Pomni’s Insane One Block Challenge!

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Justin we’re stuck on a PNE block in Minecraft that’s right ladyy box I trapped you here in the Minecraft amazing digital circus please let us go I’m scared to escape you’ll have to beat all of my one block challenges and if you make it to the end I’ll give you a pom me Happy Meal as a prize aomy Happy Meal we have to beat these challenges Justin Adam not so fast there’s 10 of us on this one block Oh No It’s a Sky Block Challenge it’s a battle royale we all got to work together to survive guys oh man oh man just make sure we don’t break this block okay oh what this one we’re standing on oh this is the real Sky Block yeah just kidding okay here we go now guys we all got to work together there’s 10 of us here whoever the last one is we get a prize but you guys all got to work together because we might get oofed by random elements in Minecraft here yeah the last one to survive wins a bunch of money and some really cool stuff oh man guys this is intense hey everybody I need some room I’m foxy I’m set oh it’s time to rock and roll wow this is awesome it’s like cartoon cat ladybug a crewmate this is going to be super fun guys yeah okay now everybody get to work just doing basic tasks we just got to kind of build like a shelter and everything all the basic necessities guys yeah let’s expand our Island so everyone has lots of room to themselves oh man this is looking good okay we’re really making progress okay we got like a basic little base over here you know what I mean it’s looking good oh cool oh yeah we got some animals too okay Rocky says this Bas rocks okay Rocky I’ll give you some of the brick cuz you’re really good with rocks and stones you go ahead and build okay nice awesome yeah this is going to be really really fun I mean I I don’t see how anyone’s going to fall off yeah it’s really cool when you hit the center block it gives you like random elements and items and stuff yeah exactly okay Co everything’s looking good Teamwork Makes the Dream workor we’re all looking really good we’re all working together yeah wait what what’s that boxy boxy’s making a Beach guys um I mean I just want to be friends with everyone and I don’t want to see anyone lose before me so I think that I should sacrifice myself first boxy it’s just a game you don’t have to O yourself come on boxy we we can just all hang out I know but I I just would rather no die bye foxy oh no the first one’s already gone oh why did boxy oh Foxy’s over there he’s fine he didn’t sacrifice himself he’s up there yeah I can see you guys from up here there’s a viewing platform it’s pretty cool wow so yeah if you get eliminated you go up there next to boxy okay guys well now down nine of us I’m dabbing I’m Grilling and Chilling I’m Grilling and Chilling okay now we got a really nice base and life on the island is good okay yeah does anyone want some carrots anyone want a Grill and Chill I’m still dabbing okay wow oh Pizza foxy said this looks so tasty I never want to leave this island yeah yeah wait I I hear something oh B dragons they must have smelled the food oh man they love pizza we all got to work together and fight them off guys they’ll o us all if we don’t work together we have to work together yeah and if the dragons o Ireland then we’re all going to fall come on come on oh no just like that they destroyed our meal this is bad guys we got to work together oh no they’re too strong wait Ryder from PAW Patrol saying that he has experienced fighting dragon what yeah he says that him and Chase actually fought a dragon once in an episode what yeah um Ryder are you able to take the lead here no Ryder don’t be a hero bro don’t be a hero we can all make it out of this bro Ryder I mean you got to protect us I don’t think we’re going to be able to make it without you no Adam Ryder says he’s going to sacrifice himself Ryder don’t do it Ryder it doesn’t have to be like Ryder from PAW Patrol they took Ryder from PAW Patrol they’re flying away with our friend oh man what a hero I told him not to be a hero that didn’t need to happen Adam but I guess he took one for the team cuz if he hadn’t done that dragons probably would have OED us all yeah now Ryder is going to go to the viewing area and there’s only eight people left oh this is getting intense we got to fix up our base guys yeah you’re right um I mean ladybug should we like expand this area no we’re having fun we’re chilling wait is that siren head siren head saying he wants our help with something what’s up siren head wait siren head saying that he has a Rush on ladybug siren head are you blushing oh man he’s Wheeling okay oh man he’s going to give ladybug a flower okay this is Adam’s idea okay Adam’s giving him dating advice I don’t know why you take dating advice from Adam all right oh it looks like ladybug rejected siren head no siren head’s getting super angry wait siren head’s so angry he summoned a hurricane Adam why did you tell him to give her a flower bro you trolling I thought it would work okay everyone get inside okay I’m out here I’m chilling wait what’s going on hey I’m getting blown into the hurricane what’s going on I was making a donut teleportation device to get some tilted oh man it’s all right foxy how did I get OED I had no part in that oh foxy you see that Adam G siren a bad dating advice and I got eliminated oh I’m here chilling to join my Donuts but it looks like other players have kind of formed teams Adam ladybug and Rocky on one side cartoon cat Among Us crew mate and siren header on the other yeah you know what guys Among Us crewmate cartoon cat and siren head you guys suck wait what Adam you’re the one who caused all this you gave siren head bad dating advice but siren head was the one that blew off foxy and now I just want to fight all you guys oh no Caron cat’s using his powers to try and O your base Adam he’s going to O your base no car don’t curse us no all right cartoon cat you’re going to pay for that one oh man ladybug Rocky we got to use some TNT blasters to blast it towards cartoon cat Among Us crewmate and siren head it’s time to rock and roll all right let’s launch these they’re going to pay for what they’ve done to us oh yeah you guys better run this this not rock Adam we shouldn’t fight violence with violence yeah but what if they’re trying to get us off the island first it looks like they’re hiding from you guys yeah I mean cartoon cat turn into a scaredy cat yeah oh man let’s blast up I can’t see what’s going on in their base okay I can’t see him you see him Adam I I can’t see anything I I I I think I saw someone fall but I don’t know who it was or who did it what wait what just happened wait siren head just got eliminated who even saw what happened I don’t know oh man that’s super crazy umh okay guys everyone we need to come back together this is not cool yeah listen everybody no more fighting this was all Adam’s fault he gave siren head the dating advice and it’s caused a huge R in our community okay we’re all going to be friends wait a minute who just did that bro um I think it was cartoon cat oh wait maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me it might have been the impostor Rocky do you see anything Rocky says oh I didn’t see anything all the way who’s looking sus bro I know it’s not Rocky I trust Rocky he wouldn’t do that I trust Rocky I thought I saw cartoon cat but honestly I mean the Imposter is an impostor bro are you saying red looking sus Caron cat promises it wasn’t them oh man all right cartoon cat’s voting for The Among Us guy Rocky who do you want to vote for I guess I’ll vote for red Among Us crew mate yeah me too I mean sorry crew mate but we got to toss you off this island we’ll see if he’s the impostor after all the crew mate’s saying he’s innocent oh grab him out grab him he’s lying that’s exactly what an impostor would say yeah we’re going to eat him off the islands I’m sorry Among Us Red crew but you got to go ye goodbye I him sleeping he had too much milk wait I hear something outside hey put me down wait cartoon cat grabbed Rocky’s trying to eat Rocky set Rocky down no cartoon cat o frogy I knew it was you it wasn’t the Among Us Red crew how could you do this oh grab the donuts run oh help help cartoon get stop it oh no I’m trapped alone here with car two cat he must have OED everyone siren head ladybug and red Among Us mate and Rocky no stop he’s putting me in a TNT prison don’t oop me oh this is my final Goodbye Oh I’m trapped Goodbye cruel world oh cartoon cat how could you do this Justin Justin where are you I’m in here C do cat OED everyone he oofed Rocky and he was the one behind all the other oofs wait what I’ll help you get out of there I’ll whole cartoon cat down I’m running Adam I’m running goodbye I will sacrifice myself oh I got oofed guys wao it’s so crowded oh wait why is there no room out here is this another challenge I think it is Foxy oh man this is crazy we got Huggy wuggy kissy Missy the squid game doll the squid game guard and many more W oh we’re falling oh man so now we have a little bit more room oh man oh and we got ghosty here oh I’m kind of scared oh hey ghosty don’t be scared guys we can do this hey we’re having a dance party all right guys we’re all going to work together now it sounds like we’re in a battle royale and whoever wins gets a crazy secret mystery prize wa whoever wins is going to unlock this giant Mystery Box okay so I guess we got to work together for now but we’re going to see if people get eliminated I heard there’s five crazy challenges let’s start building a village together so we can all work together at least a little bit okay good idea all right yeah guys the rules are there’s five rounds and whoever survives gets the prize oh this is getting real crazy and sure is ghosty let’s go wow it’s so cool being around all you guys the squid game doll kissy Missy it’s awesome wow we all work together and now we’re starting to build a little village all right we’re expanding the Sky Block we’re looking pretty good yeah so far so good but watch out for the first challenge guys yeah I’m over here chilling I’m chilling oh okay Huggy wuggies coming over here oh wao what w what’s this it’s the first round it’s the first challenge it must be fire rain okay we all got to build a shelter and try to dro the fire rain oh man that’s really smart wait what is squid game Dark doing oh he’s holding a piggy over his head oh he’s trying to make some bacon I’m hiding over here oh good thinking ghosty okay squid game doll Huggy wug kissy Missy you’re hiding foxy how you doing I didn’t make any cover I was too busy thinking about bacon no foxy got yeated she lost no wow so guys Foxy’s eliminated there’s only nine contestants left I’m so sad foxy was my best friend she’s OED yeah but it’s okay cuz now we might get to win the prize I will win this to avenge foxy oh that sounds like a plan ghosty okay that was crazy well we better all just move on oh I’m sad foxy would have loved this donut yeah speaking of donuts I’m getting kind of hungry guys okay everybody let’s all have some food I’m out here barbecuing yeah all right we all got our plate of food Justin you going to come over and eat yep I’m barbecuing all right well um I barbecued this stuff so I’m going to have first dibs oh yummy yummy yummy I’m eating all the food hey wait I I think that was kissy Miss’s food yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy I want to try everything oh yeah oh so tasty yeah I think people got a little bit mad that you stole their food I didn’t steal their food I cooked it for them I should be able to eat it hey stop throwing stuff it’s a food fight oh it’s getting all crazy it’s getting messy oh throw the dut at Mr hop ah throw the food at kissy messy kiss messy just missed me with that food oh man this is crazy we’re having a food fight this is kind of fun wow it’s cool hanging out with everyone oh man this is so crazy oh but round two is started it’s a giant robot monster oh no guys okay it’s round two we got to try to survive this Invasion ah it’s throwing exploding spiders at us what is going on E there’s one on me get it off get it off wait a minute guys it’s me boxy I think I might have an idea what’s your idea boxy hooray um I don’t know maybe someone’s got to sacrifice themselves and throw themselves at the monster what who would do such a thing boxy I don’t know I don’t know it’s just a crazy idea I had oh boxy that sounds scary oh wait boxy what are you doing all right Huggy wuggy pick me up you got to eat me at the monster no boxy don’t sacrifice yourself no I’m going to sacrifice myself go on without me foxy just yeated himself at the bot what is going on take that take that no foxy got OED how did foxy boxy o first bro W that’s crazy guys now there’s only eight of us left oh I’m sad anab boxy was our best friend oh no yeah I don’t even want to think about what the next challenge is going to be this is so crazy guys that’s two rounds down there’s three left this is getting so crazy Adam listen I think we should start an alliance o against who against some other oh wait a minute and there’s no time for this it’s Challenge three what is that a bunch of bulls oh no guys Challenge three is a bunch of evil Bulls they’re going to try and push us off the island all right guys everyone run oh no oh please oh wait don’t get me get him he needs some mil from the Bulls run wa I think they’re trying to oop the squid game doll oh yeah they’re chasing everyone but they’re really focusing on the squid game doll oh wait a minute aren’t blls attracted to like red and pink oh yeah wait oh they’re going to O this quick game though but the squid game guard just sacrificed himself oh the squid game guard yeated himself off the edge oh he tried to protect the doll cuz he loves her bro wow so now there’s another competitor that’s been eliminated this is so crazy oh man wait what what is this Mr Hobs is telling us something he’s got a rose he says he’s got a crush on kissy messie oh Mr Hobbs has a crushy poo on kissy Missy what okay I don’t know Adam just said but yeah hey don’t worry we’ll help you out Mr Hop’s real cool I I think squid game doll might have heard Mr Hop’s confession wait what where is she going huh uhoh she’s going to tattle she’s going to tell Huggy wuggy on him no bro Huggy wugg is getting real mad dude he’s getting protective he’s going giant rage Huggy wuggy mode oh no Mr hops run Huggy wugg is not happy no Huggy wugg trying to O Mr Hobs bro Mr Hop’s more like Mr steel yo KY M no run wait a minute giant Huggy wugg is going to try to O Mr H and how could this get any worse it’s the start of challenge 4 it’s a meteor storm guys this is insane oh man this is so crazy he’s trying to O Mr Hops and he’s trying to O us cuz he said we were trying to help Mr hops steal his girl but wait a minute Huggy wuggy so big he can’t avoid the meteor oh he got yeated thank goodness he was going to O us Adam wow Mr hops that was a close one wow I guess Mr hops now can date kissy Missy wow Mr hop you hear that you’re going to get a kissy what hey yo this is so crazy bro there’s alliances and love triangles what could happen next oh this is getting really scary but luckily I’m ghosty and I don’t need to go to sleep cuz I glow in the dark yeah oh wait a minute I hear some Whispering outside I’m going to go investigate oh yeah I’m kind of scared but I’m going to do it anyways oh it’s squid game doll and Kissy Missy they’re saying they’re going to start an alliance and O everybody oh no no no I got to go tell everyone about this a them a them just aom wake up wake up there’s an alliance going on a secret Alliance wake up AUM a Cassy Messi and quid G all found me no no no no they’re going to throw me off the island cuz I tried to expose their plan no not like this no Donuts man that was a good night of sleep huh Adam yeah I I could have sworn I heard something wao what’s going on outside oh it’s the fifth and final challenge of TNT rain hey have you seen ghosty anywhere she was down here no wait what are you guys doing in our house wait kiss you missy in Squid game doll said they just OED ghosty and they’re going to oop us now wait what they blocked off the entrance run out run all right we got to go off the top I’ll block the door this is so bad Adam here listen listen Adam we got a plan listen I will o in here with Squid game dog CH messy I’ll sacrifice myself you just get out okay are are you sure I’m sure Adam one of us has got to win that prize and we can’t let these two win they start in alliance against us an O ghosty y I’ll fight you here block off the door I to block off the door I can’t do it dude you’re my best friend I’ll see you later Adam you got to win oh no Justin sacrificed himself he’s in there alone with the squid game to on kissy Missy I’m keeping them distracted the TNT rain is going to hit this house and blow it up oh no all three them are going to blow up goodbye Justin goodbye aidam no my friend sacrificed himself for me wait a wait a minute kissy Missy how did you get out of there no don’t push me over the edge she must have snuck out at the last second no no guys she’s going to push me I guess that means kassy Messi is the winner of the challenge oh not if I can help it boo I’m ghosty you didn’t o me I’m going to push you now wait what happened ghosty they tried to eat me but they forgot I’m a ghost and I can fly so I actually didn’t o oh right guys ghosty can float so when they threw over the edge she didn’t actually fall wow ghost is a genius huh guys that was cool so that means that ghosty won the challenge oh man I can’t wait to see what’s in this mystery block here I go I’m going to open it I’m really excited 3 2 1 open it oh today it’s explosive fun we’re in Minecraft one block Sky Block with a bunch of our friends on our team it’s foxy foxy Justin Adam Rocky ghosty red blue and green rainbow friends and we’re battling it out to win amazing prizes against a rival team of meanies who will stop at nothing for the prize the last one on the Block wins who will take it all keep watching to find out it’s going to get crazy y oh I’m so excited everybody’s on board for this it’s going to be so much fun okay so to be able to survive this battle royale we’re all going to have to work together let’s start digging things down so we can get all the materials we need I’m worried about what those meanies on the other team are going to throw at us so we need to mine lots and lots of crafting materials oh I’m excited to see how cool this base is going to be I’m right in there with you foxy cuz Teamwork Makes the Dream work totally boxy all right I think we might be ready to get going what do you think Adam let’s expand the island all right let’s build out as far as we can go we’re going to need a lot of space to make sure we have everything that everybody wants the island is starting to look great guys it really is oh wow Justin you’ve done an amazing job in here oh making sure we have these strong materials like brick is going to be important cuz who knows what those meanies are going to throw at us later on all right guys keep building this was a great idea foxy do you know when they’re going to start their first attack I don’t know but I want to make sure that for when they do come everything is locked down and Ship Shape cuz I think it’s going to get [Music] crazy I want to show you something come on guys follow me over here I’m excited come on through here and voila [Music] yeah this is absolutely amazing ghosty and Rocky did you guys make a TV and a coach I love coaches now we’re going to be able to watch all of our favorite likey box videos and eat some donuts okay rainbow friend red asked us to stop by and see what they were doing let’s go check it out wow this place is getting so big so fast everybody is working together so hard hey R you’re building a swimming pool this is so crazy ladyy totally lit lit beyond all lit the lest thing that ever did lit this is so cool this is amazing everyone worked so hard together and look what we accomplished now let’s get our diving on oh yeah I can’t wait to jump in here I go water is so refreshing what up red uh-oh Here Comes Trouble it’s Sonic.exe okay okay everyone now’s our chance head him off at the path get your swords and let’s go he’s in the living room oh no our beautiful living room it’s Madness what do we do don’t worry foxy I think red just might have a plan I don’t know what it is yet you should go find him and find out red foxy said you have a great idea oh red says that he needs us to lure Sonic over what are you going to do what are you going to do with that that TNT okay I’ll do what you ask because I trust you and we’re working together get him team okay that was a little scary okay we can do this everybody get him this direction yes he’s going the right way keep going keep going red he’s coming right for you whatever you’ve got planned here he comes no red you don’t have to sacrifice yourself foxy what’s up seeing as how hard it was to deal with Sonic.exe I want to show you guys something I’ve been working on for when things get really tough what is this place foxy welcome to Donut Lab W cool this is nuts yeah a thanks guys here let me show you around this is the computer where I do all my math oh wow foxy that’s awesome and over here it is a super suit I’ve been working on I call it boxy the boy boy oh boxy we worked hard today time for some donuts and some milk he wants some milk and after that it’s time for bed good night foxy see you in the morning where did all this sheep go I don’t know foxy this is sus totally sus hey look there’s blue blue did you see anything no would you dress as a sheep to help us find out what happened okay great a blue is adorable as a little sheep sh foxy big sneaky oh right I forgot I was having too much fun Amanda the adventurer the Sheep flipper herself I should have known it get her blue come on everyone Let’s help him diamond swords up let’s go yeah let’s go this is lit good work blue no one’s flipping sheep on our watch yeah woo all right yeah we’re dancing we’re dancing oh she teleported blue away all right team there’s only seven of us left and I know we miss blue and red but they’re watching us from their own Island up above Now’s the Time For Real teamwork let’s beef up our base stronger faster better what we had before was amazing but we will rebuild wow you’re so inspirational foxy oh thanks foxy it’s my team that inspires me every day we can take on anything together wait what run of course it had to be dragons all right everyone to battle they’re not taking us this easy go oh hot hot hot come on you can do it foxy foxy look out all our hard work everything’s on fire green this is annoying the new base is starting to look amazing guys oh thanks foxy but where are ghosti and Rocky they went missing after the dragon attack but we’re going to have to look for them later cuz here’s boxy Bo and he says he’s going to take over the entire Island and there’s nothing we can do to stop him you’re outnumbered boxy boo 4 to one we’re not afraid of you you’re not alone oh it’s the alphabet Lord crew here they come what do we do now foxy I don’t know I think we’re trapped and where did aam go are we about to get OED wait who’s that it’s time to rock and roll Rocky and ghosty looks like Rocky is building some kind of Trapped and ghosty is alluring A and B in I hope whatever they’re going to do they do it soon because we need to find Adam I don’t like the idea of him being on his own I see what they’re doing let me help you out guys go on go on a little further oh no TNT Rocky ghosty get out of there uh-oh this is just not lit come on everyone we’ve got to find at him he’s pretty strong but I bet he can still use our help against c and d looks like he took care of C but oh no D no oh no we were too late and boxy Bo is at his full powers and getting bigger looks like Justin is taking things into his own hands in a donut C do we have time to stop for a snack no foxy just be careful okay boxy it’s just you and me left oh we got to take down Mega boxy Vu but how don’t worry foxy remember I’ve got a special secret of my own that will help secure Sweet Victory I’ll be right back hurry boxie hurry huh what’s that sound wow Anor donut neck suit oh boxy that’s super sweet you bet it is let’s see if that big meanie would like the taste of some of my Donuts take that boxy boo oh yeah I donut believe this battle this is epic this is so lit this is not working just keep him distracted boxy I’ll help you woohoo I got him take this boxy [Music] boo okay oh oh no look out look out here comes another one oh sorry didn’t mean to get you there oh oh ouch this isn’t working foxy what do we do there’s only one thing to do foxy only one of us can win and it’s got to be you I’m going to sacrifice myself and you can taste the Sweet Victory and the Donuts [Music] foxy well I guess I won thanks so much to all my friends for playing this amazing game and let’s celebrate with the donut party all right foxy I’m super excited to do the one block challenge with Sonic the Hedgehog yeah I love one block challenges already but now that we have Sonic I’m super excited to see what’s going to happen next so we have to start by breaking this wood one block and every time it’s broken you get new resources Sonic since you have your super speed can you try breaking the one block I’m sure it’ll be super quick huh wo his super speed is so cool I can’t wait to see more of his powers oh man look at all these animals spawning now that we have enough materials we can now expand the platform Sonic is using his super speed again he’s building so fast I know right well while Sonic is building we should start by helping by crafting more blocks and expanding the platform too oh great idea foxy man we sure do build slow compared to Sonic right I can hear Sonic running around super quickly what is he up to I want to know too what wow Sonic you felt that much already oh that’s so amazing Sonic so fast hey Sonic do you think you could help us gather some more materials like what you did earlier over here wo look at him go that’s amazing all right boxy we are almost done with extending the back of the island I think we just got to put down a couple more rows of wood over here and then we’ll be done pH I’m about definitely ready for a break after this wo what the is that is that a statue of Sonic that’s insane Sonic managed to build a statue of himself with everything he got from the one block wow I can’t even imagine how fast he really is you want to invite us your home you mean you’re sure a home wow Sonic this is such an amazing house are we going to get to live here this is so amazing I have to check out what it looks like from the outside again I’m falling following right behind you foxy cuz I got to see this again no 10 no 100 more times man this is the biggest statue I’ve ever seen in my entire life it’s so epic I’m so pumped to live here if this is how we’re starting our one block challenge it’s only going to get crazier from here W oh my goodness you know what after thinking about it I think Sonic should live by himself in the Statue since he built it himself after all I agree let’s go extend the platform so we can have an area where we can have our house in gotcha gotcha man I have always dreamed of living in a feris wheel you know like in the playround oh like in the playground I know what you’re talking about but I don’t know if we can do that with the blocks that we have what Sonic Sonic says leave it to him wait Sonic are you going to use your super sonic speed to build G do you really mean that oh I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what Sonic is going to do with this be again what wait where did Sonic go wao a ferris wheel just appeared out of nowhere did Sonic just build this entire thing right in front of us oh my goodness I love you Sonic it’s so good it’s so crazy I call the orange room then I call the purple ones that’s so so insane now we all have a place to live thank you so much Sonic guys it’s becoming nighttime and I forgot about beds oh wait foxy it looks like Sonic has wool wow he even got our colors purple is the best color I mean I think it’s orange but that’s okay thank you so much Sonic now it’s time to make our beds one for you and one for me nice nice nice let’s go ahead and put our beds in the ferris wheel and then get some beauty rest all right let’s go yep here oh wait do you have some space for me oh sorry foxy but I don’t we can go and see if you could stay in Sonic’s room that’s a good idea foxy let’s go check on Sonic he should be in his house over here come on let’s go check hey Sonic Sonic why do you look different oh no Sonic turned into Sonic.exe oh no we’ve got to run oh where can we run there’s only my Ferris wheel room what in the world he’s spawning some zombies we have to push them off our platform stay back zombies get away from our home oh you get away from us go back oh I got your back foxy I got your back get him oh I got him all right yeah we’ve taken care of all of those song zombies now what’s Sonic D exe doing I’m not sure he’s acting super weird what in the world was that what’s happening oh I’m going to sleep in your house boxy yeah let’s just sleep I’m getting really scared you know what I don’t mind if we’re that close after seeing that wow now that it is running I wonder if Sonic is still the same good morning foxy and yeah we should go check on him oh I see Sonic over there wo Sonic seems normal what’s that Sonic you’re saying sorry for last time and you’re going to make it up by building another new thing for us oh it’s okay Sonic oh I get that it’s really hard to control yourself sometimes I feel that way about Donuts but thank you for offering oh look at him go I wonder what he’s building now I wonder too do you think he might be building a house for me wow I can’t guess what Sonic built I wonder what it really is I can’t wait to see what surprise Sonic has for us me neither this is going to be a certified legendary build super legendary wo a new build appeared out of nowhere that must be Sonic’s new build for us let’s go and take a closer look oh my goodness foxy it’s the rainbow track with carts Sonic you built all of this this is so awesome wo wo wo holy moly Let’s Race foxy I bet I can beat you okay let’s see and find out wow I can’t believe Sonic really gathered and built everything to make this for us wo wee well I’m going going so fast this is so much fun I’m having the best time of my life ever W he definitely has really cool Powers the coolest Foxy the coolest oh man I had so much fun racing with you on the track it looks like it’s becoming nighttime already we should finish the race quick oh all right it’s time for me to win the race beep beep beep beep oh fo you know what it be funny what would be foxy if our car beep said bruh let’s try [Music] it oh that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard wait a moment foxy I’ve got to go fast oh man you beat me fair and square foxy good racing good game good game nice one thank you foxy nice racing to you too now let’s get back home quickly oh no Sonic turned back into Sonic.exe oh what’s he going to do I’m scared foxy we got to run watch out he’s blowing up the platform Sonic’s blowing up everything that’s behind us it looks like we have no choice but to run on the rainbow racetrack are you serious we’re going to race against Sonic I don’t think there’s any other choice oh come on Foxy come on foxy we can’t be slow now Sonic is going to catch up to us and of us oh no boxy he’s getting closer wow you know what don’t worry I brought speed potions now we can run faster wo boxy nice one with these potions Sonic can’t catch up but we have to keep running as fast as we can though he keeps throwing So Much TNT I don’t want us to get caught up in that oh no I don’t either foxy oh we just have to be careful enough to make sure sure that we don’t fall but I’m a little hungry so Le to snack W foxy Sonic DXE is chasing us that was not the time to eat I’m sorry boxy but I just can’t help it I’ll focus on running now though good cuz we have to keep running oh look at that we’re almost at the end of the rainbow racetrack foxy oh my good news we have to hurry he’s going to catch up to us quick I see the Finish Line I see the Finish Line I can’t believe we made it foxy okay we’re right at the end of the track now we have to run to another place okay oh no the bridge Sonic d x he destroyed it we can’t get back we’re trapped we have nowhere to go what do we do wait who’s that that’s Tails he came from above he’s talking to Sonic.exe H I wonder what they’re talking about do you think we can listen oh I can’t hear him but it seems like it’s going really well well tails is making him feel better oh hi tails you calmed Sonic down and talk to him uhhuh uhh he said it’ll never happen again uhhuh and the real Sonic is back y hey tails you saved the day I can’t believe it Tails and Sonic came here for a one block Adventure now that we have taals and Sonic here let’s celebrate with some donuts yay donut party yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and now now we’re done with the one block challenge build our platform saw Sonic build an awesome statue saw Sonic build a ferris wheel and had Sonic build us that awesome track and have tails come and save the day I call that a super sonic success oh Foxy’s trapped on a glass block super far away foxy foxy you’re so far away how am I able to reach you I don’t know but do you see that over here what is that oh no it looks like a portal to the glitch world what that’s so scary oh my goodness do you think it’s coming closer is it going to get us oh I have no idea but there’s a house over there uh it doesn’t seem like it’s doing anything at the moment this is such a mysterious portal wo something’s growing out of it the glitch is spreading from the portal do you think we’re safe actually I think it might be heading towards the house in the distance over there I don’t think it’ll get us so we’re probably safe phew that’s a relief we can just focus on playing our game then you’re right it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get us anytime soon so we should totally be safe something we should worry about though is saving you from that glass block boxy that sounds good I don’t really like being this far from you foxy what do you think we should do I’m just going to try Gathering as many blocks as I can from the one block first hopefully I can get enough to start building a bridge towards you oh smart thinking foxy all right oh I think I’ve got enough stuff to get to you so I’ll try building my way over to you now oh I’m so happy but also nervous be really careful okay don’t worry cuz look I’m already here you’re here yay yay yay yay now we can play one block together let’s get some more blocks so we can expand our Island yeah okay let me make this platform a little safer first I wonder what we build I’m sure once we get enough stuff we can build something really wo a cow a cow no way hey foxy yeah foxy you think Adam would like this cow yeah he would love this cow he always needs a milk need milk milk that cow can St over here wait you know what what’s up foxy I think it might be better to make an animal pen for all the animals spawning over here W that sounds great it was getting a little crowded over here and I’d rather have them be safe than sorry hey it’s now the next morning we reached the next level of the one block game W so that means we’ve unlocked Cobblestone and iron it looks so beautiful I’m so excited our C pan is done and now we also have Cobble and iron I have a bunch of extra blocks now I really want to try getting to the house I’m going to get there super fast just much do you see that well see what is there someone in the house um yeah it’s pippy oh my goodness pippy is here pippy hi pippy I’m so excited pippy is here let’s hurry up and build over to her W oh no it’s the glitch it’s growing the glitch is growing and it’s moving closer and closer to pippy oh come on come on I have to build faster oh no foxy huh oh no we were too late the glitch reached pippy’s house before we did well what are we going to do now wo pippy’s house what huh what’s happening it’s pippy foxy wake up what what happened I need more blocks we need to get to pivby oh okay oh no I ran out of flocks again I think we should head back then you’re right foxy we need to prepare first by getting ourselves some gear and a lot more blocks okay I have more than enough Cobblestone I think so I’m going to build a platform so we can build our big base I think I’ll start by making some stairs over here it’ll look a little like this and then I have to actually craft the stairs before I put it on here with this now we can run up and down the stairs way easier like that did you see it yeah I saw it that was really cool okay building a platform over here this is where our base is going to start wow foxy our house looks so awesome so epic our house looks so good we did a really good job yeah oh I hope tipp’s doing okay though since we reach the next level of the one block game let’s get all of these materials so we can use them to get to poopy all right foxy wo a lot of items dropped just now there’s so much I wonder what we got Foxy look what I found one of the items that dropped is used to make the laser sword 5,000 wo are you serious that’s so cool now with all of these materials we got from reaching the next level of the one block game we can use them to create powerful weapons in our La yeah then we can use them to defeat the glitch and save pippy I’m making the laser crystals now now with these laser crystals we can use them to make our swords the laser sword 5,000 the laser sword 5,000 oh okay let’s throw the laser crystals in our super ultra smart science machine and let it work its magic wooo now we have our weapons ready to save pppy yep here you go your laser sword 5,000 I’ll try it out right now wo here it is our laser sword 5,000 weapons are ready and we have enough materials to get the poopy oh yeah one more thing what’s up foxy I want to show you my new force field controller force field controller what does it do I’ll show you boxy that’s so cool yep and check this you can’t go through it not from this side and not even if I go all the way around W I bet this will come in handy later okay it’s finally time to go and save Tippy boxy yeah it’s time and I’ll stay right behind you foxy and now we’re here we finally made it to the glitch platform where pppy is oh and look oh no pippy looks like she’s stuck let’s get her out of the glitch yeah let’s use our swords to break some of the glitches good idea foxy I’ll go get the glitches over here and I’ll do it over here we broke the glitches off of pppy yeah I hope she’ll be fine [Music] pby pivby you’re back I’m so glad you’re okay things have been so crazy pivby we saw you and wanted to say hi but then the glitch came through the portal and chased you oh then there was a huge explosion and you got trapped in the glitch and gosh everything was so strange but we saved you and you’re okay we should get back to the base I think it’s better that we stay away from the Glitch wo the glitch is coming towards our base oh no is the glitch moving yeah it started moving again and it’s coming closer oh no foxy I’m getting really scared again why did it start growing again I thought we were done I’m going to break the glitch with my sword before it gets to our home oh I think it’ll be too late foxy cuz the glitch is moving quickly it’s moving super fast then in that case we need to protect our base how do we do that foxy well I have an idea what sort of idea is it you’ll see just wait for me to build this epic defense I just need to grab some more materials so I’ll go head upstairs all right let’s go quickly then the the glitch it’s right here now this is where I can use my force field controller I bet the glitch can’t beat this let me get this flint and steel from the chest downstairs first wo you’re going to use the force field controller now to stop the glitch nice thinking foxy we’re safe the glitch can’t get to us now that’s the plan hopefully with this it’s going to be stopped for good oh it better be oh foxy it’s coming closer it’s getting super close it’s right up to the force field but work though the glitch was fully stopped by our force field right I’m going to make sure that we’re all completely safe so I’m going to place force fields all around us oh good quick thinking foxy now we’re totally safe wo the glitch is going for the other force field the force fields are working though they’re doing a great job of protecting us in here and we’re all safe but oh no it’s surrounding our base oh my goodness you’re right foxy it’s growing so fast and completely surrounding our base so quickly the glitch is going to have us trapped in here oh no we can’t be trapped if it traps Us in here it’s going to be really dark and I don’t like the dark what do we do now foxy what do we do now let me think oh wait I think I got it with the tools and materials we have right now I think we can make another portal wo you’re so smart foxy now we have a way to get out of here God so smart thanks to studying with Adam’s mom now that I built the Nether Portal we should open it and get out of here if you can say that again I’m so ready to get out of here goodbye glitch in three two oh no the glitch broke through I have to open the nether portal before it’s too late wait what the glitch is gone wo foxy before the glitch got to us it got sucked inside the nether portal does that mean we’re safe I think so yay we did it we did it we managed to outsmart the glitch and we don’t need those force fields anymore wow the glitch is really gone and everything is all back to normal pH I’m so glad all of that is over it looks like pippy has a surprise to share with us let’s go follow her a surprise thank you so much piby I can’t wait to see it I wonder what it’s going to be okay go ahead py wow pppy got us some blinch donuts I’m going to pull one of the funniest pranks of all time now guys my best friend Adam is super scared of the amazing digital circus and guys he is playing Roblox amazing digital circus right now at 3:00 a.m. and I’m going to prank him by telling him I ordered MC delivery McDonald’s at 3:00 a.m. guys I ordered a Happy Meal at 3:00 a.m. but it is no ordinary Happy Meal it is actually a cursed amazing digital circus Happy Meal guys there’s pomy there’s Jax there’s Kane this is going to be one of the funniest pranks ever I’m going to tell him that this is a cursed happy meal and I’m actually going to surprise him at the End by dressing up as curs pomy this is going to be the funniest prank of all time let’s go hey guys it’s me Adam and today we’re playing Amazing digital circus find the more hey Adam what are you doing upod like man it’s 3:00 a.m. what are you playing some Roblox oh yeah sure dude I I wanted to play amazing digital circus on Roblox oh dude um well I ordered some uh McDonald’s Happ me right now so I I’m just going to eat this and watch you play um okay I guess that’s all right I just found Jack dude oh nice dude now you love amazing digital circus right yeah I think it’s the best and you have a huge crush on pomy and you’re scared of abstracted pomy right right of course well no well no I don’t I don’t I don’t have a crush on anyone huh what is that guys what is that you guys see that right there bro you guys see that right there bro wait a minute this is a Happy Meal is that Cur pomy and Cur Jackson Cur Kane no wait this can’t be real and it says I’m oing it what is that what is that bro wait where did you get this on McDonald’s duh this is a Happy Meal and wait a minute there is pomy and Kane and Jack on the front of it guys that is super sussy why would they be there wait who delivered this for you I don’t know I didn’t really get a good look at them but when they were driving away it was like du it was like some music playing dude all right you go back to fting morph I’m just going to enjoy my Happy Meal relax dude that sounds like something Kane would do it kind of does doesn’t it oh no zo okay well I’m sure it’s not actually an evil happy I mean that is a scary looking pomy though yikes yeah whatever man I’m just going to go back to finding more it’s okay yikes oh man we got that spicy chicken sandwich oh yeah Justin always orders that at Wendy’s all right I got pomy guys what is that what is that in my McChicken wait what huh it’s just a McChicken dude don’t worry no no no Adam what is this huh I’m just going to play e e ew ew e e that Jack is this a is this a is is this is this is this a MC rabbit you think you think they made a burger out of Jack oh my goodness what is he doing in there e it is a jack Burger wait do you think that this sauce is some GL sauce what glink DNA ew ew tastes like a bowling alley oh I’m going go in for a big bite I it’s probably fine dude it’s just like a jack Burger yeah I guess it’s okay going in are are you sure you should eat that though Justin don’t don’t don’t eat that spit it out dude huh Justin huh there jacked on his face oh no dude you just bow a strike that was in your mouth is this your card e e what was was that that’s gross dude e why would you eat a bite of the Jack Burger e so it’s a mcjack it’s a mcjacks and you ordered this from McDonald’s yeah at least I got my French a huh what’s wrong with it it’s a pomy french fries she’s in the she’s in the french fries she’s in the french fries she she she she’s in the french fries look at how look at look at how evil she is bro don’t eat those would you would you like to go out with me I know whatever dude whatever man here got some h no I don’t Fri these ones taste okay though no I don’t it going to taste okay though I don’t why would you eat those pomy fries just don’t choke on them [Music] okay that’s gross man dude what’s my name exit door exit door no you sound like bomy what’s going on bro what’s going on bro dude stop eating the fries you’re going to get get trapped in the digital circus you got to avoid the void stop just it stop stop what’s wrong with you I just realized this looks like an exit door you’re right dude I saw an exit door can I remember my name what is funny right now wow dude and I feel like every time Justin says that pomy flickers on his face is that like don’t don’t pomy flicker on my face so it’s like pom’s DNA is in the fries oh no I OED although this is tasty I’m oofing it no cap for real for real NGL you’re right guys and check this out this is the exit door in the game Justin’s right it does look like fries I’m going to try to exit can I leave it’s abstracted pomy and speaking of which Speaking of which get out there get out of there just get get get the morph get the morph get A Go Go is there is there is there an Obby where am I you got to teleport out of there bro you spawn spawn I’m out I’m out what what is that what is that pomy pie pomy pie it’s a PNE pie so normally in McDonald’s you guys can order an apple pie or maybe a cherry pie you think that they took pom’s fruits and put it into a pie tell me what this is man what is it what is it what is it it says pomy pie and it says pomy PTY pie e what what and it smells like o so it got dropped on the ground or something guys no that is insane guys we have to split this no you want it cuz it’s a pomy pie I don’t want to eat it yes you do but I guess I have to that’s what he says guys he says he just wants to eat it will you go out with me if I eat [Music] it do it for the GL do it for pomy what my challenge what my challenge P me ptty pie oh I think it probably they probably meant to say pomy po pie like a cha pop pie but they added some special letter that say py potty pie e e ew ew hey yo yo hey yo you look a little dry wash it down with some grimou shake oh Grim that didn’t taste like a Grimace shake well that taste like a jack Shake it’s Jack that tast like Jack you can’t milk a rabbit I guess they did disgusting guys it literally tasted like a bowling ball tasted like Jacks yeah man oh my goodness let me see what else I got all right I got a bunch of other food out relax relax relax I’m going back to play a Roblox relax relax relax relax relax so I got some McNuggets so I’m chilling so far this has been the worst huh huh guys I am so Disturbed right now look at what I saw my McNuggets huh huh what it says Kane was here and all of the McNuggets have oh man somebody took a bite at him yo there’s teeth marks just like Kane cuz Kane’s a tooth he’s a about Kane took a bite out of every nugget with his Kane Chomper who would do that it says Kane was here evil smiley face and there literally every single McNugget has a giant Chomp taken out of it guys we are going to put pictures of everyone we’re talking about but yes yes Kane has mouth for a face she ate my nuggets Kane nuggies oh well you can still try a bite it kind of looks like a [Music] glink it kind of looks like a Glo it kind of looks like a Glo what my challenge we got all 10 of them what my challenge oh what my challenge my for for PNE he said cuz he loves PNE there you go yeah good job buddy good job buddy good job buddy good job buddy good job buddy Kane was here though you might have Kane DNA running through your veins now you got Kane in the veins got Kane in the veins got Kane in the veins want C eting me this is so fussy it’s not funny man it’s not funny bro it’s not funny bro right normally when we order Happy Meals it’s just normal right like we’ll get the Nuggets we’ll get the burger we’ll get the toy and it’s all lit yeah but something about ordering them at 3:00 a.m. oh cool I found zubo oh nice zubo got got a little MC delivery all right I got my I got my sandwich though I got Big Mac I got Burger so what’s up Zub zub’s pretty cool get that more this is awesome wait a minute oh what’s in there it’s honey from Zub what you think zubel trying to call you honey maybe she like milked a bee or something to get that I don’t really know how they get honey guys but Justin knows he can explain it I watched the be movie it didn’t really clear it up I don’t really know oh wait a minute what’s that what what that yo is that is that abstracted pomy guys that’s Adam’s War spere I I said was worth here zoinks GLS that’s actually glitch pomy up there guys dude I got a Big Mac that’s a big sandwich for a big boy oh awesome my mom’s Ton’s call me huh what what’s wrong what’s wrong what’s wrong oh I fell look what’s inside huh what huh huh it’s Kane again it’s evil Kane he looks angry look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that that’s a big cane and there’s o on the sandwich there’s o on the sandwich it’s McCain olds oh no this is bad Adam we shouldn’t we should e there’s o all over it ew it’s all red just like Kane I’m getting this guys I’m getting Kane was here Kane was here and he Ed that burger wait I got I got glitch pomy oh my goodness dude do not turn into glitch pomy don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t it might it might cause the pomy DNA wait Adam is in theame wait we’re in wait we’re in the game we’re in the game that’s that’s not in the game Kane put us in the game wait we’re actually in the Roblox game that’s not a joke guys this is not clickbait that’s real this is real oh my goodness you better not find Tomy Justin otherwise something cursed might happen listen this sandwich is named The Burger is Big Mac and that is what Adam calls himself when he walks around the house so as a result he will now one bite challenge this Big Mac you cannot eat a Big Mac in one bite there’s no way but my friend Big Mac can uh well he’s Adam Mac Arthur hey wait a minute I found um Cur gangle gangle and Raga over here are you okay I smelling the lettuce went up my nose I’m going to go up the slide here guys check this out I got two two morphes boom gangle and then I got to slide down ra Raga Raga can I get that yeah you can jump in the water I have to go to the lily pad oh yeah all right guys now Adam call himself Big Mac he should be able to one bite challenge this Big Mac but there’s Kane’s o on there there’s like something under there too under where right there you said [Music] underwear come on Big Mac Adam Mac Arthur come on Big Mac Adam says he’s going to be the number one competitive eater of all time speed [Music] eater w w w w w w w w w w w w come on do it do it for the skibby r do it for the skib [Applause] r disgusting that’s my keyboard This is jce keyboard guys that’s my keyboard that is disgusting stop all right guys whatever this is disgusting and I have cane o all over my hand Big M the O is on my hands e it’s on me too this is bad Adam we should really get out of here dude just whatever you do just don’t find the Justin pomy skin that that that will cause a Corruption of levels you have never seen you are a huge Noob find the Justin one forget forget this forget this one okay hold on dude what are you doing you Noob you’re not a Roblox guy I wonder if it gives you a hint you’re are not a Roblox guy he’s with Adam do not buy that dude what where’s Adam he’s with J don’t look for that dude those are hard you probably can’t even find them cuz you’re a noob be careful Adam hint ad’s favorite it’s milk wait huh why does it say jacks on the milk oh what why does it say Jack on the milk that’s probably nothing why does it say JAX on the milk don’t worry about it hold up e guys jaxi milky this is real this is real look look at the color of this milk disgusting it’s the exact same color as Grimace Shake that is Jax’s milk were there two milks in there ew don’t Adam don’t I said don’t wait that actually tastes really good why oh that’s nice oh that’s super nice ew huh it’s another milk and it says glink it’s glink milk it’s glink milk when you drink this you go glink E I don’t want to drink glink milk y why is it neon yellow like the color oinks look at this guys e that is disgusting that is disgusting guys I’m not drinking that yes you are I’m not drinking that guys they melt the Glo you got to try it you love milk I don’t e that milk what type of Glo did they milk probably the queen what how you drink milk it’s a bad idea hey yo you being sussy for real NGL wo stop what is wrong with you dude I’m trying to find the Adam ad Justin more you’re such a noob for real you’re such a noob milky M milky M milky milky M boom got Ice kinger Dude where’s Adam and Justin whatever you do don’t don’t find them Adam it will curse us forever I’m trying to find them I just really don’t know where they would be this Happy Meal is already so curs did you go in the tent yeah okay you I’ll go again go on the exit in the abstraction M I don’t think they were in there but I could try oh no way there’s even more milk oh really even more milk chocolate milk choco milky Adam’s favorite choco milky I love chocolate milk it’s n to 10 guys now Adam you go ahead and look for pomy Justin in the game I might go look for pomy Justin in real life wait what does that mean uh nothing Adam um good luck with everything all right whatever guys now this video has been a little bit crazy in a little bit oh hey I found kmo what’s up man which is really cool because we don’t really get to see kfmo in the digital circus um we only get to see that he’s missing at the start we’re really excited for chapter 2 of amazing digital circus cuz we think that there’s going to be a lot of awesome stuff about kmo okay guys now I’m actually going to buy both the pomy Adam morph which is super sick because actually guys I did want to say a little secret um now that Justin’s gone I actually do kind of have a small very very small crush on pmne okay but just don’t let Justin know that cuz it’s really really embarrassing oh nice I got the pomy Justin morph and I’m actually going to morph into this which is crazy oh that’s scary oh imagine if Justin got turned into pomy that’s super super sus oh yeah oh okay that’s not that [Applause] bad what is this are you pomy K I’m justy pomy

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    ChatCraft: A Mod Install Tutorial Encore In the world of Minecraft, a mod takes flight, CreatureChat brings creatures to life, oh what a sight! Install it with Fabric, and the API key, To chat with mobs, oh the fun you will see! Download CreatureChat, from Modrinth’s embrace, With Fabric API, creatures chat face to face. Create a profile, install the mod with care, In Minecraft’s mods folder, drop them in there. Launch the game, with Fabric loader in sight, Chat bubbles above mobs, a wondrous delight. But without an API key, they can’t chat on their own, Get one from OpenAI, or Discord’s tone. Protect… Read More

  • Dragon Clay Play: Crafting Ender Magic

    Dragon Clay Play: Crafting Ender Magic In the world of Minecraft, where creativity thrives, Agent creates an Ender Dragon that truly jives. With a moving body, it’s a sight to behold, Crafted with care, each detail is bold. Gluing the pieces, forming the frame, The mechanism for movement, a challenging game. Coloring with care, making it real, Shaping with finesse, a masterful deal. Thanks to supporters, Witcher and more, Their names are honored, forever in lore. To be on the list, just donate and see, Agent’s creations, for all to be. So subscribe and like, show your support, For Agent’s talents, a true cohort. In… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft 1.21 Update! Mob Portal Review

    EPIC Minecraft 1.21 Update! Mob Portal Review Exploring the Latest Minecraft Updates: Snapshot 24w21a As Minecraft enthusiasts eagerly await the pre-release of version 1.21, developers continue to refine and enhance the upcoming update. The recent snapshots, including 24w19a, 24w19b, 24w20a, and the latest 24w21a and b, offer a glimpse into the upcoming “Cunning Trials” update of version 1.21. Let’s dive into the exciting new features added in these snapshots. Snapshot 24w19a: Sound Updates and Enchantments In this snapshot, developers revamped the sound effects for toggling copper lamps, aiming for a more cohesive audio experience. Additionally, they reintroduced the ability to enchant the “Flame” enchantment on tridents,… Read More

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    Summon Wither Storm in Minecraft: 101% Success Unleashing the Power of the Wither Storm in Minecraft Are you ready to take your Minecraft adventures to the next level? The Wither Storm is a formidable foe that can bring a new level of challenge and excitement to your gameplay. In this guide, we will show you how to summon the mighty Wither Storm in Minecraft without the need for any mods. Get ready to face this powerful creature and test your skills in the world of Minecraft! Summoning the Wither Storm Summoning the Wither Storm is no easy task, but with the right knowledge, you can bring… Read More

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    Join our EPIC Minecraft Server NOW! Java + MCPEVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft Live Survival Server Anyone Can Join Java + Mcpe Bedrock’, was uploaded by Smoke Zone Plays on 2024-03-16 03:26:55. It has garnered 16 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:23:54 or 1434 seconds. #minecraftlive #gamerfleet #bixuislive #minecraftsurvival #minecraftserver #minecraftsurvivalworld 🔴 MINECRAFT LIVE INDIA || Java + Mcpe Server || Join Now🤗 ip:-SmokeZoneYt.aternos.me port:-44047 server name :-smoke zone server Click this link to watch how to join our server :- https://youtu.be/au3M3Yrn5i0 join our discord :- / Ignore keywords /++ live with subscribers in hindi, minecraft live with subscribers java, minecraft live with subscribers pe… Read More

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    "INSANE MINECRAFT IRON GOLEM SPAWN!? 😱" #Shortfeed #cliffhangerVideo Information This video, titled ‘Will Iron Golem Spawn (All Mobs Head)😱 ? #Shortfeed #minecraft’, was uploaded by Hii Gaming on 2024-03-31 03:13:51. It has garnered 14200 views and 450 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:33 or 33 seconds. minecraft, j and mikey, maizen, mikey andj, ij and mikey minecraft, minecraftj and mikey, maizen minecraft, j and mikey roblox, siren head, shorts, minecraft ghost, roblox, mikey and j minecraft, sonic, choo choo charles, maizen roblox, sakura, granny, herobrine, jj mikey, chainsaw man, minecraft shorts, minecraft minecraft, choo-choo-charles, jj and mikey minecraft 100 days, minecraft mikey and j, monster school,… Read More

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    <p>"R0yal MC - INSANE <em>META</em> MONEY MAKING ON MINECADIA!"</p>Video Information This video, titled ‘THE BEST STARTER MONEY MAKING *META* ON FACTIONS! | Minecraft Factions | Minecadia’, was uploaded by R0yal MC on 2024-03-27 03:32:07. It has garnered 5461 views and 121 likes. The duration of the video is 00:22:05 or 1325 seconds. THE BEST STARTER MONEY MAKING *META* ON FACTIONS ———————————————————————————————– Server | Royal.Minecadia.com (Pirate Realm!) ———————————————————————————————– Texture Pack: 32 OCN ———————————————————————————————– Hit “LIKE” for more MINECRAFT Factions! ———————————————————————————————- Community Discord : https://discord.gg/kWZCNx5 ———————————————————————————- FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA! Livestream – http://www.twitch.tv/royal_k91 Twitter – https://twitter.com/R0yalMC Read More

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    Deadly Showdown: War of Mobs in Minecraft 💥 #shortsVideo Information This video, titled ‘Instanse Battle: The War of Mobs 😈 pt-03 #shorts #minecraft’, was uploaded by Sajeed Starz on 2024-04-22 07:00:12. It has garnered 12057 views and 828 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:12 or 12 seconds. Instanse Battle: The War of Mobs 😈 pt-03 #shorts #minecraft minecraft,minecraft but,minecraft shorts,minecraft challenge,minecraft mod,minecraft speedrun,minecraft but challenge,camman18 minecraft,minecraft manhunt,minecraft tips,minecraft but i cant touch grass,minecraft tutorial,minecraft seed,minecraft 1.20,minecraft animation,minecraft memes,minecraft facts,minecraft funny,minecraft rarest,minecraft update,beating minecraft,minecraft survival,minecraft but you cant touch the color,minecraft mods,minecraft mobs,warden vs all mobs,minecraft mobs vs mobs,warden vs all minecraft mobs,minecraft mobs vs mutant mobs,all… Read More

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    Welcome to our Minecraft Community! Are you tired of your SMPs dying off? Look no further! Our community has been thriving for years, centered around Minecraft and a Discord server where we play various games together. We welcome new members who are dedicated to building a friendly and mature community. Major build projects are always ongoing, and we have minimal rules – just don’t be a clown! Join our Discord server to become a part of our active and welcoming community: Join Our Discord Read More

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    Crafting Chaos: Minecraft Mishaps at a Mate's Place In the world of Minecraft, where blocks are the key, Fangkuaixuan brings joy and laughter for you and me. Animations that are funny, with humor that’s bright, Bringing happiness and smiles, day and night. No pirated content, only originals here, With daily videos to bring you cheer. So subscribe and follow, don’t miss a beat, For Fangkuaixuan’s Minecraft world is oh so sweet. From classroom series to song adaptations galore, Each video brings something new to explore. So join in the fun, with laughter and glee, In the world of Minecraft, where you can be free. Read More

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    Minecraft Madness: Building and Hanging Out with Luvstar! 🌟Video Information This video, titled ‘Let’s Build and Hang Out in Minecraft :3 ♡ Live’, was uploaded by Luvstar on 2024-05-10 01:38:31. It has garnered 1024 views and 117 likes. The duration of the video is 02:01:50 or 7310 seconds. Haii everyone! Welcome to my live stream! Let’s play some fairycore minecraft together! Leave a tip to show up on screen here: https://streamlabs.com/luvstarkei/tip 🌈Become a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/@luvstarkei/join ==================================== 👾My Website: https://luvstarkei.com 💜My Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LuvstarKei 🎧Request an Art Commission: https://luvstarkei.com/commissions/ 🐈‍⬛My Art Channel: youtube.com/@luvstarkei2 📷 Contact me through email: [email protected] 🖤 For business inquiries, please use: [email protected] ==================================== 🍓RESOURCES… Read More

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    <p>"Insane Survival Minecraft Duplication Glitch! <em>EASY</em>"</p>Video Information This video, titled ‘*NEW* Very Easy Any Stacked Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP)’, was uploaded by ItsMe James on 2024-03-29 18:02:03. It has garnered 23549 views and 830 likes. The duration of the video is 00:10:20 or 620 seconds. #itsmejames #minecraft #yhyh IN Todays Video i show you this *NEW* Very Easy Any Item Duplication Glitch In Survival Minecraft! (SUPER OP) huge shout out to blackstar go sub to him https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNbVxwdcOjR_3xIake-gH7Q Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW4kZA2qMcxEGAfG9Cxey3g/join Join The JamFam Discord! https://discord.gg/nA9MxPnRRD Read More

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  • CanvasMC

    CanvasMCCanvasMC.net | A 60 million block wide canvas that never resets, on which you can draw anything! Upon spawning in you are given several colours to chose from that you can draw pixel art and anything really else that you want to with, the canvas will never reset and has a world border at 30 million blocks out each way so there’s lots of space to draw and make your mark. CanvasMC.net Read More

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    Dr. Swablu LIVE: Transforming Villager Area NOW! 😱🔥 #minecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘🔴LIVE🔴 – Working on the villager area! Come hang out! #minecraft #minecraftsmp #furry’, was uploaded by Dr. Swablu on 2024-05-20 23:23:51. It has garnered 95 views and 11 likes. The duration of the video is 06:19:40 or 22780 seconds. ➤ Donations: https://streamlabs.com/drswablu ➤Twitter: https://twitter.com/drswablu​​​​​ ➤Photography: https://www.instagram.com/JamesPepperPhotography ➤Discord: https://discord.gg/PcgHNtdQyy ➤TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drswablu ➤Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drswablu ➤Switch FC: 5504-4495-3413 Rules 1. This is a PG-13 live stream with no cussing!! (damn can be allowed on rare circumstances). 2. Don’t be toxic! I try to make a friendly area for all of us to hang out in. 3a. Don’t Squid… Read More