Ultimate My Little Pony Minecraft Build Hacks vs Zombies

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Girls how many zombies are there hurry run away oh God zombies already on our secret entrance girls hurry run the Turles we have very little time they have already got inside girls quickly put on your armor we have too little time we need to save our home God there

Are so many zombies here hello my favorite girlfriends today we have an unusual day now we will have to defend our base from a million zombies we have to protect or we’ll all be killed girls we don’t have much time the zombies will attack soon oh hi girlfriends I had a

Very interesting dream stop what a million zombies how are we going to defend our cute little house from So Many Zombies we need to utilize some kind of life hacks girls maybe someone knows a couple life hacks girls to defend the base from So Many Zombies

Will be impossible we need to come up with a really good defense or we’re just going to get eaten by these green creatures let’s at least go see what’s going on outside hi girls it’s so good to see you today we have a really big challenge ahead of us but we’ll get

Through it we are a team all the more we have no other choice girls let’s think about what we can build to protect our house from So Many Zombies yeah girls today we have to guard this house with our lives it’s going to be pretty tough but let’s give it a

Try so girls first I think we need to get a rock shovel and start digging up the area around our house then we’re going to fill it with lava and that’s our first life hack with it zombies will not be able to enter our house for a

While so we’ve dug up the ground the only thing left to do is pour the lava and the first defense for our house will be ready girls this is already looking pretty scary maybe the zombies will look at it and go away [Applause] girls and here we are done with the

First way to protect our house honestly it already looks pretty well protected but I think we need to add a little more protection there will be a lot of Zombies against our house after all we need to make it as safe as possible so girls let’s move on to the next level of

Home Defense now we need to make towers and on the towers we will put a lot of snowmen snowballs they do not do damage but they will at least delay the zombies that they would not be able to get into our house this will help us a lot

Rainbow Dash with the towers you have a very good idea the snowmen will help us a lot in the defense of our house I think we will still be able to protect our house from So Many Zombies girls we can do it we are a team so we built the

Base of our tower now all we have to do is get a bunch of snowmen up there for this we will use a snow block and a pumpkin the Snowman is made of two blocks of snow and a pumpkin on top that’s it now we need to put a lot of snowmen in There phew girls we’re done with the towers they look fantastic but there’s just one problem they’re burning from the lava oh well we’ll replace the wooden blocks with something else later for now we need to hurry up and build the next level of defense for our base

So for our next trick we’re going to need a basement now we are going to make a secret entrance to our base with this entrance we will go in and out of our base oh this is going to be awesome so first we need to dig out the area for

The stairs then we will put the ladder that leads us to the top and already on top we will build the mechanism that hides our entrance it’s really going to be difficult we’re going to have to to try really hard First Step accomplished we finally built the stairs now we will

Need to make a mechanism that will hide our entrance girls I don’t know much about mechanisms so all hope is on you if you don’t know how then we will have to hide our entrance without mechanisms Pinkie Pie don’t worry I’m pretty good with mechanisms in

Minecraft so first we need to dig up the ground so we can place our mechanism then this mechanism will need to be hidden but that’s a long way off I forgot to say for the mechanism we will need a sticky piston Redstone and a redstone repeater so now we need to

Position our sticky pistons to pick up the ground when we push the lever basically nothing complicated so far so now let’s get to the Redstone repeaters we need to arrange them in two rows so that we have enough power for the sticky pistons that’s pretty easy

Too girls all that’s left to do is lay out the Redstone so we can activate the whole thing with leverage it’s really easy now I’m going to put it all up real quick and you’ll see how it all Works girls it’s done now you will be able to see how this mechanism works we just need to press the lever and the secret entrance to our house will open this is really very cool everyone all that’s left is to hide this mechanism and we can move on to the next level of

Defense for our base girls our base turns out to be really very cool I like it very much girls now comes the best part it’s the fire turrets woo that’s a pretty easy mechanism all we need is a thrower a lever and of course Redstone okay let’s hurry up and make the

Mechanism we are running out of time we finally got this mechanism done it was the most difficult one we made today well these turrets will help us a lot in the defense of our house for the next life hack we will need dispenser Redstone and a wooden button

It’s the easiest fly hack ever there is practically nothing to do so you need to put two dispensers on your right and two dispensers on your left one you need to put at the bottom and one at the top above the bottom dispenser you need to

Put Redstone end to the right or left you need to put a button that’s it the mechanism is fully working just put the diamond armor and the Diamond Sword and the mechanism will dress us up and give us the sword and we can start fighting off the zombies very quickly girls it

Only remains to put the armor and sword in our cool mechanism and it will fully work it is really very cool it is very convenient so let’s take diamond armor and Diamond Sword I think this is the most necessary that we may need let’s build this mechanism in every our house

Such a locker room is very convenient girls now I think our base is fully prepared to defend against a very large number of zombies our base looks very cool I think that with such life hacks we can definitely protect our base at least I hope very much well let’s add a

Little more protection and wait until the night begins girls how many zombies are there hurry run away oh God zombies already on our secret entrance girls hurry run the turtles we have very little time they have already got inside girls quickly put on your armor we have too little

Time we need to save our home God there are so many zombies here girls there are really too many zombies I think our base will still not last we need to somehow close the secret entrance why didn’t we make a lever inside the entrance okay we

Need to get out of here girls get up girls let’s hurry we need to repel the zombie rap organ they will eat us all and destroy our house which we have built for a long time we must not allow them to allow it ah why many zombies now help

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My Little Pony 10 Security Build Hacks vs Zombies – Minecraft,Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle,Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy heir own Minecraft server and playing.

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  • GeoPolitica: Age of Steel “factions” WW1 Earth

    Join the Holy Roman Empire on Geopolitica: Age of Steel Server! Looking for skilled players to join our powerful team If you want to be a part of the winning nation, message drako7835 on discord Geopolitica.minecraft.best Read More

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