Insane live gameplay at The Hive! Subs = CS!

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all right guys we are back another live stream all right I am live yes hopefully there’s kids kids fun Golding what’s up bro okay hold on one second all right my audio is Good’s that’s good that’s good that would not be good all right St in a second guys hold up let’s see who who’s going to be for lava man of course bro welcome to the Stream always first always first hey lav man are you there I have a question for you quick question one second did lava man leave all right I’m live all right let’s see who’s all on 17 people what’s the question oh okay um is my live sub count in like in a good spot is it in a good spot let me invite scavenger let’s go scavenger oh cold banjo I’ll do crafty too yeah oh okay good thanks now who else should I invite see I know kids will want to join lava man oh lava man you’re on lava man do you want me to invite you I’ll invite you you who is this Co banjo what’s up bro what’s up bro all right scam J in there we go all right everybody join up lava man I invited you bro I invited you all right we’re just waiting people to join and we’ll get started bro yesterday was crazy that was awesome though thank you officy bro that that made my day or night maybe my night all right we’re waiting all right let’s see who’s all in now coold banjo craft okay who’s this nope okay let me invite Caleb there we go all right is everybody ready ready we get going wait is that lava man are you live yes I am live I am live all right Caleb what’s up bro yes I’m I cannot type I pressed my mute mic button yes I’m live and we are going to start but bro I haven’t done a round of scy bro nibles I’ve not done a round of SkyWars in Forever scavenger you can play one game oh okay that’s too bad darn it well make sure you guys like stream so I can get more views make sure you like stream sorry that’s okay bro oh Caleb went offline what oh I am I’m void Walker right there we go there we go all right let’s go hopefully I can get like viewers today oh Trenton bro I’m late you are late bro welcome to the stream though let’s go okay Trenton were you there yesterday Caleb I’m en joint stream oh okay okay um bro awesome Island holy cow I’ve never gotten Island this good there we go all right and hopefully I can actually win PVP because you know new mouse not the best scamer sorry bro oh oh all right sorry I know you said one game but you kind of attack me when you end stream I will end stream in about an hour so we got an hour guys kids bro get out of here stop it can you invite me again yeah Caleb I will invite you I love how everybody’s just going for me already like come on guys I’ve done nothing yet blue dragon yo what’s up bro welcome to the stream crafty over here chilling get out of here get out of here I’m actually doing okay scavenger no darn it oh crap he’s running yes I got the kill okay I’mma join all right also see you scavenger see you bro it’s too bad bro get out of here yes who did that who helped me bro just got hit by double teamed yeah sure crafty sure crafty okay how anybody uh here this is my username add me as a friend if you haven’t already just make things easier where is everybody BR I’m kill leader can I have mod I just want blue n Okay we okay don’t do anything with it and uh I think you’re going to be the last person to get mod unless like some other okay hold up hold up I’ll give you my moderator in a second P djo run bro all right that was close okay I think I’m good red over here I’m a sub so CS oh yeah I owe you guys like 23 custom servers yeah okay so blue oh lava man bro oh shoot not you all right hold on I’ll explain in a second lava man no I’m sorry I brought trouble Okay so yesterday I got like 207 Subs so I owe you guys like 20 something servers so I don’t know how I’m supposed to do I’ll have to do it on different like streams and all well this guy who is doing that who okay who’s hitting me who who is hitting me oh shoot he’s here okay okay I fell what region are you in I am in North America and I’m being destroyed by this one guy this one guy so yeah if you sub then we do a custom server but I owe you guys like 22 already 1 V one one now wait is it just me oh oh no I don’t think it is oh shoot it’s this guy oh no yes get him my yes bro that was perfect don’t lose and you’re the goat thank you bro hey sleeps why don’t you have mod okay uh I guess I could give it okay so I went through a few people and chose people who like actually need moderator I could ah I’m all right you know what I’ll give you moderator back okay just don’t this guy Trenton’s on go get over here get out of here no why’ you Pearl oh oh I got to be better he has a better gear the me and stuff so bro how did you kill me Ender you’re such a meanie why I literally haven’t done anything bro I literally haven’t done anything I don’t I don’t know what you’re talking about bro all right yeah I know I lost ah so oh one yeah I know I did see sleep what are you talking about you’re you’re moderator I didn’t do anything all right bro we’re doing custom server all right let me make it real quick all right improved bro this guy’s name that’s bro that’s hard to get okay why can I not make custom servers I keep doing this and it won’t let me it will never let me do this Sky kits always welcome to the stream uh we’ll do that in saying I owe like I owe like 22 custom servers or 21 so let me invite you guys I’ll put a code up on screen screen oh I’m going go shower bro who with you in showering team bath like during stream you have to like announce it too like why all right let me get the code up in a second Sky Kid see us after all right sure I’ll get the code in a second I want to join okay here let me put the coda there we go join you know how to put cod in right slcs and then you know do that bro we got hacked yesterday yep we did it was kind of annoying I mean like oh I should probably hi quizzy what’s up bro yeah sky kids after yeah we’ll do that we’ll do that remind me me though hi I’m stretch that name I got kicked o that hurts well where’s this guy oh quiz in I got my mod yeah wait what how’ you wait you got your mod what do you mean blader games sup bro invite tiny dude he sus girl likes bro what message retracted oh I can’t can’t see it Dar I’m making all right um what was I going to do change access set open to all right that works it’s open to all I don’t know what what that does how do people join and open to all custom server oh tiny dude’s in all right there we go free all right it’s free shop guys you all yes I do I know I owe you guys 20 custom servers from yesterday that’s crazy officy raided me and I got like 20 plus Subs so now I owe you guys like 21 custom servers I didn’t even realize you were live o that hurts refire welcome to the stream bro we are going to get started in just a second let me put code back up there we go all right all right everybody join up lava man that’s sad I make this no I didn’t you get to jump bro all right what map should we do no map we’re doing Castle because yeah I have my mod right no I didn’t I don’t think I gave you moderator yet oh girl likes that I’m uh kick you banjo I’mma kick you banjo don’t don’t that’s that’s no that’s not what is CS CS is custom server all right we’re starting who’ I get okay I got coold banjo and kids all right see I don’t I always get teammates which I guess I mean it can be nice sometimes but like I like a challenge you know I really like just being by myself crafty has to go see crafty come some other time doesn’t join Much Anymore actually know what I mean like what time custom server oh random like whatever you guys want you know like we could do Survival Games Sky kits which is next because that’s what people want bro free shop bro bedw Wars needs a free shop I’m bro I should make a video to get the hives attention okay they okay what someone’s spamming me CS it’s I’m laggy oh shoot you might be getting uh go to toggles and turn off this I’m going to turn it back on just in case but if it happens so for those who don’t know yesterday I uh goodbye I got hacked and all my viewers like were getting hacked I don’t I don’t know what was going on but oh quizzy just hit and run cuz I’m just that person my game is so like yeah everybody turn off toggles or oh holy cow okay you’re not you’re not living okay why do you take no knockback something’s not right why are you taking no knockback believe cow I’m going to die oh my goodness bro no okay chilling yeah so go to um toggles and turn on off custom server like invites because I keep getting hacked in all my viewers do too it’s kind of annoying oh my goodness why are you guys like okay this guy I’m going kick you bro if you keep hacking oh wow I’m stuck what’s up bro no why are you so annoying get him everybody Target this guy takes no knockback okay who did that can I make this clutch oh my goodness I’m crazy today holy God I just got Nether and left really Ah that’s so frustrating do you by any chance know the name of the guy who is uh who’s inviting you bro I cannot hit oh my goodness bro can I clutch again my goodness please ah darn it bro for the yellow dude Andy yes hackers on my te I know bro I’mma kick him if he keeps man hackers I tell you I keep getting them like why he’s ruined the game I’mma kick him actually okay you know what slash controls kick goodbye there we go good job Caleb you killed the hacker fortunately there’s still treasure War CS yeah I know oh my goodness if they did not have this this is the best custom server there is I wouldn’t know what else to do why did you kick me you took no knockback you literally took no knockback I’m sorry that’s not like yeah okay guys just turn off uh custom server invites and just join by code because yeah Trenton you said that you said it bro yeah I don’t know bro I’m so sick of tired of hackers they ruined my stream last time well I mean kind of they I mean it was actually kind of fun but I think spam invite make you no actually no way oh I messed up I’m sorry for kicking you then I kind of just thought like oh this guy’s hacking well you can join next time oh my goodness Caleb oh stay back go quick I need right here black breaker every time I die because oh yeah you spectate me thanks bro this is definitely where all the action happens do yeah see um he was hacking yeah I don’t know um Lava man plays on like iPad so like yeah he’s not the best I’m getting hacked why is this such a problem Caleb get back here there we go did you watch O’s stream yesterday I did went back and watched it so at the end they were like who you going to raid and I was like the only one streaming so he just said oh I know and like can’t move oh sorry hold on everyone turn off CS invites why is this such a problem Caleb hack no I I don’t think these guys are hacking hackers that’s why these hackers keep like ruining stuff oh no oh no see look this guy is probably why you tap I don’t know why it’s happening okay see look I don’t like bro’s taking no knockback see and I think it’s cuz he’s being spam when you play again I want to play all right all right bro I’ll try not to bully you this time okay um but we’re doing wait who’s this who’s it oh I don’t know okay there we go create server bro we’re doing SkyWars kits cuz people wanted to Red refire oh it’s refire okay yeah bro I’m these hackers keep like I don’t know they’re like Target me and my viewers it’s annoying because then we can’t like do anything oh Treasure’s in I’ll put code up in a second is that treasure right there bro it’s treasure all right let me let me make some changes real quick we’re doing this because yeah don’t ask I will try to join later all right I yeah I can I can play for a little while uh all right code there we go code invite me to party actually no I have to disband party because then people will be on my team quizzy leave the game and rejoin yeah I don’t bro it’s frustrating what physics there physics in Minecraft that’s terrible that should not be a thing physics in Minecraft bro I’m going make it 31 no thir yeah 33 is good that’s terrible I did can you invite again yeah uh I got the code up there so hold on one second oh diamond or bro there we go all right put the code in do five lives it’s too hard if I did five lives this game would take forever kick what do you mean kick who who can I have a team he will get a team probably oh no wait okay he might he’s not hacking wait Trenton left invite me to party no I’m not inviting party I will get teams then you know I can’t do that do Sumo okay quizy there’s one thing you need to know about me it is I hate Sumo it is probably because I’m just bad at PVP but I cannot do Sumo I I refuse to do I’m sorry I I don’t do Sumo yeah again it’s probably because I’m just bad at PVP but all right is everybody in we’re going to start let me know real quick oh Trenton’s back on all right I’ll wait for Trenton wait for Trenton let me invite him again uh open to all invite no bro what all right there we go I’m okay at PVP yeah see I I wish I was okay well I guess I’m decent I’m just not uh you know not super good Caleb’s it back in let’s go now we’re waiting for Trenton bro Trenton where are you at go back invite Tron come on come on Shannon hi welcome to the stream Shannon wait please okay all right let me get the Cod back up there there we go I’ll start soon soon that’s why I meant not Sue oh my goodness you better have you better have knockback bro what gaming J welcome to the stream bro this is the I put the code up there it’s I should probably say it or something and a I got to figure out a better way to do this invite me to party bro I’m not doing party I’ve said that how long have you been a high YouTuber bro literally for I probably like three or four months not going to lie the newest and worst hi YouTuber that’s me H bro treasure filling up my screen yeah I’m the newest worst hi YouTuber that’s right sleeps is back welcome back sleeps end bro I love how you said like stop with the at sign instead of an O treasure oh my goodness bro all right where’s refire refire where you at got to add you as a friend uh there we go all right what’s up Matt welcome this shower was so amazing bro all right we’re starting there we go who’s it okay I got kids there we go all right for those who don’t didn’t get in uh best HP YouTuber ever me thank you bro also Nick are you still are you friends with me he he bro he unfriended me CU I kept spamming invites and he threatened to do it so I kept doing it I didn’t know he was actually serious but he literally friended me so I was just like bro why all right there we go let’s go come on no good players in C us other than you I’m not sure there there actually a new few new guys few new guys I’m not sure how good they are so we’ll have to see actually I want that helmet here we go who’s that snipe I missed snipe I missed again okay you get over here guys why am I so bad at aiming with a bow get out of here okay there we go I just need the combos what just happened what just happened what was that oh who whoa what just happened who did that was that was it hey I’m stretch are you literally hacking that I don’t think that’s I’m getting hacked bro okay this guy’s flying over here this guy is flying oh it’s mob Destroyer you’re being hacked okay what was that I’ll teach you end ner what guys remember to turn off custom server invites make sure you turn that off bro what just happened who is this what’s blader games wait no way you just killed the I’m a kick hey I’m stret I’m a kick stretch if you if I see some more hacking from you oh you’re supposed to die stop running die just accept your fate you won’t win I won’t let you there we go there we go ah bro he’s hacking me kick him okay I’m going wait a little longer actually if he okay I need to know a specific name for somebody who’s hacking you I can’t get any kills you guys are all too good okay I got a kill let’s go treasure oh there we go get him bro also do you guys hear my clicking of my mouse when I’m like fighting is that annoying and do you guys hear it kick him okay stretch SL controls KCK stretch I keep getting okay people keep saying I’m sorry people keep saying that you’re hacking so I got to like take you oh wait you’re on my team bro what okay blue over here get over here oh it’s you stop okay this guy has no armor no that’s my Kill made me lose it he caught on fire lava he’s literally lava on fire yes combos pull ban oh hot dog is now thank you hot dog okay are you stretch anyway always always is stretch no way I just killed a hacker bro you have no Pro okay ah how do I explain this okay I feel you are hacking there’s no way hot dog all right got to get him to follow me Ander look at my last message I will in a second bro are you kidding just let me like trap you just let me trap you no big deal right message was deleted wait all wa don’t don’t delete the messages are you hot dog goodbye there we go okay uh oh wait hot dog no bro get out of here stop it wait how are you wait wait what’s what’s going on why is he flying okay okay uh oh wow okay wow look at your Trenton all right the person I got hacked was dust coder with numbers that yes same I got hacked by the same person kick hot dog no hot dog was probably just lagging or something all right well I feel like the hive is B been having trouble with hackers lately I don’t know what’s going on with the hive they better fix it though better fix it all right there we go get him get him yes darn it he he ran where’d he go oh I see him quick I always join another CS oh okay yeah it’s a good idea sleeps now what okay guys come on is that blader games get over here get over here yes get him bro where’d he go oh my good stop running from me Caleb what’s up bro yes me and kids are destroying people darn it I missed all right we’ll start in a second guys or another round once this is over oh no shoot please darn it can I see proof guys if it’s super laggy a hacker or bat internet yeah okay okay Nick seriously I was reading I was reading chat and you were just like okay goodbye he had a pearl that works okay now it’s not like fun anymore because I have nothing I should have put keep inventory all right well I’m going to destroy people with no armor bro get out of here with no armor nope psych I’m over here bro I’m crazy GG Nick Nick died o can you send proof sleep bro Caleb get over here oh no no way no way I win this come on he’s so close oh now he’s just sick and tired of me no please D okay oh guys go back 5 minutes yeah I know yeah see sleep s too rip Ender yeah I know H all right who’s all in Mr orange oh okay they’re fighting over here Caleb why are you so good Caleb gay Ender that Ander dead why bro why they hav’t on my stream he was teammate he did that yeah I don’t bro I don’t know what to do anymore all right you know what I’m going to make a custom server of free shop you can’t break blocks so you can’t do any of that stuff but if he has no knockback I am kicking him okay always are you here D do you hear that Co banjo chill bro you o o or however you say ooo yeah o bro so I will make another custom server and if you have no knock back then you are getting kicked cuz I I’m not I can’t stand hackers right now I dared it cuz they spamed you okay then prove it turn off chat then turn off chat and see what happens s okay and if you still don’t have knockback then you’re getting kicked cuz there’s no like excuse for that like you can’t there’s no okay guys it’s a tie Caleb and what is it okay I don’t know also guys bro we got 1.5k yesterday that’s crazy thank you guys hit it on stream too yo and red blue welcome to the stream bro okay let’s see sleeps yeah see it was under it was underneath me too it was crazy all right we’re doing treasure Wars bro here we go free shop oh kids have to go all right see you bro if I sub can we do a quick One V one okay yeah you know what uh after this hey blue dragon if you sub we can do one V one right after okay someone say just one more fart man what do you mean so admit to hack hey guys no no stop just oh oh okay I got I think this was the hacker I might accept anyways because I’m just that person you know I’m the kind of I’m the kind of guy who just accept uh friend request from hackers you know you subbed all right hold on why is my sub count not going up buddy I can see it oh wow okay there we go there we go okay all right I believed you now code there we go here’s the code everybody join up all right I will One V one you blue dragon blue Dr wait what’s your name Blue Dragon username on the hyp or Minecraft what is it oh no it’s the hacker it is H kick him kick him okay H shoot turn up mute chat there we go now slash toggles and bro it is the hacker why okay why do I keep getting targeted by these hackers there we go turn that off okay now unmute slash controls oh just that all right here we go how do I kick guys go back oh no I don’t know how to kick yo Ender Game I reported the hacker last yeah I know same same red blue I I actually yeah I got a thank you or whatever put code in everything time yeah I don’t okay how do I kick wait guys you can mute him too okay that was the last stretch okay um that’s it bro he he has stretch I okay impostor what do you mean bro I don’t believe that okay look at this hey I’m wait wait I am so confused I am so confused he is a different name wait no he joined oh no oh he joined where is he oh oh shoot okay guys everybody leave every Everybody leave everybody leave oh my goodness report can I report from here everybody leave everybody leave okay um why am I getting targeted by all these hackers red blue what’s up bro uh what am I supposed to do here um okay you’re going to yes tell live staff right now his name was what was it hey I’m stretch but the I is a one okay make sure you report him or something bro gritty that’s crazy bro I One V one now yes yes blue dragon all right I’m a one V one the dragon real quick okay oh I can’t make custom server it keep saying it’s only available in custom servers and I’m making a custom server why I’ve never heard this I’m bro I’mma make a video and be like ever heard of um there we go goodbye Luna I just hid you from on Channel all right um SL CS I got a One V one bro it keeps saying why oh my goodness oh my goodness blue dragon what’s your okay what am I supposed to do here red blue wender I was in the hive and then I’m stretched starts jumping in front of me how do they know okay who is it always is it you oh H okay oh okay you know what I think it’s cuz I added them as a friend I am going to get rid of them wait Sky Kids 1 V one okay hold up hi I’m stretch see that’s not that’s not the right guy you I don’t care remove as friend sorry if yes he’s an impostor I’ll go back to into the stream and see if the name yeah I I removed High I’m hey I’m stretched just to be safe always I don’t know what to believe right now okay uh I’m back to HUB where are you guys at well now I’m scared no stop it this guy keeps inviting this guy no no no no stop okay sh I’m not here if I see that person again bro okay where’s certa please report hold I’m bro I’m going go to officy stream and say like hold on is he Al he is life or somebody else all right hold on one second guys I’m going to go AFK real quick I don’t know what to do what am I supposed to do I can’t do anything you know always I don’t even know you know what you know what there we go always I don’t trust you I don’t trust you screen saver okay why are these weird hacker type names inviting me as a friend um so what do I do guys I can’t play anything Andre stop being so friendly what do you mean stop being so friendly what do you mean by that wait isn’t it a is wait isn’t is it coincidence that your name’s always want screen wait no screen sa screen saver no just stream okay you know what we’re just going to pretend that never happened if they join I will kick them so we’re just going to yeah all right treasure Wars guys nothing happened nothing okay I can’t do I cannot do that okay um let’s see survival games yeah all right let me invite everybody all right the guy who spam quizzy no I don’t think so not quizzy Ender Game since I have experienced The Hive so Sploder he said submit a report I’ll do it oh okay okay okay um all right I think I think we’re good we’re in the clear guys we’re good I was talking about the person always his name was one away from the hacker oh huh okay all right guys I think we’re I think we’re safe right now all right they can’t let me report them okay if they join my custom server I can’t join there’s no refire can I add you as a friend reart can I add you as a friend I’m not putting a code up then if the hackers are watching they can join so what’s your name what’s your name refire bro bro you yes I already sent a friend what do you you did oh I did oh you did bro ah there we go okay oh okay now let me invite you there we’re safe in here guys nothing can happen I got to figure this out I got to get the hive I got to get the hives help I don’t know what to like how do I how do I like ask the hive for help or something you got a friend request don’t accept don’t accept whatever not sending really there we go I used to know a Helper but I don’t I do know a helper I don’t think he’s on though okay let’s see oh container add me as a friend wait what are there’s container wait is it the same person bro it’s same person I guess what I need to join blue dragon add me as a friend Ender gaming W add me as a friend I’m not putting code up you guys will have to join that way I refuse okay bro later games do I trust this guy do I do I think I need to rejoin okay do I trust blader games I think I can trust ler games I can trust Tryon it should work okay that’s me oh okay blue drag all right all right right you’re the second YouTuber I’ve added oh sick who else have you added oh there’s refire ref fire blader games all right there we go all right we’re going to start in second guys blater games all right seven oh okay I don’t add people on spot oh well yeah see I do until I get like a full like you know full friend list you know I’m not worrying YouTube okay I’m now wanting mod bro what I don’t think you’re going to get wait Ander stop being so friendly what do you mean stop being so friend friendly I’m not well it’s always good to be friendly of course but what do you mean stop being friendly One V one after blue dragon all right yeah yeah we need one V one after we’re starting sorry I’m not joining CS after oh yeah I’m telling people okay good tell them that um I’m being targeted and I can’t like whatever they do do not accept friend requ Quest from the the strange people oh my goodness everybody’s taking everything from the chests there we go all right yeah I don’t understand what’s going on with the high why am I always the one being attacked what do you want add me to your friend list Brave what’s your name what’s your name Brave what’s your what’s your name what are you bro why it’s Flames okay I could probably trust it’s Flames sorry bro okay uh here we go add you there we go all right Rave Dragon Rave Dragon I feel like I already did that yo Matt what’s up hold on yeah send me here send me Ender Game w send me a friend request because yeah we can do that this is my brother oh what what do you mean mean see crafty is getting hacked too why is it only us it’s like only oh sleeps bro why wait oh banjo yeah he just attacks this to attacks bro sleep get over here all right I’m GNA go for bler games get over here stop running bro I’m not even chasing you yes yes bro I’m going crazy with these hits I hit him again so I think okay so annoying crafty if you’re talking about the hackers you are so right well let’s go see I think that’s the problem with streaming the hackers can really do just anything and like ruin yeah I don’t know stop stop bro just let me kill you Yes red blue what why yes bro let’s go I’m going go claim what he had there we go ready fight okay let’s go yep he’s running all right yep Ready go we’re fighting yes go bro blue dragon yeah I know blue dragon I will okay sorry what all right y we’re going I’m just fighting nope I have to win this blue dragon you have so many snowball I know Ender gaming what red blue why bro yes mess him up darn it get over here it’s Flames yes bro sorry my game crashed oh no way oh I thought was going to hit that all right oh see you love man all right Kuro what’s up I’m here welcome to the stream bro I’ve been getting hacked like crazy today I don’t know what it is I don’t know what it is who’s behind me okay sleeps red blue okay we got to kill sleeps he can’t live bro that hit oh what’s up what’s up re fire get over here I love how I like finally get like how’s red blue typing uh I think he stopped for a second he’s a fast typer um okay so I love how I’m starting to get hacked a ton right like when offc raided me like which is awesome but no I get hacked okay hold banjo get over here stop get out of here yes there we go I need this all right ref fire oh see you Matt yes there we go okay I need that all right I’m good hopefully we don’t see any more hackers today nobody all right sleep bro yeah oh my goodness bro screen saver screen saver go away I don’t trust that guy I’mma go all right quizzy goodbye I don’t trust screen saber now if a hacker wants me to join their custom server if they subscrib then yeah sure I will we’re bullying sleeves all right now it’s your time sorry red blue this had to Bro sleeps what oh yeah we were targeting you yeah l l Get Wrecked bro yeah you’re done one V one me all right yeah I’ll One V one you if I go to the hive I better not see any okay I think I’m in the clear okay no hackers all right custom server all right blue dragon what custom server do you want a One V one on later games and we got a One V one after okay did you see my text no I did not see crafty and they let me watch okay yeah blue dragon I need uh I need to know oh refire over there you Dragon are you are you there I added you to my channel what do you mean what do you oh oh sick bro I got to do something like do Sky kits okay yeah I’ll do that SL CS all right Sky kit all right let me you real quick bites what’s your username again blly Dragon I want see kill these good player bro quote unquote what’s your name blue dragon forget was it like it was blader games right blade okay there we go I was uh yeah I was muted bro so dumb I keep pressing that mute button it’s kind of annoying okay now rolls flame no I want you to be spectator old banjo spectator me yellow Trenton spectator I’m just going to put all these as Spectators real quick go later you are going to be lying my ping is is wild o red blue spectator now see spectator I’m adding everybody spectator and spectator there we go okay treasure join so I got to make sure spectator okay spectator I think that’s it yep all right sing peek do not leak please if I hit 2K this week I’ll release a two o cool okay can I do the Cs okay yeah sure all right we’re going to start do three lives or two okay I’ll do three lives and I’ll I’mma put it as keep inventory there we go all right ready Blue Dragon ready blue dragon bro who’s thison yes yes but no advertising here yeah yep all right here we go everybody could spectate bro I’m so winning this like I’m so winning there’s no way also I just got a new mouse yesterday so I’m like not good and I think okay this is uh I think the last game I can do today I’m sad and I don’t see the point in this good good player hey maybe they’re good you have no idea sleeps all right Ender what crafty we’re One V oneing this last game I can do so I’m sorry but e oh I see him over there so yeah you guys can spectate and then I have to uh I have to go after this so hopefully I’m done being hacked bro I can’t I can’t I can’t do this shh I know IRL so like straight face you should add me because I’m him oh okay I’ll add you in second did you give me m no I did not bro I did not I’m sorry all right I’m ready I’m ready bro hey ready ready straight on all right hold on you better not be like one of those dumb hackers who are trying to like Street on on iOS there we go there don’t you know last game so everybody has to sub so I can like can I One V one next stream for a vid sure sure all right ready hold on go go oh my goodness I’m actually doing okay all I got locking guys oh let’s go get over here stop running bro yes let’s go hold up stop running from me right now get over here shoot come on do you guys hear my clicks by the way no this guy’s running all right I’m actually doing really good oh why are you running stop running bro okay all right all right hold on one second I’ll read that yes bro okay screen saver is nce oh okay no no LOL I want to make a bom with hype YouTubers you know oh okay okay okay in way he got comboed by Ender why are you so surprised bro it’s kind of sad I just love how you guys are surprised that he’s getting comboed okay who keeps unsubbing to me though it’s not making me happy guys I want to get subs you know not lose Subs all right Ender is the goat thank you all right I GTG soon so let’s hurry like I have to go right now stop on S or you should wait or you not scity don’t end the stream I have to bro I’m sorry I will I don’t know when I’ll stream next because I have to work on my video for Friday bro you had to start off a fight with that cheap shot okay let’s go ahead and go to HUB hold on I have to like combo this guy to death crazy I see those snowballs you have bro no way I win this holy cow I’m I why am I actually doing good it’s that Mouse I tell you let’s go bro combos oh bro you have that swell of Life stop running yes bro holy cow okay whoever unsubbed should like feel ashamed that was good okay now he’s no holy cow oh my goodness bro oh oh Mouse buff for real now a the mouse he’s very uh good um yeah I give you permission to unsub I’m kidding that was sad though I redeem myself get over here I’ll redeem redeem oh he’s a baller okay that’s smart I to chose like void Walker and I’m really low right now bro so all right hold on Ender but do I know you IRL I don’t think so do you no I don’t no no no no I highly doubt that I’d be surprised no no no no no I feel like you live somewhere else oh crazy I keep getting low on health and I still like saying hi from Tennessee wow okay that’s cool it’s not smart to share your location though so uh I wouldn’t can we go to HUB I’m end no I from oh no you are far from me you are far from me bro why would you do that why would you do that okay where is he at all right he’s over here I don’t understand like what were you thinking right then he’s back over here all right Boo I know I’m sorry bro but like that was not that was not smart Al I’m like fighting you with like low Health right now is so like I thought I killed you three times okay GG all right see you Trenton thanks for joining oh seriously you’re going to do that to me there we go there we go there’s no way yes there we go wait four kills I set the I set it to three lives how is that possible all right GG blue dragon thanks for thanks for One V oneing me all right this is it guys end of stream thank you all for watching um thanks for joining though too and whoever unsubscribed you you subscribe right now or else you have to do it bye have a good day all right see you straight face and goodbye

This video, titled ‘The HIVE, but I’m LIVE! 1 SUB = 1 CS!’, was uploaded by EnderGaming on 2024-04-10 13:41:47. It has garnered 145 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 01:08:50 or 4130 seconds.

MINECRAFT! With all of YOU! Sub so I can get YT rank please!

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