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Recently I played in the 24 hour SMP for those who don’t know the 24 hour SMP is an event that’s happened a few times now where dozens of content creators are put into a survival world and have 24 hours to gather resources or whatever they want to do after which they’re all put

Into a small border and engage in a free-for-all where the last player standing wins throughout the 24 hours viewers can donate to the stream when they’re watching and can make something happen in game this could include helping the player by giving them Lucky Blocks totems or XP but they could also

Do harmful things like Summoner Warden directly on top of the streamer but I mean surely nobody would do that right these donations would all go towards the sarcoma foundation in honor of technoblade I will also be donating any AD Revenue this video makes to the sarcoma foundation and if you are able

To donate yourself I highly encourage you to link will be in the description and the pin comment and with out of the way enjoy the video so once I knew I was in the event I started talking to my friends sandwich Lord nebula and Phaedra

Who were all also in the event links to their everything will be in the description when we got to cooking coming up with a precise itinerary for how we were going to most efficiently use our 24 hours to prepare for the final fight I did not record this

Pre-filling so uh here are some screenshots of the three of us having fun in sky battle I wrote this script at like 2 am and I I I put a smiley face emoticon in the script what was I what was I expecting me to do to uh never

Mind and so the event began not a little much going on at first we were just waiting for the border to disappear but you know put the four of us in an empty room with nothing but a bucket and a step ladder and we will still find a way

To be careful that could help but my friends hi guys hi face hello it’s me yippee you hello guys the MCC rising up why you want my head this gives a whole new meaning to giving head the song all right Bomb Oh oh no no Minecraft Who’s that flop wait what is it with you your 2013 for pointing out that we are touching grass right now we are oh my God I’m doing more than just touching us I’m eating it right now touch grass I can’t I hated it all right box should we just pull into sport

Yes yes yes I can’t I can’t get on top of you while we’re both crawling already No I no I would never be British our Lord and savior USA that’s me I would never be British you must have me confused with someone else who is not British I would never disrespect them But we’ve got to hide in the new receipt to be something safe this is closer as it was safe during this time we’re going to build fight and survive all while preparing after 24 hours we will all be sent to a battlefield anyway after a while the

Border disappeared and we got to our first name was to find a village preferably not close to spawn so we got lucky and it didn’t take long before I had my first encounter items I can hear voices hi okay sorry this is really this is soda hello what’s up

How nice how nice of you no I’m a really nice guy my name is yeah I can tell I can tell I can tell I’m chilling I’m just wandering around looking for things you know like you do like you do all right let’s go find myself Rossi knows something okay clearly a content creator date it didn’t take long for problems to Arise at first the server was quite laggy but Loop assisted then something

Terrible happened no no what happened what happened to him what happened what happens in nebula Minecraft guys where did where did nebula go what was it what happened what is he cooking yeah and I’m just setting my chat as Internet died he was just about to enter the devil oh

So nebula’s internet went down and now he can only play using his phone’s hotspot meaning it was very lag of him and he couldn’t be easy with us so we were effectively a player down instantly which definitely seemed like it would put a spanner on our works but we pushed

Forward and then eventually I probably walked past like loads of villages already just because because of the lag it’s a spruce one it’s a spruce one is that good is that okay yes that’s fine it’s fine as long as it has villagers right now yeah oh I teleported

It’s he it’s he oh yeah also you could TP to other players I think I should okay let me open these Lucky Blocks please be normal are you okay no did you get good things quite the opposite quite the opposite never is raising money even he’s he’s easy

Let me break that that’s an Enderman that’s a lot of it and they’re angry and they are angry the end of men are react to angry and they are probably wanting to all right I got 16 under pillows though oh time warped and oh okay it’s a Time warped ender

Pearl whatever that means oh wait like teleports you back after oh by the way time warped underpals do teleport you back to where you were after a few seconds this is a surprise tool that will help us later wait where are you oh there you are after we started setting up the village

And making the villagers are mandatory volunteers I went into the mines and no near-death experiences occurred at all oh I found oh I found a cave I found it nice it’s been broadcasted into the chat what I’m doing awesome oh oh no I went energy boat I did not land the MLG how

Did you spawn me because oh I am not having a fun oh no you can’t use that kit again for 11 Days 12 hours hey guys my next stream give me your billions yeah there’s some there’s one show here just over here ah oh sorry oh

My God it’s price I’m so sorry my boots no not my boots how could you break my Stumpy style boots like that I raised five quid five quid let’s go you can maybe buy a freddo with them which which way was it out that way that way to go deeper into the lines

What are you doing there crazy what are you doing that crazy I’m gonna play synthwave to get through this quicker I’m currently playing the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack I’m gonna play The Bad Piggies theme song Do you do Oh sorry well charity Mail I just got eight twins wait that’s busted wait gold form guys gold Farm you can make a gold Farm fun fact I was really adamant on making a gold one you see ecaps and totens were both craftable so I thought making a gold form would be a really useful long-term investment yeah

Down at Cave hey oh going dark cave bruh why would I why would I possibly say that I knew I knew what the response would be if I did collect your Bloom and diamonds right in and out simple as just like that clicky you think oh that fun

I’ve never heard of the average northerner going family so stop being you simple as getting the bloody pie and chips that local chipper you’re Jeopardy guys get your chippy too right go that Aldi get yourself uh stereotoir good good Pakistan right have your chippy tea what Strictly Come Dancing with the Mrs

Simple as you really aren’t can the chunks please load what the hell foreign video [Laughter] yeah I just got a Lucky Block yo me too it’s a black one oh everyone go along oh guys this is a zombie villager do we keep him can we keep him his name is

Roger and he’s here to stay what the heck No I’m so glad I saw that guys look it’s nib it please it’s he it’s he it’s the guy ever no no Roger why would you kill him why would you do that there’s a wolf in here I don’t think you understand the issue oh no where did the frog come from

The Frog’s just done now what the [ __ ] is just there to stay that’s Roger the Frog why are they all named Roger because I do because I want them to be what are you doing that crazy is that a server plug what are you doing there Chris who is this frog

How are you doing that crazy what are you doing there crazy what the hell yeah what what is he doing what [Laughter] I just I just I just love seeing them after all that happened I finally got to work on constructing a gold form phase

And I built the farm and it was not scuffed at all you need to go up 64 blocks we need we need to go up 64 temporary blocks look at me go on the the other Christmas the ever I am the ever the ever do we have enough thank you go

Do we even have enough did you do math bad no no it’s perfect I got 45 Stacks which is exactly what we need no net neb is the father how long can we keep calling neb the father because he is he Jesus because he is all I’m saying is

Have you ever seen nebula and God in the same room just putting that out there I appear to be out of magma I got one stack left no but you have done it [ __ ] kidding me are you out and then it turns out that the rates from the farm were trash and nowhere

Near as high as they should be so the farm was pretty much useless so that was cool Anyway by the time the farm was done it was 3am and I wrapped things up there the next morning I went straight back onto the server I didn’t

Go live for a few hours and in that time I went mining set up a mob grinder and raided another Fortress at this point though things were looking kinda uncertain there were only a couple hours left until the final fight and in all honesty I did not at all feel prepared

We thought to get loads of enchants potions and just general items pretty much all of the final few hours were spent chopping down trees to get sticks to trade and Mining quartz XP but then with one hour remaining you’ll never guess who was suddenly able to rejoin Miner knows back So neb was back but he was also significantly under geared and we were running out of time I just kept collecting resources and hoped and prayed to our Lord and savior German that I didn’t die eventually I had all my gear pretty much ready I wasn’t able

To get all the enchantments I wanted but what I had would hopefully be good enough it was only a few minutes ago I really wanted to go to the end and kill a bunch of Enderman you see I had a sword with looting 10 and if I just

Spent a minute in the end I could get stacks of pearls for all of us only problem was I had no idea where the stronghold was I had asked in chat but got ignored which was kind of cringe so I had only one other option 10 minutes

Left I made some under eyes and went looking for a stronghold when I say I was stressed throughout all of this I was stressed with only a couple minutes to spare I found the exact chunk where the stronghold was and I looked but I just couldn’t find it anywhere at this

Point I was out of time so I had no choice but to TP back home unable to get any bells I gathered any final items I’d need cross Timmy wasn’t allowed in the free-for-all so we all set our goodbyes and prepared for the final battle that

Was about to occur well gentlemen I mean for me I have to play Passive because I don’t know if I have the greatest fight huh I’m gonna have to rely on cleaning and stuff well well gentlemen no matter what happens if we if we stand and we

Succeed or if we fall instantly it doesn’t matter who what happens we it was an honor of fighting by your sides it was an honor working with you all no matter what happens no matter what happens good luck gentlemen good luck gentlemen it truly was an honor o sevens farewell hey it’s here

No matter what happens it was an honor oh sevens who who are you get out of here I’m sorry wait you’re British all my mistake man you look like an American [ __ ] distance I’m sorry we we do we do hey no no hold on us Brits need to work

Together to defeat the Americans the Americans yeah hey what what’s your what’s your favorite actions what’s your favorite episode of EastEnders who’s who’s who’s your favorite chaser for us yeah what’s up yeah between me and you all right between me and you we got this okay we believe in

The other cards I believe we shift them up this is what all the British training was for them exactly fun oh wait wait till they see me in the seasons coffee fan it’s all over for them I was shift them up before Coronation Street ends from oh God I am

So ready to instantly die oh well it was fun we had a good run this one wasn’t everything we did everything we saw you were brilliant as players died Oh oh hey um Merry Christmas oh it was Sun Tzu who said know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear the result of 100 Battles good advice right only problem is I did not know my enemy and I certainly didn’t know myself all I was

Confident in was the fact that there were definitely plenty of people here who were much better than me at PVP so I did the only logical thing to do in this situation run around and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and just hope they didn’t stab me did my plan work yeah ish okay

What the [ __ ] this guy’s just damaged I’m gonna die I’m actually gonna die I’m actually gonna die this guy’s dedicated this guy is oh this guy’s dedicated Jesus Christ Good luck this guy’s dedicated oh my God oh I cannot get a little then please don’t why is oh Gavin talking to me what is he doing why is he talking to me help God you see he’s trying to kick my butt please I’m just a humble boy I’m just a

Humble guy I’m just this little goofball I’m just a silly little goofball Oh Big brain shots big brain struts what are you why are you like this it is um not looking great please stop please please I ask you I asked you politely uh is Gabby still on your tail bro why why does he care about me so much how are

You guys doing this man has a crush on me I’m my heart I cannot cope I’m gonna die in real life before I die in game Gavin if you have a crush on me just a minute you just have to tell me I could let you down gently if you prefer

Your favorite about that no I’m really not oh thank you really wants me like once more hello hi Kevin Hey Kevin the turn some table yeah I got I think I got killed accidentally uh oh do you have like that goodbye what are you guys up to hello

This is what you get for having a crush on me yeah yeah I’m having a lot of fun actually wait Kevin’s dead let’s go so with oh Gavin dead there were now eight people left including me with the other seven people all being significantly better than me at the game it very much

Felt like this meme anyway can you guess who the next person to die was hey Chris hey man how’s it going that’s right we can talk about this right please please please that was the event pretty much over I mean if I did continue after I died but

Like two really cares you know I wasn’t there so in the end the event raised over six thousand dollars for the sarcoma Foundation they released a list of the top 10 participants who raised the most money and I was 10th with 196 dollars which is just what overall the

Event was a lot of fun there’s just one problem though why didn’t we use slash crawl in the final fight it could have made us so much harder to hit oh yeah I know who that is everybody everyone’s like hello everyone’s like oh my God

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Minecraft, but it’s the 24 Hour SMP!

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