another person on the mine cart MADD get the [ __ ] out of the work get I’m currently writing letter to apologies to my professor and now hey wait what I still want my grd okay like the like the class is so boring I really don’t want to go but I still want to grade I get you you can’t just say you’re sick or something have to go get my boys diamonds real quick I accidentally yed them dared me to hit him off and I accidentally killed him so accident y his diamonds back real quick there it’s been templ I could B real quick template uh I don’t even know what that is brother smiting template yeah I’m about to die what the [ __ ] am I doing oh smiting template yeah you use it at the smithing table combined with armor and one material you want Oh but remember smiting template is [ __ ] expensive uh you can duplicate it with seven Diamond I believe wait how do you because wait using the template does it like like take it forever I’m not sure though uh cuz I I was given this but I don’t know I don’t really want to you better duplicate it because if you use it up you need to find in the window the in the wall yeah I’ve never done it says you can duplicate it all right I you know what [ __ ] it here you think you can duplicate it I’ll Trust you bro go for it you need seven diamond where is the crafting table isn’t it this right here the upgrade gear [ __ ] right here or no is that not it I’m so confused I don’t know how it works later again all right for sure ex you take care man I appreciate it which which one is it I don’t I don’t really know which one you’re talking about what do you what is it exactly that you need to like uh do it the crafting table you I think you find is just the template it should show you how to craft it how do what do you search up template I think so is it I don’t think so wait let me let me watch your stream a little bit you such that I’m so confused Jo on I appreciate you man thank you you too man have a good night man I’m kind of I’m a little confused me two more of them oh so you’re good then oh they got you got you got you my internet so bad I cannot load your stream well he got it already we’re good we’re good all right let me get started on this damn thing over here I’m still really confused on what exactly we’re going to do for that God damn yeah I don’t know what I’mma do for this yeah appreciate everyone watching man I hope you guys enjoyed the stream leave a like subscribe if you guys are new um follow if you’re on Twitch i’ would really appreciate it if you guys do want to join up let me know uh ultimate I think we already fig figured it out uh he already duplicated it so I think we’re good now uh he said he duplicated it already so thank you though thank you I appreciate you aone back to you yeah I know I know hello hello my internet is so hit I cannot watch stream while voice call yeah D dude what dup what huh what what you say dup what do you on about br oh the the smithing template or the thing oh what is this cross walker oh thank you I really appreciate that thank you so much is there no [ __ ] yet no no one’s found a jungle or I don’t know they the wck ships either oh shipwreck I found I I I searched like at least like five to six shipwreck and none of them have a bamboo yo that’s the rarest I think if if we find Bamboo the server will progress faster you think so yes it will allow us to trade villager very fast we can earn emeralds unlimited emeralds we can gain unlimited XP to trading we can build a lot scaffolding make you will help us the building way faster yeah the F it’s just so is just insane it’s so useful yeah you’re right you’re right you’re right you said this is the rarest book so they just gave me the frost Walker 2 enchanted book oh nice very nice very nice very kind people I appreciate everyone thank you guys so much for always you guys don’t have to do that kind of stuff but but I appreciate it when you do J do you do you feel like want to explore the world explore the ocean I do but I just can’t right like right now I want to finish this thing cuz it’s going to bug me this is just sitting here so I want to do this first before I do anything else Treasure of the ocean that’s that’s what you call it as it’s called The Treasure of the ocean sorry I’m not really too familiar with what’s like rare in here but I appreciate you cuz apparently according to them they’re saying it’s really rare So I really appreciate it thank you do you know what it does uh I’m pretty sure like uh wherever you walk it turns into ice on water yeah okay yeah I think I’ve seen that before it’s pretty cool I’ve never had it though this is the probably the first time I’ve ever had it so thank you I have an idea I have an idea I don’t know exactly how this is going to play out um if anyone wants tags currently I’m making a portal to the end portal like I’m traveling through the nether so it’s easier to get to the end portal so we don’t have to constantly travel the multi thousand block yeah yeah yeah we should make Highway nether highway to that Port what I am doing at the moment my friend is there any Electra any Electra no clue no Electra yet we have no clue about that why the [ __ ] Fu does this guy keep joining dude oh my God that’s actually pissed me off that it’s like allowing him to join getting closer to the Ender Portal 200 divided by 25 blocks got it what what happened say something I was just talking to myself we all have our home commands right so instead of making the portal in the in Portal I can just make it next to where you enter the end portal thank you for letting me know Shadow I didn’t know appreciate you there’s a home command not Set set set set all right yeah uh did mug ask want to trade [Music] job in uh damn it that really where’s stacks you look like Oliver tree if he was a if he was skinnier Oliver tree [Music] brother oh Lord I mean I I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not honestly but uh welcome to stream uh I don’t know what this guy wants to trade for to be honest but yeah what’s up King Kong how you doing dude if you want to join up by the way you’re more than welcome to um I don’t know if you want to but yeah music slaps though no yeah yeah I know I know but I’m just saying I mean I I don’t know some people say I look like Markiplier too I don’t know they call me the Mexican Markiplier or some [ __ ] like that that [ __ ] you do not look like marer that’s what I’m saying I don’t know why why is my sensitivity for my iron sword I think it’s because your hair or something yeah that’s what I’m assing too but I besides that nothing else looks like uh but you look like the dude in The Lorax movie wow that’s crazy you talking about n that’s crazy roasting no I need I need it yeah honestly I’m going be like mods Banning F Jesus Christ anything useful be uh BRP do thing how bad can I how bad can that be mods ban him and discombobulate his ball all right y he’s crazy oh I’m just looking for a new fan how bad can I be I got to find a new [ __ ] material for this this is this is sad [Music] actually can I just put this side I think it would look better if it was sideways re close and reopen my [ __ ] Minecraft CU it broke [ __ ] wait did I not huh am I blind where the [ __ ] did the piece of log go guys what the [ __ ] is it stuck up there it’s stuck up there I swear I thought I heard me picking it up I I was so confused uh let it grow let it all right all right why are we like why are we just taking the song lyrics and everything from Lorax now bro why why is this happening yo numo that dude came back again bro [ __ ] tonic won’t like he just keeps trying to join D I don’t know what the [ __ ] I just don’t get why if he’s wants to join now it’s like dude you should never done what you did but now he just wants to keep trying to join you ate Ito Let It Die oh let it die let it die that shit’s fun he’s like Let It shit’s [ __ ] stupid bro no actually lorx is a fire movie that shit’s so [ __ ] is that shit’s so fire bro I like uh hordon here’s a who too that one’s pretty sick I don’t know if you guys ever seen that one but that’s also a dark Dr seus I’ll make a repeater to keep Banning orx was fire yes sir yeah I think that’s that’s a good call um numo I mean I you already know like I I can be forgiving But like after that that [ __ ] was just ridiculous and that was like the one time like [ __ ] didn’t go the way we wanted it to just it was just so [ __ ] bad I really like the Dr Su books yes sir have you guys ever had green eggs in hand bro oh my God I actually had that [ __ ] for uh it was like a project kind of for school I was likeing Kindergarten though but that [ __ ] was so [ __ ] fire brother wait that’s the real thing yeah well the thing is it’s green eggs and ham and it tastes so it would it tasted so good but the only thing is it’s like it’s really just like like die it is literally just like um it’s like they just put like the D green dye on it and it’s I thought it I thought it is like a western fairy tale on fantasy foot or some [ __ ] I don’t know is real no I mean it’s from Dr Seuss book it’s literally called green eggs and ham I think yeah I don’t know if you guys ever heard of that you’re old yo mods ban him now what the [ __ ] get this guy out of you mods crushes nuts n he said mods ban him bust in him all right buddy get get all right mods n for real get him out of here get him out of here Bros cooked get him out can we add time huh the sa is going out oh yeah okay thank you for letting me know thank you thank you thank you all right I’m adding time right now one second people literally 18 minutes um H what’s the call tonight I don’t know what I’m going to do tonight I’ll push it an hour more than what I was going to do yesterday um so we’ll be calling it in like an hour and a half yeah so we still got time to play on this on everything how canot be all right there you go we’re good now uh from the obsidian I gave you like And subscribe yes sir guys please do like and subscribe I would really really appreciate it uh but yeah appreciate everyone to cheat as always if you guys do want to join up you guys are more than welcome to mods ban me if you’re a little all right all right let’s let’s let’s chill out let’s chill out King Kong you’re funny dude you seem chill let’s let’s calm it down buddy he said nah that D’s quing uh I can’t eat got make him watch 4 hours of dream oh no you can’t watch a Cat in the Hat movie five times I have no [ __ ] problem with that honestly like honey it was ruined when she bought it just uhuh that [ __ ] was funny I don’t know if you guys have you you guys didn’t even ask me or answer question now you can’t you can get green eggs from Ducks I’ve had green eggs that [ __ ] rotten bro that a yeah I was going to say that I think I think you ate some rotten stuff bro I don’t know if that’s legit hey J do you know do you know Century egg uh I don’t think so I you can Google it Century egg hey J where are you where you centy what eight yeah wait how do you but I’m so I don’t know if I’m typing it right I don’t know God damn it can you type it in the in the Minecraft chat just so I know what to type exactly uh give him 20 prostate exams all right brother what the [ __ ] there not punish man that is Rew that is real uh there’s Green Eggs and H and how about red berries and Jerry’s wait what the [ __ ] no green eggs are real they come from ducks and very good really I didn’t know that [ __ ] uh it’s delicious if you can endure it smell what that’s true they have green tent to them look it up if you don’t believe me I actually worried to be honest oh thank you I appreciate it is there reason I’m done with what I’m doing show you some okay thank you thank you for the books though um laziness appreciate you Laz are you good I feel like you’re kind of bored I feel like you just don’t know what to do right now do you need a task or something like it’s all good hey I’m curious are people still getting wood for me for those those diamonds I’m curious I don’t know what’s going on I think muggies okay I mean cuz I didn’t know if you guys were accepting the T ask I didn’t I don’t know I’m so confused but cuz I really need this stuff I’mma leave now ah well I was G to say bye he just left this Jerry’s not Garry’s huh what what are you talking about bro not n I’ve never seen that honestly maybe I’m tripping maybe I was just the baby to remember that but I swear I’ve never seen like the like are you talking about like the egg show itself like like the egg is green or you just talking about like the inside of it is green wait what if you’re in Discord why are you you typing in chat I’m so brother downstairs brother I want to show you something brother okay brother you show me brother it’s gonna take maybe walking 300 blocks but that’s besides the on brother the [ __ ] is a staircase Brother D Jesus that is way too big to fit on the screen brother uh I may have went 800 blocks in a random direction to build a kingdom for myself yo do your thing man do your thing that’s totally up to you bro come on uh Cat in the Hat dog in the bowl what the [ __ ] what happened brother what’s going on brother are you kidnapping me I’m not kidnapping you brother where are we going are we’re going in the nether I’ve never been in the nether I don’t know if I should save that been in the nether brother nah well not not like ever but just not like like in This Server what the [ __ ] I have a [ __ ] ton of stuff with me I don’t know if I want to be in here I’m nervous I’m so sweaty weak I’m so heavy you can see there’s a deep slate brick uh I see guys this is a gooda we some oh there’s a gas right there brother just [ __ ] B it I get [ __ ] D [ __ ] what the [ __ ] bro guys I’ve never been here I don’t know I’m tripping I think I need food brother just spawned in okay come on what the [ __ ] wait what the [ __ ] wait where are we at now I’m confused cuz I built a Nether Portal inside of the end portal but it’s not there no more who [ __ ] broke my portal is that where we should be at right now or are you lost I’m so confused no I have a way point set to the Ender Portal we’re 80 blocks away so [ __ ] I’m so confused right now un broke my P portal birthing uh didn’t Minecraft was being gay I I’m like low on Fe I lost no I see you I know where you’re at I’m just confused on what’s going on where are you going I don’t know this brother is kidnapping me dude I have no idea either way we made it easier to get to the end oh my Lord why did it not take us here I am so [ __ ] confused I I don’t know I know I just not this damn B get’s been missing for a minute so we just enter this now where did this take us what the [ __ ] is going on what the [ __ ] this I don’t think this is where hey yo where the [ __ ] are I’m so confused I don’t know brother I’m lost so we never spawn here again where the [ __ ] hey whoa whoa oh my Lord I have way points don’t worry brother what the [ __ ] is happening I thought it was going to be something really quick why are we just what the [ __ ] why are we beating the game so fast apparent well to be honest I wasn’t even us that was ultimate ultimate beat the game like so long ago brother so don’t even don’t even come after me what the [ __ ] are you doing I don’t know bro where’s the exit to this wretched place bro what what what am I doing I got stacks of wood oh you got it all right uh I’m not at my I’m not at the base right now I got to I’m at the nether so I’ll I’ll go uh I’ll go do the thing right now okay just wait till I get back right now where are you I’m trying to find us a way to get the [ __ ] out of here my name tag right I do not see your name tag anywhere oh there you are I’m dead and I’m quitting BR yeah I’m never hopping on again goodbye did you just lose all your [ __ ] pretty much yeah never getting on again bye bro what the [ __ ] dude just took me into the nether died and now I’m stuck here bro what the [ __ ] are you [ __ ] joking can someone come save me bro what in the [ __ ] is going on these are my coordinates why the [ __ ] I need cour uh very infusing when you lose all your stuff yeah I understand that but like now you see the situation you just put me in he really just lose all his [ __ ] dude how [ __ ] is still there bro what the [ __ ] just happen what just happened BR literally oh my God this his shit’s Mo some of the good [ __ ] is still here why is he just leaving I need to be saved though I’m not even joking bro imagine that Sher box just [ __ ] fell oh my God on my way yo I appreciate it yo I need to be saved bro this is some straight wh [ __ ] right now open inventory I might be able to help I got nothing in the inventory brother I mean I guess this is mine now I don’t know if he plans to get on if he does get back on I’m willing to like you know invite in what bro what the [ __ ] says wait wait a minute I’m stupid hold up don’t go to the nether bro you’re you to I didn’t even read the the twitch chat yet I’m so sorry thank you so much do I totally forgot I could just slash home cheating it’s not cheating this is a plugin they added I to I’m so sorry I totally forgot you guys are so right I’m so I’m so sorry I’m so stupid yo OB wait obiwan you still good did you go in the nether or are you good oh there you are okay oh my God so I guess this is mine now or what the [ __ ] this dude just left after that all right thank you for trying to save me now I appreciate it no one else is no one else left right no one else where to go save me right right like we’re all good you go to base through spawn nether you go to my base through spawn what spawn really mug work in progress oh yeah hello um if you got that wood I can pay you um I got you thank you thank you thank you very much did I get all of it I did okay follow me follow me I will give you what you have yo Ashwin what’s up man how you doing how you been what was it three diamonds I said three diamonds right I’m pretty sure but how you been ashn it’s been a minute dude should I upgrade my base maybe uh I think you probably should I feel like everyone deserves to upgrade their base once in a while I feel like what you made I think yours is the one over there right I think or which one was your base just remind me real quick laziness I don’t know if you’re still in a game but if you want to get back on you could um okay mug your diamonds are right here the next to your house oh yeah yeah yeah okay so yeah I like it I think it’s a good like starter kind of house but I think you yeah I think it’d be cool if you could upgrade it bro I think you should definitely upgrade it um I don’t know if you want to make another one like you could find like some spot around here you’re more than welcome to and just yeah upgrade it do whatever you want man you have the freedom to do whatever to the next your house the one you use a wall yeah sorry about that I think that kind of just happened cuz I saw that we’re right next to each other so I’m like oh let me just put a fence right here and we’ll you know it’ be easy Jesus I can’t believe he just left I get that he was upset but he even bothered to like try and see uh no you cannot slash home two places it’s only one if you could that that would definitely be op for sure so yeah um thank you so much for the uh thing though mug appreciate it uh like your home two places and like no you you can only do one La yeah you can only do one only one only one all right uh I need some dirt H get some dirt definitely need some dirt cuz we don’t have the bamboo for the uh I forgot what it was called but yeah I need I need dirt cuz I ain’t got nothing else hello hello I can barely hear you you seem very laggy God damn it he keeps trying to eat the potato yeah scaffold there you go thank you for reminding me yeah we definitely need that though I feel like we’ve had enough bread I think everyone wants uh potatoes um uh I’mma cook that one though right now cuz like I do need it yo why is it so quiet though goly it’s pretty quiet right now I don’t know where numo went he kind of like just dipped lenon just dipped honestly too after he died he just couldn’t do it anymore man I was pushing the time to so that you guys can have more time to play and it feels like not really anyone wants to play right now or at least just not as much as usual which is fine uh Hoy me oh you’re in the game okay so you’re going to work on your thing bet can’t wait to see what it looks like man what what is your plan you think you’re going to upgrade it or you going to build somewhere else you’re going to try somewhere different uh appreciate it b b are you still here no you left a long time ago I meant to say like are you back yet is what I was saying but yeah okay uh so okay that’s another thing I was going to do I don’t know if any I know it seems stupid but is anyone here a part of the stoner Clan over there because if you are uh can you grant me access to enter so I can use the Cobblestone um generator so I need I need Cobblestone so yeah I’m invited but I’m neutral okay okay that makes sense okay the stor generator huh it it’s it’s not mine I can’t I can’t approve like you guys I can’t tell you if you can go or not I’m pretty I’m sure uh yeah I don’t know about that numo is uh he doesn’t like me very much I know where the stone generator is but I don’t know if everyone’s allowed to use it cuz uh yeah numo numo kind of is very picky about that and I don’t know where the [ __ ] he’s at right now he’s the to be seen to be honest so yeah uh I got too much [ __ ] on me anyway um I’m going to go put this might have to ask him yeah it’s all good I’ll just I’ll just wait it’s all good if you guys aren’t part of that thing then just don’t go over there cuz I don’t want you to mess with something and then they’re all mad and I which I don’t think it’s that serious but still you know better to just not stir up issues go Le all right you know what let me feed the sheep first before I do anything because I want to make sure that we finally feed these dudes and then we’re going to turn the rest of it to [Applause] bread he a lot of sheep brother and yet it’s not even enough I think ultimate is trying to play but his internet’s not letting all right this enough brother I’m going make a stone generator except I’m conveniently far away ah you’re all good don’t don’t worry do your thing do your thing dude do your thing man all right um now we can turn the rest of this into a all right uh let’s see um no fell from my high place yo what the [ __ ] yo mug I just realized you took the leather armor that was in the the hallway over here why would you do that that was for the Statue not you if you needed armor you could have just said so man bro is low bro is literally low bro your CF adjust it my CF what is my CF what are you talking about R Dawson uh I have no idea what you’re talking about I have no idea what you’re talking about did you put it back oh wow where you can put it back if you need armor you could have just said so it’s totally fine bro what is CF what the [ __ ] just happened is that creeper the [ __ ] just happened please fix it I think your OT is full bro what are you talking about OT and CF like be literal what are you talking about I don’t understand what you’re talking about here your CF your OT like what the [ __ ] I’m rejoin real quick all right increase the capacity of OT and C if is automatically just what the [ __ ] is oh my God does anyone know what they’re talking about can they please explain the chunks won’t load oh okay got you do thing Liz this you’re all good uh okay uh let me cook this [ __ ] real quick let me see let me see let me see all right yeah I don’t know what you’re talking about Red Dawson I’m trying to I’m trying to understand you but you’re not really being literal you’re using like you’re using acronyms and [ __ ] like I don’t know what the [ __ ] you’re talking about respectfully I I appreciate you though um Godly all right the rest is I’m trying into bread cuz I really need bread right now why why why why why explain to me why I leaving this I just don’t understand acronyms like you know like the short like I guess like the shortness for um like whatever whenever you say like something you use an acronym to like make it short like how people say lol you know what I mean it’s like laugh out loud you know what I mean like that’s abbreviations it’s the same [ __ ] abbrev wait what abbreviations hold up [ __ ] is now I gotta check myself because I don’t know what the [ __ ] I’m I mean that’s not really the same thing uh yeah see if you search up acronym it’s like literally about is acronym yeah acronym is like if you search it up abbreviation literally is like the same exact thing but um it’s like the shorten version it says of abbreviation it says an AB Jesus acronym and abbreviation form from the initial letters of other words and pronounce as a word so it’s literally yeah I don’t know it it’s weird cuz it literally says abbreviation and the definition of acronyms so yeah so I don’t know what to tell you bro but yeah thank you for making sure I was right revation is when you change would not to would it I mean is that what that is I don’t know I don’t know maybe I’m doing this all wrong I’m I’m I’m done all right I need to get to this [ __ ] already um okay there’s that that I’mma put some [ __ ] in my chest and just [ __ ] get this [ __ ] done with cuz I really I’ve been like streaming for a minute and I haven’t done jack [ __ ] to this building literally haven’t done jack [ __ ] so let me try to do something with it let me cook um I got a [ __ ] I’m going just use I don’t know what the [ __ ] to build right now all right um nether EG I don’t really I don’t know why oh yeah cuz it wasn’t nether oh Lord appreciate everyone watching man I hope you guys enjoy leave a like subscribe if you guys new if you guys do want to join up and you haven’t like you haven’t already um just let me know we’ll get you guys in here okay appreciate all you Jesus all right uh what why level does netherite start spawning I have no idea I think someone else will be able to help you in a bit but yeah I have no clue in my opin ah you’re talking the wrong guy about that stuff isn’t it 14 uh I think that sounds right from what I remember cuz it’s been a minute since I’ve done that that but I feel like 14 does sound right but then again I can’t really verify it it’s going to be my first time trying to find netherite nice spawns all levels but 14 is good or something around there yeah good luck on it by the way cuz I know trying to find that is like the most difficult thing ever people say you know it’s like one of the rarest thing to do oh my God what’s up what happened ultimate move normally yo one bam what are you doing what oh [ __ ] yo ultimate find the jungle let’s [ __ ] go let’s go bring that jungle saplings oh yeah jungle saplings cocoa beans uh we’re going to need bamboo what else do we need from there melons yeah we need melons melon seeds yep yep we’re going to need the whole shebang dude bring it all pay me 20 diamonds ooh what the [ __ ] 20 diamonds is crazy dude’s asking what the [ __ ] can’t even fly with electr brv wait what the [ __ ] this dude has an Electra how the [ __ ] is that he when the [ __ ] that happen what what what uh but she won’t SH now man it sucks when you know your your own girlfriend w share their melons with you man it’s crazy honestly I would say dumper dude to be honest with you sorry to hear that man sorry to hear that shadow but that’s not that’s not a real one [Music] my nether portal spawn near a nether fortress nice the he say wait who did he tell to pay him 20 diamonds 20 diamonds is [ __ ] crazy I’m just going to say that right now if you guys take that deal you’re insane brother 20 diamonds is not worth whatever he’s saying I’m sorry to say that is insane I would say 10 diamonds at least about 20 all I have to do is briber with pizza rolls yo some some Pak rolls for some diamonds it’s not bad [Music] brother golly did I [ __ ] but that [ __ ] away what did I do with it where the [ __ ] oh you know what I think I know what I put I put it I think I know where I put it yep there it is uh up up appreciate everyone in chat man if you guys want to join up let me know if you guys haven’t subscribed please consider doing so it really helps me out dude 13 diamonds final offer 13 diamonds brother you realize how hard it is to get diamonds I mean that that you you should know because you’re over here like you know asking for it so that just goes to show 15 diamonds is insane brother I ran for hours for bamboo you ran for hours for bamboo well good for you and I ran I ran all night and day I just ran I’m God damn it oh Lord [Applause] uh I don’t even know what’s going on uh ad how you doing I’ve never seen a like this so soothing I don’t know is that soothing it probably oh actually I know if you watching on my uh my YouTube honestly it probably look worse but I know on Twitch the stream doesn’t look as bad so yeah but how you been how you been Adele hope you been doing good by the way I do start my job very soon um I literally just did the final thing I had to do like earlier today um so now I’m just waiting for uh a message for me to start so yeah I I had to set up it took forever and and I feel like you should know that because I mean I literally told you not like so long ago that I was going to start working and I’m barely starting right now so that goes to show yeah hope you been doing good though D all right there goes the the rain brother um oh [ __ ] wait no taking that away and then we are going to take God damn it you know what we don’t need that right now uh we can take that and then we could take this okay and there you go uh doing great thanks for asking what about you uh I’m doing good um been I was pretty tired today but it’s all good um just trying to get my uh my public watch hours in for uh YouTube and all that um plus these people wanted to stream of course so or not stream but they wanted me to open up the server oh here I am but it’s going pretty good thank you for asking thank you for asking oh Lord why did it have to fall come on on oh God now I got to go down there cuz you know wool is not easy to come by I would say that for sure this tonic here okay cool we’re good what’s your job my job um well I used to work at a hospital I used to do like registration and all that and work with patience but now I basically do registration just not at a hospital anymore I um I work at a school a college actually um but yeah that’s what I do man or that’s what I’m going to start doing uh the thing is I never I never did interview I kind of got lucky with it um I had a friend of mine help me out why why did you hit me the hell mug it’s your problem man um oh yeah that’s what I was going to do yo why is it every time I do something people take my stuff come on man I swear I had shears another they’re gone so but so looks like I got to make more I’m running out of iron too God damn it uh uh I want to calling it was interesting yeah I mean for me I did do class classes for college as well but I did it during like the pandemic and all that um so I didn’t really get to experience it in person just like online and it was just very yeah I mean it was online so it wasn’t really going to be all that either but uh yeah it was uh it was something well all glad that show you thank you so much do I really appreciate that uh that’s OD for the stream cuz you got more viewers on YouTube than twitch yeah yeah I think I got more of a fan base on YouTube I just stream on Twitch cuz um it’s like I can do both so why not you know and um I’ve been getting some followers on um on Twitch so you know I guess that’s going good but yeah uh but yeah appreciate you for saying that I really do um um I just hope it all goes well and um I mean of course you know I got to be real and you know get a you know an actual job and all that but uh I do hope one day I can do YouTube as a full-time cuz that would be like a dream come true for me um not maybe not to a lot of you guys maybe you guys think that’s silly but for me that’s just you know that’s kind of that’s just what I want to do you know and then um that also means that I can be able to stream more and play with you guys so yeah I’m close though I’m close to you know making this like uh kind of a career so yeah oh God I don’t know what I’m going to do with this I’m like still trying to figure out what I’m doing here to be honest with you not fully done I got to figure out I got to search up like ideas on what to do with this I don’t know if this looks good or not this looks so silly I’m pretty sure probably hate this uh by the way I don’t I know if you play Minecraft if not it’s totally cool but if you do want to join let me know you are more than welcome to same goes for everyone else uh yeah hi I’m finally free Yo Silva you’re free welcome how you doing how was uh how was your day hope hope everything going good oh yeah that’s what I was going to do brother goly I forgot it’s a bit of a mess right now to be honest so everyone kind of just dipped yo who who got my wool brother it’s all good I don’t care it’s not my wool I’m not claiming it but I needed it oh mug you got it it’s all good appreciate it though oh you giving it oh thank you I appreciate that dude thank you hold up you know what you know what I’ll give you I’ll give you that for this honestly just cuz I got him so easily I guess um yeah I appreciate everyone for helping me out uh it’s not silly at all I’m sure you dream of country true I appreciate that thank you unfortunately I’ve never played Minecraft really that is actually really interesting because I honestly don’t I don’t remember the last person I’ve met that hasn’t played this game to be honest um which isn’t a bad thing I think it’s a really cool game you know some everyone has a preferences but um one thing for sure I feel like everyone I’ve met is a really big fan of like this game cuz it’s just it’s just fun dude it it’s just so fun I mean you learn a lot from it and uh it’s just overall a great game and you know fun to play with uh friends and stuff so if you want to give it a try you’re more than welcome to but if not that’s totally cool just offering you know yeah uh take a guess at what I went to college for m I mean I don’t know exactly H like I can’t really guess that because it could be anything like you could literally be anything so and I don’t want to guess something and it’s like oh an insult or something which I don’t want you to take it that way or anything um I just genuinely have no idea uh my day was okay we were writing a song in class not many people had any ideas of so most of the L so far idea hope I didn’t dis enourage I don’t think so you know I feel like sometimes there’s always those people who kind of just be there in class not that like people don’t find it interesting but sometimes they’re just not the um you know talking type or like you know the on to speak up you know uh aka me um so I just you know kind of wait for everyone else to just you know for someone else to same something so I feel like it was a good like cuz you took the initiative to continue you know what I mean and not only that but I know sometimes there are teachers that um um like you know sometimes not that they’re upset or they just feel bad that no one’s really interested in what you know is going on in class or something I don’t know how to put it but they like when people take initiative to like actually care and like you know learn I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what your class is like exactly that’s just what I’m saying I don’t think I don’t think it was like that at all uh there are some beings who don’t play certain games true true very true I mean there’s a lot of games I didn’t think I would play until I started playing this game or until I started streaming and a lot more people started requesting stuff so you’re kind of right about that but for me I guess I you know got to give everything a try I can’t judge I mean I used to judge well not that I used to judge I just didn’t see Roblox as a game that I would you know play like that but you know um people got me to play it I guess um not a huge huge ran about it but it’s fun you know but I guess that’s an an example I guess you can say oh Lord uh once to study become a which I did say o yo Shadow how you liking that though like is that is that what you cuz I know sometimes people go to college for certain things and then like halfway through like they realize this isn’t really something they want to do you know what I mean I don’t know if you guys all you know have like a friend or like you yourself have experienced that but yeah but are you happy with that choice Shadow if you don’t want to share that you don’t have to of course just just curious uh play but in future gotcha gotcha well if you do let me know I mean we’re going to always be hosting stuff like this like servers and stuff this is a private server by the way this is um for the uh our five our 500 subscriber event so we hit 500 subscribers on YouTube and this is like our celebration for it um as of right now it’s not too many people on but you know people keep joining and leaving it’s totally whatever but everyone’s doing their own thing it’s pretty cool and I’m making like this big old thing for us to all have fun right now it kind of seems a little dead because um not everyone’s on right now but everyone’s still like uh doing thing here and there so yeah but yeah it’s fun it’s fun playing with people for sure um when you have friends to play with and all that it’s a lot of fun I mean it’s fun play you could play this kind of this is the kind of game you could kind of like uh just like put some music on in like the background and just like play the game honestly that’s kind of how I see it so yeah but that’s that’s just me I don’t know if any anyone else feels like that too pretty sure they do yo did I do something wrong what the [ __ ] what did I do wrong oh wait did I put this too oh I did put a little low oh God damn it well oopsies yeah it’s definitely like a Vibe thing for me too like uh I just put on music and then I just play the game and it just you know get to building or playing the game or something and then yeah it’s pretty fun pretty cool pretty cool so yeah um I am the talking type until I get over stimulated which happens quick and need forever to recover from I’m sorry to hear that but you know it’s good to know that you know you like try you know you you know you speak up you know cuz um I’ve definitely never done that I mean at least not in an enir environment I’m like not to like it takes me a while to like uh really get comfortable with people not really well I don’t know how to explain it it’s just like I just never take the initiative to you know speak up and like you know get to know people just you know by my choice like sometimes it takes like either a like either like a forcing kind of thing where it’s like you know where people put you in like a group together for like a project or something like that or or if the other person just takes the initiative to talk to me you know what I mean that’s basically it um but other than that I I honestly can’t I don’t know why I just can’t that’s just who I am which is weird like I’m kind of socially awkward like like I have social anxiety like for some reason I just um I don’t know I just Y what is going on here this is pretty cool I like this who did this this is pretty sick it’s pretty dope pretty dope obw is that you I think it was dang oh it was you I had a feeling cuz I remember last time you asked uh you know if you could fix up the place that looks really cool dude keep it up man oh by the way guys um I’m going to be doing a I mean not that a lot of it’s not like a big announcement for like Channel thing this is just something I want to do in This Server so over there over there I’m going to be putting um like a wall in the uh waffle Brotherhood HQ which is what that is we’re going to put a big old wall and it’s going to be dedicated to all the people who join the server and I’mma put your guys’s name there okay just so that you know I just think it’s pretty cool um but yeah um my is quite the corpse aren’t going to judge me so it’s perfect for the for yourself yeah I mean hey man as long as you’re happy honestly that that’s perfectly fine that is perfectly fine I like I said I used to work in the hospital and um the first floor which is like the very bottom floor which is weird like uh the building I worked in was like on a hill so the first floor isn’t like the first floor like the main floor the main floor is actually the second floor you just got to go up the hill and then like um get to the second floor but yeah the first floor is like where they kept like all the bodies and stuff and like uh yeah it was crazy it was cold in there and it just had a weird vibe like H it ly and what is also weird is like that floor is kind of like where you had to go to like the cafeteria and [ __ ] yeah I I used to work in an ER too so I I saw a lot of crazy stuff we used to we would work with like the uh you know the um crazies a lot wait what is going on here when did all this grass get here wait who did this yo Obi-Wan did you do this I’m curious where can we meet obiwan I’m just curious did you do this or was this like this before this all this grass here I don’t think this was here before was it am I morg uh kind of yeah yeah it was like that pretty much that’s just SAR uh Waffle House hey that’s not me okay well I don’t know who did this I hopefully no one else did this because I think this was supposed to be Stone the other Clan did okay hopefully they did because otherwise hopefully we don’t get in trouble or anything cuz um I think they were trying to keep it Stone cuz you know they’re called the Stoners or whatever the stoner Clan yeah yeah honestly working at a hospital was pretty crazy um I even saw people like uh how do I put I I forgot what it’s called it’s been a minute since I worked there I and I for some reason can’t take of the word but we used to work with like uh all site patients so like you know just kind of like not okay in the head kind of thing um but yeah they would um I remember one time like there was this like lady she seemed sweet and all that she was very old and like she was just like looking at the ceiling just talking like like about demonic stuff it was crazy so yeah uh troubling aspd and finding a job that would work but with it yeah I understand but um you know sometimes it sucks for people to like go to college for certain things cuz I know sometimes it’s just like like in the end of the day it’s like even with like having a degree in something and all that like you just can’t find any job because of the way the economy is right now so it’s just sad uh you need to warm up yeah true true that’s just how I am that’s just how I am sorry I I’m taking a while I’m like getting into deep conversation with each of these comments and stuff so yeah but yeah um about the water I have not drinking water I definitely got to do that but thank you for reminding me this is the uh cobblestone generator this thing actually works really good not going to lie if anyone’s watching from the Stoners I’m sorry I had to borrow it okay I haven’t touched anything else respectfully so yeah um I’m somewhat socially awkward I tend to be really unsure of starting an interaction with anyone but as quick as someone interacts with me a few times I’m less yeah exactly that’s how I am that’s literally High am I’m going to start calling myself a chat parent a chat parent yo actually I like it it’s not bad that’s not bad that’s not bad I believe you deserve that to be honest yo who’s this I haven’t seen this person in a while wait yo is that a villager brother uh brother do I pay you br you guys can do trade I’m just let youall know uh I mean do work out uh I’m ation yeah I know I know I’m just saying for some people it’s like you know they don’t have that um that kind of uh I don’t know how to put it like they just sometimes it’s just difficult for some people you know what I mean uh appreciate everyone in the chat man thank you guys so much for watching hope you guys are enjoying the stream um sorry I know it seems a little dead today but uh we’re just going to keep trying to keep be going I think we’re going to be live for like another 40 minutes um cuz I do got to sleep of course and then it has been a long day and I I really do got to get some sleep but um if you guys um if you guys do enjoy make sure to leave a like subscribe if you guys are new follow me here on Twitch I would really really appreciate it but yeah if you guys want to join up too let me know you said what uh help me keep these diamonds what do you mean help you keep okay what are you why is he telling me to keep help them keep it oh that’s why okay uh sounds like a good idea uh what do you wait what are you saying sounds like a good idea I’m confused sorry I wasn’t really I get thrown off like I’m not paying attention my bad uh damn what do we do I’m like very confused on how to do this exactly guys trying to build this is like really difficult I wanted to do this as a window I’m not really sure why he put this here I don’t know exactly on how we’re going to do it but I’m going to sleep in like 40 minutes all right for sure oh oh that’s what you meant oh my bad my bad okay that’s you said that sound like a good idea okay appr yeah yeah um yeah I do got to get some sleep because yeah it’s been a long ass day all right give me one second um I’m GNA get some water you guys can get some water too if you haven’t already so what is going on with the Eng all right I think tomorrow I’m gonna get haircut guys like I’m not even joking I mean like not like a normal like like one the ones I’ve been getting so far I’m getting like a real haircut like it’s going to be short because this long hair honestly is just killing me a little bit plus I don’t know how to like maintain it properly it’s just like it’s always all over the place and I can’t do it what’s up ultimate uh oh my internet thing fixed so now I can play Java oh okay uh did you join in or why I’m I’m launching Minecraft oh okay okay my phone is at 50° C right now because of playing Minecraft what the [ __ ] yeah actually I do remember what that was like cuz I used to play Pocket Edition all the time so that [ __ ] gets really [Music] hot I don’t know if my get still here I don’t think so you should everyone watching man if you guys do want to join up make sure to let me know or if you’re on YouTube the instructions on how to join is in the description okay so just uh look in there guys yeah appreciate everyone watching man hope you guys enjoy um changing hairstyle um not really changing it’s kind of like I’ve always had a specific hairstyle it’s just been uh your hair style is a bit like re H okay that makes sense actually cuz he does have that yeah that do a oh brother what the [ __ ] just happened he just jump off not knowing he was low on health are you good oh Lord get all your stuff get all your stuff you’re all good man your thing but uh no yeah my hairstyle used to be different um it wasn’t just to recently like I really didn’t really like I wanted to let it grow out I wanted to see how it would look um which I had like a hairstyle in mind it’s just my hair isn’t exactly like you know it’s not exactly uh like how I want it like it’s just it doesn’t cooperate very well like my hair is very like straight so it won’t it won’t just like you know cooperate with the way I want to do it I mean maybe if I use product but I know some product that I use is like just really [ __ ] up just it really [ __ ] up my air makes it feel Weir uh oh wait uh let’s just do SL I don’t oh wait does it oh [ __ ] wait you know what here just just take it just take it it’s going to take too long just do it yeah Community trash be Community trash bin honestly no I have no idea I don’t think we do uh I should two new moon tomorrow which means M will be going kwire oh lord well I mean nothing’s wrong with taking a nap you know think about cheating oh I already read that but yeah I used to have a different hairstyle um pretty much it’s kind of just T and then like I have my hair a little bit down right here I haven’t done it in a while I used to back then like in high school I used to have my hair like up like combed a little like not combed but like brushed up kind of I don’t know how to explain it but I honestly looked back at that I’m like dude what the [ __ ] was I doing like that I didn’t I don’t like it at all anymore like my hair just looks uh like you guys ever look like look at like old pics of yourself you’re just like cringing like you’re just like bro what the [ __ ] if not you probably are still waiting for that day not a lot of people have what it takes to do my job which isn’t me being rude it’s just some people don’t realize there’s a big differ between seeing TV in no I get you bro trust me I totally get you I totally get you you don’t understand like I’m not even trying to say it like oh like my job is probably nothing compar like is way or your job is like nothing compared to what I used to do it’s just like like what I used to do was like so [ __ ] crazy like you have no idea like it was like not physically draining it was mentally draining like so so so much dude like just imagine like you had to be up graveyard like an emergency room where it was like you can’t be on your phone do nothing you had to be up waiting for patience like at any minute it could be like dead completely and then at any minute someone’s rushing in saying like oh like uh I’m having a heart attack or some [ __ ] like like and like you have to just immediately like lock in and like you have to be like that like forever like your entire shift you cannot like slack cuz if if you [ __ ] up that person could die literally like that’s that’s literally what my job was so yeah it was it was [ __ ] nuts dude and there’s been times where I have seen bodies because you know sometimes in ER you know [ __ ] happens so it was [ __ ] it was pretty [ __ ] up I’m not going to lie to you uh sh a bad person would be able to take that yeah some people not some people but like it’s just I don’t know that’s just how it is sometimes you know it it’s really difficult to like do some stuff like sometimes I look at jobs too like nothing like crazy crazy but like like you know the people who like like not to be disgusting but like you know like sewage kind of [ __ ] like I’ve seen clips of that like dude that [ __ ] looks so disgusting I can’t like I don’t know how people could do that it’s just so oh my God all right I need to figure out a way I’mma do this which I think I just figured out a way I’mma do this wow all right um let’s see I get what I’m doing now y appreciate every watching man if you guys do want to join as always let me know man I really appreciate you you guys being here even if you’re just in the game and you’re watching it helps me out with my watch hours which I at the moment really need to um need help on so I really appreciate it guys um but yeah oh my God I almost just [ __ ] that out uh my hair is pretty long it’s down to my middle back bamn it’s that long cut my hair and 3 years ago my hair grows a short hairstyle damn I’m would you would you want to do that is that something you would want to do like run it with a like really short yeah all right I think I did this right oh it’s cuz I did it one far back and okay that that’s fine oh man [ __ ] all right uh it’s all good I’ll just go um but yeah I think my mom used to have really long hair until she had to I think she had to cut it at some point because um I forgot what happens with hair like uh like the the hair ends like die or something I forgot what it was but like pretty much getting you’re like needed to get a haircut or something um but yeah my mom has used to have hair that went all the way to like her waist so she had really long hair uh I have a surprising amount of people tell me they could do my job mostly The Edge and I usually try to tell them n i mean I don’t know like like it’s I don’t know it’s easier to say said than n you know what I mean like sometime sometimes people don’t understand what it is your job like like like I used to think that all the time where I used to work and it’s just yeah but the like the thing is like people just say stuff like that until they actually do your job and they’re just like [ __ ] like damn this is crazy like I realized that when I would do my job and I was just like dude what the [ __ ] like I can’t believe I’m doing this [ __ ] but yeah some people just don’t understand bro they don’t they don’t get you know which it’s totally fine but it’s going to hit them later on so don’t worry don’t worry about it just wait till they uh at some point got to do some stuff like that cuz you know not our jobs are easy um you’re so close to 600 oh 600 subscribers really I appreciate I mean I know we are bro hopefully we can hit it soon dude cuz I know I know we haven’t been doing so good on that but it’s all good right 566 right now so let’s keep it up man appreciate all you guys uh would you work in a hospital you get the different yeah I mean I never really had someone tell me that but it’s like it’s one thing like working okay so I would have different shifts I would vary between like day shift and like night shift and um day shift isn’t easy either like I would do night shift most of the time time the day shift isn’t easy either like it be when it’s busy like it’s busy like the entire Lobby just imagine an entire Lobby people waiting to get treated seen by a doctor and all that [ __ ] and then like they just keep the only person they can come to complain to is you and like you feel bad too because there’s people who really need help and then there’s always those like for some reason those the people that go to the emergency room for like the littlest thing like a [ __ ] cut on the finger or some [ __ ] and it’s like dude like you’re and then like they complain so bad they’re like oh like like do I need to be dying in able for me to get seen right now it’s like well I mean maybe I mean [ __ ] there’s people like I like I like that’s literally words I’ve heard from a person like I’m like saying this off of a person that actually had a like see at my job and like they would say that [ __ ] and it’s like bro like you’re saying this as like literally right now there’s people back there who are having like the worst [ __ ] experience of their life and it’s like dude like you’re over here crying like the fact that you’re literally able to stand up and tell me this right now just shows that you do not need to be seen by a doctor like there’s people who can’t even get up for themselves and like go complain like you can just see it on their face you know what I mean so yeah uh I wouldn’t I want it really short as cuz I wouldn’t need to wait 4 hours for dry um I get I get you yeah I think I I never really thought about that honestly that’s like something I don’t really think about because I know um usually um usually women have long hair and all that but for me I’ve never really had the only thing I had to deal with is just you know like having to move hair out of my face and like um I guess like my hair used to be a little long ER back then like from like the back of my head and um like hair would get tangled and sometimes it would like like when I go to sleep like it gets really annoying when it’s just like like I don’t know it just gets annoying really but I never thought about that like damn uh I’ve had a l pretty much all my life before I cut it short three years ago I had down to my butt oh yeah that was that was my mom too that was my mom uh would you ever consider going bald the biggest misconception is when I try to tell them they only picture who died of natural age in reality can be anyone who just had an yeah exactly like then they might think it’s oh yeah it’s just a person like an old guy probably like no that’s not that’s not the case bro it’s not always that you know people don’t just die from natural causes like it’s it’s everything like there’s [ __ ] that you don’t want to see ever and you know and it’s not the [ __ ] that you just see on TV like oh just a regular corpse like no you got to see all the nasty stuff like literally yeah that’s off to you Shadow that’s off to you bro all I added more time um but the thing is we’re going to be ending in like a little bit like 23 minutes because yeah I got to go to sleep but uh I added more time for you guys so we can keep we going till then uh yes uh here’s something for you all right what you got what is that what the [ __ ] where the [ __ ] did you just get this from rying obsidian fire charge nether quartz yeah appreciate it did you just come from the net he probably found it from the Run portal I assume oh okay did you find the nether fortress or something R portal R portal R portal oh oh I know what you’re talking about I know what you’re talking about yeah yeah yeah I totally forgot about those uh okay 10 ancient debris in the last 10 minutes yo what 10 ancient debris in the last five minutes they added onions to Minecraft onions to why why would you even like that’s so Random to think about that uh I think I’m good looking enough to rock a bald head buzz cut okay okay see I like the conf I could not I think back then um I had Cadet class I don’t know you guys know what that is but like uh it’s pretty much like it’s like very like um it’s like the new version of I guess like being a cop training to be a cop like you’re just like a baby yeah it’s a Cadet yeah so that’s what I would I used to do that with my brothers when I was little and one of the things is we had to have really short hair and our hair was way way too long so we had to cut it and oh thank you appreciate it we need need those we need those I appreciate that man but yeah um we needed to cut our hair and when we went my brother was went the one that went like first and then my mom was like oh like you got to get this short like this short and we’re like saying like no that’s too short but she’s just like no I don’t care so we he did it and it just looked really bad and it was really short and she like didn’t realize it was going to be that short so after we saw him do it um we didn’t do it cuz we’re like nah [ __ ] that like I’m not getting that short so my brother had to go to school like that and it was just yeah I was just like dude like the you dirty I I could never do that [ __ ] how often we Stu stuck in their oh my God it’s so Random I mean yeah you’d be surprised honestly yeah yep you’d be surprised for sure [Music] um yeah there’s plenty of people pass of old age but you also have people who blew their own face offs damn I didn’t even think of that I didn’t even think of that but yeah that’s like the stuff that no one ever thinks about and it’s like that’s just some [ __ ] there’s just truly some [ __ ] in the world that you shouldn’t you know a person shouldn’t see feel like and to them when they say that stuff about like oh like it’s an easy job or whatever like they could do that easily feel like [ __ ] like that is like like what they don’t think about you know like like trust me bro like you don’t want to see the [ __ ] I’ve seen you know like that’s kind of what it feels like I’m pretty sure God damn it yeah ye [ __ ] that no it was like it was like a buzz cut like literally I was just like we were just like [ __ ] dude like how hell no and you know how like I don’t know if you guys ever experienced this but like if you ever had like a a loved one or like you know like a girlfriend or a boyfriend that you had like in in um school and for some reason your haircut like I I don’t know if this was for Like Girls Too respectfully but like when we get a haircut as a guy it’s like you’re just like thinking of all the things everyone’s going to say about your hair you’re just like bro like like when you have a girlfriend you’re getting haircut you’re just like dude like my girlfriend’s going to break up me like you’re just like all like contemplating about like oh my God what are they going to say and like this and that and like dude when my brother got that [ __ ] haircut I was just like dude please don’t let me do this like I like I’m begging you like I don’t want to do this like this is embarrassing like my girlfriend’s going to break up with me like it was the stupidest [ __ ] but yeah I don’t know that’s just the way you thought I too scared of prime sees to ever work with dead Jesus Christ yeah honestly like I’m pretty sure I mean that’s not that you have to get too much in depth Shadow but like what is like the protocol like before you like ever work on on like bodies and stuff like what do you have to do if you don’t mind me asking I’m just curious bro but Jesus I’m going go continue trying to get netherite be right back oh be oh you’re thing man uh and then I have to argue with the family that an open casket for a person with their face gone isn’t a good idea uh well of course not I mean I mean I don’t see why any person ever would think that I mean [ __ ] dude that’s like [ __ ] up that’s just so [ __ ] you know I like I I don’t know if you ever heard that story of um it’s like way back but like pretty pretty much uh it was like back in those times where um people weren’t very nice to like African-Americans and stuff and um it was like all this stuff but basically there’s like this kid who basically whistle I forgot her it was like a it’s like a known story out there but uh by the way with glow stone and crying you can make a response anchor it’s like a bed but for oh really I didn’t know that appreciate you for letting me know that but yeah you take care LZ thank you man have a good one all right stay safe man but yeah um yeah back then there was like a like this person this kid uh African African-American he was just pretty much like out with his friends and then like he decided to whistle at a lady like a white woman pretty much and oh that movie yeah I know I think there’s a movie about it right yeah yeah basically like the husband and them like went to go over to the kids’s house like later on that day and like killed uh killed the boy like while they were all asleep and [ __ ] and as of as a way to like you know make people like realize how [ __ ] up this is and like you know they don’t just kill they torture the [ __ ] out of him yeah it was it was really bad it wasn’t just like a straight up just oh simple murder like it was just it was like way worse than that but like in the end it was just like uh the mother basically told them like oh like when they had the funeral and all that and the casket like she said like not open the caset like I want them to know what they did to my baby and all that it was just like [ __ ] insane dude but it’s like it’s real cuz like you know people don’t realize all the [ __ ] they’re [ __ ] doing and they got to it’s like you know I don’t know it’s just it was such a [ __ ] up thing and the crazy part about that is I know that for a fact there’s still people out in in the world that still you know think like that like to like just you know kill anyone for the smallest thing like that by the way YouTube please don’t ban me for talking about this these are just stories all right please don’t take it literal all right um I’m not trying to uh what’s the word I’m not trying to you know what’s the word influence people to like like any of this it’s just a story all right please I say that guys cuz literally sometimes YouTube will take it as that so I got to make sure they don’t yeah um it’s prob the same one growing up as a woman if there is a in style yeah I was going to say I’m pretty sure that’s like the same thing but damn honestly wait what the happen uh but yeah really good for PVP LOL PVP why do you say that why do you say they’re good for PVP over oh Dam that’s crazy what the [ __ ] my friend’s gonna flame me for my haircut yeah dude honestly yeah everyone either that or they’re going to be like oh damn you got a new haircut and then they neck the [ __ ] out of you like [ __ ] hell I don’t know if you guys ever dealt with that but yeah that’s like just some friend stuff apparently some friends e um but yeah sorry I know I’m sorry you said fix the anti I’m sorry man I Didn’t Do It um I gotta talk to uh Numa about it because I I know a lot of people have been complaining about it so I’m sorry bro I don’t know why it’s been a thing like that but uh yeah um we wear gloves washed before and after if you get cut and Bone you need to go to wash it out and try to get a doctor’s appointment pretty soon to vet some test run also wear oh okay yeah that makes that makes a lot of sense that makes a lot of sense bro yeah well I mean that’s all un necessary like for real um but yeah uh yeah I would assume as it like you know any any huge change you would always be like conting on what other people would think I mean not that you should care but it’s like you know you just don’t know what kind of like attention either you’re going to be bad attention you’re going to get people from people who are good you know I don’t uh yeah YouTube got no chill yeah I know but you know I got to just verify with them like hey yo we’re just talking here all right chill out uh my partner is African-American and I hate how they get treated yeah I mean it’s not the same everywhere but you know for me I feel like everyone should just I always see the world that’s just like you know everyone is a person and everyone should live their life the way they choose to and you know you shouldn’t have a problem with it cuz it’s not your life like you should have a problem with that person cuz it’s not your life it’s their life so just let it be have you seen one van his St uh no why he’s at the waffle house right now she oh his drip yeah this dude’s been [ __ ] going crazy dude look at him look at him drip yeah you’re drip looking drippy dude you got the [ __ ] SLE Godly bro is that custom or something and he’s got Electra armor Tri armor oh that’s the go is trim on the armor on the on the netherite armor e is this is [ __ ] drippy though who let him cook bro ultim I thought this was supposed to be you oh I’m just after beating Ender Dragon and just trying to do the early game stuff oh now you’re trying to do that should have done that from way back then um I didn’t realize I was so oh my scars are turning purple oh I’m sorry to hear that get a blanket for sure what what brother what the [ __ ] wait are you giving this I’m so confused I already have some I only take the Sal and shower I’m taking everything [ __ ] that I’m just kidding are you giving this to us or I’m so confused is the guy we need in real life the a bilon ass donates to everyone y’all need you got it from end yo this is real loyalty 3 I don’t even know what the [ __ ] that is that is for tridon oh oh yeah yeah now I remember yeah I’m good now bro thank you appreciate it dude who wants some extra netherite I mean I’ll take some yo what the [ __ ] what do I drop brother I’m not going to drop that but what the [ __ ] what is that trim car course I’m a tri a I don’t know what to drop brother I can just drop that [ __ ] that brother okay now you just Dro in everything in front of me God I don’t want to drop the painting you know I’mma put that there oh you know what I could put some [ __ ] in here what am I talking about uh okay L Fabric right what the [ __ ] dude this guy is nuts are you insane brother holy [ __ ] y appreciate you dude uh holy [ __ ] I looked outside and the Sun is riding I just spent all night playing y I mean wait which one are you still in the game with us are you oh yeah you’re Nightshade right what you been up to how you doing dude say his own client I’m pretty sure oh you guys talking to each other my bad uh I guess it happens but try to get some sleep some sleep is better than to be fair I haven’t slept in 40 I just have small TRS throughout the year where I won’t sleep for a week ah I get you that’s real blanket acquired I like it I like it I like it yeah just I mean Dam I’m sorry to hear that though um um Shadow but hopefully you can get some sleep dude cuz um yeah it’s not so easy just sping up like that do you have any plan for the surrounding of the the HQ uh the surrounding yeah I do um I plan to add a like a farm and a horse Lodge for horses but I don’t even know if we’re going to find horses honestly oh no Shadow was slain by a dragon I think or a dragon did I just say dragon I mean a zombie what the [ __ ] I’m tripping brother I straight up just said a dragon right now didn’t I running D just jumped right off damn I’m I’m [ __ ] [ __ ] out I look crazy with the armor and then my mustache do you want to know fun fact about Al sure being a night all and all hey J yeah I sometimes heard about the mod server you guys talk about oh yeah yeah yeah what about it why is I I just want to know why is that what why is it not um open huh why is it not open or about mod server what what is it about oh um it’s basically just like the like the from the fog it’s like a bunch of scary mods and then um we’re we all just pretty much like you know do together kind of thing that’s that’s basically what it is but it’s not ready yet cuz it still got some issues with it so it’s about horor yeah basically it’s basically what it’s about yeah not my huh uh the mad that I generally play is Aventure dungeon I get you iation I could spend I was just walking on my walking in Minecraft great generation the mod generation I also made one before he took me like God this’s got two netherite pickaxes brother how are you [ __ ] stacked with this [ __ ] I don’t get it I don’t get it how this kind do uh good thing I don’t have work today yeah that’s a good thing dude cuz if you did honestly I would feel so [ __ ] bad for you like I just couldn’t I don’t know how you’re doing it but respect good good good job at least you don’t got that dude you can chill out and uh yeah uh what the fu why is this in here wa wait wait I have one thing he doesn’t have what what the only thing the the only thing you the [Music] yes 48 uh ‘s eyes are shaped like barrels which makes them unable to move their eyes like mosts can so that’s why they a I’ll be streaming mobile next oh okay okay I mean this makes a lot of sense cuz yeah I mean the way I was going to say that’s that’s probably why they move the next like that and you know they’re able to do that and then you said it and then I’m like okay that makes sense for sure definitely makes sense but damn I didn’t know that wait what the [ __ ] this guy just gave me an efficiency three and Unbreaking through diamond shovel yo thank you man oh yeah I T It On The Ground I think yeah I threw it on the ground oh then I just picked it up he G he G me and then I threw it on the ground because I have better one m still pretty cool all right um what’s your guys opinion on me adding Waffle House to my kingdom huh Waffle House to your kingdom what do you mean brother where is his kingdom I don’t even know he said he went pretty far is queso going to be there uh yeah he said he went pretty far to do his thing so I I have no idea genuinely not lie I’m just gonna take this off and I do like watching K so is so [ __ ] funny Y no yeah he he is for sure oh Lord oh my God One V the chat the chat what end gives [ __ ] XP I mean a [ __ ] ton XP damn it I’m not going to be able to do this there go uh I think next time we play I’m going to f I’m going to build bamboo Farm to start doing the bamboo thingy M maybe maybe help doing the Villager trading Hall it gets a lot of diamond and hopefully get get a Ming villager that would be cool that would be cool for sure it’s going to take a while though I think at the every every end of the stream you should do a server tour flying around server tour just to see how like we progress yeah okay that sounds s like a bad idea hopefully I just don’t [ __ ] it up like last time and then clear and then I lose all my armor cuz I did that last time I have to go because my PC is overhead oh okay that’s fine we’re going to end stream literally right now southeast Asia is [ __ ] 40 to 50° C over here you’re all good don’t worry about it like I said we’re going to probably end stream right now anyway so it’s all good oh lord lord lord who’s still here bro is everyone what’s everyone up to man honestly I I’m curious I’m like so curious I want to do checkups on people but I don’t want to invade their like what every everyone does sub to y’all come look Obi-Wan cloning where you at man uh sa by Vindicator what the [ __ ] okay well that describes what that person is doing what do you doing over here I am so confused what is going on wait what are you making Stoner base this is what you’re doing wait Obi One Clon are you part of the Stoners or you with the waffle brother I’m confused no this isn’t part of their base oh okay I was so I was just so confused bro this is technically in Waffle land true I mean I don’t know I don’t know what to call Waffle land anymore honestly like I feel like we’re just all cuz they have their land I guess over there but it’s like we’re over here I don’t know but this is kind of like in Waffle land I waffle land is crazy this gate thing oh wait what uh this is [Music] taking I’m cooked uh uh in my opinion stormland starts after the gate oh okay I get you that makes sense that makes sense oh my bad my bad people uh have for uh I’m building WAFF house you say you’re build what do you mean a waffle house what are you talking about Nance of the bird FEA staying in the a what the [ __ ] makes I was able to fly really oh uh I that’s crazy that’s insane so yo how are you so good at that you’re just like randomly placing blocks and it’s like really easy for you like for me it would take forever to just like Place one thing after the other you’re just like going off right now bless you thank you thank you I’m back by the way want to know how to use a respawn anchor uh maybe not right now cuz they’re literally about to end stream um so yeah but I appreciate you LZ maybe next time bro next maybe next time okay uh what’s your favorite breakfast item so I can add it to my Waffle House menu bro yes I’m still live my mood but we’re going to end it right now do you not notice why snow everywhere huh maybe because of the snow go wait why are they here wait what the [ __ ] I was my own kingdom far away okay yeah why is there snow everywhere uh eggs and bacon I just want waffles and chicken brother uh bro looks like Mark if he was Mexican bro why do you always say that every time you come in here this dude only comes in here to say that every [ __ ] time I don’t know why I don’t know why it’s 5:30 a.m. Shadow I got you gotcha damn it’s 3:34 for me bro um I I got to go to sleep soon because I do got stuffff to do in the morning unfortunately nothing crazy czy crazy but I still got to do it um uh who helped the Snowman Escape yo J I need to confess my sin I bring some bad om to Village and I already set spawn point right now I’m spawn at home so [Music] the but it’s TR out I’m spawn at home so those Village made got raed now I’m sorry wait what you said you started [Music] a oh my Lord Asuka apparently started a raid and uh she yeah they spawned back over here so now it’s kind of ruined yeah wait which Village which Village are you talking about I mean I don’t know any Village but I know they are so yeah the Snow Village Northwest from ours oh Lord uh buil five snow you built 5 Jesus 4:35 p.m. for me must be nice brother uh 1: p.m. for me BR I just did that get off my bed why are you on my bed sir I can’t even set my SP whatever Northwest how do you even tell which one is Northwest oh they just typed it in the chat that’s what it is that’s the coordinates I don’t know what that means exactly he say Sunrise that actually makes a lot of sense I’m just too dumb apparently I’m just way too dumb uh [Music] Lord yeah we’re going to be any I would fly over there man cheese Goofy sorry about that man um cross like locked in on this so sorry about that guys I just went all quiet for a second my bad my bad I know I’m trying I’m supposed to be talking uh I’m going to yeah I don’t know any of the villages but I know that they’ve been trying to do stuff with the villages so yeah I’m sorry I have no idea I have no idea what uh hopefully uh whatever happened I mean mistakes happen it’s all good as good don’t feel about right plus everyone’s got to remember it’s just a game so relax chill out um Watch Spider watch the spider oh please do those are so good those are so good I’m not going to lie those are proba I like the animation in that like the style is just so fire you still live yeah but we’re going to end right now honestly I just got hooked on doing this so Village anymore you’re all good isuka don’t it’s okay you’re fine it’s accidents happen don’t worry about it don’t worry about it really it’s not a big deal it’s not a bigger deal than what you’re making trust me stuff happens all the time and where the [ __ ] did all the glass go oh wait duh the floor over here that’s where it all went brother give you guys honest opinion do you think this even like it’s looking good somewhat cuz I have no idea anymore and this entire time I I’ve never really asked you guys what you guys think about it to be honest so I’m really curious you guys think it looks good or what you guys thinking oh Lord Oh Lord all right let me just do these last touches and then we’re going to yeah I think we’re going to I think we’re going to call it dude cuz um it’s really late it’s about to be 4 for me uh anything happened oh Asuka went to a village started a raid and yeah they died and they got spawned back here and now the village is probably doomed so yeah uh I found and brought bamboo jungle saplings cocoa beans oh yeah that’s what uh ultimate did uh they found a jungle numo the swe ver usage of Animation is amazing and there’s no motion blurs so every frame is literal artp yeah exactly that’s what makes it so sick cuz like it just looks so good it just looks so good like it looks smooth like you said no motion blur like and not only that but the plot is really good I love I I mean you guys already know I like I love Spider-Man so come together slowly yeah exactly Viking Waffle King why Viking it looks like a church all right read my messages when I just read them up all you know I don’t care if you’re you put messages or not server tour server tour D brother uh I gotta [ __ ] now all right I’ll probably do it right now give me a minute give me a minute I don’t know what I’m do exactly oh yeah by the way um this right here isn’t done this is going to keep going up into a tower above the uh thing so yeah there’s going to be a tower in the middle in the center of this so um yeah uh this is going to be the LA actually I don’t know if it’s going to be less floor we we might add some more rooms um this might be another floor but there’s going to be a tower after this floor that’s it not there’s not going to be any more floors but there’s going to be this and it’s going to go up and then yeah yeah going to be the tower and then once we get all this done it’s going to look sick there’s going to be the table right there and uh yeah and yeah still working it out but it’s looking good so far um damn brother all right time for um I guess time for us to see the you know the stuff uh did you like the hq’s fire choke oh wow that’s that’s crazy dude so funny uh miles spiderverse over Tom Holland spiders always okay I don’t know about that let’s calm down let’s calm down all right that whole thing with Tom Holland Andrew Garfield and toy McGuire all coming together that was the sickest thing ever so I don’t know maybe maybe not all that but yeah it was still [ __ ] sick sure what actually why did I even do this to be honest with you I totally forgot I don’t need to do this anymore because oh they put the stuff in here thank you I didn’t even realize that my bad what is that oh wait what is that what is that uh here fish H the hell what my boy lagging my boy’s lagging oh uh yeah we can do that for sure not yet but not yet well we can do that for sure uh but yeah I don’t know I I just freaked the [ __ ] out whenever that Tom Hall in uh when Tom Holland and uh Tom McGuire and Andrew Garfield did all that like that was like the best you have no idea I was such a [ __ ] nerd for that like I was freaking the [ __ ] out in the theaters and like I had like I literally went I have web shooters bro I have I literally have web shooters like like I got them from Disney hey whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa this dude just came here call me a nerd miles better than Tom uh okay that I can’t agree on Tom is all right he’s not he’s not all that to be honest but that’s just my opinion um I think Toby McGuire for sure though will be the best Spider-Man there is forever but yeah uh netherite when one van [ __ ] went off and um got me some so yeah play challenge a hero oh did you guys oh you guys did it I used to think Tom was cute then I realized I was trying to not be sexual I mean this a goodl looking dude but I mean I don’t think he deserves Zenda that’s that’s just my opinion I’m just I’m just saying hey I’m just saying all right that’s my opinion all right Zena is pretty pretty she she’s pretty she’s she’s pretty yeah but uh so on the as [Laughter] seexual well yeah everyone hey man everyone’s got their opinions about stuff all right so let’s chill we’re all good what he’s wait what the [ __ ] is this oh it’s a salmon okay all right guys uh so I can just go into the creative right wait okay real quick before I do this numo if I just put game mode creative I just want to I just want to look at I just want to tour of the base and then I’mma go turn it off but if I do that is my weapons going to reset like are they not is the damage going to go away Salon it’s not Salon salmon it’s called salmon uh wait wait what wait wait what what the [ __ ] what Godly can’t do anything let me do something for you what something for me for what appreciate everyone in the chat man as always hope you guys enjoy the stream leave a like subscribe if you guys new I would really appreciate spectator mode yeah why couldn’t you just tell me to do that spectate yeah I can show you the world he’s trying to like I think he’s watching the stream but he doesn’t know where to look cuz it’s like take you there’s a delay so inspector you mean spectator yep there you go obiwan there you go to the say hi to everyone yeah all right where’s everyone else at where’s everyone else at what the [ __ ] is this uh yo Stoner you guys got to visit her brother oh there’s laziness laziness looking cool as always and he left the all right that’s awkward uh where the [ __ ] where is everyone else at guys hello is that tall Stoner has Bedrock huh Stoner has Bedrock what are you talking about numo why the [ __ ] is this here why the [ __ ] do you have bedrock [Music] no that is not okay that is not okay bro you did not tell me that the only time I told you it was okay to spawn bedrock in was for that [ __ ] only and you know that this was the only time it was okay bro why in the hell would I say you did not ask me the only time you asked me was this [ __ ] that was it that was literally it other than that you should not be using that not you got to take that off you got to take that yeah you got to take that out that’s not fair that’s not fair at all what kind of benefits you got there Asuka say hi to everyone just turn around at at some point Asuka and one vam you guys are on you guys are on the channel say hi say say hi guys say hi yes no one take anything you need probably like where the hell yay all right guys go all right is this everyone dude where is everyone at what the [ __ ] little goober yo hi bro where the [ __ ] when the hell did sup join remove okay did you just remove it right now whatever Bally was not having until you feel extremely sck with someone oh okay well there you go uh the stream delay for me no you’re all good ASU I understand it’s all good don’t worry don’t worry um it’s not like normal traction you don’t feel s oh okay I got you I got you well there’s laziness laziness is back laziness is on stream there you go laziness I don’t know you want to wave um before I fly off Laz wave lasz wave Lazer wave lasz wave just wave brother and [Music] uh what’s this you guys are probably wondering where the [ __ ] is the camera Le in this okay one B is right here bro oh God all right all right now I’m going to fly off brother he’s probably watching stream trying to say see you gu I push you bro this is not J Mo all right all right we’re leaving uh Maddie where is Maddie at where the [ __ ] is MADD at brother is he still in his base I’mma go stock him for a second there’s his dog uh to me so I can show you my [Music] home oh there there is he is there’s Maddie there he is Maddie he just turn around he just ch around oh God he knows he knows he knows he’s being watched uh by I’m going to eat dinner have a good night have a good day night all right I appreciate you Su you take care okay stay safe really appreciate you have a good dinner have a good day have a good everything okay appreciate appreciate all you guys in the chat by the way man hope you guys are enjoying the stream Maddie what is going on all right where is everyone else at uh obi-1 cloney one bam uh where is I’m a fish It’s cool cuz you get to Invisible to everyone accept you where is one vam yo one bam where’s one bam at I’m pretty sure I could just teleport but I don’t know where this brother’s at yo guys checking out this uh get check this out got laziness setup right here like And subscribe oh Lord you can just TP teleport to everyone that’s true I know I could just I’m probably going to just do that cuz um there he is oh one man okay wait where the [ __ ] are you oh no no what listen uh click one on one and then you you can switch through the players and teleport like that wait what yeah yeah click one on what one one like one one double tap one like not not in chat not in chat what do you mean oh one one it’s not working if you’re telling me just click one one let me try I’m in Creative iant to be come on it works yeah to people cck one one and you get us hot bar oh I was doing the other one my bad oh was do oh what the [ __ ] how do you choose uh by using your one two4 oh there you go who am I at now this is wait is this sup yeah that’s goober yeah uh little guru’s wooden other y Sid he’s probably so confused I think he knows though for sure all right next person next person uh hey I can see people oh yeah uh One V saying nerd before I left nerd all right one van was saying that the anti is broken okay all right well goodbye subie take care and okay that’s him where’s shadow shadow what shadow you’re being stalked sorry guys you might have to because I don’t know where I’m where there you go Shadow yep there you are man L I thought that was normal join silently what the [ __ ] yo all right Shadow you take care man good luck on your uh little Waffle House here brother this D really traveled far look at this he worked hard to flatten this area for sure all right well take care um Shadow all right on to the next person venty where is this person at what the oh this oh yeah yeah I forgot they lived here okay Vincy this dude is just doing his own thing honestly like living in his own world yo that’s so sick he’s being like a dock for the boats and stuff it’s pretty dope pretty dope look at this dude just camping out yo that’s pretty sick I’m not going to lie to you that is pretty sick I’m not gonna lie very cozy very cozy um sorry guys I’m not reading all the chat right now my bad yeah look at that Vin’s cozy nice and this is pretty dope I’m not gonna lie to you it’s pretty sick man I like your house by the way that’s very creative I’ve never seen anything like this honestly it’s pretty cool like I gotta definitely consider doing something like this I like what you did with the windows too like that looks so dope like it’s like the stair and then the glass and it kind of looks like the windows just right like I don’t know that just looks really cool the detail is there for sure nice job bro nice nice job all right next person and oh there’s Obi-Wan again what’s up Obi-Wan we’re watching you now we’re going to be here for a little bit so wait before I go by oh I think noticed it is back up uh uh he’s going to turn around right now yep there you go there you go there you go yep all right man you do your thing dude all right I need a break all right for sure bro um there’s one B again doing his thing oh is this a village I’ve never been here so yeah but all right I have The High Ground let me know if you need any [Music] help all right um we at and ultimate join this the last one and ultimate is in the nether brother damn all right all right all right guys well this is the world all right we’re going to be calling yo honestly I’m liking the thing it looks weird right now I know cuz it’s not finished but trust me this is going to be beautiful when it’s done so I hope you guys do like it the headquarters but yeah um it’s going to be so sick uh megal Lord what’s up man welcome to the stream um unfortunately we’re going to be uh ending the stream right now but um this is our server if you want to join it whenever we stream it you’re more than welcome to yeah sorry that about that though um but yeah thank you thank you to everyone that’s been uh been watching man um I know the stream hasn’t been all that right now but um hope you guys been enjoying it enjoying it enjoining it I don’t know why I said enjoining but enjoying it there join the server for the sweet W’s yeah everyone seems to really like the server mega lord so if you want to play uh you’re more than welcome to not right now of course cuz we are going to end stream but uh for when we do W server check my base ultimate oh ultimate wants us to check his base say less all right yo this is a honka no I’m just kidding I’m Jing I’m Jing this complete joke oh is this where you said the creeper blew up or damn damn where the [ __ ] are you uh ultimate beware there is a creeper outside of your house brother ultimate homeless wow that’s [ __ ] up that is so [ __ ] up I didn’t do that guys that’s all numo everyone attack numo l numo l numo in the chat l numo n Mo manh hunt what is going on uh please ship the villagers to the strong the stoner land from mood spam L he’s [ __ ] stupid numo is fake uh nice job though um ultimate can’t wait to see what you build man but damn this is probably far as [ __ ] from the base isn’t it goly all right all right one last time guys we’re just going to look at the base yeah see that’s how you know he was far away cuz this shit’s barely rendering in brother all right well here we go guys last view until we end the stream um yeah this is the our server hope you guys enjoy and uh yeah if you guys want to join up for next time make sure you guys dis join our Discord server link is in the description um but yeah uh it was really fun we’re going to end this now I’m G to close the uh to everyone closing Ser now yeah I’m pretty sure see well are you late nights appreciate it everyone thank you man bye bye appreciate all you guys dude uh yeah sorry guys yeah that is all now going to close the server now um let close this yeah I’m sorry guys I know hey if you guys want to keep playing you want to do this again man you already know I’m going put a poll up for tomorrow if you guys want to play this again make sure you guys vote for it all right we’ll see what we have on the list I’m not quite sure what’s gonna be on it fully but uh we’ll see all right server is Now offline man server is Now offline all right uh but yeah I appreciate all you guys once again man I hope you guys enjoyed leave a like subscribe if you guys are new follow if you’re on Twitch I would really really appreciate it it really helps me out you guys have no idea um especially right now I really do need it um voice crack uh but yeah I really do need it but yeah uh check my Subs check your subs let me see check your subs brother I hate that I can’t check stuff like directly through the hold let me give me a minute bro you guys might hear my voice right now don’t don’t mind it all right never mind I I got it said check your subs damn bro I’m trying to be just like you dude I’m trying to be just like you question is the uh are shorts working well for you is that what it is just curious you know um but yeah appreciate all you guys dude as always hope you guys enjoyed leave like subscribe if you guys new follow if you’re on Twitch it really helps me out like I said right now I really do need it so hope you guys can help me out if not it’s cool but I really enjoy just playing with you guys in general so yeah I see you don’t read console huh uh soon when muing all right this was my deal I said I’ll mute if we hit 750 by the end of June right now I don’t know honestly I have no idea which way it’s going to go but yeah um if not then that’s my deals off the table okay so that’s it so yeah you guys gotta make that happen too bad my friend jelly didn’t join the day oh maybe next time man don’t worry about it I’m getting you those watch hours thank you so I really appreciate it maybe next time for sure next time guys just um just uh yeah like I said I’m G put up a poll and you guys just got to vote for it all right we’ll see what happens how much Subs he’s got 1 point like z4k I think that’s what I’m trying to be like man that you are my inspiration mega lord and you said yes upload shorts daily yeah see I got to keep doing that CU I stopped doing it and slowly my shit’s been like dropping which is fine you know it happens but I really got to get consistent with that so yeah telling those subs don’t leave without telling those sub huh how much sub yes bro yeah you’re definitely my inspiration right now mega lord so I appreciate you dude thank you for coming in I have a question before stream ends what is your question what is the question I hear me are you asking silver or me I’m confused does your pen work now bruh that’s your question Oh Lord all right well I’m gonna be editing some shorts I still have Clips I just gotta work on it but yeah mega lord I’m trying to be like you bro um I’m really glad you earned it I’m pretty sure so maybe I’ll check out your stuff too man um we’ll see but yeah if you by the way if you ever do want to join up um just look out for our um our streams uh we stream like almost every day I try to as much as possible and um yeah you can join our Discord server too link is in the description goes for all of you guys as well and uh yeah Spider-Man meeing all right buddy we’re not doing that n n y’all want to call me Spider-Man now but then when I put on the MS you guys call me spoter man like that’s crazy that’s crazy uh give me details on what you want me to draw oh okay well there you go numo there you go well anyways guys I’mma end stream now um because it’s literally 4 in the morning I wasn’t planning on this but um whatever but yeah y’all have a good one man um I’m end stream now but yeah y’all take care stay safe as always I appreciate all you guys um have a good day have a good night and have a good everything and I’ll catch you guys in the next stream God damn I was way too loud my mom’s going to kill me God damn all right anyways y’all have good one all right later y wait what what last stream slurp oh my [ __ ] there happy happy all right well deserved rest appreciate appreciate you guys man I don’t go livee because I don’t have highend device honestly you don’t really need to bro uh well you know what we’ll discuss this on another stream or maybe in Discord sometime if you join all right but yeah y’all take care um stream was awesome appreciate you dude thank you so much much I’m glad to hear W stream appreciate you guys all right y’all take care man have a good night have a good day have a good everything and I’ll catch you guys later all right thanes e e e

This video, titled ‘Minecraft – Crossplay Server with Viewers!! (Road to 600!) Live’, was uploaded by JMO_GAMING on 2024-05-07 11:20:51. It has garnered 132 views and 9 likes. The duration of the video is 04:29:48 or 16188 seconds.

How to Join: Bedrock Edition – Server Address – Jmog.volcanware.xyz:22497 Server Port – 22497

Java Edition – Server Address – Jmog.volcanware.xyz:22497

Console Edition – Download App on phone called “BedrockTogether” Open app and add server IP Address – Jmog.volcanware.xyz:22497 Port – 22497 Watch ad to start server Open Minecraft on console (Keep app open on phone) Go to “Friends” Tab while the app is stilrunning Click “withfriends” server and load in Once loaded in you can close app on phone


JOIN DISCORD SERVER TO JOIN SERVER!!- https://discord.gg/vAaZ6vZwzu


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    INSANE: Bart Simpson's Minecraft bedtime taleVideo Information This video, titled ‘Bart Simpson tells you a Minecraft bedtime story’, was uploaded by Melou on 2024-04-13 07:14:28. It has garnered 491 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. Catch me live on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/melou Check out my socials & join the discord: https://melou.tv ——— ‣ ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Melou and I’m a Minecraft streamer mostly focused on Hardcore Minecraft. Feel free to stop by in chat and say hi! #minecraft #minecraftshorts Read More

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    "Insane Luxury Mansion in Minecraft!" #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Luxury Mansion Minecraft #minecraft’, was uploaded by OneCRAFT on 2024-04-22 07:38:11. It has garnered 506 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:57 or 57 seconds. Luxury Mansion Minecraft #minecraft Read More

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    "Minecraft Insanity: World Made of Leaves! 😱🍃" #clickbaitVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts’, was uploaded by Vortex Virtos on 2024-03-26 13:48:46. It has garnered 11533 views and 333 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:56 or 56 seconds. #chapatihindustanigamer Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts Minecraft, But the Entire World Is Leaves! #funny #minecraft #shorts #andreobee #imbixu #noobvsprovshacker #minecraftbut #minecrafthindi #funny noob vs pro vs hacker noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft noob vs pro vs hacker minecraft diamond mining noob vs pro… Read More

  • BitCube

    BitCubeExperience the best of both worlds on our semi-vanilla server with a plethora of tweaks that enhance vanilla Minecraft mechanics. We offer a range of vanilla-like features that maintain the original texture and aesthetics, ensuring a non-modded feel. Dive into a world where player shops, player warps, and custom crafting recipes are just the beginning. Say goodbye to pay-to-win schemes as our server provides a fair and balanced playing field for all. Enjoy interactive visual mechanics that bring the game to life, while pre-loaded chunks enable lightning-fast teleports. Take control of your gaming experience with individual view distance settings. Start… Read More

  • Astral Pixelmon Modded Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.11 Resource World Gambling Crates Non-Pay2Win Vanilla Mobs Gym Leaders LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Astral Pixelmon! IP: play.astralpixelmon.com Discord | EV Training | Pixelmon Bingo | Dex Rewards | Custom Crates | | Adult Owned | LGBTQ+ Friendly | WonderTrade | Pokebags | | Pixelmon Raids | Gambling | Timber Mod | Resource World | | Vanilla Mobs | Custom Textures | Gym Leaders | GTS | We are an adult run Pixelmon server focused on providing family-friendly yet challenging fun experiences. Our trained staff team has been playing since childhood and can handle any server challenge. Need help installing Pixelmon Reforged? You can use the Curse launcher at https://download.curseforge.com/ or download the mod… Read More

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  • Bedwars Shenanigans

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