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How’s it going everybody my name is CJ 9091 welcome back to a brand new Minecraft video Welcome actually to a brand new Minecraft playthrough where today I am going to be playing Minecraft Beta 1.8 now in my personal opinion Minecraft Beta 1.8 is the greatest version of Minecraft of all time that’s

Also because this is the version that I started playing the game on so right at the tail end of beta right before release this is around when I it might have been beta 17 or something like that but that update is very buggy I have the most fond memories playing beta 1.8 all

The way up to release 1.2.5 so we’re going to get into Minecraft Beta it’s going to be a great time we’re just going to we’re just going to create a new world we’re going to create a we’re going to create a beta let’s play yes there we go and then

We’re just going to create a new world we’re just going to get into it oh look at that old school loading terrain and up here we are cool e for inventory and not I like an alpha and here we are Minecraft Beta this is going to be a

Great time also I don’t know if you can tell oh yeah first of all oh sprinting was added in this update that’s right Minecraft Beta 1.8 was the update where they added the hunger bar sprinting or maybe it was just around one eight but later in beta they added hunger

Sprinting and all that sort of stuff um it’s just this is going to be a great time hello cow the old school cow sound you do the you do the moo you do the moo but I if you guys couldn’t tell got a little sidetracked there um I am back to

Daily uploads I’m not how long uh sure how long I’m going to be doing daily uploads for but it is something that I wanted to try um now that my channel has been wait for it monetized yay this is the first video that I am ever recording after my

Channel has passed the monetization requir IRS which guys thank you so much this has like honestly been a dream of mine since I was a little kid get monetized on YouTube Here I Am monetized it’s this is going to be awesome I fig we’ll celebrate by playing the version

Of Minecraft that I remember the most and uh I’m not a fan of spruce biome so I’m going to try to find biome that’s not Spruce biome yes indeed uh and it looks like there’s some coal up in the mountain here uh so this will be a great

Spot to begin oh there’s some coal right here which is even better so this should be a great spot to begin I love the graphics and beta I think that the graphics and beta are like the peak Minecraft graphics ever I think that they’re awesome do they have the old

Achievements too no those were added in release I believe does the Cobble have still have that weird look okay so Cobble looks somewhat modern which is nice oh hello Mr zombie Mr zombie you don’t you don’t really scare me I’m going to be totally honest with you bro

You don’t really scare me old school zombie mechanics are kind of weak yes indeed all right let me go ahead and grab some stuff for the basic stone tools and then we will get started on finding a location to build the first house which in Minecraft Beta the first

House has always got to be a hidey-hole yeah so it’s not going to be anything special but I don’t want to do it here I want to find not a permanent location but a location that I’m comfortable sticking with for a little bit uh so not a spruce biome

Unfortunately there’s not much to do in Spruce biomes and beta so yeah no not going to stick with this one but I will get pretty much all this coal here because I can and it’s free yes okay uh I saw there was some coal over there I don’t know if I’m

Going to grab all that I don’t really need a ter able amount of coal right now I need I mean I’m going to get over 20 and 20 is perfectly suitable for the first night I I mean even like one is suitable for the first night uh no I’m

Going to leave that coal be and then I’m just going to craft up the rest of the basics that includes an axe ax will go here a sword and I don’t think I’m going to do a shovel yet I don’t really need it but I’m going to use this last stick for

Four torches just to hold on to and that’s right crafting tables still take a long time to break even with an axe we got H we got the blocking still don’t have uh the not third person yeah first person cameras is that second person I don’t really know uh let’s get some Monster

Hunting I love the old oh wait so there are advancements interesting so I guess Stone Age was not an advancement yet which actually makes sense that’s right I’ve got experience now which is awesome uh this is also not that great of a spot I don’t I don’t really I don’t really

Know what to do here loyal viewers I don’t really know I guess I should find some animals because I’m getting a little hungry yeah that’s probably the move are there any animals around I saw some cows there’s some sugarcane over there I don’t know if enchanting is in the game

Yet I think it is I guess we’ll find that out the hard way I I probably should have done some research before pressing record kind of done some digging to see um you know what’s actually in this version because all these early versions kind of get mixed

Up in my brain so I’ll I should do some digging digging get it uh anyway anyo whatever uh man you lose hunger quickly in this version this is yeah I’m losing I’m losing some Hunger pretty pretty rapidly cows do cows drop beef yes they do yes indeed seed got that raw beef

Which is Splendid kill you cow get some leather yes yes yes yes o I don’t want that raw beef to go to waste I’m going to I’m going to take it there’s some more cow over there where did the iron I love it iron on day one that that’s a w right

There that is a w moment and the iron still is not raw iron it’s just it’s regular iron although regular iron wasn’t really like a super early game thing or the raw iron I I don’t even know what I’m saying raw iron I think that was in 1 18 was when they changed

It to Raw iron so somewhat recently there’s a plains biome oh I’m low on Hunger that’s not good luckily I have my handy dandy crafting table and some handy dandy Cobblestone uh and I can make a furnace so I can cook up this food because uh

Food is important oh and I have I can make a little hat so I’m going to make a little hat yeah there it is give me my little hat hat hey I got my little hat that’s awesome that’s great I love it I love Minecraft Beta you guys Minecraft

Beta is awesome eat some steak there’s no eating sound that’s right that was added later I actually want to test to see if steak is stackable after this bite here so I’ll let two more bites go and then cut down some more wood here while I’m waiting let’s see uh and that’s right

The wood just automatically turns into wooden planks like there’s no Spruce planks Oak planks Birch planks none of that it’s just it’s just all the same is it stackable it is stackable okay so I’ll cook the rest to this later why is that so difficult to

Break I am very confused see even with an axe workbenches in general are just very slow to break so that’s fun that’s going to be annoying early game very annoying it’s going to be annoying all the time but I can’t see myself moving my stuff later game Sugar can

Let me get some of that goodness freshness and goodness PLS biome bordering a spruce bordering a swamp not a bad spot not a bad spot at all I would like to have a decent place to build a hidey-hole and I think this is it I think that this is the place that will

Do for the hidey-hole oh the old gravel I love it yeah and there’s more iron down there yeah so the hidey hole is going to go right here this will be the the site of CJ’s first Minecraft Beta shelter and I uncovered some more iron which is absolutely Splendid so we’ll

Head on inside here do a little bit of carving and then we’ll get smelting we’ll get some more stuff smelting um specifically we’ll get all of that iron smelting cuz I actually have a shocking amount of iron uh here just to start out with which is nice

Um I guess we’ll go all the way over like this yeah we got some nice Minecraft music I do wonder if the Minecraft music is too loud in beta let me know in the comments is it too loud or uh is it uh is it just right I really I really have no

Clue and this should be enough space for a little bit of a starter shelter is there any sand nearby yeah there’s some sand right here I only need one piece I believe pains are in the game as well well I was playing some Alpha earlier oh

That is loud I’m actually going to turn that down a tad I don’t know if that’s loud for you guys but that’s a little better and no swimming mechanics no swimming mechanics in this version nope yeah I really only need one piece of sand for right now um I’m pretty sure

Pains out but I was playing Alpha recently um and there were no pains glass pains were not a thing uh which was a little bit annoying cuz I had to use full glass blocks I’ve been playing a lot of alpha actually for a future video project I’m playing it

Kind of for some research and stuff um if that makes any sense at all uh I don’t know hopefully that video will be good whenever it comes out it’s kind of a slow process not something I’m really working crazy hard on but you should be a fun one yes indeed it should be

Awesome uh awesome well let me go ahead and put some more of that iron away uh let me put the crafting table down on this side and let me make another furnace and then I’ll split all of that and I’ll take actually another one of these for more torches

And I’ll do some of this okay cool now I can make a iron pick yes iron pick I’m actually going to use the rest of the health of this one here so oh wow that goes down into that cave there we go so I use the rest of

The health of that one there is a lot of iron around here this is awesome I’m going to have like full iron tools on day one and there’s more coal man this could not get any better although it is becoming night so I got to be a little bit careful here I don’t

Want to die that would be embarrassing um that would uh that would suck very very bad I don’t really I don’t really uh feel like feel like doing that there we go grab some coal grab some more iron and there was even more iron up by the house as well which is

Awesome I mean I guess it’s not it’s not really a house yet it’s more of a a hole in the ground oh and I fell into a hole in the ground oh and there’s more coal over there man this is great this is tremendous can I still

Open doors by punching them yes I can that’s awesome I’ve got plenty of stuff I am really worried that that music is too loud like seriously let me know in the comments I’m going to turn it down a little more cuz it is too loud for me

And I can’t really edit it too much in post so let me know in the comments is the music too loud and if so I will have it turned down in the next episode get an iron axe do an iron sword and an iron shovel we’ll just we’ll just pull out

All the stops here uh convert all that down as well then I can make a chest put the chest right here man it has the door sound effect to it that’s hilarious okay so I got the iron shovel I can put away I’ll put the tools down here the old

Tools got the wood pick got the stone axe uh let me make some more torches actually it seems like it could be relatively important enough to do I’ll patch this up with some glass very how did that cow get stuck down there that’s that’s what I want to know how did that

Cow get stuck okay close that off we got plenty of iron got a good amount of food uh stack please thank you um I guess I’ll put the wood away for now put the Cobblestone away I’ll put the saplings away the wood can go up here the dirt can go up

Here I’ll put the stick away put the the flesh away and the leather I can hear a skeleton I can hear it I can hear it bones rattling around you don’t scare me skeleton you kind you kind of scare me totally totally honest look at that I’ve

Already got an iron chest plate good stuff okay time to make a mine I’m actually going to make like a little doorway back here uh not there yeah right there little doorway back here and then that is not that’s not particularly how I wanted that one to

Go yeah well that sucks and there’s a cave I mean I I kind of figured hi I kind of figured that there was a cave down here oh I killed it that was that was way easier oh man skeletons are way easier to deal with in this version

I love it that’s fine uh I I was going to make a strip mine but I kind of figured there’s a cave down here see is I kind of went into it earlier yeah oh and see this is exactly why I wanted to explore look at that I

Already got more iron and then all I have to do if I press F3 look at that weird menu uh I have to get down to Y 11 that’s the diamond mining level in this version it’s not y58 it’s y 11 which is absolutely

Awesome um so I’ll mine down to Y 11 uh see what I find along the way get more iron on the way too uh and then hopefully get diamonds relatively quickly I mean that would be that would be ideal and we found a cave that’s cool lots of iron iron

Galore no shortage of iron which is tremendous I was going to say stupendous but that’s a dumb word and I don’t want to use it yeah I said it uh I’m going to explore the cave you know what I’m in an exploration mood I’m going to do some exploring yes

Indeed cool let me grab as much iron as I can and then I don’t know if I want to drop down there just yet I’ll just grab this iron smelt it make full armor and then I’ll get a water bucket and then in the next episode I’ll go down into this

Cave and do some exploring yeah I think that’s the way to go I sworn there was more iron over here I guess it’s just that iron right down there uh well I got 19 pieces on me 19 pieces will do just fine for the time

Being uh and then I guess for this area I can just sort of block it off for now I guess I can put a door here if I really want to but for the rest of this I could just simply block it off hi give me your food thank

You what are you doing up here you loser you jerk uh and I’m actually going to make more torches because I can I got really got to get used to that sound the door sound when I open the chest that’s trippy to me okay I’ll just do that and then I

Will make well stack these yeah I will make a bucket nice and then let me convert the rest of that down and then I’ll actually hold on to half this and then I’ll make some more armor yes and actually I’m going to make a second pickaxe as well just because

Well it’s probably a good idea cuz I’m I’m going to go through pickaxes like crazy here in early game so I may as well just make another pickaxe just in case and then I feel like a bed should be a pretty big priority at some point

That cow is still stuck down there under the water um that’s well that’s his that’s his own doing how did you get in here why is it that every time I have a Minecraft house a chicken Finds Its way in I don’t I don’t understand I mean it

Probably got in oh you got in from here okay I see cuz I forgot I left a doorway hi you I need to go that way thanks blocking my way no I’m not going to kill him I almost killed that would have been mean I’m not going to kill him that

Would have been too mean I’m not mean I swear guys I’m I’m really nice uh okay now I can make some pants which is nice there we go I got some iron leggings which is nice and then I can make some boots after that and I think I’m going to

Stick to the leather cap just because leather cap gang um leather cap gang Supremacy oh my God I got a frog all right this is completely off topic I got a frog and he’s on my desk like his he has a little Pac-Man frog so he has a

Tiny little cage cuz he’s a baby and he is on my desk and he just like back flipped and he’s stuck what are you doing cheeseburger yes I named him cheeseburger if you guys would like a cheeseburger video let’s hit 2,000 subscribers at 2,000 subscribers I’ll do a a cheeseburger

Reveal yes um cool so that yeah I have plenty of iron left over very nice plenty of iron left over okay you know what I’m going to trap you actually you you live here now you live here now you are now stuck and um yeah I guess all

That’s left now is to do the mining which I’m going to do in the next episode so uh yeah that is going to do it you guys thank you so much for watching this first episode of Minecraft Beta And if you enjoyed make sure you smash that like button subscribe if you

Haven’t already CJ 91 is signing off

This video, titled ‘Let’s Play Minecraft BETA – A Blast from the Past [E1]’, was uploaded by CJ9091 on 2024-01-10 18:30:02.
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Minecraft Beta is awesome, so I am going to do a playthrough of it! Videos are back to daily now!

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    top-gaming.orgBine ați venit pe Top-Gaming.Org – serverul preferat pentru pasionații de Minecraft! Descoperiți o lume fascinantă în care puterea voturilor voastre schimbă cu adevărat regulile jocului!- Servere de ultimă generație Experimentați tehnologie de top pe serverele noastre de încredere, cu zero lag și performanțe excelente. Indiferent dacă sunteți în căutarea unui mod clasic sau a unei aventuri cu gameplay unic, avem un server care vă așteaptă. Read More

  • Modern Anarchy – Anarchy 1.20.4 – Java

    Modern Anarchy – The Best Anarchy Minecraft Server in 2024 Server IP: Anarchy at Its Finest: No bans, no limits – let your imagination run wild on this Java-based Minecraft anarchy server! Hack like a pro, with only kicks for attempts. No bans, just mutes for hate speech, hard slurs, or chat spam. We have a chat filter but Microsoft chat report is off. Pure Vanilla Thrills: No plugins altering the vanilla essence, no meddling admins – the power is in your hands! Griefing allowed – let loose in this survival wasteland! No resets, ever. Embrace the chaos from… Read More

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    UNBELIEVABLE: DEMON EDITING WHILE STUDYING 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘WHEN I FOCUS ON STUDY || LAPATA SMP EDIT 🥵😈’, was uploaded by DEMON EditZ on 2024-01-30 08:47:00. It has garnered 2040 views and 46 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:18 or 18 seconds. WHEN I FOCUS ON STUDY || LAPATA SMP EDIT 🥵😈 @SenpaiSpider VS #loyalsmp || loyal smp EDIT minecraft smplifesteal smpyoutube shortsdigital circus shortsshorts loudShortsloyal smp applicationloyal smp new videosenpaispider loyal smpLoyal smplapata smpniz gamer new videoNiz gamersenpaispider pvpsenpaispider editsenpaispider pvp godSenpaispiderpsd1Lapata smp edit application for loyal smployal smp membersdarkweb gamer texture packDarkweb gamersenpaispider new videoparrot lifesteal smplifesteal smp applicationsLifesteal… Read More

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