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all right you guys ready ready all right three two one go all right let’s get him uh J Watch Out Hold on Steve dude it would not shoot I shot it three times and it went like 2 cm I think if you get too close to the wall sometimes it am I missing something that’s the second one that I’ve placed down that is just was half picked up all right guys look alive we got to get the Dub here yeah we got to get I was missing something can’t believe Luke out here was trying to give us times 2064 of them Steve I think I found a problem I don’t think you should put it on pathway blocks I’d probably only put it on full blocks no I was being stupid but you should not put it on there uh they get delitos tree TNT I don’t even remember that one oh well we’re about to find out what it does on our side I I I don’t think we ever picked it all right hit him with the Jerome TNT guys as soon as I find an opening that I can I will I’ll Jerome look out oh jeez uh my Jerome’s were all wasted by jome no wow bro my drone just glanced off dude I’m getting R God help help the be come on guys kill Dr Team Buddies in the chat Team Buddies ow ow okay now they’re friendly because they stung me once wait what is that how that works yeah oh no oh my God oh my God what was that dude I’m so low on health do you not have food I do I just I got very low all right I’ve got 47 dirt blocks now team you can do it why is this not shooting a bee got me I died to a bee you died to a how did you die to a bee bro what is this like reflection going on like be I was having trouble with earlier because I could not throw my TNT T said they had hot sauce number 10 with no drinks afterward T bro watch out that’s pick it up again cap my mouth’s on fire like I have to use water if I have anything the timer when you pick it up again oh dear God guys they only have 7 80% faith in the Buddies this time I think they think the Buddies might fall apart dude it is falling apart this powdered snow all of the mobs are down here and I can’t escape I’m going to die bro I just saw it Oh that’s rough I could out first round chat bro that is we need you we need you to get out there C we need you to we need you to get we need to defend our honor show them why your name is Captain blast them hey man I’m trying like it is crunchy over here a lot of Jeron okay bam whatever you do don’t go in the pwed dry put yourself in spectator huh oh what why are you saying that’s if it’s bad that I’m in the air they know I’m dead I don’t want you to like deflect a TNT or anything with your with your head with your nogget wow you say see a big head yeah what the Steve bro you need to take a lap get your big noggin out of here Steve you need to take a lap dude someone donate uh Cappy a nuke right now right now God we need a hero cap you’re probably better off staying in the far back cuz you can still hit them from there thanks Steve I respect it okay I saw it from Ronnie so good cap you’re holding it down here buddy bro what was that that was just silly C you’re everything that we have you’re all we have in this world I’m trying man bro did you are you seeing this like it’s like an invisible wall bulk with a $200 stream dip said your wish is bulk command Cappy that is player gets a nuke nuk shout out Tok nuk quick chat say GG bulk he’s coming bro well you have it for next round that’s okay yeah all right zero to one mods it’s fine we got a nuke now for next round thank you no cap that remember how dangerous that is it basically kills everyone you have to try and like make it to their side and like detonate it first hand pretty much oh yeah we didn’t get building blocks I get myself Stone oh I just I had so much dirt I picked up yeah I have like 50 some dirt I’m good this time around it’d be kind of hard that is my bad oh whoopsies I shouldn’t have thrown out my armor is it first of five or best of five first of five okay cap what’s up I don’t know if they know how dangerous mobs TNT is maybe hold on to the nuke if we get mobs over there first that’s a dub okay but if not you can go like up and over you know yeah yeah all right where’s cap here you go have fun be responsible I’m not going to be responsible with this Warhead that’s okay all right chat this is it we’re going to have a comeback Round Here Kappy’s got a nuke we might not use it like dropsy said we’re we’re going to play it by year cuz mob’s TN way too op it’s dummy broken it’s just tons and tons of blazes hello hello hello hello got to early quiet what we were just talking you don’t fight fight you got Qui I think they’re they’re all thrown uh TNT I like maybe I lost my hearing thank you drone built the house behold he did it himself all right you guys ready yeah I’m hiding let rip let’s get it let’s get it two one go all right ouch well that didn’t work all right is that was a big hole on the ground here no oh my God bulk whose side are you on with a $75 strip to bulk said it’s not rigged if L it’s a 12 and then I so I have to ring the hot sauce in at the end of this round here and Donan said drum you should have distraction STI to help them no dude they they know they know about the mobs they know the mobs we need to send mobs over stat I just sent mobs over I’m trying oh my goodness bro this is absurd this is absurd this is absurd bro bro I don’t even I didn’t even see what blue I was hiding underneath the house the house is still intact how did I die quick wheel spin go they just did like all the lightning it ain’t going to be 12 bulk two two two no bulk you’re a bad man and you have tiny hands you’re probably related to Steve same with you Donovan Adams I said it my hands are bigger than yours Dr how dare you I hope that landed over there how dare you say that I have tiny hands Steve that’s kind of messed up oh my gosh here we go hot sauce number 12 everybody did I just go for it or just let it slip who’s left on their team oh just stop shooting me bles uh I saw that oh wait to died died and behold died yeah but they can’t go into spectator UK you got to do that okay then I don’t want to use the nuke on one that’s terrible ow of course oh my God terrible bulk oh no my home I hate the fire god the amount of mobs hey man oh god oh terrible literally tastes terrible oh buddy and Don I ran out of that one I don’t have the one anymore I’m sorry all right cap why is it not shooting cap I need you to Choose Wisely here what gun re the $75 sh welcome back gri by the way feel it’s been a minute how you doing my man he said so Cappy’s Choice lose it steak bomb three of them or hot sauce Jerry C hot sauce Jer you’re nice literally the sickest man honestly correct pick I would have picked that too my mouth is on fire right now though dude hot sa fa we got a record to break God the blazes are just untenable oh my God it was 11 50 of them it was literally just a back toback 11 why would you do that c we’ve never made it past all of the uh the wheel have we I think once question mark yeah we have what happens we go again I die Steve hello keppy hello can you try this gravity gun and see if that works behind you when you get the chance uh why is it not I’m going to lose it dude it’s I’m just not firing anymore I mean we can test after the rounds over dude yeah but I still got to talk to I was talking to l not not you can I try it cuz mine is not working hello oh my God secret Cy guy Willie is why are you telling me to shut up cuz they’re probably watching the stream bro oh my gosh and then there was dropsy Jerry read it Dy did you die no oh not over yet Samantha with $100 dream let’s go Samantha said steak bomb the mods all of them next round next round next round l l yes har stew happy 21st birthday dude thank you for being such a big fan for over a decade thank you buddy oh my God my mouth’s on fire from that hot sauce dude all righty droy we need you to win please drop me melee combat is enabled all yeah that’s great Luke how am I getting over there you have Cobblestone CED over there hey ke how did you make it over there there’s no bridge over there end Pearl oh nice he’s on the right side oh ow uhoh uhoh yeah I had made that mistake earlier and now you’re on fire uhoh uhoh let me in please that’s not looking good for you dropsy why did you pick this TNT gun with a $25 stream said cby picked wrong so steak bomb next round thank you gundry I agree cby picked wrong my mouth’s literally like on fire it burns my tongue Burns so all of them and cppy are getting steak bomb at the beginning of the next round that’s nutty oh my God that’s okay though cap we’re going to we’re going to run offense on I’m heavy yeah yeah yeah people don’t know is getting steak bomb in this is actually a big setback in TNT wars cuz you really like you can’t function you can’t play well that’s happening is down for 30 seconds you guys should speedrun break the wall next round and then while they’re getting steak bomb cap uses the nuke I can’t I’ll be getting steak bomb oh that’s right you’re getting sap I mean Jerry could do it if he wants why what happened I go to shoot a TNT forward and it goes oh my God it behind you I think it’s because you’re messing around near half BL went over the wall he just shot a TNT at you at the same time it’s those trap doors you’re messing around near half blocks oh have a good day at school pooz what oh this to not be on the edge of the world can you just like oh there’s still over there too huh oh you could have should pushed them off oh I no I wanted the ender pearl oh okay I have to try something at this point yo got if you’re just believe yourself just a warning drops you what happened whenever I went over there he just held the TNT in my face and he didn’t die yeah I guess the blast is just far the timing down oh my God jeez I’m going right over the thing but if I go any lower it doesn’t work whatever you did right there was a good shot oh that yeah that was good oh he might be out here nah he’s still hurt he’s hurting but like he’s not out I have any blocks oh my God it’s not the best but it’s all I have oh I see him down there Colin trying to be supportive no we do mind Elizabeth you’re picking buddies oh [Music] okay oh is it time I don’t know oh oh what happened oh he’s got an my goodness he accidentally enter pear to the Center he missed that challenging I don’t I don’t know what he’s doing oh nice the disrespect there it is g g one to one chck get the GG’s rolling GG oh my gosh dude that was crazy Merlin is here he said it is I Merlin back began to cast good fortune on my pal Cappy hello I don’t know you knew Merlin Cappy yeah I’m sure slam a lot oh oh okay there we go we got ghost TNT fire gravity knockback knockback TNT something else um yeah if at any point um you guys want to swap out certain TNT that I picked we can just I’ll do that as quick as I can what did Ghost TNT do I don’t remember that one I forgot I just I see you I was going to do the exact same thing propy oh my God to what’s uh Friendly Fires off how did she fall well she fell out of the world so she just went into the void no no come back all right I think you need a roof to too oh all right we ready already let’s go chat butd he’s going to win all right three two one go hit him with it preemptively building a shelter up here smart not like it matters sorry it didn’t shoot yeah I I I saw same thing happen to me oh that’s going to be yeah that was well come on oh that’s good all right guys I think I’m about to knock back TNT some of them out of this world do they send it back over here I think they send it back I think they sent one at oh one of the TNTs teleports you guys I’m on their side oh good luck just Crouch until it’s melee no they know they know they know they know going for it I’m going for it nuclear bomb let’s go we’re doing it I’m sorry Jerry C I just got TP oh no what even the thing malfunctioned on our side what you did it though ke you got them all and I lived cuz I was so far on their side I was going to say and Jerome survived I was on the I was at the very back GG I was in the very back of their Island cap so you malfunctioning on our side was enough to kill our team and them but it didn’t reach the back bro let’s go Chad totally intentional shout out to bulk bulk the Savior do we know what’s going on with these gravity guns by the way I you all have the same ones maybe just do we want to skip over this next area cuz it’s already on fire is it it’s not that bad yeah yeah the house well fire spreads on so the house is like slowly burning we’ve lost the top of our house already I mean they did they did two I mean they did two so whatever I turn fire spread off we’re good let’s play their theirs has the same amount of damage oh go all right um I am just about yeah yeah Drome TNT lightning strike angry bees all right I like that if you lightning strike a Drome do you think it becomes like a super creeper kind of thing hope not that sounds terrifying I think it’ll turn into a zombie pig jome are we going yeah we’re going yeah oh dang let’s go let’s get him there we go oh my gosh bro bro bro I’m already at half health I got like direct hit by something there uh Colin as the steak bombs happened at the beginning of last round did that happen it was supposed to be one on Cappy and all of them I don’t think it did oh I don’t think it happened did it not oh hit him with it all of them and Cappy here we go take from the trees dude the lightning strikes are silly they just go forever yeah they do yeah they hurt how often does lightning strike in normal Minecraft um that I do not know I don’t know yeah there we go hey to everyone was given building blocks right yeah uh I never get them but it doesn’t matter I just didn’t want to be cheating by oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh please please please please please go me in the house let me in the house no I couldn’t escape the lightning sorry guys the lightning two to one poor bees nice got him good hit uh there’s a army of drones that’s terrifying very powerful Army you guys are winning two to three oh no Jerry the Jerry’s dropsy the jerries yeah supposedly it’s 2.4 lightning strikes every minute with about 2011 chunks loaded cap follow for more tips and tricks I’m in the trees ni oh nice shot cap I got a great angle on that then there was one guys were about to really Crush ahead of them we are about to crush ahead getting in the groove of a Jerry yeah where are they oh they’re under all these trees here I see I see where’s get a better angle okay now I need a I need my old angle that’s what it’s all about the captain’s New Groove you’ve heard of The Emperor’s New Groove but may introduce you uh-oh Stevie uh well I threw my gravity gun off the edge what how see you’ll get another uh by clicking one in four a bunch of times and I accidentally hit Q instead of one oh no oh no it’s okay Luke gave me a new one what do you have alternate between one and four I have my TNT in slat three so it’s one and three so I have gravity gun sword TNT oh I can always keep my gravity gun next to my TNT dang it’s kind of funny watching Steamboat Willie under heavy fire right Ian I’ve almost used a whole stack of TNT killer Nation with a $200 stream tip don’t worry I just deafened myself CU I read your thing beforehand so I they can’t hear me right now um I got you dude thank you so much he told me to silently get a nuke and use it on the enemy side without anyone knowing if that’s my mission killer Nation then so be it so be it killer Nation yeah Willie I was about to try to make my way down Willie has died I would say a hero’s death but more of the Landers 3 to one we got this guys we got this all right let me get myself a stack of the cobbly stone only okay good stuff good stuff I live to fight another dayt Dr TNT mobs TNT okay here it is guys Killin Nation I got you are we ready for this uh just about all right buddies are up two points on the mods oh hello just so that we don’t like get any slab problems all right guys it’s first the five and buddies are up 31 let’s do it Luke all right three two one oh that’s the wrong TNT whoopsies sorry wolfes oh you’re just doing it whoa who ver is just going crazy hey guys guess what I was silently gifted a nuke from kination oh my goodness wait did any of us live wait Steve Steve Liv oh my goodness g g killer Nation wanted me to keep it secret and so I did easy dub four to one easy du buddies budes buddies buddies buddies buddies buddies buddies Buddies budes buddies bu yeah I got to C my TNTs hold on Jerry you just bought yourself some loyalty right there my friend buddies buddies they’re saying they weren’t given Cobblestone Luke is this true that’s weird I did add a so that should have included them oh they threw it out where I remember watching them yeah they when they were throwing out uh the super long round they kept collecting building blocks they probably threw out the Cobblestone you guys are silly oh my go gosh you guys all set let’s do it R if we win this is ogre guys like Shrek all right in three two one go this also means that it’s going to be three to zero against the mods dude the mods have got to get their stuff together dude I know doing literally dude it’s like they’ve never played these modded mini games that we invented with mods that we yeah nut dude they’ve never played this before I just don’t get it it’s depressing to watch one of them’s climbing the wall oh look out uhoh I saw somebody’s yeah one of them’s on top of the wall if you do ice TNT it turns everything to ice what if it just starts melting hey guys I made I made a little thing I made a little thing guys I’m going up to it your boy’s going up uh oh yes oh let’s go cap with the hit cap with the hit that’s 71,000 Jerry did you just drop a TNT on my head it Happ man not on purpose I threw some honey on them and then what does the ghost TNT do again I’m about find out ghost oh it spawns a gas is that a gas over there go get him Jer oh no friendly fire I’m going to wait I’m going to time this perfectly and hit the one off the tower they made no oh my gosh two three four what oh that’s right if you shift if you’re holding shift you drop the TNT that was it I’m just dropping it without holding shift so oh I just dropped it right my I just fell off actually yeah I know that’s why I fell off oh jeez you dropped it at your feet and I was right behind you uh guys I’m in a prolong oh my God I’m alive I’m alive oh two hearts bro two hearts two hearts I’m hitting a ceiling that doesn’t exist it’s like always in the same spot man I need to heal up I’m I’m at the back of our Island I got to get my health back I’m just waiting to regen okay 1 2 Vernon yes then there were two oh we got a lot of angry dogs on our side on my way over oh you got diamonds Jerry nice okay here we go 7 1,000 dang it oh my gosh wolves bro I think that one wolf was actually friendly I think one glitch it was a friendly one I killed it anyway oh all right bro I’m hitting some sort of ceiling there it’s wild guys we can do this I’m going back up to my perch feel like me combat was technically enabled like 17 minutes ago yeah right I just like saying it you guys could technically do it whenever you want oh huge hug I want to kill Willie with my cold dead fingers William he’s got an advantage over me though I’m a little injured right now but that’s okay because I have something on my side that he’ll never have grunder oh my goodness buddies win 360 no scope G clip that so there we have it everybody yet another Buddy’s Victory three to zero the Buddies have done it again thank you guys for watching today we hope you had had fun if you did then we’ll catch you tomorrow for another awesome live stream should be an exciting day again thanks for joining us with this Minecraft filed stream peace out and bye-bye

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DECIMATING My Mods In Minecraft TNT Wars!

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    EPIC Roleplay - UNSTOPPABLE LIVING ARMOUR!!Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVING ARMOUR! – Minecraft Dragon Fire (SMP) Ep10’, was uploaded by TrueKing – Roleplays on 2024-03-08 16:45:00. It has garnered 42 views and 1 likes. The duration of the video is 00:15:17 or 917 seconds. LIVING ARMOUR! – Minecraft Dragon Fire (SMP) w/ TrueKing This Minecraft Survival is based on the Dragonfire Mod. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a like and comment below if you enjoyed, and have a Great day! Duels done through (Subscribe for more New Videos Every Week! I do Minecraft Roleplay, Overwatch and more Random Videos!) ►Subscribe:… Read More

  • PepeMontana’s Insane Home Flower Arrangement

    PepeMontana's Insane Home Flower ArrangementVideo Information This video, titled ‘DOMI FLORUS REDERS’, was uploaded by PepeMontana on 2024-04-26 04:04:36. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. CW MINECUB CW LOXER. CW MINECUB, MINECUB LEAGUE, CLAN WARS, MINECRAFT PVP, DESTROY THE NEXUS, SERVER … Read More

  • 🟢 Dolan’s CRAZY BINGO NIGHT! LIVE in Minecraft!

    🟢 Dolan's CRAZY BINGO NIGHT! LIVE in Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘🟢 Dolan Hosts BINGO NIGHT! | Minecraft Livestream’, was uploaded by Dewlan on 2024-04-04 03:17:00. It has garnered 28 views and 6 likes. The duration of the video is 02:59:10 or 10750 seconds. Ohai and welcome to Minecraft Bingo! In this Dewlan Minecraft livestream, I play Bingo, a gamemode for Minecraft with the PTA crew! So crack open a Dew, kick back and relax to some Bingo chaos! Streamed live on Twitch: ————————————————————————————————————————— JOIN THE DEW CREW Buy me a Dew, support me on Ko-Fi ► Join the Dewscord: Buy my merch:… Read More

  • Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft Hunt

    Escape to Victory: 1v1v3 in Minecraft HuntVideo Information This video, titled ‘✨MINECRAFT MANHUNT✨ 1 v 1 v 3’, was uploaded by Qyuwi on 2024-06-09 03:13:12. It has garnered 380 views and 21 likes. The duration of the video is 02:55:36 or 10536 seconds. Powered by Restream Use TTS FREE With Channel Points: ╔═══╗ ║╔═╗║ ║║ ║║╔╗ ╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗╔╗ ║║ ║║║║ ║║║║║║║╚╝╚╝║╠╣ ║╚═╝║║╚═╝║║╚╝║╚╗╔╗╔╝║║ ╚══╗║╚═╗╔╝╚══╝ ╚╝╚╝ ╚╝ ╚╝╔═╝║ ╚══╝ ▬▬▬▬ (,,◕ ω ◕,,) ▬▬▬▬ Social Links: Insta: Twitch: Twitter: TikTok: Discord: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ tags: #VTuber #Qyuwi #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Anime Read More

  • Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!

    Unbelievable: Evil Angel Fluttershy in MLP Minecraft!Video Information This video, titled ‘Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft’, was uploaded by MLP Play on 2024-06-11 09:15:54. It has garnered 2164 views and 31 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:27 or 3867 seconds. Angel My Little Pony Find Evil Angel Fluttershy in Minecraft, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack,Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, heir own minecraft server and play minecraft MLP Play this is an entertainment channel where my little pony characters plays minecraft, SUBSCRIBE! Disclaimer: All voices are completely AI Generated*. Read More

  • Insane Minecraft Record Breaker – The Weekly Thing

    Insane Minecraft Record Breaker - The Weekly ThingVideo Information This video, titled ‘The Amazing Story of the New Minecraft World Record’, was uploaded by The Weekly Thing on 2024-04-01 16:00:06. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. This is the amazing story of craze’s new Minecraft world record on bedrock 1.16 RSG (not an April Fools video, sorry). After close … Read More

  • Pyracraft

    PyracraftWelcome to Pyracraft, one of the newest and most captivating Earth SMP servers where you can embark on an adventure alongside your friends or forge new friendships! Here’s what you can experience: Create Your Kingdom: Establish your realm, build your defences with turrets and other structures, conquer territories, and navigate the intricate dynamics of forging alliances and overcoming your enemies. Leveling System: Ascend the ranks to become the top player by adventuring in our world. Skill Progression: Hone your skills to unlock powerful abilities that will prove invaluable in battles and various adventures. PvP Duels: Test your mettle in our… Read More

  • TotallyNotSuspicious Modded SMP LGBTQ+ Friendly Whitelist Java

    NEW MODDED MINISEASON Apply here: (Applications are rarely denied unless there is a lack of effort!) INFORMATION TotallyNotSuspicious is an SMP established in 2018, focused on creating an inclusive, friendly, and collaborative community where interactions between members are the main focus. Every member is welcome to join with open arms; no matter how is judged here. Why should you join us? Servers hosted in North America Discord to Minecraft chat Simple Voice Chat integration Suggestion forums, available to all members Private ticket system, for complaints/questions/support Diamond economy, no shop plugins Organized Dragon Fights and various other events 350 server… Read More

  • The Spider’s Den

    The Spider's Den| Welcome to The Spider’s Den – do mind the cobwebs everywhere. |We are a safe space to hang out and play 1.20.1 (java) Minecraft – including LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, etc.! However, you must be 16 or older to join. This server is focused on exploration and making sure that dull moments are hard to find with mods such as:- Create (and many of it’s addons)- Origins (which you can suggest!)- Ender’s Cataclysm- Ice and Fire- And more!And don’t worry, if fighting isn’t your style there are plenty of cooking and decoration mods to decorate whatever kind of building you desire… Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – “Crafting Empire: Domain Domination”

    Minecraft Memes - "Crafting Empire: Domain Domination"Why did the creeper enter the domain expansion world? Because he heard it was a blast! Read More

  • Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime

    Slime Time: Armor Grime in Minecraft Prime In the desert of Minecraft, a crash has occurred, Surviving on sand, with challenges absurd. Follow the quests, stay cool in the heat, Beware of the night, where dangers will meet. First challenge is water, to beat the heat’s wrath, Second challenge is food, to avoid hunger’s path. Hardcore map, but with a graveyard mod, So you won’t lose progress, just keep on trod. Stay strong, my friends, as you navigate this land, With each new challenge, you’ll make a stand. Forever Stranded, a mod-pack so grand, In the world of Minecraft, where survival is planned. Read More

  • Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze!

    Minecraft Meme: Hotter than a Blaze! “Why did the creeper break up with his girlfriend? Because she couldn’t handle his explosive personality!” Read More

  • Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE

    Ultimate Guide: Downloading Hardcore Mod in Minecraft PE Minecraft Hardcore Mod: A Challenging Adventure For Minecraft enthusiasts looking to up the ante and test their survival skills, the Hardcore Mod offers a thrilling challenge. This mod introduces a new level of difficulty to the game, pushing players to their limits as they navigate a harsher, more unforgiving world. What is the Hardcore Mod? The Hardcore Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is designed to provide a more intense and demanding gameplay experience. In this mode, players face permanent death – once they die, the world is deleted, adding a sense of urgency and tension to every decision… Read More

  • Java’s Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds

    Java's Juiciest Minecraft 1.21 Seeds Minecraft 1.21 Update – Top 5 Seeds (Java) Exploring the Best Seeds in Minecraft Minecraft players are always on the lookout for exciting new seeds to explore, and the latest 1.21 update has brought some fantastic options to the table. From ancient cities to trial chambers, these seeds offer a wide range of biomes and structures to discover. Let’s dive into the top 5 seeds that are currently making waves in the Minecraft community. 1. Coral Cove – Seed number: 2090070116 If you’re looking for a seed that offers a variety of interesting locations, Coral Cove is the perfect… Read More

  • DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ネビ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]

    DRAMATIC TWIST: Neavy Ch. ネビ Ditches Plan for Minecraft [SHORTS]Video Information This video, titled ‘change of plans I wanna play minecraft [SHORTS]【Streamed on Twitch】’, was uploaded by Neavy Ch. ネビ on 2024-07-11 20:00:12. It has garnered 1001 views and 4 likes. The duration of the video is 02:54:37 or 10477 seconds. Rules for Chat: 1. This chat is inclusive so any form of hate will be dealt with accordingly. 2. Be positive! Don’t be weird! 3. Have fun! Enjoy the Stream! Don’t need to chat you could also Lurk! Credits: Stinger: Logo: MikaLogoStudio (Etsy) Art&Rigging: Other Credits: Spill the tea SUB EMOTE – Nikamii (Etsy)… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House Destruction

    Ultimate Minecraft Prank: Explosive House DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Thunder Gaming on 2024-06-11 13:05:00. It has garnered 9140 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Minecraft: Blowing Up My Friend’s House 💀🔥 | #shorts #minecraft #minecraftpe minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj… Read More

  • Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! 🎮 #Games #MinecraftBattle

    Ultimate Showdown: 100 Husk Zombie vs 10 Iron Golem! 🎮 #Games #MinecraftBattleVideo Information This video, titled ‘100 HUSK ZOMBIE VS 10 IRON GOLEM IN MINECRAFT #minecraft #minecraftbuilding #game #minecraftshorts’, was uploaded by Game Educator on 2024-07-10 20:45:52. It has garnered 178 views and 14 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:22 or 22 seconds. Hello everyone To buy our Udemy Minecraft A-Z Guide click the link below! Tags: #minecraft #fyp #minecraftbuilding #minecraftmemes #viral #minecrafttutorial #gaming #foryou #minecraftpe #minecrafter #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters Read More

  • Intense Minecraft Rescue: Villager & Dog Saved

    Intense Minecraft Rescue: Villager & Dog SavedVideo Information This video, titled ‘Heart-Pounding Minecraft Survival Rescue: Saving Villager and Dog’, was uploaded by Mr.GengarPlay on 2024-01-15 18:30:16. It has garnered 13146 views and 495 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:34 or 34 seconds. Welcome to our gaming YouTube channel, where epic adventures and thrilling gameplay await! Join us as we dive into the captivating world of gaming, exploring a wide range of genres and platforms. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just starting your gaming journey, our channel is the ultimate destination for all things gaming. From exhilarating action games to immersive RPGs, we have… Read More

  • Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! 🔥

    Zxron_ goes INSANE in PvP! 🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘My Eyes 💫 | Minecraft CPVP Edit’, was uploaded by Zxron_ on 2024-05-23 17:40:07. It has garnered 19 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:25 or 25 seconds. First video! Any thoughts? 🤔 Drop a comment… Song: My Eyes – Travis Scott Credit for audio: @drakeneditz DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this song in this video, All credits goes to the rightful owner. Server: Instagram: @Zx_ron Discord: Styson_op Tags: Im a Minecraft PVPer and use Lunar Client cause you can Boost your FPS with Lunar Client. i know how to butterfly… Read More

  • Lucasd10’s Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!

    Lucasd10's Insane Bedwars Grind LIVE! Subscribe now!Video Information This video, titled ‘🔴GRIDNING MINECRAFT HYPIXEL BEDWARS & CHATTING W VIEWERS LIVE! (pls subscribe!)🔴’, was uploaded by Lucasd10 on 2024-05-30 05:18:36. It has garnered 2477 views and 19 likes. The duration of the video is 02:26:24 or 8784 seconds. 🔴Today I Am Playing Minecraft LIVE. Don’t Forget To Like, Comment, Subscribe, And Turn On Post Notifications To Never Miss A Livestream Or Upload!🔴 ────────────────────────────────── 🤑DONATE TO ME HERE💲➔ Feel Free to Donate, It Is Optional But It Can Help Me In Many Ways. I Can Buy New Gaming/Streaming Equipment, Things In Games, And It Gives Me A… Read More


    JOIN MY MINECRAFT SERVER NOW!!!Video Information This video, titled ‘【Minecraft】I Joined A Server, Let’s Attempt to Socialize’, was uploaded by Chris Talus Ch. on 2024-07-05 21:45:04. It has garnered 36 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 03:30:54 or 12654 seconds. friends doko? — Background Music: Sparkle City by Xotikó tou Dásous ( — Meet Chris Talus, The VTubing Carbuncle Prince of the Crystal Kingdom! 💎My Twitter: ✨Join the Crystal Kingdom: 💎Live: #CTalusLIVE ✨Art: #CreaTalus 💎Clips: #ClipTalus ✨Memes: #JesTalus 💎Model: — Rubylight Socials: — STREAM RULES: This stream is 13+ because YouTube is, I also just… Read More

  • Luvstar’s magical fairycore build in Minecraft ✨

    Luvstar's magical fairycore build in Minecraft ✨Video Information This video, titled ‘A Chill Building Day ♡ Fairycore Minecraft Let’s Play ✩⋆ Ep 36 ✮⊹♡’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-05 17:00:13. It has garnered 2339 views and 177 likes. The duration of the video is 01:04:26 or 3866 seconds. 🌈Become a Channel Member for exclusive posts, early access videos, BTS, exclusive videos, discounts on stickers, and more: Hey everyone my name is Luvstar! Welcome to my fairycore-themed relaxing modded let’s play! This series will include episodes of me living as a mage elf and exploring and transforming a beautiful fantasy minecraft world. I chose the… Read More

  • Sophie’s Insane Disney Cover Takes Over Music World

    Sophie's Insane Disney Cover Takes Over Music WorldVideo Information This video, titled ‘#disney #cover #music #singing #nflopaa #song #funnymemes #roblox #minecraft #nflopa’, was uploaded by Sophie on 2024-07-21 20:42:14. It has garnered 1586 views and 143 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:14 or 14 seconds. Read More

  • CloudySMP

    CloudySMPCloudySMP (1.18 – 1.20.4) Welcome to CloudySMP. We pride ourselves on being a fully customed server. We have a friendly community and friendly staff team to help provide you with the best support and experience you will ever get. Here at CloudySMP you can choose to either be a friendly player or go out into the world and hunt everyone until you become the last person standing. Read More