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today I challenge vixar to a 3v3 safari zone challenge what this means is each of us is going to have a set amount of time to catch three Pokemon within the Safari Zone we then battle it out and the winner gets a ton of TM vouchers they can use to make their ultimate team and if you forgot the whole point of this series is for a big battle that’s coming next week so we’re going to need all the TMS we can get so remember to use SLP partner redeem space Jerome for the first time and you’ll get yourself some awesome free perks seriously there’s no reason not to use it it’s basically an instant cheat code so what are you waiting for hop on our sponsor ser play. Anubis mc.com we’re on the Oasis realm which Speaking of which if you’re one of the few people who actually listen to my intros comment Oasis Down Below in the comments section come on I want to see hundreds of it in there we are back at my warp with the main man Jerome SF are you ready for another another day dude I am ready for another day but I I got to put Momo on roast Vic can you can you open the door to your own home I’m locked out I don’t how this guy even got in man he broke in and now no it’s just face in the man owns my house now that’s amazing dude um but yeah before we get on with today’s activities I made a bit of an error last episode Jerome oh what’s that what’s that I master ball a male salend it oh no you didn’t dude so what should I do should I can I trade him out for one of my other Pokemon or can I work out how to change his gender I I I’m I’m totally okay with you either switching him out or getting like a female one that’s fine that’s a big L dude that’s a huge L didn’t know oh my gosh I mean could I have known I guess there’s no way to know until you capture it right yeah and the crazy part dud with candit it’s only a 12 and a half% chance to be female I’m pretty sure yeah oh oh okay it’s I mean if you’re feeling good about your team I’ll s of agender if you’re not we can just switch it out for one one of my others I’m feeling good about everyone except for uh oh you don’t need to show me I mean rock this guy Shelmet I don’t really know literally bro that’s a RuneScape iron Helm what’s going on dude that actually is oh my God anyway some logs yeah let’s go and get our Pokémon some moves and then meet up for the Safari challenge good luck all right and just to make sure level 50 right on the dot yeah that’s the one yeah all righty I’ll see you in a bit all right good luck by the way guys I just went to slw warp Jerome shout out to all the awesome fans who have turned this into a house if you guys don’t know you can do slw warp space Jerome you’ll come over to our town and this is all just fanb built stuff all of this I mean except for this little platform right here that was my My Little House my base I love it everyone made fun of me m gave it a three out of 10 m doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s a joker anyway take a look though at all the awesome stuff you guys have built fans like yourself get on the server /part redeem space jome let’s go comment down below Oasis let’s get nutty all right in the meantime though let’s also get our Pokemon to level 50 for this big battle it’s going to be so sick all right so now luckily enough we do have that seedr from last episode I’m very excited about that we’re going to trade Sim him today and get our ourselves the KRA because we got that deep sea scale which still blows my mind like the odds of finding that are so little uh and we grabbed him like that’s my ultimate secret dude like that’s so op I’m pretty sure Vic found out he would he would try and change the rules and make it so I couldn’t use them I mean nothing VI nothing nothing nothing nothing to see here you know what I’m going to keep quick attack for now just because not it’s not a great attack but it is a priority move and I don’t know for certain if septile gets any priority moves also interesting point um what are you septile are you a better special oh you’re pretty you’re cut in the middle more or less it wasn’t the fact your nature was bad maybe even better special attack but more or less it seems like it doesn’t matter special attack or physical he’s still going to be op all right there we go level 34 come on double team oo double team could be lit if I managed to like paralyze him or something but I’m kind of okay without it for now it’s a whole different Strat I I don’t know team minimize and all that like an evasion Strat I don’t know that’s what we’re going for today and also to be fair if we did that to Vic the salt levels would be off the chart like I don’t think he would ever record with me again pack channel will be officially op Dead uh anyway there he is sept oh yeah we need the Dual chop though we do want the Dual chop there’s no point in having Giga drain and mega drain on them there we go and I think today wait he didn’t change his name from Trio he still I guess cuz it was my starter Pokemon maybe they didn’t want to like take away his name but it’s not you’re not too dude you’re you’re you’re septile you’re 100% septile all right I renamed him a septile just cuz it’s a little awkward uh now let’s see you know what I want to get that kingra going I want to get that kingra slapping out here so let’s go get him up to level like 45 oh there we go Dragon pulse he’s learning the moves now he’s learning the moves 46 47 48 49 bro I cannot wait for Vic to see this bad boy action there we go so the trade Sims on so what that does is it simulates trading with yourself and that way you get like evolutions and stuff like that if it applies all right there it is the kingra all right now croo I don’t remember what level you Evol that but I’m sure it’s well below 55 right you’re probably like 36 I’m going to guess let’s see please be 36 like actually please be oh my God what if he what if it’s conditional to get crocodile no okay it’s level 40o I thought for a second maybe was conditional we weren’t going to get a crocodile and I would have been very sad dude oh my gosh the move sets that we’re going to get on these guys the move Lear are going to be so insane look at him beautiful beautiful this guy’s sizing him up what do you think buddy yeah yeah good stuff all right earthquake oh God this gave me two rare cand dude we have like an infinite amount oh and is’s gone all right well we’ll use him we got like a free infinite amount from Momo so you know I kind of feel bad about that but I know if I see him I’ll give him back his two now here’s going to be the boy gargan knle with salt cure the ultimate way to get your opponent to rage quit in one of these games recover as well salt cure recover if by some chance I get my hands on leftovers dude oh my God shut it down literally just shut it down if that happens all right there we go knle stack step stealth rocks o yeah we want you need to set up stealth rocks stealth rock salt cure recover profit gargac op once again mostly only if you get yourself the goodies and you know what I’m talking about here you know exactly what I’m talking about here with that leftovers leftover that’s what you know in case you case you case you couldn’t piece it together I don’t think he needs a better move unless he gets like Stone Edge if he get Stone Edge I’ll swap that out for rock slide but otherwise I don’t really know so is there anything else worth getting really and now here’s something thing I don’t understand Shelmet now I know Shelmet is supposed to evolve at some point but apparently it can evolve in a one of two things and I don’t know how it decides that oh okay he gets a stab bonus of rock sler earthquake I’m going to get rid of it for now for earthquake the fans let me know in the comments section if that was a good idea or a bad idea I straight up don’t know and I know it’s not a really good excuse but I I I I genuinely just don’t know all right there we go Giga drain let’s go all right Shelmet going in come on okay guard swap don’t need it let’s see Shelmet come on let’s get you up to level 50 here body slam I have no idea what your move set’s going to be I don’t know any of this stuff there we go 40 okay recover I like recover I do like recover a lot that’s going to really yawn bug Buzz okay bug Buzz is pretty sick actually also what are you are you a special attacker okay okay now I’m really confused why he hasn’t evolved yet so now need to look into this Shelmet it evolves an acceler when traded for a caret wait you have to trade it for a specific Pokemon Pokemon evolves in escavalier oh I get it now I’m just straight up doomed so I have to find some of the Cara blast so he’s just not evolving oh bro we’re cooked this guy is useless oh my gosh dude all right now last but not least is potentially an OP one OK dude I can’t I cannot take Okie DOI seriously I I can’t I can’t dude grow some pixels but also his attack is better so he’s clearly a physical attacker all right what type are you get poison fighting such a cool combination I have high hopes for you although I straight up have no idea what you even are dude all I get poison Fang on him yeah it’s a pretty good physical attack move for a low level uh poison type hopefully we’ll get something a little bit better on him Levan has claimed the rewards for Vic no no no no no you got to be using SL part of redeem space Jerome come on do it right hey I just used it myself actually and gave me some stuff that’s sick I honestly didn’t think it would work for me that’s very funny was just CL bro and then immediately someone does it for Vic bruh hey there we go CCI Forge CCI Forge good person Dan TDM better of course Dan is better he’s Dan TDM bro come on drum smells all all right the chat’s being vile to me today guys we need more jome fans in here oh poison jab yo 80 we like that all right and that’s all level 50s actually I’m getting pinged from Vic right now he wants to go right into the Safari Zone and move all the TMS and back training before the battle to tomorrow so we got our team set let’s go and try and win the Safari Zone Challenge three Pokemon maximum 10 minutes on the clock and then we do a battle to see who gets more TM vouchers all right Mr Vic 5 minutes in the Safari Zone are you ready I’m so ready I need to win this I need to win this all right all right let’s do it let’s do it dude I also found out that one of my Pokemon dude is completely useless so there’s that you know what you can switch that Pokemon out um cuz you know I’m getting my salend it change gender so no I I you know I’m I’m going to try I’m going to try I’m going try don’t worry don’t worry I respect that all right well the time starts now good luck see buddy 5 minutes so if you ever want to get to this area yourself at/ warp Safari I think you need some kind of rank in order to get here but uh totally worth it if you have the rank this area is so sick dude now if I remember correctly you can find some scrp in the Safari Zone over here underwater the only problem is we don’t have time to actually evolve them into like dragapult or anything like that so kind of useless so if I had to think like straight up where the best like look at that Pupitar but he’s only level eight guble level seven the problem is Safar is a lot of great Pokémon they’re all pretty low level and on top of that too they’re usually not like the final evolution of what you’d want you know like I think you can even find beldums in here but it’s not Metagross I think you can even find uh who is there not salaman Bagons but same thing so kind of you got to make do with what you got okay they’ve really lowered the levels of the Safari Zone huh I remember there used to be like some pretty high level ones you can find in here all right let’s see I might go back and get the sneez even though he’s not a weevil I I do like sneez a lot dude it’s going to be such a weird battle having this all lowlevel Pokemon all right all right there we go was stunky no yeah let’s go let’s go get a weevil we’ll get the Weevil that we saw earlier why do I feel like Vic’s GNA probably do the exact same thing oh not Weevil sorry sneez all right sneez all right there we go oh Ste broke out of that what the heck dude all right we’re just going to go into a regular battle with them Ultra Ball it up that should be an easy grab no way level 10’s break it bro you’re level 10 get over yourself stay in the ball dude come here seriously what the heck oh my gosh dude dude sneez just fighting back like what the heck my guy all right finally guy put up a big fight oh my gosh all right I think if we go in here there used to be Gastly and maybe Hunter but let me see let me see if that other Pupitar was around there still if not I might go back in there and just get the Pupitar Reon what this other one is is a higher level and I don’t know if Vic wants to raise level like to cap or whatever you never know what that guy is crazy all right I don’t see Pupitar but you know what I do like the idea of a Magmar on the team oh Pony has a little higher level you know what let’s go I’m I’m sure Vic will be okay with raising the cap I that’d be kind of ridiculous if not we’re going to be fighting with fives and tens that’s just silly come on Magmar stay in the ball dude oh my God bro also what kind of moves you got sneez icy wind Furious oh dude nothing too crazy to be honest there we go magmar’s in the ball and let’s head back over to here of course the level 10 Magmar spawns after I catch it like I don’t think it matters I’m pretty sure Vic’s going to be cool about this I hope oh flame wheel nice for a level five that’s pretty insane actually oh my God we lost our Pupitar over here dude there’s literally like one minute left and we just lost our chance of the Pupitar there is pbar pbar go all right there’s like literally running at of time I might have to use my master ball on it and the reason why I’m not that upset about it to be honest is because I don’t think it matters I don’t think we’re catching any Pokemon tomorrow so I’m pretty sure like this is kind of it so there we go that’s the team let’s uh let’s give it one last look with the move set dark P oo all right all right I like what I see oh Vick you ready buddy yeah so I’ve got I I was actually finished a minute ago let’s level these guys up to 50 just so we have some moves and Evolutions fight with we could do that or raise the cat but you want to just level them up instead no I think it’s good to level them because then you choose your moves you get your evolutions and stuff otherwise they have no moves so yeah do that and then jump back in here in a few minutes and we will battle good luck good luck to you oh Ms we are leveling up sadly though I don’t think 50 I think it’s 55 still for Tyranitar so we’re not going to get the Tyranitar but I’m sort of happy about at least getting a decent move set on these guys so we got priority move quick attack on sneez although I’d prefer if he had the ice one what is it called ice Shard uh which is a priority move that’s also an ice type I think for sneez that would be significantly better for us but I’m still not like that upset about it I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine with what we got here bro are you seriously not going to learn any more sneez you haven’t learned a move in so long dude dude sneez what are you doing my guy sneez is dropping the ball out here there’s no way you don’t have a better move set than this right right question mark all right there we go Magmar there we go so sneez didn’t have good moves sadly Magmar already has an okay move but we’ll see if he gets anything better also it’s probably important to note so you’re a physical attack no you’re a special attacker technically Magmar but not by much physical attacker all the way for this which means icy one’s trash because it’s a special attack bro oh no fury swipes might mathematically make more sense to use because you have the stab bonus on icy wind but he’s a terrible special attacker dude oh no at least magar’s pretty right down the middle all right Fire Punch I like that we can get rid of Le I guess for that lava plume that’s what it’s about dude all right let’s see if we can get anything else on him even if we don’t though I’m pretty I’m pretty hyped about that with the lava plume flamethrower bro you’re lying I mean that’s just better this flamethrower is just better than lava plume yeah oh my gosh I can’t believe he learns that that’s so sick all right now Pupitar let’s see if we can stack him up with he might actually learn earthquake he may learn earthquake because usually when you don’t evolve something to their final oh then again it’s not that we’re not evolving him that we can’t so never mind I was I was going to make some logic I was cooking for a second and I realized that the only that’s cooked is my brain uh so nope that didn’t work out at all so maybe we’ll get earthquake maybe just by sheer leveling if not he’s got stomping tantrum I’d like him to get stealth rocks because stealth rocks is great for setting up I’d use him first you know crunch we like that yeah I don’t know what else he keep really get in the meantime earthquake dude he learns earthquake at a low level too yeah he straight up learns at a decently low level all right Stone Edge dude Pupitar his move sets insane but we kind of already knew that from Evol for Tyranitar like we go to we got to Z this coming you know so cracked oh Sandstorm whatever all right let’s go meet up with Vic assuming you want to go to SL warp battle let’s go there beautiful Arena the ultimate place for Showdown I remember the winner of this gets more TM vouchers than the other person which is going to come in huge handy cuz otherwise I think we’re stuck only using mover Learners so think it’s the rule we agreed to so very important all right I’m ready to rock and roll battle on the beach you’re already I’m already I’m already at War battles dude if you want the oh I forgot about that okay War battles yeah I’m in the arena my guy I I came prepared all right so what we’ll call this a best of three it’s always good to do a best of three sounds good to me man let’s make it happen all right pick a number one to three uh two okay I will pick who also all right let’s make it happen dude I got magar oh okay I think this is fire versus fire o okay okay I’m pretty sure Magmar beats out pans here though I don’t know I’ve got to you know I’m sorry I’ve got to go on Bobble pedia otherwise the people will crucify me I think they’re they’re both just straight fire I think I don’t think there’s any yeah I’m proba pretty sure that is helpful information um let me see yes your man magma is a straight fire decisions decisions what are we going to do here we are going to do this oh the confuse Ray do you confuse me did we got through you got through yeah okay not enough is going to do any serious [Music] damage okay I might just power through cuz I’ve already got yeah like I’m a stronger fire Tye and oh pain I thought pania was good I I like over to Magmar evidently foolishly paner so he evolves in a pan Sage that guy’s pretty good but you’re kind of look you’re like yeah you’re basically using a baby Pokemon no wait why didn’t he evolve what level did he evolve I don’t know maybe it’s a fire stone might be a fire oh pain oh no let him die whatever I was hype man I was like this guy looks sick Bro little fire monkey it’s all right we got we got heaters we got heaters oh all right I don’t think I’m going to even switch out out I think I’m just going to let him take the L oh the confus r you troll oh you got me anyway such a troll man fro hitting the confusion what the heck is a sneez sneez he’s a ice and what is he dark ice dark or just ice sneez is he’s dark ice yeah dark ice okay um let’s see if we can bang one of these oh let’s go let’s go no way dude bang bang now we cooking dude you got me you’re you got me dead to rights here dude okay I think you got this one in the bag just on what’s the poop it’s all going to do bro that’s a poopy Pok him on my guy so he’s got an insane move set but yeah he’s poop that’s the problem so I’ve got like earthquake on which is sick but it’s not good oh bro that’s it dude I’ve cooked literally though all right it’s best two three best two out of three right yeah all right all right let h a poke he I’m randomizing my Pokemon up so you don’t know which one is what okay okay dude I don’t know how I’m going to take out that asumo oh let’s guy number one all right I’ll choose one for you too all right it’s poop’s back poopy I got another heater though oh my you you got a gavo yeah what are you doing to me Vic oh my god um okay let me think Al though dude oh immedately P out the big boy oh my gosh with come on no shot dude faster I think this could be over for you my friend I think this one Pokemon is better than all mine oh my god dude I’m just destroy I thought I was in trouble step out of confusion just kill me bro can’t confus oh my gosh and then hit him with a W bang I don’t even know it’s not even oh it’s over dude I’m quitting I’m deleting the game that wasn’t even close you better bring some more heat when you come through b oh my God so how many TMS do you get now TM I get four and you get one at least you get something that’s true that’s true I’m going to roll for it now I’m going to roll for it now okay all right I’m going to go for mine too and then we can use you know we’ll save the move reler for next episode so okay all I got was a couple TMS I ain’t telling you what but I I’m not too upset about my TM that it has rolled for I’m not too upset do you know what I was saying the worst part is that I want all the I want this zil on my team but to be fair the Safari Pokémon a base so yeah it’s struggled in the overw world yeah all right well uh yeah I’m going to go redeem my stuff and I will see you next episode final battle good luck and for all the viewers out there I’ll see you with the final episode as well you know the drill pooker redeem space Jerome and hop on our sponsored server play on nubis mc.com I’ll see you on Oasis

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    EPIC Minecraft Story Mode Editor vs Wither Storm FINAL BATTLE!Video Information This video, titled ‘The wither storm ep 12 The Final Battle part 2 THE END’, was uploaded by TheMinecraftStoryModeEditor🔥🅥 on 2024-03-26 03:59:57. It has garnered 48 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:21:44 or 1304 seconds. welcome everyone today your on the minecraftstorymodeedtiorchannel a channel that does minecraft gaming and editing and fun stuff like modding minecraft and playing every minecraft game and minecraft story mode and etc anyway’s hope you have fun on the channel see ya my friends and enjoy your time here #virtualreality #vr #augmentedreality #d #gaming #oculus #oculusquest #ar #technology #vrgaming… Read More

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    uArch - 🌟 FACTIONS RETURNS! New Series!? #01Video Information sal você sab maiser nover tá ligado porque tá complicado V entrei no server deix entrar aqui eu tô aqui na bar tá ligado os Car Me cham PR est jogando com eles entrei de Capitão tá ligado E ontem de noite internet caiu tá ligado e voltou só agora a pouco então não consegui est gravando vídeo para vocês por isso o vídeo est saindo tarde já era para ter saído o vídeo perdão gravando no vídeo de 3 horas da tarde mano 3 horas da tarde era o horário que o vídeo estaria saindo então perdão… Read More

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    🔥Lezzy dominating Free Fire with WEAK PC!🔥Video Information This video, titled ‘LIVE ON👑FREE FIRE AO VIVO👑SMARTGAGA PC FRACO👑SALA PERSONALIZADA👑JOGANDO COM OS INSCRITOS’, was uploaded by L e z z y ツ FFX on 2024-05-20 12:48:29. It has garnered 3 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:27:51 or 1671 seconds. ➡️ Tags Ignore ⬅️ #freefire #pcfraco #pc #fivem #gtarp #revelação #pcgaming #hardware #pcbarato #minecraft #valorant #forzahorizon5 #freefireaovivo​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirehighlights​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirenoelff​​​ #smartgaga #freefiremusic​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirem1014​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #aimbotfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireshotgun​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireemoteheadshot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefirebrasil​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #freefireruokmode​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #highlightfreefire​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #emuladorfreefire #mobile #emulador #mobilador #aovivo #livefreefire #freefirelive #ff #jogandocominscritos Ненужные теги: xxxtentacion, empire, rap, bad vibes forever / empire, hip hop xu0026 rap, xxx,… Read More

  • The Ravens Nest

    The Ravens NestThis is a massive MASSIVE network that will include all your favorite games! This will become bigger then hypixel! Make sure to do /buy! nightravenlair.apexmc.co:25612 Read More

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    Looking for Players for Modified Craft to Exile 2 RPG Modpack If you are interested in playing a slightly modified version of Craft to Exile 2 with us, we are looking for up to three players. The RPG modpack consists of over 300 mods and features level requirements for gear, quest progression, skills, a new fighting system, and other interesting mechanics. Join us at mortgage-yn.gl.joinmc.link Apply Now Read More

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    INSANE! Indian Tekken Gamer's Lucky Minecraft Moments 😱Video Information तो आज के इस वीडियो में हम कुछ ऐसे लकी एस्ट मोमेंट्स को देखने वाले हैं जो कि हमारे इंडियन गेमर्स के साथ हुई है तो चलो बिना आपका टाइम वेस्ट करे वीडियो शुरू कर लेते हैं वेल हमारी पहली नंबर की क्लिप निकल के आती है वो होने वाली है गेमर फ्लीट की क्या ही दिमाग लगाया भाई वहीं पर बैड लगा के मेरे मुह आग थोड़ा दूर भी लगा लेते भाई या कहीं आसपास मतलब समझ रहे हो ना तुम लोग भाई बिल्कुल बगल में लगा के धड़ाधड़ आए जा रहे हैं आए जा रहे मार… Read More

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    Welcome to The World of Celestria! Greetings wanderers! Join our Minecraft geopolitical server where you can unleash your creativity and explore different gameplay styles: Builders: Create your own structures and landscapes Roleplayers: Dive into immersive storytelling Lore Writers: Shape the history of Celestria Pvpers: Test your skills in combat Earth is your canvas, whether you want to create a nation, join a cult, start a religion, establish guilds or businesses. Rise to the top and make your mark in the History of Celestria! Join Us Now: Discord Server Link Read More

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    Trapped in 40x40 Border - Minecraft HardcoreVideo Information bro these goddamn chickens I can’t even no stop stop no no no stop yo yo yo yo guys stop hold up and another expansion has occurred so let’s see how much this does for us possibility of this villager coming to our uh yeah sure actually yeah him coming in here that is that doesn’t seem absolutely impossible I have 16 string right here what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a bed and no I will not be using it as we’ve said we are not sleeping in this series but that doesn’t… Read More

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    EPIC Minecraft Parkour Cubes w/ CaptainSparklez!Video Information welcome everybody to parkour cubes oh boy it it do be going up high oh my goodness gracious all right this is a this is a big map Cube Runner Studios and I guess we have some prologue parkour drip Leaf no less man can he do it without falling he does let’s go I made it out of the prologue area that wasn’t even the start oh my god dude this thing goes so high up this is from clue who does pretty freaking epic parkour maps to be fair which is very awesome ow I took… Read More

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