Vienna’s Insane Minecraft Adventure with Friends!

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oh I’m muted [ __ ] okay I put it on pushit talk um so that I don’t harass them for a second and let me hit the live Banger hi hi it’s me how is everybody how are you doing salutations oh so fancy they’re trying to figure it out I think oh uh okay their modeling game is so cute yeah I know it’s so cute I love it she’s so cute look at her was watching numi before yeah um there’s a lot of really cute stuff look at Bow look at Bow oh so cute sour gummy worm is that is that what my tail looks like to you um sick but doing good oh I feel that I feel that um here one sec uh what’s my push talk button oh there it is okay I got it oh King jws thank you for the 10 subes can you hear them by the way uh no okay okay yeah I have them muted right now oh DK thank you for the 20 months here let me make sure my stuff is working ELO thank you for the 17 months King jws thank you for the 10 sub Fallen Benny Maru thank you for the 24 months Muran happy 32 months uh hi Vienna I hope this twitch resub message finds you well I’m writing to you from the comfort of my work computer on my second monitor I’m thrilled to attend your live broadcast best regards okay shiny thank you for the 22 months silver storm thank you for 25 eie thank you for 21 months CRA Kobe thank you for 24 months BNN thank you for 29 months some inconspicuous thank you for 15 months oh there’s so many Metroid thank you for 24 months um CJ thank you for 25 months Blaze thank you for 34 months thank you for the ti Three G thank you for the 32 months Colo thank you for 31 months Dad thank you for 35 months kman thank you for 34 months of tier 3 uh I found PayPal thank you for 5 months and rown thank you for 25 one sec I want to see if I can um make it so my Minecraft doesn’t close when I Tab out oh King jws thank you for five more thank you um I don’t want it full screen but I want it big is that my only option maybe azra thank you for the tier one happy 26 months and cazzy thank you for the tier three happy 13 months I’ve been playing this for CI opened the server at like 1:00 or one PST um me and tricky were here testing everything out there’s so many amazing things um on this server that you need to you need to see it’s actually so amazing um right now we’re clearing out this area so we can make like a big town um yeah you can choose what size you want to be you can be really big here I’ll show you there’s a lot of really funny emotes legit they’re so good here one sec I’m going to I want to talk to them oh let me turn the music off hello oh hello I am currently live oh okay yeah I’m to um oh you’re [ __ ] huge oh my goodness how how do you do emotes again col oh yeah you press Y and pick through the wheel but there’s a couple default ones so like the left square bracket is this one oh okay what is the what is the clap one uh it’s just in the menu yeah there it is oh my booby oh my breast tile oh km thank you for the 50 what the [ __ ] thank you thanky my physic you don’t have to delete the twerk thing because there actually is twerking in in in the thing so thank you for the 50 k that’s amazing thank you sorry about what’s going on here wa why can’t I move am I Frozen hello I need M wait wait B can you can you twerk I need milky man show us the twerk B how do you do that uh press Y and go to the last uh last page I can’t read this [ __ ] you yours is so good holy the last Samuel thank you for the that’s your one K thank you again for the whole the 50 bomb I appreciate that squar but how she do it yeah damn damn yeah and you can cancel the emotes by pressing shift or um you guys this is when I was in the hot tub there is a chest Yuzu that everyone got something out of and so if you guys want the chest it’s this way and you’ll each get unique stuff out of it off okay I’m coming yeah yeah wellit I’ll be normal sorry how do I run again is there a such a a Zoomer a a a belly button uh running oh oh um if you double tap forward you run oh God the zombie help I will get him help I’m not very good at this guys how how do you feel okay um what the what am I doing are you’re emoting right now you’re on the ground Oh no you’re holding X let’s crawl she bar oh now we’re crawling now we crawling what are you guys smaller than usual uh yeah yeah or am I just normal you’re normal small one I’m huge it’s kind of fit my tail it’s so cute [Music] oh it’s over here so we have to travel to get in wait how do I get out how do you get out of the the duck pen how did you get in help I don’t know what happen thank you for the prime how do I get out lasagna thank you it’s been so long I don’t know how to play Minecraft help wait is there a door there wait there isn’t one there is no door okay we we caught a bow oh wait wait we can pick her up we can pick her up oh pick me up pick me up oh how do you pick her up W what’s the button what’s the button I’m in baby jail shift right click why is that in baby jail please pick me up mommy I’m scared mommy there’s a skeleton Mommy Mommy Mommy oh she dead oh she’s dead help helpy I’m trying but there’s Friendly Fire help me man oh [ __ ] I got out word oh oh okay oh horo thank you for the five okay now we can we can get there thank you hor for the five sub chicken no that’s n’s duck wa she’s going to cry no no it was just tell her it was the skeleton it was a skeleton that did it in their back new new I have terrible news thanks for saving me thanks foring me a monster blew up your duck dead what is that you’re chasing me um okay so you can join their voice group oh I’m going to die um and talk to them and press V and group and you can join it and so Yuzu oh [ __ ] that was painful but I told her it was a monster run run I had to lie to and say your monster didn’t Yu killed it I’m in a bit of a it’s over okay let’s go inside for a second let’s go inside okay so guys uh join join the group so that everyone can hear each other the voice group what is going on I want to many I don’t even the hell guys um it’s chaos out there I don’t no why did you let him die no I didn’t let him die is this our base is this our base okay B got stuck in the in the thing and in in the pen she couldn’t get out and monsters jumped in the pen with bow and in the uing chaos died is that another or I see my I don’t know what that is wait where are you guys that Cinder there’s some weird sound we’re deep in the tunnels are you guys um down um wait is that an aelott wait those are aelott new wait is there water above here there might be water where the [ __ ] are they water wait Cinder oh my God I don’t think we could have replaced him I’m going to be honest my boobs still jiggle look my boobs still jiggle add more emotes my scared me bro he jump scared me oh yeah there’s a bunch of clay right here I wonder if there’s water right here right next oh there it is oh uh right click it transfer yeah oh [ __ ] well this is weird I just have like a sex doll of myself on the ground how do I like get rid of it oh my God it’ll go away once you take your stuff SL my boobs look I’m slapping my boy I don’t think now I’m going to continue on my journey and pretend I didn’t hear any wait that one spinning wait are they friendly he’s spinning around wait I think they’re friendly I think they’re chill amethyst how do I do I just go down it’s to the cursed place to find you guys or oh my I didn’t mean to hit it I was trying to mine it I was trying to mine it I didn’t mean to hit it I hit it I hit it still trying to find the I’m playing third person cuz I think my skin is cool but is it annoying CU I can make it over here you guys I can make it first person but like I guess but it’s not as cool you know spinning like that I just though and he like literally if you hit them they they deal damage half your house so be careful I’m going to grab that ax that one’s mine there’s a there’s like a couple down here I see there’s three right here cute oh there there’s a little amethyst hole oh is that what that is oh you’re here okay so I’m down the stairs that we built originally there’s Leaf people over here cind do you see them Leaf oh yeah hold guys anyone know where they Square zero thank you for the tier one happy 28 month oh thank you for the hype train I’m so sorry I’m like a little overwhelmed right now because I’m trying to catch up to them on what they’re doing and also help B and also um yeah sugar to thank you for the 20 months plumbus Papa thank you for the 8 months scly thank you for the S of Prime rco thank you for 25 months uh Devon thank you for 3 sket ELO thank you for 17 months okay okay um the oh oh I see you on the map this is such a cool area wait is that isn’t that the new Minecraft mob the the the the green wait tricky I’m coming wait for me tricky I’m on the map do you see me is that diamond wait really you found diamond already oh [ __ ] wait tricky get here do you see me on your map I see a bat on the map I see you I’m just going to dig in your direction until I find you where’s the purples I’m wait are you above or below do you think what’s your what’s your um height y’ y I’m about to make the achievement what is that my thingy is 6039 which one’s the height wait I’m trying to see they farting at me what oh oh oh so I’m at 22 and you’re at9 mhm where’s my [ __ ] sword oh [ __ ] I got to go all the way Downes I’m going to get lava J maybe if you em I’ll be able to hear you follow the sound of her emoting um dude I think I’ll have to just go all the way down but there’s lava here my God oh my God the way so you know that crab that deals like half your health in one hit I tried to mine the or on back and I did one out of 200 damage to it oh okay tricky I’m coming straight down yes be careful around those crabs what why did I die a skeleton killed you what the [ __ ] you said negative 9 or nine yeah it’s negative n is the second number this [ __ ] again how do I oh transfer I’m on the way Queen let’s go God my boobs are humongous is there a way to make these guys your friends I know I see on on the map okay I’m going to I’m going to play for real now I’m here I made it wait it loost the boat y Yi I know another one of those damn what’s been going on in here there’s two of them this time uhoh I swear I leave for 5 seconds okay so they found like turtles and [ __ ] okay God damn let me change my voice back yeah the inventory screen is really a [ __ ] Diamond Termite yeah I just had to deal with a couple of those okay let’s it looks cute though yeah really not why don’t they drop [ __ ] diamonds what the hell Dr little pieces of them okay is my working where did you guys go yo what the [ __ ] it’s down there oh tricky wait I I I can I can help zombies wait yo yo wa pink rosta crafti is just here to watch He’s what the hell what was that watch he just started smoking tricky I think you’re [ __ ] I VI tricky voice chat of is what am I supposed to do I don’t know okay I’m here I’m here I’m here I’m here I’m here where are you guys I I don’t know but there’s Turtle a tole okay tricky I pulled one away and then and I’m stuck in a hole no we’re not going to make it yo this guy’s got so much HP okay wait no no leave me alone no where’s the hole where’s the hole my stuff oh did you die too drinky yes we got to get it back no tricky I’m just going to say I did that for you you know I could have just watched but I I tried thank you damn yeah third person mode is actually way harder to build in when you need to stop a zombie from killing you in 5 seconds yeah that seems that seems about right it’s okay I know the I know the way back tricky um you guys are tricky where are you I’ll show you how to get back me me down here how do I get there there’s a lot over here oh ruin F thank you s thank you for the 28 months zero thank you okay once you get down here tricky oh um to the other side this way this way we’re going to get all our stuff back oh way up there holy [ __ ] it’ll be an exp oh wait girl even deeper okay okay so tricky the problem is that to find you I fell down a hole I don’t know and the hole was this way we’re going to have to go that route there’s no other rout I’ll start heading new dire and the bad news is tricky I don’t know how we’re going to get down the hole without dying I don’t Nei um there’s a skeleton it was this way wait spawn oh [ __ ] all right I’m going to do that wait do I lose my stuff cuz cuz oh God I’m lagging wait is my corpse gone because I died again I’m I’m not sure I don’t know oh hi b hey how’s it going um hear us is my corpse gone my corpse I’m not sure I was muted this whole time no we we can do this wait wait okay I have an idea I how come when I spawn respawn it mutes me oh you have to turn push to talk off okay oh I don’t have push to talk off if you press uh it should I’m a Minecraft expert okay I can do this I just need to sure every time I join wait wait wait okay oh like join the call uh after I die it mutes me I just need a pickaxe and I just dig down right next to it and we’ll be okay bone wait one second bone and I’ll get all my stuff back a bucket of water I’m going to get the I don’t know how to make a bucket and I don’t know how thank you so much for the ra my spooky bear hi I’m so excited for your new outf [Music] theou I love you guys get back um can do you want me to show you tricky where we died I thought I I found it that’s word oh so are you okay then I don’t know how man confusing okay okay this is why I play vanilla my brain hurt don’t worry B it’s always good after you learn first day always hardest left all mute [Music] oh thanks for thanks for telling oh oh have wine almost there almost there need I don’t have anything in my inventory I can’t like I can’t like the passage way up me okay tricky I’m back where we di is this lava but oh no it’s just Red Rock but how will I get how will I get I have a feeling it’s again yep okay no no you said deep slate right Cinder yeah I found chest the other day [ __ ] is that yeah yeah I’ve got a BL left so much trouble wait where are you infected Diamond why I hate these Jes just give me D I’m like across from my body I don’t know how to live he keeps destroying the blocks I put down how do I stop it from killing I don’t have a sword to help you wait you’re watching we’re in so much trouble tricky block him off yeah block him off no wait come over here completely I’m trying I’m trying how does he keep getting up how does he keep getting up I’m going back down tricky please sorry guys I was getting a little gassy okay oh I see what you mean what does that mean oh wait wait let me bring this yeah yeah I just likeing so then he won’t be able to come through we’ve done it yes Cinder you left me right now now we have to go down I had to go drop off some of my stuff but I have iron nuggets okay so there’s like 30 sorry in okay I guess I was just hearing [ __ ] then me and tricky are just in a problem here yeah we’re in a pickle a bit of a pickle well um what you you see my body you see it it’s right here I see my body why you guys in a pickle we kind of died try in a terrible place there’s a giant skeleton trying to eat her ass and there’s like a army of zombies do you need help wait I’m I’m coming I’m coming I don’t know where you guys are yes yo let’s go yo so we’re back in the [Music] mines to to side okay tricky I’m slowly making my way down here we can do this together we just together does it go off it’s not good it’s not looking good over there I’m coming what the help me oh this is pretty look at the shaders chat what the heck look at you my body I’m almost there oh it’s the guy tricky I killed the skeleton that was bad yeah I I kicked his ass oh [ __ ] the turtles grew red gems on them I don’t know Deep Mind B but I think I’m going to go no no that’s how we got no the that was my hole I’m sorry I lost everything that’s the how I got down to here to find my body how am I supposed to get back down there wait Cinder do you remember when I tried to make stairs in Terraria that’s that’s what’s going on here we’re in a lot of trouble boy Bo resting boing okay so I can show you how to get down here but getting your body will be another story resting bobly but I think I can help how do I get down there though I’ll go back where I was yeah yeah I I can meet you at the stairs um from the basement and I’ll show you oh my God I’ll be right there yeah yeah um tricky yeah yeah we’re almost there you [ __ ] on me man we’ll be there in a second you’re [ __ ] on me man you stink you stinking going come here come here come here what oh this is going to be rough she so excited I think I just tried to get it on me that was easy what do you mean hard you already uhhuh did you want to change your okay we’ve done it I got bigger tricky tricky did you get your stuff no should I be small okay I can help you I got my stuff okay thank you okay uh let me just get back to where you are tricky don’t die the same size now maybe okay hell no it’s really bad Frey it’s really bad yay thank you like this yipp y look at this guy press quotations he’s cool quotations we got a m is B oh hot key to it really is the hot key semicolon are we okay now get over here oh yeah oh my God this is just like the hot tub do you need help girl I hate so bad come here come here man I think I got everything I think I got everything faster twerking faster thank you for the three months working even faster okay T I’m coming oh I should not have said anything yeah is this turtle um a good guy or a bad guy H they’re chill they usually have ore on their back and then you can mine The Ore right off their back and they’ll stay chill oh but if you try to do that with the with the crabs in that other room then they will go Agro can test your volumes real quick hold on clapping again okay I can’t reach my body farting wait where is it we can get it farting farting farting farting it’s all the way up there oh let’s get it here um can you hear the sound of my ass cheek wait did it just despawn no no no it’s still there it’s still there wait say something take my Cobblestone and just build uping okay I have to turn my can you say something flapping it’s up here you said right up she’s holding me by my tail drop the it’s in your inventory be down right this can you he me okay she’s twering on me say something again she’s foring me to be TW [ __ ] chaotic tricky can you say something hello oh wait wait tricky it’s right here tricky it’s on the ground forcing me to oh tricky wait I just found it yeah come up there hi she picked me up by my SC hello okay she’s going to put me in the trash no sure um it’s like go oh there we go yay thank you my titties are so yeah we were in a big pickle let me tell you thank you God it’s night time what a bad I’ll show you a big pickle okay yeah so what what we’re do over here we’re like just flattening the area and we’re going to build a town okay you got everything that’s where we put all of our hous so we’ve cleared up about half of it and that’s what we’ve been doing wow see here build and then a goon count Mon oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] that’s not a goon that’s not a gooner get him out who is he y okay I think um going to start clearing out some more I think I’m going to go back up game oh [ __ ] I don’t know how though sad dog VI what he’s gone yeah don’t ask me what happened to him where did you guys go uh we we went back to the surface we’re at the flat lands okay how do we get can you guys show me the box that has the unique stuff for each of us oh yeah oh yeah yeah there’s a chest it’s so dark chat can you guys see anything I’m [ __ ] blind you could turn up your brightness I’m coming I’ll show you oh so true okay and next to where uh her chicken died so glad there’s disability settings for me his was du and he was a du guys guys guys wait a minute I forgot I have a duck egg Duck’s Family new duck the duck that totally died to a monster a monster for sure let me tell you it was a [ __ ] monster but it’s already Max bright wait um cinder where was the hole you fell from that’s how we get back uh no there was actually another way around with a slightly less tall hole and I didn’t die I think tall hole like a shallower hole [Laughter] hole okay I just followed the coord what if we simply dig upwards that has to work right magic magic don’t come this way don’t come this way PR C God you know would be cool to so there’s like a command for spawn right what if there was a command to spawn to body like after you die meow meow be nice who streaming what we have the red the people the reding I think everyone except tricky is streaming right now tricky that way that way Jerry into VI today I’m so tired tricky all right y’ I’m going to be RB I’ll be back I’m going to start put table here quick tricky block him off no you don’t want to build the houses you want to build the town first before we invite everybody so the only way I know to get up is to dig straight upwards so good luck every I thought we were digging it out oh yeah we are you want to do that first then what’s the plan what’s the plan whatever you want Cinder are you coming tricky are you coming oh yeah wait yeah yeah yeah yeah we’re just going to dig up until we until we get out so pretty hopefully no one steps on our hole K kiss a oh wait that’s the actual emo where is it wait this looks like something wait wait wait do it again do it again one more time everything’s going to be okay once we oh wait hold up hold up hold she kissing me guys she’s he’s kissing what’s going on over there what the [ __ ] was that that what is that wait oh I found a pretty place it’s so loud oh I thought this was Diamond but it’s Galos spere sad girl I hey I found a bush it’s fine the sun’s going to start coming up yeah me and tricky will see it for sure why is it so loud we to see down holy [ __ ] we just like we turmoil we’re just digging to direct L upwards try to escape oh wait are you trying to get back to us You Spa I’m going to I’m going to be smaller I’m going to make myself smaller okay I found pretties you can mine right over there bow I can’t hear you again bow wait what’s in here I hear lava there’s a [ __ ] in here [ __ ] that would be bad I’m small now I will protect you what H oh thank you that would be I’m tiny Mo tiny Mo where that lava is not going to be me right pick me up pick me up right ippy ride into the sunset how do I how do I spawn back so small how do I with my M how do I get back to Spa [Music] anybody just SL spawn there’s a [ __ ] skeleton oh tricky you can hit C’s behind us too wait I think I found diamond no way pick up numi while she thing I don’t remember I know we can stack but I animal pick up num Cinder there’s a [ __ ] termite okay um Yuzu did you want to be shown the chest hand slot and then try oh no wait what try to pick us try to pick me up we did it we made it how you need to get rid of your pickaxe and then shift and right click the pig in the inventory it’s a plushy I stole from the birthday party oh no I destroyed the diam accient right click it’s not working oh I guess there was a birthday party pick up okay uh Yu bow do you guys want that chest I can show you where it is now just tiny babe baby little baby little baby I wonder if we could ride on a donkey while while while I’m holding oh here they are I look at my M oh tiny baby here let’s let’s get her the chest me you CAU me in the chest the chest no not put her in it get her the chest wait I have the I have the jars this where I got this come on wait what oh wait yeah num or Vienna lead us to this way wait wait everyone everyone you know what to do you know what to do coming you have to Wolf Run I’m coming wait for me okay we wait for tricky she’s carrying me while wolf running I’m crying wait it’s like I’m riding her wait that’s kind of cute why does that guy look like that he’s just who is that guy for the way he looks who is that guy my bad is he a farmer oh yeah if you press left Al how come that always happens uh left Al is a mute or mute oh we didn’t have anything uh Val when you talk do you see a little microphone icon in the bottom she said she doesn’t have an un push to talk I don’t know it just turns on every now and then how do I wait is it bad to hit those guys um press Y and then go to page five are those guy is it bad to hit those guys I did it again page there we go that was I don’t know an entire life in front of a noing I must bring you to my clan where you guys go I must engulf you in my CL you guys you guys the chest is over here yeah yeah this is the wrong way you guys this this this way who’s going to imprint on me [Laughter] FL thank you for the 28 months thank you you may call me bow Paul okay here it is here it is oh my God what’s that song that’s like I’m the alpha I’m the leader oh it’s so good FF oo oh yeah what’s this we do I can’t fly like a dragon but something we pitch to ear today was if everyone’s like type had like stuff it could do like dragons had no fall damage and could Glide really fast and like moths could just fly and like you know hellhounds like fire people are immune to here fire damage and stuff wait what are we making why is it good you give me trash I want you to know to me I I had to go through the depths to get my stuff back so this is just Prett I hope hope you like it to get your TR trash bag yeah to get my trash bag thank you um also guys uh B do you see the M Decor bag in your inventory where did my shovel go if you right click on it it’ll give you a random piece of furniture yeah maybe you’ll get something good or trash how do I get my inventory I forgot e uh e e e for inventory oh my God got IR look look look look guys look I got chica from FNAF what what I got iron ore You Got No it should be a decorative item no way you got iron or no this can’t be this can’t be basically how did get on the ground get in the small can FNAF stuff is like really rare I basically got [ __ ] dirt bro what the [ __ ] that’s so funny I mean it’s not trash actual doooo cheat doooo cheeks I’m so right next to how you can I love it another gritty hey hey hey look at her girl oh my God the [Music] music I get the bell in there too hell yeah on my God that you guys are using it’s stdy what wait what kind of armor is that pack it comes with one mm oh I think you could toggle it on shaders you see like the shadows and then the sun shining and stuff yeah no for the happy 31 months the uh like clear it’s like do the clouds look round I think it’s just default but with everything a little if the clouds look round then you have the right thing oh like you’re doing good we missed you buddy oh yeah the clouds look yummy it looks like a tablet yeah I eat them look like a Tic Tac all right I’m going to continue clearing the place I will help great job what should we use as the [Music] flooring for the to question we can do a mix of the stones right I think I made myself two people are saying you looked in the wrong bag and you may have something more than iron ore what yeah it’s called a like small Deco bag or something M it should be in your inventory what do I click for it um you put it in your hand and open it I be running we must we we must get back to the alpha must protect our ala maybe she did open it and she just unlucky I don’t I don’t know already did it chat yeah I think she just got unlucky wait I made my I just got a chair small though cuz every oh see yeah you got a chair you got a little sofa [ __ ] she got a goon couch literally yeah she got a goon couch how do I put it away oh I fell wait how do I turn five iron into a hat oh what is this or into anything uh it’s like an copper oh no can this make shoes I have been imprinted on by the wolf Prince from the neighboring neighboring uh this silver enemies we cannot where did my iron go I cannot thinking about her beautiful eyes W an essay however when I how into I had iron ore and I don’t know where my gosh it’s like a cave in there what is this what is this feeling overcoming conclusion in conclusion oh no how we’re over the silver bar and press you my my time of the moon is here time of the okay oh no I forgot to take my heat suppressant [Laughter] pills please cover your nose if you smell the scent you won’t be able to hold yourself back e I’m so done with this [ __ ] bro she’s so gross we be Mak I am an Omega and you are an [Music] alpha okay okay benb thank you for the two mon okay benb okay unless you’d like to Bear pups girl her puppies um I um second thought uh I got to go she’s she’s role playing perhaps we are compatible by chance why is she still going perhap I got to go water my fish and feed my plant really quick perhaps of of yes four nights four night show again he keeps changed my biochemistry why is she still going y’all why is she still going y see R just [ __ ] appear out of nowhere wol biology sure has changed after the eclipse let us try who the eclipse [ __ ] everybody up I swear I’m not going to do it I can never do that I could never who ask guides and then if you click adventure there’s a Mushroom Kingdom that we can go later wait do you guys hear that what the [ __ ] is that look what that what is that what the is the ecse is it a black hole I am it destroyed things or what’s going on oh wait says I wouldn’t go near that Don’t Go Near It Don’t Go Near it it’s so beautiful going he said I wouldn’t go near that what the [ __ ] but he appeared for one second and now this is here I think he put it there the moon my Powers rise it’s coursing through my veins who’s going to who’s going to touch it I where’ it go wait it dropped a bunch of stuff oh it it did drop a bunch of stuff what what the sucked all the boats up that’s all yeah okay my go a d what the hell girl what was that how do I place them someone said they scared it [Laughter] away found iron but I didn’t get the col cuz it’s underwater get I think we’re being [ __ ] with earthquake okay um really now what’s this man doing really what the [ __ ] the that their boobs are jiggling together this is so sad Chad is so sad can we get five gifted Subs right now physics she turned is I turned everything on next bro when one booby does something different than the other booby my Bo my breasted all right so we’re going to clear this out and then build the town and then after we build the town for the five we’re going to build on Stone no we’re going to make different flooring we just haven’t decided yet we the donkey got killed by the black hole Yeah we will the donkey it’s dead a donkey he killed the donkey I was like oh I got a saddle and I’m like where did it come from another animal that’s [Music] dead this ain’t going well I’ll replace not the ban Ross um Ross can you wait Ross can You Spa a duck for we must attack the the neighboring Clans oh Minecraft and more our beloved I can smoke the torch you could put the saddle on me and time me to a post oh my God you really are the all right I think I’m going to read you want to play tail on the donkey I don’t mind okie dokie how do you smoke the torch Thank you new me oh yeah um it’s under joint I think it’s on page under joint wa can I smoke my bellor I can my bell damn Dam whack me out be hitting holy oh who what you know about them blurs them Dinks holy yeah a torch sure that’s what we want to call it yep that’s Adventure yeah that’s Adventure I want magic yes oh we have some uh lapis Yu so when we build a those enchantment tables o we will have some okay I’m thinking about how we’re going to do here what I want to do is it’s right by the little leave this for a sec the voice chat how do you open the craft oh you want man on the T what I want to do is once we clear all this out I want to make like a big Farmstead so like each of us are going to make a village like a house in this area which is going to be really cool um and I’m going to make a farm you know tricky could make like a pyramid like cool like Egypt theme cinder’s going to make like a lava house um you know it’s going to be really cool why um wait there’s an invisible oh oh is it the spawn um but yeah it’s going to be really good um I’m trying to think though how we’re going to actually make all this happen it’s like Terraria yeah no way Terraria fast yo this guy’s just standing there like he got nothing to do oh why did I say anything I’m sorry I’m sorry I he’s not doing anything he was just standing there hey Yuzu I don’t want to warn I don’t want to bother you but what Happ I got information do we have any extra w Wait where’ my sword go oh I need there’s a lot of trees up here wait what was that yeah I’m going to go grab that very fast Chad did you see that I like D I like double rolled what the Yeah I think I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to go find a secret chest okay to store my most valuable items in right and then hopefully no one will find it so y’all can remember where I put it okay wait I need to make the chest get lost down do not step on geysers no I you have to build a nether portal to go to hell I I play it but I never reached anywhere other than just mcraft uh we have to make a portal to get [Music] there in no not here why is there so many what happened what is there many help help okay we can deal with this H wait the way I have to jump each block yo you’re doing great oh watch out for the little guy he’s really bad get him get him [ __ ] him up big wait someone th quaking again wait what should I make stairs for this I guess I should make stairs okay nice nice okay I’m going to I got to get some thank you for the raid hi oh can I make stairs out of cobblestone just about to enact we have a lot of cobblestone I’m going to do that hi Prismatic Stone oh oh the farm um you can’t make much out of yeah you can’t really make much out of the pris I guess my job will be to do all the farming Shiki thank you for the 10 months hi um honestly the server is so freaking cool I I genuinely can’t believe it um the is that I just got we’re going we’re going to have to break all this and it and find Farmland something I like to do is like um explore like look for um temples and stuff fall if I if I I have to do actual work we need to find a specific place to to hi what the [ __ ] is that you need an ench you wanted the magician [ __ ] the progressing you you specifically love to join the server I think my community is going to exct holy [ __ ] oh oh my God y’all it’s it’s real I’m winning Chad I’m winning okay go in the water uh in the water okay hello I am under the water safe in the water where is yeah so we’ll do a server just like this but um for everyone that can play so you can play the same mods and everything and it should look the same too it’ll have like the setup and everything oh what is this what is this a cool thing oh my God that not right man what this wild FL guys I found a a dungeon I found a dungon dungeon yeah yeah Yuzu here’s dungeon Yuzu got to come over well they said it’s a dungeon I don’t know if it is let me see y it’s like a stone oh yeah then we need to start your farm yeah we’re going to need more food soon I got this guys I got this um press the M button right yeah this looks like a A or oh what oh [ __ ] oh soft toy gray shark oh my God and a bunch of gold so cute W so it’s like someone had been here before I can’t believe Doug died it wasn’t even one day oh and a lead I found a lead I can’t even see Vienna though is she far away no oh what wait can I make are we going to start building is that what you’re working on right now I’m still trying to yeah maybe we could just so we can get the basics of the Town should be what should we do cinder how should we make the road squirrel oh maybe if I maybe they [ __ ] what the [ __ ] you know what be cute numi what if we start with like dirt roads cuz we have a lot of dirt and then as we upgrade the town we can upgrade with more resour materials what do they eat like a real town you they start with dirt roads they they PVE it when technology advances we’re in the dark age right now maybe I use to make a hat okay let me get Shovel where should we get the oh my God jet I found Pig got some dirt Pig wait you can pick it up if you hold shift and then right click on with your hands free you can pick it up yay thanks wait how wait I can do it hold on I believe I believe in you maybe I’ll put it thinking I forgot the layout to make um thinking hold on thinking oh okay I know how to make stairs oh no okay wait is anyone coming to my what what happened nobody come to the dungeon answer me nobody come to the dungeon the dungeon there’s no dungeon there was never a dungeon stairs no I’m just kidding wait I forgot wait we don’t share chests there’s like five chests here huge chests everywhere like bigger than bigger than the Minecraft there search bar oh there a search bar okay S search bar and then um I know St make just wasted this wait wait guys you need to come here it’s so big I would if I knew where what wait wait there used to be a way to spawn to to certain people oh that’ll make things so much easier okay okay so the one thing is I put a chest down that that’s my chest don’t loot that chest that’s not the chest they’re like special dungeon chests okay don’t take the stuff I put it a chest oh TPA oh okay okay yeah TP to me if it lets you what yeah do the command TPA and select Vienna where’d it go big man oh okay okay and then I make a how do I click it how how do I it says click how do I click it you make it a fence uh T open the chest okay okay so so look at these chests now now don’t don’t check this this is my chest I just put stuff here don’t loot that okay that’s my stuff no no no I think all the chests spawn different things for everybody yeah yeah no no no I put a real chest down to put the more stuff into it oh gotcha so don’t rob me but how cool is this upgrade there’s a hole wait I said you beanie oh oh yeah so much farming stuff too oh no yes that’s all I got see [ __ ] big big things big things you got a r Egyptian boots yo it’s my shoes I got her shoes is new me coming too you guys got a got a request oh bread how do I put the beanie on oh it’s so cute Tanuki there’s so much okay uh It’s All Coming Back to Me Wait y’all see too’s message seed pouch oh wait wait what Happ if yall do getting started one will give you a backpack with 25 extra inventory spaces getting started quests what are those kind how do you get to the quest menu It’s the E and then you press your okay I think I did it oh I’m already full wait can I collect spider webs yeah you should be able to how do you put the backpack on oh a be oh they’re so cute in this wait wait guys can you come here I’m scared I didn’t know I’m sorry I didn’t know I didn’t see the Beehive no hurt me the extra inventory doesn’t seem to work please don’t hurt me wa I can’t find you I’m I don’t even know how to explain it but I accidentally dropped down oh okay see if I can wait can I destroy this and oh you think I used the backpack oh I need food I’m gonna try to find my way back but I don’t know where I am oh I see you see where are you trying to go Yu y oh your hat is so there’s a secret there’s a secret here secret no it doesn’t seem to work and there’s like glowy there’s glowy uh ores and stuff I want to go down there I want to go down this hole oh it would sure be nice would it would be nice if my wings actually worked that’s just like it’s like glowing moss on the blocks it’s not an actual uh guys you good yeah what’s going on over there how do I accept request you have to type TP except thank you c um your quest should be done and you can unlock um all your stuff to get extra backpack hold on where are the quest anybody got some food I got some bread please please I’m starving come to me bread is here oh oh yeah yeah did you get the bread yeah wait wait there should be a whole bunch of stuff where oh my God bless hang on I’m killing I’m killing [ __ ] wait wait wait I have seeds for you oh thank you your take yay oh sh are there more chests I didn’t get a chance to look there’s a Decay zombie down here I got my backpack yay yeah it’s it’s way easier once you get it oh [ __ ] to store so much the quest is so helpful yeah guys do the quest things okay so let me it’s in your guides wait what does it do how do you how do you hold stuff now what do you mean how do you hold the pickup oh oh make sure there’s nothing in your hand oh I did it I’m trying to understand how you put the Cosmetic items on o backpack backpack backpack where’s my back what do pigs eat chat uh wheat oh what oh yay let’s go this is so cool aw can you tell me how to do that again I was just e sh up that oh yeah it says which slap but it’s a little confusing oh oops sorry wait what this will be my house oh the beanie gives armor oh you’re right wow I got an iron axe wait where wait where do we go uh press open in your inventory and then go to the guides and then there’s a quest okay guides the top left one uh getting started yeah just do all those and it’s going to give you [ __ ] and tell you what there’s a mailing system where you can mail each other’s uh items That’s So Co yeah that makes sense wait it’s better than the gold helmet what was all this gold for then [ __ ] you skeleton [ __ ] you skeleton wait did you guys check un down here disappeared I’m down here right now down this this ladder mhm cool oh are there any more chests mother oh God yeah there’s a skill tree Mitch how do we put on back I’m trying to pick up I’m trying to pick up the stuff this is all the stuff that I got from the quest oh I think it’s bug oh [ __ ] wait all the [ __ ] from the quest is on the floor why does it say 200 iron axes don’t pick up my [ __ ] no no wait do you have an extra backpack Yu I think my backpack’s gone um how do we open the backpack when we put it on oh oh [ __ ] there’s something weird going on uh oh wait I found it Fu I still can’t pick up all my do you guys do you see that there’s hund of them back pack wait let me they eat the carrot where the [ __ ] I find a carrot they eat the carrot man oh it’s player specific oh it is be for backpack oh my God you’re so smart and sexy that scared me dude how do I equip it though um you right click cute things have 700 envelopes how do I put it on so that I could oh okay cck 11 open Limestone I think it’s a just for appearance yeah I so B to open backpack yeah just drop it down here then maybe I don’t have that okay cubine um once you once you said it you can press B until then you can’t cuz it didn’t let me either so cute oh oh wait we can toggle the armor wait let me do that oh you can let me see yeah so if you go to your inventory oh wait my boobies are still armored that’s so funny um my boies are tricky where where did we fall from I how do we get back that’s a good question um there was the ladder oh the ladder is here got pink boob you have to lay boobies maybe we make a staircase to the ladder that’s right here wait so how do you adjust the armor stuff so in your uh like crafting menu when you press e m next to your little model there’s a blue shirt icon yeah and then up in the corner it says toggle armor visibility triy you wait you hear that I still see the armor on the boobs I see that he that that’s so funny he wait oh the oh I see the BL oh [ __ ] I promise I’m not that was right right right right right right right I don’t there we go are you good are you sure yeah yeah I think so I’m crafting and I’m mining damn n is freaking gaming look at this oh wait a minute wait wait wait wait guys you have so many awesome things hold on eat the Walnut a [ __ ] that’s crazy that’s exciting dude oh I your breastplate okay wow wow oh damn it I’m going to make like a way for us to get back to the L started playing ominous music and no that didn’t work what is that use hello it’s a crab wait nice hat wa yeah I found it in a chest like one of those chests or were there more the one that you L us to the three chest isn’t it different for everybody yeah oh [ __ ] I think so [ __ ] bucket damn it do I kill these bats oh you don’t have to they’re very cute wait I wonder if you hold it and then do spawn go to spawn if it’ll teleport with you I killed it never mind I thought that would work yeah she is so kind silver where’ you guys go yes we went down the ladder I wonder if I should take all this stuff or not it’s probably worth doing right this is like Terraria it’s fun right isn’t it fun poison what do I do with a poisonous potato you can eat eat it eat it I don’t think she should eat it if it’s poisonous eat it man eat it do it bet you I bet you won’t no I think you should if you don’t you’re a [ __ ] you’re a [ __ ] wow so real oh I can see myself forgetting later that my backpack exists and wondering where all my stuff went r no r no not me not hery yo y y no you you can’t you can’t there must be another way you want to stop state from getting that stone or not he’s going to sacrifice himself help help b b type TPA and put our name after e no I must live when is it when is it going to be day um I think every 10 minutes or something oh [ __ ] okay can you see the sun R okay um wait are you guys still down here oh yeah I found some iron down here so what the [ __ ] yo there’s [ __ ] sharks in this game there sharks yes yes there are I want to see the Sharks yo coochie some [ __ ] in here how does it work TP what do you type TPA it’s like this wait it’s without the period and then put name it’ll yeah oh who was that I’m okay I’m fine oh what I heard something slay corpse fish wait why isn’t it work um you is that you okay I’m fine I’m oh hello [ __ ] wait why is there like a black hole on the map what that I love how I love that they don’t explode the blocks um there what’s this wait you can you hit yes what was that yes uh yeah how you click accept on the in the water at night there’s [ __ ] [ __ ] in here okay are you okay it said invalid request though I’m already press T and then it says click one of these accept or deny yeah I’m good I’m good I’m here I think she’s here thank you I just wanted to find carrots bro I feel like we should look for more dungeons cuz they had really good um yeah they have really good drops chat where was I um I’m about to die I think anybody no no I save you why do I keep putting a note is this wait the skeletons are trying to kill each other oh I’m for one Minecraft weekly one Minecraft week happy one we it keeps trying to make me oh I have a letter equipped oh what’s this is this someone’s chest whoa I got a bunch of stuff in here okay are you in a little quickly write down your thoughts oh [ __ ] it’s a it’s a pillagers oh no I yeah okay okay okay yeah this seems like a pretty good Hall cute okay now get the wait if I were taller than what I am now does that mean that I would have to mine two blocks to get in a space cuz I I only have to mine one block if you’re a giant yeah you probably would oh wow tricky tricky where did you go I’m in trouble again I went back I went back up the ladder cuz my food is here so I’m going to go grab my food oh yeah what the [ __ ] I’m so the f where the [ __ ] is bow I’m going to die oh oh Dad a COR was a corpse fly what the [ __ ] that was a big ass [ __ ] fly okay wait um is anyone still near that area so I can get my stuff I’m I’m I’m staring at your dead body right now you help me get it oopsie oh it’s where am I down there back can you protect me Queen wa wait wait wait wait don’t go down yet let me level up first how do I level um um please let it be morning oh I didn’t want to use my sword cuz I had one HP okay I protect you okay okay okay I’m going I’m going oh oh go oh God wait did my backpack go away I think we have to kill them we have to kill them I’m so dead I’m so dead no no you your back I’m in trouble okay I’m I’m good I’m good are you good are you good okay um okay there’s there’s a creeper coming though how do you beat those guys oh son hello okay wait so so did the stuff in my backpack stay I don’t know how do I oh it did Iron yay okay thank you so much wait there’s there’s iron up here Vienna I’m going to oh I actually just Farm some more iron AA let me start smelting it okay Yu just let you know I’m gone okay oh okay mine nowt a [ __ ] wait oh God how do I C how do I craft a a mining thing what does that mean a mining thing a pickaxe am I so small oh you need a crafting table I need a crafting table okay the 1. on combat system you’re not supposed to spam right isn’t that it you sounded so urg or something like that silver yeah there’s like value to not spamming mining thing where was my pigies chat you remember okay so now we go um hide our stuff in a chest somewhere we remember the coordinates and then um we go find more cool stuff I just see what these quests are not these but the these I’m starting to make a little road and I get a glider Road home how do I unlock farming grow some wheat let’s go hell yeah okay okay I have those seeds right wa there’s more iron nice okay flax seeds this is really good right before we get done okay I actually don’t know how to make a f iron then gold then diamond oh oh oh wait my lead my lead I don’t know what you can really do with gold there isn’t a whole lot I don’t think wait tricky I have I have a gift for you on the other side of the river I just got to get this box and I can give it to her who are these guys why are they trapped in here good night reix yeah so I have I have wheat you okay man um what trap you in here oh iron is good okay yeah iron iron’s really good for making and then you put wheat in a in a furnace to make bread right is that right okay sorry about that what the [ __ ] is this Quest so if you go Lev up and then you look at all of the quests in the what’s wrong with this guy in there you can complete it and it’ll boost your stats oh why are they hurting me oh is it cuz I I heard a guy earlier yeah so like for example if you go to sling you kill a creeper with a stick you got an enchantment what you do right you get five of them yeah which is pretty good is it I can kill this guy right put a villager in a cage and I just uh saved him a I’m in trouble maybe maybe he was in there for a reason you think so I think I’m serial killer oh [ __ ] here’s a pig where’s my other Pig oh zombie this is so scary dad where the pig go it doesn’t say how much HP he has Dad please help I’m stupid zigzag zigzag dad do you know where the other Pig where I told you that they can leave oh my God where’ my pig pen go wait wait wait does anyone want to come with me to find a ples biome the reward is uh the recipe for gliders yes okay okay I’m at spawn come to spawn yeah we can go on an adventure combat I should probably swap field we get the travel Bo which uh increases armor armor toughness by one I think I see some planes on the map I did it yeah okay and if we find a desert biome our our speed is increased permanently wait I want to go yeah the SP okay I’m coming wait wait how do I TP uh if you SL spawn you’ll go back to the are those Pillager guys like near Villages like I’m what I find three wheat in a row in a crafting table makes bread is that cheating though should make some bread then I did it but is that okay yeah yeah wait you did what the command teleporting yeah that’s fine okay let’s find let’s find that ples biome okay so if you open your map with M and you look wa but don’t you have to cook it oh uh what oh sorry I was talking to my chat oh oops so in your map if uh you look like towards the the the the bottom left there’s sort of I just sounded crazy flow might be that yeah let’s go okay wait let me just oh I got horse plushy and I a be plushy I think what I should do is make like a little house that um is my temporary wa you coming I’m I’m coming okay you know like keep my stuff in it little secret homey cook the glider yeah I in there [ __ ] yeah yeah we have to wait for our Alpha our leader our Bala oh I found planes okay I found a planes biome you found one already yeah I’m in it what there’s a village here what I can’t believe she didn’t if anyone was already over one’s mine Exile Exile the heretic but but I was just I was just looking for stuff your wolf Running Y see see we’re here it was right there yeah yeah I teleported to Vienna she’s like right there was like 5 away we planning on going am I still a heretic Yuzu um no um no you have been forgiven you are now my Elite employee employ mango [ __ ] thank you this is it this is the planes do you get get the ACH no how do I accept the quest oh oh yeah so um you press uh uh com no level up scroll down to the bottom it’s the walking Quest walking challenge one find a PL biome and it says you get unlocked gliders recipe did it show up for you what what wait wait how do I get there oh to TP level oh okay and then what walking are we not like in the biome enough find a it say planes for me is yours yours is still lock oh did did you walk enough did oh you have to make sure you met the walking requirement yeah what’s The Walking requirement stup that’s stupid so if you scroll down does it say you have five marks of walking you can’t TP you just have to walk to it no no no you just have to walk enough that it counts for your I think we have to walk around in the PLS biome wait am I in a PL biome yeah you are you just need to um I was here the whole time it’s you get the get your steps in you [ __ ] literally literally get your steps in guys this is my pig pen I’m looking for carrots please let me know if you find carrots all right okay um it’s very important uhhuh I guess I’ll just keep walking around the biome um there cool stuff here it can be anywhere it doesn’t have to be house whoa do you see that over there Cinder there’s a bunch of red stuff red stuff the trees like red trees oh villager houses this is my house what is this if you rob them do they get upset sometimes there’s pillers are they some of them are bad if they have like silver helmets some [ __ ] they’re bad and you need to kill them uh I think I’m a cheater I just TP to spawn when I was about to die is that fine oh cheater am I to cheat what are y’all doing cheater cheater I’m sorry um get her I think regular villagers were hurting me not like oh mushroom my bad you I’ll just kill myself you should have died that’s repent repent I need and went to a new one and I got that other biome but not the planes one what the heck well that’s weird maybe it’s you accept maybe it’s a special plane yeah found this thing oh yeah don’t kill them we can make a farm don’t kill what the P yeah I’m not going to you there’s one person here who kills animals and it ate me you no no they’re not dead B they’re not dead a village in here yes um over uh This Way Cinder is a village but they’re bad guys guys still bow stuff let me just put all of this back what I just told you that sh was mine oh wait wait I just found the chest was that yours next to the pig yeah oh oh let me put it back everybody’s robbing her I didn’t know I took everything that’s why I said I’ll leave that like earlier I was like guys don’t take the brown chest that’s just mine you literally have to say that [ __ ] please accept my request please accept they broke my pig pen no I didn’t I didn’t touch I not I work so hard wait no I have to keep walking in the PLS biome because I need the achievement so you can walk anywhere Cinder and come back to the biome you can me to okay or or you it’s okay either one oh there’s a dog here faster than you think doggy Okay so they’re a little over there they took myhies too wait you guys took her plushies I put the plushy back I did my they took my P oh wait you just ped it yeah you did it’s raining oh is this your dog now no I think that’s yours but I didn’t tame it there a giant Cricket let’s see if I take the leash off what happens holy Molly oh it’s yours it’s humongous do go my bad no I I didn’t have anything to tame it withit if we find another one I can give oh wait I need to make a stick oh the ice thing that’s a biome too we’re supposed to see giant grasshopper pable Beast well I can tame the grasshopper oh there’s another one I right here wait what’s thater if we kill we can do our Quest wait that one’s mine where’s your I oh I think I’m I’m stupid it’s yours oh my God it’s stormy is that a hamster that’s a hamster oh yeah yeah you can get a hamster how do I Dr I it loves me uh just uh put it out of your inventory a h there’s a ice creeper on the the icon I don’t really understand snowy creeper wait why is it cute it is cute oh my God wait can I Le it wait the way it’s not attacking no I can’t Le it oh I got Hamer Chad look I got the Hamer with a stick wait how do you how do you tame a hamster I don’t know I give it apple apple God damn it they keep exploding what’s these iron sword nice I need to get one all okay Cinder I don’t want to like say this but someone just said the weirdest [ __ ] about your Minecraft avatar in my chat I just I just have no words bro yeah it was uh it something I think it’s too hot for them carrot yes got it I’m going to die okay come on hamter that a I don’t know what that mob is oh my God that’s like the [ __ ] Game of Thrones dudes we going spawn no no no we can kill him we can kill him new come on will the hamster t to me if I walk too far it’s literally John Snow oh [ __ ] these creepers keep exploding I want to kill it with a stick no no I typ Swan instead of Spawn [ __ ] about to get my ass where I was so nervous wait why why can’t I respond hello no I can’t it’s I can’t respawn Nory here yeah I’ll try reconnecting I did it and I can get oh I’m back guys where’s my hamper okay um where did you put it I don’t know treasuring okay can you accept this Yuzu I got to get my stuff back I don’t see oh my God does it tee to me when it walks too far um it depends on theet I I don’t have a I’ve never had a hamster so I don’t know oh where is my body amp whoa where my body how do I find him is he on my map he should be on your map if [Music] he’s hter oh Cinder you already started there he is my body’s gone you’re my hter you started with the p where is it there you are come on little guy have to go somewhere safe oh what if I bugged it by trying to spawn as I died I’m I think I’m get closer to the snow okay yeah it’s in the snow but it’s like not showing on the map pumpkin seeds sound these guys make they like I am trying my best bro h Huh where is here T thank you for the T one thank you look at myself and got this [ __ ] plane oh my God Vienna there’s a bunch of wolves on my map I’m going to I’m uh trying to recover my body and then I could meet you there oh yeah I died to John Snow oh the the one that you said you would be able to yeah he he what is he was really strong walking my my body isn’t showing on the map like it gone hter oh is he coming oh [ __ ] um did I lose all I was talking to myself because I accidentally muted myself I’m you know what oh no I’m keeping myself safe stop saying we got a swan that’s mean please so I can can you dig big hole I think my body glitched out and doesn’t exist My Dead Body it doesn’t seem to be anywhere um are you sure yeah where did you die I died in this Arctic area with new me but I can’t find where my body is okay I see it I see it I see it oh where’ he go I see it I see it no these are my friend now I live here now maybe I can ask where the [ __ ] are you I’m hanging out with my friends big birds and giant grasshopper and hamper wait really yeah yeah I have no death marker I don’t know where my hamper go he don’t follow me those I’m so sad about this achievement I think it’s cuz we didn’t reach the walking requirement what does that yeah you have to walk lot you have to keep walking and then it’ll it’ll unlock the like in the biome uh just anywhere yeah you just have to walk anywhere yeah when you go to the leveling area the leing leveling screen okay go to these coordinates 201 like how much walking you’ve done and then 2012 and then yeah you could see the progress 16969 dude I’m about to write so many love letters what does that mean I have no death marker there’s a postal service in one of the things here you can put up mailboxes and deliver stuff to each other that’s so cute we can make a post office ah that’s so cute okay I’m going to I think this is the one I can kill this creeper do it yeah I think I got one too with our sticks I don’t for like 20 years I know are you kidding me oh my God there’s a clown zombie clown oh my God he’s he’s killing me I’m going to die wait I can’t transfer it oh hell oh my God that’s [ __ ] good luck though oh good luck though I think I’m safe I’m like gig laging crying I’m crying I’m cry I’m crying I’m crying I’m crying crying cry I’m crying about to die at the same exact time oh look the sun rising D where was I again say okay are you guys okay where was I 440 what that you remembered for me a that was [ __ ] awful oh wait did I just summon this guy I just wanted to kill the Canada debuff bro I I I think I just summoned a monster on accident and killed him I don’t what the hell thanks wait yeah I should make like a little house in Canada I’m going to do it oh I think I see him on the map is it snowing yeah yeah it’s snowing here there he is oh my God who my pigs nobody come near where I am zombie CL wait why isn’t my backpack open he keeps following me he’s like I could do this I could do this you want the Sheep BR you guys see the leg this happening holy [ __ ] okay I make a little house in Canada where I store my my most secret stuff I could do this I could do this everybody’s fighting their own demons right now what’s going on I know oh these trophy guys that’s what they are I see so if we go to this trophy oh I’ve been talking right to you guys the whole time I’m sorry I literally just got like 10 zombies in one go I’m crazy okay go go go go go I [Music] can oops dig a hole dig a hole oh yeah is Canada dropping my can tell me how much hits a creeper takes with a sword before it dies it depends on the sword so this trophy who who does the trophy represent is it this B there’s no way this B is a trophy right let me tell you this a trophy no it is wait it’s not a trophy it’s a bee it’s just a bee icon why does it look like a trophy oopsie this is going to take forever it’s literally just a be Yuzu were you the one that mentioned trophies earlier no cuz they’re just bees they’re not trophies somebody just wrote an bow in your chat what what happened huh another thing about cinder’s Minecraft character I didn’t see it what what happened nothing nothing I I have a set so that I can’t see messages that my mods delete that’s a good idea I should do that it’s for my mental wait so oh Sprite wait that’s the same one that got banned in Vienna’s chat too wait wait who shocks ban them from Yu’s chat before they make it to youu chat oh is it the guy who said to think about Cinder yeah yeah it was the same person that did it in Bow’s chat why is he doing what did he say nothing nothing nothing he’s probably banned from my chat already that’s why he’s like oh I see get attention yucky yeah what are these trophy things wait guys I’m going to make a house among the Canadian Farmers here I feel like it’s perfect right like I could just live among among my people no I’m in uh I don’t know SK I don’t even see you on my map I’m just in the plains with Yu um Can Wason teleport you or no I don’t see anybody on my map I only see Cinder oh we might be too far away they is there a there’s a puppy near the SP guys you can use this Wast he’s in cave hole oh he is I cleared some more stuff Cinder oh um um if you teleport to me there’s a way Stone here and you can come from Canada to spawn using it really where let me teleport yeah yeah teleport to me this I’m going to I’m going to make this wait wait I think you have to pay XP to to teleport other places I have 15 I’m going to build a small mini house here where I will reside outside of the village what is this how do I this is Canada don’t don’t hurt anyone why would I I don’t know here here take this I need a beehive I need a bottle for the Beehive raw iron my inventory full shears or bottle okay thank you IR yeah it’s it’s little little Canadian farming village where did thinder go oh no can I Rob them can I eat it what’s my fov oh is there a way to no she’s not breaking sh ice yeah you see if they have chests that I can steal from but I don’t see anything what is that I’m doing it I’m farming don’t worry guys we won’t starve anymore soon you 24 torches that’s not a good deal teport to you yeah yeah oh can I just steal this guy’s house like oh it’s the ice creeper those guys are bad I’m trying to increase my oh oh so that’s where you guys are oh I want to Ste this house for me it’s so weird it’s like it’s so pretty I love how you guys built this right next to the Pillager I killed them potato still there oh I killed them I swear oh did more come maybe I’m going to take this guy’s house on your this my house now Lea fire my house okay wheat seeds stew Quake bro I like increase W for carrot to come so they can [ __ ] or maybe it’s potatoes I don’t know but I have both oh look some pigs cared for pigs that’s mine okay can youall save the coordinates for this Tanuki Decor bag Oher’s Minecraft crash she’s coming back oh I was wondering where she went oh my God she’s EV she died right dude oh what is this shattered skull what does that do I can’t wait till buff and shy get here they’re going to be so good at building things are they Minecraft veterans I’ve claimed a house in Canada oh Minecraft veterans dude all I played every day deoration but look at all these cute things I have Yu is not using the Shader oh am I not using a Shader press K press K [Music] nice okay turn it back on what the [ __ ] the villagers won’t mess with this right I got seeds from so that’s why she just didn’t have a Shader on the whole time do I did have it on oh you just thought it wasn’t pretty enough I guess so the water I want to make the water prettier you could okay back how make how make prettier Canadian what do I do with done I guess my GPU would [ __ ] is there a specific way to claim like an area as yours so people can’t break it or no what do you mean no your area area okay what what what what’ she even say man your area is our area yeah that’s what she think is yours no hours hours Theos might be in video settings I put all my plushies down no I don’t want stop it oh so cute St it why does this one float don’t on I don’t I don’t want to set the spawn point cuz I can just use the teleporter this going to oh I did no faster oh breaking grass I can never get back oh [ __ ] okay oh no uhoh oh I got a bunch of dirt this guy just walked into my house changer wait cinder’s not even here I’m going to jump I was talking to myself the whole [ __ ] time Graphics to fabulous guys how do I stop this guy from going to house we heard you we just ignored you I wasn’t talking to you [ __ ] I was talking to how get to go away hi I’m back there she is I told you I wasn’t crazy I crashed no it’s my house wait what no no no like I crashed that first time Jackie love thank you for the prime happy 30 month like they will all just come in when you unlock new recipes you have to completely re reop the game to be able to to get them to work and I tried opening the crafting menu to see the recipe for it and that’s what crashed me I didn’t restart it yet I guess well this is just a temporary home you know this is just a little you the stre small place to to store my secret there a way to place my torch down when it’s in my left hand I was thinking of just using the Prismatic Stone Corners okay let me let me let me close this up for now so now I won’t spawn there right can make like cool on can we make hold on hold on let me cook okay good good good good good um can we do Prismatic stairs nice I have a Canadian home can’t anything out of this Prismatic Stone I’m hiding no we may have to just use regular Cobblestone to make candle holder save my emeralds they won’t take stuff out of my chest though right the perks of being short I can hide in in areas where enemies can’t get me little little you beds huh we need a stone cutter to make stairs out of this thing how do we make a stone cutter stone cutter let me see oh [ __ ] just use my nipples what the we need definitely do that okay what the [ __ ] is wrong with you it’s crazy something wrong with her ass so FY okay go B me another brass Ingot oh no it’s getting going to be night time again no please why is it so fast can you make it baby it’s okay it’s so fine what was that shift click we just need to light the area better and then they won’t spawn here true oh I have some okay okay I did it I’m getting a lot of coal but I don’t know if it’s useful for anything other than torches go Cinder I make I think I got it um when you have a furnace there there’s some up on the the top some little steals my [ __ ] after all that in with ingots to smelt them into bars yeah here we go I got it I got it Cinder yeah do not can I teach this to you guys how do I do that how the [ __ ] do we do it man TPA how do how do we work it oh okay where do I go oh I got it I got it I got it anybody you want to teleport lagging oh I I I made some stairs and there where’s the dirt are you guys making your house now no we’re making the town I don’t get it I’m coming back to help with the town how do I choose where to go you click on the person you want to teleport too you could just type their name like Nim numi or something our name Will The Village okay I’m back from can so you can make like you can make one house here and then one somewhere else but we’re just making it to make a little town for people when everybody else joins do you want me to uh keep clearing a bit more to help out new me what do you want me to clear some more uh can you accept my request I’m going to make a you guys are going to make the town very pretty and then I’m going to make a dirt Hut in the middle of everything the you’re going to get you’re going to get all creep hi I didn’t do anything I swear to God I know you’re just running near them and then they’re going to exp I like my little comfy Canada house I swear I backed up it’s cute there’s some [ __ ] going on over there so like what if we I got it oh okay can I plant a potato sometimes man I did it what the I got lag switched hard yeah I’m getting like some jumping around and stuff are you guys getting that I think maybe cuz I just teepe you think there’s a bunch of arrows in my for thank you for the 33 months thank you y oh they look so cute and then when all of our other friends join there will be something here I want to go back to Canada nobody will die and do some exploring and I want to catch a horse um what do you need to tame a horse is it we judging me for being small no nobody said anything y’all know how to tame horses no I’m small I’m I’m so small and you’re like a really giant you’re [ __ ] tall and big she can barely fit you know into I’m really tiny like I’m so tiny I’m so tall she so small chat yeah she can’t help the way she is it’s so crazy you have like look up oh my God you’re so talented and so nice oh wait wait something looks missing hold on I know I know I know what I got to do guys hold on hold on hold on how do I use this freaking teleporter C let me cook I got to put one more top wait can we do Stu if we have a hoe hi here we have one yeah you beat me too it oh my God so dumb no way man so dumb how does there we go better oh that just makes it into a soil my bad y’all why do I hear a dog you see that that’s my dog sorry that’s mine you don’t bite a little baby oh here we go can I eat it Canada I’m going to die oh [ __ ] okay where which one was my house make a bun of little bases it’ll be so cute and then the skate park okay I’m going to find a horse and I’m going to find more special stuff I’m going to store it all in my secret Canadian Mansion the holy go couch I’m kind of worried people like just blow up Villages though won’t they my eating she prot The Village oh my God these cows are so cute oh my [ __ ] those are the cutest cows I’ve ever seen let’s go world star oh my Lord star there we go that looks better our cows now yeah honestly when you think about it oh like a cobblestone uh wall C there and put it around you think about it I keep talking to my friends sh on accident when you think about it I’m like um we can we can make these arches pretty we can eventually decorate them with like maybe like moss and flowers and stuff Tak over this is all my stuff you want to go to Canada yeah okay but don’t Rob the house that says it’s my house okay okay don’t worry I won’t are you going to hurt any of the people here no I will don’t hurt them she doesn’t know she doesn’t know’s I’m crazy man did you see that Pro moves bro what is this thing it looks like a potato accept this cool skele twins oh oh [ __ ] I unjoined them wait Yu are you here yeah thank you you just saved my ass yeah no worries did did you make this no um the the Canadians made this I just took over it’s mine now so you’re role playing as an American I lagged and it killed me nope I think Canadians did that she was doing so good from evil Yo there’s some good chest though I’ll show you another one here [ __ ] that guy’s huge oh cute they’re in a bed together I make a corner a flower in here come here come here come here wait there’s so much stuff in this ch [ __ ] he trying to beat my ass yeah yeah and there’s even more how do I click my [ __ ] why do you look like a neck beard how do I click my [ __ ] just from far away oh that you look like you’re wearing up Fedora yeah yeah what’s wrong oh you know what I think I have something you’d really like here try this try this what where this oh okay don’t worry Pooky what do I my inventory is full stop bullying bow guys they’re being you stop God they [ __ ] crippled babies does it work a beanie see this [ __ ] chat [ __ ] babies e how does it look does it look bad oh yeah it looks terrible like my top P I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t know it looked B what the [ __ ] fused bone that’s [ __ ] up wait can I have it back can I have it back yeah okay come here there’s one more chest okay okay they’re going to look a little it’s in my house oh I see what you guys are doing got it okay so this is my house this is where I live making a cute Town pay attention to the there’s a Skelly boy we should make a post office to Cinder cuz we can send this is my Canadian house aest here look at this plushy yeah I put that here bro I just take my plushy that was CRA I’m going to give him a friend oh your chica oh if you have any dirt you can make the dirt paths too B um and now I can put this bicycle here bike yeah did you get anything this one oh I’ve reached the gold there’s a hole I found a hole oh God which hole oh and I should replace the door with this big dwarf door oh my God Juniper oh never mind don’t worry Juniper we’re just building the town and then you then you can come with us you can join us right away it’s a bit too big we have to make sure we make a really cute town for everybody to join into does it have to be dirt uh well that’s what we’re using the town the town in Canadia is really nice yeah yeah I love Canada just regular any dirt I think it looks the same we’ll fix it later we’re just trying to look like we’re right now wait you can roll it Yu look okay okay okay let’s play dice rolling the dice yeah okay okay okay okay um junip okay okay whoever rolls the highest wins okay okay wait wait wait if I roll if I roll lower than I will give you um oh wait wait how about how about okay if you um if if yeah sorry if you roll higher than me then you can take one of my objects but if I want if I roll higher than you I get your hat ooh oh okay fine okay wait wait wait do we count this three or do we both start again uh you you wait you want to do one I’m getting a call tax best out of three oh [ __ ] what did it go oh no wait okay okay okay start over you got a one you got a three wait okay best out of three okay okay oh is it my turn yeah yeah oh wait did you get a one I think I got a one okay okay okay okay beat that bir um okay so it’s tied so this is the final one right it’s tied okay okay it’s tied no am I cursed oh okay okay okay this is the final one all right I want this hat I want this hat okay okay gfish it’s so ogre my my my hat is gone [ __ ] okay fine take it take it I don’t even want this stupid hat can have the beanie okay the ugly beanie okay did I get thank you why are you going in my chest I did oh wait this is your t yeah yeah I put this stuff in here I thought was a I don’t know yeah if it’s if it’s a wooden one it’s a people chest and if it’s one of these it’s a it’s a okay yeah wait user you dropped your beanie oh here I dropped it oh you’re right oh it’s out here it’s out here all right come back play again how do I okay we’re back wait how do I make it work hi I made a a little entry inventory [ __ ] a oh it looks so cool oh Cinder you’re so oh wait you might like this though I have another one um try this now I don’t know if you like it but you know maybe it’s a scar that scar try again how do you equip it a it it goes in click on the little gem next to your head and hit necklace I think or face neckace her face neckace neckace necklace I want to everything I give you you hate you look so dumb I’m dead I’m so dead wait wait let me screenshot this oh I’m sorry I got distracted sorry I keep building what I can’t see man wait oh am I on my screenshot oh this it’s covering half of your f a bunch of fish I’ll take it okay actually no you could have it oh what the wait oh that’s your chimney you have that that’s your chimney Yu take my chimney back I’m going to take my chimney and leave how do I cook fish no oh I’ll that lat don’t worry how F thanks for visiting how do you cook got a fillet at first bober oh I can cook there’s cooking leveling system so you could be a chef if you wanted to oh wait guys look at the mini map it’s showing thanks for visiting oh that’s we’re going to be able to see our town yay it’s a wood in in in a crafting table with a hole in the middle how many spaces should we put between wait are you going to come live in Canada too I’m just going to craft some [ __ ] actually wait why oh wait this is a crafting chest crafting table yeah oh crafting table we’re a team now yes so you make a chest with wood and um with a hole in it thank you oh Cinder I’m making this is where we could put little houses I’m marking them here I just I don’t think it does cuz I press six and it’s not I’m [ __ ] building so you know it’s random how much space are you going to be able to have well I was thinking this is like our like temporary little houses you know just for cute little so if you could see um I put like here you know um wait let me level this um I think what like I’m going to do is I’m going to have a house in the town and then like another house elsewhere I think we all should have a house in the town just for cosmetics and then we can all just make another one somewhere else all should have a house that’s crazy what did she say okay see I think we all should have a house wait what where’ my door go where’ my door go whoa I got amaran seed amaran amaran seed what get there there’s so many guys who’ kill for that Yu I know oh my God wait where did you go you where are you oh you’re in the house like IPA it tastes so bad I hate IPA oh is this is this your little I like ye yeah but you could have whatever I put in this chest I’m going to steal this B to ask what you your thoughts on this I was just I’m going to put the brown B um I think the Raider’s coming cuz they mad at me what do you mean by that oh never mind it’s squid oh oops what’s a what’s a Talisman is that like this much space maybe it’s a my big oh little houses but like I do you remember house put like little they’re just little homes and then we can put like a post office in one and stuff since they’re all just temporary um well at least maybe here they could be tinier but we can make them bigger over there I just some I ate because of the Torches okay that’s F where am I okay this so are you just organizing all the stuff you have no this way I’m just trying to make room in my inventory yeah yeah I remembering I’m going to go explore you looking for more cool chests if you want to come holy [ __ ] I love Minecraft isn’t it fun chat you know what I’m going to do once I I get offline I’m going to play Minecraft and then I’m going to have IRL torch I’m going to have an IRL torch and go non-verbal SP okay that’s exactly what I’m going to do what mouth open and everything and my neck’s going to be slightly craned forward and I’m going be like why does my neck hurt every time I wake up be just like me all of us are going to have under eye bags and [ __ ] we’re going to be like the next time did a little bit of work offline and we all have like Mansion outside of a little bit of offline grinding entire [ __ ] Mansion E when I was um when me and show weren’t vtubers yet there right before Co me and our friends would always play Minecraft like we would wake up and we play Minecraft until we went to bed we would wake up at the same time and then play Minecraft it was like that for like an entire week and we had like easily built like a castle it was so fun Nostalgia that is so cute I did that every single day but we just went on random little Minecraft servers it was so fun it was so much fun bed where had to my pick my Piggies you guys doing okay wait I need to make another I’m selling things I wish we had regular wood selling things what is a regular wood they don’t know that I’m selling things the economy is pretty crazy here in Canada oh I can just oh that’s it God I love Minecraft dude the way I’m not EnV thank you for the 19 months thank you um at least we’ll be able to hang out for the next several weeks see you tomorrow the day the grind let’s see you on Minecraft wait my carrots are mature oh oh wait you do I’m going to give you your hat back after all that you went through I just it doesn’t feel right with me it’s your hat it’s been eating at it’s right there it’s right there she’s been fighting her demons with that because I toggled it off I can’t must be the right thing to do anymore I’m going to put it in this chest no way no you you said that Beanie was ugly it’s fine I’ll wear it as a as a shameful axe w a painful memory waa bro my bad why is she so short in the game it’s cuz everyone else is the same height yeah we’re all tiny together I’m I’m I’m a 5 [Music] foot I really like Canada I wish was thing yeah where like all your friend asking for upes well you can dark again it’s over oh God damn it can we make some bede I I like two hours I got no you just need to kill spiders bow I think they can spawn in Planes we we need pancakes yeah W yeah you can cook deor way yeah man you can cook at the pancake how did we lose one of the stairs I cook the pizza an apple and look at this yeah there’s a chest in here Yu come and then these portraits don’t you break them and get the thing inside them be I’m pretty sure the pigs eat potatoes wait uh y you need to come get this this chest where uh look on the map where where where did I get Wow Wow E I got some weird FNAF ugly bricks called ffd [Music] interior what’s this I ate way too much food oh no what the heck oh tricky fix this oh I know you would love this wait I teleport okay okay uh teleport here tricky there’s a bunch of really cool chest no no don’t accept that don’t accept that I I did it the wrong way don’t hit yes TPA to me press t one bed y’all we have enough for one bed look what I got string anybody got string we can make some beds I have one string one Str the cabinets did you check in here did you get anything good add them all and see if we can make I got iron pickaxe and then I got some gold oh okay okay tricky come here and open this chest oh there’s so many apples in here app it must be completely random how do you hide your armor by the way uh press e okay wait I’m going to you see little blue armor thing you click that I’m going to come back you guys stay here one second and then go into the corner can you accept invisibility I think I found some walls that would be good for your house here I’ll show you what it looks like it’s like a weird I don’t know like metal It’s Five Nights of Freddy’s themed used Run Place maybe even like num’s alley it’s cuz it’s a it’s a wall a dirty wall yeah n do you want a dirty wall for your house it’s a dirty wall it kind of looks like I got so many of them right now okay wait M me look at this and tell me if it looks good for your house okay I have armored titties what do you think do you want this I’m cooking do you want it in your house so cute wait that does kind of seem like it would be for my alley actually here here you have it wait put it in the chest cuz V room okay okay where are you wait where the [ __ ] did the villager’s bed go thank you so much oh I took it but I put another one in chest made it one more back oh this place is so cute oh my God surely I’ll be okay throughout the night okay tricky accept me back into Canada in the town thank God there’s pancakes tricky can you accept me back into Canada oh yeah I would like to visit Jennifer coage let me kill this dick okay someone let me back oh barely I really appreciate that thank you I just spawned on top of like every what what is this it’s so ugly what is this I don’t know I found it oh it’s a closet yeah back in what the hell uh oh tricky um oh yeah oh [ __ ] this is so this Village is Canada this is Canada yeah oh there’s another chest here our own little themed houses in this oh we are yeah yeah no we just just making a deall house to see how big it would be we just have these like little houses to store stuff in no wait we could put the little houses here but on the other side we can make ours whoa another side I thought yeah these are just making little ones yeah we’re just you know we’re just messing around post office decorating the town and then we can put ours here and we can make it go this way it’s the vtuber village we can have our own little cold to wait wait tricky now that’s your spawn point but I’ll save you right here we’ll make it go this way and then it’ll lead to the Goon couch Memorial right here you’re so right wait you look at your little your head things yeah I know I found them I need sand wait where did my house go oh it’s over here oh oh tricky the chest is here there’s one more chest for you if I steal their beds do they die no they don’t die um where is they wouldn’t die no what would happen if we stole your bed Yuzu who would you die yeah what happened why would you do that I thought we were friends no I wouldn’t tricky here here here for the chest this way oh who’s that L yes I’m under the water he lives here fling table okay I’m going to trust tricky you’ll find your way in my house oh you’re here no who is this you just let any riff raff in here damn oh here it is here this your house what the [ __ ] you made this yeah I made this yeah not not the Canadians already here oh you stole this house she literally took their land oh my God I found a quala saddle Li guys I found okay that’s clearly something important I found it stop stop [ __ ] hates me okay so I could just like put [ __ ] in here well this is my my house but it could be my house too well we could live in Canada together do do you like Canada she is so like come on in tricky come on in she’s so territorial over Canada come here God just because you’re the only Canadian I like I just don’t want anyone to hurt you know this beautiful area embarass we’re from America very Nom craft of you not her profiling us that is not very you’re so right fast D you so right okay tricky come here look I’ll fix it Whoa man I’m in [ __ ] space wait please don’t take my Canadian stuff that what’s that no no no no no look that was is that sheit why did it do that why did it go up there that’s not floating can we keep it like this yeah does someone want to explore with me I found some weird ass [ __ ] wait where am I ugly it looks so cute on Google Images and I made supposed to happen there what do you mean okay there we I don’t why does it do this like a different Overworld just to farm resources and stuff uh you have cuz I have no idea well this is where we live now um and I just put you know all your extra like items decorative items I just put them in this house oh you know what I bet you could make a really cool upstairs here what is a Fletching table probably for making Arrow stuff the way that I can’t get houses look so much cuter on Google Images Oh there’s monsters nearby bow and arrows how do I access it though um you just have to be still skin fish God you just got to be crazy like why does my character sound like new when it gets hit by something why does it sound like oh it does it sounds just like you I can’t literally is new thank you mods thank you oh sub thank you for the tier three happy 26 months you guys I want to apologize for not being um very sharing and caring in ncra all right I’ll I’ll fix got my ass chat not very ncra yeah I’m I live and breathe ncra from now on okay not very n crazy that’s unn like of you yeah no words honestly everyone can come in my house take a dump on the floor I don’t care anything you want oh thank you my space is yours we’re about to Exile your space is my space my space is your space is our space jar wait are you okay I hear a fire is that new dude I have no yeah get the Spider Box what do they eat again no I don’t have Berry it broke my sword I’m com I don’t have the berry I have okay come here come here I got it I got it got it you’re safe now Queen thank you no wait keep running you’re not safe okay okay you’re safe now you’re safe now thank you okay now I need to make a new sword cuz this damn spider [ __ ] can’t see wa there’s a bunch that there’s a bunch of cows in here yeah yeah those those I thought it was a sun the cows it’s my body my body is just float bobbing in the water I need to see what she’s about to do with those cows I don’t want another Doug incident there’s a creeper in there girl what bug incident dug incident Doug the duck the DU Vienna killed Vienna [ __ ] Mur I didn’t kill Doug no I saw you don’t you dare no no I didn’t kill duck you zo tell her I saw it I saw it you k no I didn’t begged her to stship ended I knew they had beef no so stupid no the truth is a monster killed Doug and told me to lie to you about it oh my God she’s [ __ ] lying to me now wait no this is real it’s the truth oh God this is real J remember is the monster in the room yes yes she is she is Among Us Among Us Among Us knew me it really wasn’t mebody put on their Among Us skin I think she really thinks I killed Doug it was Yu who killed it was literally [Music] youu so that’s how it’s going to [Laughter] be guys I caught a MUSC lunge musal Lune musal lung what do I eat it with mus Yu I’ll remember that looks like it looks like my what the where we going and come okay yeah where you guys did you did you get this way Stone it’s a teleporter oh yeah yeah that’s how I got here oh yeah oh how do we use yeah everyone should should come to Canada one time to get this at least wait so what do I use the carrot for who do I feed this to O do they [ __ ] like this oh [ __ ] she where where’s my character facing how do I tell I’m going to go get some other kinds of wood to build my cute little home I don’t know what this is I’ve been looking I’ve been wondering what this is be next to yours oh I got it yay I’m going to send stuff to the mailbox to go to her house like I’m not her neighbor oh it’s nothing but I am no I want they going to [ __ ] oh they’re going to [ __ ] oh oh they [ __ ] they [ __ ] Chad we are going to eat what I need I need to get some wood okay I’m going to the pig is on top of the other Pig though I never fixed that huh Welling what do here full inventory I’ll be honest chat I don’t really know how how to progress a lot of this stuff other than I need to go find a horse like that’s all I want is to get one horse eat and then I guess I should be trying to like fight stuff get rid of the pebble I don’t need the pebble no uh I think I can make a glider eventually yeah e what’s gross how do I oh come thank you for the tier three sub oh thank you thank you hope you’re doing good how do that how do you do what right make a bed thingy um you need some there’s a bed in my chest you can take and there’s two in my house you can just take them see I’m newcraft I I said it I N you n we all n we’re all ning we’re all noming togethering right do a little we are ning in ncra wait I N sometimes sometimes I N A little bit I dabble in the Ning yeah I got to look up how to make a farm I feel like that’s an offline activity okay when I’m done streaming I help with the village and make farm right I C the you C the pizza’s making like a pig farm out in butt [ __ ] nowhere I don’t know what’s going on over there I I can make a railway what is she doing oh oh that’ be cute well yeah go want make the PLS here in the plains because this is where they’ve have the most grass to eat and then they [ __ ] faster oh oh okay I swear to God um is the Villager with the wizard hat bad the guy has a wizard hat wait are you sure it’s a wizard and not a witch is she going it’s a it looks like a wizard hat but see but is she going wait wait I just heard that exact Noise Okay well it was one to one casting spells bro Shadow wizard money can I can I kill that or are they bad like strong yeah yeah you can kill it they drop how I activate the new backpack thing that’s in the slot they literally went what what wa like whatever you said I don’t even know how there’s a trash can that’s so cool trash can is a trash can super I don’t know how I’m supposed to organize my [ __ ] is that a snail a let’s eat it no guys I had a hamper and then it just like I don’t know where it went it just stopped following me okay so how do steal snail where do I find mango how to leash snail oh I leashed it how do I make it belong to me oh do I put it here hter h EMP missing I swear to God I it I gave like snail Minecraft wait how do I open the backpack how do I make the snail belong to me did it uhoh oh a name tag does anyone know how to make the snail belong to me now that I have it leash oh oh you need to make a name tag okay what the oh you have to find them okay furnace is made with Cobblestone right yeah man yeah man I just make one giant square and then in the center is empty okay easy easy might be able to craft them oh yeah I guess I can see let me see name tag okay I make furnace now oh one paper string and frog saliva what the [ __ ] where would I even get that wood wait this is large wood wait I don’t want the large one I want the other hell wait so tricky Yuzu what are you guys doing I’m making a furnace I’m getting a lot of wood so I can make a house um in the town that that sounds good um can I steal from your Canadian friends like yeah like what Oh you mean like break their houses yeah no no no don’t break their houses you making all the houses like Square don’t break their houses down just but why the trees I just I just kind of inhabited one of their houses yeah yeah yeah you can have a house but you can’t break the house what if I made a house in their place yeah yeah you can do that what’s theirs is yours you know what I’m saying there’s a skeleton that just like chill in here what does a skateboard do you skateboard it’s really cool want to skate bro oh this is like a oh Tundra oh my God I found Alaska I found a new um cave you a a tuner cave no my lead [Music] I yeah we lost the snail and my lead what is that one famous skater Tony Hawk yeah how do I get it backk Tony Hawk and his brother yeah I love oh there it is can I get my lead back brother oh I see what is that a zombie villager wait did you just call Tony Hawk he’s he’s he’s better than Tony Hawk honestly I don’t what about his sister Mike Hunt yeah his sister has the same first name different last name makes sense are you sure wait what’s going on give me a break that’s what I’m saying man does anyone know how to equip a Talisman I have a Spore sack what the [ __ ] Spore sack say see good job what’s that wa have more vegetable May Leaf Maybelline sh I have to unlock the slot okay damn wait what did I do with my wait bow didn’t you need carrots for something no I already got some you got them okay what the hell is that lightning bug ow something hurting me don’t like it go away lightning bug oh I love lightning bugs I used to catch them in the summer and I would just like let him go planet Earth I think I just [ __ ] that squirrel by accident I remember I told B that I was going to go see Owl City and she made fun of me for liking terrible music she literally said that guy sucks my bad for liking ow City I like City yeah me too that’s that’s like saying I can’t wait to go see Imagine Dragons this weekend well that’s different that’s a different one what go with me to see nickel she’s like wait but I love Imagine Dragons from Arcane I’m waking [Laughter] up large sapling you’re so mean ow City Omega Omega Omega wait the backpack’s stuck on my back and I can’t take it off oh it’s so cozy what’s cozy what the hell who hit me what hurting it’s so cozy like it’s so [ __ ] cozy do I know where your name comes at from no [Music] oh goodbye we need to get this Dragon some wings stat the way that I wasn’t paying attention a drum what does the drum do some good stuff oh there’s a yellow cow please man is it sun yet please make it sunny whoa this a armored Archer I could take these cows right oh they’re called yellow cows they’re so cute creeper yeah they’re ice creepers what tricky did you say my name yeah I’m going to to you okay I’m in Alaska right now not in Canada oh [ __ ] but there’s a chest there’s another chest here you should come loot it oh okay nope and there’s yellow cows they’re really cute yellow cows do they have mushrooms on it no no no it’s just spotted yellow and white oh yeah but can I come um I don’t know what do you think ficity never mind okay you’re here tricky right did it work cuz it’s dangerous out there oh you’re here okay tricky in here is the chest in here in here yeah in here in here in here waking up Yu do you want this chest too waking up [Laughter] oh wait a minute carrots yay o a saw holy [ __ ] oh there’s an upstairs I didn’t realize where am I yo this there’s another chest here tricky and there’s pumpkin pie pumpkin pie I want to make a Jacko Lantern oh yeah come get this chest you what in my Lantern wait tricky [ __ ] that other house my God this is where the boss is we should make this our house chat this is where the boss is do you guys want to wait the way I’m what what Crystal Canon allite oh a little guy is it act little guy up the stairs I love you what can I make with amethyst yeah here Sparkle am this yeah up here up here wait so bow there’s a there’s a boss we can fight isn’t this where the boss is Lumiere block what these waking up yeah see that’s in my head now I thought it was but it’s not I thought it was the boss that like has the eyeballs and oh I got some cool map to something no oh [ __ ] there’s a man sleeping in here how do I make this yeah ignore that guy all right ignore him he he doesn’t he doesn’t matter it’s not good oh oh oh oh no okay I’m dead yeah but look how nice this is chicky imagine living in this I know it’s really cute I like these cows why what’s wrong with killing that guy is he bad can we no you we could just we could just live here and now there our cows I was talking you the whole time and I thought you were oh wait but I realized I just muted myself the whole apparently this um snowman with a Jacko Lantern head was good I was like she hates me I’m going to die now no I don’t I didn’t know that there’s a whole bunch of like hey wait did you go in that little cave over there no no I didn’t oh oh [ __ ] get another right oh oh I need to get my ship that’s really hard to get wait wait wait yeah it’s also night time so oh ow how do we plan to deal with go to hell the way that the [ __ ] mini zombie pushed me in the cow pit are you okay oh wait follow the map whoa this is so I don’t know how to get the map to work blooms Pon get oh God I’ll go around I’m are you all right everything is perfectly oh my [ __ ] god Ros you scared me I’m at this crab shell damn umu the office have some decency bro okay I’m I’m coming to help tricky I’m coming I’m waking up everything’s perfectly fine everything’s fine there’s a note paper the way you’re stuck wait someone just gifted a sub to Imagine Dragons oh I found a map to some cool witch place but I I don’t understand how to read it yeah it’s like a maybe a boss or something o but I don’t know how to read the map like I’m looking at it and I don’t yeah so the way Maps work is that you have to like walk around and then it starts to reveal more of the map oh like if you walk around while you’re holding it you can kind of see it like starts to oh my God we have enough for two this is this is progress this is progress no we don’t wait tricky did you live we have one block of white wool nice we love that okay how am I going to get all of my sh I you’re an inot um you can go back to use who’s near Canada right yeah I’m in Canada okay I’m going to TP to you oh there’s a creeper right there you’ll make it I’m sure you’ll make it I lived Samurai it’s a treasure map okay you need to go to the x mark so we don’t see any x marks yet right who so there’s no treasure yet oh that’s why I’m waking up no [Music] Ash and you just walk around oh you can’t see the make a iron pant I think it’s uh you just go around the block so you fill in fill all squares except the middle one and the middle bottom with iron ingot this said it was a witch map aest oh my it is it is pointing to this IG go you See’s little guy going you he running okay tricky do you want this Egyptian poop yes I wonder if we can make a v yeah we can okay there’s nothing in this EG glue boots y break the carpet hmet what is something Secret Under the [ __ ] oh my god oh no let’s see no what’s going on is this snow wait I think a witch is going to kill me do you guys oh no do you guys want to come fight her wait you’re you’re fighting I found that I followed the treasure map oh it’s just never mind never mind my chat my chat said it’s just snow oh okay I was like um is this the the whole world was turning freaky but but I did find a secret base thing does anyone have an extra pickaxe for me check this out get there’s a bunch at spawn still a bunch of stone ones buches they’re so cute I open let me see see wait there’s AIG it’s locked wait where’d you go here boots with two vertical line I have five cute that um I found a golden apple does that matter oh the misery yeah golden apples are really good um if anyone needs a chest they can TP to me and TP back to where they are is free money we have chest over here no I mean like um Treasure Chest right cuz we all get treasure from it it yeah yeah come get five thanks I’m just trying to make them all look different and interesting dang it okay tricky you want the treasure how to get paper sugar cane y oh this is mine why anything good there just a whole bunch of coal and then hat and some decorations and then Apple and some wheat and some how I just look it up iron okay that’s not awful oh my God more FNAF stuff iron boots oh do you have a pickax uh yeah you need an extra one than you hog one moment uh I’m just trying to organize my inventory and then we should we should go further into this and see what’s up with it okay wait you’re leaving oh well I’m going to try to get my stuff oh yeah go get your stuff okay okay so this looks like there’s a decision right there’s they’re like pointing at two different things where are yall going I don’t you oh my God I think my pizza’s here go get your piz I got pizza too yeah right is a zombie what topping but what does it mean I just get pepperoni but I got garlic twist too that sounds so good too much Mexican food how do I save him I’m so comfy I just do I let him out a okay you can sleep I don’t want to I want to play you you what do it bone what do it do my guy oh my God that scared me brother is that oh my he’s so tiny the little front flip thing oh my gosh oh my gosh wait bow do you still have your shattered skull well I have a golden apple and the weakness potion I have those two things bow yeah I have a golden apple and a weakness potion uh I think I threw it away so how do I kill him you [ __ ] you [ __ ] it’s oh God throw potion and hey wait what did I do with the potion if you find one again don’t throw it away you can make a Summoner staff okay I don’t want to mess this up okay so I owie he hurt yeah it’s thr close the door I’m going to see if the pizza here I’ll be right back okay potion so I throw this at at him that hurt man break one bar bones um break the bar first yeah yeah what’s that is it drown what who is that DRS are uh really scary and evil was it holding across no I didn’t see the witch what is this Enderman not look noral he’s like green okay so I I hit the top bar GRE Enderman he has like green eyes and he’s like moldy ooh moldy can you get close to him what does it say he is and then I throw the flash potion and then how do I throw this he’s break dancing how do I thr this right click I think I’ll eat it if I right click oh I right click him if I die again will I lose apple is Q how does he keep doing that where does he go okay okay I’m trying to figure out what else okay so so splash him and press Q on the Apple is that right is this going to work wait no me a fountain yeah what the [ __ ] okay come from I have to feed it to oh I actually wanted to do a fountain too right click on him with the Apple like this after I splash potion him you say man where am I okay like actually how much space should we put between uh the houses on the left I’m going the right way now oh wait the skeleton shot the other Inman I messed it up it um yeah but I don’t know where to find my body it doesn’t show oh [ __ ] so what happens once he becomes the guy Yu I converted a zombie into a regular guy what you have to use a yeah I so there was this guy trapped and you it gave you everything to convert him or something he’s a cleric can I come can I come oh my bodying man yippe all is well now sh how make sh count time do I did I bring my money okay wait let me in let me in okay there’s also a chest here here um this dude is a snowy Enderman okay so take that chest cuz there’s stuff there this chest yeah and this is the guy he’s cooking right now oh oh no wait wait Yu I still have it okay what that want I don’t know um you’re going to need for for the Summoner stuff you’re going to need let me check name tag him oh uh does anyone have a name tag I’m being told wait wait careful about I’m being told we need to name tag him so he doesn’t despawn oh I have a name tag you do it’s in my pig pen okay I think we got to wait for him to to turn back turn back what oh some wait can I leash him can I can I leash him and K him somewhere I like how Vienna’s just doing human experiments no I’m helping him shit’s kind of crazy here in Canada okay this is Alaska actually I’ll have you know okay but I guess we can leash the cleric and bring him back to our town human hold on let me go get my name tag Vienna um Chad said they lied don’t worry oh okay yeah they do that [ __ ] you chat D you really are can where the hell am I that’s what I’m saying what Theo thank you for the T the every 25 months a what is thises anyone need a bed snowy creeper yeah yeah no there snowy creepers and there’s cool cows there’s all sorts of cool stuff you want a berry you want a berry why is that so so familiar you want the berry want familiar it’s from a vine my Bates oh the ber man I can’t find my batties can’t find my batties okay I go mining again okay I think a witch is throwing potions at my ass o I’m trying to go find myeller how do I buy from him he’s unemployed can draw my potions what is that you r why is he unemployed I can’t I don’t know it’s a butterfly Le wait oh noow meow meow AAR is there an easier way to find out what the dud we was unemployed should we kill him do you think unemployed people should dieing anything why don’t you offer him a job at your farm yeah and not pay him don’t pay him shift right click give him a job adventured servant there’s a hurting me I guess I’ll buy his pants please up oh no should I buy should I buy the pants from him everything’s falling apart I think I found underwater no they’re bad how are you still hurting me so so we shouldn’t take him but he’s he’s my friend now right so I should I should take him with me somewhere right there’s like a mini zombie and a mini skeleton yes it unlocks new stuff I should buy put down the brewing stand again um grab him [ __ ] okay um spiders here they’ll turn into that type of Mer okay okay what what block should I put next to this guy if you want if you give him wheat he becomes farmer break where am I and why am I more ironon turn him into a cleric okay where thundra what the hell I am I don’t know oh who is that guy okay I guess I can get emeralds by killing zombies that’s good right okay I gave him a job now and he trades rotten flesh into emeralds oh damn that’s good as [ __ ] yeah that’s really good I have a lot of rotten flesh I’m going to give him yeah yeah you got some you know feel free was beding heart maybe you could give me like maybe you could give me like 10% of your rotten flesh you know for my commission discount you know for find her I don’t have any try to [ __ ] monopolize this is my homie oh just cuz you know him going on a treacherous Journey are you in the village yeah can you help is he okay I what the help what’s happening I don’t I’m trying to get my body but these [ __ ] okay so how do I get this guy to leave thank you and and how do I give this guy a job thank you the unemployed guy now I want to try to go get it again wait there’s a bunch of there’s a bunch of zombies you could get rots and flesh from the zombies oh true Chad how do I take him where do you where’s the Villager Vienna what the [ __ ] are these can I take the biome specific Endermen oh I can’t get them out there okay these guys got like little snow hats and stuff no I I tried to pick them up it doesn’t work uh you can TP to me and um yeah oh for the love of are you are you in the village or something no no no I’m in like a very far away place but I’m can I take this off and then and then he he’ll stay a cleric or no every everybody want to be my every just kill zombies and come back where am I where am I man right I should kill zombies and then and then come back I’m going to need the Sun oh Shear oh Shear [ __ ] you oh there’s no zombies I’m in [ __ ] Canada oh sh Yuzu I have a plan for infinite emeralds okay are you listening I’m listening okay you TP to me and then I TP to newei and kill zombies around there you trade your rotten flesh I TP back to you and trade my rotten flesh and we just keep rotating not the infinite Emerald wait what do we use emeralds for to to buy things I swear how do I make a ring does anyone know nobody wants in my Emerald Monopoly I’m having a bad time oh I’m having a bad time oh no okay I want to kidnap this guy okay save the coordinates okay I’ll write them down write them down can only find them can you write them why is B raiding me hello b b what’s going on hello go 15 okay oh she left you have to find what happened I was trying to come up with a infinite Corp a capitalism machine with this guy where did you go okay I’ve been informed about rage the game huh yeah she she just um she raided me apparently in Rage Quit I don’t know what I don’t know she di happen B I don’t know what did you do to Bow I didn’t do anything why do everybody say I did things you pressured her into raiding her raiding you did it you oh my God yeah I said B bring all the rotten flesh that you have it’s mine now my bad guys oh what the hell oh she died from a skeleton I guess what are they picking upol bow we love you okay we love you so much love you love you B now someone get in my infinite capitalism flesh machine please can you visual thank you for the tier three Happy 24 onths thank you oh [Music] Lord um yeah get some rest bow thank you so much for the raid hope you had a wonderful time um Minecraft good um hope hope your pigs are good we’ll make sure they’re okay what even is this thank you bow thank you be bow wait he actually needs a lot of Flesh though like I I don’t even think it’s wor um okay mods please write down the coordinates for this house I don’t know what’s new or what’s what’s modded because I don’t play Minecraft will you do that mods will you write this coordinate down and write the coordinate down for Canada too just write just write um like in the Discord in the twitch chat Discord section let’s save all the infoe wait what do you need tricky I died twice and I still haven’t been able to get to my stuff where all my swords and [ __ ] are so then like I I keep dying to like the it was near Canada right like somewhere around there yeah like it’s over here but there’s Canada yeah it’s like super close but uh there’s a skeleton and I have two hearts okay I’m coming I’m coming I’m near you so what I’m hearing is you need us to escort you back home yes escort Mission please leave me alive um if they’re dying to fire do I not get the rotten FL from it I’m coming Quicky um near you almost dead oh no you do okay okay okay anyway you know sorry I got so overwhelmed um thank you for the raid B hi I am VI I’m a cosmic dragon um I have the same model uh parents as B very nice to meet you did I get oh this going to take 80 years to get enough okay so my stuff is let’s see it said like it was like 50 you can press U to set way points wait wait wait wait wait wait wait 27 me who who Who whoo who some okay some guy who’s Banning bows chat is trying to talk okay but there’s like server lag he’s a bad guy yeah there’s like a tiny bit of lag well yeah everywhere what do I don’t remember where the opening is where’s the opening can y’all check if he why he got banned who got banned you need oh sorry [ __ ] I unmuted some guy in B’s chat was like trying to talk random stuff I was just trying to understand what’s going on oh yeah yeah I think he was spamming cuz his messages weren going through start digging tricky where where your marker is you’ll probably okay we cooked the guy we cooked him yeah okay let’s see I’m going to it’s right do you do you mean need me to stay next to you for for Monsters yeah there’s a cave I need to find more zombies there’s like a lot of [ __ ] in there we’ll just come back to this guy but now I know save all my Rotting Flesh oh okay guys I need just save all your Rotting Flesh and we’ll we’ll trade that guy later you want me to just dig down or something yeah yeah yeah thank you um there’s like a big Cave System apparently oh wait I I forgot you’re not one33 years ago oh yeah wow that that guy’s been around a long time huh damn um new me so for the town what do we need to work on right now for the Offline anding that I plan to do is she here oh offline anding yeah I want to help with the town a I think they’re m not in my chat there’s giant rly poly bugs and one’s on top of each other I think they’re getting their freak on oh she’s muted where do we go tricky and tell me which way cuz like we were right above it for a second later um uhuh no no no puppies yeah we were like right above it right here oh like just go go directly down mhm I I just don’t remember where the opening to The Cave is that would make it so much easier oh I have half heart you’re eating pizza oh I was just um messaging you I was going to ask about um how we what do we want to do for the um oh wait for the Village I want to help with that but just um save all your rotten flesh because we can buy those grumbling sound I mean buy gems I mean yeah yes yes oh there’s your body okay take your time y oh you found it yay I love hearing that oh there’s your body your body oh I’m stuck I have I’m not one block you Zoo thank you there you go okay to my understanding this this map should have an X somewhere on it that I’m [Music] following yo you guys okay what happened I know a oh God there’s she found a ravine oh no did you fall oh was it a map to the that my first body think we already looked at what the map was for like have we already found it my God I throw it away okay um hearing Vienna trying to talk while the background just chos second it’s just so I can throw this away I I got everything oh I was just going to ask um what’s our next mission for the the town are we flattening are we building I’ll show you wait Ross just teleported me to your body oh wait Ross can you do that for tri just go to spa and I’ll show you okay I’ll be over there in a second thank Cinder you’re talented thank we we got saved by so pretty making [Music] window I wish I was able to build things nicely get off don’t die don’t die don’t die there’s a bench on me listening to tricky is so funny how Rage Quit what did I miss what happened yeah yeah bow rage quit and uh bow rage quit and raided Me and Everyone all the the viewers said Rage Quit raid poor bow what the heck happened I think a skeleton killed her to have fun I think she had fun a snake wait why am I skateboarding oh Lord how do you tame the snake make sure to make the SNES at some point that’s part one of our things we wanted how do you tame a snake how do I make a sword does anyone one stick two Cobblestone is there a way to tell okay what mod pack is he from I don’t know I need to get back up maybe we could just teleport to someone a rabbit feed it oh I have um I’m underwater Oh wait I see Iron I want that maybe I kill something I know I I’m under water I’m underwater under the water please help me naturalist okay y’all look up how to tame the snake oh [ __ ] I love [Music] snakes money bones you’re my friend now Bones the money money we’re having soft tacos later yipp what the hell it’s fine look at him okay maybe it’s not fine I think I might die wait what’s going on over there I I keep falling oh you can’t tame him you need a snake egg so does that mean I should just should I just oh wait you lied you can tame it Li light oh God how am I supposed to he said wait he said a feather a feather type of block I guess yeah yeah and uh if you guys press e and you look over to the right side you can use the search bar to type in a certain kind of block or item to craft and it tells you how to make it oh wait are we am I close the diamonds this Bedrock oh my God how do I how do I oh so if I steal the snake egg I can him by feeding him another snake my pick is that what you get that sounds kind of crazy yeah yeah yeah oh he said Ross said we need steel oh oh wait never mind I got some I did it where is it confused never mind oh right there oh you hatched the egg oh so I don’t no it’s I need this that’s what I’m hearing how do you know we just take him with us K like 20 of them it says infected diamond ore watch ready may he the [ __ ] how’s it going to lay if he’s stuck so excited around but then it just completely annihilated me kidnap him until he gives me an egg okay it’s okay oh oh she she what’s going on over there what’s happened me I’m dead I’m dead I’m going to die I’m going to die I Got You Queen may be like a chicken what if I look at him long enough maybe he’ll [ __ ] an egg out see yeah they’re all in infected but they give you pieces of a diamond at least oh you you can’t tame it okay pretty they’re all infected is it worth trying to that Ross why does your body look like this when it’s what I I had to I had to do it that’s a cool ass tree wait I want to take this tree is it wor that’s a cool tree oh it’s got to be it’s got to be what are you doing that what what is it um infected diamond ore oh no not really but it’s what but it says Diamond guys we should we should get it wait how did I throw a piece of my Apple did use oh I like adventuring I like going over into wait wait is this is this the treasure it wouldn’t be worth risking my M Life fine what is this thing on the map is that something special uh does anyone have Clay press the U button sad I think this map was a false alarm but it’s shiny girl this map seems freaking garbage for it Queen no it’s fine ohue was the thing oh no no it’s okay no it’s I I Heard a Voice telling me to do it oh I have to now the voice I’m get out of her head map oh what I remember one time me and Ross was playing we were playing uh what it called Goose goo duck yeah and then we were stuck in the dark together and then someone pressed on the red button and he’s like Yu you want to tell everyone what I did to you in the dark what oh my God I was there yeah you were there yeah that’s my core memory of Ross my core memory is when he himself I don’t know that story you were there when he told it I think it was when we were in the mountain suddenly dead okay yes okay I remember now the stories that happen in the mountains stay in the mountains right except some [ __ ] I guess anything about the [ __ ] which mountains the American ones I wasn’t there American Mountain Amer how do I get diamond you have to just go down to around was itga 7 or something I I mean gold is a is a oh you can mine it as well Cobblestone pickaxe okay oh gold is bad Yu in this game gold is like very fragile it’s like decorative it iron okay yeah iron and Diamond are the two you’d want what about silver I don’t know I’ve never seen Silver before think I can make one I wonder if it’s like gold it might be I feel like they’re kind of similar yeah it seems kind of wordless I’m going to get it anyway has this amazing ability to execute anything harmless on sight but give a big hug to the most dangerous of mobs I thought I could Rob them and they were just peaceful villagers but do you think I can beat those guys like if I know that they’re bad or are they a too op so cute petrified l try lyen ly oh I’m [ __ ] John Snow leave me alone I think when it turns morning I’m going to go out on a hunt to wait guys is it get sheep recently night for beds please get some sheep home you can see where the Moon is in the sky and usually once it sets then it’ll be morning but it’s kind of like almost halfway I love your house I can’t wait to see it I got to just my one of the I’m coming back I like I like the random house you built I like I like look in this window N I like uh I like a look it look at this is a flower I I like that your house I don’t think I’m going to make it baby skeleton what’s happening um I’m trapped in a loop of of suffering I feel that hardore get that like a a baby ghost apparently God my ass in the yeah the Moon is right the Moon is Right a [ __ ] Shear like this oh oh my God what the [ __ ] oh no this mod has a small size change I mean I could make myself bigger if I wanted to why am I swimming in this my furnace what that was weird it’s not letting me hit the zombie yall see that I have a lot of regret right now there’s there’s that’s no kills you oh okay okay Diamond snow pit oh wait oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh I missed some subies jto oh [ __ ] sorry I keep pressing the alt button to Al thank you for the 303 months of tier three thank youal thank you for 35 iron in it and oh n thank you for 24 months no sorry Cinder a skeleton hit oh I think you have the flower but he hit the flower oh I hit it when I was trying to kill him it’s in the wall somewhere oh they’re the guy’s fighting the snow creeper I found it is worth living again yay slowness Arrow you got your first year yesterday but you missed it oh Dance I’m so sorry thank you for the one year I appreciate that buddy thank you oh this is the Alaska house I know where we are just a little bit past that is where I died what is that so next time I see a Snow Golem I’ll leash it and take it with me so I’m safe instead of whatever the [ __ ] I did oh I’m going to starve to death I’ll make it make it oh our little village is so cute at night with all the lantern or the the Torches from the distance I can’t wait see the water there’s a [ __ ] crab oh the crabs are dangerous right like they’re scary the big ones yeah careful it’s poisonous oh okay I keep going I keep going darker wait I need more torches I need more dirt God damn it climb out of this cave tnder should we eventually replace the dartt with like Oak planks or something what’s that do we eventually replace the I’m trying so hard we could oh he’s out of arrows can I PL diamond ore ooh is this the one it might be the one how do I know if it’s real or not does it feel real does it say infect oh my God oh my God you got one nice y yo what’s this Dead witch on the ground guys that base that’s Ross I don’t know what on What SI let me show you here this is our town one second I’m starving to death I guess okay oh God yes yes also if you guys are trying to Sprint and you you notice that it won’t let you it’s because you don’t have enough food so it you need to eat so Cinder and I built two little houses over here okay this right side are just going to be the cute little default houses oh my God creeper oh my [ __ ] God yeah what is netherite armor that like potion that you have G gave you like little bat wing what is that oh no this is a hat I found oh it’s a hat yeah it’s a whole hat that’s so cute I’m dring I’m dring I’m drowning I’m drowning why am I drowning oh my God there’s water in here okay okay yeah yeah yeah oh I want to make a this is so good so I made a little post office so we can come here we send each other letters and I made a generic building that she’s calling generic but I would never be able to make something like this this this looks like a villager made it like it looks professionally done and and so this side are going to be like the little default places just to make it look really cute right bow look here bow Rage Quit chest a and then over here guys it’s almost morning yay we’re going to build our houses here I think I’m just going to I’m going to I’m going to set off on the quest to go find thank you for the 26 months I’m to kill a bunch of them thank you um I have a couple beds extra I can bring back if we need beds I have one bed on hand right now of like I a one that good what if wait we can make different colored beds what if we make six beds with all different colors and we put them together that’s so cute that’s so cute I’m going to drop a bed off in this that be so cute so we’re also going to have to collect flowers and uh dyes and stuff okay so we can color the beds this is so cute lava I like it Vienna get all the St you can offline and make your little house for the town here yeah I will one little house I just tried to Mark some little areas like you could do two of these that 16 by here like this yeah so if I put it here can I build a little farm in the back here yeah okay there like a I’ll this let me put a sign okay this is potion my house let me level this your house my house your house oh oh I can help level oh wait I don’t have any of the blocks we’re good yeah what if we our rat together do I kill it a glowing rat here is it nice Yu hit yes I’m I’m on the way I killed it yes oh tricky do you have any extra rotten flesh I can take with me um I do give me all of it I’ll give you all my meat oh rotten meat no oh oh oh num’s dog is still here surely to Lava right surely that would never happen I hope I don’t die to Lava otherwise I be really sad and rage quit here you go thank you thank you oh you it’s so many thank you uh n do you have any extra FL I can trade oh what did you need that for I threw mine away so this guy that I resurrected he trades flesh for emeralds oh yeah so we can get free emeralds just with zombie meat oh oh wait was someone trying to teleport to me no [Music] um we can teleport again um near in diamonds apparently uh I won’t take your diamonds but I will take your meat oh oh my God okay give it to me I want meat let’s get somewhere safe first I’m coming what the [ __ ] what is where why are you in a river underground this isn’t where I came from I don’t know where I’m going what is this uh okay that’s the abyss down there is that where we’re going that leads to Lava Yu careful oh this way this way we got to come oh okay okay okay thought you were trying to kill me okay okay okay I’m here you can have this there’s there’s more what the do you hear that no it was like an ominous noise yeah for once I hear that what is that what is that wait oh that’s the turtle the turtle um is it nice yeah you mine stuff on him I think but I don’t know how on it shell but if you do anything anything else it’ll attack you and cause little earthquake oh but he’s but like does he drop anything other than iron but he could have diamonds on him right they they all have different ores on them some of them have coal some have like it depends on the tour dis he’s a dog okay now I Turtle I go back oh oh what diamond diamond diamond the hell’s all the Sheep diamond diamond diamond I found a chicote what’s that who it’s a big like chicken ostrich thing it’s table how do I tame it I want giant bird o I found water underwater yeah you can teleport to me if you want to see it yeah I love to look at it holy the OST I request mm oh jonto thank you for the tier three to sleeping I appreciate that buddy oh sh it’s a chocoo chot chot oh I come okay I leeched it red I wonder if the saddle works on it wait didn’t didn’t bow say or Yu say they found a saddle for something like this yeah you can I found a saddle now if my knowledge is correct a qua calus is a freaking flying snake so yeah it’s like a big oh there’s another one that’s brown over here oh it’s so cute so how do you how do you tame these I wonder a whole bunch of them question let me check the compendium where is this according to do my calculation poed with potatoes that we have potatoes I have some I have some it can be slow you could slow f if you ride on it I got it I got it wait I got some extra potatoes for you yeah I do have my saddle um let me see if it works is there like more of them okay so I tamed it but I don’t oh maybe I didn’t F there’s deer over here they’re so cute where the hell got it but how do I get on it know keep I think you have to keep giving it to him how do I get a it say I own it away oh but I have more potatoes I just don’t how do I get on it and put on the SD so cute okay I’ll try wait what is the coordinates for Diamond again right can we tame deer um check the book to tell you 50 negative 59 what the [ __ ] is this e it’s a giant grasshopper like you open it inventory how oh I need a special saddle okay so these are table but you need a special saddle apparently I’m scared what if I mine into straight down now you’ll be fine okay okay so I found out tricky did you want to tame the white one or does someone want the white one one yeah you need potatoes I know Cinder wanted one of them I got I got a milon potato I don’t need one I just saw it and I thought it was Co what there’s a [ __ ] deer yeah yeah yeah is that guy can I have some potatoes yeah yeah I just I’m trying to unlock this 59 is prevence over here the white one Bedrock okay I’m at the white one okay and then so to make the saddle you use a saddle and you have to craft it um so I have I have one saddle and then when we get another saddle we can um craft a second one wait that’s bread oh I want to see if I I’m stupid can I have the bread back Rock Girl how do I okay I’ll just I’ll just drop them there you go potato thank you yeah yeah now we each have a bird guy oh I dropped my my leash oh I’m level 21 what do I do with all this experience um did you pick up my leash maybe on accident no I don’t have it where did my leash go I have no leash bro we need to make another lead but we need slime for that I don’t know how to bring it back my lead fell somewhere oh no your lead what’s a lead a leash it’s yeah it’s like a rope to tie things with tofu can you cheat and give us lead yeah can I have my lead back it’s gone did it t strong no that’s not possible I don’t know what happened yeah just like a tiny bit of cheat like the little little bit oh thank God it follows you thank God okay cool okay so a to make these special sadd we need three leather and a feather not finding any diamonds M don’t be M be glad Ed what the [ __ ] a giant grasshopper holy [ __ ] cinder’s far oh my God it’s huge I’m looking for sheep I can’t [ __ ] find any Quest completed uhoh I believe is this guy bad oh tamed with egg R oh we’re villagers communicating with each other [Music] okay there’s so much stuff in here um does anyone have leather or feathers I need one feather I’m scared what someone there’s like okay I weird there’s weird [ __ ] noises oh where’d you go in a cave here okay oh wait I’m at a meadow surely there’ll be [ __ ] sheep here right um if I TP to Cinder will my guy come probably not right there’s another big not going to like the answer oh M ven thank you for the seven months I want this bird Gran night oh my God it’s already night time [ __ ] I oh why do with these nuggets what you know about them nuggets the the Meadow’s on top of this [ __ ] cliff what is all this a no way man oh my God what did you get uh there’s a bow amth this shards uh it’s like an enchanted I got literally dirt okay I’m going to drop all that check the there’s more okay this is okay this is leaves oh feathers okay so so did um you check I see um I hit Yours by accident please don’t hurt him I didn’t mean to I found some salt over item okay okay you uh if you pick it up before it should okay let me try picking him up up oh thank God we’re going home Vienna wait H how do you pick how do you pick up I don’t understand okay I got it okay let’s see you picked him up it worked it works it works it works hell yeah Y how do you pick him up diamond sword and right click what about a iron sword oh okay okay I know what I need to do silver in is my name tag Diamond greater than iron diamond wor three yeah maybe I get iron for a diamond pickaxe wait what is Obsidian used for do you guys know VI you could throw them in here we need that to go to hell oh the last thing that got thrown in there did not survive I just want to say that well it’s safe in here now I lit it up put it in another portal and table oh oh oh my God enchantment table I won okay I’m making a diamond pickaxe so I could collect obsidian yay okay um if I find another saddle I’ll I’ll give it to you and we can make two of those Saddles yippe oh what I didn’t mean to do that I guess I’ll make a sword too I’ll make sure this is well lit no oh yeah um Yu um I was talking about to my chat um like new said there was light right so like the monster that killed Doug won’t be there right but the monster that killed Doug likes light oh and then just I don’t think I don’t think these guys are safe from the monster that killed duck you know even if it’s l i don’t even know who killed Doug to be honest um must have been the win yeah oh my God what there’s a thing with that’s like floating it looks like a ghost and it’s got chains on its hands it was using that’s cool sounds cool the [ __ ] I need to find oh no oh I’m do I’m doing he does deserve your guy came out anyway why did he do that what guy why is he following me I think you can set them maybe to not follow yeah I’m trying to oh no am I alive how did I make it out of there I don’t need this iron nugget that’s so funny to me they just keeps running away try right clicking it doesn’t seem like they can sit I know I no what’s killing me it’s called the Restless Okay so there are monsters and they’re here of it I believe obsidian nearby but anybody get some I got I’m going to cry where the [ __ ] can you kill this guy I was lagging it wasn’t letting me hit him oh yeah I’m lagging too oh goodness I would but I lost the lead it like disappeared oh I think I found it bro we got to start a farm Vienna let’s make a farm here or something okay so numi you can make him stop you have to shift right click him from a distance that’s too far to pick him up from what okay so I’m going to leave mine here and I’m going to go get the saddle stuff and come back what are these things so cute oh oh no they’re not they’re mean okay I’ll be back oh Ace’s dog water thank you for the tun so what I’m going to do and it’s not going to be good but I’m going to go to Canada and kill the cows there I feel bad but it has to be done I’m going to see if there’s like any oh [ __ ] it has to be done I know I I wanted to protect them but bring one back you know it’s it’s a necessary sacrifice and go to spawn sacrifices must be made why not breed them wait I hear them found a super [ __ ] cool bi is this them oh yeah these are cows it’s red caves o wheat holy [ __ ] this like my home great now I made one replacement cow to make up for the cow I’m about to kill I might TP it’s no he’s hiding behind the other cows stop there’s another skeleton got it wait Did he not drop leather he just dropped meat how do you get leather oh rley thank you for the tier one well I think they’re married what do I do at each other they’re so cute I might have more weight in my Canadian house oh [ __ ] [Music] this guy’s trying to get out okay I’ll be back I need leather it’s really important what the [ __ ] what what’s the transmogrification table what oh it’s that spawn okay okay I don’t think I looted this chest got Che it yeah this is a new one candy I found another Bell um if someone wants it it’ll hide it too um I found another Bell if someone wants it the the ding DK any dink donkers hear a kitty wait what else do we need I put a plate and then the thank you for the tier three thank you happy two months gamer thank you this is so yeah I’m going to have to mute cuz of Zuko how do I get it to work oh this one’s my house yeah I probably got more wheat in there no it’s not I’m going to make a whole house why don’t I remember how Canada works anymore Y is this this biome makes me so happy it’s so cool uh tricky did you put stuff in a chest in Canada with a cake and stuff with a cake there’s like a chest with like stuff that clearly belongs to somebody wait My Invisible might be me is it in a house with a blue bed yeah yeah okay oh yeah that’s my house I found it I have a ground somewhere though look that means I need a different chest plate right wait can I borrow wheat from your house want to show that there’s like the regular chest plate will show Yuzu can I borrow some wheat from that chest just weet okay mhm I’m getting the enchantment table so I can make magic yay Yu you should put that in the town so then we can put bookshelves and make them and make it strong hear my cats running around and stuff I’m [Music] sorry we should build an enchantment room I have a dog okay I’m I’m going to bring it back to spawn and I’ll make the portal too uh okay let’s put the oh I know where we can put it wait tricky do you show you do you want the dink D yeah a festing sheep for real for real it’s a it’s a bell you can ring the bell from earlier I found another one oh okay it would be a shame if a monster killed the other duck no what do I do with this duck oh oh oh put put put him over here okay oh I found Sil Dragon yapping trying to and the clown is back no oh hey might I just put them in here oh there’s two cow sets why is this man always clown jum here jum jump why am I the one that gets the clowned on careful don’t jump it oh I’ll just spawn out okay oh that’s a good idea okay I’m going to go get the other the other one cuz there’s two they were married we need another name tag to Nam dog yes oh no I’m go get Doug’s wife she’s still there yay no how many cows do I have to kill this cow is so scary look at his face I need [Music] three h oh there they are Banger yeah yeah this kid is going to have to live alone I’m sorry buddy both your parents are for enchantment table okay small orphan moment looking ugly though but you know it is what it is who is you who are you new me who is this man oh okay I think I’ve got enough to make that uh thing you know why I’m finding Bears more often than I find [ __ ] sheep I’m going to M who I’m bringing back the second duck yay healthy dose of trauma at a young age [Music] we did it now I just got to get him out somehow you me how do I remove this guy you could carry him out oh I got him okay okay yay two ducks yippee okay I am going to make a pathway this way are you guys lagging a little I’m lagging yeah it’s a little laggy yeah there’s a bit of server lag okay what look new me huh I’m riding the bird did you oh I had to kill a couple cows to do it but it was worth it dude I need to find one yeah the saddle I think um there’s a bunch of chests that I could show you that weren’t looted yet that might have a saddle in them o let me know yeah yeah if I see a chest I’ll let you teleport to me bro I hate the rain or if I find one peaceful oh my God he’s so fast does it jump it doesn’t seem like it can jump at all iisten to rain yeah I I don’t even seem like I can jump y okay let me put this here there’s a cowd or wolf no you can’t now what are those things at the bottom is that it bir okay I’m going to see if I can wait tricky I think you can ride my bird check I can I think so I think they’re shared what you know about riding Birds what is does it work why is he running no no it’s not let me oh you just right click it yeah wait I think you’re hitting it I am no okay you’re not sorry I got scared it hates me I’m sorry here take these potatoes so that if you see one you can you can tame one too okay y thank you all those potatoes yay okay let me where is in work all in a day is work wait all right collecting 28 obsidian damn why do you need that much oh tricky just in case you want two sets of a portal and did you take after you get it let me show you where did I take the what the potatoes I gave them oh yeah I did potatoes okay okay did you take the dink do it’s right there did you take the it’s right there thank you there you go and there’s the PO okay I’m done thank you so much okay I’m going to go explore some more oh anyone got rotted meat uh not currently I’m leaving I’m leaving oh wait let me dink DK with you wait wait wait there there there might be more Diamond why is why is it doing that what why is it glowing yeah why he doesn’t like it I’m going to collect this water actually oh what what if it calls animals does it oh it does oh oh it calls your animals to you I’m not getting greedy so you do want one I’m not getting greedy he is getting greedy now that is cool I’m being when it gets night we to farm a [ __ ] ton of spiders we have two beds so far Cinder okay TR I’ll let you know if I see another one string cuz I couldn’t find any [ __ ] [Music] sheep okay not getting greedy yeah you are mm girl I found a necklace I’m scared I’m going to go back my doggy needs to go I’m going to try just running to Canada right I live okay sent a request where is Canada okay Yu put it over here over here you do you do does anyone know where Canada is I found dyes to color everyone’s beds with so we should have a different color for each of us put it right here oh I think you can’t drown no is it like what this block one two three one two three one wait oh you girl you should put it one back oh that’s no you can do it like that that’s fine that’s 87 2140 it was one of these Villages May it’s this one I think the fact that we chose three makes it is going to make it look hella ugly but yeah it’s uh four what do you mean oh cuz it’s going to look uneven oh my God he’s so fast yeah and then you can make the portal a different size points yet no but I but I don’t know if she wanted to use all of it for it oh I can if you want wait where can you just use three and then have the corners be something else like we don’t have to fill in the corners I think no yeah you don’t we could make it a prettier block but it needs to be four four down I’m just trying to remember whether we had to cross the river to get to Canada or not but you can also do with this and make it bigger yeah I this yeah and then you have to BU build up one oh one there yeah that was the Waypoint thing yeah I’ll try using it we’re making such a big portal oh he’s trying for athetic it’s for aesthetic and then one more on top I look looks like a giant gaping hole e what now what this must be the the village now what um you need it’s it’s by a two right so you just have to I wonder if I have to feed it more potatoes to heal it right like what like it’s clearly hurt or something oh yay yeah this is it okay um put it right yeah put it right there yeah yeah stra you’re doing so good like this set the way point here uh this is Canada that is so fine let me will defend the portal did I do it is that pretty better than is that pretty enough oh wait it looks weird that it’s like in the ground though well it’s too late now it looks weird well no because when we walk right into it we can just kind of go through instead of to stairs we can make it go down w oh my God we spawned in the Crimson Forest wait what you guys made a portal oh my God we are right next to oh my God we’re next to a [ __ ] Fortress Yeah it’s over here we’re right next to it wait we God we here we spawned into the [ __ ] Fortress it’s right there we have to make a room oh my God the the we are literally right next to it oh my god oh it didn’t crash this time holy [ __ ] is this my home holy can I take my bird into The Nether this place I wouldn’t do that if I were you I’m I’m going to I’m I’m not going to die in here I’m going to just put all my [ __ ] away oh my God we’re next to a [ __ ] Fortress Yeah no like literally right next to the Fortress oh my God the blazes attack you the second you spawn we’re going to have to make a little building someone said to put a house around us cuz Pigman teport I was just going to say that we should build a place cuz that and the second you spawn in the blazes attack you true cack cack oh Hollow thank you for the 100 Bitties thank you I’m eating toast yeah I clicked it and it gave me an error it has apple jam that sounds so [ __ ] good what that sounds tasty is my is my cat Benny coming through the mic he does weird me RA quit [Music] CH sad you silly she died from a skeleton or something there’s spiders over here and then Rage Quit she said she’ll be on later I’m going hunting yeah I’m just going to like you know play completely brain dead later tonight prob me about this guy is that he can’t jump put we could put the enchantment table here you do oh where I’m just trying to build a room for it never mind how do you want me to do it like actually has to be in the middle and then we have to put like one space between the enchantment table and bookshelf he has feather fall is I do four four blocks of obsidian in this oh what no you have to craft I always have trouble finding my house though oh okay let me craft it I might need you guys to Mark which my which one’s my house and put like on the right side put an En table and it’ll show you how to make it oh no what I know after me I’m coming back to you guys I’m coming back let me cook let me cook hold on hope he doesn’t get hurt out there never mind spider’s scary I only got an eyeball I didn’t even get any [ __ ] [Music] string where mind I’m I don’t know how enchant oh I need a b do you have a have a thank you we need bambo going to go to the bathroom I’ll okay I’ll will be back in like two minutes chat e hi sorry oh gam Dean thank you happy 18 months I’ll have different creative I was bathro welcome back welcome back robbing Villers best activity how do I go to Canada do you see on the map where it’s all snowy um there is a teleporter guy over there on the left oh left you can teleport to Canada where cinder’s going yes yeah wait a minute I want to enslave the villagers so that they they could make a bunch of I thought I saw a sheep on the [ __ ] map wait wait wait how do we make shears we don’t have to kill them uh iron okay I’m making shears it’s two irons to make I’m makeing shars if we enslave the villagers we can force them to make a iron farm wait that sounds really strong did tofu [ __ ] spawn in a sheep there’s a sheep at the spot yes I swear oh bless wait oh good day happy day oh cute blue stitched wool this is like fancy [ __ ] never seen a she decorative or does it work as like a shelter let me throw it in into the animal area we need to make like a little pen for it put it in with the other ones for now my house is so blue stitched wool okay okay I’m going to am I at my house I’m not make oh do I make zie oh T got a baby duck thank you for the raid hope you’re doing really good thank you Raiders oh did I do it again oh I’m so sorry it’s okay that embarrassing she’s so not professional not ethical not professional wait my item just disappeared into the [ __ ] void My Tofu thank you tofu thank you welcome welcome um okay I made a bed uh I put the thing the tent out and it’s just gone I’m going to put all T got destroyed oh there’s already some beds in here cute I added another to keep track I trying to keep track okay and then I’m going to need more wool for the rest okay I do need more D okay make more chest okay wait wait why is it on the door I didn’t put it there huh no no no no no what is going on I don’t I’m stuck what oh it’s server lag I guess a lot of food oh [ __ ] yeah we should have made a farm like in the very beginning but we were too excited I think okay yeah um I’m sorry no no what no not on you you should be sorry my bad God damn it God can’t believe this can’t believe it not believe I can’t it’s always the cosmic dragon wow that’s crazy oh there’s so I want to go exploring for more chests and [ __ ] to find a saddle for new me but I need to dump the [ __ ] out of my bag first that’s what I remembering that’s what I was doing in Canada I wanted to drop off all this stuff oh and the the Freddy Fazbear um tile [Music] what trying to find flowers oh new me um I got um floors that go with the wall I gave you earlier for your house oh they’re FNAF floors yeah do you want them I I do I do okay no they’re good for okay they’re they’re Five Nights at Freddy’s no no no that’s okay five nights at Fredy I [Music] um yeah I found a [Music] raccoon they’re so cute okay be back a hi tury hello welcome backy I thank you okay I just make more oh [ __ ] how do I okay go up oh I need to make okay I’m done in here now we’re exploring where’s my guy going to go over here wait this is the first time he’s never teleported make ladder what happened to him ladder oh there he isway scared me I found the name tag yay okay I’ve been watching The Stream in 360p for 30 minutes never thought to raise the resolution I’m dumb did you think I was just streaming to Twitch at 380p that’s [ __ ] hilarious hello hi oh tofu again I’m so sorry thank you for the raid I’ve been a little SC scatterbrain today so um are any of you guys going to be streaming still after an hour from now uh I’m not sure yet I’m getting a little hungry maybe I don’t know cuz I can dump I can dump onor stream tomorrow a I eat look good night are you going to sleep are you are you going no I’m not I thought Oh I thought tricky was oh I said I said I was e but I’m always e how to make tra Minecraft addicted I I am happy I like it I’ll be back in a little bit real quick I’m going to go explore and look for big things for us and stuff we haven’t seen past Canada o and I want to see if we can find more cool chest and some Saddles a secret a secret what secret um or is it a secret like you won’t tell us or it’s a secret what I hate woman like an item I want to see the secret okay whoa what the [ __ ] why are they all is there a sheep what happened okay I’m going back how do I make a lad um so Yuzu is it something called a secret or something you don’t want to tell us wait I know what to do H oh thank you for the sub I appreciate it a secret basement in my house oh okay uh know me that’s really cool Yu that’s awesome oh I got some sharers oh you got some okay that’s very cool dang who’s building this house this is looking good do you mean it yeah look at you in the trap doors and the fence oh my God she’s cising me again I’m so excited and happy you’re getting so creative I just you know I just put something together I just you know whatever I’m going to leave the name tag in the chest closest to the little base that you made okay oh so we could put the bookshelves in here for the enchantment table oh sh also put one spot I’m going to put a wait what is this the pretty wood or is this the ugly wood I want to see what do you mean by that cuz like I really like the dark wood and I thought this was the dark wood I don’t think it oh n did you uh cheer the sheeps again oh no I just oh you got the you got the trees thank you for the sub I appreciate that thank you thank you okay so I think I have the D that badone okay um villager with a hat with a green glowing thing that is a bad person or good uh like a witch hat with green uh gem good question let me look at your screen what let me see that is a witch yes do I kill the witch is it worth it or no yeah that is that is a it’s the winked winch burn the witch oh she poisons you yeah oh wait I can try my special bow that I don’t have where to go my special bowl that I don’t have [Music] well they’re slowly approaching okay I’m going to go on another Expedition I just got an idea bye oh they throw potions instead of just making your bed purple I can make it into go which is like a deeper purple for you numi and I think it’ll look more like your hair oh wait you’re making all the D for our beds oh yeah yeah that’s so sweet I’ve been finding the different flowers with special colors that make different colored dyes there’s a light blue for bow tricky there’s a lot of different colors that we could do for you what kind of what kind of different okay so if you press e tricky and you you type in Dy you can see all the different colors of dyes there’s there’s magenta and purple and pink there’s a r I’m trying to leave I the way that the couch why I ignore the witch I don’t like what’s going on there the rose is pretty they’re too scary if I have arrows I can fight them magent are those those they look like catnap oh they’re be the rose is pretty Rosy Rosy Rose I also just really really like roses in general I want to go this way let me see oh wait a minute wait what color rose tricky um black or red or what do you like red roses how do I make that we used to have one uh we had a lot of rose bushes and blueberry trees and so like every time I see roses and blueberry trees or even eatting blueberry makes me happy and nostalgic and girl I got you yay I also like white roses ah they’re pretty oh I should get into fishing how do we make a fishing rod stick and string I hate organizing [Music] me I forgot I had a bag oh my gosh oh okay okay I will next time I have string I’m going to make fishing rods and fish a bunch cuz like even if I’m not farming I can at least fish for us and we’ll have food right you can eat F you can make a auto sorder by the way click oh [ __ ] Auto get in the z Oh and it sorts my inventory in are fish a good source of food if we had lots of fish mhm like it’s not as uh us is exploring ancient relics yeah so I I’m adventuring looking for cool chests and kind of just mapping the area out deep I think cinder’s making beds for us I think Yuzu is working on the town or or is working on the town we just see more wool yeah h i um oh wait wait the mic I have is maybe different what do I have listed right now put that here we need to find Bamboo oh I don’t have a list so this one is not the sm7 um I had a lot of trouble with that one and so I actually oh I found a ton of sheep do you still need sheep there’s four here grab one grab it [Music] how yes I use the sh KSM yep that’s the one I use it’s musroom musroom what I like about it is that it is much louder than the sm7b um and I found it really fit my vocal registry red mushroom yeah I so if you’re like not sure I think the KSM is more plug-and playay than the sh for sure sh them I don’t have shees but I’m never happy with how my mic sounds honestly no matter what mic have I’m always fighting it I feel like all the time this these flowers are so pretty okay I found a flower field of all red and pink flowers it’s so pretty cute I don’t got it it’s tooti I don’t got it I think the road in1 I actually want to buy two of them sometime uh down the road for ASMR cuz they’re really good for ASMR I don’t think they’re good for um Regular M stuff though I’m not sure how do change the oh at night they’ll hurt my guy manually somehow I didn’t think about that you’re planning to do ASMR yeah I um got my uh Boral mic working and I just want to give it a try I don’t know I love ASMR myself so start by adding a stair block then another next to it with the same orientation then Orient 90° to add that is not what I was looking for iron wait what do I they were going to kill my bird rain sounds ASMR um yeah so I like all sorts of ir yo what is this green couch that’s sideways I know what up I don’t know why it looks like thaton couch it’s flipped over dude oh these poor sheep that are on top of each other what’s going on chill don’t worry about them how do I make shears the um you could be up in nonsense for 3 hours and I’ll be snoozing oh um yeah I think um the ASMR I really like is like more visual ASMR So like um there’s light ASMR where they like just shine lights into the camera and it feels like you know they’re shining into your eyeballs and that sounds super weird um and then there’s um it needs to be thicker ASMR where they like act like they’re like brushing your hair and stuff like that and like putting their hands over your face and stuff I like that kind of ASMR I know that’s kind of weird but that’s the ASMR that I like all right you now all you need is the enchantment table and the book shelves you have book but yeah I do want to get into it at some point the morning I I’m kind of achieving nothing after I look around a lot I should probably do some mining yep but I’m just hoping I can really find like a nice like dungeon or something for us to explore yep booking yep the bird is kind of annoying I’ll you have a very nice voice I’m looking for to oh that’s very sweet yeah yeah oh chess I’m coming back who I get a golden moth in a jar when did I get this perfect and now I have a lantern that that’s on all the time that is so does it go here to yeah no it just goes there oh that’s so Obama ASMR okay numi uh numi I found a place with three chests you you can take that look for your saddle yeah you want to be teleported let me [Laughter] T so true potato potato oh a grasshopper saddle so you grasshoppers yeah so the huge grasshoppers wait that’s so cool I I’ll just put it away cuz I don’t need this I found a book oh wait a minute you found a book okay I’m coming I’ll bring it I’ll bring it back um guys yeah I don’t think the Sheep’s going to regenerate its wool why but they have to cuz I think it has to be on grass wait really under oh how are we going to do that we can just get some with with the yeah I’m I’m going to be setting up a whole Farm soon in that area St here it’s just like you why do you think everything is gross e what did you build huh what did you build in the town so far it’s so [ __ ] fugly what did you build huh [ __ ] kidding I don’t know why why did this get knocked over any know how to heal too heavy okay you look here okay see so we’ll put the enchantment table right here where this one is no you have to give me the book oh here’s the book oh potatoes yeah I think you just have to feed it does he only eat potato let me see wait I think I got thisit do we not have food I’m cooking so hard go foraging yeah I cooked okay where do I put it oh okay put it right in the middle right here okay um in the floor or on top no no right on top of the floor okay yeah yeah yeah come here and then what well now you need lapis upgrade stuff so you put in a tool done okay um who wants the grasshopper saddle for when they tame a grasshopper anybody I’ll go give them I’ll take grasshopper yeah it’s a saddle for the big grasshopper guys here tips and trick okay I need to go kill something to make food you do since the same item you where was that I was over here right uh anything and it’ll let you know what you can upgrade it with but when we add book shelves we can make it even higher level the lantern into your belt slot yeah so I was trying to figure out get like they have enchantment and some of them have really good stuff like there’s a one that where we could get like Unbreaking Unbreaking you have another book you have another book please I only have one I think I look in one of the chests uh out front there is okay does it work here you oh that’s so cool I’m GNA make so when I’m mining I don’t need anything um I found ink that might be good for whatever you’re doing Yuzu I feel like that sounds like you might need it die oh my God wait ink do you need that Center I’m just going to put it away no no I have enough I’ll put it in Bow’s recovery box just donate scream I’m going to scream oh yeah that was what I was doing [Music] sing it girl sing it did I get yeah wait I’m so full I’m so full I’m full oh wait never mind I’m not cute um it’s so cute what the [ __ ] a Ninja Turtle yeah the pack is available we’re going to host in my community Discord server for Subs a Minecraft server with this pack um so it’ll be this exact pack um for all the sub so if you’re interested you can join my Discord and you’re subscribed uh we’ll be having it up within a day or two and everyone’s welcome ZF kale thank you for the tier one happy seven months thank you wait okay bye R see you oh yeah I guess I’m not super energized right now so I’m sorry if I’m a little not saying much or or not really gaming no tofu is dead no not dead just sleeping he just he’s just he he’s dead in my head in your head in your [Music] head hey someday I’ll find something worthwhile in these chest y yes yep dropping February 29 yep wait what how wait how do you do the thing where you do the Timber on the on the on the hold shift and then and then do it no no no like do you mean like skinning the wood look at this view oh my God what the [ __ ] this oh I’m using my I’m using my picka that’s why what [ __ ] dummy that was so pretty dum dum what a Sil Sil don’t be mean come back she’s so mean to me oh my gosh the lighting is so pretty fish where the heck is my fish Cinder would never be me I go up and then jump off prove it honestly I woulding cry see and then I would cry I never want anybody to feel sad because of something I say what do dogs geted aggressively grab her again fish dogs get tamed with fish it says I got sneeze hold on bones are bones oh cats are fish I caught a fish that’s why I said fish oh I’m sorry fishing no no no you’re good Vienna I flattened the area for you for your house yay that’s yeah I’m going to cook that I’m going to all tomorrow honestly this suspicious stew oh um tricky you may have some side effects oh uh tricky do you have bones um I have I have some one bone yeah tricky you should um you could give your bones to tricky and she can take this dog didn’t you want a dog chck here here here yeah yeah I’ll T I made the in inscribing let’s go wait are you going to put it in your house in the village and we can all use it I’ll put it in the big or in the like you know where you guys are making the village but I don’t know where to put it um what if we had like a crafting building where we just put all of our in in the enchanting area Yu but I don’t want it to affect it when you got when you put a bunch of bookshelves okay teleport to me when you’re ready tricky what was that cuz you said putting bookshelves makes it stronger so I don’t want to take up space we can put it over here for now maybe just put it temporarily right next to it oh okay um you can just put it in the front maybe I’ll take off these PL he like it was an absolute pleasure meeting you in the star fors of weon look forward to new deut have fun with the Micra oh thank you Slinger thank you wait we can put it over here here he is we can put it in the post office puppy puppy it’s scripting in the post office y right how about like on the side of it now you’re guy there’s a room does that look cool I’m going adventuring I think you got to make him stand up he’s standing up you can we can also build right next door here and bua for yeah that would be better I think wait where are we I’m a little far oh but your bell I think calls him over test it test it does it work is it call so so you can teleport anywhere and Belle and he will show up to you a so cool what the [ __ ] yeah so you can save him if he’s in trouble too dink d any other con this year maybe um I’m thinking about uh twitch con most likely and potentially ax but I think just twitchcon as of right now I definitely go to twitchcon yeah I was going to fish I wanted to get into fishing um I’m going to go back no I need to go to Canada do you guys have Arcane Essence lying around um uh no yeah I got so much of that let me just go to the bank withdraw my Essence out and get it right to all my Essence at the bank yeah I’m rich as hell in essence don’t worry let me just go milk my Essence real pick it from the essence tree no gets worse each year yeah I do hear that I do hear that wait tricky are you okay yeah tiny Beetle you’re heading to Canada if you intend for that well I had I had wood and then it despawn no what your wood despawn my w is gone that was a weird sound I feel so lucky that I got this saddle do you [Music] have paper we need bamboo why don’t we go find Bamboo Yuzu yeah there should be some I saw some over actually made me buffed me was a soup I’m my God use right here you good effect it giv you plant a bunch of bamboo oh my God finally does anyone uh anyone have string two string okay awesome I’m going to fishing for us yeah let me just take off my G string okay I mean I could fish with that I guess I don’t I don’t know I thought you might needed it though let’s put it over here so we could easily get some new bamboo when it grows okay yall needed leather right yes that’s very good I’m killing some cows right now oh are you even able to plant it here n me oh I don’t see any string in the chest oh can we make bone meal doesn’t it make it grow fast yes waoo tricky did you abandon your bell or is there another one in here bamboo go pretty I have mine right here I have my ding ding ding D let me make a couple Pages for your book okay I need one string for my fishing rod do you have one string to me does it work it takes time oh I have so much wood yay okay let me make book all right I guess I go to Canada then McLovin thank you for the 22 months thank youer kill more yeah to get enough string I will have to go kill them all do not fret my my lady kill them and then I’m going to fish I’m going to fish so much I’m going to be the best Fisher in the whole in the whole world oh [ __ ] did I [ __ ] up sing okay I have water find a barley field biome I thought I did well I guess not okay what was that sound enchanted books from fishing that’ be awesome not farmer farming is an offline task fishing is an online task you know what I mean I don’t know I don’t know why it feels that way oh what is that looks like a chokeable wait wait tricky’s looking for one oh wait oh that’s yours that’s your choco is it the one in the fence or oh oh me I you riding one I saw you riding one oh yeah sorry that’s mine why is there trophies on those are bees they’re bees it’s a bees face I thought the same thing I was like what the why are they trophies fact we all had the same experience wait can can can you tell tofu to do that like that type thing that Vienna suggested I feel like that’d be so cool yeah they’re just waiting for um us to finalize what we think they should be and they’ll put it in oh what the class yeah yeah the classes like you know how we all different types of um animals like since you’re a hell hound you would be like immune to Lava and fire or something yeah and then Vienna is a dragon so like she’d be do something special related to dragons like fall damage like Dragon these nuts what about like fire fire breath sorry fire flamethrowers flamethrower I had to I think it was right there should we build before we I think cementing the area is good to like encourage them to build there I guess yeah yeah I mean we could just set a date like maybe like tomorrow or Sunday or something I was going to send it to them after we finish today I guess um I guess just like I don’t mind sending the invites out now like the more the marrier but you want to set like the foundation of the town for everyone so that like they build in the town like I think it’ll build if we just tell them to build there yeah yeah okay guys I keep getting lost in [ __ ] Canada cuz I’m trying to get to my my town to my house and I can’t find it they’re going to build such cool things yeah they’re really good at Minecraft right like they play yeah we we know live together but like when night before I talk to Yuzu I know I live here but I can’t find oh this is it this is it right or no yeah this is this is it this is the house okay I need to move the Waypoint to here right did you guys ever F in that one am I crazy which here it is here it is it was kind of too late when I was told about it and I didn’t really want to start late a uh and then it got a lot there was definitely a lot of people in it and then it kept crashing cuz there were so many people [Music] yeah how do you find pigs and [ __ ] I’m stupid I found a horse a mule a horse I found a hor I found a what what do I do with this what do I do with this [ __ ] no it looks so cool it has like a backpack and everything can you it oh that means that the Villager holding it died ohu [ __ ] do I kill it you don’t have to try try getting a lead on it you can hold stuff with what kind of B cow is that oh a dead one just want to kill it there we go I did it finally my gosh for you guys oh we can make books now where are you we do need to bring some cows back though fin make my fishing rod for farming we need to make a farm in this town a community Farm okay can I not make a bed this uh oh no Yu is everything okay wait I think she started riding it but I don’t think you can control it you need a saddle no it I think mules you have to just walk with wait I need a saddle oh I have no can I should I just kill it it’s usess no no no no no it’s not useless we get a saddle right yeah you would get a saddle from it I think should I just put it in a cage then until then should I just take away its freedom guys yes yes everything lives to serve under me oh oh damn yeah that’s kind of cool so apparently mules are good cuz when you put a saddle on them you can ride them and they’re not fast but you can put a chest on them and like carry like tons of things with you yeah it’s true well I don’t have a lead or anything yeah but we we’ll find more chests with more meat a real Bard I’ll just make a fence and cage it for now okay that was scary hi Thomas what’s up dude oh does a witch live over there hi I was just looking for fish oh here a fish there’s fish right I wanted to make Yuzu a really pretty amber colored bed instead of yellow but it doesn’t let me dye the wool that color and now I’m sad okay so how do I catch these guys yellow’s kind of pretty though those are badish because it’s like dark out or maybe it’s the lantern light cute colorcoded beds no so how does this work do I need to bait it Ora just wait okay so what can I even die with this this is so hard oh I think Joel is joining I got a salmon wait what the [ __ ] it has thank you for the five you what theot oh my God I’m [ __ ] fishing you the tree okay I’m [ __ ] a Fisher I’m a fisherman let’s go oh my God what is that oh it’s a zombie Walking underwater Oh it say it’s possible but that’s scary let mey something else is it fishing right now do I pull it don’t be sad no no I don’t want to sleep yeah these these guys aren’t happy I don’t want to sleep I need dirt it’s not going to work oh should I sleep no no no no no no okay I’m stupid oh they all joined already that was quick I’m stupid oh my God what’s going on with these fish I don’t [ __ ] know they’re really hungry why can’t I fish sad I think she’s trying to get the Ember [ __ ] the Ember uh bed thing maybe I should just kill himle shrub kill him it says it’s common what the [ __ ] maybe if I just kill him that’s better cal cal in my ass zombie dude come in my youo I didn’t mean it like that you [ __ ] okay I wasn’t thinking that way until numi said it she said something [ __ ] I didn’t say [ __ ] I said comment common common item oh I’m going to go I’m going to go love myself je no no no no can this zombie [ __ ] off my fishing I need one more roll and I can make one more bed yipp this freaking moving Dum [ __ ] it’s rough this year real okay I got it just trying to fish working hard to feed my family we’re very hungry what’ I get Yi okay he’s stuck here forever now oh my I’m thinking maybe uh when I gather more resources sit here a cute little mural of all of our mascots right behind the newcraft logo [ __ ] was that like a big like a big big pixel art piece right in the back oh so cute would we like have like someone like plan out the pixels or something suck you do that you’re so silly yeah what I want to do yeah yeah I want to make like a big huge pixel artart of all of our mascots she’s so freaking cute yeah that’s those like are so complicated I feel like it takes so long to plan everything in survival at least make them all the time I made like the E lutions once a long time ago and then I made Shadow the Hedgehog oh no was that worth your time tricky did you were you happy about it the shadow one I he came out com good okay you know there’s worse things she could have done with her time I do a lot I need an hour for Shadow the Head be like that who oh yeah your bead art right um those those ones that you make are they the ones that you iron after yeah yeah oh I used to make those as a kid I love them they’re so much fun it’s just like a really nice therapeutic hobby it’s going to be so fun doing Builds on here when we finally get items I think I’m going to like be no life and get stuff to build a house tomorrow oh the do the fish die if you don’t there might the essence the fish yeah like I’m fishing and I caught a bunch but there’s a rot fish in my inventory now and I don’t know if brought it or is this the dungeon you found VI uh let me check the map uh here I’ll just teleport to you I love you little wolfy tricky hey thank you I need to get a name I can name him something okay except my uh there’s I put a name tag in the uh chest by over here ew yeah I found another one Yep this is the one um what should we’ve been to this one my dog now if there’s some chest you haven’t seen um that we could go to um the one in Alaska that’s like close to Canada there was two chests there damn is here there’s an Enderman outside yes um I wonder where we get there somebody somebody might what Happ my my guy what happen he’s not coming anymore these I thought maybe somebody used it no okay if I find another one I’ll let you know okay no my my gu couch you just he’s just tired of coming Vienna tired of it lights up when he’s when he’s on his way let him rest no it’s not calling him I believe such a demanding woman oh where is he I think I think he’s gone he’s like yes v wait wait chat can you find the coordinates we have to go get them we have to go back for them oh he’s in a chunk that’s not loaded right now I unlocked the recipe for gliders um don’t try to make one yet uh you have to like rejoin the game for it to work for the recipe to work um I crashed it so are you saying he’s unloaded currently or I didn’t load the whole chunk or do you know the recipe too yeah okay I have to save him a barley he’s my best friend where do I get he doesn’t even have a name no um barley Bome um uh W the duck got out I’m trying to replace the ground with dirt and I don’t know how to grab the duck it’s like every every time we play there’s be something terrible happens to a Doug it was Doug to my God I’m so Sor I’m holding Doug too it’s okay someday the truth will come out about somay that’s Doug’s wife yeah yeah yeah that’s dou Doug one shall never be forgotten mentioned again Doug the first forgotten never be forgotten yeah so new when you do get that horse guy um eventually if you teleport too far he’ll be stuck until you go back and get him my guy’s not coming back what yeah I messed up my my horse guy he’s stuck in a place I wasn’t he’s I’m going to make my find house somewhere yeah I think we’re going to build houses on the other 2263 we’re going to build 22 and then another house that’s that’s crazy how did I get to 22 I’d have to run 80 miles this way was I that far okay I mean but if you don’t want to live near [ __ ] off I guess no no no no I I want to live in your house okay I’m going to be inside of the wall your is this your place um tricky I did run 80 miles really this your I really ran that far I kind of want to make a house in the middle of this w why did I go so far over here yeah yeah that’s really cool I like it I always like SN houses like oh I did run really far or in the middle of the water I’m I’m heading to 22 right it’s always fun right now I’m just making the pathway right now I want to see what is this oh this way do sorry I don’t know how to oh maybe I can I can add a waypoint okay okay you said 22 I saw this really cool pyamid 22 I kind of want to do a big pyramided I us be I used to follow this one Minecraft person that would like make House tutorials um I’m going to start watching them again you should 222 oh it’s honestly so there was like an underwater cave house they made which is so cool MH we can cute houses and follow a bunch of cute tutorials all I do is follow tutorials hope my guy is there when I go off on my own it’s me praying and Hing please move I’ve honestly never been good with the building stuff like me that’s why I just look stuff up online farming adventuring but building heart the stupid duck d call him St I’m sorry I regretted it immediately I immediately regret you stupid no it was just duck it was just duck cuz I was trying to fill in the dirt and he fell in the one block hole I was trying to put the dirt in it B man I really what if he’s not there when we get there build the the town stuff first oh so you do over here see right here this is where you can build on the left side here so like I think Vienna wanted this area right here I put a a brown thing there is it there still that’s where I want it to be so this one over here is I mean VI’s you can put yours right here you know okay or you could do it here I’m just going to ring the Bell the whole way there I need F I hope he’s there you tell me what mod the Bell is from how would I know yeah and then I can I don’t know anything wherever it fits between every I don’t know I would like mine next to Cinders I can make just one block so [ __ ] me I guess you didn’t even want to live over here you wanted to put in the middle of [ __ ] nowhere I’ll just I’ll have a about youu secret Canadian house you have a Canadian house too mine’s not a secret you started [Laughter] it started wait Cinder wait wait Cinder Cinder yeah what is it we got him he’s safe yay hell yeah we stay winning yipp okay users there this [ __ ] stupid chair here can I cook fish don’t know how big I want my house what is the what are these even for what do you do with with fish I don’t understand fish swamp oh my God cuz there’s a swamp right here it’ll be nice I think I’m just supposed to fish them all I don’t think it does anything it’s actually really cute I don’t think I’ll have enough blocks oh are you living next to me Yu I’m this my house here wait I’ll I’ll I’ll be right across from you let me fix it I don’t think I’ll have enough blocks then get some more the [ __ ] yeah just mine it’s so spiteful and evil I love you so much so are the Fish edible I can’t cook them or anything you have to cook them oh I was just eating them raw do you cook them in a furnace or something else yeah you can cook them there don’t seem to work yeah Sushi yummy delicious I need to put this over here okay I have I’m getting a little hungry so I think I might go get some food I have some leftover we have to rate Cinder before she ends are you loging off for now um to be honest I’ll probably just eat and then come right back on that’s literally what I did that is literally what I did and and then I’ll start building yeah wait Yu are you going to be live for a bit longer and go nonverbal what was that he literally I’ll see you guys in a little bit bye bye byeee yeah I’ll probably still be streaming for a little bit cuz I want to I want to make I want to make a house I got you Yu I house I’m going to set up and build my my main one next to you guys tomorrow I think I’m just going to build the town homes for now it’s [Music] purple purple it’s a purple there go okay I think we raid Yu and go bed fres Dracula thank you for the 14 months of tier three thank you for 22 months oh Slinger thank you for seven months that’s really great all right yeah I’m a too and I’m going to um start building my house in the farm stuff so much wait what tree is good night Vinnie oh no good night you wait is it debut right now I’m going to get these trees you guys are going to have your houses and mine’s going to be a [ __ ] said I would reuse you damn it I I got to say hello to cam I don’t know if I have the skill set required to make it look really sexy but I’ll try I’m going to go and creative mode in a separate World okay good night everybody um here let me disconnect here um okay I’ll see you um I might be around tomorrow could be I’m definitely here Sunday thank you so much everybody thank you for the raids V numi and uh everybody I’m so Eep bye-bye say hello to youu be very friendly okay thanks for hanging sorry I never streamed Minecraft before I hope it was okay like I don’t I don’t really know what to do I just run around aimlessly and in my head there’s a task I distracted by another task and I’m never really doing anything that makes sense so okay bye-bye see you thanks for hanging out byebye wait guys guys do Doug killer raid do you killed Doug okay tell Yuzu she killed Doug okay tell her accuse her she killed Doug okay I’m redoing it get your message ready everyone needs to know she killed Doug

This video, titled ‘Vienna Plays Minecraft (ft. Numi, Bao, Yuzu, Sinder, & Tricky)’, was uploaded by Vienna Vtuber VODs on 2024-04-13 19:08:43. It has garnered 1065 views and 42 likes. The duration of the video is 04:46:57 or 17217 seconds.

originally streamed at twitch on 13/04/24 Catch Vienna live at

Minecraft with friends: | @AkumaNihmune | @baovtuber | @YuzuVtuber | @SinderVTuber | @trickyvt

*Some parts of the stream may be muted or cut due to copyright.

For schedule information or to keep up with her other socials, check here! ⚽ DISCORD: 🐥 TWITTER: 🎮 TWITCH: 📱 TIKTOK: 💼 BUSINESS INQUIRIES HERE ➡[email protected]

MODEL CREDITS Illustration: Rigging: Project Support:

#vienna #vods #vtuber

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