127 Insane Minecraft Pranks to Make Friends LOL

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this is every way to make your friends laugh in Minecraft and hey YouTube bet me that you can’t subscribe to the channel before I empty my inventory into this chest so to prove them wrong dump your finger in that white subscribe button down below it’s free and it helps out of time if your friends always wanted to live at Sea then here’s a way to bring the sea to them or at least part of it since folks boats are entities which means that if we want to we could place down a whole bunch of these and cover your friends entire house and boats let’s be honest it’s not exactly an expensive Brink especially if you got yourself a tree farm or even just a good Axe and a tiger tree and while it’s annoying that these can’t stack in your inventory placing them down is a really easy setup and then when your friend wants to get rid of it they’re also easy to clean up and they’ll probably want to as well considering that that many entities could get a little laggy and really that’s the most destructive part of this prank the lag and the only thing that I would caution against so that you don’t get anything too mean would be making sure that none of the boats get too close to your friend’s animal pen while they’re easy to break by themselves when you have to look at the proper hit boxes to make sure that you’re not killing your pigs and sheep then it gets annoying this is my friend’s house and this is my house notice any similarities since a Great Prank is to go and copy your friend’s base verba them block for block and place it right next to theirs and after all I’ve heard that taking inspiration is a great thing so I stop at just taking inspiration and take their whole base as well and if you’re able to install a mod that lets you preview schematic so that you can get it just right then that can really add to the detail of getting this prank done right if you want to you can even put up a wall of glass in between and have it look like the mirror image I think that would be pretty funny too a little little wax goes a long way so if you manage to have any bees wax that you could use on your friend’s copper blocks then whether they’re trying to let them oxidize or not just going through and waxing a couple blocks here and there could be enough to make them think that they’re going crazy or could also let you tuck in a hidden message if you want as well and this one’s probably the definition of a slowburn since oxidizing copper already takes a long time and with that wax it’s going to take even longer which at that point it might be good for you too you get to basically forget about the prank and then be surprised when you remember how badly you got them Minecraft science already aren’t the easiest thing to read especially when you have glasses like me but we can make that so much worse just the right color of dye so for example if your friend has white text on a dark background of a sign then just by going through and changing it over to dark text on the darker background it basically gets impossible to read so unless they want to go deal with something like Glo ink sexs and let’s be honest no one wants to deal with glow squids then they’re basically stuck with this one and with the ability to edit your friend signs you can also change that new darker text into a hidden message for them to see and hidden is the right word for it since when it’s this hard to read you really have to put this under a microscope before you even know what the prank was in the first place this carpet offers us the perfect cover up since while this rug might look the exact same all the way throughout the truth is that if you tuck in a wall or a fence underneath some of the carpet blocks like so then your friend won’t be able to see that they’re there but they’ll definitely notice when they’re stepping over their rug and occasionally bob up and down and if your friend has a low ceiling this could also be an even better confusion there too since they won’t even know why they’re not able to walk on parts of their floor at least until they check underneath and realize they were hitting their head all along you ever feel like you’re being watched even when there’s no one around well in this case that’s not exactly a conspiracy theory since what we did is that we went through and hid a secret face within your friend’s base and this is an illusion I’ve Loved when we showed it off in the past but the idea of putting it in your friend’s base to make them think that they’re going crazy I mean if it doesn’t make them laugh it at least makes me laugh and it doesn’t have to just be a face like this too you could go through and change their glazed terracotta so that it looks like there’s actually a penguin sticking up like we’ve shown here when you notice it it’s pretty funny but it’s also easy enough to fade into the background especially when you’re familiar enough with a spot you’re not exactly checking every minute detail you just want to open your chest and leave which is perfect for a prank like this if you and your friends start out on a new world together then that’s your cue to make them laugh and a simple way to do that is just when they’re going to go mine through a tree little today know that you’re actually standing on top of those logs so that when they mine out the floor beneath you you’ll drop down on top of them giving them a surprise I mean it’s a lot better than getting an anvil dropped on your face like we’ve shown in other pranks in the past so if I had to choose between being greeted with death or my friend’s face it’s a tough choice but I think I’ll have to stick with my friend there once your friend goes AFK that’s your cue to bust out the Redstone knowledge since with the help of a proper flying machine you’re able to relocate that static player to an entirely different location on the map and personally I like shooting them right up into the sky and leaving them there I mean they’ll be pretty safe up there it’s not exactly like mobs are going to spawn and as long as they don’t freak out too much when they come back to their computer it could be quite the silly surprise for them to lay their eyes on and a good opportunity to practice their water bucket clutch I mean come on at that point it’s just thoughtful here in that classic TNT going off sound is a scary thing and it should be it normally means that you’re in bad trouble but here we get all of the scare without any of the damage or the cleanup since all that we’re using here is an observer to detect a redstone signal of your friend mining a block or interacting with something and that’s all we need to have it ignite the TNT but that TNT’s fallen into water so when it goes off there’s going to be absolutely no damage to anything around it or your friend which is a good way to give them a jump scare without giving them a reason for Revenge which hey gives you One Less Reason to look over your shoulder and be paranoid about so I think that’s worth something picture the situation you built up this great dining hall and then call of your friends for a meeting each of you sit in mine carts because there’s really no other way to sit in the game and when you get all of them there for that emergency meeting that’s when you finally reveal why they’re actually there you man out these few Center blocks that breaks the floor beneath you and all of you drop into what’s now what you’ve discovered the ancient city and credit to user sco for the creativity with B it’s really an impressive prank I mean not only you have to do all of the setup of getting your friends there and building the dining hall but you also have to mine out all of the chunks that you actually fall into the ancient city then you only got one chance to actually make it work but when you do it’s hard to say that the results don’t speak for themselves spawning a Wither’s a rude awakening but spawning a Wither like this isn’t mostly because it’s not spawning a Wither sure enough even though we built up the Wither structure in the same way that we would usually by the simple fact that we have a non-air block underneath the Soul Sand that wither won’t spawn regardless of how many wither skulls you put on top of it so as long as you build this t-shape over over something as simple as a torch carpet or snow underneath that weather isn’t going to spawn but it could still offer up a scare if you want to terrify your friends and the way that I would love to do this is to go down mining with your friend and then when they’re turned around place up the te- structure and then when they finally turn around place down the final skull only for them to be panicked as to why it’s not even spawning in the first place server bugs are annoying until you use them to your advantage since while usually it’s frustrating if you’re not able to see your friend if you’re clever enough to think on your feet then we could take after grean and use this to startle your your friends while they’re not able to see you and whether that’s placing signs or blocks to throw them off I me let’s face it you get as much versatility as you would if you were normally invisible but without all the particles is a dead giveaway if you’re lucky enough to get this glitch or even smart enough to force it then use that golden opportunity to make your friends scared or laugh I’ll let you choose finding good real estate on the server is a tough thing to do especially when your friends are able to rebuild an entire Cliff just to hide your house yeah something like that seems like housing market manipulation to me but it does make for a good prank yeah take after this red user who literally rebuilt their friend’s house inside of a cliff face Ravine and I don’t know if it’s the shaders in these screenshots but honestly looking at this it doesn’t look that bad I mean maybe a little inconvenient to get down to but that’s what water bucket saves are for if anything it’s just good practice so if you got something like light madaka that allows you to recreate your friend’s build block for block with a proper schematic that’s really all the excuse you need to be able to recreate something like this and get a good prank out of it if you’re able to get your friend to download a random resource pack then that’s basically a blank check to mess with them since while they think it’s just doing simple things like changing the textures as so for a mini game or whatnot the truth is that we switch the lava texture to water and all of the sudden exploring down in the caves gets a lot more inviting and a lot more dangerous and the nether especially looks pretty ridiculous when you see it with this pack at the best case scenario they’ll be confused and at the worst case scenario they’ll end up losing their stuff to that water inside of the nether bamboo and sugarcane are some of the fastest crops to grow in Minecraft though my friend’s bamboo Farm will never grow another stock again and the reason for that albeit nearly invisible is that if you place down string right on top of the bamboo stock past that point it’ll no longer grow which you definitely be a way to confuse your friends when they’re wondering why they’re farmers and producing like it used to and considering that Bamboo’s a lot more useful in recent updates this could be your invitation to sabotage their bamboo farm so that they have to buy it from you or charge a fee to come by and fix it cuz after all if they’re not taking a closer look they might have just thought that they planted on the wrong block and as long as you make sure that you’re not holding any string when they come asking questions I think you’ve been the clear if everyone has a big enough ego to go around building statues of themsel they honestly need to be taken down a peeg I mean sure it’s impressive but are they impressive enough to need a statue who’s to say you however are definitely deserving of a statue and in that case you should go through and replace the statue’s skin with one of your own I mean they already gave you the template for the proportions now it’s just coming up with the right block pallet to match your own I mean I’m in luck I just have to get red concrete and I’m basically 90% done and really as this common points out on Reddit if someone’s willing to go through and change a statue like this that’s a lot of dedication at that point you should just leave it the same way to applaud them and honestly I’m inclined to agree ender pearls can make for a great escape plan but what if you’re not in danger but rather you’re just looking to confuse your friend well even in that case an ender pearl stasis chamber does the job just right since with one of these set up on a timer you could appear in your friend’s house out of nowhere or vanish from their eyes in an instant and that’s definitely going to be enough to confuse them especially if you can bait your friend into chasing you and then flip a switch so that halfway through the chase scene you’re removed from the script entirely you can do a lot of impressive things with map art and we’ve shown as much in past videos but while you can use a lot of detail for these I don’t even think we have to go that difficult in fact just replicating one of the regular Minecraft paintings and then switching out subtle things and placing this in your friend’s base be all it takes to mess with the regular art for and you get to see if they even noticed your subtle shenanigan and if they did they should be impressed one of these Maps costs 128x 128 blocks so you’re willing to go quite the extra mile just to prank them and honestly art subjective I think this looks better anyway as my friend Bry shown off you can definitely use goats to kill your friends but that’s a little harsher than we’re going for right now so how about just pranking your friends with one of these goats and for that purpose it’s hard to get better at annoying someone than a screaming goat and hiding one of these inside of your friends base it’d be all it takes to drive them crazy I’ve heard of The Telltale Heart underneath your floorboards but something about The Telltale goat I think that’d be even quicker at ending edigar all and post story it would just be a oneliner just be careful the goat doesn’t turn against you while you’re trying to trap it down in the house their screams aren’t the only part of them that’s annoying I never understand the people who log into a multiplayer server and then decide to just play it as single player completely isolating themselves from the rest of the bunch and if your friend tends to do the same thing then why not do them a favor and actually segment them by putting a giant glass Dome around their base I mean hey they wanted a quarantine it’s hard to do it better than a giant glass Dome and if you do this around the holidays then it functions as both a barrier and a snow globe come on isn’t that just delightful yeah maybe they won’t think as much but hey they tend to keep themselves anyway if they start arguing you could just leave them be you ever walk into your base and something just feels off like I could have sworn that furnace used to be over there or that chest does not seem like it’s organized the same way well usually that’s just your brain Playing Tricks on you but today call ourselves your brain cuz we’re going to be playing the tricks ourselves and just by making subtle changes to your friend’s base like swapping Out Paintings or even adding in random blocks into various places that they’ve haven’t been before be all that it takes to see if your friend notices your little experiment and like I said if you’re able to get your friends down little resource pack then one of the funniest ones that you can trick them into getting is the fresh animations villagers now the fresh animations pack is great but it’s hard to argue that the villagers don’t look a little silly and as green shown off the kind of strange looks that you can start to get from the villagers when you get your friend to download this I it’s good enough to make me laugh I hope it can make them too once your friend gives a name to their pet that’s not the end of the story since with a name tag of our own we’re able to go through and rename that pet to whatever we want it to be so instead of your friend’s pet being named Fluffy now it’s yel and it’s it’s more of an anagram than anything else but hey he didn’t kill their dog all he did was just play a little bit of word search and it’s easy enough to go through and just replace with a name tag of your own for the cost of one level to clean up I think that’s a pretty safe prank to play on your friends and one that could still be pretty funny if your friend likes to decorate their Winter Wonderland with a couple of snow golems then the way that you could help them out to make it an actual Winter Wonderland is take a pair of shears and remove all the pumpkins off their heads let’s face it this forgotten texture for the original snowman is pretty funny looking and it also fits the aesthetic a little better of the Snowman so there you go in some ways you’re helping them achieve their vision and in others you’re giving them a chuckle it’s really just for them to choose which one it is here’s a fun trick to show your friends that you can do with Mobs now if you get a mob into the back of your boat and then you land both of you on top of ice then when you start spinning around on the boat all the momentum’s going to give the mob a lot of Whiplash and their heads will start to spin around in a pretty weird way which to me looks painful but the chicken looks to be enjoying itself so I guess to each their own maybe they loosen their neck a little bit more than I do and any bystanders looking on I can only imagine that this looks even sillier maybe you’ve heard this before but you can’t sleep now there’s monsters nearby but when you look around you don’t see any enter the monster under your bed see if you dig a two block hole underneath a bed added a daylight sensor and then place an armor stand on top it’ll be just the right height to see the eyes of the monster head Peak through right here which is a good way to startle anyone who walks into your guest bedroom once you take down the Ender Dragon there’s not much to show off your Victory I mean there’s the egg but there’s only one of them to go around and that doesn’t seem fair for a group effort so if you want something to show off for all those involved on the server this dragon skin rug seems like a perfect pick plus it’s a pretty funny psych gag so that doesn’t hurt either and by adding in little details like buttons for scales there are subtle ways to make this a really solid addition to your living room’s floor so if you’re not already using your dragon’s head for a piano this is got to be the next best use for them I’d like to introduce you all to my new pet berries and yeah you heard me right I have berries as a pet or at least it looks like that see this user found out that by catching a fox and making it invisible all that’s left showing are the bushel of sweet berri in its mouth and for that matter I’m sure you could use this to lead around just about any of the other items that a fox can carry in its mouth but regardless of what you use you’ll want to keep this pet away from your chicken CE or else okay so you’ve probably heard of the headless horsemen but what about the bodyless Steve see after placing down some path blocks we can throw a pig inside a mine cart hop on and ride into the floor like so with only our head to poke out of the top of the path which can either startle your friends or lend to the weirdest game of soccer yet and whichever option you choose just make sure not to Dismount the pig while you’re down there otherwise you go from an awkward situation into something a lot more uncomfortable when you’re idling at a farm in Minecraft there’s not a lot to do I mean most of us would just go off and do something away from the screen but if that’s out of the question for you then we’ll have to find some other way to be productive now to start get out of book and Quil and no this isn’t to take notes or anything that book’s actually our project you see the way that Minecraft Scrolls through different pages it’s actually possible in some weird way to make flip book animations in the game is it limited sure but remember someone remade Star Wars and aski art so the possibility is pretty high so if you’re going to be killing the time anyway then you might as well make yourself a magnumopus traps are a tail as old as Minecraft itself but while there are plenty of flashy ways to imprison or blow up your pals this might be the best way to hold them accountable since with the dripstone spikes we can make something of a functional Guillotine for our use in our Minecraft worlds sure enough you tuck the culprit underneath the trap door and have a system to let the spike fall far enough and then you can have quite the public display so while I wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of quick attack this might be a way to keep those hackers in line just as long as they’re not wearing a helmet with just one bed and a bell we can gather all of our villagers like that and it really is as simple it’s just placing down the bed in the middle of an area and then you’ll see them all flock Towards the bed giving you all of your villagers wrangled up which you could then use to either convert them all into witches with the Trident or convert them all into zombies with this method here whatever the point is I’ll let you decide but now at least you’ll know how to gather up the rap scallions now thankfully Java Minecraft doesn’t have much for microtransactions but that does leave us behind in terms of Cosmetics or rather it would if we did have this command you see with the/ item replace command we can put blocks and items on our armor slots that we couldn’t normally so sure Steve doesn’t normally have a mohawk but put an anvill on your helmet and the problem’s solved or you can add an emerald to your head and look like a Sim really the possibilities here are quite open so now it’s all up to you to find your favorite one here’s how to turn your Pistons from this into this and the secret behind this isn’t doing something like MCM Stein’s mod even though that is cool but instead by just using the set block command with different parts of the Piston we can separate the head head from the body and then Place fence post lining in the middle and there you have it a giant piston and if you really wanted to you could even make this into the sticky variant as well just don’t expect it to retract anything there’s no off switch for this one by using just a candle and chain mail helmet we can get a pretty convincing mouse and keyboard setup and hey for an added bonus enchant the helmet for an RGB effect or if you’re more of a console player don’t sweat it a plaque stone wall is the trick for that as well potions are a common obstacle in Minecraft travel but luckily boats offer up an easy solution for that however these simple ships could really use an upgrade so if you’re looking to become a proper captain on the seven C’s maybe use your boat’s second seat for a boost like maybe bringing along a witch to offer up some extra artillery support because luckily for us their potions throw in such an arc that you’ll never get hit or maybe you’re trying to move house in which case a llama brings along some extra storage slots for your belongings and really whichever you choose I’m sure it’ll be better than just having some lonely trip across the deep blue I don’t think any of us want to get on a be’s bad side for one they’re just so adorable that you probably don’t want to hurt one anyway but that’s not to mention that they can also carry quite a stinger so to change their offensive capabilities to defensive how about we make ourselves a b army with this swarm all it takes is an enemy to be hit by one mistake and the Damage will be done and folks if you can believe it these things can even take down the Wither now sure you’ll need a lot of them and it would probably help to Splash them with a strength two potion but the point still stands that this buzzing Battalion can wreck through anything you throw at them and maybe next time they’ll want to stay on your good side with the help of the new mang Grove planks we can build something like this I’m so sorry but if you want want to build this suspicious statue in your own world all you need are some Mangrove slabs two doors and a trapo to cover up the block for the center visor plus if you partner this with the new skull blocks that will really make this look out of this world why are these armor stands fighting well when you have these statues roll over a detector rail we can animate them like so which means that we can use our very own armor STS to recreate something of a sword fight and then if you have the rails aligned in a row like so we can throw them into mine carts and have the show commence which if you ask me could really help to liven up your next Coliseum build just don’t expect their fight to end anytime soon by stacking up 20 or so villagers into a hole like this we can make it so that when we fall inside of the hole as well we can jump with our lightra and use all of the combined force of their pushes to launch ourselves skyh high and there you go you’ve got an entity launcher that doesn’t use any Rockets making this not only hilarious but also quite effective but take warning if you want to build this make sure that there’s less than 24 villagers in the hall otherwise you might run into the entity cramming limit and then this design will take you up to the skies it’ll take you up to heaven let’s be honest with the way that we’re treating the Villers we’re probably going south of the pear Gates this build Act is a violation of the Geneva Convention and now that I got your attention let’s talk about how we built it because luckily what’s actually happening here isn’t as cool as it seems but by tucking a villager into place in a cauldron and then using a dinnerbone name tag we can flip it upside down but because it’s a cauldron it’s not going to drown inside that block not to mention the fact that that’s not how the dinnerbone name tag Works anyway and then with a couple of chains on top to keep it in place we make it look as if it’s hanging inside the pot and even though luckily the villagers paid actor and no one was hared in the process armor stands not only let us display our armor but also use that armor as a decoration and this here is my favorite instance see while this looks like a regular chest to the outside world when you open it up we’re treated to a proper golden treasure inside and the setup is surprisingly simple all we need to do is lay our armor stand on a block with a shorter HIIT box in this case an enchantment table and then push a regular Block in a chest into its place with a piston and from there what I love most about this is that the helmet fits right within the spot of the chest texture almost like it’s meant to be to make sure our villagers safe when they’re doing our bidding we have to defend against raids and the easiest way to do that is to take a Pillager mob that might have spawned from a patrol tuck it into a prison and give it a name tag so that then whenever you walk by with the bad Omen effect the raid’s never actually going to start cuz it thinks that Larry over here is the only Raider that it should be sending and then after a few days in game The Raid will end and your base will be completely fine oh without having to worry about things like evokers or ravagers ever too and if it means I have to enslave one Pillager so that I can keep enslaving my villagers that’s fine by me bad traps stick out like a sore thumb which is why if you see a random pressure plate out in the open most of us know not to step on it but that’s the whole point of this you see we want our victim to expect that it’s trapped break the pressure plate and then the real trap goes in motion the item is then sucked up by the hopper mine cart goes into a real Hopper and then a comparator sets off a signal and the rest is history now while you could be more cruel here by adding in more TNT mine carts I think this actually could work really well in a rigged desert temple that folks would be a surprise for sure one that’s likely to leave them with no items to their name sometimes in m incraft it can be easy to forget that your actions have consequences so to give your friend a quick refresher course then how about we design a trap with that karma in mind now I don’t know about you but on my world exposed Target blocks are a rare sight meaning that as soon as someone sees one you can guarantee that an arrow is going straight for the center but this time instead of a bullseye they’ll be treated at Newton’s third law of motion for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction and in this case that reaction is a poison Arrowhead straight for their torso is it cruel well it’s hard to say they didn’t ask for it and maybe now they’ll think twice before they act we can wait for this build hack to load in but the truth is it never will because that’s the whole point and by mixing together an invisible item frame with a goat horn like this we can use a command block that constantly updates it so that it rotates and creates this loading screen animation that we see here which could be great for making your friends think they have a bad internet connection or it might just be useful to have for the next time you set up a new map and you need something for the players to see while you get everything ready and really so few of the Minecraft textures are animated so it’s nice to see us make do where we can over the years Minecraft has steadily added new pets to choose from while everyone else opts for a dog or maybe the new Axel what if you want something a bit more unique well there is a solution I’ll beat a weird one now of course the main thing that you’re looking for with a pet is loyalty so why don’t go straight to the source with a loyalty 3 Trident no kidding with this thing lacks in pulse it apparently makes up for a companionship so simply throw the thing fill up your inventory slots and then you can watch it follow you around if you’re mapat you’ll want to pay attention to this one because as you can see we put some familiar animatronics into Minecraft as the channel beasting and feas and shows all we need are some armor stands posed the right way to make one of these creepy characters right in vanilla just make sure you sleep after you build them I wouldn’t want to risk a night shift around these here’s why we used a hoglin our buil if we were to summon in a hoglin using this tag is immune to zombification then we’ll be able to keep it alive long enough to play dead and then after we add in the dinner bone name tag to it with some N Rods over Top Lane out horizontally we get ourselves the perfect pig on a spit illusion that’ll be ready for our next Hawaiian Li out did you know that you could do this with bubble streams because apparently if you throw eggs directly at the water those projectiles will Ricochet and bounce along the bubbles and functionally this is a lot like an ender pearl stasis chamber but we’re just using a lot more momentum when we throw it out which means if you make a couple of baskets you might be able to set this up for your very own basketball game and hey since it works with other entities with a right amount of force this could be the wild addition for your next TNT cannon in Minecraft it’s often easy to accumulate your fair share of junk and while throwing that stuff into a fire is a fun Pastime what if you really want to get rid of something like say through some chance you came across a particularly cheaty piece of netherite well if you don’t have a cactus on hand then there is one option that we tend to neglect items are entities just like you and me and that means that these things have a kill switch so if you take an anvil Skyhigh and drop it on a thing of items it’ll delete the stuff from existence it’s almost like we’re creating our own kind of item execution system but if you really want to get rid of your friends diamonds then this will do the trick and then some I think we’ve all known that one person who learns how to MLG water bucket and then uses is it non-stop like I get it it’s a practical skill but I don’t understand using it to get down from a four block drop so all right if we’re both fed up with it then why don’t we teach them a little lesson but the question we’ll have to solve is how do you stop water because really unless you’re in the nether there are not many ways to stop a water bucket unless we take it up a step by using this upside down step since half slabs can be water logged when they try and land they’ll be greeted to their bucket emptying and no prayer of a clutch save leaving you Victorious and them totally confused about what just happened when ban do their sway animation they clip within certain blocks which seems like a glitch but we’re going to use it as a feature with trap doors in this Banner pattern we can make it look as if this face is actually blinking or at the very least it’s checking its surroundings before it goes back to sleep this user on Reddit shows if we were to get a drowned mob with a tridon into this system throw the tridon at us and that tridon will catch on fire which we can then use to ignite a piece in TNT and that’ll cause all these villagers down here to die on the spot and coincidentally all turn into zombies and well we’ve shown off in the past using the similar version of this to make a record Farm I think this design ends up being a lot more practical but also a lot more cruel so maybe check your morals at the door clearly armor stands can be used for some pretty amazing things and with the help of command blocks we can push that even further see all of these NBT data changes that we do like so we could automate with repeating commands meaning we can turn an armor stand like this into a working ceiling fan which I’ll fully admit seems ridiculous but I also can’t argue with the results and while this option with swords maybe takes the term propeller blades a bit too literally we could just as well use Shields like this example if you’ve messed around with mapmaking you’re plenty familiar with the concept of custom player heads and while these can work fine on their own they get even cooler when we partner them with armor stands and my favorite example of so would be this Tiki totem pole as this user showed off on Reddit we can mix together placed heads and armor stands to add different scales into our Tower which I think gives a really cool option for decorating your next jungle temple base and come to think of it this technique could also be used for some really convincing snowmen watch this fish closely because in Bedrock edition if you put a fish inside of a moving water source like this then if it stays in the same place idle long enough its swimming animation will infinitely speed up until as you can see we get some pretty wild results but it’s worth mentioning that no matter how much speed it builds up as soon as the fish actually moves a block then its animation goes back to normal so if you’re trying to build up speed for 12 hours you might want to look somewhere else if you’re falling from a great height water is the All-Star pick for safety and we can use that idea to our favor see if you’re looking to get even with someone on the server this water illusion is a solid candidate to do so as you’ll notice by making several custom maps with a water design like so we can make a convincing spot for them to land on only once they in for that puddle they’ll just break their legs on a couple of item frames and that should be a rude awakening for sure while engine debris has many cool uses I think it’s lava resistance is particularly interesting and it allows us to make this new kind of smelting see since our items won’t melt in the Flames we can pour lava over the top of the super smelter and have our Hopper input hidden in The Inferno then when you need a smell for scrap throw a couple of debris in and accept your lava forg reward which is much cooler than just some simple furnace when you see lime terra cotta your first thought probably isn’t lemonade but when it’s arranged like this you’ll reconsider with this we already have the perfect sign for a lemonade stand and then we can use this trick with a gold helmet armor stand placed on five layers of snow and push a glass block over top for a jar of lemonade and with a final trap door in a coral block we’ll make sure that we have any grapes in case any ducks come by here’s how to take your boat from the ocean right up the sky limit since in Bedrock edition if you place your boat on top of a pad of slime blocks and then jump on top of it then once we finally get inside there be so much potential energy locked in that boat that it’ll shoot right up into the sky giving you a neat party trick to show off to your friends or who knows it might even be a cheap way to get in a lightra launcher Shields are a very useful tool but once you’re holding one of these speed is the last thing on your mind though the Bedrock Edition might have an interesting solution for that here when your friend holds a shield we can punch them multiple times and still get the knockback which has led some in the community to discover a technique like this here we can alternate Shield usage between the two players and essentially create a ladder of sorts no joke you could even use this six blocks high in some cases and not to mention that using this properly could also help you to clear horizontal distances as well making these shields a lot better for traversal than any of us thought Redstone timers can be a bit complex to build and while sure there are comparably simpler options like Hopper clocks and such if you really looking to make a no-brain or Redstone clock then this is your candidate as you’ll see our solution here is gravity and a violation of the Geneva Convention having a mobs stand on top of some turtle legs there’s a set amount of time before they crack so given that there is a theory that you could form some kind of kind of timer using Turtle XS is it immoral I guess it doesn’t seem the nicest but if you’re really looking for a timer that’s light on Redstone this does do the trick so maybe just keep this behind closed doors and don’t let your visitors know how the sausage gets made all right I’m mixing together a grindstone with a new crafter block then if we look at the front here we have what looks to be a face of a robot riding on a wheel adding some levers for arms like this example or put it on top for an antenna there’s really a lot that you can do here I mean if you’ve seen the movie Wall-E just think of any of those and you can probably make with the crafter pigs and Saddles are somewhat of a laughing stock when it comes to Transportation but with a lack on the ground they more than make up for in Disguise it turns out that with the right Technique we can tie a lead between an elytra and a saddle Pig and essentially create a two-person ride share is it practical I’ve got no clue but clearly it’s a sight to see so if you’ve got both the leads and pigs to spare it’s well worth your time to try this out on the server and if you start from the right height you might just clear some serious distance with your friend in to which I think is just fantastic Minecraft has blocks and it has mobs and often times you don’t see the two sides mix but that changes today since with the help of cleverly coated Falling Sand entities and armor stands this Reddit user was capable of animating a proper functional jumping piston mob and folks this isn’t done with any mods or resource packs but in fact it’s fully possible using just command blocks or data pack and vanilla and the results are equal parts ridiculous and impressive to see and honestly this just feels like a Pixar reference waiting to happen now this wolf’s tail is spinning but why well to answer that we first need to know that a tamed wolf’s tail is linked to its health so the lower it health the lower the tail and conversely if we use commands to make it have a higher Health yeah the tail starts spinning so if you were to use the effect commands to give the dog both Health boost and regeneration we could watch its tail spin in real time just don’t get dizzy when you try to watch it building a house is a tail as oldest time in Minecraft but having the game build house for you is a bit more exciting that’s why this display of a house built entirely of falling blocks is so wild to see what’s happening here is that we have a command block array perfectly timed to launch each and every block into its respective place on it finally gives us our finished result and full disclosure for this to work you will need a flat surface otherwise those building blocks will just collide with one another and fall right off course at some point I think we’ve all wanted to be an astronaut but without a billion dollars in the bank that’s a pipe dream for most of us so that leaves us two options we either sit around and mope or start to work in Minecraft science as it is we don’t have much in the way of rocket fuel but what we do have is TNT and a lot of it which means if we grab a whole bunch of TNT mine carts we can pack enough of these suckers into a small space to launch us right towards the Moon though maybe pack some blast protection and totems aren’t dying to do this otherwise both you and your dreams will go up and smoke stop using fireworks for your elytra Instead try a dolphin no joke if we take after this user’s example all we have to do is attach a lead to a dolphin start swimming in the ocean and then once we build up enough speed with a dolphin’s Grace potion effect we can go straight from swimming right up into launching into the sky and well that’s ridiculous enough on its own it’s funny to realize that we’re not the only one that takes flight so make sure that you and your dolphin buddy landed somewhere safe by throwing down seeds for a villager regardless of the type they’re going to walk towards and pick it up and this blew my mind when I first heard it I thought it would have only worked with farmer villagers but sure enough there is a way to get them to follow the breadcrumb trail if you’re not prepared the Wither can be a tough opponent especially on harder difficulties I mean at the very least with 300 HP to its name taking one down isn’t usually a speedy experience or so you thought as it turns out while we’ve been wasting our time using swords Trident and axes to slay the boss there’s actually a much stranger option for victory by crafting yourself a chunk of these fully powered fireworks Rockets then that’s all that you need to beat the beast in roughly 10 seconds though I should know that for safety it’s probably best to spawn it under a Bedrock Fountain like such but after you do that then you can just simply hold down the right click button and get ready for the hard earned nether star my actual personal favorite use of these hanging signs so far is if we do something like this user did here first we’re going to have to build up into the sky and then with a couple of these iron trap doors as fans we can place blinking lights at the bottom and finally add in our hanging sign with the face design of your choice and we got a little robot face just add in red die and it’s a lot more of an attack drone which I would be angry too if someone came by and broke my buttons Minecraft blocks come in one shape and size that is until today see by using distance and a clever stair step like build we can make it seem as if the block that we placed is actually quite small and this way we practically guaranteed that any visitors would be left with a question mark as to how it works but besides a prank you might actually find yourself using this on a larger scale and really we’ll leave the finer details of that to you but I will say this could make for a real mind-bending entrance to your next base turtle eggs don’t seem to do a lot like any baby these things are quite the liability until they grow up but that might just be our biggest asset since these eggs crack under the simplest bit of pressure we can make an extremely easy trap just sneak one of these little guys under a thing of carpet and then as soon as any zombie or Nar well comes by they’ll be met with quite the surprise one jump and that’s it and they’ll Start Tumbling toward their Doom you’ll avoid less hooligan to worry about and now you don’t have to worry about the egg or the fool so if you got the silk touch on hand this might just pave the way for the perfect possibility as it’s clear to see Minecraft is a game made of blocks which is why it’s such a cursed sight to see a circle like so but even if it breaks Mojang’s unspoken rules there are plenty of cool things that we can still do with these as is the way that we pull these off is by summoning a bunch of armor stands around a relative position and then to give that subtle curve we have them face towards the center point and then give us that smoothed out area and while mysticat has shown off how to make one of these into a pool of water we could also just as well make a tire swing out of these and both of which are plenty cool to see Minecraft staircases should be straightforward but as was shown in the past there are plenty of weird staircases that we can put to use in our worlds and this is no different what might look like a random mix of blocks and food stuffs is actually the fastest walkable staircase in the game the truth is that the way that these hit boxes are laid out it’s just so that we can stand in the middle and climb these staircases seamlessly and sure proper spiral staircase would look much nicer but if you want the speeds as you climb up to your Mountain this is hard to beat since even though you can’t see it if you use a dispenser to shoot armor at a villager it’ll actually equip it into their secret inventory and make no mistake even if you can’t see it they are definitely wearing it they’ll take way longer to kill and they can even use the Thorns enchantment as well so if you got an amazing villager that you’re trying to keep safe from your zombies this is definitely a useful trick to keep them alive or if you’re looking for more live entertainment then you can give a villager Frost Walker and send it out into the ocean you’re going to have to zoom in to see this one but that’s kind of the point since by tucking a button inside an invisible item frame like this we get the perfect amount of texture and detail to make ourselves beetles crawling on your Oak log and while they’re admittedly a lot smaller than the spiders and bees that we already see in the game let’s be honest I feel like this looks more realistic anyway and if you buil one of these with a glowing item frame then you might just have a firefly on one of these logs as well which is nice cuz they’re not in the game otherwise beacons are a site we’re all familiar with but maybe not like this though even if this seems cursed the tech to pull it off is surprisingly simple see beacons are transparent blocks meaning Beacon beams can pass through other beacons so if you have the spare blocks on hand you can make something of a custom Beacon and vanilla and while this does wind up being a pretty expensive facade the results are definitely unique and it might be the perfect pranking for your next friend’s visit now when bamboo was first released the first thing that many fans noticed is that it looks a lot like spaghetti especially the Mosaic block so why don’t we just embrace it since with an invisible item frame and a mosaic block like this we can again put a heavy weighted pressure plate over top and we got ourselves some spaghetti noodles if we take a villager into a mine cart like this its hat will still poke through the floor so with enough slabs in a Shepherd villager we can make our very own moving Roomba that rides around your floor and the funniest thing about this is that the Villager can still pick up things like bread carrots and potatoes so it’ll help you clean up your food scraps after the 5-second ru unfortunately we can’t tie villagers to leads and I doubt Minecraft’s going to change that anytime soon but we can’t attach leads to cows so if you were to get a herd of cows and Tuck a villager in the middle of them it’s true that we can use our cattle crew to essentially drag the Villager with us which is more than a little finicky but if you really need the solution this could come in clutch and hey it can even help you bring them across bodies of water Don’t Tell Em mojing lets us use chains to bring along the villages the other way this is our best bet Don’t Go Near this composter well I warned you with a sticky piston and a slab we can add in an armor stand like this and pop up any mob that we choose out of our composter and then the real kicker is that if we fill in the composter with something like Hay all of that compost can completely hide the head inside or rather it’ll hide it until it’s too late when we press the button we’re able to open up this store but not in the way that you think the way we do this is just by retexturing different things to look like our iron doors so for the first one we’ve got trap doors and then for the next we use a TNT duper to blast our way through and my personal favorite is seeing this sandor pressing the button and instead of falling it’s really just going up into the sky is gravity wrong Are We Wrong I honestly don’t know but they did do it behind the scenes video where we can see how this actually happens that in the original video very cool if not obviously confusing all right be honest what render distance do you play on 12 16 or 48 since this mod called slide you’re able to move the sliders in the options menu completely off the bar and honestly I think just the clips alone of sliding it off like this is pretty funny but it could be useful too I mean I mean if you want to take a screenshot of the entire end Island that you transformed you’re really not able to fit that in low fovs in your entire render distance so with this it becomes a little bit more useful if not a lot more laggy too and if you’re going to try this out I should say the mod developer says that you should never change the target resolution outside of its slider otherwise that’ll cause the game to crash I mean if that’s your goal go ahead but you can’t say I didn’t warn you now if you were to get hit by a falling Anvil it’s got to hurt and while that’s true for us it’s not as much for the villagers or at least if you compare the two in Rock if you drop an anvil on a sleeping villager it won’t take any damage Minecraft has plenty of mobs to witness in the base game but once you’ve played as much as we have these things are old hat so if you’re tired of foxes that look like this then maybe this is worth a shot see by using armor stands aligned like such we can use much smaller versions of the blocks to create our own special sculptures and the best part is that all of these are possible without using mods so while the complexity on display can clearly vary there’s still plenty of creativity to see and while I can only imagine the headache would require to painstakingly lay out each piece of this tiger I also can’t argue that the results are quite special enity cramming is an often forgotten rule of Minecraft for those who don’t know the idea is that if you get more than a set amount of mobs in a one by one spot then the game is going to apply steady damage until that number drops below the threshold but unless you’re doing some insane breeding on your cows and sheep most of us don’t even brush up against this though it could be surprisingly useful particularly through Minecarts in this example we’ve got a whole bunch of Hopper mine carts that can fully squish the nether star out of a Wither I’m being serious even one of the biggest bosses of the game game could get hopelessly crushed by the limitation proving that sometimes the greatest weapon is just some well-kept guidelines all right the next one I was told as a surprise so yep still a surprises but unfortunately for all of us these bamboo blocks look a little too close to faded yellow wallpaper and what I’ll also mention is that if you use some of the bamboo signs and don’t type anything on top of them then with the horizontal lines that they have on top they look pretty good for Vents and now I’m just wondering how you’re supposed to no clip out of the back rooms oh there you go here’s how to make your drift Stone even deadlier use a fishing rod silly as that might sound as this user shows us it’s entirely possible if you find yourself in a situation like this place the dripstone underneath the block and then when you break its support block you can catch on to the dripstone as an entity with your bobber and use that to throw towards your enemies so while getting the spacing might still be pretty tough to do this when you pull it off and kill your friend it really is something special and this might be the only dripstone kill that’s able to top the one that green got on double life here’s how a moonwalk in craft all we need is an elytra first off we’re going to fly down to the ocean and then hold up the space bar so that we push ourselves back up to the top of the water and then from there we can just start walking backwards which is a fun site for sure but remember this will use up some of your elytra durability proven that even the best dance moves have their expiration date at some point it’s a tail as old as the 1.3 update when you enter a desert temple you’ve got to disable that stone pressure plate and failure to do so could easily be the end of your run but even knowing that plan mistakes can happen so whether it was you a friend or maybe the rabbit that triggered the plate the fact still stands that we need to fix this and fast and to do that there’s actually a simple solution as you’ll notice by breaking the pressure pad and the block that it’s on we can fill that space with a water bucket to flood the explosion chamber and from there the TNT detonates but it doesn’t delete the blocks or causes any harm up here letting us still claim those treasure chests all the same getting the sniper duel achievement is no easy task but that’s nothing Redstone can’t help and here instead of shooting at the skeleton head on we shoot at a Target block placed directly above him and then we rig a sticky piston pull it away on command meaning that after we walk 5050 blocks away we can flip the lever activate the piston and we’ll get the achievement no problem and hey this will also work for the bullseye achievement just switch out the skeleton for a Target block instead if you want to play Minecraft Survival without the added challenge of well surviving then peaceful mode is an obvious choice or so you thought you see even though this mode claims to remove all dangerous mobs one spy seems to have slip through the cracks while playing on peaceful mode the Llama is the only mob capable of harming the player I mean I know spit is gross but is it really that bad to be the only damaging thing in the mode well luckily these animals only attack when they’re provoked so in the meantime maybe just stick to the truly passive cows for your leather all right water isn’t All That Bouncy a bold statement I know but that might be unfortunate because as you’ll soon find out these fish love to bounce around and to test that let’s set up a slime block trampoline right over here on dry land then all it takes is spawning a caught in place and you’ll see that sucker take off to the Moon in back it looks like it’s having a blast but if you’re going to do this maybe give the fish a health boost or something so that this party doesn’t turn into a murder mystery so even though these fish might not like dry air I think this might make their stay a bit more enjoyable here’s how to beat the warden using just some wool blocks now as you might know wool can be used to deafen the sound that comes from the vibrations which if we take that to The Logical extreme if we then Place wool around a warden as it’s climbing out of the ground while spawning we’ll be able to make it both trapped and oblivious to what’s happening around it which at that point means we can walk around the perimeter and then it’ll despawn after time when doesn’t get any stimulus it’s a bold move but it can work out if you’ve got the right skills instead of placing all these Flowers By Hand we’re going to do it with a bow strange as it may seem using the place feature command we’re able to swap out an entity for a decoration so if we set up the execute command like this in a command block that’ll be able to turn our spray of arrows into a beautiful flower garden and if you want to make this whole process even faster I’d recommend using a multi-shot crossbow so you get even more of a spray at the end just make sure not to shoot anybody while they’re enjoying the Roses how do we make these mine carts fly well the reasons bees because if you summoned a mine cart riding as a passenger on top of a bee it’ll actually still let the mine carts fly around and they’ll still be functional and then if we take after this user and make the bees invisible we have quite the miname to climb up to the top of the base just make sure you don’t hit the sneak key otherwise you’ll be in a spot way worse than last place the warden’s a tough mob to kill and because of that it can’t drown or burn alive so if you were to put it on top of a pad of magma blocks it would never die but if you put those same Maga blocks underwater it also can never Escape because its movement speed is too slow to escape the current it’ll just spin around in a circle on those bubbles which is hilarious to watch but still don’t get too close to it otherwise it could still use it Sonic Boom attack and make it a lot less funny to watch let’s face it no one wants to wait at their desk for hours which is why going AFK is such a beautiful concept but what seems like a dream for time management could just as easily be a nightmare and I’ve seen far too many times where an AFK trip ends in an unattended death and a loss of items so to fix that let’s get ourselves somewhere safe to wait and for that I think these safety boxes are a brilliant addition by throwing down a composter with a trapo lid we can squeeze ourselves into place and then shut the box for safety that way no monsters that spawn nearby can come over and ruin the operation and then when finished we can hop out and reap the rewards just as planned Minecraft treats certain hit boxes in weird ways and that can be best seen when we talk about entity stacking see in certain cases it’s possible to rest one entity on top of another and while I personally use this for letting me use a mine cart as a hat it can also let us crowd surf sure enough if you ride a boat on top of a bed of entities we can ride it just the same as we would on Ice granted it might not be the most popular travel method but I’d say it’s definitely worth a try at least once for the screenshot although Snow Golems try their best they don’t exactly make for the best defense I mean unless they’re fighting a blaze these fellas don’t even do damage just knockback and that’s not exactly cutting it for our purposes so to make these Frosty friends a bit more ferocious we need to crank up the heat and for that I’m actually being serious in Bedrock addition if you put fire in front of their projectiles then we Straight Up Mix the fire and the ice get something they got to fear and from there all you got to worry about is keeping the things safe but as long as you use something like honey blocks to keep baby zombies from jumping in then these should keep your villagers safe and secure all while breaking the laws of physics as well if we cross together multiple armor stands and pose their arms in a certain way we can then add in leaves to get something of a smaller tree and while this is much easier to pull off in Bedrock where they have the Arms by default with a data pack this is plenty possible in all versions the death and loading screens are a staple of Minecraft and they’re so commonplace that by this point no one’s surprised by them but we can use set to our advantage taken after this user we can make a giant version of the respawn screen in our creative world and with the help of map bar we can make this even more convincing then after we place these down at spawn we can fool anyone who respawns into seeing yet another respawn screen when they least expect it letting us watch from the sidelines and get quite the laugh while we’re doing it this is not an End Portal but from a distance it might trick you and up close it’s still a pretty funny conversation started a have but just using the new skull blocks we have a texture that matches the void that we see out in the end so if we line a 3X3 grid with a couple of endstone blocks and Eyes of Ender you might have the perfect artificial piece to put on display in your next Museum villagers do a lot of Trades but they don’t pay a lot of taxes and now with just a name tag we can change their name to taxable subject and start to get paid back some of that real estate tax and the better yet is that the higher the skill level of the Villager the more rent that they’ll pay back so while a novice villager only pay one Emerald a day for living on your land if you get them up to a Master then you’re earning five rals a day but be careful because all it takes is the Villager getting slightly hurt and then they’re not going to pay you any more taxes cuz they got to cover their healthare but if you have a splash potion of healing you can bring them right back up and start earning your profits just like you were you I know that rotten flesh is bad food source but I doubt your pickax is any better but hey with the help of this mod it’s not just the food stuffs that’s edible but in fact every item within the game comes something that we can eat and I think the best way to use this is to put it in a mod pack with other stuff that you’re given to your friends so then when they download it you can just confuse them when you start eating your shovel in front of them and really that’s the only purpose you would ever do this for doesn’t restore hunger it just gives you the nause effect and it probably also makes it really annoying when you’re trying to place down a block only to just eat it in front of yourself maybe more infuriating than confusing with a mix of carpet and wool blocks we can lay out the perfect rug to have ourselves a picnic and then by using pressure plates for the well plates we can really make this look as if it’s lived in and for my money the best part of this whole facade is using an invisible item frame to add in a little shovel for a spoon that’s just perfect what’s the fastest way to escape from a maze instead of breaking blocks of course well there might be good tactics like always staying to the left wall and so on with the way that spify built it here even the best of advice and tips and tricks aren going to be able to get you out of this one since with help of the create mod it’s possible to make a maze that is moving sections so that the player never escapes and to me this feels like something out of a fantasy novel almost like the Labyrinth and Greek mythology and at this point I feel like the only way I can break out of here is if I’m literally allowed to break out of here I mean if the maze is changing why can’t I change the rules just seems fair did you know villagers are scared of sponges cuz apparently now they are since this user’s data pack we’re able to make it so that dry and wet sponges can scare our villagers which could be useful to keep certain areas off limits otherwise they might wander in and find something a lot scarier on the other side with the help of a golden block and a piston we’re able to completely break piglin baring on Bedrock which just a simple Redstone clock like this we can have a sticky piston push a golden block back and forth and for some reason that completely messes with the piglins AI where they’re now trading every single tick possible but on jav if you were to do this you’d just be out a bit of redstone it’s more of a noise complaint than anything that’s going to fill your pocket this skin is only possible on Bedrock Edition since in Java if you were to have transparent pixels in the first skin layer it’ll just turn them black instead but in Bedrock that’s not the case and the only requirement for Bedrock is that you have just one visible pixel making for this perfect camouflage skin Steve’s technology isn’t exactly high-tech so if you’re tired of the Dark Ages and want to bring your realm into the information age want to try this by throwing a gradient Banner like this on a shield you can get a pretty convincing cell phone when it’s placed in an item frame and while I doubt that T-Mobile has coverage on your server this might be a Nifty detail to add to your next desk did you know that there’s hay bale half slabs well kind of because if you get a far villager like this one and then tuck it underneath the slab or stair it’s possible that the Hat on top actually Blends in with the hay Bell texture which is pretty ridiculous but if you have a villager breeder I think it’s more than worth a shot because as we all know nothing comes cheaper than villager labor just make sure you don’t look too closely at its eyes when it’s begging for help what if Minecraft wasn’t made of Cubes I mean it sounds like a dumb question right would it really even be Minecraft anymore and it only takes one look at the no cubes mod to try and figure that out for yourself I mean sure I can still recognize the terrain and everything but am I comfortable looking at it not so much but what’s really impressive here is that because this Mod’s so optimized it actually runs better than the blocks that we’re used to in Minecraft but when you start to go into a cave and explore around here it makes me glad that Minecraft works on a grid system I would not be able to figure this out any other way how to turn your villagers into a fully functional Army first you’re going to need to craft some white banners and then after placing one of the white banners into your offand that’ll immediately sum an army of 20 villagers to fight for you as well as putting a banner on your own head so you don’t get confused but be careful because by taking that Banner off you’re just going to disband the Army and then by putting your other White Banner into either your seventh eighth or ninth slot in your hot bar you’re able to choose the formation that the villagers take at which point we can use them to attack against the raids that are coming towards us or even to fight our friends in vanilla Minecraft there’s no way to change your size but with the stall house you’ll think that we did see if we flip open this trap door to crawl inside because of the invisible item frames that we use us we can place specific items to look as if they’re placed within the world and well it might fall apart if you take a closer look things like the bed in the bookshelf on the wall do look quite nice giving you a very cute build and a very mild case of claustrophobia and when you finally get sick of trading with your villagers then with the help of this data pack we’re able to make it so that if you tuck a hopper underneath a villager’s bed then when they sleep their items will just pour into the chest which finally gives you a good reason for not sleeping in the village at night proven ultimately that when they snooze they lose and the rest will be our gain unless once they decide to use a macro or we down a key on their keyboard AFK players aren’t the most active so to fix that one of my favorite things to do is put my AFK friends inside of an AFK loop-de-loop machine like this through the help of slime blocks pistons and ice blocks you’re able to completely get them cycling around this perpetual motion machine giving them enough motion to make sure they don’t get kicked for being AFK and you quite the spectacle to watch as they’re trapped let’s say your friend is a big fan of the ocean but foolishly on them they built their base right in the part of a desert biome obviously that’s a pretty dry place to be so thanks to you you cleaned it up for them and turned their entire house into an aquarium and folks I’m talking The Whole Nine Yards Water Source blocks everywhere seagrass kelp fish you name it and hey speaking of that we don’t exactly want them to drown down here so why don’t you give them some form of air pocket with a sign or a door that way this joval redecoration isn’t exactly turning into a hit jop the different mob heads that you get from charged creepers make for great trophies in Minecraft but they’re not exact doing much there so if you decide to take the creeper off your shelf and instead put it on your head then let’s get ready to scare your friend when they get back online doing a setup like this all you got to do is chug an invisibility potion put yourself right in their line of sights and get ready to scare them when they log back in they might just be so startled that they don’t know what to do which means that if you’re super cruel you can use them trying to get away to go right into another trap of your design it might just kill them everyone knows that when you break all the logs in a tree the leaves should disappear but that doesn’t explain why these are still left standing hours after the trunk and no this doesn’t have anything to do with update suppression or changing the random tick speed but rather we just replace the leaves on our French trees with ones of our own then once we place them back down these decoration blocks can no longer despawn over time which not only gives them an eyes sore but it also guarantees a couple of chores for them to clean up now using sea lanterns and snow covered Maps is already a famous way to trap your friends an Infinity Room a matrix room whatever you want to call it it’s been done before and while I still fully love this design there’s still more we can do with this like for for example what if we trap them in a different color all of a sudden that white Infinity Room of nothingness turns into a blue screen of death anyone who plays on Windows is already pre-programmed to get a shock of horror when they see the shade of blue on their screen so it’s a pretty good way to give them a jump and a startle when they come back onto the server trapping your friends in Minecraft is a real Joy but in a game where even Bedrock could be destroyed how do you keep them from breaking out well according to the evil masterminds of the community we’ve got a solution like this to do the trick see when we lay it out like such even our best tools are practically useless to bust us out and I’m guessing your friend gives up on escaping before any of these give out maybe it’s just me but whenever I plan an S SMP one of my friends always turns into a coldhearted businessman so if some of you out there are the same and you’re looking to fulfill that entrepreneurial lifestyle this is the one for you you see this AFK friend well that’s a supplier all you got to do is kill them collect their stuff and then put it into a shop at spawn just like that you got a whole bunch of stuff to sell and fortunately for you a customer that just happened to lose all their items which means that when they try to buy their items back you can sell them at the most absurd prices so either they buy back or they might just start at Square zero we all know that one person on the server who has way too many animals at the farm and at this point it’s starting to seem like a problem so to cut that back and give them a lesson on the importance of free range why don’t we do them a favor and continue to breed Those Animals See by overcrowding their Pig Pen we guarantee that at a certain point The Entity cramming kicks in and that ruins their fun and with that folks YouTube thinks that you might like this video so see if they’re right and have a good one all right

This video, titled ‘127 Ways to Make Your Friends Laugh in Minecraft’, was uploaded by Skip the Tutorial on 2024-05-12 13:03:00. It has garnered 966883 views and 17577 likes. The duration of the video is 00:54:27 or 3267 seconds.

127 Silly Ways to Prank Your Friends in Minecraft

00:00 – Intro 00:12 – 1. Boat Blanket 01:00 – 2. Mirror Image 01:29 – 3. Wax Their Copper 01:59 – 4. Silly Signs 02:35 – 5. Hide This Under Their Fence 03:00 – 6. Hidden Face 03:36 – 7. In the Trees 04:02 – 8. Flying Machine 04:29 – 9. Innocent TNT 05:03 – 10. Round Table Discussion 05:41 – 11. Weird Wither 06:19 – 12. Invisibility Glitch 06:47 – 13. Terraforming 07:24 – 14. Water = Lava 07:52 – 15. String Plant 08:29 – 16. Statue Swap 09:05 – 17. Stasis Chamber 09:29 – 18. Map Art 10:00 – 19. Screaming Goats 10:31 – 20. Glass Dome 11:01 – 21. Redecorating 11:27 – 22. Fresh Animations 11:48 – 23. Rename Tag 12:13 – 24. Shear Their Snowmen 12:36 – 25. Whiplash 13:01 – 26. Monster Under the Bed 13:21 – 27. Dragon Skin Rug 13:46 – 28. Pet Berries 14:09 – 29. Bodiless Steve 14:32 – 30. Flip Book 15:04 – 31. Guillotine 15:30 – 32. Villager Bell Glitch 15:50 – 33. Secret Helmets 16:17 – 34. Looong Piston 16:40 – 35. RGB Keyboard 16:52 – 36. Witch Battleship 17:21 – 37. Kill the Wither with Bees 17:53 – 38. The Imposter 18:10 – 39. Armor Stand Fight 18:30 – 40. Villager Launcher 19:01 – 41. Villager Trap 19:31 – 42. Gold Treasure 19:57 – 43. Trapped Pillager 20:26 – 44. Fake Pressure Plate 20:57 – 45. This Target Shoots Back 21:31 – 46. Loading Animation 21:59 – 47. Pet Trident 22:24 – 48. FNAF Plushies 22:41 – 49. Hoglin Cookout 22:58 – 50. Bubble Bouncing 23:21 – 51. Kill an Item 23:54 – 52. MLG Trap 24:28 – 53. Blinking Face 24:41 – 54. Trident TNT Zombifier 25:10 – 55. Ceiling Fan 25:34 – 56. Totem Pole 25:59 – 57. Fastest Fish 26:22 – 58. Fake Water Map Art 26:44 – 59. Ancient Debris Smelter 27:05 – 60. Lemonade Stand 27:24 – 61. Boat Bounce Pad 27:43 – 62. Shield Jumping 28:13 – 63. Egg Timer 28:47 – 64. Crafter Robot 29:05 – 65. 2 Person Elytra 29:31 – 66. This Piston Is Alive 29:56 – 67. Wolf Tail Spin 30:19 – 68. Self-Building House 30:42 – 69. TNT Blast Off 31:09 – 70. Dolphins Instead of Fireworks 31:32 – 71. Bread Crumb Trail 31:43 – 72. Kill the Wither in 10 Seconds 32:18 – 73. Drone 32:39 – 74. Small Block Illusion 33:04 – 75. Egg Trap 33:33 – 76. Armor Stand Circle 33:59 – 77. Tallest Staircase 34:25 – 78. Armored Villagers 34:53 – 79. Tiny Beetles 35:18 – 80. Beacon Made of Anything 35:39 – 81. Spaghetti 35:54 – 82. Roomba 36:10 – 83. Herding Villagers 36:35 – 84. Monster Pop Up 36:51 – 85. Totally Normal Doors 37:21 – 86. Broken FOV 38:00 – 87. Anvils Don’t Hurt Villagers 38:11 – 88. New Mobs 38:40 – 89. Crush the Wither 39:13 – 90. The Backrooms 39:38 – 91. Dripstone Bullet 40:06 – 92. Moonwalking 40:24 – 93. Disarm the Desert Temple 40:56 – 94. Easy Sniper Duel 41:19 – 95. Llamas Hurt on Peaceful Mode 41:48 – 96. Fish Launch Pad 42:17 – 97. Easiest Way to Beat the Warden 42:41 – 98. Flower Crossbow 43:05 – 99. Escape the Bees

Produced by Jonah Walters Edited by User52, Quentin Tran, BBelle, https://haleyascharf.comYashtin Rivera, Brennan Moore, and Jeenneette Wolfe Research by MonocleMC, Frankie Mundo, and Jonah Walters Footage by User52, Frankie Mundo, Quentin Tran, Abelardo Robles, Jordan Cross, Brennan Moore, Jonah Walters, Santiago Cachero, MonocleMC, and Jaden Moore —— The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @GeminiTayMC let’s play series. —— Some of the maps used in this video are modified versions of the world downloads from BlueNerd Minecraft’s channel, which you can watch here: @BlueNerdMC —— The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download from @Antlerboy —— Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at @Mewmore —— Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms. All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2024, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved. —— Other Credits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10bxjjEglwUGUHkzFRzmV1bNwN9INE5DqgT1Vtq7aN2U/edit?usp=sharing

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  • INSANE SPAWNER FARM BUILD WITH $200M! | Minecraft Skyblock

    INSANE SPAWNER FARM BUILD WITH $200M! | Minecraft SkyblockVideo Information This video, titled ‘Spending $200M on my INSANE SPAWNER FARM | Minecraft SKYBLOCK SERVER #6’, was uploaded by Generzon on 2024-05-31 03:11:27. It has garnered 1215 views and 58 likes. The duration of the video is 00:17:42 or 1062 seconds. Spending $200M on my INSANE SPAWNER FARM | Minecraft SKYBLOCK SERVER #6 Join the server (JAVA) ➜ generzon.akumamc.net Join the server (BEDROCK) ➜ bedrock.akumamc.net Server Discord ➜ https://discord.gg/akumamc JOIN MY SKYBLOCK ISLAND (recruitment form) ➜ https://forms.gle/My1VbkSbYjbpe4yq9 ======= GIVEAWAYS DISCORD! ➜ https://discord.gg/89EMHEh43Z ======= AkumaMC is a 1.8, 1.12, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, 1.19.1 and NOW BEDROCK OP Minecraft Prisons and… Read More

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  • SkillsGrind

    SkillsGrindSkillsGrind is a minecraft server hosted on the platform minehut when you will join the server you will receive a “guide’s letter” with a message in chat explaining that you need to choose one of the places you can go they are currently 4 places : the forests, the dungeons, the farms and the mines. If you need help to choose one of these here is my advice : Choose the forests to get better axes and most likely do more damage to mobs Choose the dungeons if you are well equipped and want to fight mobs to get loot… Read More

  • Enter the Chaos – Anarchy

    Enter the Chaos – The Ultimate Anarchy Minecraft Server Server IP: Java Version: 1.20.4 Bedrock Port: 25565 Why Enter the Chaos? True Anarchy: Experience pure Minecraft anarchy with no rules or restrictions. Endless Possibilities: Explore a vast world and unleash your creativity. Intense PvP & Raiding: Engage in fierce battles and conquer your enemies. Griefing Encouraged: Protect your creations or watch them fall to rivals. Alliances and Betrayals: Form alliances but beware of betrayals. Bedrock Support: Play on Java or Bedrock with the same server IP. Join the Ultimate Chaos Today! Dive into a world where rules don’t exist… Read More

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