Wow! You won’t believe what the talking blue thing said in Skyrim Ep: 4!

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Welcome back everybody I know it’s been a little while uh I had couple of life things happen had to take care of that but we are back within Skyrim any of these poorly are we clear our guy here uh whenever we left off let’s look at

Our missions real quick uh we needed to speak with tof deer so we did get the books um fought the boss got the books and now we are back back so uh let’s continue on I’m going to try to make this episode a little bit longer you

Know due to the fact of you know I I haven’t recorded in a little bit the life things happened um I’ve also got a couple of other new things that I’m going to try with this video uh no big major editing you know y’all get to see

It raw how it is is but I’m going to try no last time it was my microphone probably sounded like it was coming out of one year only uh fix that issue so that’s a that’s a thing had to had to look into that quite a bit wonderful Discovery uh I found a

Certain book Night of Tears is that the one about something buried beneath sarthal something that men and may fought over I’ll have to make a point of rereading it I don’t recall the det I just if so we are continuing on with our um College of winter

H was we supposed to talk to you here for you I’m sure you’ve already noticed the mark quite unlike anything we’ve seen I know it it’s been almost a month it’s been 3 weeks it says since my last video I’d like to apologize to that quite curious indeed let me know in the

In the comments how how y’all’s years going so far I know we’re almost to February tomorrow is February 1st marous I’d like to know how it’s going are y’all are y’all keeping up with y’all felt resolutions are you not is already let me know hopefully more

Inform soon I’m afraid I must intrud it is urgent that I speak with your associate immediately uh is most inappropriate we are involved in serious research here yes I have no doubt it it’s this however is a to the cam well I’m quite sure I’ve never been interrupted this before the

Audacity I suppose we’ll continue this at some later time when we can avoid interruptions I need you to come with me immediately let’s go I don’t understand what’s going on will allow me to I’d like to know why there’s someone claiming to be from the sigic order here

In the college more important I’d like to know why he’s asking for you specifically so we’re going to go have a little chat with him and find out exactly what as he wants okay let’s go I said let’s go all you need they have clashed with the

Ordinary and I have no intention of allowing that to happen here well let’s go let’s go figure it out uh let’s see what level are we we’re level four right now halfway through uh almost level five see here we’ve got looks like Sparks you are going to speak to this

Monk and find out why he is here now you are going to speak to this Monk and find out why he is here and then let’s go figure out what he’s W it’s been such a long time since I’ve done this quest line that I I don’t

Remember so we’re going to go find out please do not be alarmed I mean you no harm it is good to meet you in person I’d simply like to to talk to you I’ve given us a chance to speak privately but I’m afraid I can’t do this

The situation here at your college is of dire importance and attempts to contact you as we have previously I believe it is due to the very source of our concern this OB the energy coming from it has prevented us from reaching you with the Visions you have already seen the longer

It remains here the more dangerous the situation becomes and so I have come here personally to tell you it must be dealt with I’m afraid it’s you must understand the sigic order does not typically intervene directly in events my presence here will be seen as an affront to some within the

Order as soon as we have finished I’m also to aware that my arrival has aroused suspicion nevertheless my order will not act directly I presume you refer to ancano’s distaste for the the thalore CR order is a threat because we have power and we will not allow I

Assure you that we mean you no harm as as you may have learned this object the eye is immensely powerful it is immensely the world is not ready for it if it remains here it will be indeed many in the order believe it has already rather something will happen soon

Something that cannot be avoided we believe that your efforts should be directed towards dealing with the aftermath I fear I have already overstepped the bounds of my order but I will offer this seek out the orer of dunlay his perception may be more coherent than ours I I am un I am sorry

I now it is within you to succeed okay I guess we’re helping get rid of the Eye of Magnus I’m sorry uh let me check something real quick um we’re good we’re good okay let’s continue allor right guys all right so find the you must excuse me I shouldn’t be

Here are you going to I’m not sure what just happened whatever for all we know he’s here to scout out this this I expect to be informed if they make any future no no I’m quite sure I have no I suggest you mind your own business and

Return to whatever it is you do here okay so that being said let’s check find find the augur it says I need to speak with augur within the college I should ask my fellow members where to find what is the meaning of this what you learn here has to Deer been telling

Stories again please don’t allow him to continue to discuss the I’m sorry I’m afraid I so we are going down okay see what happens I guess we’re leaving why are we leaving the college if he’s at the college somewhere I don’t get that maybe is he really in the Hall of

Elements over here or Hall of attainment this is where we sleep is he going to be in a in our bed that’s not good oh okay so that’s our bed it’s the col will be here well now there’s a name I haven’t heard my goodness it’s been years since

I’ve spoken with him I suppose are you going to see him do tell him hello for me won’t you underneath the college it’s not the nicest place so if you go down there I think you guys know where we got to go we were going down to the

Mid also I hope you guys enjoy uh this series that I’ve got going on it’s it’s nothing big and fancy it’s not extravagantly planned out it’s just we’re having fun and I want to share the fun with you guys so that’s all it is um I’ve also got a Discord now if

Anybody’s interested in joining it uh I will link it for you guys within the description it’s nothing big and fancy again it’s just a place to hang out maybe see some behind the scenes things whenever I go live on Kick uh you know you can you can see whenever I go

Live um also that’s another good point I’d like to bring up I have uh moved over from twitch I’m I’m no longer really streaming on Twitch anymore it’s been kick lately kick and Tik Tok believe it or not um you can you can find me on either place and uh come hang

Out whenever I go live if you hit the little you know notifications thing every time I do go live you can you can get that notification and join in I I love to chat with everybody like there’s there’s there’s no there’s no way around that I I love talking to

Anyone that that would love to come in it makes my day perseverance will only lead to disappointment um okay still you persist very will you may enter okay whoa hello I am that which you have been seeking your efforts are in vain uhoh it is already begun it’s not

Good those who have sent you have not told you what they seek what you seek I was told to find you indeed and so you have come looking though you do not know why like others before you you blindly follow a path to your own destruction the thaler came seeking

Answers as well unaware they will be as undoing your path now follows his though you will arrive too late this is crazy huh I’m not the first to come see you though you may be the last the one who calls himself anano has sought my knowledge as well through very different

Questions your path differs from most you are being guided pushed toward something I’m not trying to look directly at this guy because of how bright it is it’s bright on traveled by many it is a path that can save your college I will tell you what you need to know to follow it

Further what do I need you and those aiding you wish to know more about the Eye of Magnus you wish to avoid the disaster of which you are not yet aware to see through magnus’s eye without being blinded you require his staff okay events let’s go get it now

Spiral quickly towards the inevitable Center so you must act with haste take this knowledge to your arch page will do that was beautiful but we are now kind of forced to uh stop these events I got a good feeling we’re not going to be able to stop the events but you know oh

Hello am I going to have to fight like instant instantly fight I guess not I forgot where we come from okay didn’t mean to do that do we go up here um so with that I think we can bring out Flames can’t we Flames will kind of down a little

Bit we’re going to take both of those okay well that thing did some damage didn’t it hurt us quite a bit do we go here surely not right this is yeah not it trying to find it maybe up here looks like it would be yeah here we go okay let’s go

Back we have to go straight to the I think he said Arch Mage so that’s what we’re going to doting hey buddy hey buddy it’s no secret really and what might that be I’m sorry will I’d certainly love to have such a powerful staff but I’m not not really

Sure that any of us and how do you know of this did you really and he specifically mentioned I yes he did I’m impressed with your initiative of course someone will need to follow up on this I since you went so far as to seek out the augur for advice I thought you’d

Be more in something as specific and ancient as the staff of Magnus I’m not I seem to recall mentioning the staff somewhat recently I’m quite pleased with your progress you know you’ve certainly proven yourself this circle it once proved invaluable to me I hope it can

Be Let’s uh let’s let’s check that out cuz that might be that might be something that we want to wear we definitely want to wear that oh it’s not yeah it’s not at all valuable for us right now hey Mir well now that’s an question why in the world

Would you be asking I see well yes I suppose I did mention it though I’m not I only brought it to his attention a few months back when the CID showed up here they were apparently under the impression where is the Mages based out of cidel they fanc themselves the

Imperial Authority on Magic my understanding is that all they really do is make noise in an attemp I was quite surprised to find them on aor it became clear they’re trying to hoard powerful artifacts no one the CID seemed convinced it sounded like they were heading there though they were rather I

Suppose if you’re intent on looking for the staff there’s a chance they might be in mol yet just don’t expect them to be cooperative okay so I think we know where to go I think we’re going to ma there are few places where one can pursue my typ of

Let’s check out where that’s at it’s way down here un likee the other side of why is it way down there so would it be better for us to go to rifton then feel like it would be better for us to go to rifton have we discovered

Did so we’re going to go to rifton I suppose need a ride where do you want to go climbing back and we’ll be off be sure to visit the black mug D and you’ll forget all and with us in rifton this is where this video is going to end off at I’m

Going to record some more though so uh I’m going to kind of space them out with uploading so I can see y’all’s feedback see what we’re going to do so in the meantime y’all have an amazing afternoon and I hope your year is going wonderful see you later everybody

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