ZIGGO’s Epic Minecraft Adventure!

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Slap him in the back the head whatever do you mean whatever does that mean going to have some completely normal game play today let me delete the original stream even though we got it figured out we already made a base in the new one so what’s going on what is going

On last night’s stream was fun I I’ve decided the fortnite streams are going to happen not often not often those two fortnite streams weren’t fun to make and then it’s just they don’t get as much attention as the others so it’s like I think we’re done with we’re done

Doing fortnite even once every week it’s probably going to show up once a month why you looking at me like that why you looking at me like that it’s my dog it’s my dog where’s my phone confusion bro what the hell is this dude let me shove this into my

Headset there we go now I can hear in my headset ah yes we are back I remember everything I want to get done but we should probably start with the house should it be one floor I don’t know if we really need two floors could always make a basement if we wanted

To now that I think about it we we might end up making a basement just with something cool look at this wolf if only I had bones but I don’t so it’s whatev we’ll figure it out we’ll get them eventually we have enough there’s there’s been multiple wolves around the area we’ll

Find we’ll get bones eventually we’ll get us one some cool mods nice I like Gmod I have 1,000 something hours in on it hell yeah that’s how you play it I would just yeah no I’m not getting that I would just overly do do it with

Mine I would just install a [ __ ] ton of mods oh I for I also forgot we started our carrot Farm [ __ ] bro I’m clicking it I’m just clicking too fast that’s what I’m doing wrong here that’s that’s where I’m [ __ ] up hey I don’t want to hear it

Jaden what’s going on it’s been a while man I think wait if I’m thinking of the right Jaden okay I I’m thinking of the right one what’s been going on man dude nothing much fair enough I’m on that streamer’s grind again we grinding the streams except

This time we might be able to actually turn this into something yes sir yes sir oh my gosh boom Cool yeah 44 more okay you got to you got to come over here right here on this exact spot out of this entire world right there yeah that makes total sense okay this isn’t like even at all but I I really don’t care I’m thinking we use the Cobblestone for the

Walls because why the hell not actually second thought second thought hold on let me let me eat some carrots speaking of which how is our farm doing my my Sprint doesn’t feel like a Sprint anymore why does how you been though I’m doing I’ve been good man I am doing swell

I don’t know why that’s not there we go once we get this carrot Farm going man man oh man trying to think maybe we’ll build like a barn thing right here I’m not sure quite yet that’s crazy oh my God skeleton I just want the skeleton that’s

All also we also got to take into consideration that just because we see one where the I mean I see another skeleton with a zombie right there oh is that two oh that’s two oh there’s yeah let’s just let’s just sleep and then once it becomes daytime they’ll all die

And then I’ll get their bones anyhoo ow you [ __ ] I can’t wait to give your bones away I’m not wasting the sword’s durability on you you’re about to die anyway oh you both oh wait I if they burn they’re not going to drop [ __ ] yeah okay I’m turning

My lights off again I actually like I actually like streaming with the lights off there we go I okay yeah I [ __ ] up I was going to put this all along the side but it’s like we don’t need this but we can still keep them for when we

Will want them and or need them okay I don’t want to you get this door cuz these look like dungeon doors you still tall as a tree as always yes sir 6′ 6 going on 6′ 7 let’s see well oh oh my gosh I’m gardening guys I’m gardening you see that they they

Grew a little bit they grew a little bit we’re going to have a lot of farming stuff at some point you know it’d be cool if this was turned into a dorm a dorm a dome 6′ one yeah I I really don’t like my height

Um I know a lot of people people who want to be extremely tall and then I’m over here trying to play VR in my friend’s apartments and I’m just punching the ceiling so these are problems I wish I did not Have oh my gosh I’m sleepy I’m finally got actual work tomorrow I haven’t been scheduled to work in a month yeah I’m thinking Cobblestone I’m going to need a new stone pickaxe though do I have I have no Cobblestone left over [ __ ] it’s cool we just need three three it survived getting us

Three I’m so proud of it yep and he has a trident there you go there you go you can have those you can have this egg you can have this hoe so yeah I think I’m seeing it through we’re going to have our house there we’re going to have a docking system

Under this under we’re not just putting it there it’ll be under there around here could be too we could just dig the rest of this out cover it up on the top and then build some sort of barn plans guys the plans the plans the plans the plans Thou shalt

Create the only issue with streaming this game is it’s such a slow moving game hot dog boom boom boom why did I need to chop down more trees my ear is itching like a [ __ ] I am not liking that oh my eyes Let’s see here let’s see here I maybe we’ll turn that into it let’s try this let’s try this I’m going to make it that I thought that came with two oh [ __ ] okay he this has two let’s put one here one there yeah this is our little capture

Pit we’re going to put all of the stuff we keep captivity in here only temporarily until whenever we get a barn whichever number stream that will be probably not for a while I squeak squeak to you too we’ll put two more down all right o no what you know what you I just

Thought of something Oo that’s loud though that’s loud there we go there we Go we got some Jazz playing now we got us some music going on how nice is this okay 18 might have been Overkill 18 might have been Overkill oh no underkill under under kill it was underkill it was underkill by three who the [ __ ] are you leave my

Cters this instance what do you got okay your llamas will be mine you my friend will perish MH uh-huh yeah yeah you will perish Whoops there we we go this should be well lit up now all right your llamas are going to be mad as hell at me now I need them to not kill each other at the same time though all right now they don’t care now we go over we take the leads we

Take them into the little pen we have and life is good also witch witch witch run away I’m so sorry llama you’re coming with me on this okay I guess you both are I’m just going to lay down for a second that’s not going to get the witch

To go but it’s going to make it daytime so I can actually do some [ __ ] oh that’s really not going to make the witch go okay that witch was scaring me you know what would help rain rain would help but they’re growing cannot deny that you’re cooked hey it

Happens you sent some stuff in the disc okay I’ll check it out later there we go we got us a couple llamas yeah yeah we got a that’s not actually a bad idea get your get in there okay what is this background music is it too loud or too quiet guys or neither

Also I threw some jazz on to spice up the background how’s the sound it’s good okay yeah no I I threw some jazz on to keep the background you know because it gets quiet the m music in this game isn’t always playing and so it gets boring just seeing me just

Staring at me cutting a tree down so I decided to go ahead and throw some jazz On you come on there we go for when I do get a bone sweet all right let’s get to work so I’m thinking this is what I’m thinking we should use cuz I want to use uh Cobblestone hey what’s going on Stein welcome to the stream I want to use

Cobblestone for my walls so if we’re going to build a a a docking area right here I could just use all of this let’s grab this coal first lots of coal we love to see it we love to see it ooh oh my gosh a lot of a lot of lots

Of Cobble walls look like [ __ ] and that’s your opinion May cats being cute that good What that’s a we got a lot of coal from that we can toss this in here cuz we already got a lot of torches so we’re not going to need any more coal for that for a while and in this world it’s okay to have a wrong Opinion okay yeah I’m seeing it we could definitely we could definitely clean this little spot Up Thinking we’ll build the wall just build build it back up right here and then right here where I can just hear Him what okay so yeah I think anything in between those two we’re just going to annihilate from here to there that seems like a pretty good idea we’re definitely going to need a couple pickaxes for this one but yeah right here is where we’re going to where we’ll end it Not unretired Bluebird app axe I don’t like the name at the same time though I never Ed Twitter nor so like I guess I don’t really care How did everyone enjoy yesterday stream Oh my gosh pretty good sweet that’s what we’re going For [ __ ] copper Did fall asleep towards the end oh n it’s fine yeah no this Five Nights at Freddy’s ruin is getting very confusing on some of its uh stuff for me I wasn’t expecting its story to be long I really thought yesterday’s stream was going to be the end of

It I wasn’t expecting it to be long I didn’t um watch any videos but I saw Markiplier made seven [ __ ] Parts on it so ah unfortunately this is the last stream of the stream week though and then we’re going to have to wait for next stream week let’s just clean up anything that’s

Like like not tall actually I believe I was going to keep that part ah whatever whatever an extra block isn’t going to do anything yeah no that’s I wasn’t expecting the game to be so long which I’m cool with it’s getting us tons of content right but oh my gosh and from

What I’ve been told we still have a whole lot to get through so it it’s going to be it’s going to be fun it’s going to be fun all right let’s see here where do I want my doors I’m only getting them right now cuz I want to see we’re not going to

Keep these doors cuz I don’t like these doors but I could put but other than that not even that actually I’m I am enjoying Five Nights at Freddy’s ruin I just really I’m a huge fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s game so like I I was going to be a

Fan how do you test to someone Southern we have a shovel we do we do we do we do we do we do I’ll organize these on a later date where’s my boat oh it’s getting night let’s try and get some skeletons so we can tame this wolf over here

I think eventually we are going to set some some sort of Walls sun goes down enemies go up yeah look at how much nicer this is looking already and then we get to fill this in at some point it’s for the house I already have my plans for this Stuff Hold On all right let’s see here you know what you know what you know what you know what you know what you give me little bone [ __ ] that’s one bone that’s not going to tame this dog that’s not going to tame [ __ ] I’ll still give it to him but

That’s not going to tame him all right let’s see here yeah okay SW I yeah I didn’t mean to switch it to my pickaxe it was just yeah yeah tell them you made a barbecue but then explain that you made vegan crock poot barbecue if they kill

You yeah that seems like it would work we should try this did bro not Drop Bones Dang I like having my [ __ ] together in a game and not needing to fend for my life 24/7 I heard of skele bones I am getting low on health though so let me fix that real quick no way a witch just showed up like that bro WiFi wizard hi

Hello there’s two Creepers just sitting there bro your Lux be terrible the only human being to get no DRS from a skeleton ever yeah especially when we’re actually trying to find find one going to cook yourself a pizza sounds right sounds about right pizza’s pretty dope I had chicken I had chicken for

Dinner why does my run not feel like I’m running anymore You’re going to be posting that’s cool that’s fine what the [ __ ] Casey’s breakfast pizza yeah yes sir skeleton I’m here to fight I’m not even going to try and Di your arrows cuz apparently you guys will shoot us no matter what there’s another skull bones oh and another one Sweet okay yeah now we’re done now we’re going to take a chill Pill had a ly ly F bro’s trying to get out that’s crazy sorry Pals yeah I can’t never mind I’m going back in the I’m going back in there especially cuz I can hear that little [ __ ] behind me yeah yeah I thought I heard correctly I thought I heard correctly hey Papas is he mad at me or does oh I think he wants that that makes

Sense it’s kind of fun oh yeah I have a blast blast streaming and uploading Videos is your skin a black guy and a hoodie no it’s Steve I just threw a hoodie and a purple shirt on and some glasses Oh yeah no I’m not you see them eyeballing me bro I need that other bone look at them we’re just chilling with our Pig and two llamas it’s the pig we accidentally got we didn’t even mean to oh no after I saw him walking up to me we meant to but other than

That I got to say I’m pretty fond of this pen I think we’re just going to have to wait even then though this this creeper is not going to leave once daytime comes you know fish Drop Bones right I forgot about That look at this we have three [ __ ] bows You all immediately start walking over there bro you know what I’m going pickaxe give me your soul [ __ ] you guys are about to die oh I didn’t like that you guys are about to Die you guys are about to die Oh okay that usually works whatever that blew up in my face I’m done hey papy you [ __ ] brat was what so you’re telling me I can’t just run through them anymore and they push me oh my God actually I need you to decide for me should I cook pizza or pizza Rolls pizza rolls for Sure nah pizza rolls if you already if you did a pizza already you should just go for the pizza rolls and save the pizza also pizza rolls on top Mo a lot of the times i’ I’d actually prefer pizza rolls over Pizza this dog is not letting us off easy I crafted the wrong one that’s cool though no I didn’t maybe I did I don’t know whatever we have a stone axe now you will be mine that dog it’ll be mine you too you’re both going to be

Mine one day come on I’m just saving you guys for later I was just acting like chica or queso damn okay last night all of the queso memes had me crying that [ __ ] was so funny You know what’s sad the last Minecraft Stream So that other small streamer I was telling you about the one that’s getting big pretty quickly is currently playing a game where if she makes a sound she dies she has Oh my Gosh Yeah yeah uhhuh yeah we’re going to make this one bigger you let’s go I need sand we’re drifting a boat right now we were I would just stop it we might just go to the shovel breaks cuz why not super simple just like depression be happy all right you hear

Him when you’re about to hurt yourself just breathe dude people who are drowning just drink the water yo if you’re on fire just put the fire out breathe air would this very wise man wear glasses live in a different country bald last name starts with t first name

Starts with a if you’re on fire just wipe it off oh my gosh you Guys the day I get cancelled I’m blaming all of you Just don’t think about it just don’t think about it it’s crazy I think we’re going to slide some fish oh look at that Just remove that second chromosome oh my God look at this [ __ ] why did they have to add baby versions of these things dude baby zombies baby drown let’s get to bed you can only sleep at night and during thunderstorms yeah yeah yeah I don’t I hate the Babies like all I can picture is like that scene where Hulk grabs Loki by the ankle and just bang bang bang I can just imagine that with Stein and a Child yeah Yeah yeah we just need one more boom how’s our little carrot Garden going carrot Farm oh my gosh they’re coming in all nicely I forgot isn’t it supposed to be a little bit of a brighter Orange when they’re done I think so from what if I remember Correctly I’ll check Clips just give me a minute it’s super funny is it going to end up not being a clip from the Stream So something I’ve noticed is we really like to throw stuff into the places that it’s not supposed to Go I don’t know if I want to click on this link all right hold On For all righty qu so’s live I just got the notification move you’re going to flash me bro oh my gosh you’re going to flash me I love perfectly timed Clips Whoops did the best timing ever oh gosh another one of these you want to know how to test if someone’s a cop how do you test if someone’s a Cop tell them you’re black if yeah yeah no if I ever getting cancelled I’m immediately going to play the blame game on you guys God damn It Yeah yeah okay we’re going to go with that I like that Look what is an STD socks is like cloth you put on your feet yeah say they have it a lot maybe they have a lot of socks I don’t know you do it a lot yeah give your feet some protection let’s get more wood we need to get us another Pig so we

Can make the other who pigs [ __ ] and get us more pigs and then we need some sheep and cows oh shut up with that I don’t like those noises why would they swear to each other uh because they don’t like each other and they’re getting forced to give me pork they

Give I don’t think there’s any right way to word that that’s why they’re dating yes all they do is argue it’s just like most human relationships actually all they’ll do is argue [ __ ] I didn’t mean to make three [ __ ] Stacks okay well you know what now we have three stacks that’s

Fine this is fine [ __ ] oh you know what screw it whatever we can finally move into a safer safer area thought that was in the chest oh how lovely I will swear to my girlfriend from now on no you get it wrong it’s only okay when the woman screams at the man you

See otherwise you get seen as a dick but when she does it’s okay yeah no no no no all good yeah no you got to let let let her scream at you and you hate your life and you work 80 hours a week bring home a lot of

Money let her spend it you know that’s dating but if you love her in your eyes it’ll make sense hey I see you’ve come to add to my llama collection h [ __ ] can’t get me yeah there you go oh look at how it’s coming along all right let’s go get those

Llamas and throw them in here too do I have any actual purpose for the llamas no then you did socks what’ you do to your socks guys is it only salmon that drops the bones I I did not think of this damn ah this is not going

Well I did not know wolves and llamas we’re not fond of each other yeah I did not know they were not fond of each other come on come on where you going where you going this way yeah he killed the Llama oh [ __ ] I let the Pig Escape who gives a [ __ ] come

On all right you I think this is the wolf that I almost got close to taming I believe so is so is it might be Salmon well okay let’s look for some salmon then because I killed a bunch of cod and not one fish dropped bone there’s my

Boat you were born 5 years before Minecraft was made how old are you Zack you’re still here I thought you dipped earlier aha not even I didn’t guys did that one that one dropped it oh I’m getting air chillax okay so I guess it’s just hit or miss with the

Fish yeah I guess it’s just hit or miss with the fish push over [ __ ] yeah I’m I’m part German come here you tiny [ __ ] okay so it’s definitely yeah I turn 18 this year too it’s bro huh yeah know the bones are hit and miss I’m not I’m not even going to

Try let’s just head back to the base oh my God not that yeah but with the fish it’s only it’s random with the skeletons I guess it’s also random cuz I did kill that one skeleton and didn’t get one but I have a higher chance so instead of chasing fish

On Minecraft day I’m just going to just laid a fat log in my toilet I’m so glad we finally got a little little H this this is nice and cozy how big was that L by the way let’s give the wolf the singular bone yes finally let’s go my papas I mean I

Got my real dog right here but I can’t just import him into the game so we got this yeah yeah now we got that little little guy yeah it was the singular fishbone okay I take it they don’t turn bright orange I thought they turned bright orange but they might have updated It oh I wasn’t entirely wrong they used to be like oh you guys can’t see that they used if this is done then they used to be really orange no it’s not they’re not done they Dro multiple dude dog let’s cook these fish up rough fish l i don’t huh No if so then I must be correct they’ll turn orange orange once they’re fully done like bright orange like that right there that’s what they look like I knew I wasn’t crazy this is what it’ll look like when it’s done cuz then they Dro multiple look at

That and then oh we can play plant more we can plant more of them yes oh I love our little tiny house what’s going on box welcome to the stream you joined late ah you’re fine all you really miss was us building the the house that was you didn’t really miss anything

If you plant potatoes next to carrots then both plants grow faster num Noms uh you don’t you don’t have to talk you don’t you don’t even have to stay if you want to just go play your game my in all right that’s crazy I’m not opening my door for you any plant

Okay I can’t wait to get a good big farm started look at you look at you Thanks for the new general what do you mean don’t check Discord okay I won’t bro yeah that was very anticlimactic all Right Sweet all right let’s try this thing then there we go we’ll just leave those there for now come on come on no no oh no wait what am I doing making this harder than it has to be you see him trying to get out of here that’s

Cute I keep getting Star Trek clips and my favorite one has got to be thank you for lighting me on F giving me permission to be in pain wow thank you for lighting me on fire and giving me permission to be in pain that’s interesting that is very interesting I

Uh I I I have no comment for That I am thirsty I’m going to hydrate real Quick Oh guys hear me out what if we get a fish tank right and we put it right here and then we have a a a stream pet sure put it in the uh oh [ __ ] yeah bet bet when I can afford it dude oh crawfish that’d be kind of

Cool that’d be kind of cool um the cool ones like breaks glass well then I don’t know if we could keep it in a tank if it broke glass or a blue one yeah All hello Ben Ben let’s see a Is that One uh vietn Vietnamese I think I’m doing my like best to include him here let’s See I’m doing this whole thing Ron I I don’t know what I’m doing I’m not going to lie look up blue dragon Crayfish Dude when I went to hydrate my my Guinea I look over my guinea pigs are just laying down next to each other it was so cute oh that is cool that is cool AMA yeah yeah after I sawama I knew exactly where that was going yeah Yeah dang we stayed in the house for a whole Minecraft day just like I do in real life all right see you Rush guys I was going to say what should we continue working on but we already got this started might as well let’s get the Dock done in this stream too we already got the house built might as well get the Dock done as well and we got a dog and some animals

And that we made some we made way better progress in in this stream than we did Yesterdays must Cas where did this come from hey I’ll sleep there we go whenever the [ __ ] I want to Sleep oh my gosh guys under the stream of yesterday’s stream I got such a sweet comment which is funny cuz it was by someone named bu YouTube views but it says your positivity is contagious and it’s exactly what the world needs right now thanks for spreading the joy oh my

God I [ __ ] love doing this [ __ ] I really don’t like this door I don’t do it I don’t do a German accent I’m part German oh my god let’s change up the Jazz we’ve been listening to the same exact Jazz tune over and over again let’s switch it up

Jazz let’s see if we can find another One bro the [ __ ] little bro thing that [ __ ] has me dying that that [ __ ] has that on Tik Tok I’ll see like someone will comment something awesome and I’ll just see oh it’s over for you little bro with the pray and then the skull emojis that [ __ ] is so

Funny it’s so stupid but it’s so funny need this for work tomorrow guys for the first day in like a month I am getting scheduled for my actual job my real job so I’m going to start making money again can we just make your room in aquarium okay my dream house isn’t much

I I just in my house I want to have a wall that’s just an aquarium I would love that I would just I would [ __ ] I would love that so Much we’ll dig out whatever we want for the docking system right now we just don’t need water in here oh yeah this is going to be a nice little Fit Imagine we get into his house okay hold on a second imagine we get into I robber of the Year interesting If I can’t reach the bottom it’s fine we’ll just get the bottom on in a Bit you won’t steal anything you’ll have nothing to steal I’m broker than a [ __ ] which is one thing I’ve already comes come to terms with too is like I don’t need to be rich so you’re not going to have anything to steal just saying okay buddy now you’re going too

Far this is the one thing the one thing in the house take take take my dog bro like don’t don’t take my no don’t take take my dog I love my dog diesel is my little boy he’s my puppins take the Funko Pops The Collection is barely worth much you’ll

Get a couple hundred Max you I’m not even collecting them for the money I’m just collecting them cuz I like Them because if it was for the money this would not be worth it let me just tell you it it absolutely would not be worth it sell them to eBay and give them to Chaka okay okay okay fine let’s see Here $3,000 Funko in your house Well look at that it’s been cleared out let’s clean these walls up I’ll start with this one this one’s already almost over all right well we might as well take the coal all right you know what we love it when coal SP SPS in big patches like

This did he just me he did did he just me where the racist builds you know I just thought of that if you if it’s been so long since you’ve been in one of the streams to where like you remember me as poster God has this channel changed from then oh my Lord wonder what I can use up here for yeah no if only the ogs know why you changed it I don’t even uh yeah okay Yeah well and so something I I’ve realized is with every name change I’ve had there’s been a change in the way I stream it’s like different identities although I’m not someone who has identity crisis it’s just like whenever I change the stream up a little bit or the name

The personality of the stream changes Too look at this this looking nice we cleaned it out oh oh Oh look at that yeah I yeah I do remember I I don’t do them anymore but when my name was poster we got we used to have the longest streams dude every stream or at least every other stream was almost 6 hours long which is why I think it burnt me

Out so quick because when I was poster in UGA I just this oh my God I would just stream for hours and hours and hours and I think that’s what burnt me out and that’s what caused me to keep like not being continuous with the streams I didn’t

Realize how easy it would be to come back though I thought I would have to technically restart from square one but when I the first stream back I already had a bunch of stuff or a bunch of people joining the streams talking about how they’ve been waiting for

It you’re doing an all nighter I would but I have work tomorrow morning so after this stream I’m probably going to watch some YouTube and go to Bed Yeah I work 9:00 a.m. to 2: p.m. tomorrow I’m trying to I’m I’m waiting till June to get a uh a factory job that pays like 23 an hour so like issue so issue is I wouldn’t be able to pick my hours though so it could

Go from 8 hours shifts to 10 hour shifts to 12 hour Shifts work on Sunday is crazy well at the same time though I haven’t been scheduled in a month so like I’ll take it I heard that skeleton you’re going right in that dog’s belly ooh we we got two of them Kroger always youings Kroger always gives you savings

Downlo the Kroger can enjoy over download the Kroger App your Microsoft account got hacked sadly I’ve been hacked a couple times um my YouTube has been hacked so has my Discord but when they hacked me luckily they didn’t go through any of my servers they just went straight another witch stop it you that’s a lot of zombies we’re not here for

Zombies yeah oh the pet simulator I forgot about pet simulator I low key I’m still a little kid when it comes to Roblox like I enjoy playing tycoons and obies and [ __ ] bro is not holding this stream that’s crazy so like we learned our lesson the last time might as well just yink the skeleton then go to bed oh wait Come on bud all right now we got us two dogs now we just need to get us some name tags for him come on and some tie dye so we can dye the collars come on playing them since 2009 wait no in 2011 I think okay you guys just chillax in

Here Can you tame a fox or can you only keep it if it’s on a leash I don’t remember I I’m not remembering yep 2011 all right let’s see Here plant-based goes there go there wood anything can go up here Weaponry cuz we can combine these sticks arrows Leather monster at 9:00 p.m. the game did this on purpose for sure come on I’m not going to actively try now though cuz we got we already have two but you have to breed two foxes and kidnap the baby fair enough we can kidnap a child ooh that’s Ah all right these three about to get Done Let’s go somewhere and get some Cobblestone our pickaxe has enough health and then probably go hunting too get us some stuff to cook some meat We Could Just Kill a ton of fish actually and just cook some fish created the historical event named 911 all right this isn’t my Mountain so I don’t give a [ __ ] how this place looks let’s just get some Stone What do you mean crazy I’m just going to mine to my hearts content I’m not even going to Bother I never realize how much playing Minecraft while listening to Jazz is Nice hey it’s the new name and I’m pretty confident this one stay I I had poster cuz that was my gamertag and a lot of stuff then I changed it to UGA because you know I was business I was business streaming partners with Chaka UGA Chaka UGA Chaka you Know and then he he got his channel taken down so I I had the figure my own thing out and so I created I’ve been drawing this character for like a year every day on like my homework and [ __ ] for school of the bowling ball guy that’s my

Profile picture and his name was zigo and I was like hey I’ll just name myself that I also had a guinea pig named zigo that passed away this uh last year you have no VC in your server yeah unless you guys want to talk to each

Other I’m not getting into a call in there that get hectic I haven’t reached I’ve I’ve just learned how to properly create the Server it definitely didn’t need to be this tall but it’s okay we’re going to make up for that we’ll make up for That all Right dude I um I saw this option to where I can make our our server into a community thing and it was like do you want to make get your server to become huge or something make it a community or make it turn it into a community and I

Was that that’d be such a bad idea that wouldn’t work out well at all not in our favor I’m really not liking these creepy ass I don’t like it it reminds me of the cave dwell dwellers mod and I I I’m no I’m no like I’m no like I’m no like

Okay close I think we’re going to put some of those on here we have some all we have some left over already so I might as well put them to use okay I say some we have three stacks left over that I didn’t mean to make oh that Mod’s terrifying Fine look at wholesome I will Soon yeah there we go I like that I like it can I be S of organizer we’ll See And I think just for some design we’re going to extend this out a little ways put some maybe wood that goes out a little bit and put a fence down o okay I like that I accidentally turned my headset down I did not mean to do

That [ __ ] I didn’t mean to do that Either Okay okay I’ll try that design we’ll try it we’ll give it a shot that you made it a server that has over 789 people in it nice I’m sure we can we’ll get there Someday for now though That a more actually there we go I can’t wait to start getting Redstone whenever we start going mining I like making electrical Contraptions I I’m also one of those people who adds light light switches to my builds in creative mode I don’t think I’ve ever actually done it much out of

Side no that’s not true choc and I used to play this survival world and I I built I built a base with Redstone lights all over that’s also how I used to make my Five Nights at Freddy’s builds is I would go and put a bunch of

Like yeah I don’t know how to explain it we got six people in here what’s going on everybody you jackass oh that’s nice there’s a spider crawling on me Okay I think before we continue forth with this which is turning out pretty pretty nicely let’s uh take a peek over here take a little peeky peek okay yeah we got some carrots done boom just place that one all right let’s hunt some fish cook them eat them oh that’s not

Good that is no Bueno come here fish you can’t escape me [ __ ] okay I just I had to make it clear that it wasn’t going to make it away from me it wasn’t me being too aggressive it was just you know ow oh there’s two of them okay waters are not

Safe God [ __ ] I hate to drown so [ __ ] much oh my gosh they piss me off oh hey little buddy we’re about to hit 2 hours is that my hint to end the stream should we just end the stream once we hit two what’s going On when you get struck with lightning okay this one’s got three more we’ll wait for this to Finish no no okay we won’t we bring the dog bring the Dog 20 minutes left okay I I’m going to put this into a perspective the reason I don’t play it bugs me when I uh put one game in the title and then I end up playing another it which is why if a a game [ __ ] up I’m always like we’re just

Going to end the stream right now and I’ll start another one it it just pisses me off why I Can’t Tell You Why okay I I don’t actually know why but it does it it it pisses me off when I I do that yeah but there’s still two

Different games in it though which is what gets me I like to separate We got to go get that other those other fish out of there but for now they’re fine how much farther up do we think one two three Maybe I’m thinking three three out looks Decent Minecraft’s dying ah it’s it’s Fine ah yes my plants my plants do we have any left over fence I doubt it uh let’s just chop some trees and make More see so most of the YouTubers already got their Minecraft Survival series out of the way which is why you rarely see that and um Modded Survival is where it’s at nowadays which is what I was going to do but like I’ve said in the last Minecraft

Stream I can’t seem to mod Minecraft without overdoing it I just I add one thing and then once I add one thing I’m like okay well this other mechanic would be cool so I add the other thing then I add another and another and another and

Then eventually the game gets to a point where it’s Unplayable like the last I have a modded World me and Alex or chako were playing and uh it yeah it just it died quick it did not go well we can make a little server with the gang that’d be e we you and I we could definitely do that we could definitely get

Chaka yeah we could get choca on that I don’t know about miles we could probably get ish melon on that too it’ have to be Bedrock though what do you mean you can’t Bedrock yeah if you have Java you get bedrock free if you have Bedrock you get

Java free that’s why I have Java make a realm for the viewers yeah we could do a Minecraft real [ __ ] I think we’re going to need more Sticks okay 45 I got to sneeze thank you gosh I’m not going to reach that what was I Whoops dude oh my God [ __ ] off I [ __ ] hate to drown so much yeah it’s a monthly it’s a monthly thing [ __ ] these and then the Phantom the Phantom [ __ ] whatever it is that flies around once you’ve stayed up for too many nights oh my God they piss me Off dude I’m going to [ __ ] lose it I’m going to lose my [ __ ] No I I could definitely afford it thing is is like I don’t want to do it right now another monthly payment to pick up on I already have multiple monthly payments I got to worry about that I can’t that aren’t optional so Wow’s okay well that’s that’s

Awkward well yeah I’m broke right now but with my job right now I can I can afford it it’s just I mean technically I could afford it right now too I do have a 20 but I’m not I’m not spending that on Minecraft hi Puppins okay that wolf [ __ ] them up hey Pal oh yeah no it I love having a real job and being able to actually spend like buy [ __ ] okay counter to that hear you out what if I spent it on gas so I could get Around the Minecraft R thing will be a project for later is what I’ll say we we’ll we’ll I’ll think on That I think we need more sand so that way we can get more glass to finish this Up h I’m talking for vehicles I’m not talking about getting fried we need to heal I was going to save that last fish but I wasn’t looking at my Health boom that’s right my pickaxe Broken to be fair you look like the type wow let’s See H Okay I’m going to say this it’s normally I don’t give a [ __ ] but this server I would actually like to keep keep going decent can we put the stuff where it’s supposed to where it’s supposed to that’d be greatly appreciated thanks what are you building by the way a dock

Uh yeah this is a little docking area this is going to be a little docking area it doesn’t look like it yet but it will be that [ __ ] he I guess he found where he wants to stay for now it’s not going oh my gosh here’s what I’m thinking we’re

Going to start a tunnel system right so right there there will be like stairs that’ll go down it’ll be a little way you can go in here or you can go into the mine we’ll create a mine going through there ooh this base will be Fun there’s no way you don’t know you look like the generic cartoon weed smoker I’m not denying it okay the beanie the headset the T-shirt nothing I’m not denying that one bit but it’s just damn let’s see and he’s White let’s let’s go get us some more sand wait we need a shovel we need a Shovel what am I what the hell Mouse is like was glitching for a second There sand you look easy to draw okay buddy okay I’ve heard this one multiple times I’ve heard this one multiple times I’m making a kind of Berner of all the people that regularly show up in chat in like a giant group photo oh nice that’s actually really sweet I like

That make poster look schizophrenic and make him have weed eyes okay guys what the hell my shovel oh my gosh my other shovel is still here is he actually getting mad no make sure he’s white can I get a dose of weed eyes too oh my gosh what is this [ __ ] chat

Dude really white to make it more realistic okay what the Hell oh my gosh you guys I can’t with you guys screw it let’s just keep grabbing let’s just go to the shovel breaks you never know when we’ll need more sand There we Go think of how big queso is and that’s how white zigo needs to be how does that make sense what the hell is this going to be what my meme is it’s just how [ __ ] white I am do you talk to Casper funny enough funny enough I have a friend on Discord named

Casper or it used to be Casper and he’s been in some streams too we don’t need that singular sand block you God damn it Alex is in the [ __ ] stream just why is this talk of conversation where did this come from where did this come from you guys were talking about oh my

God bro’s actually so white he talks to ghosts oh my God bro so white he thinks salt is spicy okay [ __ ] you for that hell no I love spicy food okay I love spicy Food you always on the K clux outfit or is that just your skin why did we get to this what the [ __ ] what the Hell n okay hold on hold On I’m going to put my favorite shirt on I hate this shirt this shirt Sucks yo guys hear me out we get a stream where we just get a bunch of oily naked men to twerk how does that sound I think it’s a fabulous idea okay I’m back that that shirt I hate the way that shirt feels bro so white he thinks salt is spicy

Yeah like salty food too bro so white the universe can’t keep in the same universe what bro put salt and pepper on everything with no sauce you’re probably overpowered in a snowball fight that’s [ __ ] crazy yo I could be a part of that you guys are [ __ ] nuts dude this SC

Bro we got we have seven people up why do we have seven people in here as everyone is talking about how white I Am yes I’m blonde hairy oiled man bro is white he bro you guys are going to make me a stoner after all these let’s see he’s the god of whites the I would love to see a fan art of me just floating in the air with my

Arms [ __ ] out like this just above all of the white people if you’re Yeti doesn’t check snap God damn it boy you need to eat I did eat I ate look I’ve eat it you need to eat I’ve eat It I’ve eight let’s go grab that let’s go grab that glass fun fact the sun is done I’m going to draw you done N I swear if you send a photo of just a white block oh my gosh I swear to God that was so quick that was so incredibly

Fast either you’re the world’s best artist or it’s exactly what I someone banned this guy I swear to God check waffle Stompers oh God what is this what is this this is creepy look at Fan Art dude I don’t want to I don’t want to naked oily men oh my

Gosh oh wow it’s a white box who would have known it’s just oh my gosh that’s crazy that’s crazy bro’s about to be traumatized that’s you guys I swear to God real quick what what’s it like to have some skin tone the same skin tone as your teeth I’m not even I’m not I’m not even going to give you a response to that oh my gosh what the [ __ ] bro he’s so pale when he gives me the

Command to look him in the eyes I can what do you mean when he gives you the command I don’t command you oh my what is going on why are we talking about my skin color where did this come from why it started it started with

Queso and then you guys did a oh my oh a full 180 you guys keep sending me texts I’m using this photo okay well now we can work on the lower heart so I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking let’s get this down so it looks nice and so we have the Cobblestone back stop not with that oh he’s still in here I forgot he was in here okay

Let’s see how do we want to do This you saved another photo of me to make a racist picture of me uh no I saved a photo from Alex but now I will do that of you Two you know if you didn’t look so much like a stoner you could probably plat a marble statue dude made some real fan art of you it’s going to be another white box isn’t it or is it going to be like a white box in a white Box bro no way this dude you can’t oh you can’t see it it he put bro Okay let’s actually get this done all right so what do we want to do here no no it’s not accurate I do you know what happened to Discord what do you mean I think stop there maybe like this then we’ll turn this into we’ll turn all of this into

Wood yeah let’s do that let’s do that let’s do that let’s do that so anything let’s see here I was worried about the mobs getting in from above me for a second but they kind of can’t oh I didn’t I didn’t I left my torches back house No way you just called me master and no I I don’t I don’t like where this is Going I really I am I’m not I’m not liking where this is going oh I forgot about them they can easily get me [ __ ] dude God here we Go my I [ __ ] hate this so much let’s see Boom three there’s three wide Each I can hear him all right let’s go back to the house and go back to bed back to bed I say back or to bed no backs yeah me Too I never sent a photo to you of when I had dyed hair because that was long before I met you my when I had dyed hair that was long before I met Alex the only person in our friend group who’s BR looks like a Just Dance car

When did they add mirrors in Minecraft oh my gosh let’s go check up on our crops ah yes there it is whoa that’s crazy not cancelled cancelled Cancelled check fan art God damn It you guys are [ __ ] getting crazy you guys I’m guys I’m not I’m not that [Laughter] White You’re whiter God Damn Dude all right let’s cop let’s chop some trees down bro like the stream hey that’s some good advice you guys should go like the stream obviously don’t have to but it would help me out lots that would help me out a lot I need another One then I think we’ll leave this one back a little ways just for the just for the Added I’m going to make some more fan art of you guys there’s no way you guys are having this much fun making my charact or making me incredibly White I there I am not that White We’re going to need our bucket we’re going to need our bucket let’s go get our bucket and then I guess and then after that we’ll make the staircase and then we’ll probably we should probably end the stream we don’t want to get too too much done in one stream I don’t know where that other dog over there went but I got bones for whenever it’s ready to show itself Boom Boom I like this I like this so far what we got going on is pretty good Guys I do need to eat though look at fan art oh gosh I’m I’m entirely scared uh [ __ ] it we don’t need these we’ll shove it in shove that in there all right let’s see what else okay oh God I the amount of photos I no I’m he’s too dark that To you guys are Fuing That scared the [ __ ] out of me my M my headset I accidentally clicked the mute microphone button cuz this headset comes with the microphone but we don’t need it cuz I have my actual recording microphone and I accidentally clicked the mute button and in my ear she seductively said microphone

Mute so like do you want to be a part of my family or not okay first bone I take that as a yes let’s let’s go o Carrots look at us oh more carrots it’s coming together it especially gets better when you don’t need to touch the garden for a long time so everything just starts growing fully you should let me in your ear what all right I think these three are going

To be our three main dogs our Trio of dogs now we just need name tags and I know one way we could get them is fishing but do we really want to fish for so long to get some name tags let’s chill in the house for the night we’ve already done we’ve gotten

Some good work done in this stream guys the last Minecraft stream we got jack [ __ ] done Also I really like the idea of having this Jazz playing in the Background what this what the [ __ ] is going on in the [ __ ] what is this what bro you guys are crazy you guys okay why did my skin color come into This Bro I’m Guys that’s crazy Sea Star roof r thank you a bow for the Collection dang do you like crack as as well oh my God Bro you all are yall are all crazy Um again with the creepy noises Oh is that like you need you can’t make anymore I’m I’m fine with that that’s okay with me He [ __ ] I didn’t mean To it’s too white to be fan art you guys got me [ __ ] up no resist resist we don’t need any more dogs in our pack we just need those three we don’t need any more we don’t need any more we don’t need any more dogs I had to guys come on 20 dogs oh my gosh [ __ ] I reopened A damn we got five of you guys now you know what this one’s this is this one’s our like our main one I’m pretty sure this is our first one too I’m bleeding now we’ll name him Jeff we’ll name him Jeff Yes I saw all of the Arts looks like I got a little I think I got another idea what we could be using that Uh those fences For I made an actual one the banner photo I’ve seen did you actually or is this just to trick me into looking at some more photos of how white I am of no not my dogs I’m bleeding not my dogss are mbss are CBS your dos are M crabs your

Dos are M CBS you should make those Emojis why don’t come godam it ouch ah that hurts I have a new use for You there’s More boom look at that just add a little nice balcony I didn’t mean to make it so tall but you know what this Works We can change it I mean we’re not it’s going to stay to Jazz cuz that’s like most common quiet but oh we don’t want jizz we want Hard Rock yeah we are about to hit 3 hours first three hour stream back Play Bad to the Bone okay I’m not trying to get

Copyrighted all right I’m going to slaughter the pig we’ll find another I don’t know what that pig was doing to that llama’s leg but it’s gone now no I’m not no I get copyrighted all the time for a bunch of random [ __ ] they definitely still see it can we C just cook the ax it went

Something where is it you said fan art I looked at Fan Art and it wasn’t There Messenges I love that you put the duck from sex [ __ ] profile picture up or Goose but his name’s get ducked on with [ __ ] rush I’ve accepted your friend request on Discord before gartic phone that that would be fun thing is everyone everyone would be able to see my

Side hold on I might just create a tunnel going that way and we’ll fill in whatever we overdo because I don’t know act I don’t actually know oh here’s a good way actually let’s just go up we don’t to count right now what do you mean your name’s not

Highlighted all right let’s see damn all right so we just got to extend it out one more all right so these three y’all are ruthless bro sayle [ __ ] way yeah after we’re done with these stairs we’ll we’ll end the stream let’s see well yeah now it’s it’s going to be

After I’m losing my interest in Organization I would like to point out that we have been able to hold on to five to six viewers for quite a while now we seriously need to find a couple pigs next next time we stream this we need to get yeah next stream on this we’re going to focus on our food Situation yeah guys we have 1 minute until we reach 3 Hours we [ __ ] up we’re going to have to push this down a little bit we’ve reached 3 hours guys we have reached 3 hours yes sir it’s been 3 hours shut up end it now all right fair Enough fair enough we did get to the part that I wanted To wait till 4 now wait wait till we H 4 hours to Leave oh my gosh that amount of hours almost adds up to how many taxes I’m in debt with with the IRS not literally all right I will say we have stuff brewing in the backgrounds of all this streaming stuff I’m not going to spoil much but yeah there there’s no actual number but

Um what’s the music I don’t know I was just searching up jazz on some random this one’s called winter jazz music 1 hour of smooth sounds in wintertime Square New York it’s made for studying but we used it for Minecraft um no so we uh we uh we have stuff in the backgrounds

Of all the streaming running as you guys know I have other channels that are not being used and um the project isn’t going to be done anytime soon but I am working on it and I am working on it with other people so and spending hours learning on how to properly do it

Yeah you you could also you you could find stuff like this easy by just typing in jazz in the YouTube search so that uh just wanted to let you guys know that um we do have stuff for the other for other channels Brewing I’m not going to say which other channels

Because I don’t know it makes it more ominous but let’s see what okay so we have zigo which is this one guys we gained a sub we are at 145 we need five more five more and we reach our goal um we got zigo zigo sfm and zigo VR this

Summer if I get that factory job this summer I want to work on zigo VR more but we got stuff brewing for one of those two channels so since when oh I’ve I’ve let’s see switch to zigo sfm are they good no but they’re videos um it’s hi hi

Mexican how are you doing tonight was I I pop in and out every now again now I will warn you it’s basically all Five Nights at Freddy’s models because they’re the easiest to work with with their joint movements but you know I have I have some stuff the profile pictures of that

Channel is Amazing oh my God we jumped we we just jumped I just watched it go from 145 to 148 we need two more we need two more followers wow that’s crazy okay guys I should probably end this I got a [ __ ] so yeah we are at 148 we are very

Close to our sub goal which means we made multiple this stream can we get a before I leave can we get a w in the chat let’s get W’s in the chats dude that’s crazy 148 W’s yes sir yes sir yes sir yep we’re almost there guys two

More totally not you okay well here is the thing I don’t want you guys to create what would they call them burner accounts or whatever fake accounts just to subscribe to me but we’re close we’re close all right yeah I got a [ __ ] all right thank you

Guys for stopping by thank you guys for saying hi if you haven’t hit that like button share with your friends who you think would enjoy this content and would like to join the family and maybe people who like to watch lives and I will see you guys next week next stream week

We’re done for the week it’s going to be a whole week till I see you guys again so thank you guys and I will see you I’ll see you guys later peace out have a good night guys have a good night 148 we’re close

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    Ultimate Chunk Destroyer Unleashed in ATM9!Video Information Hey Minecrafters welcome back to the channel or to the channel if you’re new here and to episode 27 in our all the mods 9 series I know I always say I have a lot plans but this time around I have a little something extra as well so grab A drink grab a snack whatever it is that you get for while you watch videos and let’s get on with the fun all righty so I have a couple of comments to go over as always which I love doing because I just am so appreciative of… Read More

  • Skeleton Attack in Minecraft House!

    Skeleton Attack in Minecraft House!Video Information Wake up wake up it’s no use this villager just won’t wake up oh H something’s wrong but what about the others are they the same this villager is still asleep too this is bad oh H but why what is this it’s like we’re the only ones in the Village who can wake up why there must be reason yeah for now let’s investigate Mikey sounds good JJ we’re home now if we’re going to find the cause of this look in here Mikey it’s where I keep all of my security items look W security cameras… Read More

  • INSANE SURVIVAL: 100 Days in NEW 2024 Minecraft

    INSANE SURVIVAL: 100 Days in NEW 2024 MinecraftVideo Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft / 100 Days / New Minecraft 100 Days 2024【MINECRAFT, 100 DAYS, 2024】minecraft 100 days new’, was uploaded by Minecraft 100 Days / I Survived 100 Days on 2024-01-06 15:00:40. It has garnered views and [vid_likes] likes. The duration of the video is or seconds. Minecraft / 100 Days / New Minecraft 100 Days 2024【MINECRAFT, 100 DAYS, 2024】minecraft 100 days new #minecraft … Read More

  • CosmoGazeMC – EPIC Survival Adventure with Create+!

    CosmoGazeMC - EPIC Survival Adventure with Create+!Video Information Hey guys in today’s video we are going to be playing Minecraft with the create plus mod pack I’ve already saved the world and like just large bomes and stuff so I’m just going to create the world and I’ll be just back with you guys after this is done in a Sec okay it is done now so just going to wait for it to load me in I’m hoping it’s a good seed oh crap I have shaders on I’m turning them off right these clouds are really high up 100 eight blocks yeah what am… Read More

  • EPIC Minecraft MODS you MUST TRY! 🥶 #minecraftmods

    EPIC Minecraft MODS you MUST TRY! 🥶 #minecraftmodsVideo Information Mods útiles para Minecraft Silent Gear es un mod que traslada y mejora el sistema de herramientas y armaduras de Silent gems se enfoca en herramientas armas y armaduras con recetas modulares y posibilidades prácticamente ilimitadas de combinación la fabricación de equipos ahora requiere de planos para evitar conflictos de recetas el mod permite la Creación de equipo con materiales vanila y algunos adicionales This video, titled ‘MODS ÚTILES PARA MINECRAFT 🥶 #minecraft #minecraftmods #minecraftgameplay #mejoresaddons’, was uploaded by The Pulli’s Games on 2024-01-16 17:15:01. It has garnered 5157 views and 306 likes. The duration of the video… Read More

  • Uncover Mystery Tunnel In Minecraft – Zombie Craft

    Uncover Mystery Tunnel In Minecraft - Zombie CraftVideo Information These are the longest multicolored tunnels in Minecraft subscribe to the channel if you want to save tvom baby I’m watching you hey guys I’m a Zombie I’m sleeping in some strange place look there’s a very interesting tunnel with interesting characters behind me we have Mr B’s orange rainbow friend John Mikey There’s the kind Angelo the talking blue rainbow friend the weird and obscure but also Grimace Shake I think we’ll meet each of these characters today I hope it’s interesting drop off a like subscribe and we’re going to probably who let’s go to the… Read More

  • BUGBUGH: Secret in Minecraft Revealed!

    BUGBUGH: Secret in Minecraft Revealed!Video Information Oh Oh E Oh N N Hi everybody hi how are you guys doing hello hello hello everybodyy oh wait wait wait music there we go is it too loud I don’t know hello hi hi hi Hi how are you guys doing Welcome to My Drug Empire This Is My Drug server we are starting a cartel Yeah you heard me you heard me [ __ ] we’re starting a cartel here on this here Minecraft server remember it’s illegal in real life but not in Minecraft Minecraft doesn’t have laws Minecraft doesn’t have rules it just has very… Read More

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    Unbelievable Bedwars & Skywars PvP Challenge!Video Information Freunde neben hpixel g HD und piixels gibt’s noch viele unbekannte skywars Server und genau so einen testen wir heute wir haben das ganze schon mal gemacht allerdings mit badws und das war sehr sehr unterhaltsam deswegen machen wir das ganze heute noch mal aber mit skywars aber alle spielen hier mit Bogen Insane okay haben wir nice dier wir haben Imperator in der Runde einfach Imperator in der Runde wir gehen sowas von hinterher nice This video, titled ‘Komplettes Video ist online! #bedwars #minecraft #skywars #pvp #minecraftchallenge #hypixel’, was uploaded by Malganzehrlich on 2024-01-07 14:00:26. It has… Read More

  • Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!

    Insane PRO GAMER beats Minecraft with epic remix music!Video Information This video, titled ‘Minecraft logo in Minecraft #music #remix’, was uploaded by PRO GAMER 7773__ on 2024-02-17 07:23:04. It has garnered 2473 views and 73 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:20 or 20 seconds. #minecraft #memes #meme #dankmemes #minecraftmemes #fortnite #funny #gaming #gamer #funnymemes #memesdaily #minecraftbuilds #lol #dank #youtube #edgymemes #anime #offensivememes #ps #tiktok #xbox #roblox #minecraftpe #minecraftbuild #edgy #minecraftpc #twitch #pewdiepie #lmao #minecrafters #dankmeme #follow #game#technogamer #technogamerz #gta #technoflip #googleads #teachnicalguruji #techburner #techbar #google #googletricks #googlebabagaming #googleplay #googlegoogle #googlemeet #googleaccount #googlepixel#caroftheday #freefireindia #freefire #bgmi #bgmindia #bestproducts #bestmobile #gaming #bestmobileshop #mobilenews #mbtech #technology #instagramtricks #instatips #technofacts… Read More

  • Wildin Online

    Wildin OnlineStep into the world of Mc.Wildin.Online, our Minecraft server is straight gas! Our small close group of friends have put their blood, sweat and tears into spawning the soon to be best GAMING experience any gamer alive has ever witnessed and put their hands upon. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a noob, our server is all about having a good time with friends. We’ve packed it with a plethora of cool minigames, including Skywars, KitPvP, UHC, Spleef, Parkour and Survival for the littiest of times. At Mc.Wildin.Online, the good times will always be there 24/7 365 days of the… Read More

  • Prison SMP 1.20.X: Classic hybrid, Java & Bedrock

    Welcome crafters! We are seeking mature, non-toxic players to join our unique SMP server with a twist of the classic prison gamemode. Starting from rank A, work your way up to Z by mining blocks and selling them at the shop. Each rank comes with perks and commands to aid you in SMP. The server launched on January 12, 2024, so it’s still fresh with monthly resetting resource worlds. Features: A-Z Ranks Land Claiming Resource Worlds (monthly resets) PyroFishing (130+ custom fish) Daily quests QOL features Casino Chat Games Join us online at prisonsmp.net with Bedrock port 19132 and visit… Read More

  • Ventura

    VenturaVentura is a vibrant and dynamic community-driven server, built by passionate Minecraft developers who aim to create an environment of creativity, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. With a dedicated team of moderators, regular updates, and a variety of game modes, there’s always something new to discover. Read More

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    Minecraft Memes - What level of curse is your username?“I guess you could say this meme is ‘mining’ for likes with that high score!” Read More

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    Cluckin' Chaos: Minecraft Chickens Take the Lead I appreciate the support, it means a lot, Creating content that hits the spot. Minecraft news with a twist, all in rhyme, Crafting stories that stand the test of time. From chickens to updates, we cover it all, In every video, we stand tall. So hit that like, subscribe, and share, For more content that shows we care. Thanks for watching, until next time, Keep gaming, keep rhyming, it’s all sublime. Read More

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    Blowin' up the block like it's hot 🔥 When you accidentally blow up your entire Minecraft house with TNT and all you can do is sit back and watch the chaos unfold like 🤯💣🤯 #minecraft #tnt #memes #tnttroll #minecraftmemes #explodingtnt #gaming #memecraft #mem #meme Read More

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    Zoro x Luck Transform in Minecraft Reverse DropVideo Information This video, titled ‘”🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧”‘, was uploaded by zoro X luck on 2024-01-15 10:06:00. It has garnered 9 views and 3 likes. The duration of the video is 00:00:39 or 39 seconds. “🖤⬜❤️🔵🟡 METAMORPHOSIS | Minecraft Reverse Drop 🔄💧” Dive into the realm of transformation with our METAMORPHOSIS Minecraft reverse drop. 🌌 Watch as the colors blend and reshape, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to be enchanted by the magical dance of pixels in reverse! 🎮 Minecraft Reverse Drop | METAMORPHOSIS Edition | 🔄 Unleash the Pixel Alchemy… Read More

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    Unleash Chaos: Nexo Carnage PvP Montage | POV of Ultimate DestructionVideo Information This video, titled ‘CarnagePvP Montage | 👑pov you run carnage 👑’, was uploaded by Nexo on 2024-01-28 01:48:35. It has garnered 316 views and 2 likes. The duration of the video is 00:02:21 or 141 seconds. I dont own any of this music #minecraft #pvp #montage like + comment + subscribe #pvp #minecraft #minecadia #montage TAGS//IGNORE #invaded #invadedlands #kitpvp #bestww #best #lunar #mmc #practice #1 #lunarnetwork InvadedLands KitPvP MunchyMC MCCentral Jerry and Harry Snapcraft BectoPvP Lunar Client LunarClient Lunar Network MMC Minemen Club #minecadia stimpypvp,stimpaypvp,stimpy,stimp,stimpy pvp tutorial,stimpy vlog,stimpay,1v1 with stimpy,pvp,pvplounge,painfulpvp,skywars tips,minecraft pvp,painfulpvp vlog,tips,alting,hypixel,faction,practice,cheating,java edition,hypixel tayber,tips and tricks,bedrock edition,hypixel… Read More

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    🔥😱 Ultimate Minecraft Trap Guide - You've NEVER Seen Anything Like This! #shortsVideo Information Dearly beloved For Your Entertainment it’s my pleasure to introduce to you hell’s latest arrival the Equal Opportunity killer alisto hello it’s nice to meet you can you tell me where I am I don’t know how I got here but I I think I’m starting to understand I don’t belong among the Angels and maybe that’s just fine with me the things I did up there were high school but now I’m going for my degree hey sorry but you just got in my way I promise honey I can feel your pain and maybe I enjoy… Read More

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  • 🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS – One Block Survival LIVE

    🔥INSANE🔥 BAGGAS - One Block Survival LIVEVideo Information Yo halo halo halo kawan-kawan apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini apa kabar kalian pada sore hari ini pada sore hari ini [Musik] yo y yo apa kabar teman-teman semuanya apa Kalian sehat alhamdulillah aku Alhamdulillah sehat kita Semoga sehat selalu ya amin J semuanya Hari ini kita bermain Minecraft Survival tapi apa ada satu block yang bisa regenerate terus dan namanya one block Welcome to the my video My apa namanya [Musik] my my live stream ya y d dulu semuanya bisa semuanya hal halo halo kita bakal mulai [Musik] waktunyao semuanya Hari ini kita ditamani… Read More

  • Kishiko-sama’s Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!

    Kishiko-sama's Love War: Chocolate Rush Madness!Video Information Go hello hello here we are yeah oh my gosh I gotta I gotta post the thing and then I’m going to copy it and put it for the high Tor to see and the circle even though they already know what this Banner looks like yeah so happy early Valentine’s Day Everybody Happy Valentine’s Day hello Cynthia oh hi Cynthia Cynthia’s first let’s go um because we’re busy tomorrow and because I don’t usually stream uh on Wednesdays anyway I was like I really I we tried to get the whole gang together but um there was… Read More

  • S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!

    S4brr Returns with Insane Minecraft PvP Moments!Video Information Dey All [Applause] For tripping bro you tripping Spe [Applause] give Give Sonic My M yeah put black I yeah I Got my b g I’m To Got haters [ __ ] with them you Myp Baby like a got no Feeling neckace in the the I can’t f with nobody take I can’t I I got in my said I be some she got me mad I put CL man and I blood For D Uh B boom boom b boom B O She I This video, titled ‘Im back | Minecraft pvp | funny and epic moments in… Read More

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  • Roosles Epic Minecraft Server

    Roosles Epic Minecraft ServerBETA BETA BETA Hello, my name is Roosle, I am currently developing a minecraft server for my viewers and likewise, I am proud to announce that the server is to the point where I feel an open beta is needed! This server is ANTI P2W and has ZERO PAY TO WIN ASPECTS, all purchases are cosmetic only, including the keys. This server has been in the works for a long, long time and I am very grateful to be able to even do it. The server claim based survival, and weekly events will be held for CASH AND PRIZES. (some… Read More

  • Wholesome SMP – Semi-Vanilla SMP with Whitelist, Builds, Events – 1.20.4

    Interested must join -> Discord server: Click Here to Join Wholesome SMP – A Community-Driven Server Join our HermitCraft-style, Java 1.20.4+ community where your voice matters. Our tightly-knit, diverse community makes Minecraft as fun as possible. Participate in player-initiated events, minigames, and community projects. Season 5 is now live! Key Features Playerbase-initiated events and games every weekend Large scale builds entirely built by the community Create your own groups and contribute to creating a story for the server Community-driven economy (trust-based system) Mods Coreprotect – protects you from griefers Proximity Voice Chat – talk to players around you Squaremap -… Read More