UNBELIEVABLE! Insane discoveries in Minecraft

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Okay we are live I was I was planning on streaming today so I didn’t want to be like oh you know bad internet well I have actually right now that I have really bad internet like there’s like a snow right now but you know screw it we’re

Streaming okay boom that’s all set up boom boom boom first she’s back hello welcome to the stream Minecraft welcome back guys first mother I was you were first well you kind of like like both came at the same time you all Miss miss me yeah we did we all missed

You guys I missed you guys no no okay that’s all set up okay and we’re we’re get right into it rude dang how rude I thought wild was a guy St I thought wild was a guy whoa why is my Graphics like really weird actually no that’s because I’m on my on my

Um oh my God 4K Graphics is actually well this is like weird like well like well when I’m I have like my glasses and it’s like wow also I’m on a curve monitor so it’s like this is my first time ever playing Minecraft on a curve Monitor and 4K graphics wow it’s

Like oh man I didn’t mean to do that guys if you’re Jo in welcome yeah guys don’t be rude uh you made my video and video settings okay I don’t where did I go view bobbing I don’t want to view bobbing where should I go where should I go because I don’t

Even know where to go cuz it’s kind of like all it’s like really hard to L3 million no I do not and change your P why yeah where did I even go for that extra large new UI where where is that this vertical split screen no because we need $3 million Su

EXO um I’m being harassed EXO would be a very pretty princess bang him up bang him up D resistant or we emo oh oh he left okay so get ready um I kind of just murdered the man because um I don’t know I kept stealing my

Wood that’s a way to go out um hide hand hide hands no we don’t want that first person black skin and you’re beating him or RIS I have wood yeah you took my wood um that’s not idea I’ve ever had in my life he could be an Emo pretty princess

Oh my God I I missed the fancy render clouds very big wood yeah that’s like more better I’m trying to make it so like I can see because like it’s do you build up fast I don’t know you just build up fast um let’s see see here boing

Boink uh a couple of these that I need more wood give me wood uh pickaxe that would be nice why there just random wood right here is that just Me XO we need your verbal agreement to turn you into an emo pretty princess I want be don’t be 102 in fortnite

Fortnite 100 two in fortnite let’s see here can you take me out of Adventure Mode well you’re you’re in a visitor the fortnite slurp card is real uh let’s see here guys um I didn’t me to jump that way what’s over here I haven’t played Minecraft in a

Million years guys hope everyone’s jojoy the stream uh it was a piggy miss little piggy come here there’s a piggy well that’s sad there’s a baby there’s a village crazy oh there’s a m here not mine not mine I didn’t mean to SL girl best miners Miners and then get the best

Sleep of your lives where’s miners miners I’m mining just take out bet I’m being timeout I didn’t put anyone in timeout hope everyone’s jooy the stream I’m grabbing coal I don’t really need it but can you go in the Discord server so we can talk

No I don’t I don’t think I can do that at the same time I don’t know if I could be talking and playing the game at the same time actually I know I probably could eh I’m going grab a little bit more coal Jason Jason remember me

Oh go to Oh Yeah from um server the War server bro bro let’s oh there’s a cow there’s a nice little cow there’s a donkey uh let’s see here the real oh the realm is dying very talking and playing what the do you mean can you help XO when do you got her

Premium mine’s from like 2017 um actually when do you get your premium mine is from 2017 I like turtles can you help us why I can’t help I can’t help no one half the me pip oh I can’t help the one why ask me for help um what’s over here are mental

Nah how do you want to help you guys I’m just killing all the animals CU I’m hungry I’m a hungry man I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m getting more wood I don’t really need any more wood but might as well right join the VC why I don’t want

To I just want to kill animals let me kill animals guys come come on how many people can you adopt in one day has more subscribers not Li [ __ ] plays has more subers oh I’m hungry oh shoot I don’t have any I need one more Stone that’s it

What hey guys I guess that’s it what do you mean that’s it oh what do you guys want me to do I how how do you want me to help you I don’t know I can help I’m just playing Minecraft I’m just a Minecraft Youtuber well I’m a a YouTuber of

Everything how can I help horse the horse are we going all oh we’re going all the way back no that’s a whole different world this is a whole new world what there’s a horse right there let’s see guys boop boop boom I need a furnace I put that there well we don’t

Really need to put that much food in there what did you name it again um all I want this all I want this guy is not visitor member but so you can attack players there we go um I kind of forgot to be honest with you I haven’t seen that I haven’t seen

That horse in like a month he going make them Gallop he’s going to make them Gallop br oh it’s already night time are you kidding me uh come here Mr Piggy this cow here Mr Cow I’m sorry I got to put you out of your misery I need your

Food okay it’s getting dark wow it’s getting dark really fast um it’s getting pretty dark pretty fast a pig name a pig why should I name it winkers winers man it’s getting really dark why why is it getting so dang dark on my PC or my PS5 oh my God there’s already a

Creeper oh there’s zombies oh God there’s a lot oh God it’s really dark already why is it so dark on here should is Napoleon Napoleon Napoleon the pig oh God there’s no way there’s really a baby zombie after me than God is a village you mean there’s nothing you can do oh my

Goodness uh let’s just hop in here um I’m going to take your bed hey I’m must get out of the way thank God we came across the village really quick perfect uh oh hi whoa calm down calm down calm down ow no stop it what’s happening I’m getting some hay because

I’m I’m a hungry boy you know I’m hungry and like I need food to survive I’m I’m hungry oh look at this Carl France H France oh God what are you doing Bon B Appetit braah give me This uh let’s see here get get out of my way me I don’t understand that I need all your all your beds D smiling face with heart oh no why you here no you’re 11 years old oh my God you can’t say this I could ban you I could put you on

Timeout if if you keep doing if you keep saying that I’ll put you in timeout you can’t say that yeah you you can’t say that I’m not 11 face with rolling eyes you are 11 EXO I didn’t know you had children I don’t have children oh my

God I don’t know be honest with you I have no clue what is this this is all new to me hey can you get out of my way I’m going to take this one because you’re not using it you sure I’m sure whoa this this thing stacked to the

Brim look at all this nice little armor wooo give me this oh yeah oh my goodness look at all this good stuff wow we are meant to be faceing okay well time to put some people in timeout I see you cannot say this on YouTube because YouTube doesn’t

Like when I say this or when you guys say that so we got to put you in time out because I cannot you’re in a relationship oh God do no I’m not if you do that he’ll sue you I said there so now you’re You’re gone legit the whole

Stream because I I’m not dude I got a warning by YouTube because you guys are like yeah shut up now yeah well she’s gone I’m sorry she’s in timeout for like she can’t say nothing only thing she can do is watch I mean like oh that’s mean Exel that’s mean that’s mean you

Can’t do that to her I’m like dude YouTube warned me like it’s say what a goober badad what I said oh my God your wife in time oh my I don’t even know her that’s creative what do you mean that exist I know Al exist but I could just ban on I

Could just ban her on that account but I’m not going to do it but you cannot say that Eevee if you say that you’re going to get banned again mhm I see everyone misses me accessories are sing they’re like oh I I like Eevee I love because she’s she’s uh called EXO

Stuff and I I’m jealous and you know I am not a big fan of it to be honest with you I don’t want to be in Rel to hard did you guys break up yet Jesus well ah time to put eeve back in time out I see

Uh there you go 10 second time no we’re not sorry sorry Eevee it’s only it’s only 10 seconds but I’m trying to teach her a lesson but I don’t think that’s working really if you guys say anything weird on stream it’s your consequences and your actions skeleton yeah exoskeleton yeah you’re

Right I may sound cruel I I may exoskeleton I think that wait is this what is this over here not important though another 10c timeout I see even har told she whimpers for him bro how she even har told him she wimp Jesus guys guys guys time to put

Everyone that’s a minute guys calm down I’m not daing anyone okay I don’t know where har someone’s coming from but I’m not dating anyone you must you must be talking about some other guy I I would be honest with you you sure I missed a lot when I went

To the hospital yeah don’t lie I’m not in a relationship okay so everyone calm down Jesus Christ just saying like YouTube would kill me if I wasn’t I’m not I’m not stupid calm down she even attacked me in a stream I don’t know her okay how many

Drama you getting on duty I don’t I okay oh my god dude I don’t I’m not even lie to you I don’t know like I don’t know her I swear just calm down oh my God for example if there’s some random girl on here you automatically think I’m dating that

Person like calm down guys I just have fans that are in love with me okay he not want to bring up that [ __ ] in stream guys understand well I I don’t I I don’t know I don’t know where okay so everyone calm down I’m going put this p uh pickaxe in

Your face there you go I’m a sucker for him face with Tom oh my God you’re like 5 years old calm down why is everyone like like me like I swear to God I I just please no I don’t want anyone I want I want to be a loner

Can I be a loner guys please let me be a loner iron nice hey yeah guys I just want to be a loner call the FBI FBI what are they going to do CIA Homeland Security whatever M I see I see Homeland Security whatever I do need some of that what’s

Cancer I hear a skeleton I don’t know what it is I don’t like skeletons I don’t like I don’t like being the Min Z more oh my God I got 10 iron I am like stacked right now wait all right here that’s the iron hello everyone’s enjoying the stream

What in the world is down here it’s really dark my PC makes everything look 10 times darker I can’t see anything are watching um well there used to be more people so what happened was that um uh what’s the word I my channel like oh I used to pull like 20

People but then I want to get someone’s X here what’s that noise that’s a chicken scared of me I want torches give me torches ah thank you wow it makes it a lot better I can now see I hope everyone’s joing the stream I am mining coal because I need light because I can’t see anything I’m like a blind Bird that’s I was like born blind basically right now I can’t see this little corner over here sense he doesn’t want to bring up a relationship I’m not in a relationship

Pounds of ketchup that’s good that’s good I guess not really it’s kind of nasty like imagine just eating ketchup that sounds yeah just eating ketchup M the chicken’s drowning oh well he died oh poor chicken I didn’t mean to cut your head off on accident WF he just said what well they

Offline never mind wait what what did I say I don’t know what I said I don’t actually know what I said what did I say all I remember saying is is that I cut a chicken’s head off with my pickaxe that’s all I really remember to be honest with you no it’s

Getting um I know chicken Chicken Little all oh fudge a man having oh wow really nice of you remembering this that’s super crazy what what happened okay so what happened I don’t want to mess with no skeleton I don’t oh I should have made a

Shield actually I know I can go do that never mind oh you know what’s funny I can make a shield ah now I you waste that’s I’m way safer now there we go now I’m like 10 times safer now I don’t have to be scared of a skeleton shooting at me

Well so what’s happening guys I’m just too busy oh there creepers over there okay let’s make some uh let’s see here well we can make some boots or we can make a helmet you know what we’re gonna make some I think my lesbian is that what you just said I’m

Gonna cry okay yeah open to girls anyways dude um no I didn’t say nothing nothing okay I didn’t see nothing what you what are you talking about so I’m sorry guys I’m sorry okay let’s see here my brain hurts now don’t get me wrong my brain hurts

But this man’s legit getting burned by the sun she’s my little monkey smiling face with heart smiling face with hard ey Star Struck exoskeleton you have a g I don’t have a girlfriend I don’t I really don’t actually have a girlfriend so like AB if she joins the stream what you would

Do dude oh my god dude I calm say as mine okay I’m just going to B you I’m s you guys hold up guys give me a second what’s going to affect anything okay I don’t know what I did but I did something oh I just clicked a button and then now she’s

Gone okay now I’m happy give me a headache be honest with you you guys say oh you have a girlfriend you have a girlfriend it’s like guys calm down it’s like oh my God a number 11 you think you can escape um I could just ban you on this account you’re 11 years

Old I just put you in time out again aha see okay I just I I just I a just I’m kind of getting a headache from you why just put on timeout again dude I don’t want like you guys are giving me a headache to be honest with you this is funny

She’s like oh byebye oh okay here guys back to Minecraft right back to Minecraft so I want an iron pick an iron sword and I’m going to use this to go get some more iron are you sick honey I’m not sick I’m I’m sick of that

Person though give me a headache to be honest with you I’m getting headache oh yeah I’m getting headache I’m getting a headache yep I am oh yeah I should really just make a stone pick or a stone sword so I can like attack Mobs with not with my iron sword

Let waai for all my food to be done I think my Ren is burning your ramen’s burning that’s not good yeah I’m kind of stacked on food he Lo two stacked on food hope every join the stream though I I don’t I don’t know why I sat on the

Llama inm I saved my Ren that’s good let good that you saved the ramen oh you kidding me uh let’s drop bad let’s go explore the guys what time is it it’s only been 30 minutes what how I didn’t even go do anything dropped it smiling face with oh

Man how do you drop it I think I acci banned the Eevee girl oopsie my mistake I I didn’t mean to whoopsy Daisy I didn’t mean to ban them another Village the heavens that’s good still in the bowl I think everyone’s mad at me now because I banned the Eevee girl on accident guys come on she had to coming to her to be honest with you I’m not even lying to

You give me a split and headache kind of all of you guys are because they’re all like ah this person I’m like dude I’m not dating anyone everyone calm down very much so yeah just gives me a headache guys like God why is my phone going off like ding

Ding ding oh it’s my sister’s boyfriend yikes oh look there’s a chicken come here Mr Chicken I’m going eat your little eggs I’m hungry that was pretty good guys a man why you going to bed already you shouldn’t go to bed already like nothing even nothing crazy even

Happened it’s only been like an hour it didn’t feel like an hour to be honest with you it it did not feel like an hour like it really didn’t I don’t really need food I actually just need iron and diamonds and stuff I should really go get some

Diamonds a man you shouldn’t go to bed come on like we just started this well if I was speedr running I would take the beds but I’m not really speedr running I’m all oh man he’s going a bed already that’s just crazy anything in here not a crafting table

Anything in here fine oh no way I got a saddle oh that’s and a bucket let’s go legit the two main things I can actually I got a I legit got a saddle I can legit No7 minutes it’s actually been 33 minutes to be honest with you there seven people you guys

Watching no way we got a saddle we can travel this world in 2.5 seconds oh you want find hey Mr llama we’re going to tame you do you mind that if I just Lama actually know wait I don’t think I actually no I don’t think I

Don’t think it actually is a saddle I’m pretty sure it’s like a carpet is it a carpet I’m pretty sure it’s a carpet make something amazing happen yeah it’s carpet make something amazing happen um I I’ll show you uh give me a second I’m making something I’m making something happen something’s happening

Okay something’s happening something’s happening something like look never mind I can’t control them God flipping dang it I thought I can control them I just didn’t um something amazing something amazing um something aming happen guys amazing look boom amazing um what else can I make amazing oh that’s nice emeralds not

Really I don’t know um uh um this boom helmet wooden Helmet or not wooden helmet uh leather helmet is that amazing I gota be amazing come on um boom killing animals how’s that that work do that does that go up to your standards uh me eating food um XP um me killing a

Villager um uh cow see look it’s a cow really I I just a cow chickens just there’s more chickens right here look is that is that interesting um look the cat there’s a cat like um you like cats we can we can take cats um

Oh I didn’t mean to do that oh right in front of its parents oh look at this um uh is this amazing H you killed Billy I I didn’t kill Billy what are you talking about look it’s it’s a nice H horse see Let Me Ride you this horse can the

Cow yeah the cow yep M yeah the cow yeah um G Garfield Garfield uh Garfield oh Garfield dead paused uh what happened what are you talking about nothing’s happening we’re just we’re having a good day there L bad guys already really oh ice oh that’s nice A little another iron pick that’s actually

Kind of nice um might as well take the bread and the chest piece we don’t really need it but you never to the the I need the hor I I wanted to put a saddle on the horse and ride it into the sunset okay but the horse wouldn’t

Let me do that so I chopped his head off I’m sorry okay it’s not my fault fault it’s a he’s a bad horse and he didn’t listen okay it’s legit his fault he didn’t listen so he was a dumb horse and now he’s dead how rude to the

Horse he was slow and fat he he was on the couch he was legit like a gamer that legit um what do you call he sat on his butt all day get out get out of the way I I need to what what are you selling why would I want that

Okay but like you should put you in timeout me timeout what did I do he’s it’s a he’s a dumb horse it’s like he’s you know what I’m trying to say here it’s like it’s not my fault the horse didn’t want to listen it’s it’s the horse’s fault okay

Okay no it’s I didn’t what you talking about I don’t what are you talking about I didn’t kill nothing oh hi um what happened what happened guys um let’s go where the sun is yeah let’s all the sun we are going to ignore the pfp but

It’ll stop the flirting if you don’t ban Emy anymore loudly crying face we’re going to ignore the PF profile picture but I’ll stop why okay I I’ll there is one exception Eevee if you subscribe on that account you will be free to uh stay in this stream that’s my you got to subscribe

Though if you subscribe right now you stay you could stay but you can’t flirt understand me okay okay okay we got we got a truth we got a truth we we do it better say it better go up mhm if it don’t go up you’re out of

Here like see you see this gray sheep right here this is you right now you like you like to walk around and say one uh weird things and um and then right when you do that I just go like this and then you’re gone and like that guy okay understand me little

Missy I just like killing these animals to be honest just got a death threat by you loudly crying face no that’s me putting you in timeout okay like okay see I’m this is um right here is a timeout beating okay it’s it’s timeout I didn’t do anything what are you talking about

That’s just um timeout beating okay that’s that’s what you get for um saying mad things understand me and hey okay hold up hold up well with a with a shovel oh no I don’t have a shovel um a pickaxe yeah like see like yeah does that count I don’t

Know I think we’re pretty good on food to be honest with you we have so much food so abusive abusive that’s so dark in there I cannot see a legit crying face what do you mean you’re loud clining face you’re fine I don’t like how dark

It is I really don’t like how dark it is I really don’t like how it dark it where is my torches ah right here I got a little angry for a second it’s I don’t like that Holy um thank you why is it so dark it’s really dark uh it’s so

Dark I can’t see anything guys um there wow I got a desk for doing nothing I actually want the iron oo what do we not really need we don’t really need this um look we got now we need diamonds we can play music we need this this is like a

Guarant fat games smiling face my favorite game I have lots of favorite games like Minecraft um roblo there’s a lot of holy heck what is that oh baby zombie on top of Guy ow you bit me ow baby zombie number one hey you can’t just do that ow dumb zombie he bit my

Toes a I thought that was diamonds favorite game I don’t really have like a favorite game they’re all really good and they’re all good ways um Minecraft probably I don’t like how dark I cannot even see the bottom I what is that I can’t see the

Ground I don’t like how dark it is my PC makes it so dark I can’t see anything that’s kind of scary before I actually could see something but now I can’t see anything like legit I can’t I before I could see like everything and now I only

Think oh my God all I think all I can see is their red eyes oh no hey I don’t like you you’re kind of scary why does Minecraft feel like 10 times scarier now before it was like normal but now it’s like kind of scary now okay oh hi let’s go

Away stop biting me in the toes oh well you got shot shoot him again you shoot him you didn’t shoot him again you guys are really bad how did you shoot me my my shoots up so dang dark you got him there you go

Ah okay good I kind of nice it’s kind of nice being like stop ow dude please just let me get close to you ah there’s so many dang mobs oh I don’t know why why is there so many mobs I don’t like why is there so many D guys there SK

Slime oh my God this is not good yeah skeleton fight good job guys you’re just killing each other that’s what I want okay there’s a lot of you guys holy d d I have a shield I’m actually I’m really proud of a shield ow dude they’re legit I’m get nailed

Ow thank you for killing each other slimes die please actually slimes are kind of useful seem like a nice guy though thank you okay that was a lot of work just killing all those dang mobs oh my God there’s legit more how did he nail no that was the spider I’m like how

Did he nail me all the way from over there dude I L had my shield up before you can like whatever okay let’s uh what in the world just smacked me okay this gone I need torch perfect perfect perfect water bucket here no perfect what baby zombie I can’t see

Anything oh you’re really tiny why are you so tiny okay okay lots of iron nice thank you for the compliment though sorry sorry guys I’m not really saying anything I’m just trying to not die I should say it would be smart to just put my spawn location like right here for

Now just for now just put my little spawn location so if I did die or something I can just spawn right there uh I need more torches wait how oh my it’s almost been an hour crazy let’s see here I need how much how’s my Sho doing I’m taking a lot of

Damage it’s so nice how durable the shoes are oh God shs make this game so much easier um oh blast furnace probably go one right here I don’t like that noise what was that noise I didn’t like that uh let’s put a couple iron please iron iron here and let’s you aren’t a

Mistake you want your mistake what do you mean elaborate your parents did a good job what do you mean but yeah they did a good job of course they did There you go look at that nice that’s all oh that’s thank you I know what’s that oh yeah iron I see glowing eye what is that over there oh I skeleton come calm down I didn’t even see you in the darkness of something dude why why just dude it just aim botted

Me whoever has you is lucky because I know you don’t want to mention it hopefully I find someone like you I’m not D anyone whatever you say EXO whatever you it really is I can’t dat any I can’t date anyone till I’m like 20 so

Like I don’t know what you want me to say you may think I’m lying but I’m really not yeah I’m talking to someone but like doesn’t mean yeah 20 how do you smack me for the wall yeah I talk to people but doesn’t mean I’m like dating

Them like I like them but like I can’t date them because like parent reasons so like in IRL I like I’m s like I can’t date no one I’m old okay tell I’m old I am not old right now I am still young 17 I’m still I’m not even a adult

Yet I can’t even see so how many more years do the math it’s three years till I can date someone three years my friend three years why can’t you when you are 18 because I don’t want to like an adult no I’m not why would I want to date someone I’m

18 that’s pay imagine I has to pay like there’s some people out there has to pay child support and at like legit 18 because they did the wrong and that’s not what I want to do not I don’t want to do ever do that pretty much you guys are just weird to be

Honest I’m I’m sorry like I I don’t want to do that it’s your choice your body whatever you say like the thing I do not like that thing you no no uhuh I’m good my friend I’m good yeah I’m not weird okay I mean you’re like oh you can’t just say that

Like I not like I don’t want to do that like half the people in the world want to do that right now legit they did a study and legit like half the people in the world want to do that right now it’s sad how how the world is gone don’t

Mean do anything dirty you kind of being like dating yeah that’s usually leads to like dirty Am I Wrong there’s not one study that legit loving someone goes right to that I do not like that noise right now say this it’s like a cell that’s that went r and um is killing you

Yeah oh H zombie man it’s really dark so am I going to die no hi Mr skeleton I got a bow I sound like I smoked for 10 years oh actually I do what no bad don’t do that you’re going to die what’s that over there

Yesh so is it like with lungs or something with the cancer um cause I sound like I smoke um how do you not know this well like it’s not good it’s like cells in your throat that what what time is it oh it’s almost the time to

End it’s almost been like a legit hour but I I don’t know what you going to stop streaming so I can put on my liist are you going to stop streaming in like four or three minutes from now it’s a school night for me so I got

To go to sleep I don’t want to but oh we don’t no we don’t want to use wood this this guy is this guy getting bigger why is there slime spawning here May after I’m done well after I’m probably girl in her class thinking face shushing face no oh

No well guys this is going be on the stream because of the internet is horrible so I’m going to end the stream here oh dang it hold up dang you can’t see the game my internet sucks so bad thank actually it’s kind of funny it’s happening right on the stream yeah guys

I’m going to end the stream here CU my it’s going to end this thing yeah it’s going to end so yeah I’m in the Stream so thank you guys so much for watching the stream and I will see you guys next time I’m out of here guys peace

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    Ultimate Guide: Hosting a 24/7 Minecraft Server Minecraft 0.14.3/0.15.10: Creating Your Own Server 24/7 Welcome to the world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds and adventures await at every turn. In this version of Minecraft (0.14.3/0.15.10), players have the opportunity to create their own server 24/7, allowing for continuous gameplay and interaction with friends and fellow gamers. Setting Up Your Server To create your own server in Minecraft 0.14.3/0.15.10, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, ensure you have the necessary hardware and a stable internet connection. Next, download the server software from the official Minecraft website. Once downloaded, configure the server settings… Read More

  • Craftsman vs. Lokicraft: Battle of the Minecraft Clones!

    Craftsman vs. Lokicraft: Battle of the Minecraft Clones! Minecraft Game Comparison: Craftsman vs. Lokicraft Introduction In the vast world of Minecraft-inspired games, Craftsman and Lokicraft stand out as popular choices among players. While both games share similarities with Minecraft, they offer unique features and gameplay experiences that set them apart. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to determine which game reigns supreme. User Interface When it comes to the user interface, Craftsman greets players with a blue-themed GUI set against a jungle background. In contrast, Lokicraft opts for a dark-themed interface with a striking headline. While Craftsman’s default skin resembles Minecraft’s Alex with minor alterations, Lokicraft offers… Read More

  • David vs Goliath Showdown on Xealo’s Channel

    David vs Goliath Showdown on Xealo's Channel The Epic Battle of David vs. Goliath in Minecraft In the world of Minecraft, players often find themselves facing daunting challenges and epic battles. One such legendary showdown is the story of David vs. Goliath, a tale of courage, faith, and triumph against all odds. The Biblical Inspiration The narrative of David vs. Goliath is based on the biblical account found in 1 Samuel 17:43-47. In this story, a young shepherd named David bravely confronts the giant warrior Goliath, armed with nothing but a sling and a stone. Despite being vastly outnumbered and outmatched, David’s unwavering faith in God… Read More

  • From Villagers to Rabbits: A Minecraft Mind Shift

    From Villagers to Rabbits: A Minecraft Mind Shift In the world of Minecraft, where rabbits roam free, I used to think villagers were dumb, but then I did see. These bunnies with their hops, so quick and sly, They make me laugh and wonder why. They may be small, but they’ve got some tricks, Jumping around with their cute little kicks. So next time you see one, give them a chance, They’ll hop into your heart with their joyful dance. And remember, in this world of blocks and pixels, Even the smallest creatures can bring big smiles. Read More

  • McMemezzs: No Bus Today

    McMemezzs: No Bus Today Minecraft Animation: There’s No Bus Today Imagine the chaos that ensues in the Minecraft world when the bus doesn’t show up! 🚌 In this short animation, players are left stranded, facing the challenge of navigating their blocky universe without their usual mode of transportation. Exploring the Minecraft Animation The animation captures the frustration and humor of the situation as characters express their disbelief and dismay at the missing bus. The use of expressive gestures and facial animations adds a comedic touch to the storyline, making it a delightful watch for Minecraft fans. Featured Mods and Packs The animation creators… Read More

  • Trapped in a Bottle During a Tsunami – Minecraft Movie

    Trapped in a Bottle During a Tsunami - Minecraft Movie Minecraft Movie: Trapped in a Bottle Amidst a Tsunami Imagine a world where a peaceful village is suddenly threatened by a looming tsunami. The residents have vanished, leaving only two brave souls, Rania and Gigi, to face the impending disaster. What will they do to survive? The Calm Before the Storm As the sirens blare, signaling the approaching tsunami, Rania and Gigi must find a way to escape. With the village deserted, they seek refuge in the highest point, hoping to evade the wrath of the oncoming wave. A Desperate Escape Plan With time running out, Gigi suggests using… Read More

  • Unbelievable Bedwars & Skywars PvP Challenge!

    Unbelievable Bedwars & Skywars PvP Challenge!Video Information Freunde neben hpixel g HD und piixels gibt’s noch viele unbekannte skywars Server und genau so einen testen wir heute wir haben das ganze schon mal gemacht allerdings mit badws und das war sehr sehr unterhaltsam deswegen machen wir das ganze heute noch mal aber mit skywars aber alle spielen hier mit Bogen Insane okay haben wir nice dier wir haben Imperator in der Runde einfach Imperator in der Runde wir gehen sowas von hinterher nice This video, titled ‘Komplettes Video ist online! #bedwars #minecraft #skywars #pvp #minecraftchallenge #hypixel’, was uploaded by Malganzehrlich on 2024-01-07 14:00:26. It has… Read More

  • Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!

    Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft logo in Minecraft #music #remix’, was uploaded by PRO GAMER 7773__ on 2024-02-17 07:23:04. It has garnered 2473 views and 73 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters #dankmeme #follow #game#technogamer #technogamerz #gta #technoflip #googleads #teachnicalguruji #techburner #techbar #google #googletricks #googlebabagaming #googleplay #googlegoogle #googlemeet #googleaccount #googlepixel#caroftheday #freefireindia #freefire #bgmi #bgmindia #bestproducts #bestmobile #gaming #bestmobileshop #mobilenews #mbtech #technology #instagramtricks #instatips #technofacts… Read More

  • Wildin Online

    Wildin OnlineStep into the world of Mc.Wildin.Online, our Minecraft server is straight gas! Our small close group of friends have put their blood, sweat and tears into spawning the soon to be best GAMING experience any gamer alive has ever witnessed and put their hands upon. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a noob, our server is all about having a good time with friends. We’ve packed it with a plethora of cool minigames, including Skywars, KitPvP, UHC, Spleef, Parkour and Survival for the littiest of times. At Mc.Wildin.Online, the good times will always be there 24/7 365 days of the… Read More

  • Prison SMP 1.20.X: Classic hybrid, Java & Bedrock

    Welcome crafters! We are seeking mature, non-toxic players to join our unique SMP server with a twist of the classic prison gamemode. Starting from rank A, work your way up to Z by mining blocks and selling them at the shop. Each rank comes with perks and commands to aid you in SMP. The server launched on January 12, 2024, so it’s still fresh with monthly resetting resource worlds. Features: A-Z Ranks Land Claiming Resource Worlds (monthly resets) PyroFishing (130+ custom fish) Daily quests QOL features Casino Chat Games Join us online at prisonsmp.net with Bedrock port 19132 and visit… Read More

  • Ventura

    VenturaVentura is a vibrant and dynamic community-driven server, built by passionate Minecraft developers who aim to create an environment of creativity, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. With a dedicated team of moderators, regular updates, and a variety of game modes, there’s always something new to discover. Read More

  • Minecraft Memes – What level of curse is your username?

    Minecraft Memes - What level of curse is your username?“I guess you could say this meme is ‘mining’ for likes with that high score!” Read More

  • Cluckin’ Chaos: Minecraft Chickens Take the Lead

    Cluckin' Chaos: Minecraft Chickens Take the Lead I appreciate the support, it means a lot, Creating content that hits the spot. Minecraft news with a twist, all in rhyme, Crafting stories that stand the test of time. From chickens to updates, we cover it all, In every video, we stand tall. So hit that like, subscribe, and share, For more content that shows we care. Thanks for watching, until next time, Keep gaming, keep rhyming, it’s all sublime. Read More

  • Blowin’ up the block like it’s hot 🔥

    Blowin' up the block like it's hot 🔥 When you accidentally blow up your entire Minecraft house with TNT and all you can do is sit back and watch the chaos unfold like 🤯💣🤯 #minecraft #tnt #memes #tnttroll #minecraftmemes #explodingtnt #gaming #memecraft #mem #meme Read More

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    Zoro x Luck Transform in Minecraft Reverse DropVideo Information This video, titled ‘”🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧”‘, was uploaded by zoro X luck on 2024-01-15 10:06:00. It has garnered 9 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. “🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧” Dive into the realm of transformation with our METAMORPHOSIS Minecraft reverse drop. 🌌 Watch as the colors blend and reshape, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to be enchanted by the magical dance of pixels in reverse! 🎮 Minecraft Reverse Drop | METAMORPHOSIS Edition | 🔄 Unleash the Pixel Alchemy… Read More

  • Patrick encounters a magical robot

    Patrick encounters a magical robotVideo Information This video, titled ‘Patrick Ketemu Robot Ajaib #shorts’, was uploaded by Patrick Man ID on 2024-01-14 12:08:04. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. minecraft, minecraft pe, animasi minecraft lucu, cursed minecraft, minecraft scp, minecraft map, map minecraft, meme minecraft, … Read More

  • Unleash Chaos: Nexo Carnage PvP Montage | POV of Ultimate Destruction

    Unleash Chaos: Nexo Carnage PvP Montage | POV of Ultimate DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘CarnagePvP Montage | 👑pov you run carnage 👑’, was uploaded by Nexo on 2024-01-28 01:48:35. It has garnered 316 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:21 or 141 seconds. I dont own any of this music #minecraft #pvp #montage like + comment + subscribe #pvp #minecraft #minecadia #montage TAGS//IGNORE #invaded #invadedlands #kitpvp #bestww #best #lunar #mmc #practice #1 #lunarnetwork InvadedLands KitPvP MunchyMC MCCentral Jerry and Harry Snapcraft BectoPvP Lunar Client LunarClient Lunar Network MMC Minemen Club #minecadia stimpypvp,stimpaypvp,stimpy,stimp,stimpy pvp tutorial,stimpy vlog,stimpay,1v1 with stimpy,pvp,pvplounge,painfulpvp,skywars tips,minecraft pvp,painfulpvp vlog,tips,alting,hypixel,faction,practice,cheating,java edition,hypixel tayber,tips and tricks,bedrock edition,hypixel… Read More

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    🔥😱 Ultimate Minecraft Trap Guide - You've NEVER Seen Anything Like This! #shortsVideo Information Dearly beloved For Your Entertainment it’s my pleasure to introduce to you hell’s latest arrival the Equal Opportunity killer alisto hello it’s nice to meet you can you tell me where I am I don’t know how I got here but I I think I’m starting to understand I don’t belong among the Angels and maybe that’s just fine with me the things I did up there were high school but now I’m going for my degree hey sorry but you just got in my way I promise honey I can feel your pain and maybe I enjoy… Read More

  • Ultimate Minecraft Parkour with Mind-Blowing Pixel Art!

    Ultimate Minecraft Parkour with Mind-Blowing Pixel Art!Video Information This video, titled ‘Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,624’, was uploaded by Relaxing Minecraft Parkour on 2024-01-13 11:38:32. It has garnered 105 views and 20 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:01 or 61 seconds. Satisfying Minecraft Profile Pixel Art ( PPL Request YT ) Part 3,624 #minecraftpe #algorithm #artist you can get your short request video and post on your youtube channel mentioned me. if you also want to make your profile, just comment and then like the video. Please be patient if it takes a long time but I… Read More

  • 🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS – One Block Survival LIVE

    🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS - One Block Survival LIVEVideo Information Yo halo halo halo kawan-kawan apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini pada sore hari ini [Musik] yo y yo apa kabar teman-teman semuanya apa Kalian sehat alhamdulillah aku Alhamdulillah sehat kita Semoga sehat selalu ya amin J semuanya Hari ini kita bermain Minecraft Survival tapi apa ada satu block yang bisa regenerate terus dan namanya one block Welcome to the my video My apa namanya [Musik] my my live stream ya y d dulu semuanya bisa semuanya hal halo halo kita bakal mulai [Musik] waktunyao semuanya Hari ini kita ditamani… Read More

  • Kishiko-sama’s Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!

    Kishiko-sama's Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!Video Information Go hello hello here we are yeah oh my gosh I gotta I gotta post the thing and then I’m going to copy it and put it for the high Tor to see and the circle even though they already know what this Banner looks like yeah so happy early Valentine’s Day Everybody Happy Valentine’s Day hello Cynthia oh hi Cynthia Cynthia’s first let’s go um because we’re busy tomorrow and because I don’t usually stream uh on Wednesdays anyway I was like I really I we tried to get the whole gang together but um there was… Read More

  • S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!

    S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!Video Information Dey All [Applause] For tripping bro you tripping Spe [Applause] give Give Sonic My M yeah put black I yeah I Got my b g I’m To Got haters [ __ ] with them you Myp Baby like a got no Feeling neckace in the the I can’t f with nobody take I can’t I I got in my said I be some she got me mad I put CL man and I blood For D Uh B boom boom b boom B O She I This video, titled ‘Im back | Minecraft pvp | funny and epic moments in… Read More

  • Ultimate Enderman Farm Tutorial by MyBros || Insane Clickbait

    Ultimate Enderman Farm Tutorial by MyBros || Insane ClickbaitVideo Information [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] [Musik] yeah This video, titled ‘I made the biggest Enderman farm || Easy turtorial’, was uploaded by MyBros Play on 2024-02-19 13:00:07. It has garnered 6 views and 0 likes. The duration of the video is 00:01:01 or 61 seconds. 🔥 Embark on an extraordinary Minecraft journey with us in our latest video! 🌋 Join My Bros Play as we dive deep into the mysterious and perilous Nether Realm in search of hidden treasures, rare resources, and thrilling encounters! 🌐 In this episode, we explore the uncharted territories of the Nether, overcoming treacherous terrain, battling… Read More

  • Roosles Epic Minecraft Server

    Roosles Epic Minecraft ServerBETA BETA BETA Hello, my name is Roosle, I am currently developing a minecraft server for my viewers and likewise, I am proud to announce that the server is to the point where I feel an open beta is needed! This server is ANTI P2W and has ZERO PAY TO WIN ASPECTS, all purchases are cosmetic only, including the keys. This server has been in the works for a long, long time and I am very grateful to be able to even do it. The server claim based survival, and weekly events will be held for CASH AND PRIZES. (some… Read More

  • Wholesome SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP with Whitelist, Builds, Events – 1.20.4

    Interested must join -> Discord server: Click Here to Join Wholesome SMP – A Community-Driven Server Join our HermitCraft-style, Java 1.20.4+ community where your voice matters. Our tightly-knit, diverse community makes Minecraft as fun as possible. Participate in player-initiated events, minigames, and community projects. Season 5 is now live! Key Features Playerbase-initiated events and games every weekend Large scale builds entirely built by the community Create your own groups and contribute to creating a story for the server Community-driven economy (trust-based system) Mods Coreprotect – protects you from griefers Proximity Voice Chat – talk to players around you Squaremap -… Read More


    I guess you could say this meme is really pixel-perfect with that 8×8 texture pack! Read More

  • Realm Rave: My Minecraft Tour de Force

    Realm Rave: My Minecraft Tour de Force In the realm of Minecraft, a tour we take, Exploring the lands, every structure we make. From Castle Collards to Cherry Blossom Mountain, Each place we visit, a true gaming fountain. A farm with animals, a wheat field walled, A waterfall cascades, a path forestalled. Inside the castle, a community resource hub, Storage and furnaces, a place to grub. Down by the river, a boat house stands, A failed jump attempt, in the water lands. A ranger shack, a midpoint for the night, A hitching post outside, a traveler’s delight. Up the hill, a farmer’s house we find, Barrels… Read More

  • Evoker? More like HOTvoker! 🔥

    Evoker? More like HOTvoker! 🔥 “When you accidentally summon a demon instead of a cute little animal in Minecraft and suddenly regret your life choices #oops #shouldhavereadthemanual” Read More

  • Struggling with Multi-Player Minecraft in C++

    Struggling with Multi-Player Minecraft in C++ Making Multi-Player Minecraft in C++ Creating a multi-player Minecraft clone in C++ is no easy feat, as highlighted in a recent video discussing the challenges faced by the creator. While the project has seen significant progress with features like terrain generation and shaders, the addition of multi-player functionality brings a whole new level of complexity. Technical Challenges of Multi-Player Implementation Adding multi-player functionality to a single-player game requires careful consideration of server-client interactions. In the case of Minecraft, where actions need to be validated by the server before being executed, the process becomes even more intricate. The video delves… Read More

  • Unbelievable Sensitivity Training in Team Oz Live

    Unbelievable Sensitivity Training in Team Oz LiveVideo Information Yes let’s go live hello everyone welcome to another Minecraft live stream welcome to another Minecraft live stream [ __ ] hell you any idea how much it pains my soul to say that um which is why it’s going to be a short one today because I promised my girlfriend that I would get 10,000 Words written um on why uh anti-Semitism is bad by the time she gets home just kidding um I’m going to do some writing today but yeah I’m going to get a quick live stream in there just for people who want to uh… Read More

  • Real Life Minecraft Mobs 2

    Real Life Minecraft Mobs 2Video Information Seen it count money in my dream yeah open it up oh oh open it up criss cross jump with a bell in the TR sh in the sh in the Criss crossum with a bell in the trunk M MI This video, titled ‘😨Minecraft Mobs In Real Life || Part 2 || #shorts #viral #minecraft’, was uploaded by Blue Lord Gaming on 2024-01-11 05:58:04. It has garnered 9 views and likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:28 or 28 seconds. 😨Minecraft Mobs In Real Life || Part 2 || #shorts #viral #minecraft minecraft mobs in real… Read More


    SKIKEN - TRAPPED 20 PLAYERS IN MINECRAFT BLOCK!Video Information Aujourd’hui je me suis enfermé avec 20 joueurs dans un seul bloc sur Minecraft et pour agrandir notre zone on va devoir compléter des advancements vous savez c’est les messages en vert qui apparaissent dans le chat quand vous êtes en multijoueur à chaque fois qu’on débloquera un nouveau progrès la bordure Va s’agrandir d’un bloc supplémentaire et vous verrez qu’à la fin c’est vraiment devenu le bordel d’ailleurs tout ça ça s’est passé en direct sur twitch avec tous les abonnés alors si tu veux toi aussi participer au prochain concept va me suivre là-bas je te… Read More

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    "INSANE 1.20 Minecraft PE BAMBOO 2.0 Seed" 😱Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft pe 1.20 crazy seed 😱’, was uploaded by BAMBOO 2.O on 2023-12-06 10:31:06. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Read More


    JOIN THE CRAZIEST FACTIONS SERVER IN MINECRAFT!😱Video Information En el día de hoy estaríamos aquí en el servidor de lux factions el cual es un servidor Survival factions para Minecraft bedrock y celular por lo que se van a poder unir con este IP que tienen aquí mismo en pantalla y ahora sí empecemos con el video tenemos en la Parte de los kits de Rango usuario el kit minero y el kit pvp que esto Les recomiendo demasiado que los reclamen cuando ustedes vayan entrando al servidor porque como pueden ver el kit minero pues ya nos daría un pico de hierro filo tres aparte… Read More

  • INSANE Minecraft Mansion Frights! 😱

    INSANE Minecraft Mansion Frights! 😱Video Information Oh there run run run run run run run Run what everyone it’s your boy flmg back in the world of Minecraft Wow in the previous episode I’m not going to lie I don’t remember what we did because it’s been it’s actually been so long since I’ve recorded Minecraft because I figured out some new stuff to do and it required traveling a long long long ways and it only involves getting More templates so yeah hey by the way there’s a cavern down there with the whole Mossy stuff but if we go up here I… Read More