Zozo: Surviving 1000 DAYS as a Hacker in Hardcore Minecraft – Epic Mob Battles

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on day one I spawned into the Redwood Forest as a hacker oh nice I wonder if there are any computers in this Forest that I can hack right away a redstone Golem appeared and he didn’t look happy to see me Red Alert there’s a hacker stop right there this is a no hacking Zone uh-oh I wish I could remember some sick hacker moves to get me out of this situation but I can’t remember anything guess I’d better just run instead I ran as fast as I could but that Redstone Golem was gaining on me I need to go faster but I’m just a baby hacker right now my short little legs can’t go any faster than this plus it looks like I only have 10 Hearts I need to be careful you weren’t careful enough somehow the Redstone Golem was right in front of me how did you do that I’m clever you should know a thing or two about that hacker I don’t know a thing and I definitely don’t know two things well here’s something to know you’re under arrest and you’re coming with me oh no on day two the Redstone Golem took me to a base deep just outside the redwood forest and threw me into to a prison cell hey I wasn’t even doing anything let me out no we can’t take any risks with hackers you’re just too dangerous well come back I promise not to hack anything for evil you’re a hacker hacking for evil is what you do the Redstone Golem left and I realized I wasn’t alone in the cell there was a redstone cube in there with me oh hey what are you in for they thought I might be a hacker I was just trying to learn more about computer systems so I could unlock this safe uh uh not for stealing I swear it’s my safe I forgot the password oh you probably don’t believe me no I believe you unlocking stuff with hacking that sounds so familiar wait I’m remembering something I think I know how to do that I had to extend my arm to reach the terminal but I was able to hack the security system for the cell door I heard the lock click and the door opened I did it we’re free woo good job I ran out of the prison and out of that base without a Second Glance thanks stranger see you around my name’s Zoo oh he’s already gone bye I’d better get out of here before the guard comes back but where am I going to go now on day three I escaped into the Untamed Wilderness of the Redwood Forest let’s see where does a tiny hacker go in this crazy world uh-oh what was that sound oh it was just my stomach growling I’m feeling pretty hungry I better find some food I explored the forest searching for something to eat then I spotted some wild carrots I could pick these should do just fine I dug up the carrots and gobbled them up much better now I can focus on getting somewhere safe where that Redstone Golem won’t capture me and throw me back in jail did you say you’re running from the Redstone Golem ah who’s there a robot stepped out from behind a tree sorry for the scare son the name’s robot Mr Robot specifically though my father always hoped I’d become dror robot someday but I digress it sounds like you and I have a common enemy I don’t know if I’d say enemy but I definitely don’t want to run into that guy again well the enemy of my enemy is my friend want to be my friend sure I could use a friend right now then that makes the Redstone Golem your enemy it’s airtight logic what’s your name and how long have you been hacking Zozo and I’m not really sure I seem to have forgotten a lot of my skills but I’m sure I can get them back if I try follow me I’ve got a place where we can talk more without our enemies overhearing sure what could go wrong from day four to day five I followed Mr Robot to his base in the crack Gardens oh nice place thanks it took me a while to build it lots of hard work but it was worth it nothing worth having comes easily Zoo it all takes effort no pain no gain as they say but you strike me as a fellow who isn’t afraid of hard work nope only thing I’m afraid of is spiders great because I need a partner to work with me on my most ambitious project yet and though I’m the greatest hacker in the land no man is an island right of course you’re a robot exactly and I need an assistant someone with the potential to hack as well as I do are you up to the task Zozo I think so but why are you trying to hack into every system in the Overworld it’s not for evil is it what of course not I’m just doing it to keep everyone safe if I hack every system I can install surveillance software to look out for all kinds of danger danger like that Redstone Golem that captured you earlier oh yeah that was scary okay I’ll help you we only have 100 days to accomplish our mission if you’re ready to join me take these stone tools and get to work assistant build your yourself a base of your own you got it Mr Robot I took the stone tools and ventured back out into the crab Gardens to build my base I was just about to begin construction and the Redstone Golem attacked me you escaped once but you won’t do it again yes I will I fought back and all of a sudden I fired an energy blast at the Redstone Golem ouch I’ll be back you can count on that I didn’t know I could do that I feel strong I think I gained more Hearts I have 30 now and I think I grew too now back to work on my base let me start by clearing out these weeds from day six to day eight I was building my base when I started thinking about what Mr Robot said he made it sound like the whole Overworld is filled with danger but I haven’t seen any danger all day H maybe I’m missing something as I was talking to myself I spotted that Redstone Cube I met while I was in jail oh hey again you made it out okay I did you did too good stuff anyway bye forever wait a second have you seen any danger around I’ve heard there’s tons of it so much that we need surveillance systems to track it I haven’t seen much of any that must mean the dangerous stuff is super sneaky that’s terrifying yeah I knew boss was right I’d better go warn people good luck I was satisfied with my finished modern house so I headed back to Mr robot’s place to fill them in I got a ton of work down on my Base today what should I do next I’ll tell you but first I’m pretty sure I know who you were before you lost your memories my Creator had a best friend practically an uncle to me and his son was a talented hacker then he went missing they never thought he’d turn up again but I think you’re that lost hacker you’re like a cousin to me wow you’re my family yes indeed which means we were meant to be together and you were destined for greatness Neo I have a mission for you if you choose to accept it which I assume you do you must travel to the desert and confront a powerful Royal Guard there he is corrupt and getting rid of him will give us access to an important database don’t waste anytime get to the desert as fast as you can from day 9 to day 10 I followed Mr robot’s orders and heard out to the desert I found a secretive looking base guarded by a huge strong Royal Guard H who goes there your worst nightmare what there’s a giant talking arti joke here oh no just me but I’m still here to fight you I’m a hacker not a fighter but I’ll try my very best I drew my stone sword and charged at the Royal Guard he dodged me and hit me hard I got knocked down but I got up again you’re never going to keep me down it was a tough battle and I got really hurt but I managed to defeat the royal guard anyway oh that really hurt I don’t know if I’m going to get out of this okay that’s when my buddy the Redstone Cube appeared hey Zozo you don’t look so good okay that’s kind of rude but you’re right I don’t feel so good either here take this healing potion I drank the healing potion and it fixed my injuries enough for me to get back on my feet I can’t stop thinking about that danger you told me about I’m really good at making healing potions and other potions too if you need someone to join the team and help out that sounds great great but I think I should check with my boss first from day 11 to day 12 I returned to Mr robot’s Hideout Zoo welcome back was the royal guard taken care of he was but I didn’t see any kind of system for us to access are you sure you gave me the right place of course I did you must have just missed it you’ll need to be more careful and pay better attention if we’re going to work together oh yeah I guess I made a mistake don’t worry about it these things happen I’ve got another mission for you if you think you can avoid screwing this one up don’t look so serious I’m just joking mostly I need you to go back to the desert and take out a weaponsmith there he’s been making weapons for some pretty evil folks the kind who want to stop us from hacking but first head down into the mining cave nearby and dig up some iron ore so you can upgrade your weapons you got it boss I climbed into the mining Cavern and searched for a rich vein of iron ore after a little while I found some and dug up as much as I could time to make some new gear I fashioned the iron into some pieces of iron armor an iron sword and an iron pickaxe now I’ve got to get to the desert before I can celebrate my old Nemesis the Redstone Golem appeared not so fast I told you I’d be back not you again yes me again well this time I’ve got a brand new sword he charged me but I thought back and he was no match for me this time okay now I’m going back to the desert from day 13 to day 15 I arrived in the desert Now where’s that weapon Smith I have to stop him from making any any more evil weapons uh I’m sorry did I hear you say you’re looking for a weapon Smith that makes evil weapons yes have you seen one I’m the only weapon Smith around here and I’ve never made anything evil in fact I’m pretty against it oh that’s weird Mr Robot said Mr Robot oh no please don’t hurt me I can give you gold whatever you want just please don’t hurt me this is weird I don’t feel so good about this I need to go back and talk to my box about it thank you for sparing me please don’t come back from day 16 to day 19 I returned to the crack Gardens I just can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong I hope Mr Robot has some answers for me Soo back so soon how did your mission go well it went well fantastic no I wasn’t finished I just had some questions about listen Zozo I don’t really have time for questions I have too much to do why don’t you go back to working on your face and I’ll come find you when I have another task for you oh okay guess with none of my questions answered I traveled back to my base when I got there I was surprised to see the Redstone Cube waiting there for me hey you your boss is that big robot right yeah why he’s attacking a bunch of innocent people out in the desert I tried to reason with him but he just laughed in my face you have to come talk some sense into him oh no I’m sure this is all just a big misunderstanding I’ll help sort it out I hurried to the desert where I saw Mr Robot destroying the weapons Smith space What are you doing finishing the job you couldn’t I should have known better than to trust a stranger with it you pathetic excuse for a hacker what I thought we were family what aren’t you getting I lied to get what I wanted I thought you’d be useful but it looks like I’ll have to find someone else to help me conquer the Overworld you mean you’re not trying to protect people try and keep up Zozo or do whatever you want I’m done with you I won’t let you do this huh I’d like to see you try and stop me you can’t out Haack the master hacker and that’s me he fired an energy blast that knocked me down and everything went dark from day 20 to day 22 I woke up on the sandy desert ground I looked around but Mr Robot was gone and the area was completely destroyed oh no I couldn’t stop him I can’t believe he tricked me I won’t let him keep getting away with this I’ll need to get all of my skills back the ones I’ve forgotten so I can out Haack the master hacker himself oh no it’s all gone I was just about to move into this house I spotted the Redstone Cube who warned me before wandering around the wreckage in distress I’m so sorry he tricked me before I wasn’t strong enough to stop him but if you need a place to stay you can come live with me for a while it’s the least I can do listen we’ve all been there who hasn’t accidentally wound up working for an evil robot sure I’d love to crash with you my name’s Robbie by the way Zozo follow me we’ll get you set up I showed Robbie the Redstone Cube the way to my base and gathered some Aspen logs to build him a room here you go I hope this will do this works great thanks for giving me a place to stay after your former boss destroyed my neighborhood this is just the beginning I’m going to do whatever I can to undo the damage Mr Robot has done and stop him before he achieves his goal of total technological domination from day 23 to Day 26 I traveled back to the Redwood Forest where I first spawned I’m starting to think that the Redstone Golem that arrested me had a reason to be suspicious of hackers maybe whoever he was working for can help me I didn’t get a chance to look for more Redstone Golems though because I spotted a Pillager under attack by a piglin brute I know this isn’t directly related to Mr Robot but I still want to help I drew my sword and attacked the piglin brute when the sword strikes didn’t seem to harm him I fired an energy blast at The piglin Brute but he was really strong and it didn’t knock him down as the Pillager ran off to safety I wondered if I really would be okay I have to be I have to survive to stop Mr Robot I summoned the strength from within and defeated the piglin brute hey I’m remembering another skill I can use my hacker skills to turn invisible only need to remove my pants first I tried it out and when I became visible again I had grown bigger and stronger and my heart’s increased to 50 no time to celebrate I’ve got to keep moving I’ll need all of my skills back if I’m going to beat Mr Robot from day 27 to day 31 I was continuing to explore the Redwood Forest when I heard the sound of some nervous buying are there sheep out here hello little sheep are you guys lost they didn’t answer me but they stared at me with their huge sheep eyes and I knew they needed at home it’s okay you guys can come live at my base with me it took a lot of work and counting all of the sheep made me pretty sleepy but I managed to her them all back to my base now I’ll build you guys a pen just wait right here when I finished building the pen and hearded all the Sheep inside Robbie came to see me hey Zozo got a minute I added something to the base and I wanted you to check it out I followed him and saw that he had built buil a storage room this is awesome thanks meanwhile Mr Robot was having his meeting with an enormous Vindicator at his Hideout now that I’ve lost my assistant I need some extra muscle around here are you up to the task sure am boss you stick to hacking and I’ll get the Smashing from day 32 to day 35 I traveled back to the base where I was imprisoned after I first spawned they don’t arrest me again I just want to talk to whoever is in charge and find out what’s really been going on with Mr Robot and his hacking I spotted a group of redstone golems and called out to them hi I know I look like a bad guy but I’m just here to talk I promise Well normally I’d be suspicious but you sound pretty sincere what brings you here guy who’s not a hacker well I am a hacker but I want to use my skills for good can you take me to the person in charge I want to help any enemy of Mr Robot is a friend us come with me I followed him to a large table within the base where there was an assassin sitting reading a book what is it I’m having my reading time who who’s this a hacker what were you thinking I’m here to help I was tricked into working with Mr Robot but now that I know better I want to help stop him oh well that’s worth interrupting my reading time then Mr Robot is up to know good and he has been for quite some time he was created to be a helpful robot one who could hack into systems to fix them but something corrupted him he became obsessed with power and using his hacking skills for the pursuit of that power the only hope we have of stopping him now is the most sophisticated anti-hacking measures but I’m skilled in hand-to-hand combat I’m no hacker with you on our side we might just stand a chance and I’ll do whatever I can to help glad to have you on board I’ll give you more information when I have it what’s your name hero Zozo and I’m no hero I’m just doing my best from Day 36 to day 39 I decided that my armor was looking a little incomplete I can’t keep adventuring in this outfit I need the whole iron armor set so I traveled back into that trusty mining cave and dug up enough iron or to complete the rest of my armor I even found a couple diamonds too much better when I returned home Robbie was waiting for me and he looked really excited about something hey what’s up I got you something to say thanks for letting me stay here a customary gift as part of the desert where I’m from it’s some pocket sand throw it into an enemy’s eyes and you can temporarily blind them awesome I’ve got a pocket full of pocket of sand later a powerful Sergeant approached the entrance to the base is there a Zozo here yeah that’s me yeah yeah come with me please there’s someone who urgently needs to speak with you from day 40 to day 43 I followed the sergeant to the Assassin’s base in the Redwood Forest Zozo thank you for coming to see me so quickly I have important news it appears that now that you have defected for the side of the good Mr Robot has hired someone to replace you someone with far fewer qualms about following his evil whims no what does he look like what’s this whole deal I watched as a Vindicator smashed through the wall of the base m whole deal he bringing down destruction on the boss’s enemies which includes you two losers myself and the Assassin quickly moved out of the line of fire run Zozo my guards and I will handle this Intruder get to safety I don’t want to leave you alone here this is an order Zozo you can’t hack if you’re dead and we need you to keep hacking she made a pretty good point so I high tailed it out of there from day 44 to day 49 the Assassin came to see me at my Pace I’m so glad you’re okay I fought far worse enemies than that Bluster Vindicator my mother-in-law for instance but enough jokes I’m here about something serious oh okay what serious thing are you here about what of my specialized gossip Scouts heard something especially juicy and relevant to our fight against Mr Robot there is a supercomputer one that can be operated only by the most skilled of hackers if you get your hands on it you’ll be able to program a kill code that will defeat Mr Robot and block his hackery once and for all there is more information on it in This Book of Secrets I love secrets secrets and books we’ve got that in common in addition to our common goal of stopping the destruction of the Overworld as we know it you’ll need to construct a special defensive bunker to contain the supercomputer during your kill code development so you should probably do that just when you get a chance good luck Zoo you too just with whatever you need luck with I opened the book of secrets and it said if you seek the superc computer maybe you should start your search out in the desert good luck I need to speak to a brigand out there and he’ll tell me more about the super computer it’s hacking time well not yet but it will be pretty soon I’ve just got to get a few other things done first I sure hope I remember how to do it by the time I get the computer oh well that’s a problem for future Zozo from day 50 to day 53 I ventured out to the desert in search of the brigin here we go I’m thirsty for information and also I’m just pretty thirsty it’s hot out here at least it’s a dry heat I turned around and there was a brigin I don’t really get the difference well you made it makes the heat feel even hotter and in a dry heat at least you sorry I actually don’t have time to talk about the weather I was hoping you could tell me about the legendary supercomputer only if you promised to use it for good I’d feel terrible if I told you how to find it only for you to use it for evil I promise okay well uh I I don’t know much but what I do know is that the supercomputer score is made from refined glowstone you can find an area rich in glowstone you might just find the supercomputer there too also I know that baking soda getss out in those stubborn stains but that’s uh yeah that’s less relevant right now thanks so much I don’t know anything about glow stone so I guess I’ll head back home for now bye from day 54 to day 57 I was passing through the Redwood Forest on my way home when I was suddenly ambushed by The Vindicator H Get Wrecked puny hacker he charged at me and managed to land a big hit I most certainly will not you’re going to be the one who gets wrecked I attacked but it didn’t leave a mark on him uh-oh he’s still much stronger than me I’ve got to get out of here that’s right you better run but it’s only a matter of time before the boss and I get ready yet speaking of the boss at that moment Mr Robot was hard at work on his evil plan so Zozo is looking for that super computer I’d better make sure I find it first I won’t let anything get in my way and my mega power computer virus is almost ready from day 58 to day 62 I ran back home to my base and saw Robbie the Redstone Cube looking like he was in a really good mood hey Robbie Zozo I’m so glad you’re back I want to show you what I did look I built this a furnace and I got started on that defensive bunker you need to build I just need you to help me finish it it’s going to take a lot of work well the best things do in my experience but together I’m sure we can finish it in time um I need some diorite could you pick some up for me sure I quickly ventured out and gathered the diorite dropped it off at the base then headed down to the mines well I’ve got all this energy I should get in some quality mining the mines were especially good to me on this trip and I found enough diamonds to craft a diamond sword a diamond pickaxe and a diamond helmet nothing like some fresh fancy gear to make a hacker feel confident bring it on Mr Robot from day 63 to day 66 I was practiced fighting with my new sword and pretending to be a medieval Knight instead of a hacker when the Assassin came to see me sorry to interrupt your playing pretend time but I have an important update for you I have uncovered the location of the fabled super computer it is hidden away in the glowstone Gardens glowstone that makes sense I wasn’t there for that scene so I don’t understand what you mean but time is of the essence little hacker come with me I traveled with the Assassin to the glowstone Gardens but when we got there a gate was blocking the path blast we can’t get through I apologize for leading you on this wild goose chase Zozo oh heck now I have to chase some kind of wild goose too don’t quit your day job kid stick to hacking and saving the world go back to your home for now I’ll look into this situation further okie dokie from day 67 to Day 70 I had just made it back to my base when the Assassin came to see me again Zozo I need your help there’s a barely Barbarian causing trouble in the Redwood Forest will you come with me and provide assistance yeah sure I’m not doing anything else right now we went to the Redwood Forest where sure enough I saw a big old Barbarian smashing up the place hey what are you doing what did it look like I’m attacking but why well stranger since you asked I’ll tell you Dr robot is going to give my family a virus if I don’t destroy his enemies for him are your family computers because that’s the only kind of virus he knows how to do shut up you don’t get it my parents are computers he charged me and attacked but I dodged and fought back he was big and strong but I was clever I fired an energy blast and knocked him down listen I can help you up and we can stop this fight if you’ll agree to work with me listen you don’t have to help Mr Robot he’s not a doctor he didn’t even go to robot medical school I’m working hard to defeat him before he can realize his evil plans join me and we can stop him together oh that does sound a lot better than doing crimes I don’t even want to do poor a scary mean robot that’s it I’m switching sides let’s work together yay I stopped Untold potential destruction and made a new friend all in a day work for hacker Zozo from day 71 to day 74 I was back home at my base thinking about what to do next when my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of something loud and evil happening just outside oh no what is that I ran outside to check and saw that horrible Vindicator was back and attacking my base hey what are you doing here what’s it look like I’m destroying your lame little base it’s not lame it’s not little and you need to stop destroying it oh yeah who’s going to make me me I came close enough to using my energy blast at The Vindicator but I didn’t do any damage he’s still a lot stronger than me only need something special to help me defeat him I know I’ve got my pocket sand I grabbed my pocket of sand and got ready to throw it into the vindicator’s eyes but before I could he hit me hard he knocked me backward and I dropped the pocket of sand oh look here pocket sand Don’t Mind If I Do Well I mind too bad so sad find us Keepers losers weepers bye I tried to stop him from running away but there was nothing I could do to him soon he was gone and so was my pocket sand no that was a special gift from Robbie I can’t believe I still couldn’t beat him and he stole my pocket sand everything’s going wrong I was so upset I ran to my room and locked myself inside a while later there was a knock at my door hey Zozo it’s me Robbie you know the the Redstone Cube from the desert and now from here I fixed up the damage The Vindicator did to the base and I built the perimeter wall to protect against any your attacks I just thought I’d let you know thanks Robbie that does make me feel a little bit better meanwhile Mr Robot was celebrating his impending Victory zozo’s base is in Ruins he can’t find the supercomputer and my computer virus is almost ready soon the whole world will bow to me the Supreme hacker H from day 75 to day 78 I was finally feeling good enough to leave my base and get back to my quest it was good timing too because the Assassin was outside waiting for me Zozo Mr Robot has nearly finished developing the virus that will allow him to take control of all computer systems in the Overworld and cause untold amounts of Destruction it is vital that you defeat his henchmen The Vindicator and become strong enough to destroy Mr Robot before he can succeed but I’m still so weak and he took my special weapon I know that’s why I brought you this firewor crossbow it will help you gain the upper hand you can find The Vindicator outside of Mr robot’s base you know the way right I do thank you I’ll try my best the fate of the Overworld is in your hands so you know no pressure from day 79 to day 84 I traveled to Mr robot’s base in the crack Gardens and confronted The Vindicator outside Hey listen up you Vindicator I’m here to get my pocket sand back perfect I love beating up nerds and this time I didn’t even have to come to your sad little house I couldn’t think of a good comeback so I just got out the firework crossbow and started shooting fireworks oh you brought firew to celebrate my victory how cute I may be cute but I’m going to beat you he lunged at me and attacked and I wasn’t able to Dodge in time he hit me hard and I started to worry this actually might be it for me oh no I can’t lose now like this I have to find the strength within all of a sudden I felt a hacking memory come rushing back to me the power surged within me and I transformed into a larger stronger version of myself and my hearts increased to 100 I I even gained a laser attack I jumped back into the fight firing a laser at The Vindicator and destroying him I did it I am a great hacker after all I remember and hey he dropped my pocket sand yoink mine again from day 85 to day 89 I returned to my base to check in with Robbie the Redstone Cube Zozo you’re just in time I’ve almost finished building the defensive bunker I just need you to add the final piece come quick I followed him and with his Direction added the very last piece to complete the defensive bunker if you ever lose the keys to the bunker remember there is a hidden spare key in my room hidden key you say I wonder if a hidden key exists for the gate in the glowstone Gardens I’m going to check and go get that supercomputer see you soon Robbie I traveled back to the glowstone Gardens and use my new found key to unlock the gate and make my way inside there was a huge terrifying forsaken but no supercomputer in sight you look hostile have you maybe seen the supercomputer he just growled at me well have it your way I attacked with my laser beam then rushed in with my sword while he was stunned before long the fight was over and he dropped the legendary superc computer I guess the supercomputer was here along from day 90 to Day 94 I left the glowstone Gardens and was shocked to see Mr Robot standing just outside Zozo I thought I’d find you here I wanted to offer you the chance to join me once more to leave this being a hero nonsense behind and get back on the cool side of History no thanks you lied to me you tricked me and I can never forgive you for that plus there’s the whole world domination thing I’m sorry to hear that well then I guess I’ll just have to do this he knocked me back and I dropped the supercomputer and to rub the salt into the wound he even dropped a cage on me thanks for picking this up for me it’ll make my plan so much easier see you never from day 95 to day 97 I used my laser attack to blast my way out of the cage and Escape I’ve got to go tell the Assassin and what happened I ran all the way to the Redwood Forest and when I got there I saw that it was in Ruins I tried to take out the fires but in the middle of it all was the Assassin and she was badly wounded near death oh no Mr Robot must have come here already indeed he did oh no I’m so sorry no time to be sorry Zozo you must recover the superc computer from him you can do it use the strength within you and your hacking skills and then she was gone no no this is not fair I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to get revenge and stop Mr Robot on day 98 I arrived back at my base and found that it was in Ruins too no Mr Robot came through here and destroyed everything thankfully Robbie the Redstone Cube emerged from the bunker he’d worked so hard to build not everything I’m still here and so is the bunker I was able to hide in there and stay safe while he was tearing up the place it’s going to be okay Zozo you just have have to get that super computer back from Mr Robot and I know we can defeat him with Nothing Left to Lose I set off toward Mr robot’s base on day 99 I reached Mr robot’s Hideout I need to be sneaky I know I’ll turn invisible and go inside without being seen I turned invisible and snuck into the base when I spotted Mr Robot I fired a laser attack at him before turning visible again you slimy little snake you snuck up on me sure did and snakes aren’t slimy they’re actually very dry I attacked him again and he dodged countering my attack but I came back at him with my sword and when he dodged again he dropped the super computer I’ll come back and finish the fight later for now I need this I ran back to my base with the supercomputer and took it into the bunker all right let’s see if I remember how to do this I booted up the computer and input a special code suddenly the damage to my base was repaired and I felt stronger I did it well I did the first part now it’s time to take down Mr Robot once for all on day 100 I Strode confidently into Mr robot’s face ready for our Ultimate Showdown this time I didn’t use any invisibility tricks I marched right up to him grabbed my pocket stand and threw it in his face ow my robot ice while he was preoccupied with the sand in his robot eyes I fired a laser attack at him knocking him back he tried to attack but he still couldn’t see where I was so I rushed at him with my sword you lied to me you took advantage of my lost memories to trick me and you convince me we were family but I have a family now my friends and I won’t let you hurt them or anyone else ever again with my one final attack Mr Robot began to Short Circuit the kill code I plugged into the supercomputer was finally working just because I have friends that doesn’t mean I can’t still hack you curse you Zozo I charged him one last time and knocked him so far back he fell into the pool where he short circuited and shut down I did it I saved the day time to go home and take a well-deserved nap and I think I’ll take some time off from hacking and focus on my other Hobbies on day one I spawned into the do mountains as a courageous firefighter well a baby firefighter anyway it looks like I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to developing all my firefighting skills but I didn’t have time to practice at a leisurely Pace a huge hulking fire ogre jump down right in front of me there you are little firefighter a thought I BN every lost one of you but it seems I missed one I’ve got to be losing my touch wait who are you silly me I haven’t introduced myself I’m lson the fire ogre I’m called lson cuz it rhymes with awen and I just want to watch the whole world burn you’ll never burn the world lson not if I have anything to say about it uhuh but you won’t have anything to say kid cuz you’re just going to could be a sad little pile of Ash before I could think up a woody comeback lson blasted me with a fireball lucky for me my fire resistant coat deflected the worst of it but it wouldn’t do that twice I just had to run I need to figure out a way to stop that diabolical fire ogre or the whole Overworld is going to burn on day two I continued fleeing through the Dober mountains I could smell smoke in the air and that certainly didn’t make me feel good 10 Hearts uh-oh that’s not much I need to stay safe or I’ll never be strong enough to stop lson from setting everything on fire but I needed to get some food first because my hunger bar was dangerously low lucky for me I found some apples lying around on the ground and decided to eat them as a quick snack H you walked right into my trap a huge red manticor leaped out of the trees ready to battle I’m a friend of Larson’s he sends his regards yeah know kid you’ve got no future either I get you or Larson will either way your fate is in our hands the red Manor didn’t seem like a nice guy so instead of sitting around for his lecture I turned and ran for the hills or rather the mountains I guess running is a valuable exercise for a firefighter but it didn’t take long for me to Tire myself out and collapse on the ground it was totally humiliating but I felt a sudden burst of energy when I saw a huge blue ogre looming over me oh no please be not afraid I assume you probably miss my brother Lawson he’s a bad guy and I’m not like him I’m Brian Brian the blue ogre and as my blue color suggests I’m pretty chill I got back up feeling immense relief phew it’s really nice to meet someone else who doesn’t want the world to burn down and I’m not the only one either welcome to the resistance little firefighter come with me on day three Brian the blue ogre led me across the do mountains soon reaching a large and roaring fire this is a controlled Fire by the way so there’s no need to fight it fair enough that makes sense I walked ahead to the fire and saw an old Calico kitty warming herself ah a firefighter it’s been a long time what do you mean you met a firefighter once before Oh yes one of them saved my life years ago I was stuck in a tree and it was a firefighter who came and saved me I owed my life to him after that and took care of him in his Twilight years is he passed down his precious fireman’s axe to me and I swore I’d one day give it to another firefighter to carry on his legacy of doing Brave and heroic axe I’d be honored to accept his fire axe then take it and a stone pickaxe and go make yourself a new fire station you alone will be able to put out the fires and keep this land safe he gave me the stone pickaxe and the stone fire axe inspired by the tale that Calico Kia told me I took them and left to go back to Brian the the blue ogre to begin my quest in Earnest from day four to day five Brian the blue ogre and I went out and discovered the perfect place in the do mountains to set up a base what kind of Base will we create Zozo a fire station of course we need to get out there and put out fires anytime we can at any hour of the day or night that sounds exhausting and extremely stressful but it also sounds like the right thing to do I started cutting down trees in my axe to collect wood and Mining up stone with all that I started building the most basic parts of my new fire station base the barracks where Brian and I could sleep at night when the base was done Brian came over to me with a gift Zozo I got you another valuable item for your firefighting quests it’s a bucket you can fill it up with water and use it to put out fires that’s perfect Brian it seems like I’ve got a really cool firefighting load out but fires wouldn’t be the only threat that I’d need to face a gaggle of nasty rats came skittering out of the forest and I needed to put my fire ax to lethal use in order to defeat them wow I’m pretty good with this thing wait what’s happening to me the XP I’d gain from defeating the hell rats was enough for me to level up I got bigger stronger had 30 hearts and a new power a fire hose I’m like a real firefighter now from day six to day 8 I smelled some smoke in the ebony woods and ran there immediately to put out some fires that were raging amongst the trees I’m putting out fires everywhere I hope I can continue to get to place places on time or there could be a real disaster speaking of disasters I soon came face to face with a terrifying gang of Undead scorpions could they be the ones who caused the fire I better ask them a few questions get it a yeah nobody has a sense of humor around here would the fireman’s ax had inherited from the firefighter of old I took out each one of the undead scorpions the a wasn’t as fast as a sword but what it didn’t have in speed it made up for in power soon enough I defeated the entire gang of Undead scorpion with the area cleared a new present stepped out from behind the trees it was a Darkness ostrich that was impressive work stranger it seem like you can handle yourself in another I’m a firefighter not just a fighter why would I fight your fights for you because I’m fast if you and I work together I can be your advanced warning system for fires across the Overworld well that’s actually a really good point lead the way from day N9 to day 10 I followed the mysterious Darkness ostrich to a clearing in the ebony Woods where I saw an even more ominous ostrich in the distance that’s my brother the hell ostrich he was once a good ostrich but he gave in the temptation of evil now he’s barely a shadow of what he used to be he needs to be destroyed for his own good wow there are a lot of Waring Brothers out there guess I’ll do what I can I ran in and tried to battle the hell ostrich with my fire hose and axe but it was so incredibly fast it Unleashed a devastating attack on me before I even got a chance to take it down I have demon energies firefighter there’s no way you’re ever going to defeat me like that and as much as I hated to admit it it was right I ran back to the darkness ostrich feeling ashamed looks like I still have some training to do before I can Mercy defeat your evil brother Darkness ostd why don’t you come crashing my base in the meantime it can’t hurt it does get lonely out here in the ebony Forest after all from day 11 to day 12 I returned to the fire station and constructed some lodging for the darkness ostrich I made sure to make the ostrich room have a dark likee vibe to suit its nature I went to tell the darkness ostrich that I’d finished his lodging and was surprised to see that the station had expanded while I hadn’t been watching would you like to see the new storage room I’d better make sure all of this is up to the latest fire Cod and guidelines so lead the way the darkness ostrich took me inside the storage room which is an ideal place for storing all our firefighting equipment he also showed me a furnace which was in perfect condition for heating the station without being a fired hazard in itself after looking over both of these additions to the the base and improving of them I listened to the darkness ostrich tell me a bit more about the evil that we’d be fighting aside from just fire my brother the hell ostrich tend evil right around the same time as LW and the fire ogre started the Rampage I don’t know if it’s related but Brothers shouldn’t have to fight brothers that’s why I wanted you to deal with him get that I really do but I’m a firefighter not a brother fighter I Can’t Tell You Why family doesn’t always get along afterwards I decided to make myself a stronger fire axe for the battles ahead so I went together some iron ore from the mines I then smelted the iron and made an iron axe and iron pickaxe as well to make it easier to dig for the materials the next step in making the fire station into a sustainable Pace was building a farm for sheep and hurting some sheep into it you never know when you need some wool even if it can be highly flammable from day 13 to day 15 Brian the blue ogre came into the fire station to offer me some of his chill wisdom you’ve built this fire station into something quite admirable the battle against my brother Larson the fire ogre will be arduous and ongoing so remember to maintain your cool the fire ogre’s blazes are some of the most dangerous I’ve ever seen how do you suggest I train to withstand those scorching attacks you should focus on your health and durability surviving the Flames is the first step to overcoming them go to the eony woods and find your strength following Brian’s advice I went on a walk through the ebony Woods admiring the gorgeous view of the trees that view was interrupted by the sudden appear appear of a red manacor no doubt sent here by Larsson the fire ogre to start some kind of thresh fire nice trees it would be a shame if someone burned them down stop right there red manacor I’m going to prevent this forest fire before it happens I drew my iron fire axe and struck the manacor with a heavy blow the manacore bit back but I stood my ground and continued to hack away until the manacore was defeated my victory was rewarded with a rare health potion drop I drank it down and felt my strength rising to a new level I now had an incredible total of 60 hearts and I could smash through solid walls from day 16 to day 19 I found myself in another beautiful Forest the flower Forest a great outdoor sure was Grand but these biomes were the most at risk when it came to fire I stayed Vigilant in case Larson the fire ogre or another one of his evil red manacor minions was planning to cause trouble further into the woods I happened to find a book of information lying on the ground flamable objects be left on the ground so I picked up the book and gave it a read there are many paths to becoming strong in the Overworld and one of them is the path of Demons by embracing the evil instincts in their heart a creature can learn to destroy any obstacle or enemy but because balance is a natural part of the Overworld those who choose the path of demons are opposed by the rescue Warriors who follow a path of protection I pondered the words on the page for a while thinking of Larson the fire ogre as well as the hell ostrich both of them see to have chosen this path of demons we follow the path of demons too and we’ll use our evil energy to destroy you fireman I looked from the book to see I was surrounded by Red manticor they had ambushed me but I wouldn’t let them win so easily I wasted no time dry my iron axe and chopping them down from day 20 to day 22 I gathered more iron from the mines and smelted the iron ore into iron ingots I then used the ingots to craft my first piece of iron armor an iron ch chest plate with this extra bit of protection I felt strong enough to face the hell ostrich of the Black Forest I’ll settle this family score for the darkness ostrich that should put me on the right path I arrived at the part of the Black Forest where the hell ostrich resided and found him immediately ready to be destroyed again I’ll happily walk all over you until you learn your lesson the only one who is learning a lesson today is You Hell ostrich you follow the path of demons but it ends here I used my iron axe to carve out my own path to Victory the hell ostrich’s attack speed was much greater than my own but thanks to my armor and higher health I endured his attacks and used my slow but powerful hits to take him out the hell ostrich burst into flames upon being defeated I saw a flashback in the Raging Fire the flashback showed the hell ostrich and several others gathered in a place with magical mushrooms the most intimidating among them was Lars in the fire ogre today begins our paack to follow the path of demons we will gain the powers of Destruction and burn the Overworld together to my great surprise I saw my twin brother amongst the gathered creatures what was he doing there from day 23 to Day 26 I went back to the fire station and told the darkness ostrich about my successful battle with the hell ostrich it was a tough fight but I did what needed to be done you are truly one firefighter Zoo there needs to be someone like you to fight the evil of this world I know that now more than ever there’s more creatures who are following the path of demons including Larsen and none of them will rest until the Overworld is burned to the ground with my new determination to fight fire soaring to new heights I descended into the mines and dug up some more iron ore to complement my iron chest plate I used my next few ingots to make an iron helmet and iron boots it’s not exactly fireproof but it will keep me from getting hurt by most conventional attacks back above ground I reunited with the darkness ostrich who had just finished building a massive wall around the whole fire station this is a really nice wall I’m surprised you completed it so quickly I wasn’t gone that long I’m not just Speedy when I’m running I build things fast too from day 27 to day 31 I was walking through the flower Forest to make sure that it was still safe from the Hostile Mobs instead of any red manticor I saw a white lioness that must be a good sign you’re the firefighter that protected our forest from the red manacor thank you for your service you’re welcome white lioness a firefighter must always be ready to protect the Overworld if you g mind I’d like to spend some time at your fire station just to make sure we’re all in good hands sure the fire station is open to the public so you can stay as long as you want I took the white lioness back to the base and built a room for her to stay our fire station family was growing larger so I decided to spruce up the base of it from the sheep farm I was able to gather a bunch of sheep’s wool which I Ed to create decorative banners to put around the base remember to keep these banners away from open Flames everyone afterwards I ran into Brian the blue ogre who despite his usual chill attitude seemed concerned there’s a fire in the nearby mountains it’s probably lson now is the time to act if even you are worried that’s enough reason for me from day 32 to day 35 the blue ogre and I hurried to the source of the fire and saw that the area was swarmed with red manacor this is bad those red manacor must have set everything Ablaze Larson is definitely behind this but I don’t see D I fought My Way Through the flames with my iron axe and saw the Calico kitty from before the same one who gave me my original fire axe Kitty Zozo help me please rescue me don’t worry Kitty I’m coming just then another blast of flame lit up the area the Calico kitty was burnt to a crisp before I could do anything about the fire no I was too late you can’t stop the fire Zozo it’s always been burning since the Overworld been turning enraged by the red manticor taunts I charged forward and jumed through each and every one of them then I put out the fires to prevent any further destruction to the environment from Day 36 to day 39 I went on patrol in the ebony Woods to Roo out the other minions of Larson the fire ogre near a pond in the woods I met a humble old Turtle who gave me a friendly greeting and offered me a quest hello there firefighter I heard that the Overworld has had a lot of trouble with the ones following the path of demons I know of a giant in these Woods that is also using demon energy for evil so I thought I’d report it thanks Turtle I’ll get right on that so that the woods can be safe for you again I wandered deeper into the woods until I Came Upon a giant at his size it was pretty hard to miss at a glance I could tell that he had the same Wicked Vibes as the hell ostrich so I approached with my weapon drawn the giant tried to attack me but I defended myself and hacked him down to size the bigger they come the the harder they fall I returned to the turtle and told him the good news as a reward the turtle gave me some information regarding the ones following the path of demons I saw this once before at an earlier point in my long life creatures who wanted to cause destruction gathered together and formed a paack their demon powers grow stronger the more that they destroy especially if they destroy good guy rescue Warriors like yourself just be careful okay from day 40 to day 43 I return to the fire station to find that the inside of the rooms had bookshelves and couches this is a good place for books because we can keep them safe who added these to the base it was me Brian I’m inviting another blue ogre friend to the fire station so that we can chill out he’s not related to me and Larson though wow I had questions but I guess you answered them already and if you want to chill with a friend here at the base that’s chill with me thanks Zoo you’re a cool friend sometime later the other blue ogre that Bri was friends with arrived at the fire station please make yourself at home I left the blue ogres to their hangout and went to repair my axe when I was finished with fixing up my axe I was approached by the white lioness who had a new mission for me Soo I’ve learned that an evil gas is in the flower Forest I can’t go home until it is defeated was this gas your sibling or friend by any chance no just a regular evil gas why did you ask I was just curious it seems like everyone has an evil twin these days from day 44 to day 9 I went to the flower forest for the quest of the white lightness and found that some forest fires had been started I ran straight into the Flames ready to put them all out thank goodness I got here in time before it spreads even more you said it Zoo now I can see you burned up at last then nothing will stop our destruction Larson you won’t be getting away with this I’ll put this fire out and put you down well I’d personally enjoy a fire blasting you until only assh remains somebody else from the path of demons wants to take you on someone else who could it be you’ll found out Larson disappeared into the flames and escaped I tried to follow him but a terrifying husk blocked my path there was something kind of familiar about this husk and it freaked me out hello brother it is me you left me behind wait no you’re my brother why are you working with Larson because I followed the path of demons and now I’ll destroy you and grow even more powerful this is horrible but I have no choice I have to fight you brother the husk of my brother attacked me and I countered with my iron fire axe the fight was difficult not just because of the damage I was taking but because my feelings were being hurt too from day 50 to day 53 I fought on against the husk that was once my brother my fire axe continued to strike true but he had health to spare I on the other hand was losing a lot of Hearts why are you holding back we are enemies now brother I Must Destroy you and you must try to stop me I don’t want to and maybe that’s why I’ve been holding back this whole time is this all your great life of becoming a firefighter amounted to my evil will undo all the good you’ve done in the world if that’s how you feel then I refuse to hold back any longer take this I went all out against the husk and faed my former brother with a few well-placed ax strikes he disappeared leaving behind a bunch of diamonds I remember these diamonds from back when my twin brother and I were kids I found them inside of an abandoned mine and I told them to keep them when I left to become a firefighter he held on to them all this time so tragic I’m sorry brother but I will avenge you by defeating lson the fire Ogre from day 54 to day 57 I found the gas that the white lioness had mentioned it screamed at me and attacked at rain I dodged through the blast and approached with my axe with no hesitation I cut the gas down in one hit I returned to base and told the white lionist that the flower Forest would now be safe to return to thank you Zozo uh you’re welcome is something bothering you I had to defeat my twin brother because he followed the path of demons and became an evil husk it’s left me really conflicted about how much of a hero I really am I could save him from turning evil that’s rough buddy but you’re not the one to blame it was Lawson the fire ogre who gathered all those creatures promising them the powers of Destruction there will always be creatures out there who want to watch the Overworld burn but as long as you protect and rescue those in danger you’re definitely a hero that really helped thank you white lioness I will keep fighting fires and saving people for as long as I am able from day 58 to day 62 I went to the mine and discovered a vein of diamonds which I could use to craft better gear I traded out my iron pickaxe for a diamond pickaxe right away but I take some extra time when I was crafting my new fire axe I used the diamonds that my twin brother had to create a powerful Diamond fire axe in his honor I’ll never forget you brother even if you did turn into a husk and try to defeat me I returned from the minds to find that a brand new living area had been built including a contained fireplace Brian the blue ogre was hanging out near the bookshelves and welcomed me the moment I stepped in Brian did you do all of this yep it took me a while to find the setup for the the fireplace that was most safe but I think you’ll be happy with it of course I am buddy thank you from day 63 to day 66 the darkness ostrich came to find me in the mindes with some crucial information hey Zozo I’ve run around all across the Overworld and I think I discovered the fungal patch where the creatures following the path of demons made their pack great work Darkness ostrich I knew I could count on you to find out where Larsson the fire ogre is hiding away well I don’t know for sure that he’s there because I haven’t seen him but if you go there it’s possible that you’ll see him I decided to give it a shot heading straight to the mysterious biome known as the fungle patch it certainly resembled the place that I saw in my vision but like the darkness ostrich said there was no sign of Larson I heard some movement among the mushrooms and braced for a fight the source of the sound turned out to be a leather worker who wasn’t in the mood for a fight at all I’m not with those PA of demon guys I’m just trying to make some Supernatural leather to work with I guess that does make sense you are a leather worker how can I help this place is dangerous on your own yeah I’ll show you firefighter follow me from day 67 to Day 70 I went with the leather worker to another part of the fungal patch I soon spotted an Enderman walking around the fungal patch looking for innocent lives to destroy that thing has the leather I need but I’m too afraid to get close that has the powers of the path of demons I’ll handle it if that thing made the pat with Larson the fire ogre it’s got to be stopped I attacked the Enderman by surprise and scored the first hit it attacked me did a bit of damage but my diamond fire ax struck true the next time even though it had longer limbs I stayed in close range and hammered away until the Towering being fell it also dropped the leather that the leather worker was looking for thank you for your help zelzel you’re the best from day 71 to day 74 I spotted some fire in another part of the fungal patch and ventured towards it that fire would most likely lead me to Larsson the fire ogre he was still very strong but I was ready to try and fight him wish me luck and don’t forget get to search zo zoo in order to find more of the Zozo videos you love I reached the spot where the fungal patch fire was burning and saw Larson the fire uger adding to it with more fire blasts your path of demons isn’t going any further lson I’m fighting your fire with fire fighting what do you hope to accomplish Zozo I’ve got flames you can’t hope to tame he hit me with a fireball that scorched me and did a ton of damage I struck back with a diamond fire axe my shock it barely did did any damage he hit me with another Fireball and I almost lost my footing I could barely stand so I turned and ran away from the fungal patch our fight would have to happen another day from day 75 to day 78 I regretted my loss against lson the fire ogre in my room at the fire station finding fires was what I was meant to do and as long as I couldn’t defeat Larson there would always be uncontrolled fires I can save myself but I can’t save anyone else suddenly the white lionist came to see me I thought you headed home to the flower Forest I came back as soon as I heard you were doubting yourself I need to show you something I followed the white lionist to the outside of the base and found that a watchtower had been built next to the fire station with this you’ll be able to spot fires all over the Overworld you’ll get your chance to face l in the fire ogre again when you’re ready thanks white lioness you always know what to say I went to hang out in the living room and met with Brian the blue ogre chilling out as usual I’ve come up with a plan for how you can defeat my my evil brother lson let’s hear it if you eat this magic golden carrot you’ll have the chilled out Powers over ice as well as a boatload more health I just might turn the tide Brian thank you I went outside and ate the magic golden carrot and became a massive super firefighter with the chill ability to fire blasts of ice I had 100 Hearts as well to make sure that I could survive many battles from day 79 to day 84 I went back to the fungal patch to see how I new Powers would stand up against another pack of demon grunts I was attacked by a piglin brute so I used my ice blast to freeze the mob solid before chopping it with my diamond fire axe a traveling Snow Golem saw the fight and applauded my skill that was totally cool you chilled with pigin brewed out and put them on ice I’m glad you thought it was neat these ice powers are brand new so I’m still getting the hang of how to use them to fight fires yeah firefighter I should have known because of that uniform you’re wearing but that’s really cool too you guys are heroes if I was around fire I’d Bu from Fear I’d recommend avoiding the fungal patch then there’s a powerful fire ogre out here who just wants to burn and Destroy things oh really thanks for the heads up I’m going to go ahead to a place a bit more chill but take this helmet for your troubles firefighter have a good helmet after all snow problem buddy sorry bad pun the snow golem gave me diamond leggings which I equipped I was more prepared to fight than ever and not just fires from day 85 to day 89 I went back to my base which was currently on fire and under attack by the red manacor starting a fire at the fire station that’s a new low there’s no Lo which we of the path of demons won’t sink to we’re just that rotten mean and nasty you’re about to be frozen too along with those other adjectives I launched ice blast at the red Manors which put several of them on Ice afterwards I hacked them all down with my diamond fire axe soon there were no more red Manor Left Outside the Fire Station but there was a fire out on the horizon so I went to put it out I traveled a long way from the base until I found myself in a small village where many of the buildings were on fire firefighter zoo help us please Larson the fire ogre set all of our wooden houses a blaze never fear the firefighter is here I used my fire hose to Dow the Flames rapidly and repeated the process until every house in the village was saved from the fire you protected us how can we have rep you don’t worry about it villager fighting fires is its own reward from day 90 to Day 94 having helped the villagers I searched for the red mantor all the way deep into the fungal patch why would anyone live here this must be where the big boss Larson the fire ogre himself hangs his hat when I arrived in the heart of the fungal patch I couldn’t see any red Manor instead a Vex emerged from the darkness you must be Zoo the firefighter that’s funny I was expecting someone far more impressive I’m sorry to disappoint you Vex unlucky for you I’m not sorry about defeating you how far of you let’s see if we can turn up the heat even more from day 95 to day 97 I started my battle with the Vex with his demon strength he was one of the toughest enemies I’d ever battled but there was one thing I knew for sure I was right that Larson had a base in the fungle patch he wouldn’t send out his very best warrior if he wasn’t scared I was getting too close to the truth knowing this made me fight harder than ever before with my ice blast and my axe I defeated the Vex I’m getting a burning feeling that my quest is really getting exciting now on day 98 knowing everything I needed to in order to battle Larson I decided to make my peace with my friends back at my base either I’d come back from the lair of the fire ogre Victorious or I wouldn’t come back at all first I spoke to the white lionist you’ve convinced me Zozo you’re a true firefighter and a true hero second I spoke to the darkness ostrich you were capable of defeating the hell ostrich something I was never able to do I believed you can win the day and finally I spoke to Brian the blue ogre the first kind person I’d met since starting my firefighting career I know you’ll do what’s right zoo I lost my brother a long time ago you can finally put him to rest and save the world from the fiery end do it Zozo do what’s right on day 99 I traveled into the dark heart of the fungal patch I knew that Lar was hiding out here and if I didn’t stop him now once and for all he might burn the whole world down to the ground but when I was outside of his lair I realized this wouldn’t be a one-on-one battle between me and the fire ogre there were a whole bunch of those evil red manacor waiting outside Al Larson may be evil but he sure is smart if I fight all those manacor I’ll be exhausted by the time I actually face the big boss I heard footsteps coming up behind me I turned and saw that it was the leather worker I’d helped before howy Zozo I can help you out you get in there and put out that ogre’s flame I’ll keep all those manacor distracted finish this you may be a leather worker but my friend you have the heart of a true firefighter while the leather worker distracted the manacor I ran straight in on day 100 I ran into larsson’s Lair ready to face him and finish this once and for all he stood there in all of his terrible fiery Glory ready to battle me firefighter so you’re finally ready to give yourself up to the flame you’re so obsessed with fire I’m amazed you haven’t burned your own place down yet I’m planning on doing my place last I’ll burn everything eventually but hey you know what they say the OG that burns twice as bright Burns half as long the time for talk was over I needed to put out the flame I blasted Larson with ice blast after ice blast dulling the power of His demon Flames he fought viciously with all the burning power we’d learned to expect but in the end it was one decisive strike of my diamond axe that took care of him for good I didn’t start the fire but I’m the one who put it out on day one I spawned into the bobab Savannah as the mighty electric tiger well at least a baby version of an electric tiger but if I work hard and train I can live fully up to my electric tiger potential oh no you won’t I love looked in front of me and saw a massive hulking squa Golem thundering towards me he was so much bigger than me the size difference was terrifying listen Mister I don’t want any trouble I’m Zozo what’s your name my name’s Mike and I’m here to fight but why that doesn’t even rhyme yes it does if I say it Rhymes it Rhymes I’m the strongest creature in the world nothing challenges me anymore and the only way to relieve the boredom is is getting into fight with anyone I can but no butts weakland or I’ll kick yours here’s the deal I’m going to give you a 100 days you better use them well kid and get as strong as possible strong enough to have an inter and fight with me cuz if you don’t I’m going to find you and pound you until you’re nothing more than a little electric tiger stain in the floor now run Mike the Squall Golem didn’t have to tell me twice I turned turned and ran away as quickly as possible while Mike just laughed at me he seemed like my most formidable opponent yet 100 days I need to get real strong in that time or Mike really is going to destroy me on day two I continued running through the bobab Savannah not stopping until I was confident that Mike the Squall Golem was nowhere to be seen phw that was a close one if he’d attacked me in that state I would have been a goner I only have 10 Hearts I wonder if I have any special abilities without even realizing I could I released a blast of electrical energy from my paw the electricity is eliminated from me and charges up the air around me that must have been one of my basic electric tiger abilities W maybe I’m not as helpless as I thought wait do I see a pear tree there I should grab one I grabbed a few Pairs and ate them even if my Hunger was full I just couldn’t resist it things were looking up already at least I wasn’t going to be hungry but my contentment didn’t last for long a scary plant-like Whisperer r hled its way towards me it wasn’t as big as Mike but it was definitely freaky oh no I have a feeling I know who you work for you feel correctly Zozo you really think you can beat Mike he’s the goat goat he’s a Squall Golem no goat is an acronym he is the greatest of all time g o a t and that’s why you’ve got no hope against him then why even bother coming after me I didn’t even want to fight I’m going to destroy you myself to save Mike his time as the Whisperer approached me I fired my energy blast but it didn’t even slow him down all I could do was run away knowing that even with my energy blast I had no hope of fighting him I was hiding behind a small clutch of trees when suddenly a wind caller teleported in front of me come with me if you want to live sure let’s go I’ll follow you wow people normally have questions huh let’s go the wind colar ran off and I followed him without question happy to finally have someone on my side on day three I continued following the wind CER deeper into the bobab Savannah he seemed to have confidence and power it definitely made me feel safer around him I’ve been waiting for you to arrive Zozo you have no idea how many people have anticipated this special day special this doesn’t feel that special aside from you saving my life from all the weird creeps who have been trying to attack me those weird creeps as you ABS put it I’ve been bothering people for quite some time but if you stick with me and my allies we might be able to change CH that together the wind collar led me to a small shack leaving me to talk to its inhabitant a mysterious figure called the illusioner so you are the one the wind color selected H you don’t appear all that strong but perhaps that will change I still don’t understand what’s happening here who are all of you people and what does any of this have to do with me or that nasty squaggle a Mike winds color and I are just two members of a secret group called the order of the shield for years we have made it our purpose to find and train a champion capable of destroying Mike and ending his reign of terror if you accept this responsibility we will do all we can to help you realize your destiny well saying as Mike is going to come after me anyway I agree to working with you good go with wind colar there is no time to waste you must get strong enough to defeat Mike once and for all from day four to day five the wind CER and I went deeper into the bobab Savannah we didn’t stop until found an area that was big and flat enough to start constructing a base first I knocked down a tree and used its resources to construct a wooden pickaxe I then mined into the ground and collected enough Stone to create my first set of real tools a stone pickaxe and a stone sword from there I gathered more stone and granite and made a basic base with a bed for myself and another one for the wind colllar to stay in with me you’ve done great work here Zozo you shall promise with time you will become a great warrior capable of taking on Mike and showing him what we are all capable of I want to get stronger wind cller but I’m not sure where to start how can I become more powerful I can help you with that Zozo I’ll give you a portion of my power and that will give you a foundation to build on stay still please the windar fired and energy blasted me the second it hit me I started growing becoming bigger and had the ability to summon lightning strikes I tried it out on some grass and it was fantastic wow I’m really starting to live up to my electric tiger name now from day six to day 8 I decided to explore a new part of the Savannah and test out my new powers for real energy blasts and lightning strikes I’m a force to be reckoned with and those Powers would soon come in handy because I saw an innocent fungus thrower being attacked by that nasty Whisperer who had attacked me earlier I’m not going to let this stand as I ran in the whisperer’s attention was turned to me and the fungus thrower was able to escape it was just me and my old enemy now hey you ugly plant you again I didn’t expect to see you after you ran off like a coward last time I’m no coward Whisperer and I’m about to prove it talk is cheap tiger boy let’s go I Unleashed a powerful lightning strike on the Whisperer and this time it was completely destroyed my electric tiger Powers were coming in clutch already yo fungus thrower it’s safe to come out now I’m friendly I promise when I found him on the beach the poor lad was shivering from Fear theud that was scary but also amazing I thought I was a goner and then you came in like a superhero like bam Z Capel it was awesome well I don’t like to brag but I guess it was pretty awesome you’re real good at this whole fighting bad guys thing Dude tell you what I know there’s a real nasty bad guy not far from here follow me let’s see if you can beat him sure it couldn’t hurt to try let’s go from day 9 to day 10 I followed the fungus thrower into the bamboo jungle until we reached a clearing there a freaky frozen zombie was waiting yikes that thing seems unpleasant But A promise is a promise I ran in and Unleashed a lightning strike against the frozen zombie but it didn’t seem to do anything other than annoy this particularly Frosty member of the Living Dead the frozen zombie chased me and all I could do was run away as fast as I could when I’d managed to lose the frozen zombie I rued with the fungus thrower again I’m really sorry for letting you out on this one man but I just don’t think I’m strong enough to take down that frozen zombie yet it’s chill dude you did your best and that’s what matters tell you what why don’t you come and stay at my base while I get stronger you seem like a cool guy I’d love to hang out with you some more oh you’re too sweet man let’s do it from day 11 to day 12 I returned to my base with the fungus thrower it was exciting to have another friend added to my team fungus thrower left to relax while I built a new room for him along with the rooms for me and the wind collar what do you think Buddy this looks awesome Zozo I can’t wait to hang out here and hey I got a little Restless while you were building the bedroom so I built a couple of upgrades of my own go take a look the upgrades that the fungus thrower had created were truly awesome he’ made a beautiful path connecting all the buildings and a storage room for the base with a furnace that I could use to smelt and Forge metal say that gives me an idea I searched until I found a cave that might contained some valuable materials and sure enough right at the entrance I found a rich vein of iron ore I mined and collected a bunch of it before going back to my base once I was there I used my furnace to smelt the ore into ingots then I made a full set of iron tools I still had a little left over so I use that to make an iron helmet and a chest plate this looks awesome so I’ve got shelter and weaponry covered now I need to make sure my food sources are sustainable too I built a small chicken farm on my base and HED a few chickens inside so I’d never run out of egg or yummy chicken from day 13 to day 15 I spoke to my mentor the wind caller and asked him if he knew any other ways I could train and get stronger a very good question Zozo to become a better fighter you need to fight and hone your Battle Tactics I’ve heard reports of another one of those Sinister Whisperers wandering around the bamboo jungle go out there and defeat it to grow your strength because everything wind colar had said so far hadn’t led me astray I followed his advice and went out to the bamboo jungle again I searched until I I found the Whisperer that windar had told me about I will destroy you in the name of Mike not if I destroy you first Whisperer with my new iron sword it wasn’t hard to battle the Whisperer into submission when the Whisperer was destroyed it dropped a potion of strength onto the ground perfect timing I was starting to feel super thirsty I picked up the potion of strength and drank it and I felt the change immediately I started to get bigger stronger and my hearts grew to 30 the wind callar was right fighting that Whisperer did make me stronger from day 16 to day 19 I continued exploring the Overworld until I came upon the Cypress swamplands it was a strange mystical place and the more I wandered around the more I got the sense that something important was waiting for me here and that feeling proved to be right when I Came Upon an ancient Book of Secrets laying around I decided that it might be worth reading so I flipped through until I found a section called how to defeat Squall Golems wow that’s appropriate a section read the Stony flesh of a squal Golem may seem impenetrable even diamond swords and the strongest of arrows just seem to bounce off but if one could obtain a sword of netherite then the playing field would be evened a netherite sword I need to get my hands on one of those then my moment of victory was interrupted by a pair of Whisperers suddenly appearing and wandering towards me they must have come here to stop me from reading this book of secrets you overgrown weeds can’t scare me with my lightning strikes and energy blasts the three Whisperers were destroyed for good from day 20 to day 22 knowing that I needed a netherite sword to truly defeat Mike the squal Golem I went back to the mining cave looking for more material sadly I couldn’t find any diamonds or netherite down there just more iron ore I mined a bunch of it and went back to my base where I smelted it into ingots and made myself the rest of my iron armor if you can’t invest in your attacks you might as well invest in your defense my recent increase in strength reminded me of an old unsettled score I needed to defeat the frozen zombie for my friend the Fung thrower time to send that zombie to its Eternal resting place I returned to the bamboo jungle and hunted down the frozen zombie that had given me trouble all those days ago with my iron sword I was able to defeat the nasty Undead once and for all it probably won’t be long before I’m strong enough to take on Mike and win I wouldn’t be so sure weakling I turned and saw Mike himself was standing right behind me I wanted to run but this time I stood my ground I’m not scared of you anymore Mike I know the secret I just need to get my hands on a netherite sword I’m a champion of the order of the shield what’s so funny you think you’re the first Champion you think you’re the only one who knows about netherite swords I’ve destroyed 100 foolish Champions like you and you’ll make it1 Mike punched me taking off a frightening number of Hearts all I could do was run for my life I was clearly still not strong enough to face him yet from day 23 to day 26 I went back to my base and informed the fungus thrower that I defeated the frozen zombie of the bamboo forest way to go Zozo you’ve no doubt achieved a whole new level of strength from that battle and I planned to get even stronger now that I was able to fulfill my promise to you oh yeah buddy I know you can I knew that I needed stronger materials in my inventory if I really wanted to work my way up to that netherite sword so I went digging for more iron in my mining cave while there were still no diamonds to be found the iron ore was PL ful I helped myself to as much of the iron as I could carry and smelted a bunch of it down into some more ingots I made a temporary smelting location to smelt the iron while I mined I already had a set of iron tools and armor so out of all the iron I made an anvil so we can repair our gear when it loses durability my pickaxe can be the first candidate to get repaired once I was done mining I went above ground to my base where windar was waiting for me Zozo I’ve given the base a new addition that will be sure to keep you safe while you build up your strength that sure is nice of you considering my thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in so far I went to see what the wind collar had added to the base and found a well- constructed security bunker to hide in in case of invasion this looks like it will come in handy from day 27 to day 31 I was far away from the base exploring the Cypress swamp PLS when I had first learned about the existence of netherite Swords if I remember my last visit correctly I also defeated a couple of Whisperers while I was here the whole area looked totally peaceful now without any of Mike’s minions to be seen as I was taking in the Pleasant Vibes I was approached by a kindly Fletcher who seemed rather happy that the swamp lands were free of baddies wow we zo we you must be Zozo the electric tiger I heard you took down those Whisperers some days ago that’s me I’m the toughest and only electric tiger around that’s wicked awesome it’s good to know that there are people out there looking for strength who are also nice and willing to stand up for the week I will do my best to help those in need I heard there were some other whis skullking around and looking to challenge you they must really want to stand up for that mic guy I can take them do you know where they are not right now but they’d probably hunt me down and try to beat me up if they knew I told you that then they’d be right here in the swamp again I know what if you stayed at my base for a while at least until I have my match with Mike that way I can protect you the Fletcher agreed and together we went back to my base where I added a base extension I made a small Outdoors library with a few couches to have a nice co place to relax the books that I put on the shelves would teach me strategies and techniques for winning battles because knowledge is power later I was approached by wind caller who had some bad news Zozo we have to come with you again Mike’s minions have discovered the order of the shield and are attacking its members we need to cheuck on the illusioner before he could be next oh no that sounds serious let’s go from day 32 to day 35 wind caller and I cross the bobab Savannah to reach the illusioner shack when we found found the place it was too late the shack was under attack by a Whisperer and the illusioner was desperately fighting for his life you order of the shield fools can’t win Mike makes right the saying is M makes right what you said is just silly you’re calling us silly just for that you’re going to die the Whisperer destroyed the illusioner right before our eyes you monsters talk about pathetic is this all the order of the shield is made of you’re dead wrong I’m Zozo the electric tiger I am the champion and I’ll show you how strong I am I called down a lightning strike getting the whisperer’s attention and dealing a bunch of damage in the process with a few swings of my iron sword I made that whisperer pay for what it did to the illusioner more Whisperers emerged from the edges I was so angry I didn’t even need to use my energy blast to bring the pain and take them all down when the battle was over wind caller and I planned what our next move would be we need to be on the lookout for any other mobs that are working for Mike curse him we were too late to save the illusioner from his Rampage we’ll keep an eye out for the other surviving members of the order of the shield and once we’re together we’ll help you become the strongest Champion you can be from Day 36 to day 39 I returned to the bamboo jungle so I could practice all my most powerful fighting moves in a safe place where none of my friends would get hurt I was tossing around energy blast when I blasted away some bamboo and found an iron golem hiding nearby wa easy with those blasts you could knock somebody out with those my apologies I didn’t know you were here sometimes I Don’t Know My Own Strength oh no it’s okay I actually have been searching for someone strong enough to defeat the ruthless roaming ravager if it’s a worthy opponent that gives me a chance to test my skills then I’m 100% game where is this ravager anyway I’ll show the way ohmighty electric tiger I was brought to another part of the bamboo forest where the ruthless roaming ravager was running around round it was my time to bring that bad boy down I fired some energy blast from my Paws and the ravager responded by jumping over to me and making a few attacks I countered with my iron sword the battle raged on for a while but I knew from the start I would come out on top and I was right I returned to the Iron Golem to tell him that I had successfully defeated that rascally ravager huh you really are one tough tiger that’s for sure from day 40 to day 43 I was in the base and decided to see how the fungus thrower was doing it looked like he had been hard at work decorating the Bas with all sorts of tiger patterned banners and paintings this Bas looks absolutely awesome now good job fungus I’m glad you like it I was just spruing the place up in preparation for the pigs I invited over you invited pigs yep I invited some pigs because I thought they might oink enjoy themselves here that’s a bad pun but not a bad idea I say yes fastic I mean fantastic the pigs that fungus thrower invited arrived soon after and were the life of the party I even got to train my defenses against their classic Pig pile technique after entertaining our fine piggy guests for a while I went for a walk out in the base and ran into flusher everything all right Fletcher I’m worried about my home back in the Cypress swamplands do you think you could go check on it just to be safe sure buddy it’s the least I can do for a friend from day 44 to day 49 I went back to the Cypress swamplands like Fletcher wanted me to I was expecting there might be a few Whisperers Milling about but I never imagined that I’d see Mike himself what up tiger ready to take another shot at the big man Mike this should be between you and me what you did to the order of the shield was unforgivable no no way I’ve been baing with those bozos since long before you showed up and if you’re the chosen Champion they kept talking about then I had to take him down before you become any stronger so you did it because you’re afraid I’ll get stronger than you well now you’ve made sure it’ll happen I will beat you Mike one of these days you want to make this personal huh all right let’s make it personal safe you can take on my man the piglin brute to my surprise Mike ran off and stuck me fighting with one big mean mob that he called a piglin brute it sure did live up to its name I’m about to show you why they call me the piglin brute because I’m brutal yeah I already got that put up your your duk’s electric tiger he slammed me with an attack that was definitely brutal but thankfully my iron helmet was able to soak up some of the damage I traded blows using my sword and started to wear him down but the knockback of his attacks was giving me some trouble this will be a tough fight from day 50 to day 53 I had started to use my energy blast to continue to deal damage to the pigin brute he didn’t show much signs of tiring but then again neither did I I can see why the order of the Shi was impressed by you but you can’t really be the champion who will defeat Mike because I’m about to take you down wouldn’t bet on it brute I launched a couple of strikes at The Brute then I hit him with my sword and knocked him off balance so I could defeat him with some classic electric tiger energy blast bye-bye brute you were my biggest and meanest opponent yet but I’ve won this round The piglin Brute disappeared and I soon found an item that he dropped it was a map leading to Mike’s fight Club this is quite a discovery I didn’t know whether Mike expected me to find this or not but either way this meant that I could go to his base whenever I wanted from day 54 to day 57 I cleared the Cypress swamp lands of all remaining Hostile Mobs so that Fletcher wouldn’t have to worry anymore the last one in the area was especially tough a Vindicator who could take a lot of hits for my iron sword I really had to stay on my guard the whole fight relying on my new combat strategies that i’ had been practicing sure enough I was able to win with plenty of Hearts to spare The Vindicator even dropped a netherite Ingot which was the first step to the netherite sword that I’d need to defeat Mike I quickly returned to the base to tell Fletcher the good news so the swamplands are safe they sure are you mean that you found a netherite Ingot just like that I sure did that’s some kind of coincidence huh it’s no coincidence it’s a sign you are meant to be the champion of the order of the shield it’s your destiny well in that case I better make the most of this chance and get some diamonds so we can eventually make a netherite sword you can do it Zozo from day 58 to day 62 I made a much needed expansion to the chicken farm so that it could hold more livestock it was just in time too because I was able to round up more chickens for food an electric Tiger’s got to eat to keep his energy up and delicious chicken tenders are what’s on the menu next I delve down to the mining cave to have another look for the diamonds I would need to craft a diamond sword I had to explore pretty deep but soon enough I managed to get my pickaxe into some diamonds there’s many diamonds here I might believe in destiny after all I Min for a while and found more than enough diamonds to make the diamond sword which I planned on using as the foundation for the netherite sword I’d be making later I used the rest of the diamonds to craft a diamond pickaxe and a full set of diamond armor for myself once I was satisfied with the amount of diamonds I had amassed I returned to the surface of the base and met up with windar hey windar I’ve crafted a diamond sword that’s Excell excellent Zozo we should celebrate and the brand new super amazing party room that I just built oh wow no way a party room I love parties while I had been down in the mines windar had given the base its most exciting feature yet a decorated room for hosting parties I tried out the dance floor and had a really good time from Daye 63 to date 66 I was hanging out at the base with fungus thrower discussing ways for me to become even stronger if I could train in a new location maybe I’d be able to discover some new fighting moves I actually know just the place if you drain in the harsh sunlight of the desert you’ll increase your strength in no time how do I find the desert I’ll show you the way on your map the fungus thrower marked the desert as a location on the map I received from the Fallen pigin brute it looked like it was on the way to the biome where Mike’s Fight Club could be found I should get used to that path while I’m out there I went to the desert and felt the sun beating down on me this would be a good place to train and I was in the mood for a fight with a scary opponent across the dunes I saw one scary looking Wither Skeleton I move towards him with my sword drawn ready for battle hey you want to fight Zoo the electric tiger no thank you I don’t want to fight especially not a tough customer like you okay I can respect that we won’t fight did you think just because I’m scary looking that I’d want to fight you really shouldn’t judge people by their outward appearances yeah that was my bad I’m very sorry about that friend lesson learned it happens to me a lot I’m afraid just the other day a Zog tried to pick a fight with me I told him no wait for a strong person who wants to fight well if that zlin wants a fight I’ll fight him I came here to train anyway from day 67 to Day 70 the friendly Wither Skeleton brought me to meet the Zin a dangerous opponent who is also looking for a challenging fight the zoglin agreed to fight me one-on-one so we could test each other’s strength before the fight began the Wither Skeleton took me aside so we could have a quick discussion are you sure you can win Zozo I didn’t mean to put you in danger I think I’ve got a chance but thanks for being concerned now thank you for fighting this battle for me that’s what a strong person does now I’m going to go kick some zlin butt the fight between myself and the Zin was off to an exciting start when the zlin charged straight at me I dodged his powerful tusks and hit with my sword while his back was turned the ZL encountered by hitting me with his tusks I lost a few Hearts but I was still in the fight I fired some energy blasts and used my signature lightning strike to deliver the last blow defeating the Zin Zozo you did it I am the electric tiger Zozo remember the name from day 71 to day 74 I had completely left the desert behind and was traveling through a new biome the eroded Badlands according to the pigin brutes map this was the same biome where the entrance to Mike’s Fight Club could be found the map also says you can find more of my zoo videos by searching zo zo in the YouTube search bar you should try it out I followed the directions on the on the map further into the eroded Badlands and I could see Mike’s Fight Club in the distance just you wait Mike I’ll fight you one of these days I heard that Zozo suddenly Mike was right next to me and he was looking as strong as ever you shouldn’t have said that spark plug now I’m going to give you a taste of my super special punch the Mike Spike oh no I forgot that today is one of those days Mike Spike he punched me and my heart started to deplete thank goodness I was wearing diamond armor I drew my diamond sword and swung at him but the damage it did was really low you’re still weak kitty cut no way well I need a netherite sword to even stand a chance I ran away from the fight retracing my steps through the eroded Badlands I still wasn’t strong enough to beat him from day 75 to day 78 I followed the map home to my base and went directly into the bunker to work out somehow I couldn’t find the energy to train probably because I was disappointed that I had to run away from Mike Mike was the strongest in the world and I still didn’t have the netherite sword I would need to actually challenge him from what he said before even that might not be enough cheer up Zozo you have our strength too so don’t give up it was wind caller he had come into the bunker to check on me and raise my spirits thanks wind callar I’m feeling like I’m weak today so I really needed to hear that follow me I’ll show you something that might also help there was now a new watchtower at the front of the base where we could look out at the bobab Savannah from all of a sudden I feel a whole lot better wind colar now I remember what I’m fighting for you are the champion electric tiger Zozo don’t forget it now that I was feeling better I went to go visit Fletcher hey there Fletcher Zozo I got you this special magic Apple to help make you strong enough to face Mike well an apple a day as they say I scarfed down the apple and began to grow into an even bigger electric tiger with 60 hearts in addition to bigger damage and more health I could also perform a special Whirlwind attack Mike won’t know what hit him from day 79 to day 84 I was feeling strong and decided to go back to the eroded Badlands this time there was no sign of Mike so I fought some skeletons to test my newfound strength I wanted to prove to myself that I had what it takes to become the strongest a nearby weapon Smith saw me defeat those mobs and thought that I was pretty cool so I offered to upgrade my weapons this is my chance to get a netherite sword yeah no absolutely just give me your diamond sword and your netherite ingots and I’ll take care of the rest I gave the weaponsmith what he needed and waited in anticipation for him to finish my super cool netherite sword it didn’t take him that long and I could tell just by swinging it that this netherite sword was the most powerful weapon that I’d ever had thank you weapon Smith I promise to use what you’ve given me for the side of Justice go on and save the world every weaponsmith dreams of creating a hero’s weapon from day 85 to day 89 I returned to the base to show the others that I had had obtained The netherite Sword and found that it was being attacked by Whisperers so this is where you ran away to coward we’re going to make you feel real silly for leaving Mike in the middle of a fight I battled The Whisperers with all my might testing the edge of my netherite sword these minions had given me trouble in the past but now I was so much stronger than them that they were barely a threat I easily defended the base and prevented any further damage to the structures oh man this guy is actually way too strong maybe I should leave this one to Mike he’ll know how to win intimidated by my strength the Whisperer stopped fighting it was now their turn to run away serves you right for trying to mess with my friends you’ll have to deal with this electric tiger now I chased the whisperers through the bobab Savana until my base was far away never come back a villager who saw me bravely face off against Mike’s henchman came over to cheer me on you’re the electric tiger the second strongest being in the world soon be the most strongest or first strongest whichever sounds better do you think you can spare some of your strength and give me a hand building a bridge over the river sure thing villager I used the materials the Villager gave me to finish building the bridge across the river thanks Soo only a truly strong hero could do something like that from day 90 to Day 94 I continued onward across the desert and through the eroded Badlands until I saw on the map I was getting close to Mike’s Arena I could see one of the whisper ERS who had attacked my base lingering nearby and I drew my netherite sword in preparation for a battle I’m here to see Mike I’m going to challenge him for the title of strongest being in the world oh no you didn’t you’re going to need to get this guy first he’s the second strongest in the whole world an armored Pillager showed up taking the place of the Whisperer as my opponent I’ve heard people say that you’re the second strongest in the world not true because that’s me I’ve never beaten Mike but I’ll beat anyone who isn’t Mike you won’t beat me I’ll take your title then I’ll take on Mike then bring it on Zozo the electric tiger the armored villager waited for me to make the first move which I did using my netherite sword he blocked the attack and countered with a strike from his own weapon I lost quite a few hearts and had to dodge back to avoid the worst of his attacks I used my energy blast to keep him at a distance but his armor was as tough as mine you’re pretty strong Pillager are you ready to give up and run away no way I’ll Never back down from a fight again from day 95 to day 97 I continued to battle against the armored Pillager utilizing all my specially trained techniques to try and gain an advantage have another lightning strike I can handle your lightning strikes all the live long day Zozo we’ll see about that I circled around the armored Pillager with my Whirlwind attack and delivered sword strikes wherever I could I was still having trouble cracking the second strongest Fighter’s armor but I figured I could soften him up for for a lightning strike if I just kept attacking with my Whirlwind active I spun around and Unleashed my lightning strike with that attack the Villager surrendered the electric tiger defeated the armored Pillager and became the true second strongest in the world no I couldn’t achieve my dream of becoming the strongest in the world why did you want to become the strongest so bad I’m doing it to protect my friends and myself from Mike it started that way for me too but when I realized I would never win I became his follower all the people who believed before became sad and stopped being my friends but they went on to form the order of the shield wait you were the original champion no I was just the guy who tried to be a champion before there was a champion you’ve got to be better than me Zozo I will armored Pillager I’ll defeat Mike and become the strongest in the world once and for all on day 98 I went back to the base to tell everyone that I would soon be facing off against Mike for the ultimate title I went to visit wind caller first who is standing at the top of the Watchtower thanks to the strength you gave me at the start I was able to become the champion that you always thought I could be it was like I said long ago my strength was the foundation but you built it into something better and made it your own thank you for believing in me here is a bit more of my strength in the form of a potion drink it before you go into battle next I met with Fletcher outside of the chicken farm I wanted to assure him that once I was the strongest I would use my strength to protect all of the biomes from Evil very soon the world will be safe I’m glad I was able to help your quest for strength Zozo you gave me what I needed when I needed it most and I’m so grateful that I was able to meet you make the most of your magic powers the special techniques will be the key to Victory after Fletcher there was only one last friend to thank the fungus thrower who was chilling in the party room this room is the best room other than a mushroom of course that’s a fungus I look forward to hanging out after I beat Mike one once and for all it’ll be a big celebration on day 99 I made my way back to the eroded Badlands and saw the first glimpses of Mike’s base I approached and there were the whisperers waiting to stand in the way move aside small fry I’m here for Mike you guys don’t need to be involved The Whisperers bolted for The Hills And I Ran straight into Mike’s base on day 100 I walked into Mike’s fight club with my netherite sword drawn Mike I’m here to fight the big golem himself self Mike appeared before me in order to fight Zozo the electric tiger you fought all the other strong people in the world and now you think you can steal my crown I do I’m going to make sure that you are put down for the count lots of people have said that to me before and I’ve beaten them all I didn’t get to be the strongest because I made excuses I just kept fighting and winning but you didn’t fight The Whisperers when they started going after the order of the shield you didn’t want a champion to fight you oh I don’t care what those weaklings do or what fights they get into all that matters is the fight between me and you that’s how it’s always been destined Champion let’s do this in a place worthy of this showdown Mike left and I ran after him he turned into his fighting arena I followed him in when he hit at the entrance and slammed his Golem fist into my body it was the Mike Spike his signature opening move I drew my netherite sword and dealt some real damage to him for the first time I follow blowed up with a whirlwind and a lightning strike Mike threw me across the fight club then he jumped and slammed onto me dealing a lot of damage he tried to attack again but I hit him with an energy blast he caught him off guard and I was able to land a bunch of other energy blasts after then I remember to drink up the strength potion windar gave me I felt much stronger now as we stood there swinging away at each other hit after hit I was wearing the Golem down eventually one of us fell Mike actually dropped yes Zozo the electric tiger wins I had completed the 100 day challenge to defeat the strongest being in the world I had won on day one I spawned into the Aspen forest’s tails the awesome two-tailed Fox the best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog oh I’m a little baby Tails this is adorable still I can’t wait to get bigger and stronger but before I could even think about that I was hit by a crossbow bolt and wounded I turned turned and saw a big scary armored Vindicator coming through the trees towards me well well well if it isn’t Tails I’ve been searching for you you and your little blue spad silver friend have had it too good for too long wait you mean Sonic he’s not here I’m just zoo playing his tails what kind of problem do you have with me you seem to think I’m some common Vindicator that you can trick me you’re wrong Zozo if that is your real name it is I am a machine a machine designed to destroy pesky little animals like you and you may know my Creator’s name Dr Robotnik oh no not him anybody but him he gave me a mission I have to destroy you in 100 days and believe me I will never fail my mission he talked a big game and looked like he could back it up so I turned and ran for my life I may not be as fast as Sonic but that doesn’t mean I’m not cool and tough I’m going to figure out a way to stop this evil robot from completing its mission on day two I went deeper into the Aspen Forest keeping a low profile to avoid being spotted by that terrifying armored Vindicator if he was made by Dr Robotnik to hunt us down personally he’s got to be one tough customer I’ve got 10 hearts and I’m already injured and my hunger bar is way too low I’ve got to get some food immediately lucky for me so surrounded by all these trees it wasn’t hard to find an apple tree and fill my inventory with yummy healthy fruit an apple a day keeps the armored Vindicator away but that didn’t mean it’d keep every enemy away because soon enough a frozen zombie came shambling towards me through the trees a frozen zombie what are you doing all the way over here I’m another one of Dr robotnik’s experiments I’m not just a frozen zombie I’m a cyborg zombie that’s just one moreas to run away from you really really fast and so I did I ran away regretting that I didn’t have Sonic super speed I managed to escape the frozen zombie cyborg but on the way out I almost stepped on a blob of slime a gross hey that’s not very nice oh I’m so sorry I didn’t realize you could talk I’m Zozo and I’m blobert the conjured slime you look a little anxious there pal a little green around the gills have a healing potion little gave me a healing potion which I eagerly drank feeling my hearts replenish pH that was exactly what I needed thank you it’s a relief to know there are some nice people around here very kind of you to say so come with me a good friend of mine has a camp around here you’ll want to warm your hands by Nightfall that’s an offer I can’t refuse lead the way blert on day three I followed blert through the forest as day slowly turned into night thank you for being so friendly to me blobert I feel like all I’ve done since I’ve gotten here is run away from scary people who want to hurt me I know how it is this may surprise you but people aren’t exactly friendly to us conjured slimes we have to deal with a lot of meanness from people so I always try to be kind to others after a little more walking I’d found the campfire blower told me about I went over and saw an ice oler warming himself next to the Flames hello there I trust you’re a friendly one or you would have started attacking me by now you’re right I’m Zozo and I’m on the run from Dr Robotnik armored Vindicator robot ah Zozo it’s a pleasure I’m Ivan Ivan the iser I was here studying the ice caps until that dastardly Robotnik melted them to resurrect the Frozen zombies so now I’m hiding out too wow Robotnik really has ruined everything out here is he still in the Overworld nope he left this Dimension to go in trouble others and left that armored Vindicator robot to rule on his behalf wait so that means if I defeat the armored Vindicator not only will I solve my own problems I’ll also save the entire world well theoretically but surely nobody can defeat the armed Vindicator that’s not going to stop me from trying from day four to day five I left the campfire with blert and went exploring for a perfect place to make a base of operations why make a base Zoo isn’t it better to stay on the Move rest is important blobert plus with a base we can work on building defenses for ourselves in the event of an attack that’s pretty Sound Logic I guess you can have this wooden pickaxe I’ve been saving for a special occasion lbert gave me the wooden pickaxe and while I didn’t want to look ungrateful I did use it to immediately mine into the ground and gather enough Stone to make a stone sword and pickaxe sorry blobber stone is just more effective but to make it up to him I started building a cool little base with two rooms one for me to sleep in and another one for blirt it wasn’t much but at least it’d be a roof over our heads wow Zozo this is amazing with a room to sleep in I won’t need to worry about someone stepping on me while I’m sleeping but that didn’t mean I could afford to stop being alert once my Base building for the day was done a vicious leap Leaf came running out of the forest towards me there was no talking it down instead I pulled out my stone sword and started attacking soon enough I’d defeated the leap leaf and gained enough XP to level up I got bigger stronger jumped up to 30 hearts and got an all important new power flying this is awesome now I’m really just like Tails from day six to day eight I decided to put my new flying power to good use I took off and soared all the way to the basalt Barrera it’s so cool to see this place from above but I could stand to get a closer look that’s why I flew down to the ground and started exploring but it seemed that Doctor Robotnik price on my head expanded even Beyond his Creations because the second I touched the ground an icy creeper came running towards me back up back up back up boom the icy creeper exploded leaving a huge Creator in the ground and I was able to safely descend again Great Scott that was amazing lad I turned and saw a rugged Mountaineer emerged from behind a rocky outcrop he came towards me showing no signs of aggression the name’s Michael Michael the Mountaineer but sadly I’ve got a terrible sense of direction so I still haven’t found any mountains yet say would you mind doing me a favor does it involve helping you find a mountain H you think so but no this Rascal The Vindicator Chef used to be the personal chef for Dr Robotnik when he was still around here he needs to be taught a thing or two well it’s not like Dr Robotnik and his men could hate me any more than they already do let’s do it from Day N to day 10 I followed Michael the Mountaineer through the basal Perera Until We Came Upon The Vindicator Chef you stay back here Michael this could get tasty and not in a good way with Michael hanging back I went in to confront The Vindicator chef but he seemed a lot gnarlier than you expect from a humble food service worker the sad little fox that brother told me you’d be coming I’m preparing a special meal for you three courses an appetizer of surprise a main course of fear and humiliation for dessert all this food for me and all I’m going to serve you as your words Vindicator chef but I soon regretted being so arrogant because the Vindicator Chef was not to be trifled with he defeated me soundly and all he could do was run away right back to my the mountainer is everything okay Zozo old chop this Chef is way more dangerous than I thought I’m going to need some better training and weapons before I can take them on want to come stay at my base in the meantime happily I can search for more Mountains there from day 11 to day 12 I returned to my base with Michael the Mountaineer and immediately set about making him a chill little bedroom attached to mine and blow birts this is a truly wonderful little Abode zoo and in exchange for your hard work I made a few little upgrades of my own for you I looked around the base and saw that Michael the mountainer had built a new storage room for weapons armor and supplies and a furnace for smelting materials this is awesome Michael thank you in fact you’ve inspired me to do a little searching that’s why I explored an abandoned mining cave in the depths of the Aspen Forest which was every bit as deep dark and creepy as you can imagine but lucky for me I found a vein of iron ore and used my stone pickaxe to dig it up once I’d collected enough I went back to my base and used the furnace to smelt it into workable ingots I used those ingots to make myself a cool iron chest plate the best offense is a good defense I’ve always said the only thing the base was missing was some livestock so I went about finding some sheep in the Aspen forest and shephered them back to the base I built a little fence around them with enough space for them to roam freely now this base is feeling a lot more like H home from day 13 to day 15 I once again spoke to my friend blir I needed advice from a goopy guy who knew his way around the block so to speak I’d say you should start investigating the clues Robotnik Left Behind before he left the Overworld I know he had a present in the basal Perera and the cold swamp lands so maybe there are clues for how to defeat the Amad Vin getter out there hey it couldn’t hurt that’s some great advice blobert thank you I flew out to the basal Perera first seeing as it was slightly more familiar territory I started searching around for an entire day but I couldn’t find anything however a frozen zombie found me you’re too late Zozo we’ve scrubbed this place of any evidence of Dr robotnik’s PLS and next we’re going to do it in the cold swamplands wait so that means you haven’t done this in the cold swamplands yet oh crud me and my big mouth I better destroy you now to save face I flew into battle with the frozen zombie and after a tough fight I was able to finally take him down and when I did he dropped some kind of potion well I am a little thirsty I drank the potion and suddenly felt myself getting bigger and stronger I had 60 Hearts now and a new power I slammed my fist into the ground shattering a bunch of the blocks below me I guess I had some strength that even Knuckles would be proud of now from day 16 to day 19 I flew into a totally new location the cold swamplands can’t say I’d want to build a summer home here but if Robotnik used to have a research lab here it’s worth checking out I touched down and started searching I was actually searching for two whole days when I finally found a r old book laying in the swamp the cover red robotnic research notes that sounds like a real page Turner hard I red said the Overworld research subjects have been mostly disappointing The Vindicator Chef was a complete failure and the Frozen zombies are mostly weak but the armored Vindicator and the dread Beast are extremely promising The Dread Beast ehh that doesn’t sound good my reading time was interrupted by another frozen zombie trudging towards me through the swamp you’ll never survive my Undead rat I’m not afraid of you anymore I ran in and defeated the zombie as quick as a flash Sonic would have been proud of me if he’d seen it from day 20 to day 22 I decided it was time to treat myself to a cool set of New Gear I’ve enjoyed Stone but I think I need some metal to take it to the next level and we better to find metal than in the old mining Cavern I ventured back in and mined up a bunch more iron ore which I then took back to the furnace at my base before I knew it I had an iron sword and iron tools with these I think I can settle an old score I flew back to the basal Barrera with my new gear and made a beine for the Diabolical Vindicator Chef ready for me to cook up another whooping for you you worthless fox actually I was thinking I’d cook this time and I did with my iron sword I served up a heaping helping of defeat the Vint Vindicator Chef in a Flash he was gone if I can defeat one Vindicator maybe I can defeat another oh you so sure about that Soo I turned and saw the armored Vindicator was standing right there I had my sword ready but he was too fast for me he fired an energy blast at me that took off way too many of my hearts for my liking so I turned and flew off I was wrong I’m nowhere near strong enough to beat him yet from day 23 to Day 26 I returned to my base to give Michael the Mountaineer the good news Zozo welcome back old chop you’re looking mighty cheerful what news do you have I did it that Vindicator Chef is toast I do enjoy a spot of toast oh I see you mean you managed to defeat him marvelous yeah it was pretty great I do have a craving for toast now though I thought about making some toast but instead I decided to satisfy a different hunger my Hunger for mining I climbed back into the mines and found some more iron ore then I took my freshly discovered ore back to my base and smelted it in my furnace after making some iron ingots I was able to craft an iron helmet and a pair of iron boots I was trying on my new gear when Michael the Mountaineer approached me afternoon Zozo I do appreciate your help with that terrible Chef I hope you’ll allow me to express my gratitude especially since I’ve already completed my gift for you it’s a new perimeter wall to keep us all safe and sound I love it thank you so much from day 27 to day 31 I flew back to the cold swamplands to continue investigating the area I wonder if I can find more research notes or something even more helpful I searched the area for days without finding much I was starting to get pretty discouraged I was getting ready to turn around and head back home when a friendly illusioner walked up to me excuse me uh are you the that was here a while back the one who totally wrecked that frozen zombie that sure sounds like me red so listen dude I’m stoked you did that no but I kind of need some more help if that’s cool you got a place I could crash for a while I’m scared more of those frozen guys are going to come through here sure you can come back to my base with me sick thanks dude I led the illusioner back to my base and left him to get settled in then I visited my sheep and collected some wood from them with more people staying here I want to Spruce the place up a bit I think some decorative banners will do the trick putting up all the Banners To a little while but when I was done I could tell the hard work was worth it I wish Sonic could see this base I bet he’d be really proud of me I’m sure he would Zozo lbert uh-oh you look pretty upset what’s wrong I’m afraid Ivan’s in trouble he needs our help I only hope it isn’t already too late from day 32 to day 35 blobert and I rush to the aid of Ivan the iser we followed the glow of his campfire but when we got to the campsite the Cozy Hideout was overrun with Dr robotnik’s fro and zombies where’s Ian I don’t see him don’t worry Zozo I’ll look for him you handle these horrid creatures well blow bird continued searching for Ivan I ran as fast as I could and started slashing my way through the hord of zombies when you’re in a situation this dire you’ve got to go fast if you want to survive take that and that and that it was tough fighting so many of them but I was a much better fighter than I was when I first spawned and I was able to defeat almost all of them I was about to finish off the last zombie when he started laughing what’s so funny an eye for an eye Zoo you may have destroyed my friends but we destroyed one of yours too what no not Ian look at you so sad are you going to cry about it maybe but right now I’m going to do this and with one final blow I destroyed the last frozen zombie from Day 36 to day 39 I was desperate to get my mind off of losing Ean so I took off and flew all the way back to the basol Perera as I looked down at the landscape I could see a geomancer trying to get my attention hey you over here I began my descent and landed right in front of him hey did you want to tell me something more like ask you something hi I’m Jeff I’ve been studying rock formations around here for a long time now and my research has been going pretty well or at least it was until this super aggressive Cyclops showed up he’s been St pumping all over the area and refusing to let me take any samples he threaten to squash me if I try it again yikes that’s no good think you could help me get him out of here I’ll give it my best shot I took off into the air again and with such a great vantage point it wasn’t long before I spotted the Cyclops hey any chance you’ll leave if I just ask really nicely he didn’t say anything he just tried to attack me okay well I tried the easy way time for the hard way this looks like a job for my Hulk smash this time it was the Cyclops who got crushed Jeff the geomancer was so relieved when I told him thank you I can’t wait to continue my research I’m trying to find new ways for people to protect themselves from the armored Vindicator you see he and his Frozen zombies just destroyed my friend and they’re trying to get me next oh dear you’d better be careful if you think his Frozen zombies are bad then you don’t want to meet the dread Beast I keep hearing about this dread Beast I really don’t like the sound of him nor should you he’s a vile creature and an extremely difficult Force to defeat be careful out there if you’re taking on the armored Vindicator you’ll certainly cross paths with the Beast too from day 40 to day 43 I soared through the sky all the way back to my base when I landed I saw blirt waiting for me Zozo welcome back look what I’ve been up to I added some bookshelves and couches to the base it looks pretty cozy right sure does what gave you the idea to do all of this well if it isn’t too much trouble I was hoping we could invite some of the other conj slimes to stay with us it’s a pretty dangerous world out there for a slime and you’ve given me a really safe home I’d love to share it go for it they’re welcome here the next day a whole group of conjured slimes arrived at the base make yourselves comfortable everybody I love making new friends after I greeted the slimes the illusioner came to speak with me hey man I could use your help with a uh gnarly problem of mine you think you could fight a gorgon for me one stole my pet Axel and took him out to the Colt swamplands and I’m not strong enough to well get that little dude back on my own sure I’ll do my best from day 44 to day 49 I flew to the cold swamplands in search of the missing Axel and the Gorgon who took him this place is starting to give me the creeps I hope I don’t run into any more trouble out here a foolish hope Tails your days are numbered and soon I will fulfill my purpose and rid the world of you and your little hedgehog friend ah the armored Vindicator I keep telling you Sonic isn’t here and I don’t have anything to do with this no more lies your days and number tales and soon they will run out mark my words before they do I will have destroyed you if I don’t Dr Robotnik will deactivate me for failing my mission so I must not fail pretty harsh maybe you should fight him instead of me silence I’ve had enough of you death worm handle this pathetic folx as the armored Vindicator ran off a huge terrifying deathworm slithered towards me from day 50 to day 53 I faced off against the super intimidating deathworm with a name like deathworm I’m guessing you’re not just looking for a hug I will destroy you Tails okay yeah that’s what I thought I can’t let you do that I like being not destroyed so Hulk smash I slammed my fists into the ground sending the deathworm flying backwards while it was disoriented I rushed at it with my sword and won the fight some deathworm you weren’t so scary I saw something drop on the ground where the deathworm fell oh hey what’s this little note it says from the desk of Dr Robotnik the armored Vindicator is my most promising creation a tough combatant with no mercy or fear but his weakness against diamond-based weapons is unacceptable I must find a way to correct this wait a second this sounds like diamond weapons might help me get the upper hand against the armored Vindicator I hope that’s true as I was leaving the area I noticed something sparkly in the crater where I fought the worm mytical diamonds this will come in handy later from day 54 to day 57 I saw a tiny little Axel waddling through the cold swamp lands hey little guy are you looking for your owner he seemed to trust me and started approaching me when a gorgon suddenly jumped in between between us and attacked you must be the pet Napper don’t you know it’s wrong to come between someone and their Axel she didn’t answer me she just kept trying to attack luckily I had my sword ready and with a few swipes of my blade I made that Gorgon history come with me little guy I took the Axel back to my base and delivered him back into the arms of the illusioner thank I missed you so much buddy thank Zozo you’re a real good dude from day 58 to day 62 I expanded my sheet pen to get the Sheep more room to graze and walk around can’t stop thinking about that note I think I really need some Diamond gear back to the mines down in the mining Cavern I dug tirelessly until I happened upon some diamonds perfect using the diamonds I mined and the Diamonds I got from the deathworm I crafted a diamond pickaxe and a diamond sword if I were the armored Vindicator I’d be pretty nervous right about now when I got back to my base blert was practically bouncing with excitement Zozo come look I made the perfect hangout space for us and the other slimes and anyone else who wants to visit us stay here I followed him and he showed me a new living area complete with a fireplace you did amazing work blert I’m so glad you’re staying here with me from day 63 to day 66 I was down in the mining Cavern digging for more useful materials I can’t find anything I wish I knew what I should do next well Zoo my good chop I believe I can be of assistance with that ah Michael you scared me Po for the surprise but an old chum of mine from the Dark Forest sent me a letter and I believe she can offer you some valuable information oh thanks I left the cavern and took to the skies flying to the Dark Forest when I landed a gray hippogriff emerged from the Shadows right in front of me I’ve been waiting for you Zoo stay back I have a diamond sword oh gosh no I didn’t mean it like that I’m Michael the mountaineer’s friend my name is Gracie I have some information for you about the armored Vindicator if you can help me with something first sure what is it well there’s a troll trying to drive me out of my home here I’d be able to focus on helping you out if I knew he wasn’t going to try anything but I’m too weak to fight him myself I’ll give it a shot from day 67 to Day 70 I waited with Gracie for the bothersome troll to show up after a day he did stomping up to Gracie and roaring in her face she hid behind a tree to get away way before he could attack her hey leave her alone the troll turned his attention to me roaring and charging right at me so I attacked with my new diamond sword that nasty troll didn’t stand a chance you can come out now Gracie thank you so much Zoo now for the info I promised you the armored Vindicator lives in an abandoned laboratory near here I think it used to belong to Dr Robotnik it might even be where he was created I can show you which way to get y if you want yes please just point me in the right direction from day 71 to day 74 I followed Gracie’s directions and began my search for the abandoned laboratory I don’t see anything but trees I wonder where the laboratory is it’s so hard to find what I’m looking for it’s not hard to find more Zozo videos all you have to do is search zo zoo and there they are finally I spotted it a big creepy abandoned laboratory yes this must be it you made a grave mistake coming here little the armored Vindicator had snuck up right behind me I tried to attack him with my diamond sword but he was still too strong uh-oh I guess my diamond weapon isn’t enough I’ll need to get stronger too I didn’t want to but I had to run away before he did too much damage to me from day 75 to day 78 I ran all the way back to my base and stopped only when I reached my room can’t believe I had to run away I thought I was ready I guess I was wrong I didn’t want to face my friends while feeling like a loser so I just went to lie down in my room sometime later I heard someone entering my room who is it hey dude we wanted to give you some good vibes so we made some rad improvements around the pad come check it out I followed the illusioner and saw that everyone had built a watchtower oh wow thank you that does make me feel a little better I also brought you a present blir handed me a magic Golden Apple I took a bite and he immediately felt much better not just because I needed a snack but because it made me transform into a bigger stronger Fox my hearts increased to 100 I was so excited I spun around and I Unleashed a whirlwind attack well that’s new maybe that’s just what you need to get the advantage in your battle with the Amed Vindicator from day 79 to day 84 I flew back to the Dark Forest feeling confident when I landed I spotted a siren attacking a pink pixie well I was n’t going to just stand there and let that happen hey when the siren looked at me I blasted her with the Whirlwind attack and it blew her away I could get used to this thank you you saved my life I wish I could repay you no worries I’m just glad I could help wait I can I forgot I was carrying this here I hope you’ll find it useful she handed me a sparkling new Diamond Helmet wow this is amazing thank you I put it on right away and I felt tough than ever from day 85 to day 89 I flew back to my base in a really great mood I had a new ability a new helmet and a new confident attitude when I landed though I got a feeling that something was really really wrong I was right as I approach my base I could see a horde of Frozen zombies crawling all over it I even destroyed our new Watchtower stop it we would if you would accept your doom at the hands of the armored Vindicator never h I used my Whirlwind attack to knock the zombies over and I tried to chase them but I lost track of them in the woods while I was trying to see which way the zombies went I spotted a cockatrice hey did you see some Frozen Zombies run through here I sure did I can tell you where they went if you do me a favor and help me break open this your chest I lost the key and I can’t get it open I broke open the chest with one swipe of my pickaxe and the cockatrice grabbed the book that was inside hooray my mem recipe book thank you kind stranger they went that way from day 90 to Day 94 I followed the cockatrice directions and track the Frozen zombies to the abandoned laboratory in the dark Forest I should have known they’d be here I was about to confront the Frozen zombies when a huge terrifying dread Beast emerged from inside the lair I see you Zozo you can’t hide from me uh-oh well if I can’t hide I guess I have no choice but to fight with nothing else left to do I I drew my sword and got ready for battle from day 95 to day 97 The Dread Beast rushed at me and attacked I dodged but he was fast and strong too this is going to be my toughest fight yet it was always going to end here except your fate and I will make it quick so I can’t promise it won’t hurt a lot no I won’t give up I can’t give up not just for me but for everyone that Dr Abnet and the armored vind Ator want a harm I summoned all my strength and Hulk smashed the ground toppling The Dread Beast then I used my Whirlwind attack to keep him down finally I finished the battle with my diamond sword I did it I did it fool the battle has only just begun after you my master will obliterate your little blue edgehog friend then the aido will be next you will all suffer with those last words The Dread Beast was gone I won’t let that happen I know now that I need to make sure I don’t lose this final fight I’ve got to go home and make sure I’m really ready to do this on day 98 I flew back to my base where all of my friends were waiting for me I decided to speak to each one of them one by one first I spoke to the illusioner hey man how are you feeling I’m scared but I’m determined I can’t back down no matter how nervous I am then blobert I know you do it Zoo you are a truly impressive hero and you’ve done so much for me and the rest of the Slime kind you’ll defeat the evil once and for all here I brought you this to protect you lbert handed me a royal Shield thank you and finally Michael the Mountaineer I don’t have much to gift you old spot but I do have this potion of strength it’s just as reinvigorating as a nice spot of tea I drank the potion and immediately felt more powerful thank you all of you I promise to do my best on day 99 I flew back to the old laboratory in the dark Forest to face off against the armored Vindicator let’s do this there were a ton of Frozen zombies stationed in front of the entrance oh great it’ll take me forever to fight through those guys just then Gracie the gray hippogryph emerged from a hiding spot behind a tree I’m here to help I’ve been training and I think I can fight for myself now and also fight for you let me handle the zombies you take care of the big guy thank you Gracie while she rushed at the zombies I slipped inside the armored vindicator’s lair on day 100 I entered the laboratory and confronted the armored Vindicator so it’s come to this bti defeat Tails I won’t be deactivated by my Creator I will serve my purpose we don’t have to do this you could just walk away peacefully or even come stay at my base I’ll help protect you against Dr Robotnik you can’t trick me stand and fight me this is what I was made for he charged at me and attacked and I knew I had no other choice I used my Whirlwind attack to knock him out of the way then it was all about the sword fight and I could tell my diamond sword was doing some damage he got in a few good hits but I kept going I got knocked down but I got up again he couldn’t keep me down finally I struck one more blow and he fell for good I did it I won I wish I could stick around to see Dr robotnik’s face when he finds out he lost but I don’t want to be here when he comes to inspect the lab time to go back home and celebrate got to go fast on day one I spawned in as Vegeta tremble before the prince of all saans what only five hearts that doesn’t make sense isn’t he supposed to be super powerful I guess I’m going to have to do some serious training if I want to live up to the real Vegeta’s reputation where’s an old Marshall Master when you need him is that one over there he looks like he might know some wisdom it’s me Zozo I’m looking for someone to train me are you worthy to train a Saiyan no I am not worthy to train a Saiyan but I am worthy to capture one and make him fight to his Doom this is no martial arts master he’s a wicked Wizard and he’s attacking me with magic you’re mine Zozo I’ve captured Warriors far more capable than you not today wizard nowhere to run I’ve got to jump off this Cliff to get away hopefully I can fly Veta can fly in the show so why not here goes everything uh-oh I can’t fly yet ah I’m falling uh I guess Vegeta doesn’t take fall damage must be the ability I start with it’ll probably upgrade to Flying later that wizard said something about capturing Sans maybe he has some of my friends or even Goku but Goku isn’t Vegeta’s friend he’s more like a rival every tough guy needs a good rival and I guess for now I’ll have to settle for that wizard guy I’ll rest at the bottom of this Cliff until morning on day two I I start punching trees and rocks and get the supplies to make my wooden pickaxe I think I’ll build my base somewhere away from this Cliff since I don’t want to run into the wizard again before I’ve gotten stronger I’ll need Wide Open Spaces to fire my keyi blast so this Rocky desert will do nicely there are some nasty coyotes here but I’m a Saiyan I can beat a few coyotes bare-handed confusing me for just another helpless villager the coyotes attacked but I was ready it looks like I have some Buffs to my punching damage probably from being a martial artist that’ll come in handy get out of here k cootes this is my turf okay okay we’re going you don’t need to be such a jerk about it you should have known who you were messing with with my pickaxe I start mining for Sandstone that will be the main material that I use when making my base at least until I can go underground and get some more durable blocks there are some Cactus blocks here too but I don’t have any armor or weapons so I’m just going to leave them alone for now if I decide later that I want green dye then I’ll be sure to start farming those Cactus blocks I end the day by building a fence around where I want the base to be and a tiny tent to sleep in when it’s done this will be the perfect gym to train as a Super Saiyan warrior on day three I travel to a nearby Forest to find some more wood for my fences if there’s a river I can redirect into the desert that’ll also be a good future project of course I wouldn’t be Vegeta if I wasn’t also looking for a fight Sans get stronger the more they battle tough enemies after all that giant tarantula should make for a worthy opponent spiders give me the creeps but Vegeta isn’t afraid of anything let’s go tarantula I started punching and doing some damage but I was also losing too many hearts too quickly oh no he’s biting me got to run didn’t think a spider would be giving me so much trouble but is it really fair that he has six more arms than me while I was escaping from the tarantula I found that there was an entire monkey caught in its web monkeys are like distant cousins to saans so of course I have to help him I punch away the webs and set that monkey free be free monkey oh I guess he has something to say what’s up new monkey friend thank you for releasing me my name is Stu and I was chased here by an evil wizard I’m Zozo I’ve seen that wizard too why was he after you he thought I was a Saiyan so he tried to kidnap me well you’re safe now why don’t you come back to my base with me sure but only if you’ve got bananas stew the monkey is bananas about bananas on days four to 5 I made the fence surrrounding my base bigger in order to make space to build a house for stew full of bananas obviously yeah baby stew loves bananas that should keep him entertained while the real Saiyan focuses on important things like getting so strong that I can totally send that wizard flying into space when I next see him the problem is a bigger base meant that I was much closer to the cactus blocks and the cactoid were starting to become aggressive and I don’t have enough buckets of water to tame them off back off you greedy cact toids the fence can keep the little ones out but when Night Comes the local CAC tyon is going to transform and attack me those guys are no joke and they attack at night when the sun can’t make me stronger or is it just Goku that powers up with the sun either way those creepy Cactus creatures have the advantage unless I take my Arsenal up a notch I haven’t until nightfalls to craft a weapon from the materials I’ve mined nobody wants to fight a CAC Tyrant barehanded after all damage Buffs are not there’s plenty of stone around so I use some stone blocks and a stick to make a stone sword and some tools I wait until it gets dark and then I go out and face the CAC Tyrant I defeat him using my new weapon he drops boots of swiftness wow that’s unexpected now I can run around at high speeds with the best of them bet that evil wizard would never see this coming woohoo if only I knew where I was going on day 6 to 8 I’m deep in the desert Gathering up sand to craft some pockets of sand Vegeta doesn’t always fight fair so I want to be able to throw sand at my enemies and I might need to because here comes that evil wizard from earlier and it looks like he’s riding on a go-kart there you are Saiyan this time you won’t get away you’ll never capture the prince of sans but the scary thing is he actually might no matter how fast I try to run with my boots of swiftness it’s like he’s always catching up to me I told you there’d be no escape this time that vehicle is really fast so I have to lead him to the cactus patch where he has to drive more carefully you think some puny cactuses will stop me Zozo the plural is cacti actually dark wizard maybe you need to go back to school I’m evil I don’t have to get things right I do things wrong on purpose he throws a spell at me from long range and now I’m taking damage I hide behind a tall Cactus then I throw a pocket of sand at him yes it looks like that threw off a steering and made him stop the go-kart well I’m not going to drive when I can’t see that’s just basic Road Safety the effect will wear off soon so I’m going to get out of here thank goodness he doesn’t know about my base on days 9 to 10 I still don’t know why that wizard wants to capture me how can I be the prince of all sayans when I’m afraid to fight the first guy I met in the world Stu thinks I’m being too down on myself don’t worry Zozo you’re doing a lot better than I could you saved me from that spider and I’m sure you’ll save us both from that wizard too well maybe but I think I should build a statue to get my mind off of things get your mind off of things like being afraid you won’t defeat the dark wizard forever and all time you’re not helping me outs do sorry sry sorry Stu does believe in you though I think I’ll build a statue of Vegeta’s father King Vegeta that way I can show everyone who comes to my base how powerful the Saiyan people once were it might encourage me too who knows but this won’t be just any statue the king of sans needs a huge statue made out of strong material I better start mining stone and Gathering all the materials in my base and who knows maybe all this mining will help make me stronger too it’s good exercise I’m also going to get a source of water in the base by redirecting a nearby River my Saiyan fists are super strong so these blocks are like nothing to me I also made myself a bigger place to live and constructed a house out of sandstone and now that I have more water in the base I can start taming the nearby cactoid with buckets of it you nerds work for me now on days 11 to 12 a viking villager arrived outside my base with a story to tell he had apparently traveled a long way seeking my base you must be the saian I’ve heard about I am known as Charles and my people are the Vikings days ago I escaped from a terrible place where the dark wizard of Baraka is making all the greatest warriors in the land fight until only one remains he continues to gather the mightiest Fighters he can find and pit them against each other why is he doing that who knows before it was my turn to fight I ran away as fast as I could now I have come to you with a warning a Baraka will stop at nothing to capture you with a true Saiyan in his collection he’d be able to make the battles even more violent so that’s where all the strong people are hiding interesting it’s strange there was another one like you there except he walk Road of orange wait Goku is there but he’s my tough guy rival no one gets to defeat him until I defeat him I guess You’ better start training then for now I’ll still avoid getting captured but it sounds like the wizard is holding a tournament for powerful Fighters I better hope I can qualify in the meantime how about we get you some water Charles you look exhausted after all that thank you Zoo it seems you truly are the hero people say you are on days 13 to 15 I train non-stop to make myself even stronger because that is what a z fighter does when push comes to shove cutting down some of the cactuses is great training for swordsmanship I can’t just rely on my fists if I want to win this thing and I also can’t let my opponent look down on the prince of ss so I go back to that giant tarantula and challenge it to a rematch this time I’m armed and ready Bring It On You eight-legged freak I start the fight by throwing a sand pocket and then I run in swinging my sword I’m doing a lot more damage now and my key Bloss is also very helpful not so tough now are you Spidey it tries to trap me in a web but my sword can cut straight through like it’s no problems the bigger they come the harder they fall this spider is toast wao I feel like my power level is rising this is going to be good I’ve become Super Saiyan with 15 hearts and way stronger attacks tremble before me I’m the legend that all of my enemies of the saans fear I know that Vegeta can still get a lot stronger than this but the change in appearance shows I’ve made some real progress towards my goal I’m going to prove that I’m the strongest warrior in the world even Goku won’t be able to defeat me when I’m fully leveled up on days 16 to 19 I dig deep into the mine in search of materials if I can get my hands on some metal I’ll be able to have better gear to match my brand new Super Saiyan form it feels good to be a legend The Way Forward is infested with skeletons so it looks like I’ll have to take them down first out of my way skeletons you’re all just jealous that you don’t have muscles like Vegeta I guess that really struck a nerve with the leader of the skeleton horde you think you can come in here and make fun of us Zozo we’re working for the dark Wizard and he sent us here to capture you well tell him he should have sent better or don’t cuz I’m sending you back to Oblivion the skeletons that charged me directly were easy enough to deal with but those archers were always a pain it’s a good thing that I have key blast to return fire no bones about it you guys are done for I take out the ones at close range and then mop up the rest but it looks like their leader got away he’s probably going to tell the dark wizard that I’m a force to be reckoned with You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me Zozo I’ll be back now it’s time to give my armor and upgrade to full iron while I’m at it I’ll craft an iron sword an iron pickaxe too iron everything oh the irony on days 20 to 22 I was surprised to see Charles the Viking return to the base what’s going on be careful Zoo Bara somehow found out where I was and now he’s followed me here to the base get inside I’ll handle this Charles went inside the base I went to go face the dark wizard abraa alone he was waiting just outside I’m ready for you this time dark wizard show me what you’ve got foolish Saiyan you are light years away from being able to defeat me we’ll see about that I threw a sand pocket at a braa to Blind him then followed up with a key Bloss shot to my surprise he wasn’t there he was right behind me instead you’ve met the Viking so you know why I’m here you know about the Battle to find out who’s the strongest fighter in the world I swung my iron sword at him but he avoided it will you accept my challenge oh so now you’re giving me the choice it’s because you’ve grown a bit stronger Zozo if I fought you now I couldn’t go e easy on you is that right I’m Not Afraid Bring it on I threw another pocket of sand at the dark Wizard and this time he was blinded I followed up with a few powerful strikes for my sword yeah I really got him that’s enough don’t make me destroy you saian the wizard summoned an explosive block of TNT I ran for cover as it exploded when I looked back over he was gone was he really holding back or just afraid of what the prince of saans could do either way I would happily take him on again and find out on days 23 to 2 6 I was finally able to start farming the cactoid and cact Tyrant for materials and this is the fruit of my labor no not the perly pears even though they did drop a lot of those using the Thorns that the CAC Tyrant dropped and with a little bit of crafting I can make a thorn shooter looks like building a training center in the middle of the desert has its perks this new Thorn shooter will be my ranged weapon of choice I don’t know what kind of totally crazy Warriors I’ll be facing when and if I take the dark wizard up on his challenge then it’ll be good to have some variety in my attack options Ste thinks that thorn shooter is really cool I’m impressed thanks St let’s go test out this weapon in the desert who knows maybe we’ll even find some strong enemies to defeat me and Stu headed out to the desert and made a few targets out of sandstone they’d be a perfect way to focus my shooting skills Bam Bam look those targets go down this Thorn shooter is so powerful hey can St try that thorn shooter I’ve got a score to settle with another monkey back in the forest yeah maybe I should keep it for now to I feel like things are about to get even crazier and if you’d like to find more of my videos you should like subscribe and type zo zo in the search bar it never fails on days 27 to 31 I start to add some of the more durable material to the Statue of King Vegeta I want to make sure his armor is absolutely perfect for the blue parts of the armor I’ve got to get my hands on some diamonds but that’s a really rare material so it looks like it’s time to go underground stew hold down the fort while I’m away you can count on stew it’s not like a monkey around while you’re away Venture down and into the underground farther than I’ve ever gone before until I am greeted by the bright light of orange lava somewhere in these lava caves I should be able to find a vein of diamond it looks like a couple of magma cubes don’t appreciate me trespassing down here if the cactus blocks damage me when I touch them there’s no way these things don’t the last thing I want is to touch any kind of magma in a place like this got to put my thorn shooter skills to the test and take them out at a distance magma cubes always split into smaller magma cubes when they take hits so I won’t keep moving until they are completely gone my key blast attack helps with that just pass the area where I fought the magma cubes wait where are the diamonds huh no diamonds down here well then I guess I’m going to need to find another way to get the blue for the King Vegeta statues armor wait I have a plan if I mix sand gravel and some blue dye together I can make blue concrete blocks that’ll do just fine for now on days 32 to 35 I felt tired from all the farming and training I did so I couldn’t access my Super Saiyan form I’ll have to rest soon but for now I received another visit from my old nesis the skeleton that ran away from me in the mines still working for the dark wizard I see you’re going to get it now Zozo I brought the desert Lord with me and he doesn’t take too kindly to some saan wannabe building bases in his desert well too bad I am the prince of sans and I don’t take orders from the likes of you guys then I guess we’ll have to fight you the desert Lord ran at me I won’t lie he was big and I felt a little intimidated thankfully I didn’t have to fight him with my sword I was prepared for a battle and my thorn Shooter had full ammunition eat my Thorns desert Lord no way you’ve got a thorn shooter no fear let’s moson out of here cowards the skeleton and the desert Lord ran away hopefully they won’t be back again it looks like some of the other mobs have returned as well the gang of coyotes are back didn’t I already teach you guys a lesson we know Zozo you’re very strong but that’s why we need your help you coyotes need my help yes our friend the tribal Gremlin was taken by the dark wizard second in command the champion Colossus he’s holding him in his Fortress until the dark wizard wants him to fight he took some Gremlin before he got to me I guess I’m going to have to see this for myself your friend is as good as rescued on days 36 to 39 I set off to go save the tribal gremlin from the champion Colossus those coyotes are going to owe me one wa is that the champion colossus’s base up there on that Hill I really need to start expanding my base if I want it to look like that he had a pair of iron golems guarding the gate and there were gargoyles on the rooftop I don’t know what I was expecting from the dark Wizard’s head but this guy must be really serious I can’t just fight my way in there I’d be totally outnumbered I’m going to need a solid plan if I want to get in there and save the Coyote’s friend I made my way around the entire Mountain searching for any less guarded areas that I can sneak into on the far side of the Fortress is a tunnel but I’ll still need to avoid those gargoyles that are flying around on patrol I guess I’ll have to use a Frontiers man’s cap to engage stealth mode sorry raccoons your sacrifice will not be soon forgotten I’ll need your tails to make the cap and if I can use this to free the tribal Gremlin it’ll all be worth it but what if something even scarier is waiting for me down in the tunnel wait I said earlier Vegeta isn’t afraid of anything I need to be courageous the tribal Gremlin and all the coyotes depend on me tomorrow it’s go time on days 40 to 43 I’m sneaking through the Fortress and avoiding detection from the mobs that the champion Colossus has been using to guard this place I’m still not scared obviously but if they know I’m here they might suspect the tribal Gremlin of planning an escape and do something to hurt him the coyotes would never let me live that one down using the thorn shooter I can pick the mobs off from a distance without them ever knowing I was there as long as I’m doing it one by one of course first I take out a couple gargoyles then I finish off the Iron Golem guarding the entrance to the fortress’s dungeon I’ve got to be careful though because even though these guards are nothing to worry about the champion Colossus is somewhere in this place and he has to be almost as strong as the dark wizard after a whole lot of sneaking about I find my way to the tribal Gremlin cell hey Gremlin up and at them the coyotes sent me here to rescue you oh good I was getting tired of waiting for a good fight let’s get out of here you say that like you could have left at any time I’ve never slept in a fortress before it was kind of cool honestly well I’m building the ultimate training gym out in the desert if you need a better place to crash you should stay at my base tribal Gremlin seems sure of himself either way we make tracks and find our way back to the coyotes thanks Zozo on days 44 to 49 I continue crafting more blue concrete for the Statue of King Vegeta he is going to look so Regal it’ll be the centerpiece of my base when it’s finally finished but a job this big requires the help of many friends I had stew gather fur from the forest that I could use to line the king statue’s tail stew can get you all the fur you need just don’t ask who’s it is Charles on the other hand went to the ocean for some lapis lazuli stone that way I had two shades of blue to work with for the armor blue is my favorite color Vikings love the sea after all and I’m no exception well everyone else is gathering materials for the Statue the tribal Gremlin and the coyotes are building a Sandstone wall around the perimeter of the base does this look good zoo don’t worry guys I think it looks great no matter what anyone says I’ve got a few larger rooms for training and keeping spare weapons and I also Reus some of the materials for my fences to build a pen for the tamed cactoid stew also came back from his last trip with something I’d never seen before hey Zozo what is it stew I found a bunch of banana blocks in the forest and thought we could use to make even more bananas this is your wildest idea yet Stu but I guess having enough bananas to go around never hurt anybody that’s the spirit bananas to all and to all a banana on days 50 to 53 the dark wizard finally reared his ugly head and he wasn’t alone by his side were all of the henchmen I’d come to know and hate the skeleton leader I told you I’d be back and now I’m back again the desert Lord he doesn’t say much and most terrifying of all the champion Colossus he’s probably pretty upset after I managed to sneak into his Fortress and save the tribal Gremlin yeah pretty upset that you managed to sneak into my Fortress and save the tribal Gremlin told you the time for your Reckoning has come Super Saiyan zoo I may have offered you a choice before but now you have stolen two of my Fighters away that is unforgivable well have you thought that maybe those guys didn’t want to be taken prisoner intriguing now perish I felt my power rising and once again I turned back into my Super Saiyan form ready for the fight the dark Wizard’s forces attacked the base everyone did their best to repel the attack but the champion Colossus was simply Unstoppable I couldn’t worry about him now because skeleton and desert Lord had closed into melee range and were looking to take me down yeah no match for us this time Zozo I drew my iron sword and took out the desert Lord without much difficulty the skeleton was a lot tougher but even he couldn’t withstand the power of a Super Saiyan speaking of Super Saiyan I felt my power level grow once again as I buffed up to Super Saiyan blue I’ve got 30 hearts and I can fly now how do you like me now I was so excited that I almost didn’t notice that the dark Wizard and the champion Colossus were retreating and they had taken Charles with them Charles no on days 54 to 57 myself and the other NPCs in the base did our best to repair the walls and training room nothing could repair the loss of Charles the Viking though we had to get our friend back he didn’t deserve to fight other Warriors until the end and he definitely didn’t deserve to fight Goku before I got to I went to the tribal Gremlin half wondering how he didn’t get captured when he had already gotten taken beforehand how can we get Charles back it’s simple we go and save him because we want to and we succeed because we believe we can that doesn’t sound like a real plan the true warrior does not need plans only the will to Triumph okay look TG I just need to know if you have any idea where this Tournament of Champions is being held fine fine the truest Warriors know that there is a Coliseum deep in the nether where only the mightiest Fighters have gone I think abaka has probably chosen that place as the location of his tournament nether Coliseum got it how do I get there the only functioning portal to the nether in this world was inside of the champion colossus’s Fortress after you broke in they most likely destroyed it so you couldn’t follow them well there has to be a second portal otherwise how could they get back to the nether with Charles think of it this way Zoo you could scour the entire world for that second portal or you could be a true warrior and build one yourself well I guess I do want to be a true warrior building a nether portal it is on days 58 to 62 I finally found an underground Cavern with some Diamond veins jackpot I know that lava caves can be dangerous but they’re perfect for finding diamonds and also the obsidian I need to make the outside of the portal but of course diamonds come first I’ll need a diamond pickaxe to mine those obsidian blocks and full diamond gear wouldn’t hurt either in addition to the magma cubes from last time there are a few other mobs deep inside the lava caves like these fire Elementals that really meant to do me harm but now that I’m a Super Saiyan second grade my Buffs to melee attacks without a weapon are through the roof I can punch cactus’s bare hand magma cubes barehanded and now even the fire Elementals can be defeated with just punches after I dealt with those mobs I got back to Mining and before too long I had all the diamond door that I needed to make myself a diamond pickaxe and since I’m here I think a newly upgraded Super Saiyan deserves some super cool diamond armor and weapons to match that’s right I’m now decked out in full diamond armor and a diamond sword too next I rerouted some of the water in my base into the lava caves creating a field of obsidian blocks ripe for mining I’ll be ready to make that nether portal in no time but there are a few last things I need to do before I can start my quest to finally defeat the dark wizard on day 63 to 66 I take a break from building my portal to continue work on the Statue of King Vegeta wow it really is starting to look like him I wonder what the real King Vegeta would say if he were to see us now this is King Vegeta saying subscribe to Zozo for more cool Adventures like this for the sake of all sayans you should hit the red button and then the Bell on day 67 to 70 it’s about time I went to the Nether and settled this I craft a flint and steel out of materials I found in the caves then I gathered my obsidian blocks and arranged them into the shape of a nether portal I used the flint and steel to light the obsidian and boom the nether awaits not too far from the other side of the portal was a giant Coliseum over a huge lake of lava of course it had to be close since ABA was kidnapping Warriors from nearby but I never would have found it if I wasn’t in the nether I guess me and the tribal Gremlin are even now since he gave me the hint about this place don’t worry Charles I’m on my way I made my way toward the Coliseum and found that it was guarded by a pair of zombie Spartans no doubt the undead remains of Warriors that had faced their demise in the dark Wizards Arena but they weren’t going to stop me Thorn shooter go blam blam blam with a few whacks of my diamond sword I knocked them down for good on days 71 to 74 I stepped into the Coliseum only to be surrounded by a cheering crowd of skeletons in the stands the arena itself was empty except for another fire who was standing not so far away from me he looked really tough too are you my next opponent I’m Zozo and I’ve come to rescue my friend Charles the Viking I don’t know who that is but I have heard of you Zozo long have I dreamed of fighting a Saiyan warrior there’s no talking you out of this huh of course not I willing to fight any worthy opponent until the end and that goes for you too the Aztec warrior ran towards me and attacked he was strong so I took some damage I had to play this smart so I flew into the air and shot him with a thorn shoter a couple of times then I landed behind him and hit him with a punch I drew my Diamond Sword and the two of us faced off you fight as well as the legends of your people suggest Zozo I don’t understand isn’t Goku here if you wanted to fight a Saiyan why don’t you fight him there is no Goku here I would have remembered facing another Super Saiyan before you but Charles said there was a guy in an orange robe I did face such an adversary but he was no Saiyan if he was I probably would have been defeated like I have been defeated now and with that the Aztec warrior fell no more time for arena battles I had to go find Charles on days 75 to 78 I went to the barracks below the Coliseum and found Charles down there among the prisoners Zoo thank goodness I knew you’d come to rescue me let’s go home Charles I’ve done my share of fighting in this Arena and I say we don’t give the dark wizard any more satisfaction we ran backwards towards the arena but as Misfortune would have it there was an ambush waiting for us the champion Colossus stood ready to take us on well take me on anyway did you think I was going to have Charles fight this guy get behind me Charles it’s time for Super Saiyan blue Zozo to show the champion Colossus who the strongest fighter in the world is strongest fighter in the world well that would be me this isn’t the first tournament that the dark wizard of Bara has held I was the winner of the last one and he let me go in return for becoming his eternal servant that’s a sad story but you’re no match for me I’m stronger than any Warrior here you can’t beat me we shall see on guard Zozo the Saiyan the champion Colossus was definitely the strongest enemy I had fought up until this point but there was no way I’d let him beat me too much was on the line I reached for another pocket of sand but I was out oh no the champion Colossus Hit me hard and sent me flying literally flying because I can fly is that all you’ve got Zozo leave Zozo alone you big jerk Charles rushed in for a surprise attack but it was all in vain the champion Colossus hit him once and he was uck down on the spot Charles I wouldn’t let Charles throw his life away for nothing I hit the champion Colossus with my diamond sword over and over until finally he collapsed he was defeated good job Zoo you Avenged me Charles you’re going to be fine I was destined for Valhalla the moment I was captured you are a true warrior it’s always been you take care of yourself zoo and with that Charles was gone I made my way out of the arena and back towards my nether portal on day 79 to 84 I was still in the nether when I heard the wicked laughter of the dark wizard abraa Echo behind me I’ve finally done it what is it now I turned and saw the dark wizard had grown to a massive size and he was brimming with power holy moly what happened to you he cruy stared down at me like I was an ant he was about to step on now that all the greatest fighters in the world have perished in my Arena I dark wizard abraa have been able to absorb their Marsh arts and become master of magic and might I am now the perfect being you’re not perfect you’re not even close you just stole the strength of a bunch of other people you don’t deserve to have their power especially if you had to destroy them for it it is not for you to decide what I deserve I have become a true warrior and that means that all I need now is the will to Triumph compared to that what do you have Sayan with that meager power you’ve gathered maybe I’ll never be the strongest but at least I know who I am I Zozo a Super Saiyan a z fighter and a truer Warrior than you’ll ever be you’ll be nothing once I’ve destroyed you for good he stepped forward with the stolen power of all the Fallen Warriors I knew I couldn’t fight him just yet so I turned and ran through my nether portal as soon as I got to the other side I used my diamond sword to break the portal trapping the dark wizard in the Nether world that should hold him for now on days 85 to 89 I told the others at the base that Charles didn’t make it back they understood what it meant he was in Valhalla and at peace What mattered now was making sure that a Baraka paid dearly for all the Warriors he had sacrificed to gain his dark power hey Zozo Stu knows how bad you must feel about the rescue mission so Stu decided to cheer you up by giving you a powerful new weapon this will definitely help you defeat the dark wizard Stu gave me a banana bazooka which was many times more powerful than my thorn shooter this would be my new ranged weapon thanks too like Stu always says bananas make everything better later on I completed the statue of King Vegeta finally adding the diamond blocks he deserved to his armor nice I had a feeling that the dark wizard would be on his way soon so I went to seek the advice of the tribal Gremlin TG I need your help the true warrior has finally arrived what I’m speaking about you Zozo you went down to that Coliseum and fought and returned that means that you are now the strongest fighter in the world you are the champion who must set things right what can I a braa still has so much power you have power too you just need to awaken it there is a great waterfall behind the high Cliffs if you train there you will be able to unlock your full potential on days 90 to 94 I followed the tribal grin’s advice and sought out the great waterfall The Cliffs were really steep so I had to use my flying abilities to climb up them it’s a good thing I still don’t take any damage when I fall thinking back this was the place I started my journey almost 100 days ago it it was remarkable to think how much I’d done in all that time I had made friends won battles and even traveled to a whole different dimension it was crazy there were many waterfalls around this area but somehow my spirit could tell which one would actually unlock my full potential I trained my skills with both my sword and my punches and I could feel myself growing stronger by the day this is it I’m going to become the true warrior I was always meant to be at one point a few giant lizards attacked me and tried to interrupt my training but I saw this as another test of my power and I fought them all off off the banana bazooka that Stu gave me was an excellent weapon for dealing with enemies at a distance of course my melee attacks worked just as well I will be the one who defeats the dark wizard me Zozo I’ve got this when I finally reached the last day of training I knew that I was the most powerful that I had ever been a magical Halo appeared in my inventory when it was over probably to show that I had achieved my potential on days ‘ 95 to 97 I was at the base when the coyotes told me that they had found another portal to the nether deep in Emerald cave across the desert it must have been the same portal that the dark wizard used to take Charles back to the nether when the one in the Fortress of the Colossus was destroyed without a doubt the dark wizard would be using that portal to re-enter the world and wreak havoc I wasn’t about to let that happen though and prepared to meet him there and settle our score but first I had to enchant my gear and put the finishing touches on my base using the diamonds and obsidian from the lava caves I crafted a few enchanted books and gave my diamond armor the Thorns enchantment it would sacrifice durability but in exchange those who hit me would suffer damage by now I had enough green Dy from the cactus blocks that I was able to make a Green carpet across all the floors of the inside of the building there were now enough bananas in perkley Paris to feed an entire Village and with the help of the tribal Gremlin I was able to plant a lovely Garden in the shadow of the King Vegeta statue this place was now the perfect gym for martial artists and warriors everywhere to come and train and I’d make sure that the world would be safe enough for them to do so on day 98 I got some last minute training in with the tribal gremlin as a fellow Warrior I respected everything he had done for me until now I promise when I return nobody will have to worry about the dark wizard ever again please cheer for me in the comments and let me know what character you want to see me play as next tomorrow would be the test of whether or not I was a true warrior so I spent the rest of the day getting ready it was almost time for the final battle on day 99 I was in the emerald cave standing in front of the nether portal when the dark wizard finally stepped through Zozo this is a surprise you ran from me last time never again I’m going to stop you right here if you don’t want to fight then go back to the Nether and leave us alone what fun would that be I need to be on this side of the portal where weaklings like you live that’s where you’re wrong abraa I’m no weakling I’m a true warrior and I use my power to protect people you will go no further I fired the banana bazooka a few times to slow the dark wizard down as he got closer I drew my sword and attacked you think you could beat me in that form H pathetic Saiyan his attacks were pretty strong but my thorn enchantment did damage back to him clever trick but it won’t be enough maybe you’re right dark wizard but then again this isn’t even my final form I started up the Halo and allowed the power of my potential to flow through me my spirit awakened one last time and gave me the power to become Ultra ego Vegeta 100 Hearts full power here we go I will not let you destroy this world with my new Ultra fist I punched the dark wizard over and over this is for Charles the dark wizard tried to strike back but in Ultra ego mode the more damage I take the more damage my attacks dealt no oh my power it’s being used against me it’s not your power but this is mine with one decisive blow I punched the dark wizard into space dust sayanora the battle was now over on day 100 I found Stu training with the tribal Gremlin in the gym to become a stronger fighter I guess he really looks to the saans after all and all that true warrior talk set a positive example there’s nothing wrong with having a martial arts student but I guess I wasn’t expecting I’d become the master at the end of my journey I’ll be on guard here at the base while I train stew and anyone else who shows up because after all there will always be people like the dark wizard who misuse power from here on out I’m going to make sure that the power is in the hands of true warriors on day one I spawned in the desert as a baby Snow Golem I was all alone except for a honey Golem who was much bigger than me I wasn’t sure why I was here or why I was so little where are all the other Snow Golems what am I doing out here where it’s so hot and dry before the honey Golem could answer me a Guster blew toward us who are you who am I I’m Gary the Guster and there ain’t a fell in the land who can take me and my Guster gang down just take a gander at what happens when you don’t do what I say and with one attack he destroyed the honey Golem I spawned in next to how could you do that you must monster because I’m the baddest Guster around these parts you got 100 days to rustle up 100 diamonds and bring the loot to me or my gang and I will burn the nearest Village to the ground and you with it and with that threat he disappeared leaving me all alone oh no I either need to gather Gary’s Ransom or defeat him if I don’t there’s going to be trouble but I’m going to need to be a lot stronger before I can do that on day two I started making my way through the desert toward the village if they they were in danger from Gary the Guster too I needed to get there and warn them maybe they could help me and we could keep each other safe I realized I only had five Hearts so I would have to be careful on the way as I was walking a group of zombies appeared from out of a cave what do you want just keeping an eye on things for the boss I don’t see any diamonds maybe we ought to teach you a lesson and listening they attacked me and I had nothing to fight back with I was scared that they would take me down I was way too small and weak to beat them right now but just then a bison ran up to me how of there little snow golem you’re a long way from home I am and I’m in danger well hop on my back and let’s Mosey on out of here I can take us somewhere safe I hopped on the bison’s back and he carried me away from the zombies thank you what’s your name Aon what’s yours you can call me Zozo M and nice to meet you on day three Byron the Bison took me to his village it was the same place I was trying to get to so it all worked out pretty well except of course for the part where we had to all deal with Gary’s evil plan this is a nice Village thank you for having me then Byron took me to meet the mayor of the town he was a Golem like me but he was an earth Golem not snow hello Mr Mayor well how to there little snow golem what brings you to our town I quickly explained what I knew about Gary and his threat to destroy the village if I didn’t bring him 100 diamonds no good scoundrel’s been bothering us for some time now going on a few years maybe we can help each other out and bring him to Justice once and for all I would love to help but how well let’s see I reckon you’ll need to make some tools get started mining diamonds and get a heck of a lot stronger too we’ll do whatever we can to help you do that this town’s plenty big enough for more kind-hearted folks after all you can set up on the edge of town Byron and I started to leave but the mayor had one more thing to say you know this Village needs a sheriff I reckon you might just be the man for the job on days four and five I went out and punched some trees so I could gather enough wood to build a crafting bench then I crafted some wooden tools once I had those I could start Gathering some Stone hey this is going pretty well so far once I had enough Stone I upgraded my tools from wood to Stone ones including a stone sword I was ready to start building our base say zoo if you’re fixing to be the sheriff let’s say we build you a sheriff station with a jail inside that’s a perfect idea Byron we can use it as an Armory too it’ll be the perfect place to help keep the village safe from Gary and his gang of goons then I had a brilliant idea Byron every Sheriff needs a deputy do you want the job well Shu Zozo I’d be honored with the Byron chosen as my Deputy we got to work building our base a couple of jail cells and two rooms for us to sleep in the mayor stopped by to admire our progress this looks mighty fine boys here Zoo this should help you get started the mayor handed me a strong potion I drank it and felt myself grow a little bit bigger and I gained two hearts on days 6 through 8 I explored the desert around the village looking for more materials while I was walking around I saw a Road Runner being attacked by a nest of rattlesnakes hey you leave her alone I rushed at them with my stone sword and began to fight they turned their attention away from the Road Runner and started attacking me instead it was a tough fight but after a long while I knocked down the last rattlesnake oh thank you kindly the Road Runner ran over to me my name is Ronda and you’re my hero just doing my duty ma’am what are you doing all the way out here I got lost in the desert I was looking for help getting back to my Nest it’s in a cave you see but it isn’t safe for me to go alone my eggs are in there I need to get to them before something terrible happens well that sounds like a job for the local sheriff on days 9 and 10 Ronda and I made our way to the cave where her nest was I wanted my Nest to be out of the Sun and this Cave used to be safe but when people started mining in there it woke some something up something terrible this is it please be careful Sheriff Zozo I’ll do my best I drew my sword and crept into the cave what are you doing in my cave a werewolf jumped out of the shadows and roared at me this cave belongs to more than just you this cave ain’t big enough for the both of us he swiped me with his claws and knocked me back into the wall of the cave I dropped my sword and when I ran to pick it up he hit me again uh-oh this guy is way too strong get out now we’re all finished miss you off I’ll have to come back and face him again when I’m stronger I need to go help Rhonda I ran out of the cave where Ronda was waiting I’m sorry he’s too strong but please come back to town with me you can stay at my sheriff station until we can come back I’ll help you get your eggs back I promise on days 11 and 12 I returned to my base with Rhonda I built her room including a crafting bench and a chest thank you for the help Zozo it means the world to me of course I’m happy to help now that we’re safe do you know anything about Gary the Guster not too much only that he’s got a hankering for diamonds and power and won’t let anything stand in his way he’s H A lot of people made himself a lot of enemies if we all band together maybe we can do something about him that’s what I’ve been thinking too glad we’re on the same team after my chat with Rhonda I went mining for some more materials I found iron and coal too I made a furnace and smelted the iron then used it to craft some iron tools and Boots best of all I crafted an iron sword then I built an Armory where I could store all of my new tools this base is coming together we’ll be able to take on Gary and his gang in no time on days 13 to 15 I wanted to find a way to get stronger so I talked to Byron the Bison for some advice well I reckon the best strength in the world is experience you ought to go on a quest or two and get better at helping others out then you’ll get stronger also you’d best get yourself some armor for the job thanks so much Byron I gathered silver and crafted myself some armor then I headed out to explore the forest now it’s time to find a quest but where is someone who I can help I looked around but couldn’t see anyone that might have a quest for me how was I supposed to get experience if no one needed me to do anything then I saw a pumpkin boss shaking an apple tree hi there do you need some help with the apples hey you’re the sheriff trying to go up against Gary the Guster let me teach you a lesson he attacked me but I was ready I had my new armor to protect me and I had my new sword too I dodged his attack and slashed him knocking him back after a lot of tough back and forth I was able to win I did it I did it then I noticed he dropped something a shed snakes skin hey I bet I can use this to craft something I took the snakes skin back to my base and crafted a Vine lasso with it wow I can use this to rangle bad guys and bring them back to jail on days 16 to 19 I decided to explore some more and see what I could find I ended up coming across an abandoned mine and looked inside there was a chest in there I opened it and I found an old diary belonging to a minor that left it behind ages ago Gary the gusta came through town again telling us to give him diamonds I heard a rumor that he’s building a base not too far from here but no one’s been able to find it yet I have my suspicions that it’s out in the forest Over Yonder wow so Gary’s base must not be too far away maybe I can find it but first I’ll have to get even stronger so I can defeat him before I could do anything else I was attacked by a gang of mandora this is what happens when you go up against Gary the Guster but they were no match for my new armor and sword just like with the pumpkin boss before I fought them hard and was able to defeat them as a few of them ran away I yelled after them tell Gary he won’t be picking on people for much longer on days 20 to 22 I traveled back to the Village when I got there I saw some plague rats bothering some villagers I fought them and took them out easily wow I’m getting good at this on the way back to the sheriff station I found some silver I could use to upgrade my gear and my armor with that t taken care of I was feeling strong enough to go fight the werewolf and help Rhonda get back her nest you again I thought I already taught you a lesson well I’m back and I’m strong enough to fight you now with my new armor and sword I was able to hold my own against the werewolf he knocked me back but I didn’t drop my sword and I kept fighting then I pulled out my secret weapon the vine lasso I captured the werewolf in the lasso and started pulling him back to the jail you’re going to jail you ain’t got what it takes to bring down Gary the G he took out my whole gang and I had to hide in those caves when he came to town you go up against him and you’re toast on days 23 to 26 I threw the werewolf into one of the empty jail cells well Rhonda you can go back to the caves now your nest is safe and your eggs are waiting for you thank you so much Zozo I’ll never forget what you did for me and I’ll be sure to come back and visit once my eggs have hatched I can’t wait by the way you should build a guard Tower it will help keep you safe here Ronda was right it would be a good idea to have a guard Tower so we could keep Lookout I started constructing one right away when the guard Tower was done I realized I needed some ranged weapons so I crafted some javelins too I can really defend this place now on days 27 to 31 I decided to travel to a snowy area to see if I could find some more snow golems like me if I could maybe they could help protect the village and take down Gary I was enjoying the cold and looking around for some other Snow Golems when I saw some snow beasts they looked lost so I sent them back to my base and they went off to find it next I decided to gather some ice to take back to my base if I had it there I wouldn’t feel so homesick as the only snow golem in the desert even if I didn’t find any snow golems it would make me feel much better when I got back to the Village mayor Earth Golem came up to me Sheriff Zozo we need your help Gary’s gang came through town and kidnapped some of our villagers oh no of course I’ll help and I’ll come with you what kind of Mayor would I be if I didn’t look out for my own people on days 32 to 35 the mayor and I went into the forest to find the kidnapped villagers and save them from Gary’s gang we spotted the horde of zombies and a bunch of villagers and cages the zombies were laughing at them don’t worry everyone you’re safe now we’re coming to save you I rushed at them with my sword drawn the mayor followed me and tried to help fight too one of the zombies knocked him down get away from him I tried to stop them from hurting him but the zombies destroyed the mayor no I swore I’d have revenge in honor of the Fallen mayor I defeated the rest of the zombies and freed the villagers but now the town is without a mayor we need someone to lead the villagers on days 36 to 39 I set off in search of a new mayor for the village we need someone tough to help protect the villagers from Gary I know I’ll go into the mountains only tough people can survive up there so I went to the mountains and looked around is there anyone here who can be a mayor are you looking for help I looked and saw Zeus the king of Olympus standing on top of a mountain yes I am well I need help with something if you can help me I can be the mayor in return what is it a group of Gremlins stole my treasured guitar jamming on that guitar was the only way to pass the time up here on this boring old mountain please get it back for me it was a small price to pay to find a new powerful mayor I found the Gremlins nearby smashing the guitar into some rocks hey that’s not what rock music means I fought off the Gremlins and got the guitar back here you go Zeus or should I say say mayor Zeus thank you I’d be happy to be the mayor if the villagers are all as kind as you they are we’re trying to defeat Gary the Guster ah Gary he’s asking for diamonds I bet well I can tell you where a very good diamond mine is if you want yes please so Zeus gave me directions to The Diamond Mine things were really starting to come together one way or another I’d keep the village safe on days 40 to 43 I returned home to the village and dropped off mayor Zeus at his new the house back at the sheriff’s station I decided to spiff up the place I added torches and bookshelves for extra light and to give me and Deputy Byron something to read on our downtime once I was done I checked in with Byron to see what he thought say this looks great Sheriff oh with so much new danger we need more deputies let’s make a depuy’s wanted sign great idea I added a sign outside the station New deputies wanted and pretty soon villagers started showing up to apply for the job six new deputies joined I built a Barracks onto the basee with bunk beds so they would all have a place to sleep Gary the Guster won’t know what hit him when we take him on one of the snow beasts came to find me while I was working we heard a rumor about an ice cave where another Snow Golem is living you should check it out and see if he can help us wow thank you another Snow Golem it almost sounded too good to be true on days 44 to 49 I journeyed to the ice cave to search for the other Snow Golem when I got there I couldn’t see anyone at first but then I saw a shadow in the cave hello I walked toward the opening of The Cave but Gary the Guster appeared yeah I knew you’d fall from my trap I hear you’ve been rustling up a team to try and beat me well I can’t have that you’re such a bully making people get diamonds for you why do you even need so many anyway you sure do ask a lot of questions Sheriff I’ll have you know it’s my dream to live in a mansion made out of nothing but diamonds I don’t care how many towns I have to destroy to get them neither that’s terrible never said I was nice now I got a mosy on back to my diamonds but I’m not letting you go that easy Alpha coyote get him Gary whooshed away and in his place there was an alpha coyote he was pretty big and strong too but I knew I could take him I drew my sword and got ready for a fight on days 50 to 53 I fought hard against the alpha coyote you might as well give up now I’m so much bigger than you you may be big but I’m brave and strong and I have the support of my friend to keep me from giving up with a decisive strike for my sword I defeated the alpha coyote I did it I won well I won this battle there’s more to come hey wait what’s this I looked on the ground where the alpha coyote fell at the end of our fight there was a journal hey this says property of Gary the Guster inside it must belong to him dear diary I built the best dang Hideout this wild west has ever seen it’s so sparkly made up of all those diamonds I took from the villagers and no one will find me here between the two tallest mountains in the region they’ll never get rid of Gary the Guster and his gang of goons hey I know where those mountains are when the time comes I’ll be able to find Gary’s base after all on days 54 to 57 I’ve entered deeper into the ice Caverns I wasn’t going to give up my search for another Snow Golem now I had to keep looking and see if there was really someone here or if it was all just one of Gary’s traps in the distance I could see the light of a fire there was someone here as I got closer I could see that some of the zombies from the gust gang of goons were gathered around the fire and they had a snow golem with them oh no I have to help him Escape I stayed back and out of sight and threw one of my javelins at the zombies I had the element of surprise and they scattered when it hit take that you Undead Outlaws hey where did you come from this is our Hideout and you’re trespassing no you’re the ones who are trespassing instead of getting into an argument with them I decided to get right to the fighting instead I rushed in with my sword and fought them with everything I had head quick let’s get out of here the zombies ran out of the caverns leaving me with the snow golem I’ll get you out of here not so fast I turned around and there was an axe you’re not taking this prisoner without a fight unless you’ve got those 100 diamonds for Gary you’ll never get those diamonds from me I took axti down and let this no Golem free hey look oh it’s a power potion I drank it and grew bigger and I gained two more Hearts wow that’s that’s amazing thank you so much for letting me go Gary has been taking out all of the Golems so there will be no one left to protect the villagers I was so scared that I was the only one left well now you know you’re not alone come back to my base with me we’ve got a whole bunch of people to help Gary won’t get away with it this time on days 58 to 62 I worked on improving things at the base the sheriff station was pretty great but it could still get even better the villagers had all the food we could need but we needed to make way more tools and weapons I expanded Ed the crafting area and the Armory so we’d have lots of space for more equipment then I headed off to the area Zeus told me about where I could find lots of diamonds I went down into the mine there and sure enough there they were I used my iron pickaxe to mine the diamonds and took them back to the base I used all those diamonds to make diamond armor a pickaxe and a sword next I thought about how I might need to gather extra food while traveling to new places a fishing rod could help me catch fish on the go so I crafted a fishing rod to help me in case I ever needed it on days 63 to 66 mayor Zeus came to visit me at the sheriff station what can I do for you mayor did you get a chance to check out the diamond cave I told you about I did thank you there are lots of diamonds there I used them to upgrade my gear though that’s okay I thought you might need to do that I wanted to tell you that I heard about another cave with lots of diamonds to mine really thank you that’s great news happy to help I’ll keep an ear out for more Diamond news too I really missed my old friend mayor Earth Golem but Zeus was doing his legacy proud and seem to really care about the village I set off to the new cave to mine for more diamonds inside I saw a group of little kados I could hear them whispering to each other I’m telling you the boss is out there somewhere boss are they talking about Gary the Guster he’s a werewolf he’s tough not as tough as Gary there’s no way he survived that attack we’re doomed we’ll be next wait this must be members of the werewolf’s old gang I wonder if they’ll try to fight me hey are you the sheriff why do you want to know we hear you’re trying to fight Gary the Guster and we want to help really that would be great if you can help us rescue more of our old gang we promised to all help you out they’re in an underground base deep in these caves you got it go back to my base at the sheriff’s station and I’ll come meet you when I’ve rescued your buddies also your old leader is there in jail sorry about that on days 67 to 70 I traveled deeper into the caves in search of the underground base if I could find more of the werewolf’s game that would be even more deputies to fight with me look at me turning Outlaws into Good Guys mayor Earth Golem would be so proud of what a great Sheriff I’m becoming before I could celebrate my progress anymore though I spotted a night walker Mage holding another group of little Kos prisoner those must be the rest of the gang they were talking about how can I get them out of here he looks pretty dangerous I don’t know if I can fight him and make it out I started looking around for a way to sneak by the night walker Mage but I couldn’t find anything I guess I’ll have to be brave and try to fight him even though I’m scared I thought about my friends and how they’d all faced so much danger with me so far if they could do it so could I I attacked the night walker Mage and he flew into the air to dodge my attack this looks like a job for my Vine lasso I tossed it at the night walker Mage and caught him I pulled him back down to the ground and while he was trapped I attacked him with my sword he broke free but not before I got a good hit in the night walker Mage teleported behind me but I spun around and got him again it was a pretty intense battle but eventually I was able to win with the help of my Vine moo and my shiny new diamond sword thank you stranger I’m no stranger I’m the sheriff oh no are we under arrest no I’m here to save you go back to my base at the sheriff station your friends will be there and you’ll see that everything is going to be okay on day 71 to 74 I traveled to a river to try out some fishing I hadn’t done it before and I wanted to get good at it in case I needed to catch a fish in a hurry as I was walking along the river I saw a strange message on the ground if you’re enjoying this adventure find more Zozo videos by searching for zo zo and don’t forget to like And subscribe hm that’s pretty weird anyway back to fishing I caught a few fish and I was feeling pretty good about myself but then Gary the Guster showed up Sheriff fishing on the job eh should be out there mining from my diamonds if you want that Village of yours to survive why can’t you just leave us alone I will once you give me what I want that’s not fair life ain’t Fair we rushed at each other and I pulled out my sword and my Vine lasso you think you can lasso me like cattle I’m no cow booy I tried my best but it wasn’t enough to defeat him I didn’t want to run but I needed to stay alive to get stronger and to help my friends so I turned and I ran all the way back to my base next time I’ll be ready on days 75 to 78 I got to work on my base again now that I know how strong Gary is after trying to fight him again I know we need to make the base even better Byron had a great idea for how to improve it what if we build an underground bunker somewhere we can hide out if we need to if he comes to attack us before we’re ready perfect I got to work building the bunker and before long we had a great big underground hideout to go to if Gary attacked before I was strong enough to beat him after I was done some of the little kados from the werewolves gang came up to me with the book it’s the magic book to help you get bigger and stronger wow thank you I tried some of the magic from the book and sure enough I grew bigger and gained more Hearts what an amazing gift hey really are good guys after all on day 79 to 84 I decided to test my new Strength on some mobs I went out into the desert with my sword and my lasso and found some skeletons to fight taste lasso Bon heads I rounded them up and took them all out after I defeated the last of the skeletons a desert Lord came up to me is he going to try and fight me too but to my surprise he gave me a gift instead thank you for getting rid of these skeletons they’ve been making so much trouble here as the Lord of this desert I present you with this sharpness enchantment which will increase the power of your sword awesome so now I’m stronger and my sword is stronger too this is great on days 85 to 89 I came back to the base only to find it under attack by an army of zombies of course this has got to be the work of Gary the Guster there were so many of them it would be dangerous to get close thankfully I had some of the javelins I made earlier you’re about to find out why you don’t mess with the sheriff zombies I threw javelin after Javelin until I had the zombie gang on the run with the help of the rest of my deputies we were able to run the undead Outlaws out of town but it wasn’t just my base they were interfering with the zombies were causing trouble all over town while I was gone one of the villagers ran over to me and told me that while the zombies were ransacking the town they took one of his chickens don’t worry villager I’ll have that chicken back to you safe and sound I chased the remaining zombies out into the woods and I saw the chicken running along with them that must be the villager’s chicken but the zombies had such a head start now I didn’t know if I could catch up to them in time wait the javelins can come in handy here too with a few well-placed throws those zombies were done for and the chicken was free come on little chicken let’s get you back to your owner I brought the chicken back to his owner who was so happy to see him the Villager thanked me for getting his chicken back and felt terrible that he didn’t have anything to give me as a reward don’t worry about it the only reward I need is knowing I did a job well done on days 90 to 94 I followed the trail of zombie Footprints in construction until I finally found a cave with a sign out front get out of these parts or face the Wrath of the Guster gang this has got to be it they secret hideout I better check it out I snuck into the cave and saw that it was empty except for one strange figure standing there like he was waiting for me who are you I’m the Soul Leader and I’m here to make sure you don’t mess with the boss’s plans no more why would you work for him what he’s doing is wrong he’s hurting so many people all because he’s greedy nothing wrong with a little greedy it’s a doggy dog world Sheriff we’re all just trying to get fed but isn’t it better to be nice to help others and know that they’ll help you in return what kind of Sucker helps people that ain’t this kind of down but it could be enough J turn and draw your weapon Sheriff I drew my sword and my Vine lasso ready for a fight after all of my recent experience I was feeling pretty good about it but when the Soul Leader rushed at me I knew I was wrong this wasn’t an ordinary fight you was incredibly fast and strong definitely the toughest fighter of the Guster gang I had met so far I didn’t have much time I had to think fast I ran backwards away from him and pulled out a javelin let’s finish this on days 95 and 97 I continued battling the Soul Leader in the Guster gang secret cave Hideout it was pretty close but putting some space between us and throwing a javelin helped me to do some crucial extra damage and get the advantage I needed while the Soul Leader was recovering I tied him up in my lasso and rushed him with my sword oh this can’t happen you’re weak I’m strong now with the Soul Leader beaten and not going anywhere I decided to look around The Hideout for anything I could use hey a battle axe awesome you’re coming with me I turned back to the Soul Leader and so are you let’s get you back to the jail and you can start talking I took the so leader back to the sheriff station and put him in the other cell there tell me what you know about Gary the Guster fine I can draw you a map to the Diamond Castle he’s building is that what you want yeah that would be great then you’ll let me go only if you promise to try being a good guy if it gets me out of here then sure here Sheriff no tricks it’s real now I knew exactly where to go to get Gary once and for all on day 98 after I got the map from the Soul Leader I decided to walk around my base and check in on everything all my new deputies were doing great settling into their duties as I was seeing what the deputies were doing I heard someone come to the door it was Rhonda and she had a bunch of baby road runners with her children this here is Sheriff Zozo he helped me get back to you when you were still eggs in the nest I owe him a lot of thanks how Rhonda I’m so glad you and your babies are doing well you’re hero Sheriff Zozo never forget that next Byron came to talk to me Sheriff it’s been an honor to be your Deputy thank you for giving this old basson a chance to help save my Village take this potion of strength as a token of my appreciation thank you so much Deputy Byron mayor Zeus stopped by to see me next I never thought I’d be a mayor but you believed in me I believe in you too Zozo don’t forget fellows like Gary are driven by greed and nothing else friendship and goodness are so much stronger and they’ll win in the end every time remember that it seemed like everyone beli to me and with amazing friends like these in my corner Gary wouldn’t stand a chance on day 99 I followed the map I got from the Soul Leader it was now or never with only one more day left before Gary would come to collect his Ransom there was no way I was was going to let him destroy the village as I was walking there a pigeon flew by overhead you can do it Zozo thank you pigeon I reached a massive castle made of diamonds surrounded by zombies and skeletons he has this many diamonds already and he wants even more this guy’s the worst there were so many enemies outside I wasn’t sure if I could take them all on by myself but then my trusty Deputy Byron the Bison showed up didn’t think I’d let you do this without your first Deputy your right-hand man did you day 100 iron and I fought our way through the zombies and skeletons and headed into the Diamond Castle there were so many of them it was a miracle we got through how can this guy afford to pay all these goons and build a diamond castle we’ve got to keep fighting Zozo we’re almost there you’re right Byron we can do this inside Gary the Guster was sitting on top of a diamond Throne well well well look what the Cat Dragged In we’re here to end this Gary your reign of terror is over well ain’t that a hoop listen little Sheriff you can’t f path the wind I’m a force of Nature and I ain’t going nowhere too bad we’re here to shut you down I pulled out my trusty Vine lasso and got ready to Wrangle Gary but before I could he threw sand in my eyes and I dropped it I couldn’t see what I was doing I’ll be your ass Zozo Dodge to the left he’s going to attack I listened to Byron and dodged it helped me avoid Gary’s hit hey that’s cheating blinding people before a fight is cheating Gary and Gary didn’t let up I could feel the force of his mighty winds trying to blow me away but Byron was still there to help Rush at him with your sword straight forward you can’t do this Dance Forever Cowboy I don’t have to what in dnation I rushed to Gary with my sword and Byron ran at him too together we dealt one huge blow and Gary dissolved he was gone is it really over it’s really over let’s say you and I get back to the town and rustle up some celebratory grub that sounds good to me you make a darn good share of Zozo thanks to us Gary the Guster and the Guster G would never hassle another town again

This video, titled ‘I Survived 1000 DAYS as a HACKER in HARDCORE Minecraft! – Smartest Mobs Compilation’, was uploaded by Zozo on 2024-05-12 01:15:05. It has garnered 31443 views and 342 likes. The duration of the video is 03:17:20 or 11840 seconds.

In this video, I, Zozo attempt to survive 100 days as a HACKER in Hardcore Minecraft! Right from the start there is action. An evil Redstone Golem attacks me, then I meet Redstone cube and Mr. Robot, who appear to be friendly. Soon I find out one of them is not what I think he is. Join me on this hac-tic journey!

0:00:00 100 DAYS as a HACKER https://youtu.be/plbilJZW2Xc 0:32:07 100 DAYS as a FIREFIGHTER https://youtu.be/F3ic8P4N9Mg 1:03:41 100 DAYS as an ELECTRIC TIGER https://youtu.be/9QrRHyql8FM 1:40:04 100 DAYS as TAILS from SONIC https://youtu.be/6QBAHmZjRkQ 2:12:01 100 DAYS as VEGETA from DRAGON BALL Z https://youtu.be/1WBGz99QwwA 2:47:12 100 DAYS as a SNOW GOLEM https://youtu.be/ahe4os3Bgp8

#minecraft #100days #hacker

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