Friends In High Places – Parasitic Skies #2

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hey guys it’s uh Clubby here uh apologies about uh the audio in this video I uh apparently bumped the gain knob on my microphone before recording that and and I didn’t uh I didn’t even notice uh and so the next 3 hours uh I Peak my mic a lot and it’s really really hard for you to hear uh my friend Evan who’s joining me in this video um um I’m really sorry about that and there’s not really much I can do now and post um but just so you know I am aware of it and uh I’ll have it fixed by next episode I’m going to do a lot of audio uh layout tests with Evan uh here soon so sorry about that again um and if you want to skip this one uh to give you a brief synopsis we build the first Airship all right uh with that being said um if you’re sticking around enjoy the video thanks see you next time bye-bye good morning everybody uh Clubby here with another episode of parasitic skies and today is a very special day because I have my friend Evan who’s here and we’re g to uh we’re yeah in Minecraft yep mhm what up dog hello you want to you want to explain why your skin is uh it’s roxand wolf cuz she’s [ __ ] hot [ __ ] you fair enough uh she’s hang on let me turn up yeah I know right so last episode I got this little base established um and I’ve done a little thing couple of things off camera I’ve done a bit of mining so I’ve gotten some uh material yeah yeah yeah off camera mining ha I get it it’s the funny Minecraft uh but I uh I put these chests down at here I did some mining I got some wood and some iron over here and the parasites have become a real and present danger um speaking of which for that intro I turned it to Peaceful but I’m putting it back on easy now uh so yeah the plan today I think is we’re going to build the first airship in order to not get obliterated every five seconds and I already have the balloons to do that but Evan what I would really appreciate uh from you is if you could gather a shitload of wood cuz like we have a little bit here but it’s like not nearly enough um we do have the Lumberjack mod installed so it shouldn’t take too too long so um yeah also the uh the trees over near where I am near where the uhoh uhoh uhoh uhoh Ender’s back Ender back the assimilated ‘s back no no no go away go away go away go away go away lovely leave me alone dude I don’t know what to do I genuinely don’t know what to do uh get better just get good yeah you’re so right actually uh I just made like a bunch of wooden swords and I’m just going to hi Evan where is it oh there it is get under the trees get under the trees they can’t get you if you’re under the trees whoa that all right I win what the [ __ ] yeah I’d simply win yeah did you get the Enderman did you actually win I got the I got the end ew bro they like [ __ ] they pop into like these little don’t let them touch you they like turned into like a head crab oh really like a little like flood Z flood infection form type dealio all right so wait I’m right clicking on My Grave and it won’t let me open it I opened it what I think oh I think I’m lagging what corpse could also be a the corpse that’s laying on top I don’t see a corpse I was going to kill this thing so that doesn’t infect anything else yeah can you like grab my [ __ ] and just like toss it to me what the [ __ ] I don’t see the corpse that’s wacky dog and my tools play yeah yeah thank you all right I ate one of your breads because I’m dying that is okay in fact actually with that being said uh could you look around over here in the water for my other corpse because if that happened that time then I should have another corpse it’s like right here and it had a bunch of food on it oh whoa I’m taking this armor set yeah you can have that one all right you’re the you’re the you’re the body retriever then I guess can I have like my mutton back you know what keep half of it you’ll need it anyway now that I think now that now that I think about it we should probably make Shields huh cuz that’s like those are like oh right yeah I had a shield I forgot about that thank you yeah well I’ll go make another one it’s fine I got more iron okay Jesus is unreal is it it comes in ways it’s like fine or really bad I might have to pay for a server I’m not going to lie but what’s the spawner over here yeah I don’t know I don’t know about that but it is a witch spawner so maybe just like keep it there yeah cuz witch witch Grinders yeah definitely don’t spawn the wither yet though we’re dreadfully unprepared um well there’s only there’s only one wi we I’ll get I’m thinking about what we could do to set up some kind of defenses against these parasites because I feel like I feel like we definitely need something here oh um something yeah for real circle of salt uh something else we’ll need for building the floating city once the airships done uh because oh by the way I have decided uh I’m not talking to you I’m talking to my freaking awesome YouTube audience um I have decided that I’m going to build a floating city like right here and that’s how we’re going to do the mine Colony stuff but for the ACT ual City itself we’re going to need a lot of cobblestone and I built this little Quarry down under this well here so Evan if you wood or Cobble it’s really up to you what you want to get in the meantime while you there’s another one there’s another one I heard that I heard that I heard that it’s coming towards me oh my God yeah yeah yeah y yep yep yep yep yep yep yep okay oh dude it’s like a crawler watch out Evan okay just hit me my shield that’s fine yeah they oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no don’t worry I’ll kill you like the bad you I mean uhoh you know what they’re kind of distracted right oh never mind oh I see your corpse I see your corpse huh weird looks like we only see each other’s corpses why I’m starting to think we might need to have a grace period of an episode or two yeah I’m thinking uh what I’m going to say is that we’re going to we’re going to keep it on peaceful until we have an Airship built cuz that’s a little ridiculous um I don’t care if it makes me a [ __ ] uh I’ll grab your corpse you grab mine and then we’ll swap gear I don’t I don’t see yours I don’t see yours anymore either whoops oopsy oh wait maybe hang on let me turn it back on easy do corpses only show up when it’s not on Peaceful um I still don’t see your corpse yeah I don’t see yours either okay oh well oh well time to get our stuff back again uh I guess we won’t be having armor so that’s cool fine um true true real Crafters oh well I had all my wood on me too so that’s really awesome but true true so I’m going to make like okay we have a very limited amount of iron here so I’m going to make us both iron axes and iron pickaxes and then everything else is uh actually wait I’ll make us swords too not that we’ll need them right now but just for like you know future oh there is also a gun mod installed but it’s like cowboy guns so it’s nothing like we’re not going to be getting like M16s or anything like that but there is like cowboy guns we can make revolvers and repeaters and [ __ ] like that so frankly with the parasites those might be a little helpful I might also go into the configuration files and up their damage a little bit I’m not really sure if I want to I don’t really know how they are kind of by default so we’ll see about that but um yeah so I don’t know okay back on that grind back on the sigma M Grind set so yeah so how’s work been for you uh not horrible cool yeah making money so that’s awesome I mean hey yeah true going I’m going tomorrow actually to look at some guitars probably drop about three or four grand on that sweet hey uh your left hang on I’m literally this this is taking forever M cuz the Lumberjack mod also get ready for a lag Spike no how did you how do how do you do that how do you do that I know it’s essential but how do you do that you like that yeah true all right you just you just take your arms this with them oh you know what now that you say that it makes so much more sense actually is it caps lock no what the [ __ ] what button are you pressing though open oh God e no I don’t want to open the like in-game shop I what the [ __ ] I’ll get there yeah I’ll get there eventually hang on I’m going to turn down that just a little okay can you speak really quick I want to just see your levels on the audio mixer thing okay yeah cool all right so yeah yeah I’m definitely thinking we need at least a day or two without those things around to kind of get going here so I’m sure people in the comments are going to call me a [ __ ] and uh say that I’m not playing the game correctly but you know whatever um cry about it for real for real but also please subscribe it really helps the channel out a lot did you know that only this many of my Subs of my viewers are subscribed or whatever I actually you know I 33% of my viewers are actually subscribed to the channel despite making up only 15% my subscribers my viewers make up 100% of my viewer base okay so I’m thinking for kind of the underbelly of this Airship here I want it to be like I don’t know how to describe it I want I want it to be kind of like a barge almost or like kind of have the classical boat shape but not entire I I don’t know if anything that I’m saying makes any [ __ ] sense but like whatever yeah for real for real you’re so so real for that one Evan yeah I know all right um and then let me try yeah for real like so hardcore like so hardcore and edgy and awesome I also think we might need a couple more balloons than cuz I only have 37 balloons right now see but the problem with that is that we’ll have to go on easy to get string to make balloons so I don’t know exactly what we’re going to do about that but we’ll figure it out literally the only problem is when we die we don’t get anything back yeah otherwise it would be tolerable maybe if I you think it would be a good idea to get rid of like the gravestone and the uh the Body Mod cuz I feel like that’s what’s [ __ ] this up do you want to do you want to maybe do that really quick uh hold onest good idea okay so I want the kind of like wooden part of the Airship to be symmetrical like this I actually you you know I’m thinking maybe for our first Airship I might be aiming a little too large here considering again I only have like 30 some OD balloons and that’s only going to lift like maybe a 100 blocks I actually I’m pretty sure if I remember correctly from the last time I played around with the vines vessels um in terms of constituency you need like 30 35% or more of the actual mass of the craft has to be made of balloons so if I had 37 balloons balloons that means we yeah about 100 blocks worth of weight that it’ll support so um I mean give or take but you get the general idea so we won’t make this like absurdly big I am going to go ahead and I want to get the framing oh my God my corpse what my corpse is right here wait is that is mine over here oh wait [ __ ] no but my gravestone is huh do you see mine anywhere I died over here I think check under this treee this tree oh lag Spike cool okay yeah um I’m going to stop the recording real quick and let’s uh go turn the gravestone and the corpse mod off real quick to go to I love it when douchebags drive past my uh player for ghost there are ghosts in the gravestone one uh uh yes okay okay let me invite you refilling my wallet for the week Bas oh automatically put the world on easy mode great oh I see my corpses now what the hell so I guess the corpses are part of the parasite mod we should probably sleep actually now that I think about it oh I think part of it too is that I have a status Effect called Call Of The Hive and I don’t know what that does but I’m assuming it attracts the scary things to me is that my armor or your armor I See Ew I think it’s good I think we’re supposed to break that stuff I don’t know though I see my my body though oh my stuff let’s go ow ow who who I’m just GNA I’m just GNA just gonna okay yeah so when when I put it on Peaceful is when the bodies disappear that’s right here really can you grab my ship then cuz I can’t thank you there’s some general testing I think we still need to do with some of these mods but whatever we’re learning we’re learning it’s okay learning all right yeah that’s all right that’s my [ __ ] where are my boots do you have my boots no okay I do have two sets of uh sword and pickaxe so interesting you think maybe it would be a good idea to live in a bunker I don’t know I don’t know how these things work yet I I I you’re saying that as if I do another victory for the OG’s oh it’s just I’m working on it you have any coal uh the furnaces both do grab a little bit for okay yeah yeah I think okay so the way I’m going to build this is I’m going to make it really Slim make it slim fit and uh dude freaking ambulance is going by my house for real should have been better imagine dying dude I’m never it never going to happen to me yeah you know what I call the first episode of this series what the plight of the postmodern gamer it’s like the stupidest [ __ ] I’ve ever called anything it’s [ __ ] I know and that’s why I like it so much I will say the uh ambient environment effects uh mod that I got for this the rain sounds really nice I really like the way the r the rain sounds are there rope ladders I think that’s okay uh no there’s not rope ladders okay I thought Da Vinci’s vessels added something like a rope ladder to where you can like Park your Airship very slightly above the ground and then have like a well you know like a rope ladder that yeah but I guess not oh there go my plans yeah so um guys kind of the lore of this uh series is going to be that um the parasites uh haven’t shown up yet yeah yeah that sounds right yeah they’re not here they don’t exist yet um they’re freaking uh yeah it’s really like to freaking it’s what do like to end words I’m another character I’m another character on The Walking Dead cuz I’ve never watched the walking dead darl yeah I’ll Be Daryl is it rick who says they’re in the woods or is it Daryl no that’s shame oh I’ll be shame then God dude I don’t dude if you would to make cool awesome AMC reference or show references that I’ll actually understand make Breaking Bad references okay I’ll like I’ll get that what’s wrong with you why why are you blue did do you remember when I found that like video where it’s like someone died their their sha youu blue and someone put that [ __ ] scene from breaking back and I I was laughing at that [ __ ] probably for a solid like 40 minutes plus like like it was it was concerning it was a concerning amount of time I was born standing up and talking back I can’t sing like Elvis so I’m not even going to attempt the really sick [ __ ] thing he does there but yeah Elvis yeah I know you’re doing bad to the bone right now but I’m I the lyrics I was saying was was to uh trouble by Elvis freaking awesome I love Elvis He was cool Elvis is really cool he’s probably if not the coolest celebrity of all time he even cheated on his wife and that’s like based as [ __ ] my face with infidelity is red pill I think I need to clean my house now that’s cool H I’ve got a apparently my band is g to come over tomorrow because they our other guitarist has actually never played the guitar so we need play the guitar so come over hang pound it into him hang on are okay so so correct me if I’m mishearing you here are you telling me that you’re banned is something that you’re doing doing either as a hobby or professionally or whatever has a guitarist who has never played the guitar before yeah good luck um he Rhythm so that’s the easier guitar to do I guess that’s fair is he like does he is there like something wrong with him are you like doing this like out of pity or what no we just another guitarist and he was the only one who volunteered oh fair enough in that case yeah fair enough but like still is he special is he like yeah well well I don’t know like I don’t know you’re cool you’re like a nice person I could see you like doing that for someone’s like Mom like oh my boys always wanted to be in a band and you’re like yeah Mrs Jenkins sure we’ll we’ll take him like like I don’t know man yeah all right all right well the Airship is coming along at least the framing of it is Who Framed Roger Rabbit you know what I’m saying um hey man who did it free my man Roger didn’t do nothing time to check Snapchat on mining yeah don’t fall into lava I’m not nearly fair I broke is now back epic swag money time awkward [Music] embarrassing I just want you to know that madebe want to shoot myself saying that dude don’t w w me I’ll kill you I’ll kill you to death God new new gay Jimmy story oh that’s a Polaroid picture of his ass what thank you Jimmy what are you on about it’s it’s one of my regulars at the bar’s he’s a gay guy and his name is Jimmy and people call him gay Jimmy and he posts pictures of his ass on Snapchat yeah a PO a Polaroid picture printed out on his desk of his ass that’s [ __ ] hilarious that’s kind of based in a weird way or is it tra in a non-trad way yeah this guy so I have him on Snapchat now because uh when I was bartending he took my hat and he was like you can get it back if you add me on Snapchat dude dude he is so dude you know he’s hitting on you right like he’s totally hitting on you well yeah because the first thing he said after that was can I suck your dick I mean forward but you got to respect the hustle I guess I mean and then I was like Jimmy I’m not gay man I’m sorry but you know can I suck your dick I mean I don’t know I free head’s free head I mean you you’d get it I mean unless he’s like diseased or something the point of twink death oh oh oh I see like okay but how bad okay but like how bad of twink death are we talking are we talking like leafy is here twink death or are we talking like that Asian guy on YouTube who did the butt whole nare thing you don’t know that video the one where like that gay guy on YouTube uh like made a video where he like basically made a tutorial on how to Nar your butthole and he like flashed the screen like un like full no sensorship like FL I remember that but but like that guy’s that guy’s pass that guy’s definitely past twink death like he’s trying really hard you can tell cuz he has like makeup and [ __ ] on but like yeah so on a whole another level are we talking leafy is here twink death I don’t know what leafy looks like now actually dude okay okay so you know how he looked back in like 2016 right yeah skinny noin piece of [ __ ] yeah so he still has no Chin but it’s been replaced by a double chin he’s fat as [ __ ] and he’s got a neck beard okay yeah so yeah basically that here actually in I’m going to let me grab my phone and I’ll I’ll send you a picture of modern day leafy here while I’m while I’m stationary like this editor me when you’re in post put put the put the put the picture up of uh put the picture up of leafy right now hang on uh leafy is here oh my God a corpse of puby what’s in it uh a bunch of wood a ship’s Helm and uh food and other stuff oh cool oh that ship ship Helm is actually good cuz uh cuz uh I was going to make a new one if not okay yeah yeah yeah okay here’s here’s hang on if my phone would work okay here here here um you found my boots that’s so pagers all right let me um here look there there there’s the picture of leafy as of this year I know I scale worse yeah dude that’s impressive getting worse than I’ve seen I’ve seen pictures of this guy when he was young and I ain’t gay but God damn he was he was a good looking kid phrasing phrasing phrasing phrasing well you know good looking young man [ __ ] up like the YMCA song got to say young man oh and after I made a new axe God damn it and new tools all around we are going to waste so much iron because of the oh this is my old old corpse like my old [ __ ] corpse cuz that even had my mutton on it all right cool yeah all right yeah we’re so back Gamers gamer Nation rise up we’re so back gamer I must have gamer you mean kekistan dud you never forget your roots remember you’re a true kistan who else mentioned me oh PE okay thanks PE what the [ __ ] is pord uh it was a Discord I joined to get a bunch of really [ __ ] up videos uh oh it’s one of those discords okay yeah Fair everyone tell soy to [ __ ] okay careful there IUS I think this episode I’m just going to title the opening sentence from uh industrial society and its future I’m just going to the industrial reevolution consequences have been a disaster for the human race yeah that’s what the that’s the tile of this episode it is decided it is fortnite it is for spoken the best storytelling video game ever made it’s just like the biggest lie ever The Walking Dead Saints and siners never played it me neither okay all right then go off I I guess yeah I’m just awesome freaking little way what time is it 7 s’s an acceptable time to get drunk right I mean it would make the video more entertaining so for once in my entire life I will actively say Evan go get hammered it depends if my ant home oh do you have any like within Arms Reach dude I have a whole mini bar right outside of my room that is mine that’s kind of Kino so you I already know this but just to to reiterate you are a bartender by trade and so I’m curious and a bar owner and you own the bar yeah Oh I thought I I never knew that yeah swag when when did you when did you buy a bar uh my grandparents bought it with my dad back in like 2008 oh yeah and then when you were yeah so I I do all the like grunt work and [ __ ] makes sense takes care of the books and stuff dude that’s so pogers dude that’s the one thing that sucks about my family having been military all up until I was born is that like we don’t have like a family business that I can inherit you know what I mean where it’s like I can’t just like like I’m not trying to sound like a Oney little [ __ ] like that’s no fair you’ve got it so easy I don’t mean it like that cuz I mean the way you got that business is uh yeah yeah yeah but but what I am saying is that that must be pretty awesome it’s yeah I mean the tradeoff kind of sucks but well I mean yeah but you take what you can get yeah right right dead parents but free bar so and I got a house in this economy crazy for real no same here same here now that one I can relate to all right that doesn’t look like the worst boat shape ever so whatever um so I will be I’m G to step out for like five minutes and see my aunt she just got home from work Okie doie I mean I’ve been doing every other YouTube video on my channel until now solo so I can fill a buster properly probably okay okay see you in a sec okay well he’s gone um hi everyone hope your night’s going well or morning or whenever you watch these uh stupid little videos I make um so I’m definitely thinking just going to think out loud here for a minute that in terms of the parasite thing I think we’re going to have to probably keep it on easy just just until we have a pretty solid base built um mainly because I don’t want to get obliterated by parasites every 5 minutes and so I think just for the sake of your viewing enjoyability as well as my sanity uh we’re going to keep the parasite mod off for well actually we probably w’t have the parasite mod off but we’ll have it on Peaceful for at least a little while um because we’ll need to uh get ourselves settled here um with all of that being said um we will take it off of peaceful or well actually tell me tell you what you guys let me know in the comments if you would rather I disable the parasites mod for right now and play the game on any kind of easy or normal difficulty or if you would rather see uh us just play on peaceful and then turn on the difficulty settings uh we can do either it doesn’t matter uh so you guys just let us know in the comments but for this episode we’re going to play on Peaceful uh just because it’s a hassle to turn off the parasite mod otherwise you guys understand or at least I hope you do um so yeah uh no let’s do this so right now for this Airship what I’m thinking is this is going to be like a cargo bay right here this is going to be like a little sleeping quarters over here so this is going to be again uh bisected by another thing like this okay well that’s pissing me off so I’m going to move that over by one um and then this will be like the little cargo hatch right there and then uh we’ll have behind the cargo area this will be like the sleeping place so put a bed well here let me do uh no that won’t work let me do something like this and then we can have a bed here a bed there a Bed there and a bed there um because another thing that I feel I can kind of freely talk about right now is that Evan will not be the only person joining us um for this series um I in talks with a couple of other friends right now to get them involved um so yeah we’re going to we’re going to have like a full full on uh crew here guys we’re going to have a little little town committee going on so it’s going to be it’s going to be pretty freaking Kino kenot tastic RIT gold or whatever I don’t know this is what I mean though this oh where all of that would been I guess Evan grabbed that or something um so yeah so this this series is going to be a lot of fun uh a lot of friends so yeah it’s going to be cool going to be freaking sweet Lois uh so yes this will be like the little cargo area um this will be the little sleeping area and then as for the balloons I don’t know if I want them to be kind of like ballast on the sides so what I would do then is I would build out a little bit like this and then have the balloons run along like running boards on a pontoon boat or if I would want them to kind of run um or if if I would want it to be like a balloon up on top you know um so we’ll see I’ll figure that out uh sometime here very shortly I’m also going to put a crafting table in the cargo hole because I feel like that’s an appropriate place for it do that and then more slabs just a few more don’t need a whole lot more just to get this built there we go all right so the bottom decks are close to finished I’m going to have like another bulkhead type thing right here though uh just because I think it looks Neo to kind of BCT the compartments in the hall like this and that also makes the interior feel a lot bigger I think um so this will be like the on oh lag is real I’m thinking I might have to make this into a server which I don’t really want to do cuz I don’t want to really pay for a Minecraft server but I might we’ll see it really just depends um but yeah I think this is better as well because it kind of makes it feel bigger on the inside and tell you what I’ll actually make this a uh a uh oh what’s the word I’m looking for a mirrored thing symmetrical thank thank you brain uh you’ll have to excuse me guys I’m uh I’m running on like limited brain power right now so um and then one two three four five okay and then put these like this yeah all right and then let’s see up here on the top deck yeah looks cool looks cool got to move my mic this going to be lad sorry okay and then as for the kind of ship’s Helm I’m thinking I’m going to have it up front like this um just because I think it’s I don’t think I want to assemble it yet cuz if I assemble it I think it’s going to fall to the ground as like an entity and I don’t want that happening yet um so I think for the balloons I want them to be ballast balloons like this I think that will look good but not be too much now I definitely definitely do not have enough balloons uh to get the ship off the ground yet but I think I think it’s going to be difficult to what’s the word I’m looking for uh I think it’s going to be difficult to get a bunch of balloons because of the predicament with needing spider string actually I want it to kind of feel like the balloons are kind of being held in place by these without them needing to wrap all the way around if that well actually how am I going to okay maybe we don’t make maybe we don’t put the balloons here actually now that I think about it uh I don’t know I still kind of don’t want them to be like a big balloon over the top though I don’t know I don’t know exactly how I want to do this but we’ll figure it out I’ll figure it out Evan and I will figure it out whatever but let’s see here so coming up here I’ll just wipe these off the sides here I guess uh I guess an overhead balloon wouldn’t be like the worst thing ever I just kind of wanted to try something a little unorthodox in terms of placement but like it’ll be fine so whatever um question is how do I okay we’re going to have these two extend up like so and we’re going to have it be a very low hanging ceiling for the balloon here um and I I think I also need a seat don’t I yeah passenger seat and that’s simple enough to craft in fact I have the W to craft a couple of those so I’m going to go down into the the uh well I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet in ways of bedding uh but I will go ahead and make all the beds for the interior the ship so we need four of them um so that’s good okay and then the seats I figure can just go like this inside the stowage here um and then the beds will be here like so okay and then uh just put that there we have two more passenger seats I think I’ll need one up at the Captain’s area and I’ll put one more hello where where did okay whatever um I’ll put one more right or not you know that’s fine too okay now is there like a limmit to how many seats you can have on a single structure or something oh okay no I was just lagging really bad okay whatever uh that’s embarrassing but whatever okay so all in all this is a fairly decent shape I’ll actually put these two together like that um and I think I mean it’s not the prettiest thing in the world it looks kind of like a half a baked potato but it’s also not ugly and that’s really all I’m concerned about at this point so I guess the only thing left to do now is to start work on the air balloon what AM healing balloons I love that vine I miss Vine I know a million people have said that before me but I you know I do and I want the balloon to almost be like smaller than the ship body but not too small so that’s four ahead this is four ahead all right cool and then two ow so definitely and I mean like definitely not enough balloons uh right now like we’re going to need way more than this like way more um symbol Shi air balloons yeah seven 7% um okay so yeah we’re going to need I when it’s assembled can I no okay so yeah we’re going to need a lot more balloons so actually if that’s I think the driver’s seat is technically already a seat so it would actually make more sense to just do this and then uh I don’t know I guess I can put one here too okay so that’s good um I will say something I have been wanting for a long time with modern Minecraft modding is I would love to see like a revamp of Da Vinci vessels into like modern uh elements because just thinking about like the create mod and like the crazy wacky [ __ ] moving machines in create I would love for Da Vinci’s vessel to make it come back I would pay I would pay for it I would pay for that mod because I like dieni Vel that much it’s like my favorite Minecraft mod by far create is a very very very close second but I like Da Vinci’s vessels a lot um and especially when it comes to putting together old Minecraft mod packs packs like for this version or older uh D Vinci vessels is a must have for me like I I love it to death so I’m going to do this on these doors so they feel a little more sturdy well I guess actually I guess I can’t on that side so actually you know what I’m only yeah I’m only going to have it open on the left here cuz that makes more sense to me anyway because all the doors are on the right so you would yeah all right that makes more sense to me um so I would like to have a way to string cheese cheese block of cheese cheese wait a minute hang on string cheese can I use that like regular string for the air balloons uh no so I guess not um it’s fine if string is an interchange change interchangeable Cobalt Anvil the hell I need Cobalt Cobalt Anvil I don’t know what that is but we’ll figure it out I guess um hello yo I’m back sorry I out on my couch for like five minutes Oh no you’re fine so I’m I’ve kind of reached a dilemma here Evan um yeah the Airship definitely does not have enough balloons to fly um but we also definitely can’t put it back on easy because the parasites are that big of a problem so I’m thinking we either really quickly quit the game and uh disable the parasites mod temporarily uh and that way we can still resource gather and get a good like Foundation going and then we can turn the parasites mod on when we’re ready or we install some sort of mod that lets you kind of loom sheep wool into string personally I think maybe the string like sheep wool into string would be good the problem is I don’t know if there’s mods that do that I mean I’m sure there is but I don’t know them anyhow that used to be like a vanilla feature didn’t it turning wool into string no it’s the other way around you turn string into W yeah yeah but hey the uh the lower decks of the Airship are done um in fact the entire deck portion of the airships done like I said I just need more balloons so yeah that’s kind of the problem I’m running into here um so I’ve put four beds in the Airship for now I think that’ll probably be enough because a couple other friends I’ve been talking to uh about joining so frankly uh I might have to get this as a server I don’t know if I could upload the world file as a server file though maybe I think so too and yeah yeah and like even if I can’t figure it out I mean it’s like we’re a whole whopping two episodes in so it’s not like it’s not like we’d be losing much you know what I mean soone how much Cobblestone do you have out of curiosity only like four Stacks oh yeah only four stack okay yeah so yeah I’m thinking I’m going to stop the recording just for a second and then you and me can go uh either find a mod that allows string to be turned into string by wool or we turn off the parasite mod so uh be back in a second Gamers all right guys so what we did is we found a mod that lets you turn wool into string uh like so and we’ve also temporarily disabled the parasites mod and so I’ve turned the game back onto easy mode um and so for the next two or three episodes we’re going to have the parasites model off I think I think that’s our best course of action here also it seems like my sheep population is dwindling here I don’t know why okay yeah and this will also yeah this will also just make it uh easier to to gather resources anyway yeah all my game is loading I’m going get my here all right I’m going to sleep through the night while you get btfo by Minecraft all right I slept for the night should I do to clean um depends cuz I need to clean out enough space put three people down here also my basement met well I mean there is that like 400 lb uh rockand wolf uh realistically besides plushy you could always just move to the basement for a little bit well I’m in the basement well I know but I mean your sub I mean your sub the sub basement goon cave I know you have that that that basement how did you know about that cuz you uh brought it up one night while you were drunkenly rambling about uh industrial [Applause] society I’m going to be real this first Airship is going to look doofy as hell but uh right right it’s right I’m going to blow your head off poy play time actually I’ll give them credit where credits do chapter 3 wasn’t bad is Nolan still doing that illegal thing that I can’t say on YouTube but the thing that’s really funny when it comes to Garden band band band ban yes yeah okay that’s fraking sweet actually I guess it technically isn’t illegal because he’s just using the refund policy on Steam so he does the refund per speedrun yeah so to fill in all you guys basically me and Evan have a friend uh named Nolan and he uh he plays through every single garden and band band game uh so fast because they’re all like like you know like little kids slop and yeah to put it to put it bluntly yeah they’re [ __ ] uh he plays through them all so fast that he does it within steam’s uh 2hour playtime like refund window and then he immediately refunds the game like it and then he sends and then the best part about it is that the garden of bband developers he sends them emails about it to let them know what he’s doing and to tell them to make like better games or whatever no so the way he does it is he Pirates the games plays through them whatever then he emails the uh whatever the euphoric brothers or whatever their [ __ ] name is MH from an email called like I hate ban ban or ban ban hater whatever mhm and you know it’s a it’s a professionally worded email it’s like good evening you for brothers I see you’ve released another salutations I played through your schwap again and it was just as bad as the next one give you the next one free or I will continue to yeah yeah it’s going to be really funny when either a they finally take heed of his warnings and and give him a free copy or if he gets a virus from doing this and honestly yeah that’s the third option which is equally funny my Montana shot glass that’ll do are you joining oh yeah sorry I’m the bar hold on yeah you’re fine so something is still causing the corpses to spawn but it’s not the parasites mod and I know I have a corse mod well no I did when I first started and then I uninstalled it so either it’s still somehow keeping files present even after I uninstalled it which is not good and kind of scary if that’s what it’s doing uh or I’m just being an idiot it’s probably number two if I had to guess but look at this quaint little village I can’t wait till the parasites take it over and turn all these villagers into horrible monsters it’s going to be so freaking Kino wholesome chungus oh yeah this this first Airship is going to look terrible yeah it’s going to be like the actual shape of like the wooden part’s not bad it’s it’s how small the balloons going to be that’s going to like suck you know what I mean yeah that’s fine yeah just a start can’t pull up a fireball oh boy things are about to get interesting I doubt I’m not going to get I mean if you’re starting out with Fireball even if it is a shot glass I mean that [ __ ] hits quick and hard so personally I’m a gim Bean M myself but I don’t drink anymore so up damn you you [ __ ] did you just drink the whole like shot glass and then like how big of a shot glass are we talking a shot just oh okay cuz some people call those little like like whiskey like sipping glasses shot glasses or at least some people in my family do and I’m like I don’t think it’s like a shot glass okay okay I was going to say cuz I was going to say if you drank like a whole [ __ ] like whiskey sipping glass of of of Jim Bean that or not Jim Bean a fireball that fast I was going to say like holy [ __ ] dude chill yeah like for real there there’s one of my regs that comes in M he he has one of those big whiskey sipping glasses that he brought from home we keep bar for him that’s nice and he just shifts from that all day we go when he is in when he’s in we go through about a bottle of Fireball just on him dude holy [ __ ] his liver hates him when he’s at home when he’s at home he drinks about half a gallon in one sitting like a day uh when he’s home he’s only home on the weekends dude uh he gets home 30 days and then he leaves Mondays dude you know he I’ve I’ve talked to him and he’s like yeah I’m just sick of being alive so good for him I I didn’t even know how to respond to that because on the one hand I’d say you’re unethical for letting him indulge in his Suicidal Tendencies but on the other hand I mean he is paying you so I mean like well and the thing is if he didn’t do me he paying right go somewhere else well that too right okay cuz I was going to say if he’s opening like a big ass Tab and then not paying like [ __ ] him right but yeah no he pays and he if he if he didn’t do it there he’d do it somewhere else yeah fair enough well do it there where he’s comfortable out of curiosity how does he afford that much like whiskey cuz like even in a bar whiskey ain’t cheap what does he do you know what he does he’s a he’s a professional painter and a detailer and [ __ ] interesting yeah paints cars and [ __ ] over Dude okay so because I don’t like getting fired I’m not going to name what company I work for but so I’m an appliance salesman right and uh yeah I know right well to be fair I’m not paid by commission though so at least I can be honest with people and I don’t like lie to them about like oh yeah this one will work great I kind of make it a policy of I don’t sell Samsungs because they’re pieces of [ __ ] in terms of appliances and uh I would feel immoral selling them to people but uh what I can say is that the company I work for definitely takes advantage of its sales uh salespeople cuz my coor worker her name is Melissa uh last year she made uh like 34 Grand like in terms of uh in terms of what she got paid right mhm and uh do you want to know how much products she sold for the company I work for like a 100 Grand at least the fact that your estimate is that low is really funny to me do you want to know how much it actually was like one one .2 million Jesus Christ just her just her also what is this I just found like a weird little structure also have you seen how pretty this biome over here is by the way which one the like red Forest looking [ __ ] no no no the the the meadow cuz it’s like the grass is really green there’s a bunch of sheep everywhere which is what I’m doing right now I’m running around the meadow shearing sheep and when you go into it the Sky Box becomes like a little more blue like a little more saturated it’s really pretty frankly maybe we build the the floating city over the meadow so that the sky is always nice and clear that yeah that would be pretty good and also the grass would be greener I had a grass block from an I had a I had a grass block from an Enderman that I killed a while ago but I think I lost it during that death spree so yeah pretty much there’s so many sheep around here that oh my God okay I’ll send you this video once I upload it right but when you when when we’re at this part in the video I want you to look at my mini map cuz I’m holding the tab button right now and just look at how many [ __ ] sheep like are around me it is it is like I’m not even kidding I think there’s more than I could count on on like their little like popup display on the on the side there like it’s crazy there’s so many sheep [ __ ] my home brw resource pack doesn’t work anymore that’s unfortunate a dude home brew doesn’t dude I love home brew that’s like one of my favorite uh texture packs no my my home oh oh the one where you made all the paintings youf of rockand wolf I actually don’t know if the paintings don’t work but the wool the wool’s not working oh cuz if it did all your house would just be Luna that would be awesome dude I don’t mean say that you’re the kummer soy Jack but you’re the kummer soy Jack I’m just going to be real yeah I don’t care I’m lonely man I mean to be fair I’m I’m in that boat with you but I just like poking holes in the boat for fun I crave the touch of a woman so I turned to drawn women online drawn by men who are just as lonely as I am that’s why I started drawing yeah I know I’ve seen your art but I will say you could definitely make money drawing furry porn you would just have to draw digitally and I will say the transition from uh physical art to digital art is really hard cuz I’m like decently good at like physical actual art right but when it comes to uh digital art I suck ass well you could always just you could also you could also just draw on paper and then photo scan it but the real question is if you did take furry commissions do you really want to have like a binder full of like furry porn somewhere that you’ve drawn I mean being real I already do well no no no I mean like but like a way way way bigger binder is what I’m getting at also I found something just burn it yeah true where are you by the way uh the woods they’re in the woods could you come home to sleep um no but I am in a village right let me find a bed in here oh this is an abandoned oh it’s not even a village it’s one house swag oh yeah we do have most structures in this pack so dude dog there is like eight skeletons outside the house what the [ __ ] is going on right now uh oh I forgot I didn’t have a pickaxe and that’s why I was here thank you Mr creeper I’m about to be shot you’re I’m lagging so bad I’m about to get hit with like 20 points of damage all at once oh you may not rest now there are monsters nearby I’m aware of that all right dude the lag is real it’s so real it’s real yeah toar whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I have the plague I have the plague I have the Bubonic plague there is a rabid rat oh wait ohud was that good so happy that song is in fortnite I know it’s actually ridiculous it’s freaking redonkulous especially especially that part the part where he goes that part no the part where he’s like you stupid sadistic [ __ ] [ __ ] is it really yeah I’m assuming it’s the censored version it’s yeah it’s it’s half sensored yeah dude it’s like a it’s like [ __ ] Detroit over by the house dog I got to run away I I’m going to run I don’t even know where to run there’s like 10 skeletons and a plague rat and I’m about to die I’m literally about to be killed well I’m lost we’re in the woods I’m so dead yep I’m dead man I’m dead dude why are there so many of them around me is it on hard or something like what the [ __ ] is happening it’s just really funny I guess so I can’t see my I I might have just lost all my stuff and if I did I’m going to cry what the [ __ ] invisible creeper uh hello okay I can’t even sleep cuz there’s monsters nearby what what I’m on my way dude no I’m actually having like a skid attack right now there’s like an invisible skeleton in the house there is there’s an invisible skeleton in the house what the [ __ ] now I being shot out of like thin air what is happening I’m like no I’m having like a schizophrenic episode right now my corpse is also invisible like this is this is [ __ ] up this is [ __ ] up this is so [ __ ] up what a [ __ ] up day dude no yeah like there there are like four invisible mobs near the house right now I’m not even I I ain’t capping on on on J Dude like this is this is bad I don’t know where the hell these are all coming from cuzz we’re on what we’re on easy why are there so many mobs this is not Sigma epic personally I think it’s yeah it’s probably a skill issue okay if this rabid rat could not be mauling me to death that would be really cool don’t worry I’m almost home oh dude yeah there’s a there okay something is causing mobs to turn invisible and I don’t know what [ __ ] mod it is I don’t know I don’t know what is happening but it it it’s okay okay I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t career D I eat pumpkins man you know what I’ll be the first to admited I eat pumpkins all right where is my [ __ ] dude okay the Rabid rats and the creepers aren’t burning and it’s still a huge issue Evan I need I need so I know I know I need so much help you have no idea it is D dude it’s a rabid rat this rat is rabid and there’s an invisible skeleton in the house still there it’s w that creeper the rat that creeper is invisible my corpse should be in this Pond can you come see if you can see it they’re missing is it there this might be it what might be it I think it’s in this one yeah there it is oh can you just like a control and then uh Q on all this stuff in my inventory and I’ll just grab it thanks so these little white flowers are going to be cool I think because they glow which means we can like line the streets with them and they’ll look really pretty yeah I know right for another five minutes also you gave me your extra set of tools did I whoops yes somehow you know we’re not living here I’m not patching this creeper hole I I I I I don’t ow why why you know we you know we don’t have the stuff to cure ourselves right yeah but have you considered it’s really funny you know what you make a great point I love creatures the plague too oh wa dude you know what I just realized what if it’s laggy now how lag how bad do you think it’s going to be when I build this Airship and like make it functional it’s going to be so yikes okay yeah no that’s fine yeah all right oh get plagued idiot where the hell did all the rest of my air balloon go I had like 50 I now only have like 20 the lag is a problem I I’m I’m thinking I might just have to make this a server I’m just going to be real reac yeah I mean my last paycheck is like 900 bucks I can afford to keep a server online for an indefinite period cuz especially cuz like a a fairly nice server will set you back like 20 bucks a month right so like so yeah yeah it’s like yeah I get paid twice a month or not twice a month or yeah twice a month because every two weeks so yeah oh I also gave the skeleton the plague uh do you have one piece of iron so I can make a new iron pickaxe uh I doly do here you go on I feel that so real for that one Chief Keef okay I got my balloons back I got my mojo back Mojo Jojo dude okay any guy who says he didn’t watch The Powerpuff Girls at least once when he was a kid is a liar I watch I only saw it like once or twice right like no no no guy Cartoon Network nothing else to watch right it’s like back when they would run [ __ ] like reruns like Johnny Bravo and like Dexter’s Lab and [ __ ] but I still watched it and I’m not you know I’m not ashamed to admit it I watched I watched Powerpuff Girls whatever you know what I do what I want whatever I do what I want man I deal so much so many drugs did you watch that uh that video I sent you which I won’t say the name of it because it would get me again in trouble on YouTube but it was that thing that I said that was like a South Park bit uh yeah yeah oh my God it it I I’m not kidding I was laughing for like a solid five minutes at that it was so so [ __ ] and I sent it to Peter too right like I sent it to him because I was like okay well this is H this is something from like his part of the world and he he literally like I could tell just by the things he was saying in response to me being like dude this is so [ __ ] funny he like he was pissed he was not happy I forget what it was I do remember vaguely it though yeah but no it was it was it’s good it was good I liked it it was funny I did it because I was good at it that’s what I mean breaking do you know what else is good by Metallica so what I was going to I was going to say everything Have you listened to so oh God damn it I uh I bleed up a creeper next to the house fine I know also apparently when creepers are infected with Bubonic plague and they explode they leave like a a lingering potion effect around them of plague so nice that’s kind of Epic biochemical weapons let’s go Saddam Hussein maxing is that okay to say on YouTube I just I don’t know is it okay to compare yourself to Saddam yeah true actually do you have any dirt on you uh no also good news that grass block is still in the chest so I didn’t lose it yeah so whenever we build the city uh we can have grass and stuff it would be nice I even sucked at old man’s [ __ ] so what thank you James thank you James headfield oh God damn it I gave all the Sheep the plague I don’t need it anymore I patched the creeper hole like like at that point that was just you throwing dirt on me oh I’m lagging so bad oh the plague wears off after a while so what does it do does do it just like stay on mobs does it stay on Infected mobs I have no idea well I’m not getting sick by touching a sheep so I guess it I guess we’re chilling I didn’t know you chill like that okie dokie yeah um tell you what doie doie I’ll kill you the Moonbase Alpha version goes way harder just saying um if you wanted to be a real help right now if you have any iron on you um if you could make some shears and go Shear all of the sheep over in the midow you’ll see what I mean when I say that they’re [ __ ] everywhere okay so bad news then we are completely out of iron oh my goodness goshes do you uh do you want to go mining together cuz we’re out of iron uh I suppose also when do you want to start building our army of rats how do you even tame the rats uh cheese cheese mhm you take a bucket of milk from a cow you put it in a cauldron and it turns into cheese after like 20 seconds it’s also a food source which means that you can actually use cows for food in a Dairy since with that with this mod so that’s kind of awesome uh because you can eat the cheese if you want oh yeah can be a cheese cheese pill the dairy cell hello I killed the witch doie doie God damn it you got stuck in my head that game sucked I’m down in lines down in [Music] lemines I I don’t know why this just came to me but for some reason I think a French like mine collapse would be the funniest thing ever cuz like imagine a bunch of Frenchmen who are like miners like in the bottom of a like dark mine and it like the the shaft in collapses and they all start like swearing in French and like panicking in French I don’t know why but that’s that sounds like just really funny to me I’m kind of dark and twisted like that you wouldn’t get it hi Evan hey man sorry I’m lagging really bad yeah me too this is weird I have fiber optic so I don’t see why the connection’s so bad holy [ __ ] I hope that bat just got [ __ ] sniped you know that Shields block all Creeper blast damage yeah that’s why I used my shield in the stupid little [ __ ] yippe hey man I think you still have to play no well there there’s green there’s green yes it’s cuz money stay on my mind no I mean I mean that probably does mean that we’re going to have to cure ourselves though or if we find a plague doctor I think they cure you automatically man where the hell are we in a cave this is not the way we came in we just jumped that [ __ ] skeleton I’m going to have to brighten this for YouTube because Minecraft Caves are notoriously dark on YouTube yeah but it’s fine whatever mcraft yeah hey iron iron ear iron ear uh was it sometimes this game makes me want to stop existing I found a single piece of iron dude hell yeah worth it worth going through all my torches almost dying killing a bunch of durability on my shield yeah it’s so worth about the journey not the [Applause] destination yeah but what if the journey costs you like $400 in gas money and you do Jack all the journey yeah you’re right hey it’s like dark out and there’s a lot of CR up here can we like go back to the house and sleep hold on Sear for iron yeah okay well I guess while you do that I’ll run around the meadow looking for sheep to Shear so that no mobs spawn near the the L house dude it’s already 9 uh I got work at 8 tomorrow to be fair I work 8 to 5 tomorrow but then I’m off uh Wednesday so that’s kind of based for the record it’s uh Monday night right now yeah I know I know you know I’m telling the people watching at home you’re a bastard you’re a bastard child look at me Mr money bags over here you’re father was nobility and your mother was a worthless peasant you’re a [Applause] bastard sorry I don’t believe in those words I’m an American not a liberal base what I think you mean you’re a person not a liberal get it right jeez why are there two baby zombies that’s not Co don’t tell Phils that he’ll have a heart attack he handled that like a champ oh my my three-year-old world’s gone five 5year old oh I just L five years of my life playing a game huh oh well T it was fun while it lasted like dude what I’d be sobbing and punching my wall like over and over and over again maybe not that much but I’d be very sad for at least like three or four days it was really [ __ ] pathetic though like no I shouldn’t say pathetic it it wasn’t pathetic because dude put a lot of time and effort into that world but what I was going to say is it was really sad that like for a whole year after his world got deleted cuz it was in hardcore he basically like milked it by making a bunch of uh like slop content where he would just be like here are my five favorite Builds on my fiveyear hardcore World cuz he had like a backup of the world so could still like go back to it after he died or whatever and uh and he did that for like a solid year and a half before he got involved with like the whole dream group so unfortunate group to get mixed in with for real that was the saddest part about um about like the last couple of years of technoblades life cuz I always really like techno he was like probably the only Minecraft YouTuber that even to this day I will still say it’s funny and I I genuinely enjoy his content or enjoyed I guess I should say that hurts um but like yeah when he when he started like doing stuff with dream I kind of tuned out all of his stuff that wasn’t just videos he made on his channel that were like just him cuz like all I’m not going to lie Beyond just the fact that they’re mostly terrible people uh pretty much every member of the dream click I find intensely annoying just like intensely annoying because they’re all like children and the ones that aren’t children are manchildren and then dream is a little bit of both but he is puppy Co so I mean I cannot believe I just said that out loud yeah that one was icky yep was yep don’t blame you what [ __ ] biome is this jandra Forest it’s called the jandra forest play play what the plag rats yeah there’s two of them outside the house okay I’ll be there in a minute I’m still sharing sheep and my cool epic balloons are a little more important than your safety you understand well I don’t care I kill them both suck so all right what’s with [Laughter] the to be fair I was lagging though like really bad so I was also lagging really bad so no idiot I also didn’t have a sword though so I mean I’m about to explode I’m about to explode I’m about to explode I’m literally about to explode all right I didn’t explode but I almost exploded would you believe me if I told you I’m on like a stack and a half of wool right now uh yeah with how many sheep out there dude there are so many sheep like it is it is like I this is the most sheep I have ever seen in Minecraft you’re being very rude Mr skeleton ow Mr Hat all right uh I’m coming back your way ow ow okay but like the crazy [ __ ] from doy DOI literature club right Monica yeah SM I was literally about to ask smash your pass yeah she could get it yeah well cuz she’s obsessed with you right so I mean like you wouldn’t have to worry about it cheating you know what is one of my favorite words in the English lexicon what artar that’s a weird one but go off k no dude just cuz it spelled funny and also the creature it describes is like it is the perfect name for arars because like I I could not imagine that creature being called literally anything less goofy like have you seen an arar yeah sorry the piece of chicken P I’m sleeping by the way can you like can you like can we talk about how the Washington football team had like the worst like idea for a name and they ran with it the commanders I have the plague again yeah like dude like you know it would have been a so you know how like the NFL they run with like animals or like like symbolic things right MH I was saying this for years they should have called themselves the Washington wombats because wombats are like a scary [ __ ] animal and they’re like they have teeth and [ __ ] and it’s way better than what they were for a long time which was Washington football team and then they yeah you didn’t know that they went by the Washington football team for like a solid three years that’s hard yeah well because you know they got rid of the Redskins cuz that was their name right um but like yeah they went they went they just went by Washington football team for like a solid I want to say it was at least two years it might have been three the red screens a hard name it was dude and like the people who got it like taken away from the Washington football team were people who were like white PE yeah yeah to put it bluntly they were white people who were virtue signaling yeah they were virtue signaling like 100% virtue signaling so but I don’t know I think it I disregarding the political side of things I think that Washington football team honestly if they weren’t going to go with an animal or at least make it alliteration like every other team in the NFL right with the exception of the Miami Dolphins like they should have made it wombats they should have gone with wombats I just styled beast mode on some of these skeletons dude you need to eat something dude you’re dying you’re like dying dying no I have the plague oh oh is that what it does did it does it stop you from healing yeah [Music] oh only have it for 10 more seconds so where are you I’m down in my hole that’s what she said yeah is it is it really no no Evan let’s talk about this let’s be reasonable about this let’s be reasonable men about this we’re both we’re buddies we’re buddies remember buddi is way I will be cured oh I hope you can see your body okay we win these we win these lag my favorite that was co uh oh is your body invisible it’s invisible all right let me come see if I can see it that one was [Music] gnarly okie dokie you know I have a feeling that most of the people have been subscribing to my channel and watching my uh longplay like YouTube videos like this are definitely people who are just putting them on to fall asleep to them you know what I mean yeah okay good news I can see your body yippe okay here I’m taking a little bit of your coal as tax yeah I’m kind of like a fascist if you think about it if cuz like taking a little bit of coal that’s like some that’s like right one right out of melini’s book yeah but got to do it torches or did no I ran out of torches never mind LOL XD dementia raar that means I love dinosaur dude I I cannot actually believe you just said that in the year of Our Lord 2024 Jesus Christ oh my God you just like that I I just got like I just got like internet meme culture Whiplash from that that hurt okay so uh we’re at 309 air balloons and that is 38% Mass we need at least I think it’s 50 for the ship to be considered an Airship we’re going to need so many balloons and I mean so many balloons but it’s not an impossible goal it’s just going to suck ass he’s going to take you back to the past to play all the shitty games that suck ass fornite balls I’m gay I kidnap autistic kids okay all right okay okay okay okay chill Kanye West you mean Kanye East yeah least yeah careful IUS careful I don’t get it it’s cuz you’re flying too close to the Sun like fortnite dude we should do a fortnite video sometime that’d be kind of baller dude the fortnite Greek [ __ ] it’s it’s crazy oh yeah that’s right the new season came out I forgot about that yeah it’s all Greek and the wings of Icarus are an item really yeah I I didn’t know that it’s kind of hard true goes hard victory for the ODS yeah that one no I would have to edit a fortnite gameplay thing though cuz like unlike Minecraft fortnite’s one of those games where you have to cut out the boring moments cuz there’s like literally nothing that happens yeah but I do think you and me some of our funniest inter actions happen when we’re playing fortnite yeah probably it’s just going off of what I remember sorry I just thought of uh I actually don’t even remember what I was just laughing at I don’t remember what I was laughing at I I’m going insane I’m actually going insane thinking about fortnite I don’t like the internet my attention SP yeah lit literally what do we dude all right chill let’s just say I’m working on it [Music] I just thought of you ever like do a thing where you like think of a meme that like hasn’t been made yet but you don’t want to like go through the effort of making it so you just kind of chuckle at it by yourself and then you like forget about it okay so let me like describe this to you right what I’m thinking right now you know that like meme of that like like furry like uh guy who has like the he’s a PNG tuber and it’s like in defense of uh it’s like indefensive incest or whatever right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so I just when I made that I’m working on it J I I imagine that but instead of like um the title being in defense of incest it’s in defense of Chris Chan which I mean same thing really but I I mean I don’t know it just it made me chuckle how was Chris Chan not beened yet no one’s had the balls to do it you know you know I don’t talk lad anymore I don’t know if you do at all but he does you know he lives like not even 30 minutes away from Ruckersville that’s [ __ ] hilarious I know and me and barcode for the longest time tried to convince him to go burn down Chris Chan’s house like like not needs to go get an autograph sonichu Medallion dude do that and then firebombing don’t actually if for the record for any concerned parents or YouTube staff members watching this is entirely satire and we didn’t do this wink wink uh but but dude it’s a joke don’t take it seriously don’t get but Hur [Music] liberal my my parents would be the type to say don’t get but hurt liberal and ironically at least my mom would have H yeah oh I need to get a body pillow still dude okay wait wait wait time out time the [ __ ] out you can’t just say that and then expect me to not inquire about what you’re on about so as a bit I got a Luna body pillow cover and I was going to put it in the back seat of the challenge but then it came and I was like oh I don’t have a pillow for this and then I was going to order one and then I never did and I just pucked away in a drawer somewhere and I’m just hoping my aunt never goes through my drawers cuz Okay okay you’re hoping she never goes through the drawers but you’re going to put it in the back seat of your [ __ ] car like I know dude I know I I drive a challenger listen I drive a challenger too I know that the rear windows are like really tiny for the back seat but like dude like come on I’ve got super tinted windows okay that’s fair but but okay but but then like why even put it back there because the whole joke of it is like people would see riding around with that in your back seat like that’s the joke so what what what are what is funny about just like putting it back there for one my friends would ride with but you just said no one ever does ride with well like nobody in my family I take my friend out oh all right that makes sense pull up to the pull up to the function in the Luna back seat whip H yeah what is this biome over this way Something Wicked This Way cometh I think that’s Shakespeare I will say the rain sound effects in this like mod to make Rain Sound way nicer is like way well it doesn’t just do that it’s it’s a mod for like uh sound design overhaul like I like I uh said earlier right but this particular sound effect with the rain is like way better than vanilla to the point where like rain isn’t annoying anymore yeah cuz like before I would always have my weather sound effects like almost all the way down but like no this is like this is nice I don’t get people who defend Mojang for dude honestly [ __ ] upes honestly dude I so in my first better than Adventure series video I talked like the whole the the the actual title of that video is like a pissed off Boomer ranat video game or something like that and uh and I just like spent the whole video talking about all the problems and all the [ __ ] I don’t like about modern Minecraft and like people in the comment section like 90% % of everyone was like on my side about it like yeah Mojang’s laser like yeah whatever um but then we got and then there were like two or three like actual Mojang dick riters and they like they were the most vitriolic people like ever dude like ever dude it it’s like dude they’re lazy I don’t know what to tell you like I get the whole point about like a quality assurance or whatever but they’re a multi-million dooll company with a a team of like several hundred people and when modders make mods that are like 10 times more impressive than every single update that comes out and they’re all functional one dude one dude and he updates it every like three months and he has a full-time job on top of that Mojang could put way more effort into their updates but they don’t because they’re lazy like there’s no defense for it they’re lazy like that’s just that’s just how it is it’s just how it’ be this is probably going to be the longest video on my channel I’m realizing just now cuz the First Recording before we swapped the mods around was like 45 5 minutes and we’re now approaching uh an hour on this recording so nice pogging out of my mind and the nice thing is that we’ve kept it majority YouTube friendly so I won’t even really have to edit anything out so that’s kind of time you said the N word like 30 second yeah yeah yeah except for that like that jump cut right in the middle of the video that’s like a it’s a time Jump of probably about five IRL minutes where I just like said in the N word over and over and over and over again like yeah like don’t get me wrong I’ll have to cut that out and uh definitely we have to cut us talking about it out too uh but you know oh no I forgot to edit it out oh shs oh snap oh snap oh jeez oh geez Rick they’re in the woods Morty that’s not Rick uh dude okay I’ve been watching a lot of old like Robin Williams uh standup uh like like like like uh when he would do standup comedy right whenever he wasn’t like being in the movie and uh they would be like recorded and made into specials I’ve been binge watching like all of Robin Williams comedy specials lately and he was so funny man he was so funny I miss Robin Williams so much also I’m cowering down here cuz there’s like 10 creepers right outside the the way out w w w indeed hey the rain stopped dude that’s like that song by uh that one band The Rain isn’t it is that forget who that’s by Iron yipp did you find iron yeah yippe indeed yippi Goldberg [ __ ] I hate you I hate me too if it’s any consolation it’s not yeah I know y that was hor yeah and it put an image of disgusting ass whoopy Goldberg in your head too didn’t it dude I don’t even remember what she looks like so no she’s ugly like really ugly and she’s a really terrible human being as [Music] well that sucks what what did you do I’m going to have to make the balloon on the Airship bigger yippe I’m still just mining slaving away I’m mining I’m mining okay you’re you can probably stop mining for now um I’m thinking the best course of action at the moment is if we both just gather as much wool as possible you should make some shears with some of that iron you got hold on let me mine this block for the fifth time there we go dude that’s poag and based pild I should be shot yeah that was icky mhm [Music] okay I hope my audio mixing is good because if I get to post and find out that I’m going to have to scrap this whole [ __ ] video because you’re too quiet or too loud I’m going to actually shoot myself now just do the thing where like you add the the sub oh true but oh yeah for like like two and a half hours of footage that’d be so awesome that would be incredibly funny yeah can you like come up and sleep hold on dude I also got to say it gets cold as [ __ ] in my room during these recordings because I have to turn my space heater off because the woring is like audible on my microphone if I don’t and so it’s like really really cold in here right now that my room is too I’m in the basement and it’s awesome yeah well warm air rises cold air sinks you know real basement dweller hours dude I R the basement my room’s just drafty you know what I’m taking my bed and I’m putting in the cave because there’s too too much too many too many dudes up here I live here now ow that’s a slight design flaw but fixable ah maybe not I just saw a zombie murder a skeleton and cold well I was going to say blood but skeletons don’t really have that do they um pum what cold Cal calcium I don’t know C marrow yeah that ow Waka AKA down with the sickness all right because there’s so many sheep that naturally spawn around here I’m just going to kill all the ones in the PIN for food feel bad for one why oh did she I didn’t hear about that yeah hey but you know what that means though now I can [ __ ] it no what I was going to what no I was I was going to say no well you just really actually just threw me for like a mental loot because out of everyone that I would expect to say some [ __ ] like that you would be like the last person so what I was going what right what I was going to say is I was going to say no it means that now whenever we play fortnite with him he won’t get called away to do stupid boyfriend things which is freaking awesome finally finally fortnite with my boo boo bear Pooky bear I blew it up I’m about to blow I don’t think can you reference that on YouTube is that allowed I hope so dreamy B was Kino it’s just one of those days you don’t want to wake up everything is bad and everybody sucks everything is [ __ ] everybody sucks yeah Evan are you down with the sickness or what hell yeah okay I need to bring the devil into this jeez I didn’t know you went you I didn’t know you uh I didn’t know you were like that I saw that my mini map Wakka Waka down with the sickness that was terrifying what me going aaka Waka down with the sickness or what popping my head out of my li and you you see a creeper standing right there jump scared yeah that’ll do it what are we doing again oh yeah sheep uh yes so if you have any iron make it into uh a shears yeah some so here follow me I’ll I’ll I killed I killed them for food oh here follow me I’ll show you where the promised land is no and I don’t mean Israel I mean uh I mean where all the Sheep is here come with me Pooky bear come here that’s God okay come on sheep time you ever noticed how um the My Hero Academia fan fan base is populated entirely by like 14-year-old women uh no because I I never pay attention to them because they’re annoying I mean I don’t either because they’re annoying and really cringey but the few times I’ve been watching like a cringe compilation and they rear their ugly heads I already shared all these uh they’re like all either young girls or like men who are way too old to be watching anime like don’t get me wrong I like watching anime from time to time actually you know it would probably be more efficient is if we just wiped out all the Sheep I’ve already sheared some new ones spawn in plus that would get us like a bunch of mutton if they eat grass or they just regrow I know but that takes that takes a long time and if we keep loading and unloading the chunks it’s going to take forever for them to actually eat the grass to do the wool it makes sense just trust trust just if you see a sheep that’s been sheared just shoot it or just stab it I guess Steve is a terrible swordsman by the way I don’t know if I’ve ever said that he not his technique is awful he he does very large slashes when in reality it would be much more efficient with a sword like this to do hacks and then Jabs because a long sword actually I guess the iron swords in Minecraft would be short swords I know I’m getting all autistic on this right now I love lag there we go wow there are a lot of sheep here yeah that’s what I mean dude press Tab and look at your mini map I know that’s what I’m looking at are you down with the Sheep nness sheenus yeah man you love food loving [ __ ] Master on YouTube what uh you know no I just didn’t hear you like I genuinely did not hear what you said food loving [ __ ] Master dude dude okay dude I’m so sad that the [ __ ] YouTube channel of fortnite uh best asses got deleted were you familiar vaguely so it was a YouTube channel where they would just post like a like 4 second videos of like uh like female skins like asses in fortnite and I thought it was like unironically the funniest thing ever in the YouTube the the channel got taken down CU it was considered pornographic content by YouTube’s mod team oh yeah man look at that look at that fortnite skin oh yeah that’s it’s literally gamer [Music] 911 H H yeah for real though I’d say like a solid 70% of all the female fortnite skins I’d hit yeah I think 70 is about the right percentage it sounds right anyway you’re really uh Focus focusing on that sheep killing aren’t you no I’m just letting the silence do the talking oh okay but you’re acting like you’re any different I mean come on not 70% dog there’s like four I don’t know you got to keep in mind I haven’t played fortnite for at least like three months so I’m I’m way behind on The Meta oh Morty man it’s so sad that that riff is a Nickelback riff and that the song itself sucks because the Riff is such a good [ __ ] guitar Rift yeah barode uh one of our friends uh he recently got into a corn yeah which just like dude dude I I will take partial credit for that because uh okay no you’re actually you’re a sicko no I [ __ ] love corn Corn’s awesome dude you’re a sicko for that just annoy me you just you just don’t like good music no I just don’t like corn because it’s corn Corn’s awesome you just don’t get it I get it and it’s [ __ ] stupid it’s the same thing it’s the same what do you think it’s stupid you still don’t get it I mean it’s music that’s definitely not made for people like me and that’s fine but it still just sucks it’s the same thing with slip knot and I’m going to get a lot of flag for this in the comments I know I will but it’s it I just I don’t like slip knot I really don’t get why people like slip knot their new [ __ ] kind of their new [ __ ] sucks and their old [ __ ] is lame like I’m just going to be straight up I I think slip Knot’s lame as [ __ ] it’s because they’re trying too hard I don’t know dog go check out mushroom head I’m you’re saying that as if I like mushroom head I’m familiar with mushroom head and they are also trying way too hard mushroom head and slip knot were uh they dropped at like the exact same time like they they debuted at the same time mhm and then they had this massive [ __ ] beef over who did the masing first kind of like uh it reminds me of Eminem and Insane Clown posy had some be for like a solid four years back in the 90s it’s really funny though cuz at all of his concerts him and him would refer to them as the Insane Clown [ __ ] and I think that’s really funny that is pretty funny how do I mark on the map or can I uh why way points why that’s then add a waypoint what are you add a waypoint for I found a zombie spawner over here oh very nice sounds to me like we’re going to have a lot of farms on this world they’re in the Farms Green Z yes they tend to be green there we go swagers hello can I share you please there we go thank can I have chzburger please [ __ ] you no sorry Evan I’m not into hurry dudes you know you’re still wearing the wither skeleton skull right yeah all right just thought I’d make sure badass metal you just don’t get it no you’re right it’s hardcore I’m at two stacks of wool right now that’s probably enough to finish off the balloon I’m going to go home all right I’m going to get these last sheep and then do the same if I could stop lagging that is [ __ ] now I now I have to remake my texture pack I won’t be able to show it on YouTube but I would love for you to show it to me in private because I think I I honestly thought it was really funny if I ever do it again actually I still have the old one I can just pull the files and put them into a new texture fact yeah true why is it that like Minecraft texture pack making is way more harder than it is to mod Minecraft like am I the only one who thinks that it’s like that’s weird I don’t mean making mods I mean like why is it harder to change the textures than it is to add mods is what I’m saying it’s really not it’s not like hard hard but it’s like it’s like there’s not an easier way to do it like like a lot of mod things you know what I mean IDK maybe I’m just a whiny little [ __ ] I think I think you’re just [ __ ] yeah fair fair honestly fair you know what I’m [ __ ] doing this yeah yeah that you know why haven’t we done that till now cuz I mines that was scary you could have warned me you know you could have like said I see it I don’t no offense but I don’t know if I believe you on that one considering it was right behind me right when you were staring at me I don’t care Li you got me there I’m kind of a massive freaking libtard and in four years when I’m like working a 9 to5 like for the rest of my life and you’re dead I’m going to come back and watch this video and Undead that supposed to mean I don’t know you just seem like the type of person to die way too early I I don’t know how to take that I mean as a compliment I mean like you do a bunch of cool [ __ ] but also a bunch of really dangerous [ __ ] so if there was anyone in my friend group that I would assume is going to I also I like how it took you a moment I like how I like how it took you a moment to like register what I said like I said it in a solid like six or seven seconds passed by and then you went wait I’ll be dead oh man that’s funny I’ll take I’ll take it as a compliment well I meant it as a compliment so where’s your can you give me your wool I need the wool yeah hold on I was making more torches I’m going to make smokers real quick as well there you go thanks I just heard a skeletons got Shooters in these These Streets man thanks I’m crafting okay I’m praying to the almighty Lord that this is enough uh that this is enough uh balloons and if not I’m going to probably start weeping is this before they added smokers and [ __ ] yeah it is isn’t it God damn iters we’re like one point 16 what was that maybe 1.8 whenever whenever the village update yeah something like that maybe 17 oh yeah you’re right cuz they were villager blocks weren’t they yeah B cheeseburgers yeah all right I now have almost three stacks more of balloons so let’s see if this is enough I hope to God it is this episode is already long enough as is I don’t oh I heard a creeper go boom boom yeah I blew up by the tree hoping that it would uh do The Lumberjack thing but it did not do The Lumberjack thing but it did not yeah which I kind of figured I would but well if nothing else at least Le these balloons will give the kind of top balloon a more rounded shape [Applause] whoa dude oh my God can these like mobs just like leave me alone no no te oh my God yeah you see what I mean they want a piece of this [ __ ] Airship action bro and they’re not getting any this is my this is my land my country my land get off my land you [ __ ] mobs forgot I can’t Sprint okay okay it’s like that uh DK voice L okay guys all work I don’t know what you’re referencing but like yeah oh see I don’t play games for uh Wann toe Cod sweats par off sucks more fun than Cod I [ __ ] that is real as [ __ ] old Cod used to go hard but new Cod goes old Cod was great yeah cuz new Cod justers new Cod is terrible because they haven’t changed the formula in like five years 10 years and all of the people who were good at the uh at the last CoD game are therefore very very very good at the new CoD game and so every single person who still plays Call of Duty multiplayer is so sweaty that you can’t get into it as like someone who’s like kind of new you know what I mean yeah yeah it’s the same problem with Battlefield four and like Battlefield 1 it’s like I loved Battlefield one on release I mean you and me play and and Nolan and and all them uh played the [ __ ] out of Battlefield one I remember like back in the day but like nowadays I played on PC sometimes and like dude I’m telling you it sucks because everyone is so sweaty and it’s the same thing that happened and like I can still play it cuz I’ve always been like good at Battlefield 1 right but like if you were a new player trying to get into Battlefield one I’d feel so bad for you and also like and also like that’s why I could never get into Battlefield 4 cuz I never played Battlefield 4 like right when it came out right and uh I tried getting into it like I want to say like a year and a half ago the campaign was good I like the campaign a lot um but like yeah I just I couldn’t get into it because it was so sweaty I like genuinely just couldn’t compete I got like maybe one kill my first match and in a Battlefield game that’s like literally nothing so that’s yeah that’s really bad yeah I know dude and so I was just like yeah okay I’m out and I never touched it again so what was I doing again I don’t even remember dog all right I need more balloons yippe Evan yeah sleepy time I’m in bed already oh you could have said something no yeah true be really cool if we found like a spider spawner that would be kind of awesome that would be kind of should uh should we add a mod that lets you pick up spawners with silk toucher do you think that’s too op no that’s too op yeah cuz I was like on the fence about it I was thinking about it but then I was like nah although I do remember there used to be a mod that added like tiers of silk touch where it’s like uh like tier one you could pick up things like ores and then you needed tier two for stuff like glass and then like tier three was stuff like mob spawners and tier three was like a level 60 enchant or something like that oh Jesus so I think it would be balanced then but like yeah that would be more balanced but I don’t know if I could find that mod cuz I don’t think it was on Cur Forge if anyone in the comments knows that mod or like knows where to find it I would really appreciate it oh [ __ ] I just realized I haven’t had the Minecraft music going in the background this whole time T oh well I just put it in in post cuz typically I put on the Minecraft uh soundtrack in the background uh when I make these videos cuz I don’t like it when it’s just kind of Silent you know what I mean uh but I for aore so dude Scott coffin’s first video appearance on Matt Pat’s retirement yeah that was so [ __ ] funny also I love Scott to death he’s a great guy but he cannot act for [ __ ] like holy [ __ ] Scott yeah cuz like dude the way he delivered those lines was so bad he was like I’ve been waiting for you come we have much to discuss it’s like you could totally tell he was like being fed a script and it’s like all right man like don’t get me wrong no hate to Scott C no it was funny and he’s a great guy but like that made me go like winse a little you know like great guy though great guy really cool guy and it’s really awesome that he did that for Matt considering Matt I really feel like Matt Pat’s the only reason that FNAF got as big as it did like sure marip player played it definitely a big big role in that yeah dude oh my god do you remember when the [ __ ] uh hello hello neighbor people were like basically begging Matt pad on Twitter to like make it dude it was so pathetic like every single time they would tweet out some new like lore update they’d like reply to their own tweet and say Matt Pat’s really going to get a kick out of this with like I emojis it’s like dude you’re trying will love dissecting the trailer Frank yeah yeah then matat did he said fine I’ll do it and he made fun of them and in in like the videos like you guys really need to like stop doing this so fine I’ll do it he did it this year yeah no I I know I saw the video it was one of his it was one of his last theories yeah I mean at this point it’s kind of a moot point cuz all of the hello neighbor games have been dead and buried for like at least two years now but yeah I mean I guess at least you know hello hello games it’s not even hello games I don’t even know why I said that hello games were the people that made no man’s Sky which honestly uh no man’s Sky a really great video on no man’s sky is the internet histor a historian video um I think it’s called the in Gooding of No Man’s sky but it’s like it made me see it in a totally different light because I I used to be on kind of the hate wagon for the guys who made no man’s sky and also that sha guy like definitely over promised and underd delivered but they like really doubled down and actually made the game good without like freaking out or blaming the players or anything like that and honestly after hearing like the actual process that they went through in order to make the game everything that they said it was going to be and more I have like so so much respect for hello games like they’re genuinely a really good game Studio have you watched that video I have not you would dig it do you watch internet historian nope dude he’s he’s funny I like internet history and all that he did like a six-part series on the uh shil of buff uh he will not divide us thing that he did um if you’re familiar with that vaguely yeah yeah it’s really funny but he took down like two of the episodes that I don’t know why I think it might have been because he uploaded those like back in 2018 when like internet humor was a lot more runchy yeah or like 2016 or something like that but to give you the tldr Shila Buff uh painted a or put a camera on a wall uh that was a 24/7 live video feed and it said like he will not divide us and then a bunch of like people from 4chan started trolling by putting up like kekistan flag and walking up to the camera in the middle of the night and saying like uh [ __ ] like uh [ __ ] normies get off my get off my wall re and stuff like that like I’m not even kidding there was an autistic I don’t know if she was autistic but she acted like low functioning um a girl who walked up to the uh to the wall in the middle of one of the times Shia was actually there and she went [ __ ] normies get off my Plaza re it it’s really and So shff eventually got fed up with this yeah So shff eventually got fed up with this and so he moved uh the camera feed to show uh just a FL the flag that says he will not divide us on a wall or no sorry not on a wall um the flag that says he will not divide us is now or it was now on top of like a flag pole in the middle of nowhere fa and the camera was facing up at the sky right so that um they couldn’t like figure out where it was right and you know when they say that forchan has like weaponized autism they definitely do yeah the way they found where the [ __ ] camera feed was coming from is that they would like 24/7 have neats like monitoring the feed and they would triangulate like planes that were flying overhead based on like flight data like in the US and what they eventually they they narrow it down to like a small town I forget where it was I think it was like Pennsylvania or something like that one of one of the states that everyone forgets about um and basically they had somebody who lived near there drive around in his Jeep like off-roading honking the horn and when they like could hear him on the video feed like they would spam on forch like we hear you we hear you we hear you and uh this guy eventually took down the flag and replaced I forget if it was a kekistan flag or if it was like a Mountain Dew t-shirt it was something like that um but yeah it was really really funny um and so they did that and then then shy lauff uh shy lauff was like all right fine I’m not going to be able to just put this out in public so what he did after that was uh he put um the flag on top of a flag pole on top of an art museum in London that’s guarded by like actual security guards right so the the flag wasn’t guarded but like the the roof access was right yeah and so like forchan tried devising all these plans about like oh well we’ll get people jobs there as janitors and they’ll go up to the roof for like oh we’ll we’ll like you know get a drone with a flamethrower or something like that but what ended up happening is there were these couple of like freerun parkour if and I I believe this is what happened I might be misremembering this but I think what ended up happening with that one was there was a couple of freerun Parkour guys that like climbed the the building next to it jumped across the roof and then replaced the flag with a kistan flag or something like that and they had the cops called on them but they got away and they also were wearing masks so you couldn’t see their face so that one was a dub and then if I remember correctly where the flag stayed until the end of Donald Trump’s presidency was inside of a white room in a house in like leads in the UK and because nobody unfortun who lived around there unfortunately was insane enough to get a [ __ ] breaking and entering charge for uh getting rid of the [ __ ] he will not divide US flag I think that’s where it stayed until the end of Trump’s presidency but honestly I would say that forchan definitely won you know what I mean like dude for 4chan’s wild dude I know right like Jesus Christ I you were like that guy who was like that antifa protester who um hit that guy with the bike lock like they found him like I forget exactly how but it was like he was on the sex offender registry or something like that and they like ruined his life they like ruined his life because they figured out who he was and called job and his like and his college and stuff like that and he I think he even got arrested so like yeah they they they unironically ruined that guy’s life which I mean to be fair regardless of whe whatever his political ideologies are if you like hit someone over the head with a metal bike lock with the intent of of harming them or killing them yeah like you deserve to have your life ruined so I feel no sympathy for the guy but yeah no it’s funny foran I I feel like I feel like there’s a reason that like intelligence agencies don’t try to do anything about forchan because they kind of fear the repercussions I feel like you know cuz the other thing about forchan is they can smell a federal agent from miles away like it is it is it is insane cuz like every now and again [ __ ] six s yeah every now and again you’ll get like a glowy post on uh on uh Twitter right where it’ll be like uh I think glow is an okay thing to say right like that’s not anything of you don’t say the second part it’s fine oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you like them yeah but no but like uh but like sometimes you’ll get glowy posts on like Twitter right where it’s like some people in the comments will actually fall for it when it’s like a obviously fake woman um posing with like an AR-15 and saying like any gun nuts in my area XD or something like that but like if if they try that [ __ ] on forchan they will immediately be told to like [ __ ] off and like the mo I I think there’s even been circumstances where like the mods take those posts down because they get flaggs so much for being like fed posts so yeah frankly I trust the security of the United States more because of Fortune than I do because of things like the [ __ ] CIA amen dude like I don’t fear I I I if I was an adversary of the United States I wouldn’t really fear the CIA you know who I would fear I would fear [ __ ] forchan cuz those [ __ ] are crazy and like the other thing is that because they’re not a governmental agency and because they’re not the [ __ ] CIA even though the CIA doesn’t follow any kind of moral code to begin with right like the very very very loose like legal restrictions that the CIA even has to abide by like the [ __ ] people on fortun no [ __ ] like like gloves off with them dude like they’re the ones who came with the idea of like filling a teddy bear with Tannerite and throwing it at like an ATF vehicle right like like like like Jesus man if the if the KGB what okay you shouldn’t say that on the internet actually no dude you buy it in the [ __ ] store it’s I know but still like you shouldn’t you shouldn’t say that I just that’s like saying that’s like saying oh yeah I have a bunch of plastic explosive lying around my house like yeah all right I got it for shooting targets cuz it’s funny to watch them explode BAS all right is it EP time I think it’s EP time I put the last of the balloons on the Airship that I have I really hope that that’s enough so I guess we’ll see could you [ __ ] sleep did she just die oh no that’s your old death message oops okay yeah get a brain yeah sorry I’m just not as intelligent as you yeah poopy don’t call me poopy poopy okay yeah all right we’re good we’re good we’re good oh I hit the mount ship button oh okay okay I think just just right click yeah there we go okay yeah don’t do that though what are the controls I don’t actually know the controls for yeah it’s not like create I know creative has or create has ruined me uh Ascent is Ascent is X what the [ __ ] no we’re changing that to space bar uh break break is C why the [ __ ] is all right I can live with that desent can be X disassemble is backs slash ship inventory K okay we’re going oh Evan it’s working it’s working it’s really glitchy in first person mode but it’s working we are airborne all righty is there like fuel or is it just an no it’s just it’s just it just flies oh yeah let’s go on a little let’s go on a little Tour de France here or whatever yeah the the camera I don’t know if it keeps turning invisible for you too but it it it kind of disappears for me every now and again but it’s fine oh wait actually Evan um yeah I didn’t put any windows down there did I no [ __ ] okay I was going to say cuz if you could see what I’m seeing there’s like a really cool like swamp like Mangrove type thing over here and I think it’d be really cool to build the floating city above this because it’s like I don’t know how to describe it let me here let me disassemble the ship so you can like stand up and look and come up to like the top deck all right here here come up here like down here you see that like a mang gr yeah yeah that would be cool to have like underneath the town I also forgot to get rid of these so I’m just uh [ __ ] hell though that is like all right all right well we built we built an Airship today we did it yippe all right guys we did it so guys we did it a quarter of a million subscribers okay here come to the come to like the the the the stern of the ship and we’ll do like a like the F5 YouTuber outro from like the third person camera all right thanks for watching guys uh I’m going to end it there because this Airship has taken almost three hours to build um good news is is that with uh friends around it’s way easier to make kind of longer videos because I don’t run out of things to talk about and I actually you know don’t get like you know bored uh but yeah I’m awesome yeah Evan’s pretty cool um on that note I think we’re going to end it there uh Evan you got anything you want to say before before we uh I have a boner yeah true that true that all right so uh thanks for watching guys if you liked it uh subscribe or don’t I don’t really care I I I do this as a hobby so what are you looking at me for what you who got you who got you who got you looking like that who got you smiling like that all right uh anyway thanks for watching all right

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