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[Music] [Music] sh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Shut Up And Take My Money [Music] good relative time to you and yours TI D20 here with scum Punk with the munchie and today we’re going to play a little bit of Minecraft thank you thanks again for resubbing ver and looks like Aaron got first Vera got second but no one claim third yet surprising hey there Jeeps how are you doing so yeah I haven’t actually respawned yet this is a brand new world um sorry right now but if you want to play Sorry right now the the only way to join is via my IP address so only people that I’m comfortable uh uh allow to get that information or allowed to join however if we have a ball to today we might consider it I might consider making a like what’s it called a proxy for a find a host but you may see my old username on here because this is the same account that I made well I used back in the day oh my God I can’t use my my my controller with this either uhoh yeah it’s all going to be just mouse and keyboard oh boy oh and this skin was actually made for me by JoJo so yeah look it’s me in minecft hey Ronald I can’t wave because this is Java hi go so this is a brand new world I’m hosting the server crowd control is active have fun with it however you want but I’m starting from the beginning and I don’t know oh look a pirate ship I know this is the respawn area right here uh this is like uh muscle memory I remember how to play this if you’re curious we playing also on normal uh it’s not connecting did you did it ask you for an IP I mean for a port h maybe that’s not the correct way to join then [Music] oh it named it ver hello there little cow I have nowhere to put you right now viewer I feel like I wouldn’t lose you right now I did I used paper to set up a Ser to set up a server oh do you know how I get that from paper cuz I can see the information here let’s see how to connect to friends paper Minecraft server let’s see H this one is multiplayer I believe I did set up this multiplayer hey chiy how you [Music] doing see how do I join a ser are you using the correct version munchie it does seem to be version 1.2.4 check the top left and make sure you’re R the same version as me it is I’m trying to figure that out it’s being it’s being hosted temporarily through my computer on a server called a paper server and I’m I have it but it’s I don’t know how to check my the IP address for I thought it was my IP address which is what I gave someone you know munchie that I trusted let’s see how do I I hly don’t know how to do this see it’s 1.2.4 oh I think I found someone who did it when you see it do you see it like when you put in the IPS it show you a crowd control name and it shows you like a number like on the right side is it red cuz if it’s red then that’s a server issue that’s a that’s a uh that’s a what’s the version issue is the wrong version you said it’s the right one can’t find a way to help that help you uh maybe if I disconnect I didn’t want to have to do [Music] that yeah that’s mine so it doesn’t show me the IP [Music] address this should be a lot easier right see paper Minecraft server maybe Google can help me getting Stu started oh I don’t have port forwarding set up that’s one thing I don’t have access to our our uh our thing there so hold on I might I might be able to log into it and put do some for forwarding really quick okay yeah I had a feeling the person who gave me the password gave me the wrong password I may not be able to have you join for now at least you can [ __ ] with me CU that she can find more information I’m going to keep her I’m going to try to do stuff now see oh hi there can you not you please not kill me it’s my first day here my first [ __ ] day actually fourth or fifth but I haven’t done anything shut Up And Take My Money hey thanks for the re ooh stone sword thank youa hell yeah I ain’t afraid of no creepers all the fact that right away sunken ship Skittles will be so excited to know that we found a sunken ship on the first day oh ow ow ow did I run out of breath that quickly [Music] uhoh you tried to annoy me but did you really did you really oh [ __ ] look at all this [Music] [ __ ] why can’t I just take it take it all oh then iyra oh wait what I couldn’t move but somehow I lived oh sweet thank you wait what’s my stuff then did it also float cuz it just disappeared [ __ ] what is this smithing template Coast armor trim apply ah ah ah ah didn’t last that long did it I I would be happy to have you join Ronald but we’re not able to find a way unless you can help me find a way so I can ah [ __ ] ah [ __ ] hell sporg all I want to do is have some fun I mean what happened to that stone sword you gave me it disappeared who f you too buddy oh there’s the sword blutter wait a second you have inventory slots now oh he put my sword on my face the server IP is not working I also cannot do port forwarding right now I’ve given the IP address to munchie to log in in and it she can’t ow ow ow [ __ ] off I’m just going to have nothing this whole game I’m not going to be able to have anything nice this is a pretty nice SW though they are they were all dinner boned ah thank you Amy but now I’m [Music] stuck you’re evil demons you’re absolutely evil away okay then everything’s fine no deaths no deaths yeah I’m running a I’m running paper that is the server I’m currently running which should allow y’all to join however I don’t know how to access the address that can give to you so if someone can tell me how to do that then I will help you all join but I cannot I have not figured it out it’s already being hosted on my computer ooh diamond pickaxe but I’ve got nothing to pickaxe yet I wouldn’t go too far though and I don’t I have no idea where my stuff went from before [Music] ah is it over here somewhere cuz this is this is when an explosion happened but I think I died here earlier maybe it’s this is where it happened I’m going to move chat so I can see it easily while I’m playing there we go and if I haven’t said already Hi D I would love to have this game opened up so you can all play too that’d be fun oh thank you oh yeah by the way if y’all didn’t know the sound effects are back the 1,000 Channel Point sound effect as well as if you dropped 169 bits the sound effects are still there to be scary but I had the volume turned up turned up now there’s nobody here go home hey I found my [ __ ] from earlier [Music] hooray it scared you [Music] H where am I where amem I place Bedrock block ah oh it’s an iller Tower it’s an iller Tower I don’t think I want to be [Music] here however what’s in [Music] here ooh so many potatoes [Music] oh thank [Music] you [Music] oh an enchanted book what does this do oh oh thank you for the polished diorite stairs what the heck do you see this this is one in hand I get a speed boost and armor toughness thank you let’s see what does this do it doesn’t say whoa and my fov went up and my speed went up how is that possible possible what kind of mod is this why do you have a big head why is your head extra big I didn’t get it in time because I was fighting something sorry just die already [Music] yeah die okay what is this I don’t like it oh there we go it’s [Music] better I’m just going to run [Music] and that’s I’m probably I’m [Music] dead I’m going to take a second to take a hit cuz this is this is just going to get more [Music] nuts GG indeed pardon [Music] me I cannot tell Ronald cuz I tried to give someone my IP and it didn’t [Music] work I don’t know why it didn’t work oh and nothing well then it’s a party oh thank you I I’ve always wanted some Birch fent gate Birch fence you know that I’ve always wanted that I don’t know Ronald I tried to give someone my IP address and it didn’t work and I cannot find the IP address for the server because the server is not showing me what the IP address is so I don’t know what to give you cuz I don’t have any information to give you I’ve checked uh I’m checking the server and it doesn’t even say what IP address it’s using for the multiplayer it should be using my own but [Music] [Music] it’s ah [Music] you can use all your all your coins on just getting [Music] popups nice thank you for the white stained glass paint it’ll look nice on my house that I haven’t built yet oh I know right you should you shoo me I’ve been playing this game since ja since uh Alpha and beta this is actually my oldest account name which I’m not going to repeat because if you see it on screen good for you it doesn’t actually connect to anything anymore but it’s my older screen name that I’m not entirely proud of cuz I know what it meant but a lot of people didn’t know what it meant [Music] why am I auto jumping I don’t like that yeah turn that off hey yeah it’s a party [Music] [Music] now oh we [Music] oh I mode on no damage hi the little turtles did it end is it already over but now I can’t fly anymore a it’s already over sorry I didn’t mean to hit you Turtle I don’t want go too far from the spawn point cuz I’m going to lose my [ __ ] not metaphorically I I have I hav have the Pathfinder version of pump uh M of Munchkin I love it oh I have you’ve given me iron [Music] oh look a doggo h Mr doggo I had if I had the bones I give them to you no maybe not cuz I have a feeling chat might want to hurt you if I if you were friends [Music] yeah [Music] oh oh a CH looming interesting oh I put I’m going to put this down to make the [Music] chest what what what is that [Music] [Music] oh hey look it’s munchie what’s up munchie we’re going to go Adventure munchie you and I let’s go where we going where we going pal [Music] oh I guess we’re not going anywhere is not my this that is now my my new job I must protect munchie at all costs oh yeah I can probably go make some an AAA hanging sign when in main hand when in off hand I guess nothing in either or you know what they say when it make M hand oh I should probably put this in here cuz I’m going to need that later oh o some light gray concrete I like how it even says Don need to buy so I know who gave it except for the iron apparently oh oh hi there hey there Aaron how you doing I think the number one reason why I can’t get this to work is because I don’t have port forwarding hey there’s sporg too where’ munchie run off to did munchie get stone and run off did I feel the one job oh nope there she is he’s just chilling in the woods if I had some beds you could actually get you know could actually make our own village [Music] huh what the do you see I I I’ve got mining on the mind what about you oh summon sheep oh um let’s see hold on then before I kill it I don’t want to kill it give me a so I can Shear you oops wrong button that’s not enough for a bed yet though try it back again in the bit I’m so afraid to take anything beyond wood items right now you son of a [ __ ] how dare you hey I got some got a bunch of sand blocks now and some Sandstone thank you what is that sound effect is something sounds creepy okay I thought it was just El okay ooh thank you o Diamond uh let’s not let’s not lose the diamond sword I’ll use the sword one for this one for now oh you’ve already you’ve already already Lo gotten all your wool [Music] back get over here [Music] munchie that’s enough for one bed I have made a bed what are you two doing over here you colluding in the forest munchie and Aaron just talking sting in the rain or should I go I don’t feel like I should go too far yet I got to collect resources right should I start building or was that too soon I don’t it’s not night time yet oh now it’s on easy is that what it means by easy I assume can’t tell but hey you can see my computer specs in the top right AMD ryzen 7 it’s a beauty H why is the music not changing that’s why well that’s better why does it sound the same song I’m repeating it has been cut a tree plant a [Music] tree Aon he oh ooh glowstone dust [ __ ] I fell [Music] [Music] oh oh oh [Music] God so many torches I even know how to react to this there’s just so many torches oh hey there a spot doesn’t have torches on it SPO your head’s in the way I can’t place the uh I’m not no I’m not I’m doing very minimal building this is just so I can have a place to come back to after [Music] ah I’m not ready for [Music] this going to have to install like an extra pole here just to accommodate your ahe there ow ow [ __ ] you ah this is a very well lit house large thoughts y’all scared me I thought it was Daddy out here or something I I need a door see door door we has door oh and a sheep and another sheep there’s no many sheep I don’t think this is going to end well there a bunch of sheep in there it’s it’s call that the house for sheep all all right uh yeah I’m not used to playing with a mouse and keyboard I’m going to take a I give my break for a couple minutes cuz my hand’s going I’m play a I really miss using a controller so y’all having fun I’m sorry we can’t get people to join I wish I could do the port forwarding I really think that is the issue why the IP address should have worked CU it’s it’s This Server that’s why that’s how I got power to work for Skittles hey it rains a lot here doesn’t it hey hey i’ rather I rather take my chances with the Sheep [ __ ] off get out of my bed thank you very much uh monsters I don’t see any monsters thank you there’s no monsters oh who need sleep what the [ __ ] why are they all in the [Music] corner just for that I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to mess you up oh spor bar get out of the way did I actually kill sporg did I kill you do I have no I didn’t you ran ways whoa my body’s covered and Air arrows didn’t do so [Music] well I I think they’re conspiring oh I sold my shears on me I should be shearing this stuff get over here come give me that oh the wolfy ah oh are you automatically a friend cuz looks like you’re staying [Music] nearby you are oh what a good girl you are sit [Music] good oh y Y is such a naughty Kitty yipper are you being a naughty boy oh a bee oh two bees three bees uh uh uh you for how bad of a kitty are you being are you going to cause some chaos there’s been plenty so far and I’m I’m I can’t can’t wait to see what y’all thre at me next I have that done pickaxe still no it got destroyed I don’t have I wooden one anymore do [Music] I oh there it is my wooden one [Music] [Music] ooh I’m glowing what does that [Music] do oh yeah the compass leads me to my last death let’s see well I don’t think it was that far was [Music] it yeah it was it was right here I’ll the whole out it next time that I had a feelings how that worked okay this that that I might need to make one more one more pickaxe just to be [Music] safe oh hi Amy thank you I never mind if people have to take a break that’s that’s life and I take a break too my hours have been reduced for here because I’m doing other things like I I working in the weekends and I do a little bit of hanging in Discord a bit more than usual so if you all if youall like follow at 76 and you want to hang out or just want to hang out in the Discord I’ve been playing on there after stream before stream a lot recently should come hang out sometime that isn’t open invitation if you see me in the Discord and I’m in an open voice chat and you want to come hang out please do oh what a cute little bee you’re not going to sting me are you oooo okay good be all right is it time to go looking for some diamond oh what’s this oh I think it’s just a boat with a chest you want to go to Adventure let’s go to Adventure let’s go see what’s out there [Music] yeah oh this thing’s [Music] fast what is that oh the ambient music still plays I got to turn that [ __ ] off I was like why is it sound like I’m hearing two songs wait no it still playing music there we go oh thank you for the foods ah oh oh hey what’s up pinky yeah I don’t have an open server yet but I intend to one at some point if if tonight goes well it’s been fun so far mommy says that she has experience with that you gave me wings oh my God can I call you Red [Music] Bull where did all the Snowballs from [Music] [Music] H I haven’t seen in the game before so that’s cute I don’t think they’re supposed to spawn here so I hopefully it doesn’t despawn it does have your name on it so it should linger for a while this is the silliest stream we’ve ever seen I love that I enjoy being a silly little being h and a par [Music] [Music] uh should I take that bed with me no cuz OB mean I have a bunch of stuff here right as long as I try not to forget where I’m going that’s actually not a good idea try to get me to remember things no I don’t have the compass on me wh I didn’t even get off that oh it’s left shift to disbound ah yeah no I I I died by the house I already know where the house is I’m exploring right now well I don’t ask me where the houses I I think it’s over [Music] here that’s a that’s a good [Music] idea oh yeah I forgot you can’t fly you just Glide with these right you have to repair them they do break over time which kind of not going to lie that sucks oh you’re right that’s a good idea and had even think about it that way if I had it would bring me back assuming I don’t die that’s a lovely thought see I I believe I was back this way oh yeah ending get back on why do I keep pressing shift just in me to press shift to run faster I don’t think that one worked correctly cuz I don’t know where it got placed unless it’s like a random location I didn’t see it at all all right where’s my where’s my wooden H my box cuz that’s the pie oh there it is like a beacon in the [Music] night second thought I’m just going to go dig keep this here for now [Music] keep the good [ __ ] here till I need it uh let’s say right here this is one of those times where I would love a little explosion if you know what I mean ah oh I fell that oh that scared me oh a netherite pickaxe that was the hole you dug huh thank [Music] you look at how much quicker that is [Music] [Music] I’m going to place these so things don’t spawn while I’m down [Music] here at least naturally check my inventory oh yeah yeah yeah I got it I should we dig what do you what do yall think we should do should we go explore a bit see oh my god I didn’t even know how much experience he gave me it was not just 100 experience you gave a 100 Levels oh man I wish I could enchant right now oh man I am a valuable death right now 100 levels to lose is a lot to lose [Music] oh [ __ ] that’s my bad should have been looking where I was going [Music] ah thank go apparently I cannot leave the game without a pausing so that’s why it keeps doing that cuz I keep checking stuff [Music] jeez this thing is just so efficient you need netherite to fix this right or to put it with another netherite pickaxe oh hi Vera look like we’re going on a on a little trip together [Music] go away no no spaes no spaes I don’t want to hurt you by accident it’s really quiet in here I’m starting to get concerned that y’all are y’all are planning something [Music] oh oh first time I’ve seen this in a [Music] while that’s a nice hole you dug [Music] thank [Music] goodness what wow there’s 70 wait how many states are there now I thought there only 51 like in the United States 50 5051 what’s up taxes or taxes did you get your taxes done this year I got mine done a while ago I’m waiting for my freaking check oh no VI I’m sorry I’m an American I don’t know a lot of geography so I don’t know what country has that many potential States like I know I know some oh I think I found a mine down here that’s some spiderweb right there yep there a m which one does more damage this is does ah thank you five damage holy [ __ ] my netherite pickaxe does more damage than my stone sword so I guess I’ll be attacking with my netherite pickaxe thank you for the water make it easier for me to get out after oh a little bat plus if I can’t if I don’t know where I’m going I just to keep my ear up for the water oh that’s a lot of torches well now if I I kind of could use more torches thank you I had a whole bunch but this is [Music] that’s a lovely hole you dug there you are you’re back [Music] that should be enough oh I I really don’t need train tracks but at least I unlock some stuff hey train train train train train train egg oh this looks like a little stop turning people into to something nah they just friendly should no it’s got to go somewhere right no upward I’m going to go upward [Music] that’s a that did not scare me that was a small little hole that did not scare [Music] me see didn’t skip [Music] you know these blocks I kind of take them for [Music] granite oh oh I I see you [Applause] ah thank you thank you I didn’t even think that tracks could be standing without something below them I thought it would destroy them they kind of was naturally spawned I think that’s why it worked ooh is that a smha spawner in here oh no ah [Music] oh okay hold on hold on hold on let’s recuperate here let’s recuperate here I don’t have any food do I [Music] ah ah ah oh [ __ ] can’t pass that can you [Music] no that’s so many emails o yum thank you for the port shops oh look you’re sitting on my shoulder do you see that look oh you’re sitting on my [Music] shoulder get away from me you son of a [ __ ] [Music] okay before that happens again I’m going to we going to plug you up oo this so much string [Music] yeah I’m looking forward to playing some after this is so much string there’s got to be something over here right ooh thank keep for the [Music] haste whoa thank you thank you [Music] ooh [Music] [Music] iron is a more down here oh can be down here now maybe just ends right yeah I know that oh could be something over here so what are we doing we’re trying to we’re going to we’re we’re going to try to kill the Ender Dragon right that’s the idea here you want to kill the Ender Dragon today where is it the [Music] Wither ow oh oh [Music] damn what is is that diamond no what is that what was that hey I didn’t want to fight um but if you want to um I will throw bones [Music] ah woo [Music] I think it’s time to head back to oh that’s the little hole I found earlier once again not scared [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] home again this feels great to be home again I got to build another chest now don’t I yes I do [Music] [Music] ow you know that kind of [Music] hurt that’s raw iron it’s not iron anymore it’s just raw oh you know you’re literally being a prick just little pricks I’m really not [Music] upset good thing I have pork cha [Music] let’s see now to go to kill another Dragon what do we need need to get the Eyes of Ender and find where the stronghold is then go in [Music] there oh now we have two good two good Wolfies a hi there player [Music] here you deserve a little yeah come on over here playark you stuck come here there we go come on now sit good [Music] dog spor kill me come on come on [Music] come on over no not on the chest get over here and sit H you’re not close enough aesthetically not pleasing get a bit closer [ __ ] over here no it’s not quite right come on over here a little bit more bit more boy come on boy come on over here come on here you sit [Music] there see what is the command to [Music] change a skull catalis what is this prettyy hi Aaron don’t break it what what is [Music] it why why should I not break it I almost did I hesitated it’ll turn stuff around it into skull if it dies around it if stuff dies oh if stuff dies around it it’ll turn into a skull now what is Skull I think that’s a I don’t remember what that is now sit over here over here sit sit good [Music] boy I don’t know how I’m going to feed all of you I do a whole pack you should move in here a bit more come on over here oh what’s this A carbet what cop it come on over here you move over no over here there we go there we go there we go sit yeah that’s that’s a good spot that looks good I like [Music] that a now just watch someone’s going to like throw us some TNT in here and it’s going to be a bad day feel like running just to be safe I I I don’t want anything bad to happen to my boys and girls Aon sleepy time I really don’t want to have any of those uh what are those those call those wraiths attack me at night it’s been a few days they could have spawned unless we’re on easy mode I think you changed me too so I’m not going to see him yeah it’s easy the Phantoms won’t [Music] spawn okay let’s see I don’t know where to find uh Eyes of Ender without getting just lucky maybe just go exploring then and I’ll take that Compass [Music] back [Music] oh dude that cost you a 100 let’s go [Music] wow so we’re going in this [Music] direction and I didn’t pick it back up oh there it [Music] is all right that’s thus begins our adventure [Music] thank you more food o didn’t expect I forgot how freaking deep these Caverns are now these days this this this Caverns update was intense I I got to say that’s not safe yeah I’m invincible [Music] ow okay now I’m taking damage ow ow ow [Music] ow oh God can I get out of here in time oh God I don’t think so [Music] a that’s my bad oh you have to keep inventory still on no one turned it off yeah it could be Reckless [Music] again oh you I should cook this food for right [Music] what’s this block in my inventory oh it’s gravable what’s up Archer just chilling having a good time playing oh do I have any coal no but I have wood [Music] I feel that H what you cooking oh wait well now the pus is going to point in the wrong place I might try to go with buet this time Ramen with alfredo sauce and shrimp sounds yummy that is permanent Max Health [Music] too yeah that’s working I’ve got two extra Hearts I don’t know why it’s not going higher than that though [Music] [Music] thank you thank you that was that was that was fun was was I supposed to use that event like immediately is that why it was like water bucket clutch no I have not clutch with a water bucket yeah you’re supposed to place the water like right before you land so you don’t take any damage I couldn’t react fast enough I was like [Music] CRA a wooden hoe oh God oh God oh God P panic panic panic panic panic where’s the house where’s the house where’s the house I don’t know where the house is oh God I’m going to die I know how to make it I I just need more time another day oh wait no it’s the same day one more time [Music] [Music] no’s you’re wolfy was going to boof you say too bad I can’t assist that [Music] [ __ ] where did it go oh that way okay we’re going the wrong way now what’s up there little bunny it’s cute [Music] potential food come here potential food yes yes yes and you as well meet is so delicious especially from a sheep thank you thank you and some chicken give me that chicken want to eat you chicken Death Becomes you [Music] [Music] why can’t I sit there we go all right we’re continuing in that direction oh wait where’ the eye go is it in the tree you in the tree hi a oh I don’t want to feel nauseous oh oh my oh my goodness oh I don’t know why but that may be one take a hit cheers oh it’s an illager or Pillager whatever you want to call them leave me alone [Music] [Applause] [Music] which time I hear you whistle like [Music] he whoa everything looks so different thank you thank you o over over the hill what’s this over here time to throw the eye again see if it lands in the same direction yeah we’re still [Music] going H I haven’t even need to eat any food yet either which is nice which is odd [Music] [Music] also hey a [Music] village what’s that oh those are [Music] horses ow get out of my face I’m just going to go visit the villages the C [Music] oh creeper oh no oh man well you got a Golem here oh yeah where’s your bed I’m taking a nap hey you get out of bed it’s my house [Music] now I will return to spawn I do know that it’s over at 0 so I know how to get there by checking the coordinates ooh oh little gravity is cool wee a blaze ah uh H uh what did I do I throw something at his face or something why am I [Music] [Music] why is my sword in my off [Music] hand that was a hell of a combo I didn’t expect to go flying up in the air like that like huh I like this little town oh there’s everything here oh they even got jobs yay you’re back oh my goodness did they kill [Music] you what is in the village there could be something good here [Music] so many cows hey oh it’s a party now chest it’s a party now food yep yep let’s open for this food and a random book before we leave we must we must cook the potatoes cuz they’re just awful when they are [Music] raw wood and I’ll get rid of this really just for [Music] [Music] one ah oh oh oh hi buddy [Music] I’m playing a dmca free playlist on Spotify so if I attack it will it hurt me you know this is some furry’s dream right here you know [Music] [Music] hi Ronald give me a hug can I jump onto you will I fall down do I go through [Music] you I don’t know what to do here should I actually I don’t should I attack it should I should or should I leave him alone you know [Music] me you’re not attacking so I don’t know I don’t think I should but I’m really curious what happens if you [Music] do or Ronald it’s you what would you like me to do would you like me to attack the giant to see what happens there’s no AI it won’t do anything either way oh it won’t I didn’t know that I’ve never seen that before well then I will leave you alone cuz who I don’t need to harm a a harmless giant so does that mean there’s no a ey has no negative or positive so I can just push you around and put you wherever I [Music] want I could move you to the top of the tallest mountain and be like look off Yonder there’s Ronald in the air signaling our way home let me see if I can push you up and [Music] incline no o can I put you into a boat that’s my next question can I put him into a boat oops I put sticky just back by accident [Music] no sticky keys thank [Music] you I need the wood to do it oh I actually do have the wood on me don’t I just need a crafting bench [Music] all right let’s see if I can get you into a boat perfect there’s some water right [Music] here get in the boat get in the boat no [Music] no let see oh sorry well maybe if this is in the water and then you’re in the water otherwise I don’t hope I hope you won’t drown okay let’s see no not even in the water fine you’ll be the Ral of the lake about that of the Village People all right all right back to my primary Mission my potatoes I forgot I was cooking [Music] potatoes it’ll be their Statue of Liberty [Music] all right potatoes are not done okay fine eat it my my so has anybody else seen the yog cast videos of when they were doing Minecraft back in the day that’s that’s what I was watching as it was getting released that was a good time Lewis and Simon were hilarious oh oh well I almost had a whole raw chicken my [Music] bad ooh a trident a really want to enchant it now so I can throw it and fly you know the ones you can you can teleport I love those chicken continuing on in our mission the eyes says this way oh no did the eyeball just explode did it get did it break oh no it broke dang well we’ll see what happens in this direction I have not seen an Enderman yet which is surprising well speaking [Music] of [ __ ] how do you get the uh the mask a jack [Music] I just put on my head oh man I forgot how to do the pumpkin [Music] mask oh it’s getting it’s getting dark I’ll take a few pumpkins back and go take a [Music] nap oh you use a Shear on a pumpkin oh I don’t have enough to do that [Music] Enderman give me your Pearl I smack you let’s [ __ ] go Enderman come on you can you can stand up a fight come on let’s [ __ ] [Laughter] go oh oh they m still alive he’s coming for me oh he got oh no I’m sorry you keep the bird’s kind of get in the way hey you we have oh thank you I got your I got your uh eyes thank you and get out of here little little you can’t get me in here for some reason you don’t know how to open a door [Music] oh it’s just a pearl not an eye avender that won’t [Music] help you did it didn’t say it was enchanted oh it does that’s exactly what I was just thinking of how did you does it allow you just to pick specific enchantments that’s really [Music] cool oh yeah [Music] time oh thank you for the eyes three of them be very useful I know we’re going so I’m not going to waste the first one Tallyho oh I should probably eat a apple or something bread as soon as I run munchie oh yeah I’m fast as [ __ ] boy ow that hurt [Music] oh now it’s stormy on the dark and stormy night like this one I likely died Hey look it’s a b or a horse hello yep you’re a burrow ha can’t see me [ __ ] o what’s that worth checking out wait why did it suddenly go out what is it just lava off in the distance why did it suddenly go out that was weird oh I even think about it wow ow uh I didn’t think about the Landing part ow ow [Music] wow oh yeah the elyra that I let back at home cuz I didn’t want to lose it the elytra a [Music] oh it’s too dark and stormy I won’t use this yet oh look is that a Golem no it’s a skeleton I like zombies they’re slow They Don’t Really catch up to you if you just move a little bit faster than them the skeletons I hate them hate them they got such good accuracy for being Undead mean they have no hand they have no eye but they got great coordination I don’t get it oh look foxes oh hello little foxes like the music doesn’t quite fit the stormy weather here in like like a storm or [Music] something woo ooh we changing biomes and a swamp over here right cuz this is the swamp dirt no wait this is Mossy block what’s Mossy Block doing here could this be it are we already here okay wait for you rea oh oh I can’t wait to see did you did you I mentioned it last night but do you all see the Highlight I did of the dramatic reading of how to cook ramen that Discord conversation that I had such a great time reading that out loud oh they spawn naturally in Tai oh bies what is a Ty what kind of place is a that bio I have never heard of that [Music] bi that’s a big ass tree does Stormy Weather allow them to be out during the day cuz I thought you just changed the daytime oh we’re foxes and ber spawn sounds like it’s good that sounds like it would be my favorite biome oh we did Place some flams well that’s a black rose what is that spawning in the air is this also naturally spawning or those just clouds that’s weird those blocks are super high up there oh I shouldn’t step on the black was that a Wither Rose oh my God if I had known that I would have stepped on it just for the chaos that would have been fun damn I have no idea where it is back there now [ __ ] like I have no idea what how you summon the wither but I mean I’m always worried about like withered things CU like ah I’ve seen some people fight it before I never have where did it go that way oh I went too far One Direction really oh I think that one broke too damn why are these why are these breaking some very fragile eyes of vender the first one had the most endurance of them all that b can take them all oh [ __ ] egg stop turning into into egg this area is nice and open should I keep going in this direction what was that oh [Music] spider jeez nowhere is safe oh good that one’s still good oh [ __ ] oh that hurt a lot [Music] [Music] oh ow leave me the [ __ ] alone I am just trying to find my way out of here don’t you [ __ ] don’t you don’t you dare don’t [Music] you all right all right my hand has gone totally numb I think I need to change games mouse and keyboard just to hurts after a while for me these days [Music] so what do we all feel like playing I don’t definitely can’t draw right now [Music] I call it here on Minecraft for now that was really fun though glad we finally did [Music] that to Murder Party

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