DrGluon: Going ALL THE WAY in Minecraft

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um we’re playing Minecraft now what what now safam I know you’re like keen on beating the the dragon and stuff sleeping can we can we just say if we beat the dragon we won’t get the wings right away cuz Wings because Wings ruin everything okay I mean we can get in but not use them I just want the shers as well okay I know you’re not mad win it’s all good never feel bad I look people tell me play some stuff and uh you know Minecraft DRS and we play when we don’t play them you know I just want to make sure that uh if I do play if I get a code maybe from like developer maybe I shout and be like hey I want to try your game out mhm for like one time so they might send me a code just to check it out uh Lily are there drops on right now but yeah I’m not mad on [Laughter] anything and we’re going to play Red Dead let’s just well let me see what Deli and James are doing tomorrow they want to do GTA tomorrow what if we did I don’t think they’re going to want to play it the whole time what if we did GTA with Delhi and James and then after that we play Red Dead Redemption we’ll just say it and if somehow they want to play GTA all day for some reason which I I really doubt they would play it the whole time mhm then we will then we will play we will make a point to play it the next day okay see you okay it’ll be a rockstar day I don’t think they’re going to want to play Red Dead the whole time I’m sleeping by the way oh they can watch me sleep the whole time GTA is fun so uh too so yes deal okay okay we have a we have a record even if you don’t like Minecraft you get to hear saf arm’s lovely voice that’s true yeah but my voice ruins it though mhm oh I can no longer sleep now well we try you got here too lame hi are there any drops there are manager F you yeah um my kids are playing Minecraft but they always whenever they play they always play Creative because they’re um lazy and also scared all right play survive play Survival it’s more fun you get to like actually have these fun adventures not just like I’m going to build them crazy thing yeah you still build crazy things um so they’re doing that now they’re finally doing it and then and so what I did was I said hey look look at this thing I said look at this look what we got here it generates lava see you put these things here and my son was like oh cool I I’m going to make one of those right right so he makes one in his survival house yeah his survival house is made of wood oh no burned his house to the ground oh did you not en close it on the top he said he enclosed it but oh no that’s so sad it what’s up it was kind of funny there was like lava spewing every [Music] everywh that’s so good yeah kids play Survival with me but I um have to to beg him yeah it’s a learning experience L true true they’re like geez dad facts you taught me to build this and first of all I didn’t tell him to build it I said look what things you can build in Crea survival I mean you can build this in Creative too but you know the idea is that you don’t need to build this in Creative right right right so um you know it’s like these are things you can build and also I was showing them the chest room too cuz like me their chests are completely unorganized so I was like check out all these chests we have an organized we got this thing so it was pretty funny um we got like so much lava right now we are stacked full of lava stack full of lava yeah we are he flew too close to Sunny sure did look what I mean yeah look what sa yeah you know it was more of a general what you can build you being sa ah we’re going to have to find a desert me and Andrew tried to find one but we couldn’t find one so we got to find one yes we do oh also safon I built this and it didn’t look very good but I buil this here look at this look at this put that there right put this chain here mhm and put this here oh oh it looks nice oh I like that it can it’s not the straight that you can put yeah got a chain like that yeah yeah yeah so let’s see if I do an arrow but see what I was thinking though um we could get different oh you can write on both sides oh that’s kind of cool yeah oh I like that but what what we could do is we could get different wood colors mhm so that way it’s like not only is it got signs but it’s also like colorful so it’s like oh red is over here the Greenwood one is over here it will definitely make it easier for us to mhm the only problem is we’ve not discovered the red the Greenwood yet in this in the sa it’s probably in the yeah in the ne it’s in the ne we hav’t I’ve seen it but it’s close to us today oh is do you see that okay yeah that’s what I was hunting the um endar oh nice okay yeah um we have this chest now oh would you get this one the Ender Chest well you just need an end power and obsidian to make it so okay cool made it ni oh yeah teal teal yeah teal a red one a light wood one and I don’t know a dark wood one or something you know mhm at least there colorful you can kind of like I wish you would hit it it’s it it physic oh yeah I could do a pig one yeah I wish have a b or we can do we can also do these color for all and then um Dy DET Tex true yeah or even put like a glow dye on it too yeah yeah yeah I mean you can paint it and then do glow as well mhm so there’s that um well let’s go and uh find this desert eh okay well let’s go to the place for the dragon we need to search the foress and we can probably find a des on the way okay cuz we don’t know where the The Fortress Is I haven’t searched for it you know exactly where is don’t you no I know maybe we should go over here well you will know where to go with with the pears right right right right right I’ve got a iron sword I have an iron pickaxe I have 13 blocks of dirt do anything else um we’re good I’m bring some exas here in this chest in the Ender Chest okay like like gu your food and stuff like that oh food yeah and a bunch of iron I just need to do one Orange Wood I don’t think there is Orange Wood yeah we’re kind of like uh we got a lot of seeds oh there is orange oh c oh yeah yeah that’s too close to Red though hey Andrew that’s too close to Red we want like definitely different colors to separator you know um it’s not that close to Red I put my hanging s of the end the chest that seems important it is important yeah yeah oh I picked up a bunch of food as well before he before I went somewhere which is now gone mhm which is still gone I don’t know where that went oh um I put some oh wait hang on there’s more over here wait here put there and I save like half a stack there in on the chest too now we need a boat and bed okay I have one bed here okay we can make another one on the way because you know we build all this infrastructure and then we just fly everywhere mhm then there’s no point to to uh building the infrastructure do you know what I mean once me and jam got wings I think we should do flying like to explore but once we get there we just tunnel back okay okay if if we need to okay explore they mostly want to get the chers I’ve got a sword oh hang on oh you know I’ve got a yeah i’ got arrows and I got some torches so we’re good to go okay I’m making another bed and we’re hey cloer how you doing today Andrew check out glushie it’s uh Sushi yeah it’s a new friend of the stream yeah but I got infinite this is a Infinity so I can actually as long as I have one arrow in my pocket it can shoot Infinity arrows mm I got emotional support quartz you never know when you’re going to need him you ready to go yep Ready where are you do you have armor here in the chest uh no okay what part of the armor are you using I’m I have a golden hat and I got some shoes oh I have Lea pants okay sweet Le pants I we you the rest small oh there you are here okay a dop oh change my pants I just D it oh it’s over there and these two and well I want to wear my hat in case we go to the nether I just put in this chest oh the Hat okay do you have another one of these mm yeah I’m carrying it with me okay that and the SE Touch Too remake it so here I’ll give you the barrels oh wait did you give me better pants oh you did give me better pants okay okay cool okay so we got armor got pills I got a sweet sword now got an emotional supports do you have a a boat no I made a boat you want beds too I I have’t let’s go let’s go we’re ready R Adventure are we considered a texture Packer uh well maybe shaders but the problem is some people don’t like the shaders so I don’t know what do you think uh the texture I know or the Shader oh the shaders I mean I like them I like them too but some people don’t like them I haven’t used one M says no shaders Lily says shaders vanilla textures are nice these days yeah I think the I like the well time to sleep you spent all day packing wa that get the down right here yeah yeah yeah that’s yours sleeping sleeping okay okay okay you you have to thr the barel oh okay yeah yeah sure that way that direction okay can I further walk in the boats I think so oh wait hang on uh [Music] um that was was yeah we don’t need one yet because no I know I tr get the boat but I end up throwing a P pill oh uh I say you do what you want cuz there are too many conflicting opinions well let’s do this one for shaders two for no shaders this is merely an opinion piece three for whatever one for shaders two for no shaders three for whatever I mean I was watching Sasha’s stream earlier and she has the bsls and the bsls do look nice okay keep on that direction um mostly yes some whatever I know who to blame if I get sick well I can look into it I don’t actually know how to put them on yet it’s been a a long time you can lower some of the settings like the bloom and stuff yeah what aspect does it make you sick cuz we can lower that if that makes because they’re also different types like the compliment complimentary like um Lily says those are nice okay more than the vsl ones show me how to do it Lily yeah show us L I also show us the ways um I guess continue sorry yeah yeah yeah oh okay like I don’t know saam how would I know it landed on the roof of course if only it had some kind of thing that gets us up high using rope we did not bring escaping oopsy oopsy oopsie um too glary OptiFine doesn’t hurt my eyes though OptiFine doesn’t hurt my eyes okay is that a different Shader no I’m sorry we did not bring this cing now it’s in a tree well H um did you get a bag no destroy the tree put it up by its roots oh yeah it up got it uh wait which way it was that way let me do another one yeah okay you was get lucky on the uh the pickups again yeah okay don’t go that way being my favores the water just looks so good it does look good it’s pretty I mean obviously when I’m playing I’m like you know I’m just like such um I need all the frames for my high intensity play here mhm cuz I’m speed running a lot of times so I just need to have uh all the frames on delicious tree flavored bread is there is there you got it you fell there you go you get it you oh yeah mhm all right I don’t know I think it’s normal how I find that out um options it’s 87 is that normal um wa is it in the tree no I mean where is the oh this way pop CU dang Forest is it well again I’m kind of like a twitch player you know I got to have all the frames I got all the fovs you know what I mean mhm L is 99 well yeah Lily you’re a pro player you know hang on oh I’m using the neon setting okay let’s play some Minecraft do gnome it’s almost as if it will be better if you didn’t throw it on top of a Tre it’s going towards the trees really wants to go towards the trees okay there we go okay okay there you go Adventure Time where’s this desert at I don’t know I heard oh you know what I turn off desert option when I create this world oh got it yeah I’m just so sick of seeing him um can that last you I went towards the thingy just keep running out of the forest oh yeah I see oh I don’t see you see I see on my map well we haven’t lost any right now so there’s a village over there New Village [Music] what was the New Mob that got added for this uh updated Chad do you know no that was already in the game yeah was already in the game they were in it before Oh that’s why the F ones the Breezy and the the bogged one I haven’t seen anything of the tile thing no I know yeah two hosle mobs oh look at these wolf they have a different color oh cute should I feed an Ender pill um you won need it oh there’s a Skelly you can feed it a bone oh maybe there not SC here huh okay that was me couldn’t find it no there’s a scal he’s just in the cave you can hear it by we don’t see because it’s it’s fine forget the wolf that F we’re not going wolf huning mm- no D Hy all right ready going to thr right here okay that way oh you broke oh okay so i f one another one just in case no are we there yet only the pills will tell us when we’re there and just tell us to go this way so this way is where we go forget the Wolves would Molly what would Molly say she’d be like Molly stop licking me right now stop it stop it stop it stop it then we got St right down that’s true or Swim right down it might be in the water who knows y it’s getting night sleeping uh s where are you sa oh you’re way ahead okay just just stay there hang out with this SC don’t take straight down I’m not going to take up oh be okay right bedtime oh you have your own bed build a staircase yeah but think how funny it would be if I did say down you have a bag of laughs you like GL on you’re so stupid never dig never dig up Catherine cuz that’s impossible I mean you can hear flow around rule number two don’t lick a creeper c phone will always saved me that’s yeah think I should throw another [Music] one um okay but yeah get to the river oh wow wait where’ he go it might went down oh it went kind back okay wait wait it might be here who is it um okay to it to it can like from here yeah yeah oh we went pass it oh okay oh I think the other one was over here but it’s fine let’s just go over there almost there then mhm and get no do about here I guess okay still passive dang felt like I was F him too much I deci I was going to B it okay St there right here yeah yeah over there this way okay kind of on top of it right uh let me F this here still this way hm this way yeah keep walking oh you kind of went back no no it’s in the trees no he went that way okay see there go that’s way in those trees drops L might say the end the Ender ball is dropping just like just [Music] like the drops that are no longer active in this channel go see it m- I get f one okay maybe doow one from here it’s fine we lose this one just throw one from here okay that direction okay ooh nice save in the water um okay keep going this way is it 50% chance of breaking or much lye over from there from there you’re wasting them yeah but we don’t know which way I stopped following him and then we got we had to turn around yeah yeah the from there from here it’s a very bad spot but yeah yeah okay I don’t know where I went coming down should I find another one yeah yeah from the top here it went down it’s going down it’s going down it’s here okay okay uh let’s go down there now CH the dick straight down they very adamant about that they’re extremely adamant they said you must take stra down my gosh just going for is this how we’re doing this oh don’t all the way to the end see I told you I told you we get there right SE when I created this level like 10 years ago and you and kby said it would never happen yeah well here we are Who’s laughing out how’s laughing out St pH um me I guess I don’t know do you need a lighting yeah I just down like this I would usually go straight down but in case we need to come back we don’t have a full jump okay where somewhere we are somewhere should we look around first there’s a cave here o gold hello a me with without without an a diamond [Music] pickaxe you can get with there oh you can the AR with the iron oh nice okay cool I think I see something here I see something here huh I see something here I think this is a place where where was here I see cobblestone here where are you your okay do I any creepy music on it this time sure yeah oh nice find like want a cave careful hello oh hello bones let’s go let’s get the wolf back [Music] down yeah yeah yeah let’s go back for the wolf so these was it the title still says Sushi No it should be updated updated it maybe throw the pear from here in that direction okay oh what [Music] no oh on YouTube okay yeah you’re W thank you I completely forgot about YouTu little under the for you glue glue Fest glue clap glue dance glue I completely forgot about YouTube in the fact I even put chat on WOW wow YouTube shadows I’m so sorry wow I see you you are see now puppy time wow it was one time I forgot okay I on we just got you know into making sushi and uh feel a Minecraft pick on here now do you want to pick hang on I’m playing Minecraft now what hey wife okay honestly I wasn’t paying much attention do the tit uh you read all the messages here I read all the messages going to hang out wife for while go to bed okay or I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning 10:30 so I got to wake up early should up should I do a thing here yeah I’m making space for you to do that okay no what up Amanda uh forward here yeah yeah I got four left they’re fine they have more 1030 it is went down 10:30 went down is what it’s it is at should I just do an all ner I mean might as well right oh hey Molly hey Molly want to hang out then what hang out what you been doing yeah I can chill it’s fine you do got to do all every day just chill some days down right sometimes you just got to chill what I here good night bye wife I’ll see you later oh copper uh you want me to swim now uh not really there’s nothing here are you sure the pills are correct get iron here know and [Music] Gold T to see if I can find any these empty spaces well oh you feel there’s like a little mini [Music] one well obviously been here before oh it’s not there no I I placed those there oh to mark that we in here I’m looking these holes cuz sometimes you can see like the walls yeah but nope I know take a bit of this you can never have enough iron mhm yeah uh should I got three more where’d you go you oh you just swam no I’m mean oh look where is that oh ding ding underwater dingding you have any wood wait wait wait you any wood wait wait uh down you can do a door down there well I’m couching in this um oh okay than you yeah but if you make a a door be oh gosh it’s stingy here though ow ow ow you have the couch you have the couch you have the couch have the couch you have the couch you know what I’m out of here your sticky F sticky well you have to crouch I can’t Crouch I’m swimming you can Crouch hang on do I have enough wood to make a I’m going to make I’m going to make a door don’t panic okay okay I won’t Panic you can Panic a little bit that’s fine okay oh panicking oh no how’s a birch is a birch door going to be okay I prefer Oak well I don’t have enough Oak it’s going have to be fine St I’m okay I guess that’s a nice little chunk right there yeah um here use um this one cuz it’s silk oh yeah yeah yeah silk touch and oh hang on let pick it up where it go it’s over there it’s in the corner my inventory is full uh should I get rid of my um pumpkin seeds yes did you get it yeah here I’ll Dr it again get in the make sure you’re breathing breath that farm hang on I’ll put l a door down okay I’m just going to use my lava pocket yeah I got a whole little pocket here of water okay okay the P okay p is here now hello come on in okay here wa yeah go on oh there we go waet okay yeah you picked it up again get it did I yeah oh come on seriously you got to throw and get the heck out of there yeah yeah come I got it I got it okay um okay this is you want to just like use the Silk on it now yeah yeah can we have Fortune back home so we will get more diamonds for oh good point good point did I get them all I don’t think you got any of it because you I got one I got one Dr C down here hang on okay I can’t put a torch in here go how do they how did diamond block float up here hello can you go can you go get it you I got one I don’t know where El win look the I got it oh did you okay I think yeah I got it oh because it was a different type of oh I got the Deep SL one mhm yeah yeah that how many do you have I have four that’s a nice chunk of it holy moolly mhm breath breath alley okay yeah we have to leave this gluten where we going the doors for well we have to leave oh okay what are we going to do here oh okay you swim to that you swim to that area there I like eant okay put your you want to throw in here oh yeah good point I put on my g gold in here too yeah anything that is kind of again we my uh my my quartz my bones okay I’m about to put [Music] sapling put there sure uh I need I how about a chest got some Birch planks two sticks some stairs gunpowder copper things of um it’s it’s probably pretty good wait hang on die right we go get to the good stuff yeah okay let’s go back to where we were thinking which is this way here mhm no um okay maybe tell your PE from here oh wait that isn’t this where we were this is where we were before yeah it was cuz we just went in a circle okay oh did we throw it here though yeah we it told us to go up oh it kind we can do it again I got three left though not exactly getting them back to oh there there’s there’s a zombies let’s move oh hello okay I’ll do have an ex picked up going that direction there okay it’s going up though so I guess you know what we got to dig up stupid mhm oh wait I’m using the silk one don’t use the silk one that was one the rules don’t dig up we’re going to find out it’s on the surface just right where we were I know I was don’t dig and here we [Music] are where you going well just thinking around as well cuz we go in the same block we we’ll just be each other way good point this way we get more space more area should I throw it again well this is to Too Close yeah you are you are too oh boy okay make another pickaxe I made like a little opening here should I find [Music] here wait uh we’ll probably need to make it bigger we’re playing [Music] Minecraft tomorrow’s going to be GTA 5 with James and Deli and then Red Dead Redemption okay prom promise sounds fun unless for some reason James and Del want to play GTA the entire time then we will plan a a red de another day I’ve got a pretty big spot here I don’t want to brag but it’s pretty big okay I’ll go down there I stand in the middle of it too oh you’re like above me all right I’m going to stand Block in the middle you have to ball okay ready okay um I’m going to put some different music [Music] on and it’s kind me experiment and see if I get copyright claimed here okay hope this is good okay I’m going to throw it now okay when you I’m on this block here mhm down that way the heck that way but not maybe not too far though some of you might recognize this music It’s Kind where the low where you are like yeah where you are right now I me I got like a sliver left of this thing how many more of these do you have [Music] here it is it is maybe if I play this CS will come back you know somehow mhm I gotta Place Kell’s music yeah Someone music she be like my sky I’m sense the tingling yes you like it it’s good music summon kills I don’t know where we’re going I don’t know either it’s really annoying like is it the the tiniest little sliver of a one or what this quite a big structure isn’t H it it should be it’s like because when we’re just a few blocks down it goes up we already try it like twice from that same place and then yeah that big don’t I got a bunch of coal here nice a bunch of Co it’s pretty cold I like we’ve gone too far we dig out another spot and um oh there’s Square here let’s see if he turns us back I guess hang on I got over here cuz I dug all that coal out so yeah no I hear I hear a zombie so okay probably in the place right yeah I hear zombie ground footsteps what’s going on this [Music] direction is it there I can yeah I can hear it the sub to too well the footsteps are yours is this not necessarily not moving okay good boy I heard it door here yeah you’re right hang on wait what’s that you hear that do you hear that do you hear that what’s that oh hey there Dr gloy hey gloy I’m doing awesome oh wow look at all these amazing peeps watching well if you’re enjoying the stream make sure you hit that follow subscribe button that’s true you should do that bye gby I thought it was a tier three like doing the whole thing oh what’s that sound he such a good bee hang on what’s over here it better be not it better not be the same L as before okay I hear water flowing oh it’s right here though somewhere it’s right here oh we above it oh we’re very it’s getting closer cuz it’s Cloud oh it’s not it’s an empty area but oh my gosh stupid zombie in the wrong area down here here see light here oh yes um got some uh Babylonian gate material hey can we build a Babylonian gate in this level sure but I see I hear more zombies and it’s not here well you know what this is a big area to do the thing true should just dig down oh I don’t want to dig down that much I’m going to make a little level down yeah yeah yeah maybe from the middle so you can right stand [Music] if this is L have a good night thanks for being here night good stuff this week’s gone by so fast H CH just me no no zipping Thursday already tomorrow zipping okay I got two more so I’m going to throw it now okay did that go straight down you no it went here up there went up yeah and that way oh okay so it’s so we went that first we went too far and then we went and then we went too far low I know [Music] my chat’s so confusing it’s saying there’s a level six hype train happening right now it’s like level six hype train happening right now I don’t think [Music] so um it helps you see the chunk B thing wait was that I actually turned on Shield yesterday ly oh yeah yeah no no Catherine turned on Shield mode during a [Laughter] raid um I’m I’m exited to see glooby clown card tomorrow yes it was HR raid as well it’s all good it’s whatever I’m like uh quickly we’re being raided by h everyone lock it up yeah she was just racing the CHS like in Star Trek yeah me the shield like Star Trek exactly what a shield mode it’s basically like so a couple years ago it was very bad there was a lot of like trolls who were doing hate raids and they would use their community and basically say we’re going to go to someone’s Channel and we’re going to just say horrible horrible things he’s like oh everybody go and say horrible horrible things in this person’s chat could you imagine why would you want to be a part of that why would you want to be like yeah cool that sounds like a fun thing I want to be a part of you know what I mean so this is happened people were like rushing into someone else’s chat they’re just playing a game and all of a sudden someone comes in and says this nasty nasty things a bunch of people like a bunch of people saying nasty things and because uh back then there wasn’t really any protection against that I mean mods could ban people when you got like a hundred people saying yeah it started that way and then people start making Bots to do it then people started making Bots to do it because it became it became this popular thing MH um so yeah it was really really nasty so what they did was twitch created Shield mode which basically and you can you can adjust it but basically will lock down the chat making it so either like only followers can talk um and uh yeah so basically locks it down yeah it’s a bunch of settings so instead of turning each setting on at one by one is a whole group yeah you you have it to it’s just emote only so that way no one can talk at all yeah so oh and it clears the chat as well yeah yeah yeah I got the last one St let’s go it went up it went straight up and that way too we going to be back to the surface the heck is going on here I don’t know I don’t know anymore do you have any ows yeah I I well had made them but I haven’t there if it’s if it like stops in just like solid walk it just disappears I think so yeah that’s why we’re losing them way we’re losing them mhm well that was it so we’re going to go in this direction and it’s hope for the wor anyway um I mean technically I don’t have a weight but I I don’t want to cheat it yeah we’re not going to cheat it uh but think with my map I can see it but right now I have’t set my map to just see the overwar I don’t think this would ever happen to anybody but if you ever feel like find yourself in a situation where you’re following someone who’s into that kind of like nasty stuff always call them out on that yeah yeah pull them absolutely mhm yeah you don’t want to like say yourself because you don’t feel save you can always report it true stick on Twitter and let Twitter do its Fang I feel like we’re going to hit the surface in a second I don’t know what if it’s just on the 45 that’d be so funny but we it can’t be because we we passed have a [Music] shovel this direction right I want the truck so bad yeah yeah this be fun I’m definitely looking forward to the um uh the I one I don’t have any more torches oh but I can make more no I can I got rid of my sticks no here here wait where are you go I went all the way up what do you mean where are you the I thought you behind me wait you was in this direction someon turn oh my God I don’t know anymore are you sure I thought it was in that direction that dire okay what full message uh I want to truck so bad but the last few nights I played I ended up dozing off and Clash my truck wait like in the game you do off or you doze off at the wheel like [Music] physically ah it happens do you have another one yes like when I track like not with you like just by myself I get I get so relaxed that I can do more than one or two Tri because I fall like I start doesn’t know from like real life o I um I did uh I did reach out to my team and I said listen there Iowa dlc’s coming out maybe you could like you know maybe we could do like an Iowa sponsor stream yeah so they’re got they’re going to find out that’ll be cool yeah and there’s time for it too so they can probably make it happen okay wait um not going to say it’s happening but they’re going to they’re going to see ask you him he’s from Iowa so a good thing what’s that new idea okay we go back to the surface right try to get it to land in the very middle until it only goes up right and then we we dig down I thought it went down I thought it did but apparently didn’t oh oh you want to do it again from I’m Prett sure you went that way and turn way okay I’m watching wait wait wait wait wait we’re not cheating Lily no we’re not cheating you know uh Trucking is a good game to listen to an uh podcast or even like listen to a stream too you like pop the stream on you play truck and you could have the stream like just he the audio or let do a podcast or an audio Burger cuz I can’t I can’t listen to an audio book and just sit there listening I feel like i’ be wasting my time if I’m Trucking it’s like I’m doing something else I have played uh Skyrim many times and heck I’ll play it again even you wanted me to you ready mhm ready throw oh you were right okay sorry with that safam was right so I was going a complete opposite direction I think kep going this way though yeah yeah no I mean I I was actually wrong because I knew went this way and then I started that [Music] way out the dark stream while uh while Trucking yeah [Music] yeah it’s like sometimes you want to do sometimes like want to do something but you don’t know what to do I’m I have that situation all the time mhm like you want to play a game but like I don’t know like get really into this game or or whatever how many times you like load up a game and then immediately quit it cuz you’re like I don’t know if I feel like playing this right now yeah yeah yeah bunch of times so we may actually just go over at this point I I don’t know if we’re like I think we just keep going this direction till we hit the surface and then Mo we do what you said well okay oh well that’s the end of that one I just have the silk touch which I I want to use where’d you go well I was getting this gravel oh okay fair when you get the grael you kind of get like a big room mhm oh true I uh I do try to like explain what’s going on when I play too so if you’re not actually watching I do my best to do that yeah I want a I want a truck and GTA you could truck a GTA if you just uh just steal a truck and just start driving out we did that one time cuz when I was playing a lot of trucking I would also truck that would my main game but then we would also play GTA and it’s like I’m just going to just gonna um truck around GTA I really enjoyed did try become human um I wish we could play that again I didn’t realize you were so many different outcomes I do want to play it again I didn’t want to play it again right after just finishing though oh thank you uh we were oh okay I was going to make a shovel but I don’t have enough stuff for that no uh it’s just me and S farm today hey there was actually a a jobs Trucking thing it was actually jobs Trucking thing around wait what’s [Music] that should we just for again going up yeah we just keep we just keep going up or should I throw it now cuz a big area oh oh in GTA there’s a there’s a job for Trucking oh is it really like the single player version or the online version or both is it a mod or part of it I’ll let you do it okay [Music] there we go I have your too that’s uh what I started on I want a wheel but I have no room yeah you can really do normal safe jobs in GTA wasn’t there like in um did we play like we played uh what was it the um it GTA 3 but it was the the Florida one the one in um Vice City right Vice City yeah yeah yeah and you could own an ice cream shop didn’t we do that together at some point Andrew or at Le I did it like you did it and I did it yeah yeah yeah and you could drive around the ice cream traga that’s cool yeah I love that one yeah that’s excited for the new one it’s also in Vice [Music] City on the console we kind of surface level now say I for here get bit open there no this way outside kind of close to so that way say well I think I think you should watch the VOD L of me of us playing it yesterday I mean the other the the other day when we when you started watching it I made a mistake that was the single player mode with all the uh mhm once we got online it became completely goofy it’s much it’s much with the vehicles as well and I made a I made a you know like in um you know in uh dream light Valley where you can like put shapes together and make glue you can make a glooby in the game you can do the same in that game so I made a glooby but glo’s holding a [Music] shotgun yeah that that cut scene you saw was actually the beginning of the game itself the single player game I didn’t realize that I was just playing the single player game so I felt s kind of silly once I realized I I switched to the online VI City’s under unrelated yeah and uh underrated you really think so I feel like a lot of people like V Cly yeah go to the part like skip the part with the cut scene at the beginning and the part where like you can see myself I’m wearing a I’m wearing a red jacket a yellow glooby shirt and a top hat that’s when it gets really stupid cuz I’ve got my car and I have like a mini clown car and you know like uh Del’s getting in the front seat with me we’re driving around it’s so silly and then James has like James has all the gear he has like helicopters and planes and he’s flying around it’s really stupid and when we play tomorrow we’re going to do heists which I guess is a bit shooty but you know it’s like we’ll be Clowning Around it’ll be clowning around with vehicles and stuff and maybe some guns uh G you wait yeah we came down though wait what oh you you just pin for so fast well I got three left what do you want to do okay here but maybe make a little like we know it ain’t deep yes go a few locks up okay like I do yeah yeah yeah watch from here ready okay we throw in this direction okay on three three two one throw it that’s where’ it go where’d it go this way this way it went that way oh it’s right there okay okay how bad at this game are we right [Music] now may wait maybe get yeah yeah get another three always go three yeah I’ll for this direction then wait wait wait wait want to be able to see it okay yeah yeah yeah good point okay okay yeah yeah three two one toss oh see there’s way it goes down that’s what we did before we this is this is literally our cave entrance right here is it not this is where your cave entrance is it not is it no that’s where we came up at I think we just came up here so go we just Dig Down dig down stupid well it it up here but try it somewhere like okay try it from here did you get it back to see if it yeah here okay make sure you got it there you okay because this one where where was it yeah yeah because look we we dug up here this is where we enter that’s where we entered oh for goodness sake where the heck is this place and this is where you throw it so yeah thr it throw it from there [Music] okay well okay okay well he keeps going he’s Don’t Panic we’re going to go you stay there I’ll go this way mhm right oh it goes down there okay this is the way the place you want to be I’m just going go straight down mhm going to have my bucket on me you got say both so let me see instead of bucket I’m going to use uh Lily what sound do we need you said you need a sound it was in the suggestions oh the Pew PE Pew PE Pew hang on hang on S hey Mars can you get the pew pew pew sound I’ll play it on stream it’s when I go PE it’s the uh the thing can you do that don’t dig down now cuz I’m going to be out T mm can you guys get the ending but when I go PE okay hang on uh if I can actually find this one second Star Wars one can’t find it hi I was once a kid and now I’m all grown up I want to destroy the Galaxy I’m caen cauren I’m caen cauren I killed my father and all is friends I’m caen caen I’m not a kid anymore I want my own command and to go to war my big helmet makes my neck really sore I’m curin cauren go away go away go away chlo so many things to dare the on someone new you didn’t want this what are you going to do I’m caen caen that’s me PE PE PE all right that’s it that was it I wasn’t get my T you almost soorry befe just in [Music] um um okay okay could you get the Pew PE Pew please V that’d be [Music] amazing uh hang on I got I got you I got you there okay could be just the baby the Tik Tok didn’t watch that video they just watched me swiping at a bee the whole time wait hang on here before okay okay yeah I know I know okay okay it’s fair it’s fair oh oh oh oh we you as well what okay this is our path down sa I know I know I know we’re going to go down here and it’s going to be like it’s above you he he [Music] just listen for lava sound what okay how much W is that what I don’t know but why am I jumping okay okay okay well we can just you just have to enclose it what the what you mean how we going to get out of here we’re trapped it’s fine you good yeah yeah go stand there yeah stand there should I thr another one to see if it go straight down no no we don’t have that many to throw away at least not in here wait how’ you do that oh gosh how you do what oh you just close the water gotcha okay okay wait wait we’re going to go up stay yeah stay there yeah no no no stay here stay here okay okay cuz this is the right you get a little nervous though huh I do hear lava okay which makes sense because there’s supposed to be lava in the main room okay stay here where I am okay [Music] okay basically just making a bit pocket so I can while we’re here in lava we’re missing it clearly cuz we we’ve gone past it now how was just oh I see I see oh oh oh oh this is a cave The Bling cave jump jump in okay the bleming cave not just any cave a blim in one [Music] one oh there was a bunch of lava here mhm okay I’m just going to you go that way I’ll now look this way just look if you see something I never see something again oh Diamonds oh what’s down here o lapis creeper okay good should I go deeper down you think CH we’re looking for the end uh the end the end Fortress thing wait I found something is this it that’s got to be it it’s got to be it can you find something well yeah I found it yay go back towards me there’s a cabin going down oh finally so you was far down why you want sending us up yeah the he maybe it was so close it it was going up to the servers oh this where you went oh you went down the you went to the side okay good job good job yeah I saw C went out that’s it for the stream everybody fin that’s it I got some friends over here a few I think there’s another oh yeah there’s another spawner that’s why hello I get in I can get a oh J on fire okay it’s done now where you at hello oh jeez God shat good job good job I’m proud of you ch come clench so much right now oh I see another room there yeah we I guess we could have eventually founder oh jeez hello we just far down jeez oh yeah there’s the uh the library the library it’s kind of open eh mhm we made it ooh meeting templ uh asking to drop Lily over wait as about drops Lily is over it oh that’s why cuz Sasha play this today too yeah we found a twim there’s a TM in this one there’s a what a twim an armor TM oh nice yeah it’s like a pattern for your armor oh nice oh they drops in here clean up this place a little bit trims never heard of that is that a new thing or uh not really a few updates back um you know how you have the netherite armor right after diamond is netherite yeah okay so that one you can put TMS on it now like it’s basically just decorations on it oh like a oh okay let see trip like a little um like a little border around it yeah oh nice hello yeah patterns which is stick together yeah another library in here okay let’s put um torches in the rooms that we B I don’t have any left though oh I got some sticks here here oh you have stick you have H I got I got uh nine so you know yep good we’re good with that uh this is a this is a different Library yeah it’s different is there another chest in here no here up here welcome everybody how you doing today how good to see you why say hi cuz why not why cuz why [Music] not kind of now just put away this box if you can put away some that will be helpful put some of this away do I want to keep my bone keep my string that’s going to be important later right keep my one potato that might be important string is useful it is right are we going to kill the dragon the way all the speedr runners do it by just like throw beds down over and over again no okay we’re can fight it fight it oh did you leave uh no I was in the second floor I’m going down okay I’ll put one torch in the this is all kind of blocked off anyway so so we know okay that goes down there let’s go down there a second mhm like me and James played this we got completely lost remember that we just could not find it that’s a door but there’s no oh there’s a staircase down here too look the was ah they Ted us oh yeah they tried to cor it yeah there’s a wall behind that door here maybe this way nothing or L something Fountain oh some more books here is this just the other side of these books where are you oh there’s a chest here oh a compass hello do you go up there there’s another bookshelf maybe the same one yeah it’s the same one we went to oh yeah we got empty okay well there was a compass in there un let you didn’t take the compass I did come cool okay there’s a Fountain that’s nice oh and in here oh gosh hello you want you want to kill this guy yeah careful okay I just make a little mhm killing thing oh he’s going to kill us there oh God get those guys seems good yeah where they go oh I don’t know disappear got got go go go go go go he’s behind you come on he’s stuck in the dang gate come on kill me I’m let’s do what M says M says be a warrior a Bigg a warrior em yeah all right there we go okay where were we oh oh my gosh look at GL in the Chan [Laughter] [Music] what okay this this is yeah that’s what it is feel like we’re going to get lost here okay sometimes I take out those door because sometimes it’s just a thing wall okay this is where we enter so oh there were stairs here right yeah yeah there’s a lot of stairs going down we here here com through a window oh more stairs another door hello jail just lav above kind of yeah hey Ry well the LA was leading to come back the the L was leing to room going of s right here oh okay yeah see that one it’s not connected you got did you big enough to build a a portal a portal what to get back it didn’t do no I did not well hang on well let’s go to the lava then and build a bucket yeah yeah build some um do you have any explore yeah I have theam Diamond okay yeah yeah good point cuz once we get close we can build a portal and then we can SC back we’re not going there now are we mhm no way what I here it’s over here it’s up here wait here up here up here L’s like go Clon shut up I Tred to be patient Lily remember soon you’ll get the email with the acceptance to Hab Hotel okay I after the stream I woke up to having a 100 emails from H Hotel you got to love [Music] him hey how you doing today good to see you [Music] welcome Val uh V cakes good to see you how’s your stream going there’s no drops Lily don’t lie to people tell them there’s all the drops here you just have to watch 5 hours of my stream and then I’ll only stream for 4 and a half just keep watching maybe you’ll find a drob I feel like the drop stuff is going to be happening for the next 5 years of Minecraft playing you got enough oh let’s go from here okay come here did some half Stone Battlegrounds it’s ref game nice I haven’t played house in forever oh it’s over here before it’s over here before Oh going to jump up here yeah yeah oh gosh um where is it okay from the library from the first I got systematically like there is other stairs that I see hang on what’s over here is there anything in here oh yeah good point check there no well actually some well we already been there hello over here maybe o tough tough is good to get now e sure those tough drops are good well this area is oh this darker right here oh gosh yeah in here careful this yeah I see it diamond diamond up there maybe oh yeah there door here good ey hang on stop we need diamonds [Music] how the heck did you see that how did you see that damn you got a friend over there yeah yeah I can’t making you miss he up this area let me get that [Music] diamond two at least that’s good did you not youself oh you didn’t you come where are you got lost stop [Laughter] it oh free three blocks nice nice oh that no go come back over here there’s a whole area down here uhhuh oops fell in you’re in the sewage oh this is new yeah these are is new but the back there is also new too so we’ve kind of got a lot of new areas okay where do you want to start well right here maybe oh wooden my gosh it getss so big don’t forget to eat are we getting a a pew pew uh yes maybe and the MS wanted me to do a PE PE one there a stairs down here just a bunch of useless rooms I go nowhere I run out of um do you oh I have coal Tores I got coal but no wood I have a bunch of wood yeah I’ll give you all the co I have oh oh well I’ll give you all the wood I got you the go I have there you go the collab I can’t pick it up anyway yeah take this Cobblestone then just away the Cobblestone why are you caring Cobblestone you never know not in this STP okay I’ll go it for you yeah I have a bunch of uh toes now you need toes um no I’m good okay I’m just going to do a little bit of this and this and this and this what are you doing and you’ll never nothing nothing was it there no no you f you JK in there too then perfect okay good okay there nothing there [Music] this way cuz fees are [Music] cool let’s just break the doors easier mhm there oh hello dang you want some vetone as well got some diamonds down here there’s another wall here okay ah the wrong I don’t know if we’re killing today but we’re definitely going to get so we can find where the dang thing is well if I is quick Diamond again ooh there’s a lot of diamonds down here SE Farm whoa we found a muble out here let’s go I got 13 blocks on me right now yep save them okay good point 14 in my chest have a good one Andrew hi I talk to you soon buddy [Music] okay this way M sent the file hang on okay hang on I got to download this could it be louder could you uh a little bit louder Mars Myra is going to get lost yeah oh I lost you cuz I was looking at files I’m here I just open the door there’s a stairs I didn’t go and this one take the button you never know any buttons e didn’t this is where we came from isn’t it I don’t know it’s looking the same that’s why we need signs we should just p a bunch of signs with us you know what delay that order mods promote them the mod Lily promote them do the opposite what they want to do oops that big ass [Music] I wish I could highlight my comment and tell you something yeah unfortunately can do yeah too bad what did you what did you want to ask all eyes on you right [Music] now wait a minute those are followers i m my alerts here we go you ready y Anonymous gifted a Fest to trolls from 2024 an anonymous user gifted a tier one sub to trolls from 2024 you are now under the you can use bits to highlight messages who um you know what that sounds means slime yeah we found the Slime see when you don’t look for it you find it oh yeah does this mean this is a slime area slime um chunk yes oh is it there’s a spawn here I was wondering if you could teach me Minecraft yes punch tree here this one we haven’t oh yeah think we haven’t there’s a torch there so yes wait wait wait wait wait here find it find it oh we have nice ooh yes music disc okay wait wait wait God real creeper that was a real creeper he wa nothing blew up though good job what’s this thing uh armor but there’s holy moly okay look let’s um let’s put our um oh that’s a nice door let’s put uh the thing here yeah yeah let’s Shee that scared me didn’t I blew up though because it was surrounded by this block it doesn’t break the this blocks oh the half blocks or the uh the jail the the stone the stone brick breaks like like softer blocks is that a new thing no get the healing yeah we’re not going to do the dragon just yet we just need to get to this point and now we’re going to are we not doing the D yet you want to do it now it’s an easy find then minut it stops can we build a portal and tunnel bager oh jeez well I was going to BR a port portal and also put the beds here so if you die you can just jump right in yeah that good point good point just just trying to make a room for the portal mhm I guess this one is a good one well also there’s a slime if there’s a slime thing chunk chunk then this is also a good for that too right yes we heard a slime we haven’t seen a slime but we heard a [Music] slime Mars send a new file okay okay let’s have a look I’ll do the is that louder Lou okay let’s uh save that one second Chad and I will um I will plug it in to the uh uh the thing okay just make sure I’m not you know getting blown up again okay okay I don’t like that delay I don’t like you delayed it there a little bit what well I said can you make sure I don’t blow up and you stopped mhm thought about it mhm and then said okay I mean you have to think about it right okay I was thinking how to keep you safe and now I found away oh wait hang on oh it has to be an MP3 uh MP3 wait what is it an M4 a it doesn’t like that one yeah than you oh look at this look that yeah come back we build do you know the coordinates to the uh wait where’s the thing oh it’s in there it’s going to be make yeah yeah I need a room here yeah a little room here yeah we got chest to put all the extra stuff we got I don’t have the qu but stff on Smart in the ways of coordinates and things they confident yes sleeping yes um sleeping my bed okay that’s my bed I don’t have extra [Laughter] beds sleeping okay sleeping okay should we Tel bag um let me save the string let me save this music disc let me save the compass cuz that’s cool well I’m going to put also an extra chest here mhm for like stones and stuff CU we want to go like kind of imp handed want some books so anyday blog oh hey there Dr GL oh hey globby how you doing today I’m doing awesome awesome oh wow look at all these amazing peeps watching yes they’re pretty cool if you enjoyed the stream make sure you hit that follow SL subscribe button anyways that’s it for me you got to go now byebye bye glooby bye gloy that’s uh glooby uh do what the be says it’s just easier that way mhm mhm oh you got some chests here for Junk and Stuff yeah this is for junk and this is for like extra food and stuff in case you die you can just grab the food from here I’m not going to die oh wait no yes I am sorry in case yeah in case right hang on yeah let’s see we can get this downloaded and uh plugged over here thank you Ms that works upload it pew pew pew oh wait my C St was on you got to attach a um you got to attach like a a thumbnail to it and it just like picks these random gifts why a fez it’s a fez it’s kind of a fun hat you know I’ll be right back while you do that okay okay so that is now on the channel and I I’ve already got I got 30 you get 30 total we have 25 sounds so we have a chance to add five more that should be there now thank you mods I appreciate that the mods wanted me to do that and I was like yeah I can do that but honestly I didn’t know how I mean I could but you know I like download it and so I appreciate you doing that for me I join your stream at five 5 hours and 22 minutes in that’s right what do you like to watch what kind of what kind of streams do you like to watch typically from streamers you like PV P okay okay okay do you like simulators where someone’s driving a truck bedw wars nice um ma nice welome back pew pew is now in there it should be loose oo nice you’re pretty Glu tired but I no I won’t be able to sleep yeah you play those truck Sims nice we play those [Music] too uh oh yeah I want this one I want to you know a little bit decorations honestly there we go put some buttons on the side M yeah yeah why only one Fez and not two ooh well I’ve got well there’s not a fez these are Fez phones jeez okay we good we’re good okay we it’s a closed area nothing can hurt me here I’m safe um right you want to go uh back Through the Never well when the fight is done you’re sent to the sportal back to the beds so we will still have to Tunnel back go on how do you want to do the tunnel first well um I have two eggs a sword uh and some food you think we’re ready for a fight with a dragon yeah totally the x is the important part what what if what what if I lose though my stuff will be gone I got I got an arrow I’ve got the bone arrow the infinity that’s a good Arrow you want to lose that I have another one okay I have a um I have a birch [Music] sapling oh that one is important okay is that good but but you save it there yeah you save it here it’s fine okay I’ll see [Laughter] sa’s pushing me to this fight here I am I am okay 100% should I save these sticks just in case I have a golden apple should I eat the golden apple H you can eat it one to fight Stars yes I’m going to put our silk touch I I more um Ingot iron ingots and wood here in case you need it um I I have a a butter a water a bucket with water right you don’t no I don’t but I have four iron ingots right here yeah let’s make a bucket and find water here I heard it kind of close I got a bucket now is want to close by I don’t get why there’s a new spam thing wait what’s that is that new for YouTube the you so I was like can I like rant for a little bit about YouTube shorts again I made a uh a YouTube short and it’s um it’s of the the troll dance right you know in the in King’s Quest and it got up to like 10,000 views and I’m like all right but it stopped like hitting a ceiling DK right I’m like all all right right people like this video it got there quite quickly as well right got that quite quickly so people like it so I looked at the I looked at the analytics and I and I um I saw that the last second or so people were tuning out just you know they just they flick up last second so what I did was reuploaded it sure why not I reuploaded it and and uh change the title step off the last few seconds and now it’s above 60% stuck it on YouTube yesterday well mhm skyrocketed a 10,000 views and then hit a ceiling [Music] DK EV every time these shorts will get to 10,000 views and as if it’s hitting a c let me show you let me show you cuz it’s quite like heck is going on here and then I I looked it up on um I looked it up on Reddit and people were saying like yeah I get to 10,000 views and it hits a ceiling these are shorts by the way mhm so here you go you can see here this is this was posted yesterday nothing nothing nothing up it goes up it goes up it goes D and then there flat flat this has not even been out for 24 hours cuz they posted last night like 4:00 or 7:00 in the [Music] morning and it will stay like that we find another one for you let me find the other one same video just like slightly longer this one actually got there even faster look at this DK is that frustrating like there’s an invisible ceiling right there and it say like smash you ain’t going past that it it’s gone straight up too 10 well that got to 11,000 well I mean hang on did it get to 11,000 or did it get there eventually no 10,000 there and it creeped up to 11 over time it might suddenly hit another way but typically my experience with these they don’t here’s this one here this one um was a re-upload cuz it did quite well so I thought maybe if I change some things I might do better about 10,000 and then this one actually was more of a slow gradual die off but then dead frustrating it’s weird it’s [Music] weird we find some other 10 fouls those all those follows by the way this one same thing look at that that one look at that it was out for less than it I I uploaded it at 5:00 in the morning it got to 10,000 by the same day 4:00 in the afternoon so from uh 9:00 uh a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it went and then just dead dead that’s so annoying I just I had one that got to a million I got one un alive un alive I got the one that got to a million views so I’m like it’s possible it’s possible to get there yes but I won apparently and that’s him that’s what I go well not even Tik Tok even like YouTube does the same thing did find water yet mm oh you did okay nice yeah okay let’s go here just to make sure we’re the coordinates can write it down put the water down we get there oh careful ooh that’s what we’re looking for yeah teal trees it’s pretty low 270 it is real low yeah it’s one the bottom hey fact that very appreciate that yeah but I like looked up on um I searched for it cuz I’m like what the heck is going on turns out a lot of other people are having issues or well not issues but you know they’re having be careful you don’t have a gold on the guy with them uh now that I have now I have a student YouTube premium I binge watch your channel this weekend oh thank you yeah premium is nice we’re actually kind of close I think we didn’t travel that we didn’t travel that fall yeah because our portal space is like about 130 by 180 yeah it is expensive we’re not that far okay at least now we know where it is sure did you find the Portal yes we didn’t yes we found it sleeping [Music] sleeping do you got any of the Ender Pearls left yes there’s one in here okay I got two one need them more up in there for you oh no I’m sorry it was just the basic ones it’s just eye of the end that’s fine you have enough to do this Amanda have a good one you have to that’s fine well we need a bunch there’s only one in here yeah but we just need 11 right oh Al we can’t do now it’s St yeah we can here we can oh okay just place them oh oh don’t jumping jet make sure you have like your water your Flor your lucky you f that in E cuz that would be real stupid St I’m stuck now you wouldn’t be stuck because it’s lava I wouldn’t be stuck CU I be dead is what happens I mean alive alive um let me get my other pickaxe I put it away but have to take it back out all right ready yeah you have blocks on you I have a block why and you’ll need it to like engage like a bunch of loocks I open can you some okay okay so remember if you are Chang by the Enders just Place water okay and they will stay away from you I mean they will yeah but I’m stuck in a puddle of water the whole time well but then you hit it from the water you you hit the with the with the sword and stuff yeah with the floor the Ender people and the dragon well you know how to find a dragon right you throw a bunch of PEDs down I watch these to it all the [Music] time you go plonk plon plon plon okay I did it okay the first thing we have to do ISS no why you not [Laughter] peing right ready I’m do I’m do enough as it is I’m ready Jump On In as soon as we what’s that as soon as we can going to play some wait stay there stay there oh we’re kind of far that heck game okay don’t don’t look at him Safety First oh yeah let me know maybe just don’t leave we just leave the dragon alone we thought about that no way are you placing your blocks oh I oh you want me to place the block uh if you can have more oh yep mhm well I won’t I won’t Place block then we’re never going to come back to this point are we cuz you got to find the Portal out yeah but that’s not the way out you you you need to I’ll go back here true true true to go back in oh just be careful though right okay we’re fine we’re fine justan you want me to place some more blocks down for safety reasons uh no how many blocks do you have left 50 I’ll make it safe I found the thick of it no we need the blocks to make Towers oh true okay good point I forgot the we more I we got cheese blocks here okay just don’t be seen by the dragon to yeah we’ll just like stay down here you know it be good [Music] scaffolding yes I I know that would definitely having good I kind of forgot yeah you kind of forgot about about that one second let me turn this off here put some action music on okay yeah yeah we need some action music playing cuz it’s an action scene uh what do we got here battle music let’s make our little base here cu the bed more okay we we can use me do we have now that such a bad influence comes in immedi want he fight the dragon I just want to build a little town for my villagers uh the last time I felt a dragon I was in I just stood in a puddle of water the whole time I let James do him this time it’s probably going to go worse why will you go worse you going do better okay careful we’re on the top now okay right here oh he’s stacking is it he’s over there yeah they you got to you got to kill the things right oh I made them angry haha but you can’t get me wait you can’t get me it was me angry and I didn’t e like a fool oh God I’m being attack somehow what the heck I died did you like immediately sa why I’m coming back in nobody is surprised I was getting attacked by something oh wow all the amazing peeps coming [Applause] in sure you hit that follow subscribe button anyways that’s it for me bye-bye hey welcome everybody you give me my the time cuz I’m about to uh probably die from the dragon fight let’s go did you die no but I’m being attacked oh okay well that’s fine long I’m not being attacked how’s the stream buddy appreciate you coming in put my clothes on all right and I casually organized my inventory put some food down here wait what come on I can’t attack Dragon if you attack me how’s it going over there okay died finally the dragon died n great no it’s going great uh Gass is amazing if you don’t follow him you should the end you need to shoot these things that one’s dead that one I got that one already that one’s dead already that was broken away do that one okay okay good job good job excuse me don’t mind me can I get the ones that have cages around them yes but you have to either go above it or try to make it from there’s like a corner from which you can sometimes shoot it going up these one is Prett far oh it’s closed on all ends got that one got that one hang on hope he doesn’t mind me uh just casually drilling through oh there’s there a there’s a little bit of a hole like that one see yeah that was good another one care you got that one I got that one yeah I could probably get all of those there yeah I get these two two are this all no over here that one dang it uh oh oh gosh well I’m in the air now fly GL fly careful [Music] okay um okay I got that one I think we got I should have bucketed uh died by the way was so weird I was in the air with the most wonderful thing dragon two glue on zero I killed two of his F the question is where did my junk go do you all see my Jung I can kind of see it where you started you have the pillar right next to it huh are you it’s almost where I am where you at you think can you not see my name I don’t see your name oh I see you I see I see here I mean I thought he was here no I I I fell off into a cliff I didn’t fall into the cliff cuz I made sure I didn’t but I fell off to it was like it’s going to be along the sides yeah what going do your wait let’s see some stuff down there oh yeah down there okay good sweet you know this armor is doing nothing to help me out by the way way you didn’t need that much armor was not doing nothing okay you know what I got my bow I got my armor back did I even die really that’s the thing mhm I don’t have any blocks though I should have B some more blocks oh we already got all the things are you dead yeah oh I mean good job me you got some of them too I got two yeah now bed bed them to death just like all the videos I watch why are we not beding them to [Music] death oh nice job stop moving around jeez seriously dang Nice Shot again no I have to predict where he going to go mhm and don’t look at the endies yeah I’m going my eyes up above the Horizon oh yes nice hit it nice it will land eventually right it should it drove through the pillars it’s clipping he cheating nice I hit twice oh nice go nice okay now we got think so it’s almost halfway there the most epic big fight ever not Landing I mean I’m kind of hoping it does land for some more action here maybe stay away from that middle middle oh yeah maybe that’s why he’s not Landing come on D is it Landing that’s less than half now don’t wor have Infinity arrows peeps I maybe heard that we prefer the bows I mean I got no problem with this one’s bow but you know it’s going to take forever to kill it well we only are like one third away not true nice nice nice nice this is for you gassie I couldn’t be a cowardly dude in front of the gassy raid you know mhm wait well I said there pick some beds but sa said no oh oh oh wait it’s not Landing so the wouldn’t have work anyway I know if it’s glitch because he’s not even attacking us as well yeah is it glitched I think so sweet it should be landing it should be attacking should I put like silly music on cuz I mean this epic music doesn’t really yeah it’s no longer maybe because it killed me twice it figured like okay oh here we go here we go here we go when it gets close I always like go ahead you kill oh gosh pressure is on now one or just one shy away yeah yeah yeah yeah here we go [Music] [Applause] yay woo let’s go [Music] woo we did it Shadow sweet [Music] money thing yeah level 45 holy moly 55 dang yeah uh you want to get that egg there you get the egg or something yeah yeah you first now you do first is a normal be right you moved and then you do a little torch underneath it what does that do it’s like the gravel it will fall on the torch oh okay so you put the torch oh nice wait let’s go I saw it over here yeah okay I have 19 blocks though hm you got enough blocks to get up there well that’s where the N SE oh is that not how you get out of here no you get out but this me the one okay oh right let’s go then when you’re out in the end cities yes and you will have to find another one of those flying things to go back H so that’s another trip that’s another trip for another day there it is we beat Minecraft we went all the way to the end and um well game over peeps I see the player I see the player you mean Dr Glon yes take care it has reached the highest level now it can read our thoughts does that doesn’t matter it thinks we are part of the game I like this player oh hey there Dr GL something I’m doing awesome oh wow look at allaz it did not give up oh if you enjoyed the reading our follow sub anyways that’s it for me byebye a false though as a f World words on screens that is how it chooses to imagine many things when it is deep in the dreams of the game words oh my God there’s a lot of words here a I skipped okay I thought this was like a like you can come back there I feel bad I thought this is important but you know oh hello hello I love your P message well well let’s get out of here let’s go tunel back M let’s make a few more doc you apologize to hang on oh hey there Dr gland hey gloy how you doing today I’m doing awesome hey I want to apologize to you look at all these amazing watching I know I know the pry amazing hit follow subscri anyway for I byebye apologize should we have one more sag hey that was really a jerk of you should we have one that like hey I was doing a thing well say all those peps watching they saying you yell at me in front of all of those peps watching yeah that’s true oh we put the egg in here cuz otherwise yeah we could lose it um and the pills in there should I save the eggs or walk well we have to tunel back cuz you got to get back here so we go to end the city sometimes you know mhm yeah D that oh put your gold hat on oh yeah yeah yeah good good ide oh nice okay we’re ready now also sa make sure this be demo difficult make sure we come up you know in one of those Junctions I can do that cool let’s go unless it’s this unless it’s the swamp one then we just like hook hook onto that one no we’re in the opposite direction from that one oh okay okay okay so okay so we need to go M MH um Southwest from here okay so the best way will be full full West full south I mean until about 15 no 190 sort of let’s see yes 180 okay 180 it is a cc option called cell alerts should uh you should uh you should pay for a sound to play wait what I think they answering oh how do do the sounds is the pew pew pew one showing up just so that way know it’s okay I can check sounds good yeah I see it this end okay cool cool okay let’s go let’s go so this way until 180 kind of but we have to go kind of up as well oh it’s the page it’s about level 70 up right make sure you do that too wide yeah cuz we got to we got to beautify these sarm I know I keep saying it but we we got to yeah we do have to yeah I agree we got so much remember to put the block on your off hand oh yeah good point are you on the same level of me yeah okay I’m I’m trying make sure lava flows like water in the nether so it be very quick it’s a very quick flowing thing 62 we still have found a desert remember we like well we’ll find one on the way we never found one the desert elus anyone remembers oh what the what was that oh it’s because you went to all the biomes with that you went all the the um the nether biomes oh okay cool and Chad do you remember the exact height level of the portal may maybe there’s like CP where you can find out yeah that’d be handy we just need to curse this hang on hang on GL we need some of this oh okay I’ll make a tunnel here well not tunnel these hanging signs actually lose lot and the strip logs mhm so they’re kind of expensive you can move the portal down H well I mean the portal on the on our Hub yeah the Hub Master the Martian gifted a f to glitch crocos play gied a tier one sub to glitch Croc cosplay they have given 100 gift Subs in the channel thank you so much M appreciate that uh one me they don’t know we can move this portal up but for now we right yeah yeah yeah good point we just got to get to him 100 gift uh all uh friends are to Mars Martian I am a oh [Music] got put that Mo back on that shows the quarters on screen I know it’s not updated yet oh is it not yeah all those um Ms I use those sort of elements got broken right jeez you scar me sorry I li was I us those James all the time too ah tunneling tunneling back we need to work on some sign for the tunnels so we can start doing that [Music] mhm well I want to get some glass I want to get a bunch of glass going but we can’t find a dang desert should I just dig up some beaches I want to ruin stuff um had an awesome group here we do thank you Eevee you all make this community amazing wait wait wait where level 180 huh we’re at the level 180 84 oh you just B don’t take that oh my god oh okay I put it right where out I put it right where the source block was reflexes oh Jesus time where turn jeez you have no idea that you were like about to eat that lava that’s that follow appreciate that okay hang on okay okay well across yeah think BLS be F I was listening to some of the um the Minecraft music and the actual nether music is kind of cool it’s creepy but it’s good it just doesn’t come on all the time though it’s very like no music for a long time uhhuh hey have a good night the this that you can find in the in the um Bastion is pretty good yeah M no I don’t listen to Minecraft music we do our own thing but you know when I’m playing off stream I might have the music on and well I see the house I see the house oh yeah yeah is so which way uh oh just right there n we’re good [Music] Shadow The Hub we meet the hubf Hub so we just put a glass we put a glass tunnel here that goes all the way over here mhm oh gas got a bit of roof on this thing too you know we need the gas sound but when he when he shoots oh that oh yeah yeah yeah the gas sh he shoot yes yes when he shoot it and he lands someone someone gives me a one of those I I’ll look for it I’ll look for [Music] it I mean the creeper sound is something I would jump even if I’m not playing minecra you’re not playing m yeah you do it the S I still like there’s stei hi Dey we’re back he missed us that wasn’t that was not too far at all I mean the uh that wasn’t too far the uh swamp is f away like The Sims dying yeah it feels like it it’s miles away probably psychological it is if you can get without music though I you got to get without any music backing oh um you built the uh the lava thing which is great but now we need a I think you built where the trash can was uhhuh I feel like we need a trash can now do we need a trash can oh yeah cuz all this dang nether rack stuff well I can make it there I can make a little thing there that CHS it to that one to that lava that already there I got will I take it up and thr it over yeah use a dispenser doc saffr glue bees hello I must say did you guys remember to put emergency sprinklers in this place they’d G glue L glue hug keeping the the uh the sprinkle alive do you want a sprinkler glue sprinkler sticker maybe once the uh emotes get retired then they become stickers mhm a choice I don’t know if anyone want a glue sprinkler sticker but I will offer that and uh maybe we’ll keep that up for a little bit dark has become a legend for this the Drew has become a legend for this yes the glue sprinkler that was the very first Art Attack emote was the glue sprinkler it’s past now but a glue booty one yeah I should do a glue booty one and the new one today is uh glushie a that’s cute too glushie show us your glushies CH show your glushies bring out your glushies which I like it because it’s also like glues High yeah cuz it’s waving Yi please keep them up for a while so you can order yeah I keep them up for a while they’ be long I can uh keep them up longer just theem I can’t keep very long cuz we went out spots okay I’m watching the clip oh yeah watch the clip oh my God yeah hang on I got to watch it again soono okay oh that was so good just the level [Music] 188 you just you had no idea you’re like uh no idea and I wouldn’t even know for to where direction to run [Music] true professional sleeping yeah that’s good what a h that’s true that is true oh you know what I going to make um one of those hanging SL signs you got to strip the wood you got to plank it and strip it and get six of [Music] them so the are expensive they are they’re so PR in that color though mhm oh I want the other one to be pink yeah we can do pink one too but we haven’t found the Cherry oh yeah yeah yeah be a bit far cuz it’s part of the previous update not when the war was yet regenerated oh yeah got get a chain I think it’s um is the chain that yeah is it just one chain two because I think the issue is that I also kind of explore a little bit because I needed to find another flower bi and to past this one on it oh mhm and I don’t remember where I went cuz I didn’t think it was survive more seasons more updates [Music] cuz that goes like that and that fer goes like this and this there we go so then we take uh cuz I think one day we’ll probably have to just maybe um start instead of just going on an adventure just start by tunneling maybe mhm yeah we’re just tunneling a direction and then pop up where we go I totally agree with that yes because it’s going to be far for us to find new stuffff right [Music] all right ready oo okay so this is is it too [Music] low no we could hang it from the ceiling up there too have it dangle all the way down no because when you land when you go up you go up here and just hide from here is fine okay look look at it okay fine we just need um the glow okay the glow squating yeah what about what about the holes too though maybe we could put signs like almost like there and the [Music] inside um okay or maybe just like you just know the color like blue that is uh mono mm well for this one I wanted to put a monor rail a rail in front okay at least for that one cuz you can put a sign like in here like in that little hole there like on the inside so you look down you see it if you if you get rid of the um trap doors of course so I want to do something like that right yeah but then what would you do for the other ones or you can put like um uh what’s it called an item frame on the floor and then you put like I don’t know what represents that way well I would say like you could do this um ra Oban I guess like that see okay it’s like oh that’s real [Music] okay Co [Music] cuz you got to look anyway to go down it I mean you looking from this direction you you you got look down go over here what’s that one but also you’re like oh that’s the blue one or the T teal [Music] one the teal Direction thing maybe do a teal sign for that as well got to enter the inventory my inventory is so full of junk oh we have glow ink yes do we mhm can I just cook up all this neite into bricks sure we got plenty of is lava so whatever yeah cook it up cook it up cook it up cook it up hey good night thanks for being here uh we don’t have oh you do like an item frame there yeah was thinking something like that I don’t know about on the floor though I think look kind gross wow you look gross oh I like it this is perfect look with the ink the F when ding really pops say what they sign oh yes uh and so you do this and then you have this one here and how mono Cham don’t forget yours yes thank you Lily can mon thank you just mon okay mon do you have any more yes I have on me so it’s the same sign color but it’s down there yeah and after a while you’ll remember which color is yeah yeah yeah so we bre the door What’s that name uh we don’t have any the red the red um Crimson wood No the pink no but we have have we have red or is that it’s red and then we could we have uh that’s is like Oak whatever colors we have we got pink pink nothing else there nothing else different a like a yellow one well I mean the pink will be I think the pink will go well to make it more pastel colors oh is it more purple is it more purple color than pink I mean red it it’s more pink but the next one can be Birch which is kind of like a light yellow okay well let’s do that now I got plenty of that yeah okay where am I where I put the W wood in this other chest here no Cherry pink I think will be better Lily I mean I know you love that block most to go with the Birch cuz it’s very light yellow so this is this is high this is high uh you’ve got okay blocks though is that really what we’re going to call it blocks oh I think yeah no I think it meant the one in from the nether the Crimson I meant the Crimson one yes well are these blocks are they all blocks most of them yeah but does it help also blocks no this one is wood and and um what is this called and and greenary stuff or like plants or do like wood uh one way like an arrow and then put like a I don’t know something else like like an arrow pointing one way and an arrow po the other way this is like a grocery store so you do like this you go like you go like uh wood then you go and the other to the right okay yeah and then whatever else you call the other thing color blocks color blocks yeah yeah I mean they are color BL the one of the regular I me they have less [Laughter] confusing and we’re playing Minecraft okay so we organized it we got SI out this one is where the blocks are also blocks over here over here and over here it’s all blocks it’s PL in Minecraft look it’s like your important stuff chest okay there important blocks normal blocks color block important blocks if I just important stuff junk stuff you’d be blowing your gask [Music] in oops [Laughter] okay um Chad don’t forget that this Saturday is the last episode of the hand of baby challenge it is the last episode M you don’t want to miss that there’s like a little video at the end of it too would I still have to edit oh but they will be I guess they might not see itbe they may they may not see that they may not see it but I’ll try to have it edited by then just have uh really have the motivation to edit stuff yeah um c m now by the time he’s on the plane you will be delayed already no need to edit it then he can do comes back so this is got the yellow one I don’t know if uh okay good but I can put this cuz I is it too close to two of that color yeah but we’re going to look for another one true well I didn’t know how like we mentioned the yellow so I just kind of built it just have a cheeky look oops that’s got a bed let’s sleep so it’s daytime okay [Music] now question do you want to go look do you do you want me to wait for you to go look for the nend cities or do you prefer me to find it and then we fight it together no let’s find it together find it as well okay yeah yeah cuz that’ be fun just yeah yeah just making sure because that one can take some time as well right but yeah oops um friend of [Music] yours oh hi oh kind of want to GA it or should we just do it and hope for the best should we name should we name tag no I want that that guy in my base Voom voming all over the place and can I just attack it fine hope I survive we’ll attack it I mean what the wor that can happen right splitting away well go oh God sa are you still there was there a second ago what is it doing this guy this guy uh I the end it balls me yeah they need to do like a big end update well now we got that guy being angry somewhere yeah he needs more biomes yeah they talked about doing something like that at some point [Music] M I hope so did you get him can still hear it no I hear it I see it what you land in the water or something maybe oh jeez he you moved it moves oh God creep it by door okay got it okay this is what the yellow sign looks like okay back yeah it’s so close to that then I don’t mind keeping the yellow one but maybe we get rid of this one then yeah get rid of that one which is in yellow well this one doesn’t need one because I guess that doesn’t technically need one well how know where the library’s at so yeah all we need then is the um yeah pink the Crimson one well really just the Crimson one or Crimson either either or um the all the pink one if you do the pink one yeah we do the pink one also if it looks radically different yeah let me check the nether maybe I found um we need six logs okay I wish you animated D going to have found it it’s just more south oh really yes I mean you must have found it because you got the achievement of having found every area separating Prime yeah we can get the Cherry one too I fig these like more pop Colors oh hey there Dr GL hello glooby how are you doing today I’m doing awesome great oh wow look at all these keeps watching I know right aming you enjoyed the stream make sure you hit that follow SL subscribe button anyways that’s it for me bye-bye bye gby byebye as the base do they oh is that just like random oh I didn’t know I thought I just thought just hung that way I don’t if that’s still here but there’s the base mhm nice oh so I was thinking you know how we’re going to do like a slash in the water like the Slime m in that area okay what about I don’t know if we can do it but I will I think I want to oh no oh hello okay you’re pushing back fine not exactly there but like right next to it mhm about a kitty drinking the water and we put the kitties inside so when we pass by it it meows so the meow is not annoying wait hang on a second you going to get rid of that one or no you have to do uh so wait hang on you want to put kitties drinking the water like a statue of a kitty yes so we put the kitties inside oh and you put the kitties inside it okay yeah so there a Kitty the giant Kitty drinking the water not not exactly the Slime but kind of close to it maybe it’s have a tail it’s got a tentacle tail oh yeah like it’s m oh here’s our friend yeah I see it look okay yeah kind like over here in this area here yeah yeah yeah yeah I like it so and that way we put the kitties inside it’s like a kitty s or something and and if it’s too small for a kitty we can do like a kitty I know like you feel like we got too much Kitty action going on right now well it’s just to get the kitties away from the main house so it doesn’t annoy people with it Con meow oh okay you’re like I want kitties but I’m willing to I’m willing to compromise uhhuh exactly or we can do the other idea that we had to make like a church to have pop Lily I definitely want to have one giant church and then the altar is a cat that we name tag yes Pope ly and then and then the other cats are you know the people sitting because you can make the the cat it yeah so they listening to a sermon oh my gosh I love that idea where would we put that church though I don’t know maybe this mound over here is pretty nice yeah well you should build like a bunch of little houses around here too just for like Villages mhm yeah then we Villers would leave here yeah bound up here could be up here I also want to build a volcano as well just could be in the other world I really like that volcano yeah yeah um but that we need Black Rock from the nether yes cuz that’s how I built it last time um up here it’s the big old uh Church of Pope ly too bad come in a robe or something Black Stone yeah yeah oh I saw I found your pumpkin farm ooh nice I like who bu this F back in so where do we want the volcano is this one here right I think we put it back here like almost on top of this mountain over here so that way it’s just kind of off the distance and that way the mono can go cuz it will keep going then maybe through it as well uh yeah this one here right where we’re standing this one where you at behind you and behind you yeah like up here what about this one here cuz that way you can see it all around like Oh you mean like right here just cover this whole thing yeah to make it a center piece oh yeah okay yeah yeah cuz if you look at it from the rail there you can see it from all sides if we do it in this pie here true but don’t we want the rail go inside of it though I you can make it go inside and then go out from the other side to then no drops I don’t know well you need to realize that not everyone knows and everyone’s coming in with the same knowledge that they don’t know so I try to be a bit more patient I know the M’s get mad but some people don’t know so hang on I’m going to take I’m going to take the mon again have a cheeky look at that M yes I’m hely amused by it it’s kind of funny what’s happening there was a uh well hope we didn’t want to take the rail cuz uh hop in behind me yeah you made it so you mean this giant Mound here yes this corner here o that could be cool with like lava coming down yeah yeah yeah yeah [Music] yeah okay cuz you can see it from both sides almost can I still get the cave you can’t I’m sorry Lily they don’t know Lily they don’t know [Laughter] oh okay we’re going back oh we’re going to hang out [Music] there the only thing is though it’s sloping it’s such a steep it’s so steep we have to like bordo a lot of this down yeah we’re going to have to cut that kind of corner but I guess it’s kind of the height right yeah but we made like kind of thinner not too big at the base right right right fact I follow appreciate that yeah yeah big V and I think we should take down those floating islands just but that’s that’s like the de kind of thing can see it okay yeah okay we put a volcano right there I feel like a pirate ship has to be in that Lagoon what’s the chat say what they say no no no one we can complain more when it’s reached yeah that’s what makes the area interesting yeah yeah that’s the whole point of the area the floating iand there MH okay yeah big plan big plans I like going to block The View you know of our beautiful whatever building yes this is like a fantasy area we got volcanoes Pirates Wizards uh giant cats and tentacle monsters yeah you one the pretty areas in in generation yeah yeah yeah yeah volcano right there I think it look good going in the water with lava coming down to him look sweet but that’s for another day we have to get like so much the black stone whatever it’s called so much what black stone for that yeah anyway that far left the game all right well we’re going to leave it here folks the floating island be a part of the view yeah be sweet yeah been amazing thank you so much for watching if you enjoy Minecraft and these streams make sure you follow I’m going to be back tomorrow with GTA 5 with James and Deli and possibly even Red Dead Redemption by myself so it’s going to be pretty uh fun stream you want to miss it it’s going be a lot of wackiness a lot of silliness Lily watch the VOD hopefully you see this you know just just silliness just Shenanigans yeah as we [Music] do also watch the rest of the Detroit become human V yes really we need to talk about [Laughter] that um all right everybody y’all been amazing uh we’re going to say goodbye to TW uh the Tik toks first right bye Tik Tok uh good goodbye Tik Tock uh let’s see yeah goodbye Tik to C’s in there bye Hi and then we’re going to say goodbye to YouTube as well YouTube goodbye bye YouTube

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    Mastering Minecraft Hardcore 1.21 Update: Insane Challenges! Surviving Minecraft Hardcore in the New 1.21 Update: Epic Challenges! Embark on a thrilling adventure in the latest Minecraft update, version 1.21, as players dive into Hardcore mode for the ultimate survival challenge. From new features to unexpected obstacles, this update promises an adrenaline-pumping experience like never before. Join the journey as players explore new biomes, battle fierce mobs, and unravel the mysteries of Minecraft 1.21. Will they emerge victorious or succumb to the dangers lurking in the shadows? Exploring New Biomes The 1.21 update introduces players to a plethora of new biomes, each with its unique landscapes and… Read More

  • Playing Games with Max Level Kid!【Minecraft】

    Playing Games with Max Level Kid!【Minecraft】 Minecraft: Weekend Fun with Max-Level Kids Playing Games!【Cube Pavilion】 Welcome to Cube Pavilion, a channel dedicated to providing child-friendly content, avoiding any elements that could potentially harm their health and safety. Hello everyone, I’m Cube Pavilion, a creator in the world of Minecraft. I make funny and humorous Minecraft animations to spread joy. This channel is the only official channel for Cube Pavilion. Any videos related to me on other channels are pirated content and have not been authorized. Every day, I release exciting original videos. If you enjoy them, remember to subscribe! Let’s spread happiness together! Content Categories:… Read More

  • Redstone Wonders: 2024’s Top 10 Builds!

    Redstone Wonders: 2024's Top 10 Builds! Welcome, welcome, to the Minecraft show, Where redstone builds steal the glow. Top 10 structures, simple and neat, With tactics to make your world complete. First up, a tsunami machine so grand, Followed by a nuclear bomb, oh so grand. Magic fireplace, doorbell chime, Auto teleport, a true gem in time. Laser door, encrypted safe, Motor boat, ready to race. Missile launch, 3×3 elevator, Each creation, a true innovator. Join our Discord, for more fun, And remember, in Minecraft, we all shine like the sun. So grab your blocks, and let’s begin, Creating wonders, with a Minecraft spin. Read More

  • Sneaky Reasons I Joined This SMP

    Sneaky Reasons I Joined This SMP Welcome to the Exciting World of Minecraft SMPs! Are you ready to dive into the world of Minecraft SMPs? In this video, the player joins an SMP in Minecraft Pocket Edition version, ready to embark on new adventures and challenges. Exploring the Minecraft Universe From survival challenges to parkour adventures, Minecraft offers a vast universe for players to explore. Whether you’re crafting copper items or navigating through tricky parkour courses, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the world of Minecraft. Joining the SMP Community Joining an SMP in Minecraft opens up a whole new world… Read More

  • Crafting a Flamingo in Minecraft

    Crafting a Flamingo in Minecraft The Art of Building a Flamingo in Minecraft When it comes to creativity in Minecraft, the possibilities are endless. From towering castles to intricate redstone contraptions, players have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in this virtual world. One popular trend that has emerged is the art of building unique and eye-catching structures, such as the iconic flamingo. Flamingo Fever Building a flamingo in Minecraft is not only a fun challenge but also a great way to showcase your building skills. With its long legs, vibrant pink feathers, and distinctive beak, the flamingo is a striking addition… Read More

  • Zedaph’s Sneaky Villager Trading Hall!

    Zedaph's Sneaky Villager Trading Hall! Exploring the Chicken Villager Trading Hall in Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 10 The Hermitcraft Trading Card Game Series 2 The Hermitcraft Trading Card Game is back with series two, featuring alter egos and limited edition cards available for pre-order at creocards.com. Zedaph, a Hermitcraft member, showcases his brand new common and rare cards, including his alter ego as Wormman from season five. The Creeper Spleef Farm Zedaph introduces his latest creation, the Creeper Spleef Farm, where players can engage in a fun game of Creeper Spleef. The farm efficiently produces gunpowder, basalt, and cobblestone, providing a unique gaming experience for… Read More

  • Naruto Portal in Minecraft 2024

    Naruto Portal in Minecraft 2024 Minecraft: Creating the Naruto Portal in 2024 Exploring the world of Minecraft is always an adventure, especially when players like UzeMing take it to the next level. In a recent video, UzeMing embarked on a journey to create a portal inspired by the popular anime character Naruto in the year 2024. Building the Portal UzeMing started by gathering materials like Flint and Steel, along with additional items like orange and black walls. With a 4×5 size in mind, the portal began to take shape. The intricate design showcased UzeMing’s creativity and attention to detail. Entering the Portal As the… Read More

  • RIP EFEKAN: Minecraft’s Saddest Farewell

    RIP EFEKAN: Minecraft's Saddest Farewell In the Minecraft world, Efekan is dead, A battle with Cardboard Man, who will be ahead? With strength and might, they clash and fight, In this epic showdown, who will shine bright? Subscribe to the channel, don’t miss a beat, For Minecraft news, it’s your ultimate treat. Join the Discord, be part of the crew, Engage with the community, that’s what you should do. All in good fun, with a touch of jest, Minecraft adventures, put to the test. Stay tuned for more, in every rhyme, In the world of gaming, it’s always prime. Read More

  • Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!

    Unbelievable Random Fov Challenge in Minecraft Bedwars!Video Information This video, titled ‘Random Fov Challenge! | Minecraft Bedwars’, was uploaded by Dirtrider79MC on 2024-07-09 02:09:51. It has garnered 54 views and 7 likes. The duration of the video is 00:14:47 or 887 seconds. Hey guys! This challenge was really fun and i think this was the longest ive ever edited a video XD .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙click here*̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ . ༓~texture pack(s) ~༓ pastelic v3 rose gold: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ pastelic v1 purple: Pastelic Collection [128x] Pastel PvP Texture Packs Release (FPS Friendly) ♡ ୨⎯ s o c i a l m e… Read More

  • Unearthing Minecraft’s First Entity – Insane Discovery!

    Unearthing Minecraft's First Entity - Insane Discovery!Video Information This video, titled ‘We Discovered Minecraft’s First Entity…’, was uploaded by Darkomode on 2024-06-19 11:00:32. It has garnered 29249 views and 1124 likes. The duration of the video is 01:06:50 or 4010 seconds. We Discovered a Player Who Doesn’t Exist in Minecraft and ever since, strange things have been happening… Today we Discovered The First Entity in Minecraft w/ @RageElixirMinecraft 👍 FOLLOW ME! ► TikTok – https://tiktok.com/@darkomode ► Instagram – https://instagram.com/darkcornerstv ► Twitter – https://twitter.com/darkcornersyt 📺 MY OTHER CHANNELS ► Dark Corners (Horror) – https://youtube.com/darkcornerstv ► DarkoBlox (Roblox) – https://youtube.com/darkoblox Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free… https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji Music:… Read More


    DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN GERMA! + URA DO KONCAVideo Information This video, titled ‘1€= +10 MIN, 6€= +1 URA DO KONCA EVENT! (FS22, GTA 5, ETS2, RL, MINECRAFT, VALORANT, CS:GO2) [SLO]#7’, was uploaded by GERMA on 2024-07-18 07:01:52. It has garnered 2683 views and 243 likes. The duration of the video is 11:50:58 or 42658 seconds. #paradajzuci #mislimnate #roadto20k #farmingsimulator22 #farming #farmingsimulator22mods #farmingsimulator22multiplyer #multiplayer ================================= ============================================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR AMAZING SUPPORT! PLEASE LIKE👍 AND THE BELL 🔔 ⬇️DON’T FORGET TO⬇️ ╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ ================================================= =================== THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE DONATIONS, DONATIONS ARE NOT OBLIGATORY, THEY ARE VOLUNTARY, BUT ALL MONEY FROM DONATIONS GOES BACK TO YOUTUBE AND VIDEOS… Read More

  • Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!

    Insane Island Showdown: 100 Players in Minecraft Hunger Games!Video Information This video, titled ‘100 Players Simulate an Island HUNGER GAMES in Minecraft…’, was uploaded by Knapp on 2024-04-26 16:00:07. It has garnered 276937 views and 6047 likes. The duration of the video is 00:58:45 or 3525 seconds. Today I Made 100 players simulate an ISLAND HUNGER GAMES, who will come out on top? only time will tell! EVENTS ►https://discord.gg/P2yXFe8EVM HOSTED BY ►https://discord.gg/phytor ————————————————————- 🐤 Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Knappidk_ 💬 My Personal Discord ► https://discord.gg/q3Qu6MxVTC 🎬 Edited by ► @KnappYT Team mates ► @zeldub @Nakasleep @dobov2 @alpgg_ @yesluc ————————————————————- Massive thank you to Wepwawet Hosting for sponsoring me and my… Read More

  • “Mind-Controlled Zombie Girl in Minecraft School!” #clickbait #animation

    "Mind-Controlled Zombie Girl in Minecraft School!" #clickbait #animationVideo Information This video, titled ‘hypnosis zombie girl| #minecraft #animation #anime #monster #school #viral #mosters #shorts’, was uploaded by Mr. Minecraft XD on 2024-05-17 03:47:56. It has garnered 18 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:31 or 31 seconds. Read More

  • DupeSte4lzs

    DupeSte4lzsDupeste4lzs is not your ordnary avrage lifesteal dupe server. what if i told you that there were insane magical bosses you compete to defete and get the prizes that lay at the end. thats not the only twist my server has, it also has custom made items and custom enchants making the server very fun and competitive. there are also payouts every season making it worth playing$$ come join now!!! IP: Dupeste4lzs.minehut.gg Read More

  • Stinky SMP Modded Java 1.20.1 Origins No Resets.

    Stinky SMP Welcome to Stinky SMP! Hello! Join us on this 1.20.1 Minecraft server with fair moderation, extreme longevity (no resets since May 2022), and inclusivity for all playstyles. Features: Great Performance: Minimal lag with vanilla+ modpack and high-performance server hardware. Safezone-Borderlands System: Choose between a safe area or a resource-rich but dangerous zone. Origins Mod: Explore 61 custom origins and suggest your own for a unique gameplay experience. Join us: Planet Minecraft: Visit us here Server Invite: Join our Discord Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Timey-wimey Minecraft Madness”

    Looks like this meme can handle the pressure of time travel and still score a solid 39! Read More

  • Mine Stan’s Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody

    Mine Stan's Dear Steve: A Rhyme Parody Dear Steve, I’m just a Creeper, misunderstood, Watching you build, wishing I could. Longing for a chance to be more than a blast, To show you my heart, not just shadows that pass. I see you mine, craft, and build with such grace, While I lurk in the dark, with a frown on my face. But deep down inside, I’m a fan of your art, Hoping one day, you’ll see me as smart. I write you these letters, pouring out my soul, Hoping you’ll notice, and make me whole. I want to be more than just a monster in… Read More

  • Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob!

    Creeper Showdown: Pro vs Noob! Level 999 Creeper: “I’ve been training for years, I’m basically a Creeper ninja.” Level 3 Creeper: “I may be low level, but I’ve got heart…and a short fuse.” Level 999 Creeper: “Well, this is awkward. I guess I’ll just explode now.” Level 3 Creeper: “Looks like I leveled up…literally.” #minecraft #meme #memes Read More

  • Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft

    Crafting a Sneaky Red Bed in Minecraft Exploring Minecraft Building Ideas Minecraft, a game loved by millions worldwide, offers endless possibilities for creativity and construction. From simple houses to intricate castles, players can let their imagination run wild in this virtual world. One popular building idea that players often explore is creating unique beds, such as the red bed. Building a Red Bed in Minecraft To build a red bed in Minecraft, players will need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool can be dyed red using red dye, which can be obtained from red flowers like poppies. Once the materials are gathered,… Read More

  • Orange City Minecraft Tour

    Orange City Minecraft Tour Exploring the Orange Production District in Minecraft Embark on a virtual tour of the Orange Production District created in Minecraft’s creative mode! This world tour showcases the intricate details of the district, from the exterior to the interior, with the use of cross-sectional drawings. Let’s dive into the highlights of this Minecraft creation! Mini Showcase and Interior Details The tour kicks off with a mini showcase, offering a glimpse of the intricate designs within the Orange Production District. Detailed cross-sectional drawings provide a closer look at the interior architecture, highlighting the creativity and attention to detail put into each… Read More

  • INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft – Shuckle Shack

    INSANE: Surviving 1,000 Days in Minecraft - Shuckle ShackVideo Information This video, titled ‘I Survived 1,000 Days in Survival Minecraft [FULL MOVIE]’, was uploaded by Shuckle Shack on 2024-06-04 13:19:11. It has garnered 13195 views and 562 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:29 or 8309 seconds. I Survived 1000 Days in Minecraft 1.20! [FULL MINECRAFT MOVIE] If you haven’t, check out another of one my videos here: https://youtu.be/Dbdn6BSaSYQ?si=qTP1OtHCWKeHLGZS This Minecraft series was inspired by people like GoodTimesWithScar, BdoubleO100, Fwhip, Grian, MogSwamp, and more. In this let’s play series I spent hundreds of hours building a massive castle with a villager trading hall, a medieval town with… Read More

  • From Human to Caine’s Sister in Minecraft!

    From Human to Caine's Sister in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘From HUMAN to CAINE’s SISTER in Minecraft!’, was uploaded by PrincessHana on 2024-01-28 23:00:26. It has garnered 1087285 views and 12246 likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:01 or 1261 seconds. 🌼 Subscribe to the channel my daisies!! 🌼 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Dx5CzIpfctGNYsn2rVwXw?sub_confirmation=1 What’s up my doki doki daisies!? I’m Princess Hana and welcome to my video! Today, PrincessHana finds Caine’s magic cane, and accidentally turns herself into his sister! As she transforms, she becomes more and more like a girl Caine. Will she ever turn back to normal? Watch until the end to find out! ADC… Read More

  • “Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥” #minecraftmods

    "Unbelievable MC RTX 4090 in Realistic Nabi Gaming! 😲🔥" #minecraftmodsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Realistic MC RTX 4090 😍😍🤤 #minecraft #minecraftmods’, was uploaded by Nabi Gaming on 2024-04-19 19:24:26. It has garnered 18 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:23 or 23 seconds. MINECRAFT WITH ULTRA REALISTIC GRAPHICS Minecraft REAListic Graphics Minecraft REAL LIFE Extreme Graphics Minecraft in hardcore Incredible Minecraft Graphics Ultra REALISTIC MINECRAFT How to Build a Snowy Cottage How to Build a Starter House Minecraft Minecraft Blacksmith house Minecraft Snowy Cabin MINECRAFT WINTER CABIN MINECRAFT WINTER HOUSE Realistic MC RTX 4090 Minecraft best shaders Minecraft Shader Comparison Minecraft Ray Tracing Minecraft REAL… Read More

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    Insane Minecraft Hacks You Have to See!Video Information This video, titled ‘”Unbelievable Minecraft Hacks You Need to Try!”Mughal Gamerz’, was uploaded by Mughal Gamerz on 2024-07-15 07:48:04. It has garnered 84 views and 22 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:15 or 15 seconds. #MughalGamerz #MughalGamerzYoutube #MughalGamerzYTChannel Here’s a suggested description for a Minecraft Shorts video designed to go viral on YouTube: — 🔥 Welcome to my Minecraft Shorts! 🔥 In this video, we dive into [brief summary of content, e.g., epic builds, crazy hacks, or insane moments]! Watch as I [specific highlight, e.g., create a massive castle in under a minute, showcase unbelievable redstone… Read More

  • Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20

    Insane Gold Farm Build in Hardcore Minecraft 1.20Video Information This video, titled ‘I BUILD MOST EFFICIENT GOLD FARM IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT 1.20’, was uploaded by CherryON on 2024-01-12 11:36:43. It has garnered 10189 views and 238 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:40 or 40 seconds. #cherryongaming #minecraft #minecraft100days #minecraftshorts #minecrafthardmode #minecraftpe #minecraftmemes \ FIND ME ON // 📧BUSINESS QUERIES MAIL : [email protected] 🟣INSTAGRAM ► @aa.k.a.s.hh https://www.instagram.com/aa.k.a.s.hh 🟣DISCORD ► @CherryON Gaming https://discord.gg/dSuuqpNnF9 …………………………………………………. \ EPIC VIDEOS LINKS // ENDER DRAGON ► https://youtu.be/lcXYUIWlIPw?si=y3yq61tbCex7eENX WARDEN ► https://youtu.be/sNWyRAfTQCQ?si=QFTRbe6xVLFt9kbl PARK THEMED BASE ► https://youtu.be/dVVgf0UpXPg?si=eNAF6CBX2FK03x4n (Unique Design!) HARDCORE STARTING ► https://youtu.be/uHQPipz6UbY?si=GCM_g2ygt1NJ6gvR (FULL of Fun) Iron Farm ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCZ-fc4e27E (Unique Design!) ……………………………………………………. Read More

  • Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!

    Talking Doge beefs with Minecraft egg on cliff!Video Information This video, titled ‘Beefing with my minecraft egg but she can talk ew’, was uploaded by Doge cliff vods on 2024-06-11 06:21:20. It has garnered 5710 views and 286 likes. The duration of the video is 02:18:36 or 8316 seconds. Follow Tubbo on: TWITTER – https://twitter.com/TubboLive INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/tubbolive/ DISCORD – https://discord.com/invite/tubbo TWITCH – https://www.twitch.tv/tubbo Read More

  • UNBELIEVABLE! INSANE Minecraft Kingdoms Episode 1 ft. thijsSVG

    UNBELIEVABLE! INSANE Minecraft Kingdoms Episode 1 ft. thijsSVGVideo Information This video, titled ‘Kingdoms Minecraft #1 (ft.thijsSVG)’, was uploaded by DynoGG25 on 2024-03-16 16:02:13. It has garnered 49 views and 8 likes. The duration of the video is 05:01:48 or 18108 seconds. Read More

  • Insane Reaction: First Time Playing Hardcore Minecraft! 😱

    Insane Reaction: First Time Playing Hardcore Minecraft! 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘PLAYING HARDCORE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – Minecraft Live 🔴shorts stream’, was uploaded by Chazyyyboi on 2024-06-07 20:54:22. It has garnered 1272 views and 18 likes. The duration of the video is 02:00:13 or 7213 seconds. Watch the Longform stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8nnFkCWNo8 ⭐Become a channel member to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/c/Chazyyyboi/join 💲All donors get a mob in the Realm! Mob prices: https://bit.ly/mobprices 🙏Special thanks to @imbadatvideogames9770 and @MrSamisue27 ==================================================================================================== 🔴This stream has an estimated length of 2 hours 🙂 🎚️Music used (credit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3DUf4Emog ==================================================================================================== Like my videos? Feel free to support me and… Read More

  • INSANE XD HUMOR: Spongebob Terror Shorts

    INSANE XD HUMOR: Spongebob Terror ShortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘xd #humor #terror #shorts #bobesponja’, was uploaded by Force on 2024-07-06 05:24:16. It has garnered 13198 views and 198 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well 😀 #roblox #humor #minecraft #spongebob #terror Read More

  • mcfox

    mcfox狐狸伺服 | mcfox.xyz | 1.20.x | 友善生存 伺服器IP: Java: mcfox.xyz(1.20.x) PE: mcfox.xyz Port: 19132 (最新版) Open the Minecraft launcher, next click the “Play” button, then select “Multiplayer” from the main menu. Click the “Add Server” button to open the server information form then copy & paste the IP Address mcfox.xyz in the “Server Address” box then press click on “Done” button. Once the connection to the server is verified by Mojang session servers and is available, the connection icon will turn green and you can click on the “Join Server” button to play on 狐狸伺服|mcfox.xyz. mcfox.xyz Read More

  • DysonSphere Modded

    The Dyson Sphere Modpack Created by SphereMC Enjoy a blend of mods including Create & Addons, Mekanism, Gregtech+Space Addon, new building materials, decor, Valkyrien Skies, Eureka ships, and airships! Server Whitelist-only server with a fantastic community and engaging modded experience using our blend of mods. Simple and quick whitelist process! Updated modpack ⭐ What Sets This Modpack Apart? Introducing The Dyson Sphere modpack. Built on Minecraft 1.20.1, inspired by ‘All the Mods 9’, trimmed for gameplay and performance optimization. Ideal for adventurers and tech enthusiasts with modded biomes, magic, technology like Create and its addons, Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies…. Read More

  • Mystic_Isles

    Mystic_IslesWelcome to Mystic Isles! We are currently only a Factions server, we WILL be adding more game modes in the future. ACTIVE: FactionsComing Soon: SkyblockComing Soon: SurvivalComing Soon: PrisonVersions: 1.10-1.21 Read More

  • Planting Doubt: Minecraft’s Wayward Route

    Planting Doubt: Minecraft's Wayward Route In the world of Minecraft, plants take a twist, Carnivorous species, they can’t resist. But wait, is this right, or is it all wrong? Let’s dive in deep, and sing a new song. Check out Carnivorous Plants Sydney, they know the deal, With online stores and facts that are real. Happy Growing, they say with a smile, Join the community, stay for a while. The FlyTrap Garden, Calafornia_Carnivores too, Carnivorous Corner, Predatory Plants, all in view. Succulent FlyTraps, Josh’s Carnivorous Plants, Subscribe to them all, take a chance. Got questions about plants that eat meat? Join the Q&A, it’s… Read More

  • Minecraft Floating Head x Trolling face 🔥🤣 #minecraft #memes

    Minecraft Floating Head x Trolling face 🔥🤣 #minecraft #memes When you’re trying to build a house in Minecraft but end up with a floating head instead, just blame it on the trolling face emoji for causing chaos! 🤣 #minecraftfails #trollingemoji Read More


    EPIC PSG STATUE BUILD CHALLENGE Minecraft: Messi PSG Statue Build Challenge Embark on an epic journey in the world of Minecraft with the Messi PSG Statue Build Challenge! Join the fun as players face off in a battle of creativity and skill to see who can construct the most impressive statue of the legendary football player Lionel Messi. Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God Witness the clash of different skill levels as noobs, pros, hackers, and gods showcase their building prowess in this exciting challenge. From beginners to expert players, everyone has a chance to shine and demonstrate their unique building styles. Building… Read More

  • Insane Goose Beats Impossible Modpack With Zero // Ep. 18 – Falling Sky, Rising Power

    Insane Goose Beats Impossible Modpack With Zero // Ep. 18 - Falling Sky, Rising PowerVideo Information This video, titled ‘Beating Minecraft’s Hardest Modpack With Nothing // Episode 18 – Sky Falling, Power Rising’, was uploaded by Neurotic Goose on 2024-06-14 18:00:12. It has garnered 41578 views and 3988 likes. The duration of the video is 00:34:41 or 2081 seconds. In this eighteenth episode of the series I solve the space-trash problem using a neon blue goose-juice powered rotary impeller, automate photosynthetic degeneracy – or possibly fertilization – by feeding an exclusively vegetarian diet to plants, create ever-more-powerful magic boxes, and vomit rainbows all over the floor. GT – New Horizons is an intricately designed… Read More

  • MASTER MINECRAFT: 6 Mind-Blowing Tricks! MUST TRY! 🔥

    MASTER MINECRAFT: 6 Mind-Blowing Tricks! MUST TRY! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘MINECRAFT TOP 6 MOST EPIC TRICKS | THAT YOU SHOULD TRY IT || MINECRAFT HINDI’, was uploaded by GamerHit on 2024-03-06 13:02:58. It has garnered 4 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:05:03 or 303 seconds. MINECRAFT TOP 6 MOST EPIC TRICKS | THAT YOU SHOULD TRY IT || MINECRAFT HINDI #minecraft #tipsandtricks #minecrafthindi #tips #minecraftupdate #mineccraftupcomingmods #minecraftmods #minecraftpe #minecraftsurvival #minecraftseeds #technogamerz #yessmartypie #gamerfleet about : GamerHit is a YouTube channel, where you will find gaming videos in Hindi, l hope this video was Useful and you liked it, if you did… Read More